The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 18, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1937
Page 5
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PAGE FIW The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Monday, January 18, 1937 Board's Decision Brings Plenty of Trouble at Track JESSE OWENS IS GfEN 4 PLACES. ON HONOR TEAM Wildcat Reserves Capture Crown m Scrub Tournament 'Hank' Hardwick Is Named Navy's Football Mentor in Spotlight am" 4 ."N Hf Ai.S Am srr rwa a Bug t-itf:" . ,.1 Ktmr. last milk uiunm tne. iraur- 98 w Golf Gals jf.l w tfM. Ik. WstM rttfn Kir k:m &uarlJ$mC3mtT Clinton Gains Victories Oyer Three Schools to Win B Te,am Honors DANA DEFEATED IN FINAL GAME ,The future of Clinton's basketball toums appeared brightened today as the members of the reserve squad strode about the campus with a D team tournament championship SANTA ANITA RAf'KTR ACK. Arra.Uu. Cal.. .Ian. IS. Charges flew thick and fast here today In one of the greulest race scandals in the short, history of the track. The row eame to a head when the board of stewards here announced that Proclivity, owned by Norman W. Church, showed signs of having been "doped'' when tested after 8 race. The hoard announced that K. L. (Woody) Fitzgerald, tho trainer, was suspended indefinitely. Norman W. Church, prominent California horse owner, and the owner of Proclivity, retaltated bv assailing the stewards wilh lh-3 charge of "politics." Church . said the , race officials were angry with him because he i "H'..iJ the n n Make 111 tuoKea .n " - "(Tom's teams beat Army two out ol their 1 victory of Dana hi broke ft lMneaa the fliwl game. I yoar.vl(.tory UrouBi,t for the Mid- ... 70 W W4Wi- TODAYS ; SPORT ANNAPOLIS, Jan, 18 Navy orders Lieut. Tom Hamilton to sea duty; Lieut. . J. "Hank" Hardwick to the naval academy. Scanning these one learns that Hank replaces Tom as head foot- 1 ball coach for the next three years. ' And Tom. goes down to the Bea in I ships after a tour of duty at Annap-I oils; a successful tour it was, for dies. Summing up tho transfers, this chance puts navy in a class by tt- . , .. sen as me uu suuuui fuuio mo aeB not waS the dog And you can bet your last shekel the Navy high command has made uo mistake in selecting Hank Hardwick as head football coach. Burly, gruff Hank knows his football. Just as' well as did Tommy Hamilton. Hank and Tom played on for Navy In 1824-25-26. Both coached the Pacific fleet team and served a assistant coach at the Naval Academy. INDIANS TRADE THREE PLAYERS CLEVELAND. Jan. 18. Three stars of the Cleveland Indians base-hall team today were on the staff of the St. Louis Browns following a trade transacted over long-distance telephone, which brings three St. Louis players here. The Indians trade Joe Vosmik, Hill Knickerbocker and Oral Hilde-brand to the Browns for' Julius (Moose) Bolters. Lynford Lary and Ivy Paul Andrews. No cash was Involved. The trade, according to C. C. giapnlcka. assistant to President Alva Bradley of tho Indians, was proposed In a telegram from Rogers Ilornsbyniannger ol.tHe. Browns. SAFE You Can Do Your Part by Having Your Car , Checked for Alignment TODAY! had been active In'attemptinR In sponsor a second track In Southern California. FlUgeruld announced he would file a $!00,nno defamation of character suit against the stewards and against the California Horse Racing hoard. LOCAL BOXERS , ... ' GO TO BEDFORD Six mi-inhers of the WI'A recreation department's boxing si)uud will journey to Bedford Tuesday night for a team match, supervisor Dale ('urcell announced today. The first bout wilh the Bedford WPA bo3 will start at 8 p. m. The Cliiiliin ligters making thia trip are: Frank Bdner, Jimmy Hus-sell. Ail Junes. Jimmy Butcher, lioli Graham and .l"lin Parens. The local leather throwers whipped Bedford in a match here ill the