The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 20, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1937
Page 4
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Wednesday, T January 20, 1937 Th Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana PACE FOUR . -I 1 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found"! 1U "LUXURY MODEVre i) Behind l!i 3 Seen Established a The weekly Clintonian mo WLI. . itflllaaaN The Clinton Plaintieaier u.u.uu L.dlt.J .nnMJ.nH.I AMinlne nf .Editor and Publiihei moment of his life, his heed nodded, and she had to prod him frequently HOLLY IUUUU the firm. Yet what tt.e Colonel had George L. Carey and give mm nie cues, ur iiu.b- mu -- "" " - - II 1 . .. 1. . , U. . tJ rm pried out of Dim was tar rrora at- Uf actory. ' , . J ,1. Km timrmA H T; '.h. Pnainfllr. at Clinton, Indiana, as Second C1M Matter. .... ... rjimoved for work sponses to the marriage ceremony. under brilliant lights, cautions the Member Indiana" Republican Kdltorlal Association had never been a member of the nancy wh inmHing ihohhj firm. Nor had ne ever ocen regartwo would appear In tomorrow pspers. cameraman, II prorecuon inarmed, he urges, players should go to oculists and get special 'ae that keep out only certain rays of mm m ,,if7iiiwvi v , - it wu true he wa a distant con National Advertising Representative: G ICO. B. DAVID CO. jlinn Wrtglcv Bldg., Chicago. Mil General Motors Bldg.. I.'irn 110 Kant 42nd Bt nection. He had wonted m mew York, but never stayed anywhere . 1 w. HaMn-a annlncratta. New York the sun inatesia or puiung m entirely to bed. ' spotted a couple of new cameramen as they came la. It waa almost Ilk being a movie star. Bit hoped that th picture would do her justice l ur iviik. i" . t . ally hinted ther were reason for the moving. SYNOPSIS On the train, snroirts to her borne In Los Angeles from college, lovely Elisabeth Harmon meets baadsom Oerald Brutoo, young stock broker. At luncheon, when Elisabeth compares college to prison, a hsrd took creep Into Gerald's facs, and, later, whea a man approach their table and sa-claim. "I aever j.pected to ee you In thl prt d th world! he tarn whit. At horn. EUsaberti tep-father, Colonel Jam McCarthy, lorbld her to go out with Oerald, o sh crrsag to meet Mm clandestinely. Over hsnpn, th swanky Mlramar, 0rW tell Ellsebetb ol hi low lor br. h I deliriously bsppy sad. n10 th star, wa poetical. MM looked at Gerald at that 1 intent, he would hav a queer, trained look oa Ms lac- Their tete-a-tet I interrupted by th Phone 1 1 7 TV.. nt a! a am work Will dTSW Phone 4 1 w itn oeraia oru wn s u Gerald dipping th ring borrowed . nnn to New Hunt) Indeed, Mr. Drrow had maa it ll.a, ka an,lH AnnBl-ler. i-: ul aiimmar for what she ably mora, bed be been so minded. innnuitjuut1'1 finger of her left hsnd It ws as Hiurv in-rtv - hopes will be three months' stock- though a great nnai wave oi ur Bnuninv FHantlt Mil mMB. work WIIB IH I-eibTiwaw .-j. ... THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM 1. To further every inlere,f of Parke and Vermillion course. 2. To aaairt lb revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. By HARRISON CARROIX fapyrllM. ISBT. . HIM KrM break-ale, I. HOLLYWOOD. With a pair of calipers, M. U. M. has just discovered that the heads of Napoleon and of Charles Boyer are 90 per cent Identical. The outsider, that Is. Comparative measurement were marie from a copy of the death mask of the emperor and a life mask of the French actor. They revealed that the faoe of Boyer, like that of Napoleon, measures eight and one-half inches from the hairline to the point of the chin. The cheekbones are the ame five and one-fourth Inches, and so is the distance from the point of the chin to the tip of the nose, two and seven-eighths Inches. Bover's forehead Is an eighth of an Inch wider than the emperor s, and his nose is about a half inch