The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 19, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1937
Page 5
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PAGE FIW The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Tuesday, January 19, 1937 Sock Versus Skill Bowling Results County Teams to Open Tournament Thursday Evening Vermillion county's hnskethsill tenms BWlng Into action this week at Dana lo determine Hi'' proper Smith . . . 1111 , 148 13S A. Van Horn 122 17 ltil Hope 127 122 127 Carey 14" ' 1 l" F. Van Horn Hit 148 1T.S Tolnls 63 fl 704 IIiiiiIcIm l"roduce Walker , , i..; 128 1M 1" Fowl 124 108 125 Daniels IT.8 154 172 Archer . . 131 103 2 ,Tsbbo ll 174 15 llandicaii 35 35 35 Totals 742 707 6A7 LOCAL SOXERS Six Recreation Amateurs Booked i for Contests' in Bedford ' Ring Tonight Six members of the Clinton W. P. A. Recreation boxing team will journey to Bedford tills afternoon jind make ml effort to subdue the amu'enr lea t lief -tossing fraternity of Hint vicinity, thereby adding another victim to their already long list. ; ' There is no doubt about their condition, since they proved themselves by Friday evening's encount-ed with Washington's Panthers, and Coach Ceorge expects them to repent. i Jlarrns. on Card One of the hoy- who will hear watching 1h Johnny Harms, who Ib flehtiuE to retain his berth on the C.olden Clove Team.: He has met. many tough boys but he seems to always come out on the winning end. A great many of his victories nm via the knockout route and this has caused Barcns to draw considerable attention throughout the nilddle-weet: He fights in the 16 pound -das, f - ' Oilier local boys who will ma the' trip are:r ' ...- Jiimnie Butcher, 447 lbs., Ar Jones, ISil IbB., K.O. Blanton. Ulj- lbs., Jimmy Kimsell . J IS lbs., ana Frankie Bodtior. 112 lbs. SCHMELING WILL ON TRIP TODAY I i ) ulipi'M. t . I J Ainerlcnn I-gion Manship ..... . ... 25 127 128 170 13(1 119 148 Under 174 Bentley ICO James 157 Lundie 155 Handicap 7 124 172 175 158 Totals 858 751 701 Mlke'i Auto Body Shop s.J. Renduci . .140 126 Nurdi ,y 154 157 Welker 141 106 Weir 158 121 140 125 130 128 J- SotFS 89 BERTHA 3im Thqmsch 2f-t""VSri noun. trt '" .iC-M OF POINT .5HSTCM , - muns or ftAinUK. WMMKID THf CHATTY WPA RECREATION DEPARTMENT NEWS We wonder why the interest in lo cal basketball leagues has diminished to practically nothing. Two weeks ago, repeated inquiries were being made concerning them. At that time, we ware unable to secure an arena in which to hold our nes-8lons. Since then that difficulty has been removed, but now no one seems Interested. It hardly seems possible that ur previous item j was unnoticed but again we extend our invitation to ail inaepenaeni teams such as: Osmon Brothers. Mystery Jesters. Dreamland Pleasure Club, etc., etc., hoping that this was the case. Why not organize ana have a couple of months of combats between local teams? If interested, please notify the recreation department. GooJ Advice Precious "Good advice," said Uncle Eben, "is mighty precious, but so few folks is able and willin' to give it dat you might as well wobble along and try to do your own guessin'." feT til V vtv; 3 lvV V GE . y y, - JT" xTCr f - K- S IT -A. A 4 Can Itll'twrbiMslnavMi U- H. J 4u .ft i Blood of the Gods Iclior is the fluid which was supposed to flow, instead of blood, in tlwe veins of Ihe gods. Smoking, Ceremonial Custom Students of Die subject believe that indiuns did not smoke for. pleasure, Tobucco smoking was a ceremonial custom associated with councils, treaty - making, public functions, religion and medical practice. As colorful as the Tropics! R.YTEX RIQ TfitrNTiin sf vt!ivt;ft? v Willi the slntt-ly palm Or tuo-Mmf border in fxqiifslte pa! el tfulf. . suuu-t IhreiMlUMWi paer, 50 DOUBLE SHEETS 50 ENVELOPES T 1 Willi Prim Inn m KlieeU aihI KnvolMii ih-ey threadlooni papf-r with Ha inula 111 ue, i'ampas Orefi) or AdHr firry pnlm or horder ik-iKn. Ivoi5 tlirradlmiin with Villa ItroHti uliii r lMrtler de-fsin. For ttr-writeni Kast, Noiiih or st . prinl'l sljtHoiifry hi mtmllerti! . . North, . - pprMnaJ Ky as a The Clintonian By E. C SECAR Hr0 KtAOWNOO" Combe . 147 .. . flenrlnci 81 123 '33 Handicap . ... Totals 7.18 (124 681 fteittil Hl.ire , , ,,.. 124 141) 120 175 123 121 139 163 Kteveinon Stevens White 114 (llilfilll 14 160 Casebeer 145 1531 193 129 736 657 758 Hlllter Knisl Bread Kirkman J79 182 F. Meyer 114 123 Bartlett . 