The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on March 6, 1922 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, March 6, 1922
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1 BMOIJM 1 4 J PRINTED FOR A PURTOSE TO IttLP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, MONDAY, MARCH 6, 1922 Number 27 FT FAI were responsible for the extra ability Hill quintet, Fairmount Academy op- t "WONDER FIVE" UPLAND SCHOOL MUDDLE GROWS STOCKHOLDERS TO START SUIT INVESTORS IN SERVICE OIL STOCK DECIDE TO BRING ACTION TO RECOVER J. G. Copple and Everett Jones to be Made Defendents in Court Proceedings to be Instituted in Near Future Action Decided on Meeting Held in Marion. Grant County Plan Good One Farm Federation of State Follows Unified Plan for Land Valuation As Adopted by Local Association L. L. Needier, president of the Grant County Agricultural Association, attended a meeting of the district chairmen of the Indiana Farmer's Federation and the executive committee of the state organization in Indianapolis last week. The plan submitted by the chair- I it took to snatch the victory. Lineup and summary: F. II. S., 21 Sweetser, 20 Payne Hollingsworth Anderson j Owings Forwards ; . , Brinker , Centers j Rhonemus Williamson Olfather Leer Williams Guards Substitutions Fairmount: Fiana- Fan for Leer? Sweetser: McCraw for """"lu: ii -'i"ian. , Points scored Fairmount: Payne, ' 1Ci Hollingsworth, 10; Olfather, 2. j Sweetser: Anderson, 6; Owings, 13;, Brinker 2- Fouls Fairmount: Payne, lp; Hoi- STATE INSPECTOR VISITS JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP TOWN AND MAKES CLOSE INQUIRY Report to be Made to State Board May Have Important Bearing on the Hearing of Remonstrance Filed by Taxpayers of Township Against Proposed Bond Issue. An extremely important chapter in the Jefferson township school controversy was written last week, when D. Stockholders of the Service Oil company gave out a statement Friday, following a meeting held in Marion, declaring) it to be the intention to proceed at once against J. C. Cop-pie and Everett Jones, of Kokoito, who were formerly connected with the Service Oil company, at the time the ' company went into the hands of a re- ; ceiver, last June, unless there in an early offer of a sum sufficient to re E. White, field inspector of the state tion was approved by the executive board of health, made a detailed in- committee. This plan, which is very vestigation of the sanitary and health j similar to the plan adopted by the conditions of the Upland school build- j Grant county organization, recom-ing and of the rooms being used for ' mends the appointment of a committee jlincTworth. It; Olfather, 2t; Williams, 'in the later game. Fairmount was 2p; Flanagan, lp, 2t. Sweetser: Ow- ! satisfied with holding a lead of 8 to 12, ings. lp; Brunker, lp, It; Williamson, not wishing to make it any larger. 2p; McGraw, It. j Cecil was the steller man for the ; Fairmount crew, scoring a large per Marion Eliminates t of his teams points. May, floor Black and Gold Team j puarJ showed up exceptionally well The game between Marion and Fair- for Bunker Hill, with his long shoot-mount was a fast and furious one, ! and fast dribbles, one of the Marion players receiving j Lineup and summary: slight hurts, but continuing in the Bunker Hill, 10 Fairmount A., 21 ROMPS AWA WITH TOURNEY MARION CREW LITERALLY SWAMPS ALL COMERS ON THEIR "FIVE ACRE" PLAY GROUND Fairmount High School Unable to Make Much of a Showing, While Quakers how Up Well in Last Half of Their Contest But are Un- M-, t ivinmw to Make Two Points in the Fina I But . That's All. FRIDAY'S GAMES Marion, 29; Hartford City, 10. Peru, 10; Bunker Hill, 15. Fairmount Academy, 20; Butler Township, 4. Fairmount High School, 22; Sweetser, 21. Amboy, 33; Jcnesboro, i. Gas City, 20; Matthews, 4. Montpelier. 31; Swayzee, 6. Converse. 21; Roll, 13. Fairmount Academy, 21; Bunker Hill, 10. SATURDAY'S GAMES Marion, 22; Fairmount H. S., 7. Amboy. 13; Gas City, 6. Converse, 22; Mbntpelier, 20. Marion. 34; Academy 16. Amboy. 10; Converse, 5. " FINAL Marion. 