The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 27, 1922 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, February 27, 1922
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1 S FAIJRMEOHMT NEW i PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO II ELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1522 Number 25 QUAKERS WHIP Fairmount Squad Makes Fine Show TELBAX NOW IN BANKRUPT COURT Fairmount Basket Squad Ready to Trim Wonder 5 Musical Comedy Makes Big Hit Members of High School Chorus Present Play Before Large Audience In Most Pleasing Manner The musical comedy "Our Minister's Go to Semi Finals in the Indiana Junior Basket Ball Championship Tour- ney at Muncie Saturday j The Fairmount Midgets made them all set up and take notice in the Indiana Junior basketball championship tournament held in Muncie Saturday, when the Fairmount squad went through to the semi-finals, defeating the Indianapolis Chi Nook team in the j first round, 27 to 8, with the high school section, and in the second round, defeating the Clinton squad 40 to 14. Going to the semi-finals the ra.rmounv qu.niei met me ' ; Midgets and defeat by a score of 52 to 28. The Fairmount team played through the three games without a substitution, and for this received the applause of the big crowd that witnessed the games. The Fairmount Following is the complete Marion sectional schedule. Friday 9:00 a.m. Peru vs. Bunker Hill. 10:00 a.m. Fairmount Academy vs. Butler Township (Peru) 11:00 a.m. Fairmount High vs. Sweetser. 1:00 p.m. Marion vs. Hartford City. 2:00 p.m. Amboy vs. Jonesboro. 3:00 p.m. Gas City vs. Matthews. 4:00 p.m. Montpelier vs. Sweetser. 7:30 p.m. Converse vs. Roll. 8:30 p.m. Winner 9 a. m. vs Winner 10 a. m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. Winner 11 a. m. vs. Winner 1 p. m. i Woney Moon presented at the high scho1 auditorium last Thursday eve- nm made a decided hit with the many Fairmount people who were present to enjoy it. The auditorium was well filled and the clever jokes and. PleasinS choruses kept the large aud,ence wel1 m entertained during every mmute of the time. The pro- Jructio,n, wa' under the direction of ,Mtm'' oa.upie au was presented j me memoers oi me mgn scnooi chorus. Victor Ive. th station nt. telegraph operator and half a dozen other important personages, played an ""USUalIy P? CTdy T? omer excellent parts were piayea Dy Phyllis Cooper and Hazel Smith as old maid "gossips." Jack Bonar and Marcaret. Tavlnr as tViA rharmincr mi ., j , f I, . , j the time, but their lead was not so Thomas, Briles and Foler. In the three , games Bosley had 10 field goals, 12; Untl1 he f"al ,five mmutes of foul goals and 32 points chalked up to jth,e ,fame hen th laterally swamp- his credit; Baker, 12 field goals, 2 ! ed the invaders under a veritable bom- . . . jo- - . jiri-m bardment of the basket. Shots from foul gtoal and 2o points, and Foler, 10 , , , . . ., , j or i v v every angle dropped through the net field goals, and 20 points, these three I , t . & . , t - i . r . land the Windfall defensive was help- nointr f bo hicrn toit tvioti ori tno rait-. ' young minister and his beautiful 0fficers of the company have now de-bride, played excellent parts, andc,fred themselves in bankruptcy, their troubles provided the basis of which Places the case in the Jisdic- SCHEDULE FOR DISTRICT TOURNAMENT AT MARION FRIDAY AND SATURDAY MAY GIVE BLACK AND GOLD CHANCE AT MR. GILBERT'S BUNCH BLACK AND GOLD WILL STACK UP AGAINST SWEETSER FIRST, WHILE MARION MEETS HARTFORD CITY. Interest now centers in the coming district tournament at Marion Friday and Saturday. In the first game, according to the drawing, the Fair-mount high school team will play the Sweetser team. That will be at 11 o'clock Friday morning. Sweetser will undoubtedly put up a battle but the locals should carry off the honors in this contest and be ready for a slash at either Marion or Hartford City at 9 o'clock Saturday morning. Some fans predict that Hartford City will be the opponents for this contest while most of the fans think that the Marion team will come through safely in the first contest and then stack up against the Black and Gold, j But the first game Saturday morning will be one of the big games of the coming tournament. Everyone will rrant that and many are predicting that right there is where Marion will get upset. At least Fairmount high school has a good fighting chance. Taking the dope: Fairmount high recently beat Muncte on the Muncie floor. Last Wednesday Mtmcie beat S.ummitville on the Summitville floor j 36 to 20. Last Friday Summitville administered a 29 to 21 drubbing to the egotistical Marion crew. That "done" would seem to rive the Fair- mount team quite an