12 1 Horney 165 153 Cooper 132 155 Handicap 7 7 17 IftO 139 153 184 7 Totals 726 746 808 Clinton Iure Milk MAKE U. S. TOUR;'"- Ruffattola 135 14S 152, Franchetto 127 150 129 Tuberose 164 141 171 Mattioda 202 158 147 Varda , 181 133 145; Totals 809 725 744; Winter's Druas Collins .......... 129. 157 163 8. Asbury 115 121 113. Burroughs 102 76 139, Winters 123 178 105 Stewart ., 156 187 168. Handicap 50 50 60; Totals 675 769 738 representative from tliln district for1 the annual Wiihush Valley lourna-; meut at Terre Haute the last of Hie month. An .uneven number meant link lo the hoiiie team. 'Which drew a live In the first round. The upeiiliia games Thursday night ill llnd Cayuga opposing . Newport at seven o'clock, Kt. Bern ice meeting I rys-1 vllle ut eight and llillsilule playing I Clinton one hour later. Dana (ires its first gun at 7 p. m. Friday against the winner of the Cayuiv.i-Newport clash. Al eight o'clock thej St. Ilernice-I'errysyille survivor will i tackle the victor in the Hillsdale-) Clinton contest. The final game will, be played Saturday night. I Six other preliminary centers will ; start play Thursday evening, while the other seven will not begin uuiil Friday. BOWLERS BOOK TWO MATCHES Clinton's most active howling addicts, the Diana Sweet Finn) gentlemen, are scheduled o play nnothei match here Similuy afternoon al 2:30 with the Paris All-Stars. The Diana Sweet Shop women's team is hnuked lo roll a nuitch at the local alleys al the siinie time with opposition furnished by the ci.i,i,i,r rsirts from Terre Haute, onet of the best female tenpin aggregations in the Valley. The Diana .-rl, Mills, Helegda. Amati and Htuctyuski--went to Dan-villa Sunday afternoon -only lo be trounced by the Danville women's team. I LOUGHRAN WINS JUST ONE MORE ; J f PHILADELPHIA. Jan. 19 Tommy Loughran, 189. veteran local boxer, today held a decisive victory over Sonny Walker, 197, of Phoe-nix, Ariz., in what he said was his last home-town appearance. Loughran showed a great deal of his old form, bis swift left Jab scoring repeatedly, as he won In. 10 rounds. A crowd ol 9.000 lans was on htnd. FDR HEeVJEHS 35: VOU HERE '. -f-W THOUGHT WOO WERE- IK By OF T ' ! ns:; ,y,: IF SeJERC Secret BIG BOV, TO IF VOU THAT BUDGE CAN WIN: ' EXHIBITION SETS ST. pnTKRaHttRtl Fla.i Jan. A2. California's red-neaded Donald Budge. America's No. 1 amateur tennis player today held a straight-set victory oyer Atlanta's "mighty atom," Bryan M. (Bitsy) Grant, In an exhibition match here yesterday. The score was4l-. G-3. Bryan, third ranking in the national list, deteated Budge in straight sets in the finals of tho Miami-Blltniore at Coral Cables a week ago, and again handed the No. 1 player a licking in the finals of the Dixie . tournament at Tampa Sunday. TImmuuukIr of people wait for UiIh tnnual Mle of RVTEX DKCKI.K FIMiK VKLIA'M printed stationery. During January only you can buy RYTKX IHCKLR KIMiK VKIXUM stationery In double the usual quantity . . . 100 aborts and 10O envelopes . . printed with your Monogram or Name and Adders for only Kl.OO. Two slwa . . . lance flat sheet or wmftrt double xheeta. H snmiiles at The Bally Clintonian office. dv. no, MOTHlMej OF THAT OCXS impobtamce CAUSS OF HE ' TVST MUMB-I LEO WE N(ME OF THAT STUPlDl . f '" "" . -V " isUU. . , llSeft JOE DISCUSSES PLAN. EXPECTS TO LEAVE RING Brown Bomber Hi Three Hope for Firturet Predicts H Will Battle Three More Year NFTW YORK, .Inn. IS. Joe l.nuln mild today lie has only three ambitions. Th first Is to parn M.nnn.- 000 In cash. The second Ik to win the heavyweight title. The third Is to defend the title uccessfiilly for n year and then retire undefeated. Louis, here to start twining for Ills fisht with Bob Pastor Jan. 20, said lie expects to accomplish all three within the next three years. After that, tt wltl be heigh-ho for a life of ease, with nothing to do for the rest of his days hut eat and sleep and hntit and take In movies and ball games. Pleasant Prospect "Fust," said Joe, "I wants that dough. Then the tHle. And after 1 quit' fighting. I'm going to build me a big town house and one in the country and live me the life of Riley." Joe admitted he had about one quarter of that million already put away in annuities and the dusky lad who only a Jew years ago