The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 18, 1937 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, January 18, 1937
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Monday, January 18, 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana PAGE TWQ r ii am main 1 school's orit'ln, development and size, and the major achievements of graduates and faculty, also will be outlined. Hot ""V A rjy By Beatrice Biggs 1 INI them for presenting a program of education for friend huliliy. Phil Davis, orchestra and a male quar- Jack Berch, widely known radio lin.ltone. and Mark Warnowf Or-chestra will Inaugurate a new series of two-a-week program over CBS .. t....iU from 11:00 to 12:15 "The Uomanllc Serenaders" newly oicanlied musical grouii will present the second in a series ol outstanding programs over W1N and the Mutual Brmtdi-nnllng System Sunday afternoon at J::it' o'clock.. The croup was i'KHhUot liy Kred Jacky. former Cincinnati musical ill-lector and vocal arranger who also conducts the "Hymns ol Al Churcln-s" w-holr and arranges C. COLUMDUG COOPERATIVE STORES I7ce!dy Farm Papa Geiiea TBS BSST LDSAS FROM THE BEST FABIi PAPBSS s- WILLAKB terludes. H. Cllliert Miiitln. self styled "(icntlcmou's Gentleman,'' and John Hurry, with his hook re p. m. The programs will be hoard j views for the week, are permanent features. Of chief Interest In the program are the week-interviews the music for ' I'oi-tlc Melodies" two with persons from all walks of II fo earn week on Tuesdays ana inur-daya at the aamo time. Birch, who baa aung widely In Cincinnati and an various network features, will apeclallie In personality songs and hits from the musical successes of the day. Mark Warnow's orchestra will offer Wsrnow't picturesque settings of dance melodies. Interspersed with a variety of Instrumental novelties. i well known chain shows. The Ker-enaders Include Kenneth Stevens. youiiK hailtono of the "Listen to This" broadcasts; Kdna Thompson, young Bwcdlsh-Ainerlian, and a male quartet composed of Jack Law, John Neher, Paul Nclinger and Cale Watts. IloBe Bampton, the attractive let usually furnish the musical in-young American contralto ot the Metropolitan Opera, who recently returned from Europe where Bhe sang In a new capacity as a dramatic soprano, will be the soloist on Bing Crosby's Kraft Music Hall broadcast from Hollywood on Thursday over MIC at p. m. Last time Mim Bampton ssng on Bing Crosby's Hour sho threw a surprise by singing "I'm an Old Cow Hand." She told her audience, "Ring taught me how to sing It!" Miss Bampton recalls with amusement her first Kraft Music Hall appearance. She went to Crosby's Hollywood studios and looked around for him. "1 saw a chap," she said, "in corduroys and sweater, moving a piano and when he had finished I heard him ask one of the group, 'Has anyone seen. Bampton?' I walked over and said. 'I'm Bampton.' He took off his cap and said: 'Hya Rose I'm Bing Crosby. That's the sort of chap he is, affable, homey and regular as tan be." g , .' g'JJj Authentic college entertainment, direct from the campuses of many of the country's leading universities, will feature a sparkling new radio series to be Inauguiated over NBC on Friday at 9:30. The new pro-program, titled Varsity Show, will have John Held, Jr., famous Illustrator, cartoonist and depictor of American college youth, as master-of ceremonies. The first program will originate at the University or Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich., on January 22. Other universities, where broadcasts already have been ar The Micropliouc Bpeaks: "Compare the present-day Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl teams to the champions of ancient Greece, as described by the ancient sports writers of those days. . . . One was so strong no one could even bend his little finger if ho chose to keen It straight. INSURANCE and ' , Surety Bonds Old Line Stock Companies ROBB & GILMOUR Dependable Insurance Since 1890 , ; 141 S. Main St Phona 18 President Roosevelt's Inauguration and Inauguration day ceremonies will be broadcast by the net works on a greater scale than ever before attempted, on Wednesday, January 20. Listeners will get the picture of the various colorful events from such unusual points ot vantage as the gondola of a blimp flying low over the capitol, the tonneau of a iar radio-equipped cruising behind the presidential ' automobile, and froinYmany other point. Though the exact time for the broadcast is i-ontingeat upon final arrangements by government official! In charge n( (he ceremonies It is expected that l'r-sident Roosevelt will leave the white house for the capitol about 10:30 a. m., and appear for the ceremonies In the Capitol Plaza about 11:00 a. m, . ';f:1S Another could stop four galloping horses with one hand. . . ." Malcolm La Pradc (Cook's CBS Travelogue I . . . "No. I don't see war coming in 1H37. . . . The old war w'ith its mistakes and its terrible consequence is still too near