The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 20, 1922 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 20, 1922
Page 4
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- i ' i ' i iiir-iiinii.niiMiiiiji iirivmriiiiiw ntm i wi-w TrTmri tin -' -t wtrnm inil .T'Tr"-!." "" 111 'nnii-r ..Tj,"V"':,"t -W nMmm mi y '" 1 n m ' wvmw i ' in n nm Tftwrww -;'- w f"-;""T-" " V TOE FAIRRIOUNT NEWS 5SEC i JU F.nkW.ncr iS M ,th the J FairmOUIlt High ' Is Commended at his R. A. Morris continues ill homo on South Main street .State Inspector Speaks in High Terms Miss Indus Peirce has accepted a position with Blumanthals in Marion. V- of Equipment and the Work Being Accomplished land Draperies El wood Davis, who has been ill for Recently Assistant School Inspector Royal Theatre Tuesday, February 21 a Cosmopolitan Production "The Miracle of Love" Also Snub Polard Comedy "The Chink" and Pathe Review Thursday, February 23rd Edith Roberts in "Thunder Island" Also Century Comedy "Playing Possum." a critical R lRov Seoles. visited Fairmount some time, is reported in condition. Mr. and Mrs. William McCormick had as their Sunday quests Thurman hiph school and inspected a part of the buildings. Owing to the late hour at which he arrived he was not able to complete the inspection but recently the school authorities have received the following letter containing many complimentary statements 1 We are showing the best assortment I C r - J- I r l j Lvwis and family. I Garth Vinson, who is taking a or curiam uooas ana urapenca tr i course at an electrical school in Chica- about the work of the local school: 1 "On Januarv 5, the assistant state i go, has returned home. have ever shown at rre-var r rices. See what we have and get our prices. The Saturday, Wll D J in .Mr. and Mrs. Tod Reaves made a Uohool inspector visited the Fair-short visit with N. V. Smaller and mount hiph school for the purpose of wife of Swavsee last week. I inspecting the buildinpi its equipment Feb. 25th IVCiU Lottery Man" Also Mack Sennett Comedy "No Mother to Guide Him." 1 land the quality of its toachinrt. The Mr. and Mrs. Will Goering of Chi- inspector reported a number of pood t cac-o will come this at'ternon to visit ' features of your school. You have Every Evening 7 and 8:30 y Saturday Matinee 2:30 Mr. and Mvs. Reulen Frit. j recently made an addition to the build- I . ' ins and von have provided amnle 1 The Bee Hive Cash Store Mrs. Wayne Heavilin was the guest room for taking care of the school of her brother, William Wells and needs of the community. You have POLITICAL A X NOUXCEMEXTS jwife, in Summitville last week. I now a lawp irvmnasium which can be Get Our Prices on All Leather Shoes STAR BRAND COMMUNITY SALE ! The Community Sale to be held ' here on next Saturday will be a big i one, and already an exceptionally used as well for physical training and Wallace Wright, a former Fair-; FOR CONGRESS Samuel E. Cook, of Huntington a community room. The splendid -21 mount man. now of Summitville, was work l i:it is nom-jr tionc in music was . , - Democratic candidate for s...,.ix- !,. w.,,1.... . " . . . . . . large numoer 01 neau 01 live sxock ; u.uuij, 7? VtVVlVVWfStVVA ( . ... -- quite nouceaoie on me uay 01 me in spection. Also you are commended Isaiah Jay, who has been confined to and articles have been listed for sale. Congressman in the eleventh district There will be horses, mules, cattle, ; at the election two years ago, is a and chickens, besides farm imple- candidate for re-nomination, and asks ments, and a long list of desirable ! your support at the primary May 2, for the vocational course his home for some time bv illness, is i j Harley Friti is in Indianapolis to- i tain in home economies. you mam-There are the school of' business t able to be at his place day on business. ! various evidences that articles. More are being listed every , 1922. j strain. Mrs. O. E. Curless was in Indian-, spirit is kept at a high standard and day Those desirill? to list must see jthat the parents