never was sure where the next meal was coming from, now talks lightly of that $750,000 he still lacks to make the million. i . Meanwhile be has that pressing engagement with Pastor. And what did he think of Pastor? Joe Unimpressed "Guess he's a good tough boy," Bald, Joe. "Saw him fight Steve Dudas once. Don't remember much about him, though, so he couldn't have been so hot.' What bad he to Bay about Pastor's remark that Jon had a glass Jaw? ' "He gay that?" asked Joe. "Huh. maybe I can keep him from finding that out. That Pastor ,he likes to rush In swinging, don' he? Well, I sho' likes boys who do that. They sho" is Tight down my alley." One Opinion FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH By Davis i. Walsh NEW YORK. Jan. 19. Maybe that time the careless nursemaid dropped me on my head, nobody was noticing much and I went on staying that way, because 1 seem to keep seeing yesterday'B St. Louis-Cleveland deal upside down. The idea is that I have the Browns a little ahead of the day's larceny, but I can't seem to get much confirmation around here. Of course, there's been a lot of furniture polish about the trade being a good one (or both clubs and all that sort of joBh, tut I'm speaking of people who say what they think. They think that maybe Cleveland took a little more turf, on account of Outfielder Solters. Whereas, I guens I'm still on my head because I think maybe Cleveland did not on account of Outfielder Bolters, and perhaps ShortBtop Lynn Lary. too. They're HornBby men. He made them' in St. Louis, after they bad been notewfc. y failure on practically a nationw.fle basis, and I notice that kind generally omes 11 n -made, once the 'old hoss-trader down there in the Missouri flat passes them along. It savors of the ventriloquist and the boy on his knee with the big. red njputh. He picks you up, dusts you off, straightens the necktie, coos softly by your attentive ar, and sends you nut to play, Wirt when he sets you down again, he's through and, as a general thing, so are you. It doesn't iilways work that way, as witness the Brune Campbell business with Cleveland" two years ago, but if Hornsby guessed wrong there, he's cut II led to a had one. DR. B. H. SELLERS ' DENTIST 249) South Man Street. Muns . DANCING H o z o X H Dor man's Tavern Good Orchestra Yoor favorite Beer On Tap Wine Liejoor Mixed Drink Popeye THIMBLE THEATRE ' 1 1 7 T! I f . ,K.orn n.. . X I IN TOVOM V0. NEW YORK, Jan, 1 9. -Making the first move in the face of aj threatened boycott of bis ring activities, Max schmeling will begin his exhibition tour at Philadelphia; March 1, his manager, Joe Jacobs, announced today. The scheduled lour calls for bouts in 22 cities. After the Philadelphia opening, Schmeling will appear in Baltimore, Washington, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Miami, ' Birmingham, Kewj Orleans, Houston. Dallas. Fort. Worth, Memphis, Chattanooga.1 Nashville, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, SuiHh Bend, CBieago and Detroit. - " Jacobs said Sclinvllng would arrive here about the middle of next month. Starring O &UT, MP.SlMPONS- FJvwAS CAtUMS FOR H3 DOS VIP COOU3 OMPy' Ot I HfZS. SCTTROQcSTO UKT OS TAICE THC vat HfZS. SCiTROQcSTO 1 V UKT OS TAICE THC r S. L VJ'LU wiry i.,. 1T1 Nr - V I I S rW'u ..i i i CCwiy dl .- 'imt,6i't) r- dock la j HfE HftO VO0 UP FOR ft RUSS WESTOVER LI t J ------ ' TILLIE THE TOILER ' I 1 linV- A Of-V A TOY OOQ, BUT f Mfl , TO TEE THE . t? TS SONMA. BINfi XxXkL. 1 i " ii 1 I..... ... . . i s'a v y l "i" I K I ilsv, i I X . - jrt I- t M 1 DQ6 TO MAC IT MK3HT B-rlNe HIM TO LCVJ IS MAC, MfaljStMPKIrJS? -miwe vohem me Se itJO DANN DUNN CM, A AJTN 1 ICAkt IF MR. DUNN IS OUT THE ONE I WAMT 4. U 3LC. a- r IT Operative 48 , i, vm W 1 I PWrWJ N, now nowwoufI ! wro out". -' II 1 HE' NG TEAR NOU fcPA-RT TRY ANV MORE voii'i l find OPEN STOP vquk fe f f M -fi? 'x.V A OH-OH UtALU- W 1 1 I herin m TWIS WSl r iks, K40T HTHAJDO&r- ROUGH STUFF room n noopi rviTTri Ra.fx u he's gr-r VOU JUST 5TAMU THERE UNTIL I MAKE. lev-ii ita lm KjnDrnkr x -- i . n u i i ,m l - ti - - i . i TL f k . J UP MV M1NO WHAT . TO BITE.V V. JLTO DO WITH YOU.' X Hill y I V , ,'iA tT i r w-v. SH ii tJK lavl- I i . B ,A WA I V SUM I. .rrr W J. IS S ' ML K m v"v I III ' . 1 17 I 9 1 II , ' J R I I " J ' fS, I 1

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