The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on March 6, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 6, 1922
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS TELEFHONES M GREAT WAR !j INCOME TAX FACTS it Chiropractors McAfee and McAtee Fairmount Oflice Hours: Summitville 2 to 5 arfd Tuesday, Thurs- 7 to 8 p. m. day and Saturday Phone 280 8 to 11 a. m. AmsHcan Equipment Said te Have Een Cetnp te Dcvn to the Smallest Imagirafc'e Detail. on the 3rd day of May, A. D. 1022, the same beinp the 9th Judicial Day of the April Term. 1922, of said Court, to be bepun and held at the Courthouse in Marion, tirant County, Indiana, on the Fourth Monday in April. 1922. said complaint and the matters and thinps therein contained and alleped will be determined in their absence. Witness the Clerk and seal of said Court this 4th dav of March .1922. S. A. CONNELLY. Clerk of the tirant Circuit Court. HOUSTON & DICKEY, Attorneys for Plaintiff. March (M 2-20-27. DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Honrs 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 r. m E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m., 1 to " AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense. Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSGN STKAIGHTKN THAT HE-NT HACK No need to suffer from that tired, dead ache in your back, that lameness, those distressing urinary disorders. Fairmount people have found how to tine Mary Ann Fegg. his wife; Unknown heirs, lepatees and devisees of Valentine Feppv deceased; John Fepp. Demaris Fogg, his wife; Unknown heirs, lepatees and devisees of John IVpp, deceased; Davis Fepp. Jane Fegg his wife; Unknown heirs, lepatees and devisees of Davis Fepp, deceased; Unknown heirs, lepatees and devisees of James Fepp, deceased, are not residents of the state of Indiana and that the residence of each of said defendants, after dilipent inquiry and search, is unknown, and that said cause is an action to quiet title to real estate in Grant County, state of Indiana, as follows to-witt Fifty-eipht and thirty-seven hund-reths acres off of the north end of the cast half of the northeast quarter of Section 2rt. Township T North. Ranpe 7 East, except inp twenty acres otf of the west side of said real estate. Also the following: Beginning fifty one rods seven feet west of the northeast corner of Section 2t. Township 23 North. Ranpe 7 East, running south eichty-feur rods nine feet, thence west thirteen and one-third rods, thence north eighty-four rods nine feet, thence east thirteen and one-third nnls to the place of beginning, containinp seven acres, and containing in all the above tract forty-five and thirty-seven hundreths acres, more or less. That said action is instituted and prosecuted by plaintiff for the purpose of quietinp the title to the above described real estate as apainst all defendants, claims and claimants, whatsoever and whomsoever, and as apainst the world. S.iul defendants are therefore hereby notified of the filings and pendency of said complaint and that unless they appear and answer or demur thereto at the calling of said cause ! To avoid penalty, income-tax re- turns must be in the hands of cel- lectors of internal revenue on or before midnight. March 15, 1922. ' Every taxaMe return must he accompanied hy a payment of at least 'one-fourth of the total tax due. Ex-s tensions of time for filing returns ai-e ' allowed only in exceptional cases, illness, absence, etc. Applications for 'extensions under these circumstances 1 should he addressed to the collector of 'internal revenue for the district in which the taxpayer lives. No extension beyond thirty days can he granted by a collector. Requests for further 'extensions must bo addressed to the 'Commissioner of Internal Revenue. VasVincren. D. C. i Eor failure to make a return on time the penalty is a fine of not more than $1.00. p'us 25 per cent, of the tax due. For failure to pay tax when due or for understatement of the tax through r.echc '?r.ce there, is a penalty ef 5 per "cert of the tax. plus interest at 1 per cc., a month until paid. For making a fa! so or fraudu'ent return the penalty is a fine of not more than $10,000. or not exceeding one year's imprisonment, or Kith, together with the eot of prosecution and an additional as- , sessment of oO per cent of the amount of tax paid. AYord,g to the elrof sicnnl oflUvr of tbe A. 1-1. F.. two F- corps, .Vt '.tii.