The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on March 6, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 6, 1922
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS The Fainnount News! deplores flaring sky sign TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY Mobiloils and National OILS FOR YOUR TRACTORS AND CAPS. EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS IN FAIRMOUNT A DECADE AGO AS TOLD BY THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS. AND GLEANED FROM THE FILES OF THE PAPER FOR PRESENT DAY REMINISCENT READERS. The State Board of Education has ' Thnmor Winslow ts selling an In-reissued the charter of Fainnount dian salve that is reputed to In? a pood high school. article. Leden Newspaper Complains ct Oat-tMr.g Electric Advertisements a SpciNog City's Beauty. The London Observer ventures to roaster a vvd natured protest apalnst t! e terrible affliction of the .hi? luminaries that shout thotr adver- tisemor.ts from exery comer of tne London streets when darkness comes. Tie eur.m'Aiixe elect of these flashing electric s'.j.ns ts as distressing as a "xortbist xerslibr'sC with a megaphone. The Uesvnt street corner of Picca- - . , . . , . . ...s.. I .;. .-: It l& 21M:I?0 Willi llAillllilk ! .L.S . " ,...! . ..a m-o i hrajiers, so on f.rx. Th.e cahtxy of frenzied let- t Buy your season's supply of i ils new and We ready for your Spring a: H X X H H X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Let us know what quantity you want and we will see that you get it. We have the Quality and Our Prices are Right. See us or call us at once and we will save you money tvrinj cixes y, the Winks, l.euter lwr?o A. Metcner, tne enjrmeer , Wlck for a perj pf f,ve yoar!,. snaiv has a rr of tears itoxv-jdravicrhtsman and handy citizen, has The exchange equipment will he re-io.i; ahowt a sifoty ra?or adxertise- jmade a map of Fairmount that is re- piacoa with new board and other ap-meat." j jrarvle.1 as a ,cxod one in all particu- p;,ratus, and evervthinc, be made first In Switzerland, the tVerxer com- s ar5 There have been 40 additions ' cjasc - c.u. cms Auxo supply lo. h Basket ball is Wingj practiced every ' night at the high school for they an- ticipate a "bad team" in the Andcr- son ivvs. i no raunicuiu j-a ; iiav i The Fainnount boys have 'five victories and no defeats. .oaUH s5uco town vaJ! fir5t lnid 1 out. The orisrinal plat contained only . , ' . ... s four blocks. All these additions are . wn on the map. W ater mams and street hydrants are indieatevl and ....--. i ti,. I a$t winter to complete the map. ; . CuthWrt Hiatt, a well known pie- j f ai.l at his country I a southwest of here j J- . . . . . . .. . . lu05ia nijT"- navi pith mck iuh i nven.ts. they io thincs ii..oreuti- vr , id. N-fore the xvrtr. In ?.r,ru h the eiti- w.s sit hx -their swift -flow m Limmat i V V , . n., im and xx atch the shimmer of x ater the s;ars or m,vn. xxi.i'.e the xeneraHe outlines of the old minster loom dark , .... . ,.. . ...( acatnst tt.e skv. t arts, mviwi. ia nsi manj hmui -'n:i.-v-v.-vi nn mv.- her old time hexnnony as the city xf town that does not appear on maps.! Mr. Jennie S,utton returnnl Tues-Uiht. That primacy has now passed ; t too hours at interxals durinp ' ' ovenin? from Indianapolis where to New York, xxt'.h London a close see- j ones. i on.e. trhrtps, would rather be left to droam ef that other Geor:an Uon- ' ; l .ritn tas and h.thxvrns, or the LhiaKthan one. tHH'p'evt ex paiiams wuu iu.i. -ith ni- t doublet, ierkin. and smoking torches. a . I WM The soap, ba'oy foxd and whisky they cxxuplexl xvith his advanced ape, result- prefer to em -omit or in nexvspar, lXi fatally. He xxas aKut S"2 years' .. i ...-. K-l-.t .-f it d.os not oesh.ti -ri. i- i . i ..i., xxheiv the more sij:ht of it .o s not xe- funeral takes short time, but a sex-ere attack The place today, " Charles Puller jroos to Cincinnati tolav at noon where he xvill take a six j I Furnished on Mondays ard Thur-lays A S. ROBERTA Editor and Publisher. Hinnte McLucas Roberts, Associate. 