edge on the relied upon. Besides Marion in the coming contest will be playing on its own nve acre lot ana win inus nae a AvA(h advantage But that came trill K rtn-. ficrfct Fairmount will cop the'honors if Fairmount speed, team work and spirit can do it. Coach Walters still v.e cvnvi , , , - . , , , , hard practices m store for the locals .. .. .. . . this week m preparation for the com- vi a f r..,, mg battles. A numoer oi rougn i i-n i .i i j . ?vlc! ar still tct be smoothed down. . i ..ii . UU'. lJia.R ailU VJU'" noiliuio going in great style. Every one of WINDFALL FIVE ACADEMY'S FIGHTING FIVE TAKES FINAL GAME OF THE SEASON'S SCHEDULE Stage a Whirlwind of Brilliant Shots From Every Angle During Closing i Minutes of Fast Game Taking the '. Long End of a 42 to 20 Victory Friday Night. A shower of brilliant shots from every angle during the closing min- te of thP 1t rr, of (I,. ... b ht the Fairmount Academy basketball year to a successful close :: on the Windfall high school net men at the Academ gym Friday night. The Academy played a high-grade of ball throughout the contest and had the edge on the Windfall crew most of less iu ivt-fp nit: vuitueiiiy iaus inuu j hitting the ring from wherever they happened to get the ball The Fairmount second team lost a (heartbreaking 10 to 8 decision in a five minute overtime game with the Windfall reserves. This viftnrv -for tb Arnrlpmv has raised their hopes for the honors at ithe district tournament. It looks as though there might be another team that could humble the Wonder Five. Ihe new' style of play, whose very newness caused defeat in the Green- town and Summitville games is on other week of practice, and hard J""" "VZr hitting, n fast stride by next Friday. Thn nqcetriff rr n m o that tfltoe tno hfl 1 1 ,v t ..w - down under the basket is always win- 'ner over the long shooting, trust to luk' yle The Academy team is takmg on the appearance of a real -v 1 1 1 v they miss easy snots, and are J - ' slow on defense, but after liv , utes of play they usually get g a bit e min- a wIaw 1fir I lr int fV 1 V CT . . . . - Coach Jones is having some success " v 'in convincing the boys of the neces- sity of training, pies and cakes are Candy, smokes, beingi shunned, but one thing seems to be irresistible, Some of the boys cannot see why they have to avoid dates. However the Academy fans are helping them to .understand it. Anybody with eyes to see the improvement in Glen Rich in the last three weeks should realize what real training does. If every member of the team would do as well there would be no doubt as to the win- CORPORATION FILES VOLUNTARY PETITION AND CASE GOES TO U. S. COURT Black Panther Oil Company Asks to Have Receiver for That Concern Dismissed Claiming Company is Now Able to Satisfy All of its Creditors. A voluntary petition for bankruptcy was filed by the Telbax Playing Card company before a special session of the superior court in Marion Friday, and the case was sent to the federal courts by Judge Robert Murray. The Telbax case has been in the leioax case nas Deen in 18 lor som? lime' ana 13 OI v,tal interest xo a large numner of. cm- zens of Fairmount and Grant county who invested in the stock of the company when it was started at Fair-mount. Some months ago it was placed in the hands of a receiver. tion of the federal courts. uukc luunay maue a special trip T..J HC 1 1 i f rom Muncie. where he is holdint? 4. - ll T 1 . - luul1 w superior court. BLACK PANTHER WANTS RECEIVERS DISMISSED The receivers for the Black Panther Oil and Refining corporation were requested Friday to present a full report of their activities and expendi- tures as relvys t0 the upenor f ourt' n March J ,undcI, an order uu uny. T" Vi Qrfrifil 3ion tVint hroiich" Judge Murray from Muncie to Marion was brought about by the filing of a petition by the oil company asking that the receiver be dismissed. Officers of the company testified that the company was able to satisfy all its creditors and that the receiver was no longer necessary. j jCy M1SIIXP AT BASKET, BALL GAME The luckiest acciden: in Summitville for a long, lonpi time happened at the basket ball game Wednesday night when the bleacher seats on the stage fell with a crash. More than a hundred persons, mostly students, fell with them, some a distance of (twelve feet. It did not seem possible that all could have escaped without 'broken bones, but they did. Miss Edith Marquis fainted from the shock. but was revived. Frances Wright and George King sustained bruises about jthe head and legs. The breaking of one of the supports of the stand, which is movable caused tne misnap. For an instant the big crowd was badly frightened. The excitement quickly subsided, but the "pep" crew was out