fall. Highway RUSS WESTOVER Frames and Axles Straightened Cold and Lined Up With Precision Gauges. .. No Guess Work. By HKNRY M'LB.MORK DAYTONA BEACH, Fla Jan. 18 The United States could regain the Davis cup this year If the officials of the lawn tennis association would name the three man team of Donald Budge, Sidney Wood, and Gene Mako for the job. That is the opinion of William T. Tilden, the long-legged linguist who won and defended the international trophy for this country for nigh on to ten years. But he doesn't think such a team will be named because, to borrow his own words, "American tennis officials haven't that sort of mentality." "They'll probably ignore Wood," Tilden told me, "because he has been out of tennis for a year, and surround Budge with a group of i hli:!.! AUTO linn UifiQs body oiion Nepro Track Ace Etches Name in History With Performance in 1936; Hold Five World Record NEW YORK. Jan. 18. An. miiini-nnirnt today of tho 19:16 all America track and field learn leloct od annually by Daniel J. Ferris, sec-rotary-treasurer of the A. A. U.. finds Jesse Owen hailed again as liist yinr's outstanding athlete and Archie. San Roman! playing Becond fiddle to Glenn Cunningham. OulrlKhl holder of five world's records, Owena shares with Willie ftitola and Loren Murchison of another day tho honor of being named to four places on the all-America, the sepia flash from' Ohio State ho Bluee the Olympics turned pro, it recognized as the outstanding performer In (he 100 and 200-meter runs, 200 meter hurdles and broad lump, and earned similar places on the all-College team. riiiiniiiKhxm oil Top ' Cunningham, the veteran from Kansas IT. who now is doing postgraduate work here, is placed on the .ill-America in the 1,500-meters event and San Rotnani. who runs fir Kmporia Teachers of Kansas. Is shovtd down among the all-college selections, tantamount to putting him on the second team. With Owens among the professionals and Cunningham beyond his peak, San Romani will be one of the two stars to watch through the year. The other is Don Lash, the Hoosic-r distance specialist, who rnod outstanding distinction, net lo Owens, on this year's all-America. Lash was named for the 5,000 and 10.000 meters and the cross country runs on the all-America and to the 5.000 and cross country on the all-college team. Other athletes are given -nne place each. - DR. B. 11, SELLERS ANO, GENTLEMEN- I WOULD tliaki kUtxr A SPEECH-- DENTIST 2491 South Main Strt J Clinton, Indiana Popeye . M phone 9 . . .. ; - , J ;y, . T " ' j jjjjjjj By E. C. SECAR .mi . . ... . . -J '.-.'WvmVM,.- THIMBLE THEATRE PARADE young men whoso chlof virtue is, earnestness and chief fault an Ina- bllity to play international tennis. Bryant Grant, Bobby Rlggs, Charley Harris and Frank Parker are good players, yes, but they are not the kind of players who, with the cup at stake can beat such men as Gottfried von Cranvm, Bunny Austin, Jack Crawford, and Adrian Qulst. They simply can't play tenuis that well. , "l Tilden rates Budge and Mako as the finest doubles team III the world, and sees Von Cramm and Heiner Henkel as their only rivals. And the only reason he recognizes them is that "Von Cramm 'Is so superb that he could play a ventriloquists dummy as a partner and still be formidable." Furu T Tiir ImR MANOR THE GREATEST .Ki EXCEPT REALUV - ' WA f, gar am DEAFOrzgET Vlt,J APPLE , MRS.