The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 18, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1937
Page 6
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Monday, January 18, 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana fAGE SIX CLASSIFIED ADS WPA RECREATION DEPARTMENT NEWS First White Corn Planter The first white man's cornfield, forty-acre clearing, was planted by John Smith and two Indian prisoners with only a spade and their own hand to do the work. That was at Jamestown. Va in 1B08. Painted to Beautify First Painting was an art before clothing passed beyond the protection stage. It is, perhaps, one of the few items in human history that has its originsteeped in appearance Instead of utility. Pope Working to End Negotiations With Nazi State First Zeppelin Ascent Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, creator of the type of aircraft bearing his name, made his first ascent while under the command of Ohio'i Gen. U. S. Grant during the Civil war. Markets INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 18. Live stock : A ping-pong team Is to be organ-lied tonight at 6 o'clock at the first meeting of the ping-pong class, which is sponsored by the WPA Recreation Department at the Recreation center in North Eighth street. HOGS, 6.000; holdovers. 1.188;! Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). Next two days Insertion: the same Ic charge (you gat throe days at double the cost of the first day). Next three days insertion: the same 8c charge (you get a whole week, six days, at three times the cost of one Insertion). Each group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. Black Fre (like this), 10c per line. ted (7 ?s Tr T and your family are cordially invite ww i. .....t. .t . km a I Winer KlC. (Ft rai 1w uc vui vv. o to m i. M15 - - - r - - hire Show-featuring an entertaining new-comedy picture entitled: Woodcraft classes, under the direction of Rudy Janlk and Mike Ilolerhko, will meet tonight at 6:30 o'clock. Instruction In the use of the turning lathe will be the main topic. Local leather throwers who desire a berth on the Golden Glove team will meet at Columbia Recreation center this evening at 7 p. m. . All classified 1 Inclufllng memo-ruuns and notice of all kinds most be paid In advance except those by regular customer whose account re paid monthly or those from or-ganiuttlons whom bills must be allowed before belli paid. In Uie bMrr ease the person suiting the publication of the notice will be held responsible for lt payment. VATICAN C1TV, Jan. 18 Concentrating all his remaining energies on diplomatic negotiations toward" a reconciliation between Hie Vatican and Germany. Pope Pius insisted on carrying on today dospltc a sleepleHS, pain-wracked night. Fatigued by lengthy conferences in which he participated yesterday, the pontirf heard mass today, breakrastod and received Cardinal Pacolll, papal secretary of state, Cardluul Laurl, chief Vatican con-fessioner, and Msgr. Tardlni, under secretary of state. Although it was learned the Pope passed a bad night, Vatican officials gave out the usual statement that his condition remained "unchanged." With revelation of the Reich-Vatican negotiations, it was learned a new concordat or a supplementary one strengthening German guarantees that the 20,080,000 Catholics under nazl rule wtll not be persecuted is being formulated. Germany insists, however, that the catholic program In- the relch conform with .political principles of the nazl regime. . THREE GO FREE IN CITY COURT 160 HIS. up lll-l.ic lower, muni steady; 160-180 lbs., $10.30; 180-200 lbs., $10.35; 200-225 lbs.. 10.3510.40; 250-260 lbs., $10.20 fi)10.25; 300-325 lbs.. $9.7009.75; 860-400 lbs., $9.5019)9.66: 160-160 lbs.. $10.00; 140-150 lbs., $9.75; packing sows 10c lower; $8,900 9.50. CATTLE, 1.600; calves, 400; Indications 25c lower all killing classes; vealers $1 lower, good to choice, $12.00i712.50. SHEEP. 4,000; lambs and yearlings weak to 26c lowor; good to choice fed westerns. $10.25 10.40. par- CHICAGO, Jan. 18. Livestock: HOGS. 24,000; 10c higher; holdovers. 