of the community either AU)ert Morris or Lew Caskey r &.rvttr ;apolis Thursday and Friday. , lrt ft n ti f h ctmtArt Arc i t nvnrvf hint, '0U rreaches at the Bantist rhurvh. was Y . . at once. For SheriJT Frank C. Tukey, who has served several years as deputy sheriff, and who has seen active service in the U. Mrs. Clauvle Jones and daughter entertanuxl at Sunday dinner bv , ., TAKE NOTICE ri...i-. i anu PUP- Rarbai-a are ill with tonsilitis v iiai ir v vain aim Some recommendations are made During the remainder of February jS. Army, as well as law enforcement iNAlIie Ho'i'.insrsworth, who has K:; ;u:to i'.l. is improving. Mrs. Anne Horine who has been S jr anj Trs q Harnish of ' onaWo Jou to nave a totter school. I wjU put on the best grade of Sah work for both the state and federal ill for some time is reported to be not BlurTton were guests of Rev. and Mrs. iYU shoulli ?'ve immotii!itc attention j,0n roofing for $7.75 per square, 'government, authorizes the announce-.;t c.-v v.11 t, ., , ' 1. " to the following: This is mv low nrice. Tarker. the . ment of his name as a candidate for the following: 'This is mv low M. K. VoorMs was i:r Galena, 111., the r::.s; week on business. .v. ...... v oicman last i nursviav. Mrs. i .... .. . ... . . , J. J. t oicman last Thursday. Mrs. '1. Install a motor to operate the Tinner. 'nomination for sheriff of Grant coun- Harnish is a sister of Mrs. Coleman. j ty, subject to the decision of the Re I Paul Stewart was in Indianapolis i were . . . . . ..... ! Lane FOR RENT Mr. ar.d Mr?. Edcar ivfr from Marion Thur fan in the south part of the building, j "2. Remove all trash and unneces- ' sary materials from the basement , publican primary election to he held , . last wc-ck lor a lew uavs in me mier- iay evening . . . ... Samuel Fritz and daughters. Miss Lena Fritz and Mrs. Charles Haugh 40-acre farm, about o'i miles east on May 2, 1922 esi ot tne service vu company. .a Rtter. ! the o.i-.r.or held in tr" Cor c rec at i church. Mr. and Mrs. Henrv TotT of Spring- XVtr caUa to Alexandria last week 'ficM, Mo., are cuests of Mr. and Mrs. !-v th,? dcath of a cousin, Mrs. J. T. n?.rrcvSir.i:h. who lives a1.! a' one in Cartwright. rooms; also whitewash the fan room, ot fairmount. mono lbj or loi. j , manual training room and the girls Fd M. Ilollingsworth, Executor. j February 22. Washington's Birth-basement. : jday, beingi a legal holiday, the Fair- "3. Do what you can to relieve the! Mrs. John R, Little is in Green- ' mount State Bank and the Citizen's crowded condition of some of the town today, the guest of her mother. Bank will be closed all day. grade rooms. It may be impossible ; 1 Reuben Fritz on South Main street. h;.s ho'-.e rear the Per.r.svlvar.ia de- ar.i who i l tor some M Marion Curless returned to Ai thurChilson. a man with 20 years Vme. is s"l in a serious condition. her home in Swavzee SaTurdav. after experience as a missionary in East- to make all the changes vou should 'a visit with her son O. E. Curless and Africa, will speak at the Friends wife. church Wednesday morning at 10:30. ' make before September 1922. the "In all probabibility some of rd Mis. Tivd rr.tte-.son of r.s. O.. were out of town guests Krv.r.i d' held in the He will sneak at Quaker Back Creek' o.r.-.y at Yt n.-u i rum n ir.urs .iay eve- Rev. E. IS. Megenity ar.d wife ot Wednesday night. All are invited to suggestions made have already been Gaston, were in Fairmount Thurs- attend these services. carried out. On account of the late-day, the guests of Willis Buchanan KO!8S of inspector's arrival some ard t!er frier.U. i R.-v r!-.J ll-U , c,. .,t.l e-f the facts desinnl could not be ob- ".' crc i. a.v.c. tamed. In t!u near future another BASKET BALL! Last Game of Season Vindfall First and Second Teams vs. Academy First and Second Teams Nirr-od Weeks i"d wife atv the ri e: !.e Faiv.r.e-ur.t co'or.y at the :ve s-V.d'c-s he'.r.e at !