0::ce: Main to Res- B ack SS2-1 tELEPHONES SUBSCRIPTION RATES. 1 Within Indiana.) One year ........... ..... Six month tOut:de Indiana.) One year . Six months ? . . ,'A .$2.tV . 1.25 All subscriptions rayaVle strictly; in advance; paper oiscountinuod at expiration of subscription time unless renewal is received prior to expiration date. Entered as second-class matter at the pvstotr.oe at Fairmount, Ir.d., under the Act ef Concress of March S. IS IV. U. S. TREASURY LAUNCHES SAFE INVESTMENT CAMPAIGN. Wj'iiant B. Bosworth. Government Savircs Pi rev tor for the Seventh Federal Reserve District, announced today the ereri-jr of a campaign to Wot out the financial sxvmd'frs located in the f.vo slates of his district I'linois. Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin. Puv the month of March oV-tW eiy and rural mail carriers will tahe the feloxv.r.g message to their sixteen million patrols; "'Consult Yenr Barker or Postmaster Before You Invest Sixteen million dollar worth of the Government's new- Treasury Savings Ccrtitlcates have Veen distributed among the r.xo thousand post e.ces n the c.istr:ct and each postmaster is i rc-sre fo e v a . in his tv. Morcv irves in th r.cxv ccriiT.eaie ;nercac ixver.iy-Tive ner cent. -, ro a-1 w-i:l he re- - rates increase twentv-nxf i turned to ' ::-.c ir.vestor , :,;,.,Vt,J sr.v time Wl iin the ,e years iron do the Trcasurv Department. Recistra- tion insures the inx-estor acaint any 1 form ef loss. Postmasters are au- i ?ed to rcccixe nx es in s as sma'.l as $0 and as arcx- as $4.tW from sr.v ino.-.vivixias. miss FF.Kt;tsox rns VALPARAISO PROFESSOR. On Sn day. March o. at S n. m.. Miss Nettie R. Ferc-"-ion and J. Bernard Harshinan xvrc oinel in mar-riae at the home of the formers parents. Mr. and Mrs. ttcv V. Fcr-enson. t-15 South Main street hy Rev. IL Clay Boyts. pastor of the Christian church. Miss Fertruson has been cinrloye? as cashier at the Lovenstein Department Store in Valparaiso and Mr. Harshinan is professor ef Physios and Chemistry in the Valparaiso University. Cleveland. O.. was settles! in IT:H. tder the direction ef tJcr.eral Moses t leave. at an.v re- ccive-kl h:s name. The sr ehanccx! in ISSt hy an iNiitor xxho. it is said, wished to economise space for a headline. He left out the first ""a Rnd "Cleveland the name has since been. j i I ' I ; ; ; ; i , - 5 Sxxecks course in cmKnlminsr and un-!his casion a kii.d of ielirium tre-men.s," The Living Acx 1 " HAVP NEW IDEA OF MARRIAGE Put'ic Discussion cf te Subject in t.e Japarese Press Is Regarded o'-" A series of ariio'ies o-, loxe and mar- j r naHn in Japanese iew, papers and, as a siirn of the . nuHlom of the j acinose meiuaUty. Professors in psycholojiy. sehol teachers and writers of note are r.t m thxx a;scuss-.on ivi resomi- . old matrimonial sjstem. all adx, saline moiv frvelora tr personal' V.OI,V. AovviV.'.rc to the old custom, the par- cr.ts eh.cse bride and brideerxsnu and the marnace xxas rformel xx-ithout the i-.neivsted panics l-axirc kr.vwn e.iiU other. Masriacv- was xvnsivtervxl a duty towards cxr.try and family, the rolicioti ef anovstor xvorship be-ir.: its prituip'e. The fonnc cxmples lixed xvith the partMits and the bride exxed cxxmplete obedience tex her molher-in-laxv. The custom is now prevalent for the peile to meet lone before- the r.iarriaee takes p'.aiv sx that they may kr.ow each other, and to live apart from the family Is no loncxvr cm-si terxl undutifiih Yet, of late, the terd.envy spiHvatl to marry for love's : sake and out of personal choice. This row and romantic ideal is so strone i that all mears are tried to obtain It. cr.tar.'r.jT elopements, and r.ctorious family dissensions, llcne-e the disctts:on for creator liberty and , more sovial life, which are ipiite op-l,sxl to the eld social system of Corfu, His, that men and women should keep apart and marry for duty's sake and not for love. -1 v ry& i ( X X M M X X X M STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Ptore 226 X X M N X X Eyes Tested, (i lasses Fitted hy State Registered OPTOMETIIISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusix-ely Optical i South Side Square Marion . FOR SALE Now Sinrrt'r sewinjr machine. Inquire at News office. FOR SALK Thoroughbred Butf Le.e- horn epis for sale; also will hatch eirvrs, Phone Black 722. Orville Hasty. FOR RENT FOR RENT Farm. 40 acres, about S1 miles east of Fairmount on Washington st?