1,000; top, $10.50; bulk. $10.25 (g 10.45; heavy, $10.28 10.50; medium. $10.2510.60; light, $9.5010.40; light lights. $9.2510.20; packing sows, $9.25 10.00; pigs, $7.609.75. CATTLE, 17,000; steady. Calves, 1.500; steady. Beef Bteers: good and choice, $11.00 1 4.25 ; common" and medium. $7.0011.00; yearlings, $9.0014.25. Butcher cattle; heifers, $5.00 12.00; cows, $4.768.00; bulls. $4.607.00; calves. $9.00 12.50; feeder steers. $5.009.00; stocker steers, $5.00 stocker cows and heifera, $4.7507.00. SHEEP, 19.000; 25c lower; medium and choice lambs, $10.00 10.25; culls and common, $8.00 10.00; yearlings, $8.009.60; common and choice ewes. $3.506.00; feeder lambs, $8.50 9.25. 'Come Along Alec9 and a Popular Cartoon Comedy, at Our Garage Tuesday, January 19 7 P.M. Admission Is Free and We Promise You an Unusually Good Time. !Ltti! Business Services READ THESE ADS EVERY DAY for late buying and gelling Three men who were arrested Saturday night on charges of drunkenness and fighting were tried in city court yesterday morning by Mayor C. M. Zink. They were Harvey King. Leland King and Homer Griffin, all of Montezuma. They were fined $5 and costs and sentenced to 30 days in Jail, but both fines and sentences were suspended. DO PEOPLE KNOW WHERE TO tind you and your particular type of service? Tell them! A want-ad coBts very little. ODDS-AND-ENDS MERCHANDISE will quickly find sale through this department. Tell the public what you have. " IGNITION CHECK-UP. IT SHOULD be done every few months. Neglect Is costly. J. L. Horney-Roberts Battery Co., 220-228 Mulberry strool nhnne 56. 160 Your Oldsmobile Distributor QA A PITVQ Clinton City Schools Scheduled to Start Work for Second Semester Monday; Boundary Linet Laid Out (Continued rrom rge 1) Deadlock Develops Between Strikers, G.M.C. Management (Continued from Page 1) WINDSHIELDS AND DOOR GLASS installed. Ask for our prices. They're always low. Clinton Auto-Wrecking Company, "Ernie's." phone 640. t60 Clinton FOJl SALE 107 E. Elm St. CHICAGO, Jan. 18. Grain futures were steady to easy at the opening today. Wheat was unchanged to c lower, corn c off to hie. up and oats unchanged to He down. WHEAT: May, 132 14 -',4: July, 11514; Sept., 111. CORN: (new) May. 111-111 V; July, 106; Sept.. 102 ; (old) Mav. 108; July. 104-. OATS: May, 63; July, 46; Sept., 44. ! jf slreet. cast to Ninth street, north on Ninth street to Anderson street and thence east on Anderson street to the C. & B. I. railroad. All houses east of the C. & E. I. R. R- belong in the Central district. The north boundary of the Glen-dale school district follows the middle of Pike street to Ninth street and thence north to the city limits. The eastern boundary line of the Glendale district iB the C. &. E. I. railroad. Late Saturday orders for most of the national guard troops to leave Flint for their home stations were countermanded by Governor Frank Murphy at the request of Flint city officials. More than 2,000 men remain on duty there today. So menacing to continued peace was the situation early today that Gov. Murphy cancelled train reservations to New York and Washington where he planned to attend the Inauguration ceremonies. He remained In seclusion in a suite at the Whittler Apartments in Detroit, refusing to see anyone but Homer S. Martin, president of the U AW, who hurried to Detroit from Flint to confer with him. Coal range. Cheap. 458 Elin St. t65 Four year Guernsey cow, $45. Ray Heber, phone 926-2. t62 1 Hoover vacuum cleaner. Excellent condition. 1 Crosley Amrad console radio, 7-tnhe. Russell Wilson. 325 South 6th. 162 Four rooms of modern furniture at tremendously low cost. Write Box Z, 442, Clinton, Indiana. t60 League Bowling SALE ILHG IP WEB AMERICAN LEAGUE Standings Teams 'Won Lost American Legion ... 25 6 The Daily Clintonian 19 11 Rexall Store 17 13 Clinton Pure Milk . . 16 14 Winters Drugs 12 18 Mike Auto Body Shop 12 18 Butter Krust Bread.. 10 20 Daniels Produce .... 9 21 RAIN CLOUDS BRING THREAT OF GREATER FLOOD DESTRUCTION Pet. .833 .633 .567 .633 .400 .400 .333 .300 (Continued from Page 1) Two men's suits and a topcoat, size 40; lady'B coat and dresEes, size 14. 