The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 21, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, January 21, 1937
Page 4
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Thursday, January 21, 1937 The Daily CflntoriTan, Glnton, Indiana PAGE FOUR YESTERDAYS MAY French Beauty Queen THE DAILY CL1NTONIAN January at. iota UJXUKf MODELS CHRISTIE ... .i.ttt erade of the Clinton J 1 UO n D achools belu a claw meeting at the Established u The Weekly CllntonUn 1890 The Clinloa I'latnaeaier ubuiuu home of M. and Mr.. Len DraKe. on vrirlnv nltht. Ellen Jenka, Ha- el Morgan, Dallas Hayes, Ethel Lew Gearge L. Carry.. Editor nJ Pub'Uhe' juTered'Tt'tne Po.toff.ce at Clinton. Indiana, as Second Class Matter. Member IndlRna Republican Editorial ABaociatlon is, Gertrude Blackburn, Phoebo with her head on his shoulder and sleep too. But she waa afraid of disturbing him. - Or was It something moreT For as the hours wore on, she felt a sense of disquiet that was as much mental as physical. She told herself there was no reason for It that Gerald loved her aa she loved him. But as she looked at his face, re Woke. Jennie Jones, JesBle Harrison, Maggie Black and Leon Diet., Seymour Webster, Fred iruiu, SYNOPSIS , On Hi. train, snrouta to her home In Lot Angeles from college, lovely Elisabeth Harmon meets handsome Gerald Brnton, young stock broker. At luncheon, when Elisabeth compare, college to prison, a hard look creeps into Geralds fact, and, later, when a man approaches their table tnd ts claims, "I never expected to see yon In this part of tna world I" he tarns white. At bomt, Elisabeth's ttep-fathar. Colonel James McCarthy, forblda her to go oat with Gerald, to tht arrange to matt him clandestinely. Over champagnt, at National Advertising Representative: GEO. B. DAVID CO. innn Wrlgley Bldg.. Chicago. ,-UI General Motor- Bldg.. n-ir-. 110 East 42nd St.. New Tor. James Mclnnee. Scott Amour. stay right here," ha said apologetically. "Oh, Gerald, what doe. it matter! People will have to know sooner or later " Eliiabeth began. Hadn't she burned her boats? Wasn't thi. a good a way a. any of letting her stepfather knowf Fearing the worst, ha would probably be relieved that there had been a legal ceremony. "I won't have It It would be extremely bad for my business," fairly snapped her bridegroom. "Furthermore" ha lowered his vok-s U Elisabeth, but the words Eattered like pellet, of hail on her cart "I consider such a way of announcing; tha new. to your peo-nli and mv Deonle would be most James Murray. Ray Reader, Paul laxed In sleep, tne mourn n,i k. the Jowl slack, cheeks sagging as his hesd drooped towards hut chest. Shew. Tucker Harrlsou, Hugh Jcnka Phone 1 1 7 and Henry Drake were present. Phone 41 Me. and Mrs. Fred Seybold mado a trip Monday to the home of Mrs. it waa aa though aha looked on me fact of a atranger. Sht tried to throw her mood off, bat It persisted. The un was directly overhead; when, after more than five hours driving, they reached San Diego. Gerald dismissed the car closs to a big hotel on the ocean front pay. ing the driver and tipping him lavishly. . . . . When man and machine had gone. ma twanay mimur, hjci u mi, stllsabsta of hit lovt for her. She THE DAILY CUNTONIAN'S PLATFORM:- 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counliea 2. To awist the revival of the Indiana coal mining indurtrv. 3. To operate in .olving Vermillion County', anemploy Seybold'. parent.. Mr. ana Mr.. Modealtt, near Atherton. I I. deliriously happy ana, casing at ," .