The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 19, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1937
Page 4
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Tuesday, January 19, 13J7 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN , Found'M Kit 'LUXURY : MODEI&SSS Behind the Seen I In mm Established as The Weekly Cllntonlan 1890 The Clinton Plalndealer absorbed Id 1908. 1 a., Mm that, or ra MOLLYUJOOD 9 one wntu cj v ' - - - like blueshells under water. She .kian-aan l-hnWilv! "It'l beCaUSO a George L. Carey Edi" nd P"b''hei ntered al the Postoffice at Clinton. Indiana, a 8econd Claaa Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association I'm so terribly happy." Be pushed the glsss of eham- hwanl, hr "Drink this hour ago. lent It too erieeless after all our quarrels?" Nancy burbled. ' Jasper was a nice-looking, redheaded boy in his early twenties. It was evident that be and Nancy bad looked upon the wine when it was red tonight. Particularly Nancy. After due congratulations, Gerald suggested that the new arrivals Join them in a drink. Ths occasion must be celebrated. . , "You look pratty festive, you a la XT...1, hlaactr aVAB SnSnoed and let ms see you laughing again, aarnng. . National Advertising Repreoentativei GKO. B. DAVID CO. linn Wrigley Bldg., ChicBgo. t ill General Motors BlilR.. IVIrnit 110 Bast 42nd St.. New York The bubbles roamea up irom hollow atfim. breakine on the golden surface. Elisabeth drew a long oreain. MB..- a hmJ akawniana Phone 1 1 7 Phone 41 inu. aaataav m -- -. 'I, from the good-looking, smartly- DUI I UUIl b Mo:., 'I'-a, , Gerald. Everything's singing and babbling inside me." lie picked up nis glass, dib i drew her. Over its frosty rim he smiled. "Bow old are you, Ellta- dressed man (O tne giowms "-betha . . . , . "We've Scotch over at our table," began Jasper. But Nancy cut him short. She hailed a passing waiter and ordered two more chairs to be Detni" "I'm twenty." "I drink to the fountain of drawn up. L SYNOPSIS Oa ths train, enrouts to her heme In Lea Angeles from collage, lovely Elizsbeth Hsrmon meets handsome Gerald Bruton, young stock broker. At luncheon, when Ellsabsth compares colitis to prison, a hard look creeps into Gerald's face and, later, when a man approschea their tabls and -claims, "I nsvsr expected to see you In this psrt of the world I hs turns white. At home, EHxsbeth's step-father, Colonel Jamss McCarthy, forbids her to go out with Gerald, so shs arranges to meet him clandestinely. CHAPTER 1TI She forgot everything In the warmth of Gerald's eyes, his strong handclasp as they met in the hotel lobby. , She was wearing a peach-colored eporU suit In some woolly material that was very becoming. From her pert little hat her blonde eurls peeped oat like the wings of Mercury. She looked lovely. When he had helped her Into a taxi and ordered the chauffeur to drive to the Miramar at Santa Monica, Gerald Bruton slipped an arm about her, whispering: "You're the ssost beautiful girl In the world," Surely there never bad been a more exquisite sunset than over the Pacific that erenlngl "Painted specially for os," said Gerald, giving her hand a tiny squeeze as they sat at a table in the fashionable hotel overlooking the "This is (e simply tuvmei we aH missed you this pest winter. Elizabeth. Say, you certainly look By HARRISON CARROLL Copyright. m:tt, Hlas rulnru Syndic!!:, Inc. HOLLYWOOD Expose type of art layouts in a new magazine have Hollywood burned to a crisp, but will accomplish one purpose mors stringent regulations about publicity pictures of young players, who will be th stars of tomorrow. For, most of ths objectionable shots were released by the studios themselves in Hollywood's more careless days being considered as ths type nf art that would hit the news pages on dull days or In early editions. Which they did. Unfortunstely, some of ths $78 a week contract girls have become the dignified queens of today's cinema and now those pictures hurt. For the Inst two years, of course, the Hays office has curbed sensationalism along this line. All publicity pictures are submitted to the central bureau and come