220 Blackman street. t60 Apex gasoline washer, one electric washer and Easy gasoline washer. All floor samples at $10 off regular prices. The Root Store, 319 South Main street. Having leased my farm, I will sell at public auction, 12 nules south of Rockville, two miles east of Clinton, one-half mile south of Lyford and 12 miles north of Terre Haute on U. S. Road 41 WEDNESDAY, JAEJUAEY 27 AT 10:30 A. M. , f G-MEN QUESTION SUSPECTS TODAY AT LOS ANGELES Individual Averages Legion Lemstra, 149; Manship, 136; Lundie, 138; Bentley, 134; Rader, 130; James. 125. Clintonian F. Van Horn, 143; Carey, 136; Smith, 135; Tate, 135; (Continued from Page 1) Rangette, good condition. $10 for quick sale. 442 Vine St. t60 -10 -HORSES- ther Inland. , More than 100,000 acres of valuable Kentucky, and Indiana farmland was Inundated near Evansvllle, Ind. Country schools were closed In southern Illinois and Indiana, when wrecked bridges and flooded highways made attendance impossible. Dozens of Indiana and Illinois mines were abandoned before rising waters. 40- 10-foot coal chute, $3. 646 North 10th street. t60 Pedigreed Scotties. Glenn Jiles, Richardson's Grocery, 14 Paris Ave., West Terre Haute, Ind., Route 150. t60 40 acres, well-Improved, 4 miles east of Clinton. Immediate possession. Also 6 acres, well improved. 9.1 miles northweBt of Rosedale. F. One black team, 8 and 10 years old, weighing 3,000 lbs.; one team bay mares, 8 and 10 years, one in foal, weight 2,900; one brown ,8-year-old mare, weight 1,500 lbs.; one black mare, 8 years old (fall colt by side, rebred in September) ; extra good brood mare weighing 1,400; one bay horse, smooth mouth, weight 1,500; one bay mare, weight 1,250; these are all good farm horses and in good flesh; one coming 2-year-old and one suckling black Percheron horse colts, from same mare; extra good ones and nicely halter broke. Los Angeles chief. The agents refused to reveal the suspect'B name. Nathan Goes Dramatic Activity In the case shitted to southern California when Nathan, "right hand" of Chief J. Edgar Hoover, made a dramatic air dash to Los Angeles. He left Tacoma ostensibly for Portland, Ore. but continued on to Los Angeles instead. Work of checking up on the suspects was left to the local officers, while Nathan and his aides gathered in the federal agents' headquarters here apparently making ready to direct a new manhunt. Hope, 133; A. Van Horn, 131. Rexall Griffith, 156; Boyd, 144; Stevenson, 137; CaBebeer, 131; White, 127: Hain, 119. Pure Milk Tuberosa, 148; Var da. 147; Mattioda, 144; Ruffattola, 140; Nora, 133; Franchetto, 118. Winters Stewart, 168; Collins. 136; Montgomery, 127; Asbury, 119; Winters, 114; Burroughs, 95. Mike's Combs, 170: Weir, 140; J. Rendacl. 122; Nardl. 122; Wel-ker, 120; M. Rendaci. 109. BuUer Krust Cooper, 142; Kirk-man. 134; Homey, 132; F. Meyer, 129; Bartlett. 123; C. Meyer, 110. Daniels Tasso, 16S; Duberneck. 145: Daniels. 129; Walker, 118; Fowl, 117; Archer, 92. M. nrown. 759 Elm street. t48tf Fifteen Hundred Persons Held at Dance After Stabbing; One Killed, Another Injured as Guests Battle (Continued from Page 1) -HEAD OF MULES- FOR RENT Large front sleeping room, modern. Garage. Centrally located. '44 2 Vine street. t60 High Individual Tasso, Daniels, 221. High Team Pure Milk, 836. discounted the latter theory. Ballroom attaches acted quickly In removing Cicero's body to the building lobby, six floors below and narrowly averted a panic among gueBts. About 300 guests fled before police arrived and held the For Sale Coal ONTARIO POLICE BEGIN MANHUNT FOR 42 FELONS Span brown horse mules, well-mated, smooth mouth, weight 2,700 lbs.; span mare mules, smooth mouth, weight 3,100 lbs.; these mules are all serviceably sound, good life and extra good workers. 2 HEAD OF COWS- -2. Five-year-old Guernsey to freshen March 1 and 4-year-old Guernsey to freshen about April 1; these cows are nice and extra good ones. (Continued from Page 1) Fourth, fifth and sixth vein Brazil block coal. Louie Osella, phone 621. t70 Good cheap coal, phone 797-W. 57tf Tonight's Schedule 7.00 P. M. Daniels vs. Clintonian. Mike vs. Legion. 