-. It deliriously happy and. casing at the ttart, wimi poetical. Had ah. Th jud went for hi, f, She liutant. (ha ' looked at Gerald at that ,ea, remedy. That they would hayt lean quter. "rained brJt to tne Dtli r00nu rd Mia. Llnie Webster of West Terr. Haule It the guest of Mrs. C. C. while Mr. Webster It at 4. TriJa'STciinton and make te the moat attractiv. city of tU tixe in the Mate. v if l : tending the miuer'. convention. KIDNAPERS MUST PAY Mis. Nellie Fenton left Monday for two veekt visit with her mother. Mr.. Kate Fenton, of Mon-leiuma. ....... It Interrupted by the sadden ap- Eiarance of two friends of Ellxa-eth, Nancy and Jasper, who art celebrating their tmragtment. The four yotmg peoplt atop to Yuma, Arizona, where a double wedding is performed. At bomt, tht Colonel sits ap waiting for Elizabeth to givt bar hit ultimatum. Ht .lumbers la hit chair. CHAPTER Y Bt awokt at a anariar to seven In the morning, aching tn every bona. Ht had been roused by the j mXJt KwIIm mnvine in the JANUARY 21. Iwl mi.. Run Michalxki, of North c.ik .ireet. wa. operated yester The kidnaping and brutal slaying of little Charle. Malison horrified a nation that wailed and hoped for word that hi. life was safe. The finding of hi. battered body in the snow made real the fears en-tertained by million, who knew him only through the newspapers that recounted the story of his capture. That the nation, police, in full force, gave its bet energy to Ihe capture and punishment of the monstrous brute was but evidence of the deep revulsion created in thi. country. Men and women abhor kidnaping like no other crime and those guilty of it must be apprehended and punished. TV. Dilv Clintonian finds it hard to bel.eve that normal kitchen. Swearing softly, ht tip day evening for appendicitis at the toed to EUsaMUT. Dearooro. PI., tu.,1 MMiwtlil. h,Mwit ftnwn Vermillion County hospital, tier condition I. satisfactory today. Miss had obviouBly not been slept in. The Mlchalski i. a sister to Fromme Mlchalaki, one of Clinton', ttar on was tsnpiy. He became alarmed. Kidnaping. Mile. Madeleine de Charpln Recently selected a. France', queen of beauty ", Monde' Mile. , Madeleine de Charpin U shown thortly after her arrival In New Tork on a mission to interest United State, in participating in the Pan exponuoa next ear. football players. ... snaca oy uinuiw ... c,i,i mui-der . . . why, thUn Hk that r vumuivn mvuiraiv- j"" ' novstiftT M that oo actaftlly Miss Ruth Kryter. art supervisor: humanity produces specimen, .o degraded a, to kill innocent little has returned to Clinton after .pend H etJIH old Martha. She was m ll --- ' aniwar fn riiti ing the week-end at ner home in In chUdren in the search for money. It i. some .olace to other nurnan . k-l;.v, that those connected with uch fearful acts are ab questions, thot at bar like bullets dianapolis. , and Guess," and a short, "Say It With Candy," sound interesting. normal but no mitigation of their guilt or excuse for their continued Mr and Mr.. Daniel Wooda of Blanford are the parents of a baby nrawnr on 3 Till. from a machine gun, tne aeseriDea to him. f alteringly, how the girl had been dressed whea tha had left the honst yesterday. Ht telephoned die Sheriff's office. "This It Colonel James McCarthy of Ventura Boulevard epeaking. Uy stepdaughter hat been missing from home all night I'm afraid an accident baa happened. Will yea mI Ant a eall for her!" , We do not relish the torture of criminals nor do we advocate son born yesterday. The Infant has been named Ora Dayton. .U- J.k ,.naliv. exceot in emergencies, but no death can adequate WANTED: JANE TlltNEIf AT THE PALACE Inside operations of U. S. postal inspectors are in this screen drama featuring Gloria Stuart, Lee Tracy. Mr. and Mrs. Odell Archer of ly punish kidnaper, who kill their victims with