back either with the blue stamp of approval or the red stamp of rejection. If the latter, they cannot be released. Under the Hays ruling, a girl's leg can't be photographed If she Is wearing street attire. If she Is In a bathing suit, It Is all right. "Bag of Tricks", has been postponed again. Bill leaves the Las Encinas sanitarium soon for further recuperation at Delmar or La Jolla. . MlsUnguett'a hostess during a luncheon at M. O. M. was, of all people, May Robson. Ths French actress, who has been none too talkative here, volunteered that American girls have the most beautiful legs In ths world. Out to the sights, the star later toured the Hollywood night spot, visiting, among other places, Sebastian's Cotton club. Diminutive, quiet-spoken Adolph Zukor haa a secretary who has been with him for 25 years. He is superstitious about ths association and Invited her out from New York for ths Paramount Silver Jubilee celebration In his honor. The secretary, Mathilda Kass, handled the correspondence through which Zukor secured ths American rights to "Queen Elisabeth", the first feature length picture to be shown here. To this day, Zukor won't go Into a big deal unless Mathilda Kaas handles some phase of It. um ttnt ThaM In Tfnllvwftnd. . - . one enineni -ion ri i yourself. How old ore you, i aldt" The Shirley Ross-Eddie Anderson rl : U-.V. aj-ljt tmnn1-tMlvi "If engagement rumor waa correci. She is wearing his ring shies Christmas. There'll be no marriage for some time though. . . . u..aM 1Arf'a mnthar hi wife. Mildred, and the three kids are aU down with colds. . . . vfu cotn-n mwim at M. CI. M. A re porter from a local paper thought he spotted snaine u in! ta fAiinwed her for half an hour. It was Jack LaRue's sister. The romance of Mae Clarke and Dr. Frank Nolan has hit the skids. She has returned the ring and everything. Ross Alexander Is now In his grave. Only a few of the late star's Intimate friends knew that he had been carrying a heavy financial load debt contracted during a long period when he was down on his luck, and which Ross began paying off as soon as he came Into the money at Warners. One Hem was a stay of eight months In the hospital after an accident in which he lost most of his teeth. Part of his face had to be made over at the time. Ross didn't advertise all this, but the debts were being paid, dollar for dollar. You Asked Me and I'm Telling You! Beryl Whitehead, San Francisco: The W. C: Fields picture. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM i 1. To further every interest of Parke nd Vermillion counties. X. To assist Ihe revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in tolvin- Vermillion County's unemployment problem. ... . 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of Ha size in the state. MORE THAN ENOUGH I Just as the New Year gets underway, we hear from an old friend of the sports-loving public. Mx Hacr. once heavyweight champion of the world. Max, who folded up ingloriously under the attack of Joe Louis, has it all figured out. He plans a fight in England to start the comeback trail and says. "If I win and beat Louis and then fight again for the championship well, then 1 could make a million dollars for myself, couldn't I?" That's all that stands between Max and a million dollars winning a fight in England, beating Joe Louis and getting a crack at the champion. Any way you look at the problem, it's more than enough. DID CHIANG STAGE HIS 'KIDNAPING V The world watched with amazement the recent "kidnaping" of Gen. Chiang Kai-shek by Marshal Chang Hsueh-Liang and his subsequent release by his captor who took an airplane to Nanking to admit his guilt and accept his punishment, "even death." There he was tried, convicted and sentenced to ten years imprisonment but the verdict was nullified by a complete pardon from Gen. Chiang, who twice offered his own resignation because he felt his own leadership had been at fault in permitting such an occurrence. From Tokyo comes news that some suspicion exists that the whole affair was planned by the astute Chiang, who, knowing his Chinese, felt that he would be able to gain the support of all