shorter. It will be no trick at all for the makeup department totmild up the actor's nose for his role In "Ma-, " otherwise, na- "I ll play any ana a taina It was the moet thrilling mo "Will yon call Mis Elizabeth?" th Colonel snorted to eld Martha, when he returned to his house. "Sh went out a good hour ago, Ir. tin didn't say wber sh wu get," says Frances. Meanwnne, she may be elevated to stardom as ment Of ner llie. tears inienniueu the deep blue of her eye aa Gerald kissed her. They were man and wif now, Sh trembled in th full- a result of her wont in u Get It" sad In 'The Toast of New going. York", once called "Hooner ic ons'. of Elisabeth, Nancy and Jasper. Car Grant eaves ail tits comic ft who are - ft-- -irm luv, the room to strips and, once a month, mails . i hi. iKvar-old brother. Eric, in England. He also has col , f,- . r i , I aV X roam ,-- doll up bit," CHAPTER IV . . , i-i 1 Mm mAmmm. lected dozens or uwgrp"" " boy. . if. ui . Ana fallow and jasper uivukui. - - - , v r. th. mra of hosnitality. H told him Latest Gossip 1 Tom Brown is aame now- . ture has simplified the Job, even to working In "Lov Trap" against . v. - jmIm'i nrdrl. . . . ! it trUS y4 Bruton and Elizabeth mak a go of it too! Wasn't lov in th air to- 1l2rtL- of Boyer a Having m prup" ..... his chin. Olivia de Havilland is Hollywood's champion stay-at-home girl Her experience with film colony night life, she assures me. consists of a half dozen trips to ,l. t .I..-., anri two to the CO- that Connie Bennett only smiled when a fan spilled a bottle of ink on her expensive dress outside a New York theater? . . Suzanne Kaaran is taking Jlu Jitst lessons from Captain Vallance of the Beverly Hill police department. Bhe is said to be oa the level about it, 3. To cooperate in iolvmg vermimon wun.. . 4. TrliaSrClin'on and make it th. moat attractfv. city of h sixe in the elate. EDITORIAL WEDNESDAY HOW ABOUT NO. 63? Representatives from communities along Road 63 were rather Hcfmitely assured by stnte highway officers at Indianapolis this week that their dream of a smooth concrete slab on No. 63 in the near future is only a dream and that they will receive a "black top" road instead. Ream upon ream of figures were presented to substantiate the state officials claim that "black top" will serve the best interests of all. Traffic counts were presented and costs explained, but there a one argument for concrete paving that canhot be disputed traffic goes where the concrete goes. An extensive movement has been under way for weeks, to see that the new section of No. 63 running from the intersection with No. 34 west of Covington north to the intersection with U. S. 41 north of Attica, is paved with concrete. It was hoped that this might lead to paving of the remainder of the road. However, present plans of the highway department call for "black top." Now "black top" is better than nothing, but many residents of "Bay, an a wvuww - - , en of the finest and oldest families "the country." he declared with Bourish. ''Her father was lieuun-mt-goveraor of th tat, and hr unele th attorney-funeral. Now this old bird, the Colonel, Jj' t J 11 i i in ii.o . coanut Grove. She has never been too. . . . Just saw "in gion", and It makes the blood boll. a rf.rinc- completely hen eat Indict to the Clover club. How many dates do you aver u i" r aakad her. BThW-TW.L ment of intolerance. Told In the , Eliztn - LT- Pretty close to aero," eh said. Ao,rio. Vnur Questions! beet Warner manner. . . . uoo -i-..