fiendish disregard of South Fourth street entertained innocent childhood. In such case?, it appear., death should inexor- "Certainly. Colonel. Her name Barbara Pepper, Paul Guilfoyle. Bryant Washburn and Irene Frank- .mI . fnll dMrrfottaa nleaaa. with a dinner yesterday in honor of Mrs. Archer't birthday. The guest, were: Mrs. Mary Jane Daniel., Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Vestal and He said heavily: "Elisabeth Har- in. A desperate gang of crooks who -Why, Gerald, how ara jon? Hava jroa brought yoar wifa along?' have killed a mail truck driver are to Elizabeth's astonishment, ! I tbtn slip twtT by a back entrance. .on. Gene, of Roseaaie, sun nine. placed behind bars eicept for the suggested hiring anotner ear a once and going on to Tia Joana. ably overtake those who kidnap and slay because uch ruthlcs. punishment by society seems necessary to protect other little boys and girls. The people of the United Slate., with one mind, look to the nation', police force, to apprehend the guiltv hands that struck down young Charle. Mattson and to the law of the land for action to discourage such outrages against civilization and the home. I M - 1 fifrAM a wnr-oal tnoa. Age IV. rajiiaa. Dim Aim blonde. Dark blue eye. Carries herself wU. Fair hair worn in a knot at tht back of her neck. She eras wearing a sort of a pink suit snd a light bat, with grey gloves and shoes." "Okay. Well notify the different ai m M mi a nil leader, who escaped. Lee Tracy the cocky and fasttalking inspector BTVUZttJ IWI WICUI III UtMt His oneaaineaa communicated iteeli Daniels and Maynard Hedge, of west of the city and Odell Archer, Jr. 4 . "Bat that e in Mexico I Ana i t u.i xj lw.MIM Kh. tovA hiti who is assigned to the job of get to his Mido aa iney ant wtsu coffee and ate bacon and egtja. to let her He down somewhere, ens where, at least tin the beat of th day had subsided a little. ting the danperous man. Gloria Stuart is his charmingly annoying "inxernu wioywuirai V1 : knrv Otsa tjymtlil to tna radio can, Colonel. This Is I fjiuauctu w am assu .- i hava liked to shout her happiness With rather a bad araea he gave Inspector u enen sp laing. vito ma your "phone n amber and IH call assistant. It's all quite exciting. A scenic portrayal of "Yellow xrotn ne ouuw?wh. t . Mr. and Mrs. William Foster of South Third street entertained the memjwr. of the Saturday Night Euchre club at their home on Saturday nieht. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. disagrees with Miss Stuart for reels. stone Park," a comedy and newsreel ine car amvea do wvi mw even permit her to go hi search of Jasper and Nancy, to bid them good- In. "Only for a few boars, though." He added: 1 suppose this hotel will do at well at any." They walked throng tbe gatea and up tha avenue to the entrance. Three hours passed before the telhon.ranr. are included on the bill of fare. Movies "' . r,. 1 iV. IZtSVeiun V l rrrn bicmi- " yoang lady answering your deaerip- everything ends happily. A Paramount Pictorial "Night Life of the Busk." and Paramount News are added attractions. BOX as tney wnmea uwnp urc desert roeds, seawmrd Eliaibeth's People were coming tn and out from lunch in die wide, flower-filled tion lerr rot sirwu mniwi m 4:80 this morning. She was accora- ll u miHmmi .nH an. THE ;RL ON THK FRONT IMfJK Ifectiy natural that Gerald; being a William Foatcr and Tony Marietta, high score; Mrs. Robert Foster, lone bands; Mr. Claude Taylor and Perry chapman, second high; and Mrs. Perry Chapman and Robert Foster, consolation. The next meeting of ether young lady. They left by lobby. "Tht best thing, Elizabeth, Is for yon to engage a single room for the