--rts and 45 fioM s'gual b;it-t:lwr.-s were cv".np!otely eu.u5.ppod with te!e U'Hio sxipp.ios. The si.t'.:i corps const ru ted nules of permanent pole linos with iStV miles of wire; rut up n:,?os of wire on Fwinh rotes sn l installed sprnimstrir 4v-t tv.S'es f ombat Tvlorhor.e ewhansvs on permanent lines in Franco- numbered 73. and thoo in the alatu? sort ion F2: be-stdos s-.v.aU temporary field installations. Alvut l.VO long-distance telephone cal's were handled by the sig-r-.ftl c t s. t' tether with local telephtvu calls climated at 4T.M.iM The or-par.iyati.--n of this system required the rvi,T of a veritable army of te'e-pb.or.e evv!is. the 1VU system alone having ovr.ii sinned It.; employees who served overseas. t;irl telephone epeiator of Ce system to the number of J"- went to Fiance in the uniform of the signal corps. So com i Vt.- y orgar.iTod was the system of tv'icph.or.e cov.imnn 5 cation that ?t has tveou sabt that if he had n'.esi'.vl to do so. General lYrshns vvh'. have taVen :p hi loloph!.e at his c.ea-:piarrers in Chamnav.t anl caUe-l r.p any second Fentenartt. sitting at the em! of a wire In an ad-8vv pot. anywhere aVv.g the entire SsH tor ov i:pio! by the American forces. i- "NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE j No. 3687. I Notice is hereby given to the cred-, itors, heirs and legatees of Robert A. S.ewnrd, Deceased, to appear in the tirant Circuit Court, held at Marion, Indiana, on the 20th day of March 1922, and show cause, if any why the FINAL SETTLEMENT ACCOUNTS with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heirship and recetve their distributive shares. ' WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court, tthis 25th day of February 1922. 1 S. A. CONNELLY, ! Clerk of Grant Circuit Court. Feb. 27. March fi-ia N.TiCE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE No. 3797. Notice is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees oi William F. Bell, deceased, to appear in the Grant Circuit Court, held at Marion. Indiana, on the 10th day of March 1922, ami show couse. if any, why the FINAL SETLLEMENT ACCOUNTS with the state of said decedent should not he approved; and said heirs notified to then and there make proof of heirship and receive their distributive shares. WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court, this l,rth day of February 1C22. S. A. CO NELLY, Clerk of Grant Circuit Court. Feb. 20-27-March-6 pet relief. Ask your neighbor. Follow this Fairmount resident's example. Mr. Ada Warr, 615 N. Vine St.. says: "I had an attack of kidney complaint that caused me to suffer dreadfully. My back ached so badly I could hardly keep on my feet to do my housework. I couldn't pet a ni pint's rest and headaches were frequent. I became run down and nervous and the action of my kidneys was too free. I used Doan's Kidney Fills purchased at Edward's drug store and two boxes cured me. My back and kidneys do not trouble me now." Price 0c. at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan's Kidney Pills the same that Mrs. Warr had. Fostcr-Milhurn Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. -Advertisement. PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS. ; The Allegheny river is navigable ! for 10 miles above Pittsburg. NOTICE TO NON-RESIDENTS. RATS CAN BE EXTERMINATED Writer PcSrts to Wiping Out cf t.e Pasffjer Faecn as Prctf ct Assertion. State of Indiana. County of Grant. , jr ss: Grant Circuit Court, February. rr , Te m t , H 5 No. trc:2. ! Complaint to Qukt Ti'te. xrr: ' Oiv-tcs Fal'.enger vs. Lydia Cook.