The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 20, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1937
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

.1 Wf JnesJay, January 20, 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana PAGE SIX CLASSIFIED APS F. D. R. DEPLORES TRAGIC LIVES OF AMERICA'S POOR (Continued from Page 1) Markets CHICAGO, Jan. 20. Livestock: HOGS, 15,1100: 10c higher; hold Contents of 2 Ransom Notes Are Revealed Today as Federal Agents Continue Search for Kidnaper i Continued from Page 1) "We mailed a note December 29 with the kid's writing. If you do not mention It In papers that you received note we will not try lo make connect Ions. After mention the notes In pupers iluy by phono ul nlghtH with money and car ready. "If yoii do not obey the notes after phono call, connwlions will li" off fur keeps, unit remember uu nriny of police ran kill a couple of kidnaper, but Ihey will not bu uhln lo find the kill until arier he In dead. Tim Tim." Where Water Wheels Work In the sequestered valleys of tha Valuis, Switzerland, the humble folk moke the tumbling brooks work for thorn, though r.ot through the medium of electric power. Water wheels ore common, and are even v cd for churning butler. READ THE ADS Swinehart'! New 1937 Pattern Armstrong Quaker Hi imW LOW PRICES! l. (l.l ml., iii 12 ii. dr on rung Ouakcr )t)0 Armstrong (Ji $I1.4H nil., Hla ft., Armstrong (Juaker fi CO Run without bonlei-v"0' VU.OH value, Oxii feet, Armstrong Quaker tfO 07 Rug u ilhout border ' .-.c value, 4J4J feet, Arm-slriiUK Quaker Tflf Mats, without border I OC YOUTHS HELD IN NEWPORT JAIL ixim Itnliindo. of rnlvcrmil, was arrested for allegedly kidnaping Tom Ruder, who police say was forced to drive him and two oilier young men to Terre Hiiiitc. A rob bery charge was also filed against him for the alleged Iheft of some money from Dick Lurk, also of llnl vei'HUl, They are all being held In Ihe rouiily Jail III Newport. PIUS FORCED TO RESUME BED AS PAIN INCREASES 'Continued from Page 1) 'he German prelnte fliiul InHtrnc-'lons for Hie church's efforts to iirlng uhout a reconciliation will! h.i nnzl regime. The pope, suffering "excruciating pain." managed to Bleep only tw hours In luterniitlrnt nnps diirlnx tho night. Pontiff WcnkeiiH Steadily losing ground lor neaily a week now, the pontiff was reported Imliiy to ha sllll weaker. So grave Is his condition, with diabetes added lo the urleriosilero-sls tthlrh has biiiight return of se vere pains lo the ponl Iff 'a legs, that Dr. Amantf Milani, who had been Willi the pope until after midnight, returned again at 6 a. in. ENTIRE CREW IS RESCUED SAFELY OSLOW, Norway, Jan. 20 Pumping her oil reserve onto the gale-whipped Bea off western Norway, the steamer Venus today suc-r-eeded In rescuing all 19 member? of the rrew of the foundering Norwegian liii'ivhaiil man Trym. The Venus managed In Ihimh'Ii a life-boat only after 24 hourR' struggle, and the boat battled IIh way t( the trym through a snow-storm si violent that it was almost impossi ble to see from the Venus to the Trym. aSed a ..guuea-gop,, joj auy anu " PUB I00"! uo IIB' jo dojp U.3B9 joj auy iubo-e e sbm suojied uodn saueuqn jaauoid am iSq pasodaii soinnuad aqi Suoiuy saui.4 ijrjqi'J jaauoij Solitude Is Needful Solitude is as needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for the character. Ariel Takes Wings Elaine Barrle Here is a new photo of Elaine Barrle Barrymore, first taken of the "Ariel" of the "Ariel and Caliban" romance since she filed suit for divorce after two months of married life with John Barry-more. She charged her "Caliban" with mental cruelty after he had objected to her acting In a role for which she Is now rehearsing, above. FEDERAL LABOR CHIEF CONFERS WITH GOVERNOR (Continued from Page 1) called in. No Agreement This meeting lasted nine hours, and ended with all participants showlne tho strain, just a touch of temper, and no results. Miss Perkins told reporters last night that no conferences were