-eet. Phone 163 or 1"1. Ed M. Hollinprsworth, Exec. FOR RENT After April 1, 7-rnom house xvith xxard rohes. wash room and inside toilet, electric lights, city xx-ater and pas. Corner Second and Mill. Win. Swaim. FOR TRADE for a milk Fairmount R. 3. A yood xx-ork hoi'se cow. Elmer Sxvaim, FOR QUICK AUTO service, lonp: or short drives, see or phone W. G. Moon, GOT South Walnut street, Fairmount. FOR RENT To man and xvife with pood reference, a six-room cottape on South Walnut street, furnished complete; water, pas, electric liphts, telephone, etc. See Rev. W. G. Moon. G01 South Walnut street. FOUND FOUND A watch, betxveen Fair-mount and Fowlerton. Oxvner may recover by provinp pi-operty and paying for advertising. Mrs. Jesse Holloxvay. FOR RENT 40-acre farm, about 3" miles east of Fairmount. Phone 163 or 151. Ed M. Hollinpsworth, Executor. Chicago has another "busiest spot in the world" besides State and Madison street, says the Tribune. Frederick Rex, city statistician recently made public figures showing that vehicle traffic over the new Michigan boulevard .bridge is nearly twice as much as that over the London bridge. The figures show that on an averagie week day 30,569 automobiles, 494 motor busses. 2.011 trucks and 1.414 pass over the bridge every twelve hours, as compared with 18,387 over the Condon bridge. Rush. dcrtakinsr. Doyte Holliday who has been quite sick is improving. Miss Gertrude Vinsloxx xxho has j, re ' Kxan Jones is able to bo out after a seijre xvith typhoid fever, j COMMUNITY Auction Sale At Fowlerton, WEDNESDAY, March 15 Cattle, Horses. Hosts. Sheep. Crain. Straxv. Farm Implements. .Miscellaneous articles. List your articles either xx-ith the Fowlerton Bank or Clayton W. Dickerson. - . , j X " w . nunicwatu the continent. That will surely be a happy day for yours truly." iir.utf ui i.hii j i i tt PICTrilE BASED ON HISTORICAL BANDIT Exploits of Famous California Robin j Hood Are Pleasinsr Feature of "Scarlet Days" David Wark GritTith has harked back to the actual history of Califor nit in the memorable days of 184S to secure his hero for his new Para mount-Artcraft picture, "Scarlet Days," xvhich is to the Royal Theatre Tuesday. In the years xx-hen starc coaches xvcre the only means of travel on the Pacific Coast and the quickest and straitrhtest shot was usually the best man, a bandit by the name of Joae-qum Murietta used to roam the hitrh-xvays. lie xxas a sort of American Robin Hootl. for he would rob the ri.h and jrive alms to the poor, always treated x-omen chivalrously and, thousrh a terror to every she? i if in California, xxas a slave to his little Mexican sxxeet heart. He was a Mexican of pood family who hated the Grintroes and literally went on the . . t .,n warimin i;iiisi mvui. nr hhohj ouded his life in a wild rlisrht from a posse by ridinjr a broncho bareback over a precipice. Mr. Griffith has woven this romantic character into a thrilling motiea i ;tni- Tin, 5 tiikMi be Riii.aid l!artheWit aml the rost of the oast i of the same hijrh order. It is a ?.,tu.'e historically correct and srrip-pintr in the extreme. FOR S.M.F. FOR SALE One M. W. Hunt. o-passenper car. FOR SALK Marion fence. Price rijrht. Oscar L?y & Sons. . . ' . .... ruK imre oren nixe k-ock epps. Fischel strain, $1.00 a settinp. Phone lf. FOR SALE Ten feeding shoats. Phone Red 1862. Glenn Rhoads. ,F0R SALE Full-blooded Rhode Is- land Red rooster. Phone 265. Oats for sale. A. A. Ulrey & Co. Carload of Yellow Jacket coal on track. Nothing hotter. A. A. Ulrey & Co. FOR SALTS Shelled oats and clover hay. B. F. Dickey. You would wonder. You woxjld look; Could you see the repeat orders on my book. The name is Blue Jacket coal. C. C Brown. H. O. Miller, general superintendent of the Fainnount Telephone company. was