Ammm In nwr ran name. After real ne-ntan, anooia kmiui pbUN for Yuma, Arizona." sZ! LsXs hlwat to f rsdk ha1r Weicht of Water Water weighs at-mt 63.5 pound per cubic foot. One cubic foot it equivalent to about 7 5 gallon. Pygmies Plentiol Contrary to popular belief, pygmies are quite plentiful in the ItETi nN Of SOPHIE LANG 4T THE ItMlMBIA You'll enjov this atory aliout OIWII1S asaaaa - seat, she viewed his handsome, ab- oar experience in Yama be I 1. .f 1 . lu. nfnll-"w AT THE WABASH A newspaper atory wilh some new angles and a few new gags is "The Girl on the Front Page" with Gloria smart as the lady so mentioned. Boroeo proms wim vnrin i .he club is to he at the home of Mr. ind Mr.. Herbert Anstead. D1U g 1 1 14 u. u w - . 'J dont want the house reporter oa ., inA nnt till ere've sent a long Marriedl At nineteen I ioroe I 1 . rka tawnvlrll fammis blonde jewel thief in the Derson of Gertrude Michael who The ceremony was over. A double wadding. The brides kissed each ether. Jasper Idssed Elisabeth after be bad kissed Nancy. The latter, with a little pang of envy that the other bridegroom was so ranch k. .... ImIm. il... k.v mti and night-letter to yonr ttepfather. The immortal kmrrsof history Gloria inherit, a worthy paper from world. Several races live in equa- wniCB VC UWIl in,nwiMiiii, nM mrr the border and be pSasaed Dei ore ner invmw 'ibiuu. Harold Micheli and Charles Van Morton of Chicago. 111., spent yester- vA.,tnA came yond his stopping as." cope. Paolo and Fnncesca. Dante torial Africa and on Uie Pacinc islands, savs the Washington Post. It is thought that a race of pygmies astute newspaper m. - , withoot waiting for him to take the itay with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mi- bne waa puieveo av wra. m iim,j, weary and- grimy aa aha was, it 1 r mtJI h alone, ana have and Beatrice. Luce xmrnj voma-var, Gerald had coma out of the nr-La. a. k. -H I chelL even lived in turope ai mre m ihe tales of elves. tnraettve, lussea uerwia merair. "The photographers are waiting outside. Come on. evarybody, and let's get ft over with. Then for a Iwe is the editor of the parr wno, agrees with Miss Stuart on nothing i "ad guara is si" . agree, wim . j accused bv those "in the know . .... 0 clean up some ser-, ' - and set" out to ciea up ,( 0ny s,and. vant racketeering In the big city . a long refreshing sleep. HAW W Wf aiTO She easayed conversation. But be goblins, gnomes and fairires. The When Eiizanern nan ngnca bct was hi no mooo xor rw n- nwtw i ll.UI darn good breajasst sm name in ww resi, towards Gerald who was waiting for rm k. iwA what rlt)t We don't wish any publicity" VI WUIDVJ ira was - word pygmy is vircen mii "the distance between the elbow and the knuckles" of a man of average sire. Homer first used the i-nd in describe a tiny race of being tip au nigns. ana un tw her at tome ireue oisuncc m lobby, the saw a grey-Tiaired, pleas- . l.ii J ahnnl .rvl-v merit ol getnng mairwa. rm. asltvnhatwt hlcm flWIsV. ueraja emju u.i ij. w " Ttrund oa tbe famooa "marrying jodge" of Ynma, "Your Honor, will yon send tha photographers away . The dry air parching. Elizabeth's men dwelling in a far southern land. to end the reign O! un a . i1(L k hi. m.r After fine work. ani-tOOaJDK wwumw v L J go ap to him, her hand outstretched. The woman had a clear, carrying voice. She beard it plainly. neao oegan w M VU. kaat- as 91 4 -Kaa aK rTintaTM BI once: Tiie romedv. called "Stop, Look 1 probably Africa v. ,,.ii.hi. hi. nuroose and DEDICATION HELD AT OANACHURGH Five New CbandeKet Presented at Part of M. E. Service Sunday Morning Dana. Jan. 21 A. a part of the mnrninc service at the M. E. church they had drunk hut