of commission the rest of the evening. ENJOYABLE SURPRISE GIVEN MISS WOOLLEN. most enjoyable surprise party hat was in the nature of a miscel laneous shower and pot luck supper as planned and carried out on Miss Adeline Woollen at the home of her parents, Mr. and !Mxs. John Woollen, Sunday. After Miss Woollen had left for Sunday school, her father drove to Fairmount and brought the guests home where they were ready to welcome Miss Adeline upon her return. Miss Woollen will leave on Wednesday of this week for Indianapolis where she will enter a nurse's training school and the surprise was in the nature also of a farewell party. The guests included Mary Moon, Mary Haisley, Pauline Scott, Mildred Scott, Eveline Relfe, Dorothy Relfe, Ortense Dean, Pauline Smith, Hazel Leach, Frances Nolder, Madeline Payne and Adeline Woollen. W. C T. U. MEETS WITH MRS. WILL JONES. The W. C. T. U. met in regular session Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Will Jones on Henley avenue, Mrs. Ora Winslow presiding. Dr. L. D. Holliday, who as scheduled to r. o tolV on "Health" at this meeting, was unable to be present owing to the critical condition of his mother, Mrs. Lena Holliday. In addition to the regular routine order of business, Miss Leora Bogue rendered a beautiful vocal solo, and an address of Frances Willard's was given by Mrs. John Dare which was greatly enjoyed by all present. Light refreshments were served by the hostess during the social session following. the eight men is in good fighting trim comfort and a short time ago he re-and any number of shifts can be made turned to the hospital at Detroit, in the line without materially weak- Mich., to have the second made. II 10:00 a.m. Winner 2 p. m. vs. Winner 3 p. m. Winner 4 p. m. vs. Win 11:00 a.m. ner 7:30 p. m. 2:00p.m. Winner 8:30 p. m. vs.! Winner 9 a. m. (semi-! final). I 3:00 p.m. Winner 10 a. m. vs. Winner 11 a. m. (semifinal) 8:00 p.m. Winner 2 p. m. vs. Winner 3 p. m. (final). Officials at the Marion sectional will he Edwards and Mattingly. They will alternate games. m referring : MRS. GEOGE POWERS SUFFERS BROKEN HIP. Mrs. George Powers, living on South Barclay street, fell in some unknown manner, while in a rear room of her home last Thursday and suffered a broken hin. Mrs. Powers is fiS vMr of age, and because of her advanced serious. Owing to intense suffering, I she was removed to the Grant county ! nospitai r ridav atternoon lor treat- nient. Th pdo i full of natVio Ko. : r.a.i v, v,a Koon o.i, -;v,v.i tendant and nurse for her son Mil-j ton Powers, who has been an invalid ... i i , . , , , ., . from a walking plank while papering , , . . , , , ,T .. a house m Marion and broke his hip. i m. t.-.. !..:: l ' .lr. rowers is now lying m a plaster . , " , T' at nt hi knmo on Sntli -i rrl 1 1- ' . . , . MlfCU illiS 15 lilt? tVUIIVl tBJl lUUUe for him, the first being too tight for came back to Fairmount on Wednes- day of last week with prospects f or ! an ultimate recovery. His mother's j I accident happened the very next day after his return. REV. ELWOOD DAVIS PASSES AWAY AT HOME. He has been a retired minister of the Friends church for a number of years and by his devotion to his life work, won for himself the love and esteem of all who knew him. He is survived by two daughters, and three sons, one ' daughter, Miss Nina Davis, living with him. Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon from the Friends EASTERN STAR INITIATES JFIVE NEW MEMBERS TpA fine Pot luck supper was enjoyed fn the banqueting haU of the Masonic . Temple Friday night which was giv- the Eastern Star just prior to the supper. This was not the regular session of the organization, but was at the supper. 1 ' j ! j ' I ening either the offense or the de- fense. With the final touches to be given in the coming practices; with the improved team work that should be developed this week and the elim- ination of the tendency to take too manv lone shots: wltn the present speed and consistency shown by the ner of the district tournament. has announced his candidacy for Comparing scores is always a plea- county assessor subject to the deci-sant past-time. Marion 20, Windfall sion of the Republican primary elec-15 on Marion's floor. Academy 42, tion in May. Mr. Pittenger is one of the clever plot for the production. T, . , , i ... i . . p SKtnTUfi ii u m-r ms-iu wi mr -munnow Matilda Corbin, played the part of the leader of the mite society splendidly, and especially so considering the fact that, due to the sudden illness of another member, she was called i n.:. . i -- at j upon iu piay mis pan uiuy me uay before. Reginald Parrill was good as hP HuHp from Npw York, as also was R0y John as the man around town. In fact every character