- PywinfA RimDson's. Shi tion ran wr " - c feeling .0 utterly happy andml-low, and becaus hihd m honest got weighed on a penny machine, which also teus your iun give a picture of a movie star on the back of the card. Her fortune Myrna Ross, Venice: The boy you see with Paula Stone Is Dennis Moore.. They have been going together exclusively for eight months now. Hollywood is expecting the announcement of their engage wish to "promots s,nuevu -with thto good egg," .a?7,,ha felt he foved everybody Ellz-betbll eom Into plenty whm i ih- twentywhich'U I booa. read: "Be careful of the man you are with." The picture on me Daw of the card was Jack LaRue's. ment. In uie nwww" "-rr saying to Elizabeth! "Darling, you and your good-looking bean have Filmdom's favorite disguise, dark riraw warnine- from John That" th reason I brought ; yon out Flash! After finishing a picture at M. G. M., Ivaa Lebedeff just informed fellow players that his mother had died in Paris. He worked three day after receiving the news. Vermillion county see in No. 63 a great outlet for coal and other Arnold, head of M. G. M.'s camera department. Promiscuous wearing of cheap colored glasses weakens here, Th mea iuiiu' tf the tobta. Isn't It to priele" Art. if the road is properly graded and properly surfaced. the eyes ana causes grev wfd'butthriu4 Th."ehT I L. L...J m m mmmtl mm in eagn was in ' -, . lancjr. im - " " MOVIES beautiful dress model accused of stealing a valuable necklace. The Jewels are found in the folds of the bridal dress she's wearing, but with fasclnating. "Jasperu "Why not be sport and mak ft a doubl ceremony, Elizabeths woen i cc3j " ' r. Club h wanted to get licenca the help of Lionel Slander and Ray "HiimnVil That sort of thine has ness of her happiness. And what of Gerald's thoughts? mi m 1 1. t,la Ibm In mond Walburn. Morris deduces thai wniUng three days under Calif omU got to stop." He stumped out to his orange trees. A epell of work might calm him. He took out bis the necklace was planted there to M.ihK Vtl r - AT THE PALACE Anne Shirley will wlu new admirers for her acting iu this picture, it being the first time she's ever appeared as a modern young miss. She a romantic high school girl who 'Traffic counts now mean almost nothing, for in its present con-dition, the road is practically unfit for traffic. Many of the trucks which do follow No. 63 north out of this city turn west into Illinois as soon as U. S. 36 is reached and this alone costs Indiana thousands of dollars in gasoline taxes every year. Thousands of trucks and cars which now jam U. S. 41 until it is un rafe for travel at times, would use No. 63 if it were properly improved. ' Concrete may break down under heavy traffic, as the state officials explained, but it takes no engineer to know that under any but the lightest traffic, "black top" breaks down faster. Consider th condition of any ."black top" road used as a detour while a pop l nere wh aw iwa vn ,no w the hard, clear light of early morning In the little desert town, the lines And who knowm, in three daya I hide the real criminal. How the four temper on too ruipino ooy. rascal I night meet someone aue i put their heads together and learn what actualyl happened makes an When dinner time came, and still on it tooKea aa wiuugu kib,cu u, bronze. Ul. had lia Ra BTflJI Nancy took her by the shoulders . i .... .4 U a r nop, no Elizabeth, a suspicion wat ne had been trying to thrust to the ond swung ner ,uu... A suddenly decldeB it is her duty to thinking fast. He had just seen the entertaining movie. The comedy has to do with a pal of "Happy Heels." news photographers. back of his mind pushed itself (or- ward. find a wife for her handsome widower father, Herbert Marshall. She chooses 'Margot Grahame, a novelist .