China. Moreover, it would enable him to oppose Japanese demands on the ground that to accept them would cause him to lose his position and be replaced by some one more hostile to the Japanese. This may easily be the case. Certainly the developments following the spectacular kidnaping were amazing. Moreover, a general of Chiang's ability and importance would hardly get trapped in such a manner. . Whalt will Japan do if Chiang resolutely rejects her demands? The answer is that Tokyo does not want war with China because this might mean assistance from Russia, whose army is much too strong to suit the Japanese. Apparently, the wit of the Chinese has extricated the Nanking government from a tight deplomatic situation and may effectively halt Japanese aggression. . . . Natalie Taunaage is going about these days with Jack Tal- verman. . . . Here's a new two we could only see the satirise. Gerald" His faee was very solemn as he answered: "That would be a new he ginning." ; ' ' It was like drears to dance to the erooning lilt of the high-priced orchestra. The wares of the Pa-eifle blended with It, like the obligate played oa a violm eelW ta sotae exquisite symphony- The fragrance of Spring was here, rot divine promise. It bloomed in the daffodils and frees is and narcissus on the little tables, in the golden light that spilled from ths yellow lamps, like sunshine. More diners arrived. The scene grew gayer. Animated couples leaned across snowy tablecloths that glittered with silver. There was the clink of ice In glasses. Popping of corks. Waiters dashing hither and yon, with bottles set In tabs to cool, with bottles la napkins from which long necks, gold-labelled, protruded. Elisabeth drew a long, npttxroos breath. This was all new to her. Enchanted ground. This was real BrinK- a. -a Not even the memory of her stepfather's harshness could dampen 1 1 ck 1a,.A witk fattraiM tn somePat Ellis and Harry KUSRtn. They were at Lmdys cocktail bar tAMfitai. rVinroH Kae-el will direct "Love Takes Flight" for Condor pictures. Flash! Mack "Killer" Gray gets to carry a gun and be a real bodyguard at last for Lloyd Nolan In "Internes Can't Take Money". "Elizabeth, don't you realizs Tm falling mors and more In love . with you?" is acoused of stealing a necklace. The jewelry is found in her possession and things look black until to all ages. A "Pepper Pot" array of talent and a March of Time are special short subjects. Rvnnd the aee of telling. Old swell I What've you been doing to her, Mr. Dru ton Bruton?" With - I 1- U..M, aiaiaalr 4ntaa lha rhalr Chester Morris and his friends get enough to be your" the tune of: "Did You Ever See a to the heart of the matter. IflKB aaaaaa.j aw.n. " Gerald had vacated, and took a long "tiranaiatneri meinusaieni They both laughed. His eyes were hait anal mifitv. He arrinDed her hand. The comedy deals with "Happy Dream Walking?" The blood sang in her veins. Shs wss on air. Under his breath hs crooned the J- a. 1 - UaMImw Itaav Hcrhflv Heels" He said huskily: "It's incredible, "COIXHGK HOLIDAY" AT THE WABASH Add Jack Benny, George Burns. Grade Allen, Mary Boland, Eleanore draugnt xrom nis giaas w. ia-pagne. Gerald immediately erdered another bottle. He thought that WOras w una, aavauaaia. -n --j She closed her eyes, faint from his Nancy, despite her flighty manners, Saltzabetn, wax yon snoum nut ua, WK " Time flew. One hour. Dinner was over. Two hours. The moon came a.1.- Tl- - malaiaara tka nearness ana his lascmanon, iuey moved as one person. II J.a.T.a.aat' ".MAKK WAY VOIl A LADY" AT THK PA LACK Whitney. Johnny Downs, Martha' Raye, , Olympe Bradna, Marsha! OIQ U13UIU..IVU. All . by Elisabeth's youth, beauty, and They were walking back to their Up OVW ic araaviaaua ...'