The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 18, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1937
Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Monday, Jahtiary 18, 1937 PACF. FOUR PRETTY VICTIM IN TUB SLAYING THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Foundbd 1911 'LUXURY MODEUchie "Established as The Weekly Cllntoulan 1890 i The Cllulou Plaludealer absorbed In 1908. George L. Corey. . . Editor and Publisher nterecl at the l'ostofflce at Clinton, Indiana, aa Second Class Matter in... UmA Jinml nil itnttpflf) At a SYNOPSIS country inn, with the scent of low On the train, tnroute to her horns In Los Angeles from college, ering lemon ana Terueim win ."" thousand heady odors of a Southern o 1 J:.inn l lha nnl Win. lovely Elizabeth Harmon meets dows. Trembling with, the ecstasy handsomo Gerald Bruton,. young stock broker. Pull of the test for Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association National Advertising Representative: GEO. B. DAVID 00. 1no Wrlgley Bldg., Chicago, l-lll General Motors ilhlg.. Detroit 110 East 42nd St.. New York livirut. Elizabeth speaks of ber am bitions for a career. After lunch eon, Gerald suggests liqueur. or a strange, unensraa !-' " had never known before, Elizabeth had been wildly happy. Now this anti-climax I Her step-father rose, went to the door, and put on his hat. "Remem-iv.. -hc f'vn Mid. Elizabeth." He Elizabeth hid never tasted Intoxl. cants but, fearing her companion may think she had been posing, she Phone 117 In the' living room of the comfortable small house set in the orange grove that he bad purchased on retiring from the Army, Colonel McCarthy regarded his step-daughter. Elizabeth Harmon, with definite irritation. "You were out till two o'clock this morning, Elizabeth. Might I inquire with whom?" She flushed, but returned his gaze steadily. She was essentially truthful and straightforward. She would not prevaricate. "I was with Gerald Bruton. Ton know, one of the Bruton family the brokers. We'd a grand time. We" .. "How long have yon known him?" "I met him on the train coming down." "Without Introduction? The Colonel's eyebrows shot up, giving Phone 41 turned sharply. The words earns accepts. CHAPTER D like nrae explosions, cruiiur miw silence that lay between them. ctTk.vA'a tr. Iwt nn ffnlnv out With ' The waiter brought a bottle and two glassed the size of thimbles. He poured out a pale liquid that seemed to have captured some of the Spring this Gerald Bruton. There's never been a scandal in our family. Apart sunshine in it. Irom Outer conilueruuit, vnn . dead mother to see there THE DAILY CUNTONTAN'S PLATFORM : 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate In solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of hs sire in the ttate. Elisabeth tasted hen. The sweet strong stun" was like fir in her never will be one I" . , . veins. "Like Itt" V m In desperate Impatience, Eliza- "It's gorgeous. What did yon call It?" "Benedictine. She aiDDed amin. She said I "It's a bit fiery. . Whatever Is it made of?" ."that's a secret known only to y ? 1 R i tJ:-i": Mii: . . . ' ? V if I'iJSM i j ' ' ' ' the Benedictine monks." . "But how extraordinary!" "For centuries," he said, "they've made it in their monasteries. And no one's aver yet found out the tSv x $tj recine.'' .. . FOR INTELLECTUAL FAKIRS One of the secrets of appearing well-informed is to be able, offhand, to give the speed of light, the measurements of the universe and, by comparison, the approximate size of electrons. Many of our readers are familiar with the first two requirements lifted above but the size of the electron may baffle them. For their use, just in case they need accurate figures, the latest measurements of the electron give its mass as 0.000000000000000000-000000000905 I gram. Intellectual fakirs, unable to pronounce this simple number, can get by casually mentioning the fact that a decimal point and 27 zeroes precede the 9051. She thought! "He's chosen this like a religious blessing on our meetlnr " Everv nerve in her body tingled as