41; Amboy, 2. ! Fight a they would none of the aspirants for the honor of capturing Msnon s basket ball goat were anie to cop the prize, and as a result Mr. Gilbert's Wonder Five will take its goat to Lafayette the last of this week where it will be offered a? a pri?e to some team m t no tourney Y I I ! ' ! I I school purposes outside the building. proper. This is prior to making a report and recommendation to the health board which will probably materially affect! , the decision of the tax board and edu- , each county organization appoint a cational board in disposing of the ' committee of five to co-operate with Jefferson high school building situa- ' the county assessor in making assess-tion. j ments that come under his jurisdic- Mr. White's report to the state ' on. In any case where the commit-u.Hh iaivi a nnfijionHol ma. tee and assessor are unable to agree ture until it is submitted to the board, v,s, .m v-rV n Whether his report would contain a recommendation that some or all of the buildings should be condemned is -..i v nrDstocf rnrn tn Tfr.-en tn-nc).in onnl. AHhncrVi game, with the county seat lads roughing it through from start to ' finish. The Fairmount high school men started out in fine shape and tied the j score 2-2, and again at 3-3. The Ma- rion team then pulled away from them and soon were far in the lead. ; Gilbert then run his subs and finished j the game. 5 During the last half Marion played with the ball for three and four min- j uies at a time, stalling the game, and winding the? Fairmount lads. j Lineup and summary: Marion 22 Kr.clchardt Lawson F. H. S. 7 j Payne Hollingsworth Forwards Xessel Centers Vigus Stahr 1 Olfather aw . . - Y imams Guards . Fairniount H. S., Payne, 3; Hollings- - - worth, 2. Fouls: Marion. Lawson, 2: Stahr.' - , . . ! i Mr. White reserved comment on his ing that the tax board's decision is ! said, and the stockholders desired that probable report, it is known that he unjust, shall be turned over to the 'some action be taken. They say cer-made thorough investigations into the state federation which will file a for- i tarn acts have been the means of condition of the sanitation, ventila- mal complaint to the tax board. ; thorn losing about $.,00,000 in stock tion. lichting. heating and general ' Mr. Needier represented the fourth ( hvhl in the company. More than conditions of the building, including district of the Indiana Federation of . ?o00.000 of this amount has been lost plumbing and drainage, and it is said Farmers at the meeting. residents of Lafontaine and vicin- that he found many conditions which j The plan approved by the executive , lty, according to Mr. Dillon, school patrons fear mav not please committee of the state association, is i Tliese men, against whom stock-the health board. ; practically the same as the Grant . holders say proceedings are to be . , , . , .xnf- nwiniiniinn fnrmiil ited and is started, are now interested in the It has been known for a long time countj oiganization lormuuuui aim is that the conditions surrounding the carrying out. At the recent district i Mileage Oil company of Kokcmo, Km, Upland school have not been satisfac- meeting of the Farmers' Federation j it is endtrstood an oiTer was made torv to the educational board of the held at the .Marion high school. Grant i to the r-iockholders of the Set vice ened the second round of the tourney jat the Civic Hall with a 21 to 10 vic- ,tory. Bunker Hill threw a scare into the Academy camp when they started the game with two neat shots from the center of the hardwood., Fairmount soon grot started and during the rest of the half had thingp their way, the half ending 13 to 5. The second half was a repetition of the first, Fairmount holding the edge at ail times, they playing a steady game tnrougnout, not naving to exert themselves and saving all their strength for the semi-finals. It was noticeable to fans in this contest that the "Fighting Five" was iholdinei back a lot of done to be used Howard Shoemaker Forwards Turner Centers Mays Hanks Rich ! Cecil j Woods i McCombs j Brewer Guards Substitutions Bunker Hill: Kling for Turner. Fairmount: Lewis for Cecil ; Edwards for Lewis, points Bunker Hill: Shoemaker, 5; Mays, 5. Fairmount: Rich, 4; Cecil, 7; Woods, 4; McCombs, 2; Edwards, 2; Lewis. 2. Fouls Bunker Hill: Howard, lp; Turner, lp. Fairmount A.: Cecil, lp; Woods, 3p. It; Edwards, lp. Academy Unable to j rut it 'ver on .Marion After wmnmp After winning its preliminary ! pamcs the Academy team succumbed ; n, cm!.fi,l sanr,lav 1UC M. 1 1 V -V c V 111 - -x. v r.iPa. ronsistent p-ame throughout. t,iiip-n and summarv: i Mr. Si Fairmount. 