. '-f, slan fado. Three. A whole lifetime Herbert (Marshall, Gertrude Mi table, lie put his nana unaer ner Hunt, Etiennc ilravdot and Louis DaPron and you will have a high elbow. She swayea a uixie. HT.awlMial I'm H i TTV Wltjl It response to mm, mo i r. u . aw -ness informed him that ft might be illuminating to meet her friends. Gerald proposed the health of the young couple. The four drank. XT.. .h.Haaarl ir.rtD.eant ! She chael, Margnt. (Jrahatue and Anne Shirley are the featured quartet oi "Make Way for a Lady" with Clara f navaa. haft flmrVl Bn VPninff." tolal of laughter, dancing and romance which answers to the name to be talked over. They spoke mostly about themselves, though it was Elisabeth who told most. She wanted to pour herself out for this man, to let him know all her hopes and dreams and A. J I.UB.W1VU . .... " - " - , was the kind of a girl who demand A little silver bucket of ice was en their table, with a champagne bottle In it, up against the vase of Blandick. Taylor Holmes and Willie of "College Holiday". Jack Benny Is the worried owner of a bankrupt hotel. He soon has his hands as Best aiding from Ihe side-lines. Anne Shirley is a modern young girl Because he wanted her to, she drank champagne. A fresh bottle 1 who decides to play cupid for her Dad (Marshall) and so she picks was opeiwu. They laughed a great deal. His out a wife for him, Marshall has al well as -his hotel full of trouble and money when he lets prize nitwit Grade Allen sse the building to demonstrate one of her so-called inspirations. After bewildering every eyes leastea on ner ueauLj. a- i . ha hnH hoam starved m 1 1 ia.L.aa aBl aaawtnaaa freesias. All ner me aiien, the piercingly sweet odour of those flowers was to recall this scene to Elizabeth. The waiter poured the champagne and went away. Elizabeth took spray of freesia from the vase, brushing it across her lips. Gerald leaned towards her, captured the hand that held the blossom. He said, "Elizabeth, don't you realize Im falling more and more in love with you t What are we going to do about it!" an 1.1 r aaaa. atara Millions of ready chosen the lady of his affections, but Anne interferes in her Uiamgnt. xne ai ter-tneauei aji u u driver, Fay Wray as the lovely lady in distress, Lionel Stander as Chester's pal, Raymond Walbnrn as a fussy old newspaperman and Henry Mollison as a clever thief. Of course you know '.hut "They Met in a taxi", when MibB Wray runs away from attention, must do wie cenw vi everything. Hadn't she been spoiled and petted and got all she wanted, from her infancy up? The past social season, it seemed had been "simply deadly, my dean. Shs was a year older than Elizabeth, and informed Gerald that she "simply lived for excitement." Adjectives such as "devastating, "moronic" "putrescent" and "utterly utter" dotted her conversation. Jasper looked at her adoringly. It was unbelievable that she had accepted him after eighteen months of keeping him dangling. Tonight all was rose-eolored. " After considerable libations. Nancy whispered to Elizsbeth: UV a,hau aa, aartantf aaarllTur. CMn well-meaning but blundering way MOVIES "TMF.Y MET IX A TAXI" AT THK COIOHMA This Octavus Roy Cohen yarn is dramatized for screen audiences by Chester Morris as a wide-awake taxi began to arrive, ciizaoeui uaic uua let her mind turn to going home. ci Aaflaa atl-nhaavafi her etec- and nearly ruins everything. The situations are humorous and tragic body, including the audience. Grade shows that she knows a thing or too and Jack's fortune is made. The merry melodies include "Sweetheart f ather. Not that that mattered with at different times and should appeal this shiny feeling in ner nean. uer-ald would stand by her. Their love her dress modeling -work when she Waltz". "Who's That Knocking at them. Look, over the ocean. D'you WUUlu acavaa aaai; w...a' , Suddenly there was a swirl of "So What?" and My Door scarlet draperies aiongsiae uieir , v.t. tka, tf an aumensive Der- Is This Gusher Drying Up? fnma. and a hiirh eirlish voice. on to the ladies' room and let's doll Adore You". "Sport Headline of lDlSG". Fox News and a comedy saying "That's Thoir Uusiiietis" arc added. "Why, of all tilings! buzaoeuu ary . IN Gerald nolitelv rose and remained standing. "Hello, Nancyi" Kuzanein greema her friend. She had known Nancy - ,! ltlrarl nar mltaWUirh think they re winnows who ma-angels looking down on as tonight? think so." There were tears In her eyes as eke gazed up at the dark blue canopy overhead. The greatest thing in the world had happened to her. She had fallen in