Bhe looked at him. ana ner near rose. . . "But how terrible to be shut away from the world 1" aha remarked breathlesslv. Gerald Bruton'a lips twisted in a faintly ironical grin. The warmth went out of his eyes as though a lieht had suddenly been snapped off. "You're right," he agreed tona- lessir. : . . . s . .. . "Yet thev rt Into It of their own free will, ft seems inconceivable." Following the dlwovcry of the body of Mrs. Mnry Robinson Cum-, 35, ahove, in an overflowing bathtub in her apartment in .Jackson Heights, I'jise was beaten and Htrnnu,led. Queens, New York, police launched a wide search for lier slayer. Mrs. "To anvons aa voune as you. suppose It's never occurred to yon tliere can be a hell upon earth for sortie poor devils?" "Disappointments, you mean?' Alice Faye, and Jack Haley, a sons He gave a bitter laugh. "You're and-dame learn on the rocks, she re like the child Pippa in Browning s poem. 'God's in His Heaven, all's right with the world. That was pays them by winning a radio con v T w ber tneme sonir. j NEBRASKA'S EXPERIMENT . The experiment.! Nebraska, where a new unicameral legislature of 43 members wilj be tried out, will undoubtedly attract much altenfioii during the coming year. " The idea was advocated by Senator George Norris and, while not new, is, in the present era, entirely novel. The veteran NebraS-kfi, who has given valuable service to his state and the nation as well, thinks it an important reform and it may be, but we doubt it. ' ' The members of the one-house legislature have been elected as non-partisans. The salary, we believe, will be more than that formerly given members of the house and may attract better type men, thus assuring a more business-like administration of state affairs. The experiment is certainly worth watching. If it demonstrates the virtues that its advocate expects, other states will likely follow suit. "And what's the matter with that?" she flashed. "Isn't It a thousand times better to believe In things to be happy than miser YESTERDAYS JAM'AKY 8, ifll'i Among those who heard II Trav-atore at the Grand In Terre Haute Wednesday afternoon were: Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Ameihiau, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hlggins, Mr. nnd Mrs. U. F. Ilaynes. Miss limbeck ol Ilockville, R. H. Sutton, Mark Neh-eker, Mesdames H. B. Pike, C. E. Itagan, Harry Barnes, M. V. Robb and Miss Helen Morgan. tract for them all from grouchy Claude Gillingwater. Gloria Stuart, Sara linden nnd John Wray have supporting roles. Andy (Mustachio) Clyde in "Am I Having Fun" and Fox Movietone Sews are added attractions. able 7" "Weren't von crltlcizintr women a little while ago lor hiding their heads in the sand? More, don't yoo realize that women are very often at the bottom of men's misfor tunes?" "Yon were out till two o'clock this morning, Elizabeth. Might I inquire "You mean,1 she said with unexpected perspicacity, and quite with wnomf fiertly, "that behind many monks n their monastery, 'cherches la him a grotesque resemblance to a femme'?" irarpovle. . . (-L 1 i l. .. : l . mnu i,.n. "Not literally, I hope." His eyes twmkled for a moment, then dark ened. "But often theoretically that's ouite true." fiened to be at the same tame lor uncheon. It seemed quite natural to talk. He was so gentlemanly and interesting " "Indeed?" sarcastically. "A Claude Newton and Miss Hazel Reeder were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs, Frank' Reeder, on Vine. Street, Tuesday night. The groom iB the son of George Newton, of Parke county, both being well known, prosperous farmers. The bride is one of Clinton's popular young women. Mr. Newton and his bride were school mates in Clinton high school. tiOLI) IMGGIORS OP ItMT" AT THE PALACE With Dick Powell and Joan Blon-dell for the love Interest, Victor Moore and Glenda Karrell for- humor. Lee Dixon to dance, Osgood Perkins and Charles Brown for villainy and the gold digging girls, no wonder this opus is called the "musical extravaganza of the year." Dick Powell is the world's worst Insurance salesman