- - ' F it known, that on this 4th day Ma'vb. . D.. t922. the alve nam- r rxl p'aintiff by his attorneys. Tied in r the crl'.ce of the Clerk of the Circuit nr: Court of the said Grant County, his comp'air.t ?nd plaintiff's affidavit. s at liust the eiefcndan.t in the above -.i'led cauo. topether with the affi-' davit of a competent person that the ,-wt--'s osr.ied defendants: Lydia Cook. 7.imvi Cook, her bubsand: un - known heirs, lecatees ar.vl dcxMscs of . I vd:a Cook, dc-ccasnl; Leah Pegp l Wccner. Michael Weesncr. her bus- r: band: Cnknowu heirs, lepatees and do-v;?ee of 1 rah Peep Weesncr. deeeas- ' ed: Elisabeth Nicholson. Nich- - e'.sen. her husband whose christian pa name is unknowns Unknown heirs, .; Remember, you are offering to sell in a few hours the property that may have cost you years of toil you cannot afford to skimp on advertising. In tV.e Doo ef Hooks we read, wen-deru'p'y. -.f tie pi a cues vis'ted on the Fcif; : the rhl'.ado'r-a North An: rU.Wu ::. ;ia'.'y. la t!.e re--rt ef tV.e n ;.r.,'; we f.r.d numerous ivt-ervt vs to f other sort and sit the w b.Pe we are entertaining yes. support 5 r.c and encouraging -the most i'.es;rnetie o p'. a la nr.d and throrchov.t the worM wv ;irv perrvlttlnc rat to e.e-siinv pr--p rt r.d m'.:!.:.;.v-r human li:V. The .-.rd "prnut" ? th.e "riy cue t. i:e. t r ?ats and ir.toe cnshl V-pt rl " if a o nvvned. persistent effort - V. l.e; !.:-.. v'-.o louhts tlv.s p.w-s.ihlllty tn..p.:'w aV-out the psssencv-r plon wl.-h.. withni rt years, ?nbabttet this cM-.r.try ?n s" h r. umbers as to actually darven th.e f:.-.v of !ay in its P.ichl an I of w h e-t one sHvimen now remain. It was eas'or to destroy th.ese hinls than it wo:hl be to destroy rats and mi.-o. bnt the possihHity ef the or,e nchiewvAr t jnSes belief in that of the other. And there can be no doubting the coed for this destruction. It has be -n. f.purol by experts that we have at least ore rat :Vr each of er.r Inha' -.-tants that Is the ratio generally accepted In such eiviUred countries as Frav,c Enc'.and and Amerh-a. In evttahi parts cf tes clvilizHl cvun-tries the r:'ti is hlcher. l-o-ntoe and devisees of E';?abeth V i-.v,..i tl.-,-raod: Marv Menden- A Big Crowd Means More Bidders and More Bidders Mean Better Prices For your Property all. Men derail, her husband wluvsc cldistian name is unknow n; Cnknowu heirs, lecatees and devisees of Marv Mendena'.l. deveased; John 11. Davis. Sarah Davis, his wife; ln-lv.own heirs, lepa'.ees and devisees of on. ,T vhrvF. Pearson, her hubav.l; ln-john F. Pearson, her husband: Unknown heirs, ter' -d devisees of Mary Pearson, decease!; Ruth Pea-Vn.'Henianiin Pearson, her huband; Unknown heirs, lepatees and devisees of Ruth Pearson, deceased: Sarah . Pax'er. Joscnh Haxter. her huslvind; C'-v-i.-ovn. heirs, lee-atees and devisees of Siah Raxtrr. deccasee!; Marparet St u.I v. -tohn W. S'udy. her husband: Unknown heirs, locatees and dsees of Marparet S'udy, decease!; Yalen- 1 YOU HAVE ONLY ONE CHANC n Sale; H Bar in mind that all your goods are going to be sold in ONE day, and on that H day depends whether you make or lose perhaps several hundred dollars. A few EEE Si dollars expense is absolutely nothing at all compared with the importance of S Advertising your sale RIGHT. EF g You Cannot Take Chances on Skimping Your Advertising 1 Heljpful Sale Suggestions 1 We. the undci-signet! wi.l sell at Public Auction on the B. It. Norton fa;m. 2's miles noith vf Fewlertvn. 3 miles seuheast of Jones-horev. 