us." H. V, Kaltenborn. "The classic, 'The Man Without a Country.' might have been called a Story Without ail Author, It appeared 74 years ago : unsigned! Narrator (CBS, "Treasure Next Door.") ranged, are the University of Chicago. Ohio State, Notre Dame and the University of Pennsylvania. The aim of the sponsers is to present a program that will be truly representative of the entire undergraduate body and of great interest to alumni and the general public. Aside from the entertainment, each program will contain a tribute to the university. The educational, cultural and social contributions made by the institution will be told. Interesting facts, such as the Radio's Unique program, "For Men Only," originating in the studios of WLW e-nd broadcast over the Mutual Broadcasting System, is now heard from 7 to 7:30 p. m. Mondays instead of Friday's. Although it Is designed to interest especially men, the majority of fan READ mail is from women mostly wives The Daily CLINTONIAN who write WLW officials to thank lUHiKAM JiJUIUJtJHTtf MOKlAY , -Helen Hayes in "Bambi." It's Your 7:00- NBC WLS. KDKA. 7:30 Pick and Pat; Landt Trio Keep the Layers Indoors Missouri Experiment Station recommends keeninit ths laying flock under complete confinement durinar the winter months, according to Wal-Isrs's Farmer. Nothing is gained by letting them run, provided they are properly housed and fed, and they are much less liable to pick up disease and worms when they art kept off of the old poultry run with its Infected soil. Thinning Raspberries Michigan Experiment Station says that 10 csnes of red raspberries to each 4 feet of row or 8 canes to the hill when planted in hills, 8x7 feet apart is enough to leave. The station recommends canes for each plant of black or purple varieties. And Illinois Experiment Station says to save all canes that are tt-inch in diameter. Take your choice. American Fruit Grower, Curing Soybean Hay When soybean hay has to be cured under bad weather conditions the method in general use in many parts of the south offers decided advantages. This plan, described in a recent issue of Southern Agriculturist, is quite similar to the plan used bo widely in Michigan for curing navy beans. The hay is thoroughly wilted in the swath and is then cocked up around upright poles which hold it up in the air in tall, slim cocks. A plank or straw base will protect the bottom of the cock from ground moisture. Supplements for Pigs . Regardless of whether pigs are getting standing or harvested corn, the need for supplements remains the same, according to an article by Prof. Robinson of Ohio Experiment Station In Hog Breeder. Access to alfalfa pasture for pigs that were hogging down corn made them gain one-third lb extra per day and showed nearly 2 lbs. more gain for every bushel of corn consumed. And eleven different experiments at different tations showed that tankage increased the daily gains from 1 lb. to nearly 2 lbs. per hog per day besides showing nearly 64 lbs. more gain for every bushel of corn consumed. Wheat for Cattle A grain ration of one-third wheat and two-thirds corn is as good as a straight corn ration for beef cattle, according to Nebraska Experiment Station, provided the wheat is cracked and of good feeding quality. But when wheat constitutes 60 or more of the grain ration, the wheat is only 15 as efficient as the corn that it replaces. Nebraska Farmer. Protect the Turkeys in the Fall Contrary to general practice, it is not a good idea to permit turkeys o roost where they have no protection against raw, cold, autumn winds. Such weather conditions not only cause colds but force the turkeys to burn up good feed keeping their bodies warm. The best plan is to close in the range shelters on three sides with building paper, wall board or even burlap. American Poultry Journal. Fertilizing Potatoes The potato grower who iaspendingfrom$30to$40 per acre for com-nereial fertilizer cannot afford to apply it inefficiently and mixing it in he row is decidedly inefficient, according to Pennsylvania Farmer. Field ests in five states have definitely proved that the way to get the most raivtt out of potato fertilizer is to place it in a narrow band on each side of he seed two inches away from the seed and either on a level with it or slightly below the level of the seed. White Leghorns in Laying Cages ! Peultrymen who make a thorough study of the business are aware of the fact that the plan of keeping layers confined in individual cages is ullv as successful as any other known plan of poultry keeping. But there lias'been some question as to whether this plan would work as well with nervous birds like Leghorns. Pennsylvania State College recently completed a two-year comparison between cages and floor pens on both White Lghoms and Barred Rocks. With both breeds the pullets in cages ate nore mash than 3id the pullets on the floor but the Leghorn pullets in he floor pens consumed 10 lbs. more total feed per pullet during the year. Leghorn