but he has to earn money to win Miss Blondell, so when he gets Victor Moore's million-dollar policy the entire cast goes crazy, one side trying to persuade Moore to die nnd the others gentleman la someone who picks a terspersed with song and donee ti ii m Iici-r lo such melodies as "Sweetheart Walts." "I Adore Yon," "So WhulT" nnd "Who's That Knocking nt My Door?" The "Sport Ileadllners or 1830." Fox Movietone News and comedy called "That's Their Business" also souird interesting. She thought: "He's had a love disappointment. That accounts for the lines in his face, and the little white tufts over his ears." And she felt a sudden fierce resentment at the unknown woman who had young gin up on a tram ano pursues the acquaintance without even having the decent manners to call at her home? How do yon know his name is Bruton? Like as not he made that up to Impress you." made him suffer. It was unthink able that any feminine creature could have made him suffer, for he was so attractive. beta waited for the telephone to ring. Gerald bad promised to call her between three and four to make arrangements for the evening. The hands of the grandfather clock pointed to ten minutes past four. At any moment Colonel McCarthy might return. Probably with renewed antagonism, because of his sciatica, due to a dampness in the air today and because of the gulf that divided fifty-seven from nineteen. ' Jealous of youth! Wanting his own life over again! Hating the feast of years and happiness that stretched before her! So thought Elizabeth, who had studied books of psychology in college, and found them illuminating, though depressing. She bitterly resented the Colonel's criticism. He was a peppery and unreasonable martinet, she thought. Sorely he must have made ner mother most unhappy In the few years they had been together. She wouldn't let him spoil her life. She was resolved on that The telephone tinkled. It was Gerald. Happy defiance in her eyes, her ehln held jauntily un. Eliza x.iizaueui pruuuecu uin emu. Her steo-fatheT flared at it. and MOVIES 'COLLEGE HOLIDAY AT THE WABASH Musical comedies In these days are becoming more and more lavish and expensive; they have to be to entertain the public. ."College Holiday" is one of the biggest "super comedy" and boasts of Jack Benny, George Burns and Clracie Allen, Martha Raye, Mary Bolaud Olympe Bradna, Eleanore Whitney, Johnny Downs, Marsha Hunt and Etienne Girardot in its cast. The story dealB with the headaches of Jack Benny, owner of a bankrupt hotel, and how they are cured. The madcap goings-on are pleasantly in From his coat pocket he drew out a heavy gold case with the same Mrs. S. T. Bonebrake of Fairview Park Is the possessor of a bright new buggy which was presented to her on Tuesday by her husband. with an unbelieving "Humph 1" put it in his pocket. "Instead of running around at monogram on it as on nis wauec He flicked it ODen. trying to keep him healthy. Worthy of note are the unusual dance se "Will yoo have one? These are Egyptians at this end. Domestic quences and the catchy melodies of "Plenty of Money and You.' !OOR, LITTLE KICH d'lKI. AT THE COM Mill A Shirley Temple is the motherless rich child in dills likable Iplcture which has plot, romance, music, singing and dancing admirably arranged. Mistress Shirley is wealthy but lonesome and runs away in search of adventure. Defriended by night, it would be mnch better and more seemly for yon to take care of the house. I won't have yon going out with Tom, Dick and Harry. As for this man, if he Is one of the Bru-tons, it, makes it all the worse, since he must know what's what and what isn't" Elizabeth was no coward to be "Sneaking of the Weather" and "Let's Put Our Heads Together." A cartoon in color and recent JANVAKY 18, J-;0 Officers for the ensuing year were installed last night in the Masonic hall by the Clinton Command-ery No. 4 8, Knights Templar. J. N. Frist, past eminent commander, and Floyd Evinger, as grand marshal, conducted the installation ceremo newsreel conclude the program. browbeaten. She had never got on with ber