6 miWs cast of Fairmount on the Eighth street read, and one m:!e north, en Wednesday, March 8th the following property, sale to begin at 10:30 o'clock a. m. HORSES One brown horse, 12-years-eld, god worker, weight 1250; one bay mare, It -years -eld, gwei worker, weight 1200; one light sorrel horse, 11-years-old, gwel wtuker, weight 1200; one black horse, with anything you may have to sell and he able to see and explain good points to bidders. THE CLERK Should be a plain and rapid writer, well known in the community where the sale is to be held, accurate in figures, and personally agreeable. He should also be familiar with the financial condition of bidders, so that he may be able to give advice along) this line. TERMS OF SALE This depends on the time and other conditions. After harvest time is usually the most convenient time of payment. Sales held in the fall should have nine months' to one year's time, in the winter six or efght months; ask the auctioneer or the bank where you expect to dispose of your paper. As to charging interest or giving time without discounts for cash, etc., you should be governed by conditions. MISCELLANEOUS ARTICLES Should not bo left in the corners of the ynrd, barn or house, or under piles of rubbish. If they are worth selling at all, fish them- out, clean them tip, get them ready and pet every cent possible out of them. DO JUST AS YOU ADVERTISE ALWAYS Nothing can be more important. A suspicion of side-bidding will kill a sale, no matter how big the crowd. Make in an open sale and take your chances. BE SURE AND HAVE A LUNCH Some auctioneers refuse to cry a sale without it. A full stomach, or the prospect of one, makes a good bidder. Don't omit the hot coffee. THE AUCTIONEER Get a good auctioneer the best to be had one who is honest and reliable and whose statements can be relied upon. He must be a man familiar YOUR HORSES AND CATTLE Should be carefully groomed and made to look as well as possible. Number and tag every head. Lead it out by itself that the bidders may not have their attention diverted. HOGS AND SITEKP Should be graded if of different classes, not too many in a pen. All their surroundings clean and neat. FOWLS Should be cooped or crated, not crowded, and sold with the coops or crates. This increases bidders by furnishing them with a convenient method of taking them nome. MACHINERY, BUGGIES, ETC Should all be clean, in good repair, and so arranged that each piece can be seen by the bidders and the auctioneer can see his audience at all times. Harness should be newly cleaned and oiled and should be sold on the horses if possible. S-ye-ars-o?.d, gwd worker, weight 1250; one black mare, gun! indivivl-ual, 11-years-eld, weight 1550; ene black mare, weight 1100 pounds, gorxl worker. 6 HEAD CATTLE One Jersey cow, giving good flow ef milk, a good one; one Jersey cow, due to calf March 6; one Jersey and Shorthorn, a gvod one, due to calf irt June; one Jersey heifer, 1-year-old; one Jersey and Shorthorn heifer, t-year-dd. These are pasture bred. One calf, 10-weeks-old. 4 HEAD OF HIKiS 2 Duroe sows, due to farrew last half March; one Big Tvpe Poland gilt, due to farrow last half March; one Duroe sow, bred. CHICKENS 13 dofcen chickens, more or less, Plymouth Rock and Buff Orphingion; 10 chicken" coops, good ones; 500 bushels, more or less, good yetlow corn. IMPLEMEN'TS -Two wagons, in good shape; two sets hay ladder with beds, in good shape; one corn planter, 80 roels w ire. good shape; one wagon bed with two sets side boards, goovl shape; one Little Dutchman sulky, nearly new; two cultivators, good shape f one 10-foot steet frame harrow. work harness, good buggy harness, two HARNESS Tw double sets brass-mounted shape; one double set chain harness, two sets Columbus buggies, good shape. Start Advertising Your Sale should be advertised in The Fairmount News in plenty of time before the date of sale. Bring in E your lists and let us arrange with you for the printing of your sale bills and cards and for your advertising 2 We will be glad to give you all the help possible. EARLY ONE FIVE-PASSENGER FORD, IN GOOD RUNNING ORDER TERMS All sums under $10, cash in hand. All sums over $10, six months time, purchaser piking note with approved security bearing 8 per cent. Interest. James (X Hovcll t Virgil Carmony FRANK RELFE, Auctioneer. EARL ALLEN, Clerk. jj Everybody in Southern Grant Reads THE NEWS. R :ii;illll!l!'!!i;:!!!!!H

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