love, and her love was reciprocated. Had she looked at him at that moment, she would have seen a queer, u strained look aa his face. He managed a .shaky laugh. "Such Mights of fancyl Such a ro-ntantic little girl, Isn't she?" "Dont laugh at me, Gerald. Don't yam understand this is the greatest, the only thing that baa aver happened to me 1 "I'm glad. But why ths tears? Don't let's make a tragedy of it- op a little." Jasper, extremely - mellow now, grinned happily after the girls. - "Swell kids, both of 'em," he remarked communicatively, "I've known sm for years." Politely complimenting him en his great good luck, Gerald added: "And Miss Harmon is extremely charming, alsol" "She's a eeach. Say, If I wasnrt head over heels about Nancy, I could a - 4.1a. fna iTliUalfltJa- her sudden appearance at the mo YESTERDAYS ' JANUARY IB, lia E. A. White was attending to business matters In Torre Haute Wednesday. ment waa not enureiy ubmcwub. C-L - A NaaaifV. and Mociuoaa v j , the girl in turn introduced her es cort to lieraia. -cuzaDsui, rtrMaarot alrnariv knew him. The7 .C.a.1. 4aaatrla aaaarrlinllv Tj ID aaia " j - There's a girl for you." "Darling. I ve just Become en- y IQ M vuunaaaaaaaaa It Xlas raauuea timmmm. -aa. bim al tht Oh-nr Club about an Joseph Dudley and Bertha Bene-liol, both of Clinton, were united In marriage by Justice Walker at his office Tuesday. The groom is u uative or Englnud and the , bride hails from the land of ' Bobble Burns. - '! IMPORTANT CENTENNIALS IN AMERICAN AGRICULTURE AO'S r0-' o'J X ?'&' 4'A A At ! t I C f IB If fi ibfl'fl at the home of Miss Avora ImIhioiih in South Third street. Prizes in buuco were awarded to Mrs. Veru Bennett, high; Mrs. Alma Persiugor, lew; uud Mrs. Hazel Klnzie, bunio. Mrs. Dennett was also uwarded tbe prize In a contest. The licit meeting of the club is to be with Mrs. Ileuiia Marshall. Halph Walker, who was octlng us ccHiduclor oil one of the mlintrs' trains, slipped and badly sprained an ankle, last Tuesday. He bus been laid up ut his home, un Sou II. r'oui th street, I l!3 (bAe io tua WOU) IHE rreau Plow Mrs. Trunk Kunini of Bnutii Bi'. enlli Hlreut enlerlHlned the niein-hers of the Theia Kaiia Phi sorority last ereiiiug at her home. Tin livening was spent socially. Delicious refreshments were served. "Holly" Huyes. son of Pnviy Hayes, now on roule 31 out of Vermillion, waB In flliiloii Wednesday. He la BpendUig a few weeks at home. travels most of the year for a lightning rod Ann, of St. Louis. 1937 k 0 Hue anslnnory of Oeere't Btael'lew. - Dr. I. M. CuBebeer Is hack in his office after an attack of flu. ryaKVVja.l Mrs. Levi Taylor is reported i'A. JoJofcts- im in eQaNO DeTOua., utiNots 5 Ptm- JAM'AIiY 1". 1KS9 Vr. uud Mrs. I. D. White of South Kourth street entertained with a 6 o'clock dinner last evening for Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Ferguson and daughter.. Miss Marie Ferguson, and Mr. and Mrs. Athur FergUBon. MMOSE Okn ISDN PIOK WAS PONeCLCSS IN "We- STickNSDit- oe -we POAieie Ne PAS IN A SAW - fa Miss Louise Robertson and Miss Galena Kihhy. both members of the Junior blgh school faculty, have been chosen to teuch in tlie senior high school next term. Miss Robertson will replace Miss Blossovi .Mainard. who was married to Fred Reeder, Dec. 29. Miss Klh-by is to replace Miss Blanche Warren, who is to mary Brooks MeCiure of Boston, Mass., Jan. 20. Mildred MeCiure. of Marshall. Ind., will replace Miss Robertson and Miss Woolard. of Bowling Green, Intl.. will roplaro Miss Kiii- wy. f MOM THIS BROKEN SLACC Hf FASHIONEO THE flOW THAT CUT THROUGH THE GUMMY SOU. SCOWHNG ITSaf AS IT WENT. THIS "SOVEO TO 8E A MOMUMENTAl EVENT IN FARMING HISTORY. IT SIGMA tlZED THE CONQUEST Of THE VAST "RAShES. -Mia es oo6ut TJ& VVHVIIN&SOBACP- OF A BStOUBH kTeei. SAW 1NO ISCTANTI.S Tue sxuTioa op "- waviecs TtoatM Tbote WC M HIS MlklD. Misses Martha and Evelyn Ground of "Vine street spent Wednesday evening in St. Bernice and attended school therer yester-day. .J.l 141 The regular meetlllg of the A. F. A elMh cm weld Wedaeaday aight READ THE CLINTONIAN CLASSIFIADS Ua. an riai

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