was very good) the costumes were appropriate amj tne many choruses and musical j numbers were especially pleasingw j The second orchestra, directed by Loren Ca- ided severai splendid numbers before the beginning of the j program and between acts. The proceeds from the production were used to apply on the new curtain and scenery for the stage. Every one was very pleasantly surprised and more than pleased with the many splendid changes and additions recently made in the auditorium but these are not yet quite completed. When all the decorating is completed the high school auditorium and stage will be second to none in a town of this size in this section of the state. PITTENGER IS OUT FOR CO. ASSESSOR Announces His Candidacy Subject to . The Dec:sion of the Republican Primary in May J John W. Pittenger, at present de- puty appraiser in Center township, values as well as to value of personal property, and is a practical business man and a land owner, owning land in Center township nntf property in the Spanish-American war. For twenty years he has been in the civil service, serving as rural mail carrier out of the Marion postoffice. He is a j member of the I. O. O. I. and the K. of P. I NEW PLASTER tAST PLACED ON LIMB Milton Powers returned Friday ( from Ann Arbor, Mich., were he j spent a few days at the hospital , where last fall he submitted to a sur- gical operation intended to restore the use of his left leg, useless for more than live years as the result of a fall in which he suffered a broken .hip hone. While at the hospital the plaster of paris cast, which has enveloped the lower portion of his body, , was removed, and a new one put in sured. i i I j ! i J i ! i j ! ' ' : ' j I ' j j , j "-'"JS '" t-.wv . mount team. The championship honors were taken by the Vincennes "Y" team which defeated the Muncie Y. M. C. A. Midgets in the final game, 30 to 21. KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS U . MCTTIiSIP ticpr HAVE. "1C.C. 1 llN'Li nCKC Representatives From Some Twenty Lodges in County Attend Session j In Fairmount Thursday J The county meeting of the Grant - countjr KniShts of Pythias lodge, held ; in the Knights of Pythias hall in, Amount, on last ihursday mgnt, , was one of the most successful of the . i i! ? i 1 J : . series oi sucn meenns uein neiu iu 'ie county There was an exception- ! 'ally large attendance of representa tives of some Uventy lod?es of the the delegations from the Ma- non ana jonesooro loasres oemsr me Wrsrot Interetin" talks were triven rplm inim!,lin M"k" MI1 kr T 1, RranniTon of Marion di?- c- u- iaTiiun, oi -uano.i. trict deputy: County Deputy W. B. . . w. W V -"-'-j . . 'Wilson of 'Sivavpp and ttornev non, oi owate, cimi rtuuiiu, Rll of Marion an,! followinir, the following! the talks refreshments were served and a ereneral social tirtr enjoved. The Knights of Pythias lodges of the coun- ty have all been enjoying a most healthv increase in membership, and of the lodes are in a nourishing condition. SURPRISE PARTY FOR jMRS. ELLA PATTERSON. When Mrs. Ella Patterson returned jhome from her store Thursday eve- birth. Mrs. Fred Patterson, who with her husband are guests of their mother, was responsible for the surprise, which was a ery joyful one !as was a Sphering of the family Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Patterson of Columbus, O., Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hutchens and sons Jo- i sePh and Phillip of Marion, Arthur I Winslow, Koy tlecK and motner, Airs. ilda Heck and Mr. Pearson. FAIRMOUNT UNIT iTO MEET WEDNESDAY. 1 I There will be a special called busi- ness meeting of the Fairmount town- ship unit of the Grant County Agri- culture Association Wednesday, be taken on the proposed co-opera- 1 tive cream station at t airmount, a representative of one of the firms to unit be present at this meeting. THREE GREAT PICTURES COMING TO ROYAL. Manager Ferguson, of the Royal theatre, has just secured bookings for three great pictures to be shown at the local picture house in the near future. These are "The Little Minister, Get Rich Quick Wallingford, and "The Sheik. j i i I : l ; , ; , j local quintet; with the determination i Rev. Elwood Davis, who has beenjmn she was ?rtea y a vlslon 01 to fight it out to the finish; and with in failing health for more than a year, !a dininK room beautifully decorated the backing, and boosting that is mani- passed away at his home on West j in a color scheme of pink and white, fest among the many fans and root- First street at 4:30 p. m. Thursday. the dninS table featuring a largie ers of Fairmount, the Black and Gold Mr. Davis would have been 87 years 'cake bearing candles, and was remind-will h mic-htv hard to beat in the oM k livoH w months