16 Cecil Rich Woods Forwards Centers Vigus Brewer Guards Substitution5: Marion: Lawson fori Englehardt, Barley for Vigus, Cleven- 1 jrer ior cranr, tnpenanu lor nson. FairiMrnf A. for fMr-il. Jntt for 3 Brewer for McCombs, PR A NIC W WHITF m rwirrn OUT FOR SURVEYOR - Fairmount Man Exceptionally ell Qualified for Office He is Seeking Frank W. White (Winfield), while . fc w M" "e ts now a candidate tor surveyor of Grant county. Mr. White is quite well and favorably known as a civil engineer and draftsman. The official plat books of the county recorder's office are the work of Mr. White. The city maps of Marion are also his work. In this state the last legislature passed strict engineering laws with penalties attached and under this law the Commission Board has granted to Mr. White the highest license given, that of Professional Civil ineer, Ikense number 389. Mr' ft? the home pro- iertv of Chas. Keifer and wife, and Mrfombe'i S h -tahr ; there, ard there are those in Grant Substitution: Marion. Wilson for Vhon Gilbert's crew took the Quakers county who se-m to be prejudiced Englehardt, Clever.ger for Stahr, Bar- into camp with a 34 to 16 score. Dur-crouch to bcl:eve that Mr. Gilbert's ley for Vigus, Vigus for Wilson. ; inff iast half the Academv lads gt may be in for some rouch hard- Fairmount, Flanagan for Leer, actuallv outplaved the Marion team, P.r.jr. Despite the protests made by Cr!W for Flanagan. lnit tie tatter's lead gained in the the high schools of the district the iv:nts: Marion, Englehards, 4; first hat was too great to be over-Marion high school re- Lawson. 10: Xessel. 4: Wilson. 4. Ti A.w,- iw nt.x-i , ih rnmmK. ljnnS'nf the Jefferson townshin hich schools, which includes both the Matthews and Upland schools, on account of the inadequacy of the Upland structure to meet the demands upon it. Although conditions have Wen made the most of by those in charge of the school, the Upland school situation was such that the educational board i withdrew the commission. It is also known that the high school building, . .1 , . . , , , .... knpwn that the hlfr,h 550,1001 bu,Min?M it. haiininmt, I'ayne, lp; llollnvrs- Englehardt XVerth, lp; Olfather, lp; Craw lp, lt;;vnscn Williams, Sp; Leer, lp. ) 1 Nc'cl fuscM to make any m tne noor of Civic Hall, r.r.d the pots which ir.terfer with the pl-ying floor of the nve-acre iot mh. h. menace and hamper players not ac- customed to their location by reason - . . . v i : 11 LAKA ot cor.s .ar.t piaing htui pi ;uhhx --t that Poor. But that s another story that may have a bearing on future tourneys in Maries. Marion started the ball by defeat-' ir.g Hartford City Friday morning and then Saturday morning defeated r airmount Hign cnooi aner me Black and Gold had nosed out a vie- tory Friday afternoon over fc.weetser. Then the Academy came up against although over-crowded by placing ex- !man of a unified plan for land valua- by eacn townsnip organization to co operate with and assist the township assessor in arriving at the true cash value of farm lands in the townships Suggestions were also made that as to an equitable valuation, the case shall be taken to the county board of review. Recommendations were also made that when any county organization is not satisfied with decisions of the state tax board, all evidence indicat- eountv s nlan was rocommc nied toi other counties of the district by W. C. Settles, district director. MRS. LENA HOLLIDAY IS CALLED BY DEATH Passes Away in Grant County Hospital Following Illness of Eleven Weeks at Her Home Here Mrs. Lena Holliday, 58, widow of the late Dr. D. A. Holliday who passed away Nov 23 1018 and motheP of r u D. Holliday, died Saturday, March 4, at the Grant county hospital where she was taken on Tuesday prior to her death? after a severe 1 lness lastinff eleven weeks. Mrs. Holliday has been a resident of Fairmount for the past twenty-five years and had a wide acquaintance throughout south - terSj Mrg Ed McAllester of Parker, and Mrs, Minta Smelser of Blontsville. The funeral was held Monday after- noon at 2 o'clock from the residence on gouth Main street. Rev. Martin (ee Grant of the Congregational church in chargte and burial was made :n prk cemetery. As a mark of res- pect and esteem, all of the business bouses of the city closed their doors ring the funeral services. MRS. WM. A. GARDNER 'CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY. , Mr. and Mrs. William A. Gardner were host and hostess to a number of friends who came Sunday with well- itirs. fail jrnr uu v... ...., - nessa, near Fairmount; Mrs. Annis Boone, Mr. and Mrs. C E. Gardner, of Summitville; Mrs. Alice Dilley and son, Russel, of Gas City; IMSsses Sal-lie Fratier, Eva