pullets in the cages laid fewer eggs than those in the floor pens, whereas the Rocks laid more in the cages. The chief advantage of cages -for Leghorns was the lower death loss. 14 more Leghorn pallets lied in the floor pens during the year. It is interesting to note, however, at both lots of Barred Rocks had the same ratio of death loss, Poultry Tribune. Hog Cholera Coming? Generally speaking, hog cholera epidemics seem te hit this country about everv ten yean and, since the last severe epidemic struck in 1826, the American Foundation for Animal Health is viewing the next 12 months with great suspicion. More than a million hogs die of cholera every year, and the spread of the disease usually reaches its peak late in the fall. Prairie Farmer. Inoculating Soybeans Inoculation with a good inoculant will increase soybean yields about 10 bushels per acre, according to Prairie Farmer. But using a poor inoculant is a waste of both money and opportunity. Don't Push the Pullets Writing in Breeder's Gasette, my veteran friend, Miller Purvis, takes some well-merited satisfaction in the thought that poultry leaders who used to cuss him out have now come to his way of thinking about forcing Leghorn pullets into early production. The constant drive for early maturity is the primary cause of high mortality, small eggs, etc The sensible modern plan is to have Leghorn pulleU weigh 4 lbs. at the time they start laying and to ha?e them go to work in a strong and pleasingly plump condition. HOME NEWSPAPER Bay Your Washer Today at Pl 1L JT? OllffflV s TABUS MODEL 30 tLMmt sod Floor ,"Tjf Strict but liokaon LAMPS with. out Ibsdt . M uisoo . RAYNES-FRAZIER Farm Hardware of All Kindt 323 South Main Phone 33 Come in and See the HEW MAYTAG Model 30 SQUARE TUB CAST ALUMINUM WASHER and White. CBS WBBM, WHA8. . 8:30 Richard Himber's Champions. NBC WMAQ, WLW. 10:00 Poetic Melodies. CBS WBBM, WHAS. TIESDAY 6:30 Alexander Woollcott. CBS WBBM, WHAS. 7:00 .Louise Massey and the Westerners. NBC WLS, KDKA. 7:30 Al Jolaon Show. CBS WBBM. WHAS. 8:00 Sidewalk Interviews. NBC WMAQ, WTAM, WEDNE8IMY 7:00 Beatrice Lillie; Arden's Orchestra. NBC WLS, KDKA. 7:30 Burns and Allen; King's Orchestra. CBS WBBM, WHAS. 8:00 Gang Busters. CBS WBBM, WHAS. THURSDAY 7:00 Rudy Vallee; Variety Hour. NBC WMAQ. WLW. 8:00 Major Bowes Amateur Hour. CBS WBBM, WHAS. 9:00 Your Adventures with Floyd Gibbons. CBS WBBM. WHAS. FRIDAY 7:00 Irene Rich. NBC WLS, KDKA, 8:00 Hollywood Hotel. CBS WBBM. WHAS. 9:30 Variety Show. NBC WMAQ, WLW. HATIRDAY 7:00 Ed Wyim; Vooihees Orches- tra. : , , NBC WLS, KDKA, S:30 Saturday Jight Serenade. CBS 'WBBM, WHAS. CLINTONIAN Job Printing Bears The Union Label Per Week Per Week Any Maytag May Be Had With Gasoline Multi-motor for Homes Without Electricity. SAVE $'s SAVE 0's SAVE We guarantee to save you enough on the purchase of your Maytag to fcoy $8.50 twin tubs, groat of Rinao, grot of clothe pins, two clothe. lines, ironing board, or the beat electric iron available today. Why pay eirtra for "specials" that you cannot use 7 Buy your Maytag at the right price and theB pick out "extras' that you can use to advantage! imjiLm-wLiwm" WINDOW GLASS Glass Cloth , Cello-Glass Putty, Paints, etc. STEVENSON LUMBER CO. 5" j MJjmjK "... ckH M ' TaS 1 v.i : on Your Hit Parade. CDS WBBM, WHAS. 7:00 Virk's Opeu Jlouse. CBS WBBM, WHAS. S: (10 Walter Wilichell. NBC WENU, WLW. 8:46 Edwin C. Hull; Uusukk Orchestra. NBC WENU. WLW, Full Size Family Washer 03950 Model M Terms 75c Week 'r HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW OLDSriOBILE For 1937 Special Prices on Used Cart SOAED MOTOR SALES 137 East Elm Street FELT LIKE CRYING! FIIILCO ELECTRIC AND BATTERY MRS. Beuta Kendel rf 111 Ui.kalr ftl THE HEW NORGE AUTOBUILT WASHER MiddWown. Ohio, Mid: "Ai one tiw I rtfc like crytn atoM of the time. Sometimes I felt to wrafc I covtdu't my hou-wort without help. Dr. Pierce 1-avorHs- Frt- HDH3 ROLL ROOFING PLAIN SLATE ROLL ROOFING DIAMOND POINT ROLL HEX -SHINGLES FOUR-IN-ONE SHINGLES We will quote you a price for tKe material only or a complete applied roof. . Call u for an estimate on a "Mule-Hide" roof. IIO OF COATINGS We carry a complete stock of plain and asbestos fibred coatings in gallons, five-gallon cans and drums. "Mule-Hide" coatings are your assurance of quality and the price is right. We are carload buyers. LUMBER CO. $5.00 It pays for Hself in savings. Placed in your home for as little mm ... . waAd of good for 1 tooked mmA U li. m mm womui m!'" " tmu'sud "J Appetite md6 I felt fine." Buy now ! Mew sua, Ubtets SOc, liquid tl.00 lJi GENERAL ELECTRIC AND NORGE REFRIGERATORS Models Priced As Low $49.50 - r DOLLARS Spent In CLINTON Return To You! WANTED Hides Iron Rags Metal and Paper Highest Price Paid A. Durncs Water Street A, J. UGEOTY "QUALITY FIRST, PRICES ALWAYS IX)WEST" ri inwrrunE FLOOR COVERINGS STOVES PHONE 303 326 BLACKMAN STREET 2"4-38 ELM STREET CLINTON, IND. PHONE 361 -

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