planned "immediately." but it was learned she and Murphy have called In an Important figure In General Motors for a meeting today. The nine hours of conference yes terday found Miss Perkins, Murphy Lewis and labor department conclli ator James F. Dewey, who has been in the strike zone as an "onserver, around the conference table. r '' Ic work and productiveness to many other millions. "I see one third of the nation Ill-housed, lll-clull, lll-nourlshed." In IheBO striking phrases, Mr. Roosevelt summed lit) his estimate of the work t hut lies ahead In bin second administration a good beginning hue been made, unit the new deul will go forward. Tho underlying philosophy of thla second phase of the new deal Is to diminish the gap between the "havus" and t lie "have nots." SEARCH STARTS FOR SLAYER OF STATE TROOPER (Continued Iron) Page II ers stumbled across Hammond's body slumped at the foot of a mall post In Krio road near the village of neer'leld. He had been shurkled lo the pnxl by his own hundiiiffs and hud a bullet wound In tho head. ri 1NTON STORE PLANS BIG SALt . I ' AA P Food Store managers have been authorised by headquarters to stage their own sale this week In nny manner In wnicn tney lorannnllv deem most desirable to their customers. Consequently Man- Mnv Wiccins and assihiuhi Manager Milburn Ruby huve devel oped a program of feature items which they believe will have a wide a nneal. Carload after carload of merchan dise have been shipped to A&P Stores In preparation for tnis buib i.nenl manaaers are competing ngaliiBt other managers .in 'other mills of the Central Western Uivi slon In an attempt to score the greatest sales record in the history. "Thunder Stealing" Two centuries ago John Dennis invented a thunder-making device for the English stage, other producers stole it, so the politicians protest against "thunder stealing." Tel Aviv Street Names Tel Aviv, the all-Jewish city in Palestine, has among its street names, Allenby road, Ben Jehuda street, Spinoza street, Ahad Ha'am street and Rothschild boulevard. HUNDREDS JOIN FIGHT TO SAVE STATE LEVEES (Continued from P. e l) of the Wabash and White rivers today In rain which threatened even greater damage In the worst Indiana flood slnca 1913. Most serioiiB threat was at Haiel-ton, In northern Gibson county, whore Ihe White river was pounding a levee protecting Ihe town of 600 populallon mill Imperilled a bridge on II. H. Road 41. arterial highway from Chicago lo Miami, General Floods Similar conditions, with less serious potentialities, were reported throughout the "pocket"ectlon of Southwestern Indiana. Homes were evacuated, schools were closed and highways blocked as the hinddy waters spread over thousands of acres of rich liver-side farmland. A plea for nil available trucks to haul sand was Issued at Huzelton after the churning waters had spread While river to a mile wide, Inning at the very brink of a levee at the northern edge of town. WPA crews and farmers worked throughout the night piling sand bugB to re-enforce the dyke. Highway department employes were aided by Hhr volunteers In an effort to prefect the large steel bridge pn Road'4l. - l ,'; f-' FIVE PERSONS ARE ARRESTED Four men and one woman are to he arraigned in circuit court on rin. rharires filed against them yesterday and Monday. The arrests were made by Raymond koiiz, smie investigator, Claude Jennings, deputy sheriff. Louis Giovanini, local patrolman, and Cole Curry, chief of police. Mike Parma! is, of Blanford, and Davlco Dallagiacomo, of Twelfth street, were arrested on charges of having robbed Joseph Christiana of $160 on May 19. Christiana is said to have Identified the men and charges were filed on an affidavit sworn out by him. Alva Anderson, of North Seventh street, was arrested for the alleged possession of untaxed liquor and for operating a house of ill fame, and Ruby Palmer, who was found at his home, and who is alleged to have registered at hotels as his wife, was ulso being held. Punishing Our Enemies "We feel that we benefit humanity when we punish our enemi-is," said Hi Ho, the sage of Chinatown. "Our enemies feel similarly about punishing us and so peace suffers a series of indefinite postponements. rCGZX C2CKLE EDGE VELLUM MINTED STATIONERY Tie lik W keen 4 waltint far ... . Byte Deckle Edge Vcilua stationery ... i douuie the asual .qnantltjr 1 ... printed with your 1 and ildre or -Monogram for only $1 - Large flat sheets mi large envelopes for your lonirer letters and for the Jsmily , 100 SHEETS ICO ENVELOPES '1 Including Printing Xi PoulU Sited Snarl deckle edge double sheets for taycr and shorter correspondence IM sheets, 160 envelopes . . . including printing ... II Be nre to boy load of j both ! for vm . . . 'A J Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 8c lor each reading Una (one column Una, like one o these). Next two days Imertlon: the tame Ic charge (you get three days at double the coat of the first day). Next three days Insertion: the same 8c churga (you get a whole week, six duys, at throe times the cost of one Insertion). Each group of Hi ree days thereafter, 8c a line. Mack Face (Ilk this), 10c per line. , All rlamlflml (! Including memo-rlams and notice of all kinds uiual be paid In advance escept those l regular riiMmiirrs whose accounts are pnld montlily or those from organizations whiMe bills must be allowed before being paid. In Mir Inuer nana the person analog Ihe publication of the mil ire will be held responsible for II payment. Business Services RKAD THESIS ADS EVERY DAY lor late buying and gelling Information. 1)0 PEOPLE KNOW WHERE TO find you and your particular type of service? Tell them! A want-ad coBts very little. ODD8-ANU-END8 MERCHANDISE will quickly find sale through tblH department. Tell the public what you have. Wh" Buy a New Radio? I will service your Old Set and give you a New Set guarantee at lowest prices. Call Don's Radio Service today. 319 South Main Street, phone 464. t64 DI SINKSS SERVICE fiENIORATOR. STARTER, ALL ig-nitlun problems, expertly solved. Drive in for Inspection. J. L. Hor-.iiey-HobertR Battery Co., 226-22S Mulberry Street, phone 56. l!,SEI) TIRES COMPLETE range of sizes. Tires with lots of mileage. Modest prices. Clinton Auto Wrecking Company, "ErnieV' phone 640. 1 LOST Black calfskin purse containing documents. Reward for return to Cllntonian office. t62 FOR SALE KOl'KTH, FIFTH Al SIXTH VKIN KK.MIL HLM K tlOAL. LOIIK OSKLLA, 1HONK 0IS-12 t7 Two KoatB, very reasonable. 724 Kvoftmni'f Hiirci. Coal range. Cheap. 458 Elm St. 6a Four year Guernsey con Heber, phone 926-2. f 45. Ray t62 1 Hoover vacuum cleaner. Excel-i. nnrtitinn. 1 CioBley Amrad console radio, 7-tube. Russell Wil- Bon. 325 South Bin. Ail aoraa well-lmDroved, 4 miles east of Clinton. Immediate possession. Also 5 acres, well Improved, m nnrihwMl nf ROSedale. r llllico ......... . u n,n 7r9 Elm street. t48tr For Sale Coal Good cheap coal, phone 797-W. 57tf FOURTH VEIN GOAL, UNIVEK8AL, MIAMI NO. 4. AND BLACK Dcmw in k HAKI.KY HUFF WAN, PHONE 10. Mtl .-.ievitu AKn CITTH VIOIV COAL. CALL MB FOR FRICKH. IK-MVKHED. ANDY JOHNSON, TKIj- KFHONB 915-12. " Male Instruction Reliable men to take up AIR CON mTinwiMn and Kleetric RefriK Arutiim Prefer men now employed and mechanically Inclined, with fair education and willing to train spare time to become expertB in iiisiuiki-tiou and service work. Write giving cvn nreiiant occuDation. Utili ties Engineering Institute, Box 442, Clinton. l"' Personal FREE! If excess acid causes yon Stomach Ulcers, Gas Pains, Indigestion, Heartburn, GET free sample doctor's prescription, L'dga, at Gillis pharmacy. LEGAL NOTICES NOTH K OF ADMINISTRATION Notice la hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of Ihe Circuit Court of Vermillion County, State of Indiana. Administrator of the estate of Maurizlon Conca, late of Vermillion County, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be eolvat. SAM CONCA. Administrator. January 11. 1937. It. E. Oulmi, Attorney. 