Cage, of Gas City; Ova Boone, of Summitville; Mildred Atkinson of Fairmount. The evening was spent with music and games Summitville News. j ! j , j cessive numbers of seats in all rooms, accoriing to claims of school officials has been inadequate for a number of years to take care of all the children. Three outside structures have been drafted into use to receive the over- flow. The reception room of the Ma- sonic Temple has been converted into a school room, and a frame structure pay them for money they allege has befn lost. The action was decided at a meet ing held in the afternoon at the Association of Commerce rooms, and which was attended by fifty stockholders from all parts of the state. J. C. Dillon, of Lafontaine, one of the stockholders of the company, who ted as secretary of the meeting, said this action was decided upon afte'r waiting for offers from the men which would be acceptable to the stockholders. No offer of this kind nas oeen made so far. Mr. Dillon - 'il conip -ny to taice over tne sroci-: of the M kage company but a price v.hicn was not satistactoiy -o the Service. Oil stockholders. A cuA n.ittee, composed of five stockhc ucis, was elected to stare ric-ceedings at once, according to the statement given to the press this comnu". tonsists of J. A. B'vwi;. fof Nortn Idanchester; J. C. F. Mv.;'-i. of Laf lUainc; Mr. Kinsey; Flavius 'ShulU, o: Warren, and b. A. V. inner, 'of Marion ; r-' nft tVw mm.ritt ! had Wn n-zed the gum o $2 000 I wag ra5sed ag a fund to start , j proceedinKS j maj;rit of the stockhol lei-s nt were Jn fayor of beginningl( I rQceedi Qne woman stated she j inynt9d the sum of $1)000 in Service I on gtock on, a few d before the ; . receivership. REPUBLICAN WOMEN ORGANIZE HARRY NEW CLUB A company of Republican women met on Wednesday night of last week at the home of Miss Maude B riles on South S.ycamore street and partially organized a club for Harry New for re-election to the United States Senate. Mrs. Allen Cook, of Warsaw was present and talked to the assent-. blage, outlining plans, and although no club was permanently organized, it is understood that it will be within a short time. Miss Maude B riles was appointed chairman of Fairmount, Liberty and Green townships and as soon as she has her chairmen of committees in each of the three townships appointed, there will be another meeting and a permanent club organized. SURPRISE PARTY GIVEN TO ZIMRI OSBORN. Zimri Osborn was made happy Thursday evening by a gathering of his friends at his home near Pleasant Grove. The occasion was the 77th anniversary of his birth, the guests were self-invited and the party was in the nature of a surprise. A splendid supper was served at 7 o'clock and a good social time enjoyed by the following: Mks. Carrie Kimes and daughters Georgia, Lucile and Margaret, David Payne and family, Perry Woods and wife, Ray Bouey and family, James Payne and family, Henry Yarber and wife, Mary Keer of Fowlerton, Mrs. Johnson and daughter, Mrs. Rachael Deshone of near Fowlerton, Rev. Rhoads of Fair-mount, Effie Payne and daughter, Claude Smith and wife and William 1 Osborn and wife. the Marion crew after having won its In this game the Academy showed ) ro5nts; Englehardt, 5; Wilson, 8; way to the semi-finals with victories real defensive power, holding the But- j Xessel, 15; Vigus, 2; Lawson, 4. over Butler township (Peru) and lerites to four foul goals, while they Fouls Marion Wilson lp It Law-Bunker Hill. The Marion crew chalked up nine field goals and two ' ?on lp.' eleven rer, 2p; ' Woods, 2p; trampled on the Quakers and then fouls. 1 McCombs, lp, It; Brewer, It; Scott, finished up by thoroughly trouncing j The offensive formation and five ; 9n Academy Games Fairmount Academy "Fighting Five" had little trouble in disposing! of Butler township in the first round oi me tourney, zv to At no time of the contest did Butler have a cr.ance, fairmount always being the agrressive. . man ueiense usea in ttiis game by the Academy proved quite successful, they carrying the ball down the floor in a clever fashion and holding their op-1 ponent's forwards helpless. Scott and Edwarls nlv) f. Fairmount, Scott by playing a great defensive game and Edwards by play ing a clever floor game and netting two neat field goals. R. Rust played ; i 1 ! sianams in-ar nit ivuwi i...