step-father, and now, after a vear's absence from home, at the other." She took a cigarette that had a ray red tip to it He lit it for ber. He drew back to light his own. Suddenly she saw the hand that held the match halt in midair, and his eyes, looking beyond her, dilate in a face that had curiously whitened. The match slipped from his fingers to the tablecloth, burning a tiny hole; he did not see It. Someone was coming down the passage of the luncheon coach. The someone was a man a heavily set, roughly dressed man who halted abruptly at their table, exclaiming at'Icw Aidly . "Why, of all things I I I never expected to see you in this part of the world 1 "If there is a strong opposition the controlling party beth accepted his invitation. "No, don't call for me. I shall be In Hollywood by six. Ill meet you in the lobby of the the breach had widened. With the memory of last night singing in her mind, the thought of interference was intolerable. Why, Gerald Bru nies. Those Installed are: George C Sarver, commander; William S, Hell, captain general: Floyd H. Ev- wHI be more guarded" James A. Farley ton had treated her like a little She would nmn bus. Noth ing her step-father could say or do would atop her. queen! 1 he hours had been golden, unforgettable. Doubly radiant, too, because of the months of drabness and seclusion that had preceded them (To Be Continued! - OwiUtS, IS Klai IM FINAL TONITE Pal ace club will he at the home of Mrs. Fin ley Carmirhael. A Long Tongue The darting tongue of a chameleon can be extended longer than the animal's whole body length. T0PN0TCH inger, senior warden; Dr. A. E. Ahein, junior warden; Bert C. Huffman, prelate; Ira Church, treasurer; William Gray, recorder; Guy Southard. Standard hearer; William A. Burton, sword bearer; Charles E. Goodhue, warder; and David Llewelyn, sentinel. a I H K a : v -Mrs. Roy Lake of South Main street is routined to her home with I Musical magic i s, and the flu. k ' & agaiticenee!N'-iT"ii Ls4 ', Drew Designs of Plow Rittenhouse, the famous Ameri. can philosopher-scientist, contemporary of Benjamin Franklin, as a boy used to draw geometrical diagrams on his plow and study then as he turned up the furrow. t I A W a. ' "V Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sims and dauKhter, Martha, of Fairview Park are to leave today on the 4 o'clock train for Riverside, Cal., where they plan to make their future home. Mrs. Hannnah Burton of North Third street entertained the members of the Minne-ha-ha club last evening at her home. Bunco prizes were awarded to Mrs. Lizzie Vitalie, high; Mrs. Amelia Boehmer, bunco; and Mrs. Christian Graham, consolation. The next meeting of the Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Ferguson of South Fifth street plan to leave Saturday for Miami. Fla. The trip Is to he made by automobile. I Copt l7- M fWM Si". V 1 - ?!.L.. .safe " r . tH..---,. h y& Multitude of Lakes Saskatchewan contains approximately 8,500 square miles of lakes, scattered here and there over the whole prairie country but located mostly in the northern portion of the province. Significant Aceuraey Accuracy is of much importance, and an invariable mark of good training in a man: accuracy in observation, accuracy in speech, accuracy in the transaction of affairs. a 10cMon. &Tue.25c I Fox Movietone Newt T "Sport Headfiners of 1936" X fm ), Joan BLONDELL ' V PICK POWELL V 1 (LEND ftU (!, ''"' &Ai VICTOR st 0 0 E 'I fa ''Ca-tsieerftM, j M. Wf filMisfMi Sirts jjrf' " a. W' -or- a 'That'i Their Business" Variety COLUMBIA LAST TIMES TONIGHT rr z GIVE THEM A SHOW ANO THEY MAKE IT A CtlEBRATIOrH mm Plus-News of the Day Cartoon in Colors 10-25c Tfr'l mm Rl Ml i oiioqevHOiBciay Tomorrow and Wednesday llTTtERJCH k 1 UNITED FOR f . s -a ....... ... a yir4.:i iv.i.4'. ti .-. -e GIRL' THE FIRST TIME! 1 Comedy ANDY CLYDE in "AM I HAVING FUN" Fox Movietone Newt 10c and 15c 'JACK BENNY BURXS-MLEN MART BOIAKD MABTHA RAYE "- Martha Heal Um-cm WMl-r J-y Dewm- v A rWMwnt Pktuie aWto by honk Tutrie -'t, - ; -

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