-1 1 Mra1 oranf af.rnio.Vit. Had ah dared to defy him and gone out to meet that man? He . , i 1, U .oMnA haa f from his argument with Elizabeth to the brokerage house of Edmund Bruton & Company in Los Angeles. wen lik aparaiing wj;"' -a he sprang her bomb. "Why not a sport and make it a doubU er-rwmv. Elizabeth? You're only young lonce. He's got money,, hasn't he? He act lik a millionaira And he look perfectly marvellous 1 He looks as though he could commit every sin In the decalogue and get sway with it beautifully. Devilishly fascinating. If It weren t for Jasper, I'd make a big play for him r ',a j i: w ular concrete road is being repaired or widened, if you doubt this weal in w ai n anyone had come to th house in his absence, or if there had been any telephone calls? whereas her dad is attracted to Gertrude Michael, a high school teacher. Substituting for Cupid 1b no easv iob. as Anne soon discovers remaps ne was unuuiy wu-xaou- ! J ,in. Kf ha faif ka ,k. -;V., With a ntatement. girl as good-looking and headstrong after a series of amusing as well as "Miss Elizabeth had a can, sir, not long after you went out. She got dressed immediately. Sh .oamarf an hnnnv and ah looked un,.inB eititntinnt arise from her a IMizaoein, one couiun t u wv careful. The fellow must certainly i 1..1..J i . myseit, uw". Back In the restaurant, however. beautiful, sir.'' plotting. The brightly charged tri minks keeuB matters interesting. In the minds of many, local residents there is a strong belief that No. 63 should be paved with a concrete slab even if it means that the work can be done a little slower. It is better to wait for a time and have the right kind of a road, than to have a hurry-up job that will break down just as soon. Nancy either tnougro onwf " plan, or her courage failed. oe IWRXU IUIU That Satan found plenty of mischief for idle hands was one of his favorite mottoes. Work was the thing for her. Work in the home. Old Martha signea sympauiewc-ally and half enviously. She had always been plain. She had never been married, nor had she ever had 'THK GIRL OX THE FRONT PAGE' AT THE WAUA8H Edmund Lowe occupies the editor's chair and nil increasingly attractive Gloria Stuart monopolizes the front page In this most recent of newspaper epics, Gloria inherits the paper from Dad and does not approve of Lowe's tactics In editing. She finds that she can't run the paper without him. so after many reels of fun and near disaster, they get married. Reginald Owen -does some choice bits of acting as a butler who has organized all of the town's swindling servants Into a club. The newspaper sets out to clean up such A well-arranged March of Time oh a rrnilvwnod "PeDuer Pot" ale ZtUl II waa -T r - brain, born of champagne andof his beau. . , oi .1 iA Jt.ia IKn rvilAnai added short subjects. It would De exceuenc uiecipune. wu Martha was getting past her best. mi TO11..1... kn aihn at.tanHen ti, love lor iMancy, ww o - at half past three in the morning, uu C .,. Kmia" was beinH Dnui uy aivci w..uK, " " told her he was going to the Army , 1 U, f UIIUV MJJ n..v the orange grove could do the heavy clayed by the orchestra, and lights r 1 : JlwYimA mnA AM must "THEY MKT IN A TAXI" AT THE (XJLUMBIA were ueiua - cleaning in uie nouse. r-nLom-ui for a time, anyway, until she found I I 1 U .1 . ..Jarlolin f Kll Club, ne oarKea: anu wen iaa Elizabeth comes in, tell her to call me there immediately." He became so absorbed in his game of contract at tha Club that Fay Wray and Chester MoitIb are "Lit' go to Hi Airport Gardens and have a quick one. The restaur- uuiiai im " cooking and the lighter housework. Jackson's Heir President Andrew Jackson had no children of his own, but adopted a nephew, who was named Andrew Jackson, Jr., and who inherited his estate. Weight of the Baby A baby who weighs seven pounds at birth will normally weigh about 21 pounds at one year of age, 28 pounds at two years of age, and 49 pounds at six years. the two who meet iu a taxi Hor in., rrananffr.inir airif. ii iiihlu:i ant's open si ill -a l : 1. U an aMarlv he forgot nis irritation. waa . t 1, Kan-aeia raal. . night," he suggested, t light of determination XTanna area alinnerV. ris as the driver and Miss Wray as a maA mrhn had haan associated with most eleven w t.wn. - ized that there had been no message iiimlnpKx and filially does so u . , .. a, i mnanu inr manv vi'ni n in nui i' ' ' , Now or neverl His mind was made from but step-oeugnier. , , . t t . ,.u M l.Ama Ma annlnn't the Colonel, humming and hawing beat about the bush, he would give ra trip, nnvuimr, . .. j t i I . ,. 