in town on business. A chansre is m i-v muo in mv iiviioii ol me joxchanpo. The company has entered into a contract for rooms in the Bor- John Kelsay went to I-afavotte . , yestenls there w Home. stenlay to visit his son and while vill inspect the State Soldiers has attending the millinery! opemnjr. Mrs. Ella Dulinjr, who has lcn suffering from an attack of pneu-! a ., f tM c m t k. v ... !. xx eninesaay. ine funeral takes place today, t M. RatlitT. rh 1 ixatlm, chairman of the coun- Jty Republican committee will sell a larjre amount of live stock anil farm-; incr implements at public auction at' farm near Little Rid re next Men- day and move his family to Marion immediately. The freshman declamatory contest of the Academv students takes place Saturdav nicht at the Friends church. The xx inner of the class xvill compete in the final for the honor of repres- entinsr Fainnount Academy i?i the inter-academic contest. SOLDIER WILL BE GLAD TO GET HOME tieorpe Riddle, Now Stationed at The Prisidio, Writes That He is Anxious for "Quittinsf Time" Georpe D. Riddle, who made Fair-mount his home before enlisting for . t i -.. i . : '.no mm nai. aim w no is now J scrsreant m the resrular annv, a?n stationed at The Presidio, Moitterey, Cali.. xvrites to his mother, Mrs. Ma?r-.vio Berry, at Taylorsport. Ky.. that he is xvell ami enjoying life. His brother Wamsley Rivhile. of xvhom he speaks in the letter, has been stationed wun me army oi oecupamm in vter-many. His letter has been sent to The Nexx-s ami i?i part is as follows: The letter bears date of Jan. 7. "At this time it is rainintr ?iicely an.d all the heavy snows that xvcre o?i the mountain tops have nearly disappeared, anvl only when the su?i is nice and brisrht can you see a few small patches on the hitrhest peaks. In a day or tx-o ex-en that xvill have disappeared completely. "Hax-e you had very much snoxx around there this winter and has the weather been x-ery cold? Twcnty-eicht decrees ahox-e xero here last month seemed x-ery much colder to me than txve?ity-five decrees below seem- ed in Cinci?i?iati i?i the xvinter of 17. xvhen the rix-er porped and froze solid and xx-recked all those boats at j Cincy xvhere the rix-er rose and the ' ice started mox-inp. Still, txventy- eipht dep.rees above xero at this time of the year in Ohio and Kentucky would almost seem like sprinp day to you. a balmy "Here is seemed like it xxas colder than all get out, especially to me and the boys that came over from the islands with me. "That reminds me that I was just readinp in the paper about the transport Cok brinpinp eleven hundred men back from the army of occupation in Germany and I was just won-derinp whether Wamsley was or was not one of the bunch. "His three years expires on the thirteenth of May, I believe, which, makes me think that he'll be coming hack to the states pretty soon if he doesn't stay over there after he is discharged from the service. "My time is up on the fifteenth of May so I gruess I'll be home by Decoration Day or maybe a day or two afterwards and possibly two or three days before that time. "You can bet your last dollar that I wnn't hang around this part of the country very lonp after I get my discharge papers. "Indeed, I think 111 have my duds all packed and ready a day or two before that time so all 111 have to do is to get my discharge and order on the Finance department for my transportation Thome and then Pll b all aet to grak a handful! of railroad pas-senger train tickets and hie myself , : J V ... --'.'-. S - .rtj .--r. -jzz. i'-- s?uc- jv m BiLL, we're pretty lucky getting dividend checks every three months." "No luck about it, May, just good judgment. I always invest our savings in Preferred Stock of Indiana General Service Co. INDIANA GENERAL SERVICE CO. Send me free illustrated booklet and tell me how I can get a dividend check every three months: Name Street City 15 RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Dank Duildinrj MARION, INDIANA Fhcno 243 , Sundajs Appointment

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