Bight and in inizabeth. Nancy, avid to be la tbe the plans wis morning, ni m limelight, had vazuaneo. dragging -wny, beraja, ouw mr jyu . no Idea yon were ia Caitfomla. Have yon brought yonr wife along? Or It Mrs. Bruton in Chicago? (To Be Continoed) uessert! TOC&IDK WI Vrv t , aw. l jasper oaiawie. Gerald Eiimaoem woaia UH.W tjiaiii.aa. -way, mere isnx any "i m i Aodgizig thett fellows, sales, you 1 have loved to curl an slept. i wis Sunday. Rev. G. S. Reedy conduct- As Floods Swept Central West erf an imoressive ceremony in which Ave new chandeliers were dedicated. The one in the pulpit was dedicated to the memory of the late Wood Weatherman, activev church work e secretary of 8. 8. board, Dorothy Skidmore. hocial Mertlng The social meeting of the Royal neighbors was held at the home of Mrs. "Mex" Tomey with Mrs. Ben Brit tain as assisting Wuetess. At i:3 a covered dish dinner was served. After the dinner Mrs. Oscar Chureli and Mrs. Earl Stine were on the entertaining committee. Bingo - .bn died in February. 1936. the V : i-.'-i'.H- ( '$ K - ' chandelier being given by hi. wid n Inora Weatherman, Bve win. and a daughter. ' i i I The two chandeliers in the east nf the auditorium were giveu by was played, at which Miss Mariba Mrs. Elsie Bisland Pawley. one to Mae Brittaiu and Mrs. Shelby Blytlie were winners. Tbe nezt meeting the memory of her late husband. Stephen Pawley. well known lumber rard owner who accidentally met will be iu February with Mra. T. C. Harlan. his death In February, 19S6. The other was presented In memory of Itelatives. consisting of Mrs. Su her narents. John and Alice Bis san Skidmor. Mrs. Henry Stow and word of tbe dealt, Sunday of tbe lat- land. pioneer Dana resident. Jl Dinted home The southwest one wa. given uy word of the death Cunday of tbe lat-ter's ancle. Frank Skidmore of nesr Garland, 111. The funeral was held Claude Redman In honor of her VI l'; . -sJC HI :ed mother, Mra. Annis Pawley. r and in memory ol & father. It there Tuesday and burial was at . Pawley. The last one was made possible by the gifts of church members. Thee rifta Tire an added im provement to the decoration Ot the church. k aVua-i? OfOorr. Cfcesi At the regular meeting of the S board of tbe church the follow ing S. S. officer, for tne coming Bono cemetery at 3:30. Survivors are tbe widow, a daughter. Mra. Daniel Moore with whom he made bis home, another daughter, Mary, of Chicago, two sons. George of Chicago and Roy ot California. He was a brother of the late J. F. Skidmore. sl)Ai-Oirtbdaj Party Mrs. Myrtle Beard entertained several boys with a supper on Saturday evening honoring the birthdays of her two sons, Bobby and Dean. Games and contests were enjoyed and refreshments were served, including a birthday cake. I Isinglass Comes frota Fish Isinglass is a very pure form of gelatin obtained from the air bladder of sturgeon and other fish. ear were elected: Superintendent. Homer Hamm: -J fTooaWhagwway secretary, Mr.. Alice Westbrook; assistant secretary. Marietta Hamm: tnooosi again are taking a toll tn central river valleys, but not so Irreat aalast year. Hign water struck with particular havoc to the vicinity of West Frankfort. 111., above, where a deserted home. top. nd taupdaUd main highway, below, gave mute testimony to tna seriousness of the situation. ' treasurer. Eclla Hunt; piani.t. Ro-vine Fogleman; assistant pianist, Clita Mae Alkire; children's superintendent. Mrs. Oscar Johnson: cradle roll superintendent, Mrs. T. C. Harlen: home department superintendent. Mrs. R. O. Sarton: temperance superintendent, Jediah Frist; READ THE CLINTONIAN CLASSIFIADS

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