113-20-2737 OTH'K OF ADMINISTRATION Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court of Vermillion County, Slate of Indiana. AUIllinisiruii ix u uui'in . estate of Ann Edwards, late of Ver-j overs, l.tHIO; top,; num. 9.5010.25; heavy, 9.7ft iff) 10. ill; lA-fdlllin. 19. (IlllfJ 10.30; light. 19.00 W10.25; light lights. $. 50 10.20; parking sows, X.5l)j 0.75; pigs, $7,110 9.75. CATTLE. 1. 000; steady to strong. Calves, 1.500; steady. Heef steers: good uiid choice, II 2.00 M I 4.25 ; common and medium, i.uw 11.50; yearlings. 87. 00 14.20. Butcher cattle: hellers. I6.00W 12.00; riiWB, 1 4.76 0 7.50 ; bulls, is.onfjiT.00; culves, $8.fifi 1 1.60; feeder steers. $0,00 4(18.50; Blocker steers, $5.50 fi) 8.00; stocker cows and heifers, $4.00 7.00. SHEEP, 10,000; active; medium and choice lambs, $10. 00(B) 10.50; culls and common. $8.00i9.50; yearlings, $8.0O(fj)9.5O; common and choice ewes, $3.0006.10; feeder lamliB, $8.50g)9.6A. CHICAGO. Jun. 20. Much better cables than expected influenced fuirly active buying or wneai futures hern at the onening today with prices to lc above the previous close. Other grains gained with the leader .coin being 14 to c up and oats to c up. WHEAT; May, 131 "4-; July, 1144-116; Sept., 111. CORN: (new) Mny, lllH-Vi; July. 106',4-K; Sept., 102-; (old) May, 108. ' OATS: May, 63H-i Jnly. gry; Sept., 43. Governor. Converge on Capitalof Nation Today for Inaugural Rite; Democrats Have Large Majority (Continued from Page 1) state delegation banquets, a White House tea at 5 o'clock this afternoon, and. If good democrats, a "victory" ball slaged by Ihe California democratic society tonight all in their honor. Hats for French Saints In many French churches the people cover the heads of saints' statues with little bonnets. These hats follow the style of those of the province in which the church is located, and are changed each year on the saint's day. That Boston Tea Londoners point out to American visitors the site of the store in which was purchased part of the consignment of tea sent to Boston in 1774 and there dumped into the ocean. New Mineral Found Crystals dredged from the bed of the Antarctic and presented to the museum at South Kensington, England, developed a new mineral when scientists went there to analyze them. The crystals are classified a calcium citrate and the mineral has been named earlandite after its discoverer. Arthur Earland. Eskimo Tug-Of-War In the autumn of every year, on the annual festival of their God Sedna, the Eskimos of Baffin land hold a tug-of-war, those born in summer playing against those born in winter. If summer wins it is a sign the coming year will bear food in plenty but if winter wins the prospects for food look bad. PHONE 41 or 117 FOR RESULTS ' i Buyers know it; the things they want are easy to find when they phone 41 or 117. Sellers know it; the things ihey offer find a ready market when they phone 41 or i I 7. Everyone in Clinton knows it; Clinlonian Want" Ads are always at work for them. CLINTONIAN WANT-ADS W Bui tte f apeir FOR EVERY PURPOSE For: For: Picnics Dinners Lodges Home Use 1 . ... II ' Banquets Reunions Socials Scenery be sure that a roll of We Have Installed a "Jiffy" Re- Winder Clean. White Newsprint in Convenient Rolls No Cores to Carry! No Deposits Required! J' To Rolled to Your Order IN ANY AMOUNT 10 Yards Equal One Pound Paper Is 34 Inches Wide 2 lbs. 25c Save wear and tear on linen. Just use clean, white paper on the table at your next organization dinner. It cost only a few cents and may be burned afterward. Try it once. That's all we ask. the size you will require will be waiting for you, we suggest that you call The Daily Clintonian, Phone 41 or 117, and order paper from th Jiffy Re-winder in advance. 11 rSie Daily Clmtoiiae million I. Oil lily, uectrHHru. Said estate Is supposed to be solvent. - ELIZABETH TAYLOR, Administratrix de bonis non. January 11. 1937. R. E. Guinn, Attorney. 11S-20-2737 The Clintonian

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