- CSCTTRQCKS Y Mm '"S tt y Starring l CAN ADD I TO SOLVE THIS MS5KERV. JEEP! VDO FORGOT 1 POWERS, TOO. H) KNQW LONEUt OUT HfcW l 'JTTN: :" ' " W"'''' Vm TrtE H (THOUGHT OF J 1 'lw FIV'l- W'M' Vl' ' i rT u i ' ; : grind jit tho St. Herolco ym last mnA ilm Iflltnna whlnnnil thrno . .. ' A At. t tt.A 01 litem W aillLallW MIC KillUJ. i a -at rmmil nintnn nnlUhAfl nff New- nort. 21 to 13. while Dana nosed out' Petrysvllle, i lo 18. Cuyuga forfeited . to Hillsdale anil Bt. Berulco drew by. i HUlMlfti Onrted In the som I finals the local neophytes routed Hillsdale, 12 to 13. Coach Tolvo Lahtl used ten pluyorH In this tilt, as did the Hllltoppers. La Roche bad ne of his rare good evenings with th basket, poling 10 points, Ernest Harris, who ha been shifted to thai pivot position, which puts La Roche oil tho forward wall, handled the Job In good shape against Hillsdale, and, Indeed, throughout the tourney. In the other semi-official contest, Dana let down St. Derulce, 26 to 17. Clinton won the final game only after a long, hard struggle. Outplayed the first two quarters, the Kittens trailed, 12 to B, at the intermission. They came back to assume a three-point lead as the lant period began, which was the beginning, of the end for the up-couuly eager. Bob Cvengros contributed no, little share to the vietory with five field goala and one foul Ion. Summary: Clinton at) Cvengros, f FO FT PK 5 14 LaRoche, f 0 Staats. t 0 Harris, e 1 Shepherd, g 2 LaVanne, g Carmody, g 1 Marietta, g 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 . 2 1 0 0 1 Totals 10 4 13 nana (18) FO FT PF Arrasmith, f ,...0 3 2 Phillips, f 0 2 Z Connell, f 0 0 Bales, c 1 1 Wheeler, g 1 1 2 Howard, g 0 A 1 Frlnk, g S 0 2 Totals . 6 6 10 Sam Snead Busts Par for Victory In Oakland Open OAKLAND, Cal.. Jan. 18. Sam Snead. 24-year-old golf professional from i White , Sulphur Springs. W. Va., made a sensational 36-hole finish is the 5,000 Oakland open golf championship and Is 21.200 richer today, Snead came home with a 9, one over iar, and a 67. for 270 for the 72-aole grind at Claremont Country club. He was two under for the 72 holea. Here is the way some of the other flulshed: Ralph Culdahl. Chicago. 272; Johnny Revnlta, Evanston, HI., 274; Honry Picard. Hershey, Pa., 275: Harold MrSpaden, Winchester, Mass.. 276; Craig Wood. New York, 276; Harry Cooper, Chicago, 277; Paul Runyan, White Plains. N. Y.. 280; Jimmy Thomson, Shawnee. I'a., 280; Ed Dudley, Augusta. Oa., 281; Lloyd Mangrum. San Francisco, 282: Lawson Little, San Francisco, 28 4 1 Horton Smith, Chicago, 285; Sam Parka Jr., Pittsburgh, 285. a Additional Sport on Page 6 DANCING o Dorm arc's Tavern Gooc Orchestra Yota- Favorite Beer On Tap Wine Liquors Mined Drink z a z I Immm: 1 i Hi. I 1 I - , By TILLIE THE TOILER sthat mes. eoTtaocKS vmom'T LET HEEBERT SEE MAC .mtii WIS PERSOMAL. PHVSICIAM SAV5 5oJ ABOOT THAT SAdI I I THefSe MAY BE A RAyf IT DON'T MEAtJ 5CJ-wTr I'LLSEEVPULilEs OF HOPE-DOCS THAT I A THlWeS Tb Mi LU SES TgO LATEB amh HeS MUMBUmWJ 5OC , " WUSTEW , VAJALUy- i MgAN AMyTHlM6 J 'r wov EOM'T DO tfi' Tour j VO, 6T AMyTHtwe rash ' p-- 25, ( fr Cl Secret Operative 48 'iuug VUENT To see ip !vbb: st- l?(-5-S ktOULO LET MEB TAKE DOS.-toTHE HoSPitau ho 6EE KC KTI3 3!UITB I THAT IP MAC QAVvl THE DOa KlOAl IT BB-IN6 HIM fcACK TO mohmal DANN DUNN TOGETHER, XT frHE TESnMONIMJ "5WNEP IN HONOR OP DAN DUNN telVErJ 94 THE (BAR ASMCWIOM AX OME OP THE M05T DISTINGUrSHED AND BRILLIANT MEN OF THE 60EAT an DAN IS. ILL AT EASE A5 THE MAVOR BEGINS TO SPEAK L.V-.. A5 MASOB OF vm iO riTV riCkiTi 6REAT PLEA'SURE IN INTRODUCING WELL, I WOULDNTj NOTHING TO THE WORN utlttllVE Or ALL TIME, AN HONEST UPRIGHT AND FEARLEW) PROTECTOR OF THE CITIZENS OF TMrS GREAT NATION A DVMA.MK- Mnrvri FOB WORRV aouvj i THE YOUTH OF .TODAY PERHAPS HE' WILL. tCFW i iKF UlM ON THERE' MODESTy FOR VOU CHIEF. AS AN ORATOR WES A ItLL U JLT5T HOW HE SUCCEEDED IN -M THAT THE Clt3 ru BE GIVEN CREDIT AKL CAPTAIN tftu-wiw AND THE BOY"o WHO WORK WTH . I., .Id 'VMKk..l MTU l Hlrl-" 1 IW1P. ffin FORCE., JUDGE. BRINGING ACE EJART TO ,JUSi K.t riH. lAJCMN F DAN OULO BUfl GUES "THAT AT THIS MOMENT AN MEN MV OFFICER FROM THC HOME IS TRVING TO TAKE QABS FRO M H:M o I V N i "11 J I I r f-wrr A-T- " ADPAT ' 1 L I I V T WT -A I t, V- r ."V.. rXTECTlVEjl

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