1 .. - InH am "Just as I was about well, too" ner ni un.imai.uiii. barraaftod too. Indeed it seemea as through clever ruies on the part of Editor Lowe. "Paramount pictorial, a color reel, Paramount News and "Night Life of the Bugs", an Oswald cartoon are the shorts. If one could hav looked Into the minds of th four people who stood before "the marrying Judge at a, A-;.na onth tha hot wind If sh were aoe there-Well ... it would be all th won though he did not wish to say any for her I ' sweeping over the desert at half "Of course this Is entirely confidential. Just between the two of r. IM ; .. .. V. ..4 W ta imnno ann Sh wa not ther. ns waiieo hour after hour. Irritation ga past six uiaz morning, on- hukii. have been surprised at the diversity of their emotions. -!. nAfM, . Te hen UB, niiy-- i ..... j -r, -- - Ignorant Her mother being dead, I way ui aiiw . . . . ' , - that spent itself in a recital of the have to be extra careiuiox uw. uu stringent rules or wnauei n ubu for har. The Colonal finally understand now It is." "passed oot" in the plan. The last M n-.U'a KhamnuTM hmd slumbered in his chair. nhingad him In Nirvana. A he Ten minutes later, the Colonel departed, looking like an angry walrus. Harrow had been guarded, aa (To Be Continued) owiisbt. im. aas wmmm aniHmU, Lav YESTERDAYS JANUARY 80. lia Fred Sturm, of Dana, who was corn judge for the Clinton show, tad an ankle broken, when a horse slipped and Tell with him up at Dana. LOO a oeeiae n n j ... KT9 been on of th most solemn Palace Thursday and Friday . day of Wis. Max Duuwig of Torre Haute. mn mVm Wr- an Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Collier Sam McCullen of Cayuga is the and Mr. and Mrs. J. 1. Edgartou and Three guest of Clovys Harvey of North iiKert r.orv attended "The Main. . 4. Chauffeurs" at the K- of C. Hall last Tuesday night. Miss Ethel Daugb-erty also saw the show. The member of the Home and For eign Missionary Society of the Pres I ,r byterian church were entertained yesterday afternoou by Mrs. L. O. Drown at her home at Hill t.rcst. Mrs. K. M. Stwalley was in charge Mr. and Mrs. W. Bert Conley. who are visiting in Brazil, celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Saturday night, by entertaining friends at "BrtUge." . of the demotions. Mrs. Walter Tanks gave an interesting discussion on. "China." The next meeting or the society la to be an all day session at the home of Mrs. K. P. ZeZII. Henry Adamsou was iu Paris on legal business on Friday. Ray Reeder has resigned bis po-aitinn m white's pharmacy and .,i , .,,rk on the farm this mi V fx Bpring. i.k, Olin Glasson baa accepted a position with the W. H. Block Company of Brazil and began his duties there today, Mr. Glasson was employed by the Allied Products company. ' fffXl3 Mr. and Mrs. Clay Neal of South Sixth street spent yesterday afternoon in Hymera, lad. JA.VI ARY au, IIM9 Mrs. Lena Baird of South Eighth h Ktraot ontertained the members of the Pythian Circle yesterday after nnnn at her home. Miss Edith Stev le Tracy and Gloria Stuart ill "Wanted Jane Turner.' enson was a guest of the club. Lotto w niaved and prizes awaruea to Mr. nuvid Jenkins and Mrs. Jeanie Scullion. The next nieetiug is lo A National Event! . . . RYTEJC DECKLE EDGE VELLUM printed stationery . . . double tus usual ..,.ni. inu sheets and 100 be at the home ol Mra. Maggie Shan non. , 0 READ THE CLINTONIAN CLASSIFIADS envelopes of this fine Deckle Edge paper . . . printed with your Monogram or Name and Address for J1.00 . . . January only! Ou sale at fbe Daily Cliutoniau office. adv. Mrs. Frank Comaiani, Mrs. Joe Alner and Mrs. Burbsra AlBer of Vine street were the guests yester-

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