lonrr led that it was the aniversary of her Windfall 20, on the Academy floor, the best known men in the county, Summitville 22, Academy 28; Summit- having an extensive acquaintance in ville 29, Marion 21, on Summitville every township, and in every way is floor. The new combination, 'Mlc- well equipped to successfully handle Combs, forward, Woods, center, look- the duties of the office to which he as-ed good to fans Friday night. It took pires. He is well versed as to land coming tourney. In the group of Payne, Hollingsworth, Craw, Olfath- er, Flanagan, Leer, Williams and J. Pickard, Coach Walters has eight real basket ball players, individually and collectively. The group is well "balanced, and every man is speedy, consistent and will neht vt out to the finish. Few schools will be represent- Jack half a game to learn where to meet his man to prevent a basket, but after he found out how to play floor guard, McCorkle got no more, ed by such a well balanced, hard church. Rev. S. Adelbert Wood in fighting combination of athletes, so charge and burial was made at Main excellent showingt for the Black rion. And Woods is a whirlwind at center Marion. He has been a resident of position when it has to be done. Of the county for the past thirty-five course Windfall might have showed years. Mr. PittengSer helped to or-more "if the flu had not kept one or ganize the first bank in Upland and two regulars at home, and Marion for four years was its cashier. He "would have beaten Summitville if was largely responsible for the loca-Nesle had been there." Even so, it , tion of Taylor university in Upland, will take something) more than paper He served in Co. A, 160th Indiana and wind to defeat Fairmount Acad-. Volunteer Infantry, serving through and Gold quintet is being predicted on band MISS WEIRAUCH HOSTESS TO THE KING'S HERALDS, Miss Mary Weirauch was the hos - tess to the King's Heralds Saturday j en in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Victor j March 1, at 8 p. m., at the East afternoon at her home on South Wal- ' Selby, MSss Ethel Smiley, William ' Branch school house. The business nut street. Leah Linville had charge McCormick and Leonard Montgomery ' the .evening will embrace the elec-of the lesson which contained facts who were initiated into the order of j tion of a new secretary; action will about some work in manual training at some of the stations in Alnca. Mrs. Hort Ribble read a letter from emy in the district tournament. Academy Edwards Rich Windfall Hueston McCorkle Parish Forwards . Woods Centers McCombs Brewer Cyphers Weismiller Guards Substitutions Academy: Cecil for Edwards, Lewis for Cecil. Windfall: Leire for Hueston. Hueston for Parish, Parish for Hueston. Field goals Academy: Cecil 3, McCombs 4, Rich 6, Woods 6. Fouls: Cecil 1. McCombs 3. Windfall: Mc Corkle 6, Hueston 2. le 4. Fouls: McCork Misses Olive Goodykoonts and Flor - - Miss Uva Day, missionary to China, a called meeting especially for the ( be present to discuss the proposition; which was mailed at Wuchaw and purpose of initiation of the candidates ratification of three members; plans -which was headed "Seeing Japan, j and there was quite a gathering pre- for the township organization to co-beingi a most interesting account of sent to welcome the new members in- j operate with the county committee in Miss Day's trip. The meeting was to the lodge. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pat- ; the conservation of public moneys and well attended, sixteen members, Mrs. ' terson of Columbus, O., and Miss Ader j other business. It is important that Hort Ribble and Mrs. Effie Kimes, of Montpelier were oot of town guests j every member of Fairmount township supervisors and Mrs. Elsie Traster, president of the W. F. M. S. being i present. A social time followed, this t BILL FOR NURSING leing in the nature of a shamrock FILED AGINST ESTATE. party, shamrocks being used as dec-1 A bill for $160 for nursing and at-orations and also in the contests. ' tendance upon James Earley in his Misses Opal May Sweeney andTJorene la'st illness, was filed in the Grant McCormick were the winners in the circuit court in Marion Friday by El-contests. Refreshments consisting of dora Cranfill against the Citiserts fruit salad and angelfood cake were State bank of Fairmount as adminis- ence Cox went to Indianapolis Satur- j position in which he will remain in-day to visit Miss Mary Davis who is definitely. The surgeons state that attending Mrs. Blaker's Training j Powers is making! good progress and school. , They also witnessed a that his ultimate recovery seems as- 4 I Shakespearean play while there. itrator of his estate. served.

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