-, vvtn ern yrant county, Deiovea ana eswem- provised into space for the students. ' ed by ajj who knew her. She is sur-The third structure used for school yived by ber son Dr. L. D. Holliday purposes, according to authorities, is Q thjs ctyt a daughter, Mrs. Burton an abandoned store room, which was -EUiott Qf Gary, her father, F. W. taken over to care for the school Murray f Blontsville, a brother, work. ' Tolnh Aturrav of Muncie and two sis- the Amooy quintet in tne nnai game Saturday night, taking all of the score with the exception of two points, the count being 41 to 2. Then Coach Gilbert began making arrangements fVr it sreeial train for Lafavette. High ScSool Games Sweetser showed a wonderful im-l provement over the form displayed in Fairmount at the county tourney, and they gave the Black and Gold a battle royat, the Fairmount team only sueceedingi in nosing out a win by a J one point margin. 1 n?re was a report on the floor of Civic Hall that Sweetser had been having Gilbert as Coach since the county tourney j well for Butler, their team ing oa r airmount ooy ana now resia-built around him. m m armount, lived over 23 years Upland has tried hard to handle its school problems, although faced by a trying situation. These outside buildings, as well as the school building proper, were given a thorough examination by the health official. Mr. White's report will probably be ! g.?veti the board within the next few days, and will probably have a direct bearing on the hearing of remonstran- ce of taxpayers against the $90,000 . bond issue for school building which has been set by the state tax board for Tuesday, March 14, at 2 p. m. The remonstrance was sent to the tthnrtt of tax commissioners some , ( ! ! Half time found the score 18 to 4 in favor of Fairmount. Lineup and summary: F. A. 20 Butler T., 4 F. Rust Worl Cecil Woods Forwards Centers R. Rust Thorne Kelley 0 . bCOtt 1 . ... A W. I. m -u uoiii ut 11)11. -a aii iiiimni . rii w jb : for Cecil, Cecil for Edwards, Twis , f or Rich Thome, v . and also had been holding practices'.. . ! time ago over the signature of a large " filled baskets in honor of Mrs. Gard- number of taxpayers of the township, ner's birthday. Those present were: ! and asks that the board prevent the Mr. and Mrs. Porter Atkinson of Fair-j issue of $90,000 worth of bonds for the ' mount; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Davis, erection of a new school at Upland , Mr. and Mrs. John CBryant, Mrs. 1 . t tit rBftiw Elmer Poison and son. of Alexandria: on tne Marion noor mat mey migm t t i Bit oecome accustome-a to me iivrstn: an unconfirmed m- J" they displayed a f amiliaritr with the "broad expanse" that enabled them to . t. expan go farther than most of the dopsters had predicted, J. inorne ior orwK, orocK ior k. Kust. ; , . , ' , Fouls Fairmount; Rich, 3P, lT;jhves m the stnG at 515 South Mam ! street. ' A I 111 lUI Via " w tioners state, is sufficient for the work. -DOVE OP PEACE-FOUND ON A EGG. Mrs. Lou Kimes had an unusual ex- point man for his quintet, making! A P- : Bu"r' Thornp' I KIWANIS DOES WELL four field goals and four fouls. An-J Wl . i, ao k V WITH PICTURE SHOW, derson, his running pardner madt T' 1 Rich, Cecil, 5 Woods, two nJ?htV showing 0f big three field throws. Anderson and 7. Butler; Worl, 3; picturs -Reputation starring Pris- Owings, worked together, presented! "Tf T . . cilia Dean, at the Royal Theatre last a formidable aspect and got through L J"0" fot " 0'7lin sf oni Wednesday and Thursday under the the Fairmount guards often for short ! Mattmgly, rreferees; au9piceJS of the Riwanis club drew throws, j Miller, scorer; Baker, timer. crowded houses each evening, and the Fairmount had Its most consistent! club netted a neat little sum which point maker in H oiling? worth, -while ker Hill Outplayed Jwill be used as a starter toward a Payne came in for three field goals I Tight inf Five' general fund to be used for community and three fouls. These two forwards ' Completely outclassing the Bunker interests. ing eggs for a hatch. Mrs. Kimes O'Bryant, Fern and Lawrence Col-had been out to her chicken park and son, of Alexandria; Charlotte Payne, gathered the eggs and was picking out of near Fairmount; Messrs. Virgil the best to set when she found one . Cage, Robert Davis, of Alexandria; with a well defined picture of a dove. Cecil Payne, near Fairmount; Vernon In the bill of the dove was a sprig and Cage, of Gas City, Burl and George by its side a scroll. Mrs. Kimes is unable to account for the freak egg and is keeping it on exhibition. ' ' ' i

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