9:00 P. M. Rexall vs. Butter Krust. Pure Milk vs. Winters. FOURTH VK1N COAL, UNIVERSAL, -20 -HEAD OF HOGS-- 20- HARD BATTLE AT MADRID; REBELS TAKE MARBELLA MIAMI NO. 4, ANI1 RRTTV NO. 5. HARLEY HUFF MAN. PHONE 10. 4tf LOUIS-PASTOR ODDS FALLING FIFTH AND SIXTH VK1N COAL, rill MR Milt PRICKS. IK- (Continued from P. ge 1) the arch, this was the most serious casualty among the prisoners. When the outburst had been finally put down 500 prisoners were Jammed Into 100 cellB. and 200 others who were regarded as having taken no part in the insurrection were put to work at clearing away thu worst of the wreckage. Rangiug the custodial buildings out of all control the rioters Bet fire to everything that would burn and cracked up everything that could be broken. Only the InduBtrlul buildings escaped untouched. MVERKI). ANDY JOHNSON, TK.L- fcl'HONK 01S-12. "W lng to an Algeclras broadcast. Marbella is the last town in the path of the insurgents before Malaga. , Personal NEW YORK. Jan. 18. When Joe Ijouis arrives here today he may be surprised on the odds on him to beat Bob Pastor in Madison Square Garden Jan. 29 have dropped from 20 to 1 to 6 to 1 and may be much lower before ring time. Louis will start serious training at Ponipton Lukes, N. J., tomorrow. FHKE! If excess acid causes you Previously the iusurgents cap tured San Pedro Al Cantara, ueai Stomach Ulcers. Gus I'alns, Indigestion. Heartburn. GET free doctor's prescription, Udga, at Marbella. Glllis Pharmacy. Male Instruction Ten weighing over 100 lbs.; 10 Hampshire gilts weighing about 70 lbs. These from high-grade Hampshire sows and a registered Hampshire boar; would be excellent for breeding purposes. HAY Fifty-two tons in bale 18 tons second cut alfalfa 12 tons soybean 20 tons timothy and mixed and two tons of wheat straw. CORN About 250 bushels of yellow corn, good enough for seed. HARNESS Five sets of double work harness and a lot of collars. IMPLEMENTS Five farm wagons, two hay frames, one Chevrolet truck in good condition, one good gas engine and one pump jack, one 5-foot Mc-Cormick mowing machine, Black Hawk corn planted, one John Deere 3-row planter lister and a 3-row disc cultivator, good as new, two John Deere I-row horse planter listers; one 2-row I. H. C. planter lister, 4-disc and 5-shovel 1-row cultivators, two Fordson 12-in. gang, 3 sulkey and 1 walking plows, one 2-disc and one 3-section harrows, one cultipacker, one steel roller, two sulkey hay rakes, one Fordson tractor, two basket and two harpoon hay forks, 200 feet of new rope, two 9-barrel slop tanks, and other articles too numerous to mention. wmVVTW TERMS Cash settlement must b made before property removed. Reliable men to take up AIR CON DITIONING and Electric Refrigeration. Prefer men now employed and mechanically Inclined, with fair education and willing to train spare time to become experts in installation and service work. Write giv FRIST FUNERAL HOME ing age. present occupation. Utili ties Engineering Institute, Box 442. Clinton. 162" Boiling Points In areas of high altitude water boils at lower temperatures than at altitudes where the atmospheric pressure is great. Boiling soup, therefore, is hotter at low levels and also cools more slowly at low altitudes. A C" j I GENERAL Q ELECTRIC I WRINGER ' -5y " Control ttorti and stop rollr I I1""1 ' jff'.: applies ond relieve prewire -Ji directs drainboarcf. Washer t ' I illustrated also features ACT!-I 3 1 V A TOR Permanent Lobri- 0V If a cation, and Ouiet Operation. Jj . UADt IT GEHCKAL tUCTUC AT UlDGtKMT. COMM. $54.95 ' TAYLOR'S "Jv Radio Service DAV OR NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE lOfl (So t!) o CONSTIPATED 30 YEARS AIDED BY OLD REMEDY "For thirty years I had constipa INDIANA GEORGE SCOTT, Clerk CLINTON Owner RAY BROS., Auctioneer, Tangier, Ind. tion. Souring food from stomach choked me. Since taking Adlerika Lunch Served on the Ground J am a new person. Constipation is'"" a thing of the past." Alice Burns. Tf Powell s Pharmacy. adv. N-S . mm

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