-fayetto. t. minister of the Friends church, is Dwn ht Fowler, who has been ill orjtically ill at his home on West for seme time at the home of his ri-t tr,.t .., ether memWrs l ivther. Wayne Fewkr, is improving taincd for his rocox ery. Several r.vr.g t e.ek about Maixh 15. an. I ex eets to be- out soe-n. visit will be made to Fairmount high school and it is hoped that the inspector will see that a number of these things have been done to improve school conditions. You are putting forth an effort to have a c:od sihool and your superintendent and teachers are certainly working hard to render service to the eommunitv." children residing at distant points who have been notified of his condition are expected to arrive soon. P. I d-vv. who has Kn Burton Elliott has returned to his er. e with an attack home in Gaiy after a short visit with - lu r h U - i his wife who is at the bedside of her mother. Mrs. Lena Ho'lidav. Friday Night, 24th Academy Gvm. 7:30 The Phi Delta Kappa fraternity will give a mid-winter ball tomorrow-evening in Tel ha x hall. The committee in charge have issued invitations the'ewer grevery. Mtt.e davch'.cr of Mr. ar.d . is also reeover- v :l'.e -he- " v '. '. . M:e. p.. iv..; i'i v Pe : Mrs. Rockhiil. who has been here at the bedside of her mother. Mrs. J. H. INSTITUTE HELD X :e same ma;a.ty. HEREON SATURDAY; I Buchanan, for the past six weeks, has" to a'l fraternities and sororities and returned to her home in New Castle. promises to he quite the most I pretentious social event the Phi Del- Audie Lcw- ;nre of M n ar.d Rav Leisure of El- Mrs. T I? Rnehtel is ti lv.-rvtv-j ksva nt in Pim.nnt All Teachers Present and Interesting Program Given Two Institutes In March This will be the jrame of the season ard should be or.e of the be?t as Windfall has a stronpr team, having made an exceptionally good record this year. Come cut and see your t?am in action in their last game of the season. A real game. vk p rice- at 4 ednesday af- jn? makinff ?ome chanc.os jn her hat Music will be furnished bv Doc Pev-at the home cf the Rev. C. M. -v , ... i:... . . " w mtf tju; .i ie:i s six piece orxnesira. ;her spring millinery. K".i tt. raster of the Friends church f J.-nesV 0:0. The l r:de is the dauch- The sixth townshin teachers insti- tee of Mr. nrd Mrs. Oliver Lewis of Will Jones, financial secretary of ; ute was held Saturday, February '1$. the State Board of Agriculture, re-, ; e o,..-;u.. wii.. 4,,-., : Amoma Girls-of the Bapti I-al.e Gr.iaia. but has made her home .. urch w ill meet at the church Tues- r, mc. o.-n,),,. ftilf,v,n ' . . . . . , . , , - .v.v trustee, ine nine teacners 01 a"-;.-.rra;: from Governor McCrav statinc that .-t.: . 1 - cial which is to be held W ednesday he fire which started in tho hore i 1 . ; m ure w men Maneti in me norse instructive and interesting program Tl 0 in Marion for the past three years. 5 he e member of the l.15 grsdu-ttir- c! of Faim n:r.t Academy. Tl.e ye.'rc people wi!' make their heme on the trideg-oom's farm near E!w-,xvh j oam at the state tair grounds on iat- was eiven. In March the usual cus- unlay was still burning and that it ,,-iii r..n-i w i,,,.;nn. nc aie; j V . ' 1 I . . - 11. . V .V ..V . . . ... ... V ' V - best incf ifnf ne 1-w.tVi tnf Vll.K will lin Viiilit .rs. tsunon ai-iou ot oary, whoiw believed UX of Indiana's na oeen ..n momer .Mrs. Lena , horses had perishes! in the flames. ; a Fowlerton. the first on Saturday. tlouiday, who is LI, since the hrst of ; vy Jones left this morning on the -r - n n i . u 1 the year, is confined to her bed with fir?t car for Indianapolis. ;v,u ; sickness. will be present and special features as'de from the reciular institute work Ernest E. Jay and Miss Emma May The members of the Rebekah lodge 1 Wilson of Marion were quietly mar- will be given for their benefit. All ried in Marion Saturday afternoon, i ex-teachers of the township and he'd a most delightful valentine social after the regular session on last WANTED Tomato Planter Name price ar.d kind in Weitnesday etmn'i Games and mu-; , , , , t . . . ... , -t,v1j i.c i,o, -mi- pl"ms Parer-ts. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer, vited to attend and help make the SiC anortied plcasan uiversion. while ; . , , ... . ..... v ii: main v c vi . v & vi.e viuci ai .u.iu jwest of Faitmount. where they spent jcerned in the township schools, ; It first letter. Address, . . . ; yesterday and todav and will leave; The program committee, appointed BOX 642, ALEXANDRIA, IND. bv number. Refreshment consisting 1 A" " .r t Z . y nar,e! xownsn.p pr.ncip... of sandwiches, coffee, potato chips, ! ey ake .the!f future 1 consisting of Miss Myrl Jones, Miss pickles and heart shaoed cookies with j 5r Jay belIi m Carf of a lar?e ,WnetU Weaver and Blaine ReU. re-1 icing were servedC ' ch,cken f arm near Waukegan. j Wni arrange the programs for the two 1 institutes. . . A series of evangelistic services I Saturday, March 18, will be the 1 j which commenced at the Wesleyan date of the second institute at which j Methodist church Sunday night with j time the first examination for the the pastor Rev. J. J. Coleman in eighth grade diplomas will be held. SPECIAL SALE' i charge, opened up with good attend- ! Blaine ReU, principal of the Fowler- Having rented my farm, I will sell at public auction at the farm, 5 miles west and 1V4 miles north of Summitville; 6Vs miles north of Orestes; 7 miles southwest of Fairmount; 1 mile south and 3 miles east of Rigdon. ori Thursday, Feb. 23, 1922 COMMENCING AT 10:00 O'CLOCK A. M. 13 HEAD OF HORSES I roan mare, six-years-old, weight 2050J 1 sorrel mare, seven-years-old, weight 2050; 1 sorrel mare, six-years-old, weight 1850; 1 sorrel mare, four-years-old, weight 1450; 1 team dapple grey mares, five-years-old, weigt 3200; 1 brown mare, ten-years-old, weight 1500; 1 bay mare, coming three-years-old, weight 1700; 1 gelding, coming three-years-old, weight 1530; 1 good bay driving horse, five-years-old, weight 1100; 1 coming yearlin" colt, weight 900; 1 bay horse, four-years-old, weight 1800; 1 four-year-old dapple grey horse, weight 1700. This is a REAL bunch of horses. 10 HEAD OF CATTLE 1 red cow, five-years-old, grving 4 gallons per day; 1 roan cow, five-years-old, giving milk; 1 red cow, two-years-old, with calf by side; 1 roan registered' Shorthorn male, three-years-old: 1 red male calf, five-months-old; 3 coming yearling Shorthorn heifers. 35 HEAD OF HOGS 1 Duroc registered male hog; 34 shoats, averaging" 140 to 160 pounds. ABOUT 300 BUSHELS GOOD CORN IMPLEMENTS. ETC. 1 eight-foot Deering binder; 1 hay loader; 1 hay tedder; 1 OsKnm mower; 1 Janesville two-row cultivator, used two years; 1 Double Dutch two-row cultivator, in gpod shape; 1 J. I. Case foot-lift sulky plow; 1 John Deere Stag sulky plow; 1 John Deere corn planter; 1( McCormick disc, with tandem; 1 McCormick corn binder; 1 five-hoe whaet drill; 1 Columbus top buggy,' used one year; 1 set single buggy harness; 1 extra heavy sell of brass mounted show harness; 2 barrels sorghum feeding molasses.' TERMS 6 months time with 7' per cent, interest from date; S.per cent, discount for cash. Lunch served by Ladies Aid of the Union church. BERT MANN AUCTIONEERS Bert Leisure, EI wood; Hector Kirk, Anderson; Earl Lynch, Alexandria; Herman Lawler, Alexandria. CLERK Oscar Vinson. ton school, will be in ; charge. Fol- lowing a suggestion that the teachers j serve a pot luck dinner on this occasion, the chair appointed Miss Addie ; $30.00 $40.00 Pure Worsted Suits ance, good interest and with good promise of a very successful revival. There will be meeting's each evening this week and probably prayer services each day in the different homes of the members both morning and afternoon. Everybody will be welcome to the meetings. Barkdull, Miss Ruth Lloyd and Miss Elsie Lees as a committee on eats. On the third Saturday in April another examination for diplomas will be held and at which time the seventh psde students will be priviledged to write for passing grades in geography MRS MARY EPPIHIMER DIES FROM PNEUMONIA Mrs, Mary E. Eppihimer whose j and physiology. The Egyptians often mortgaged the family sepulcher. $35.00 All Pure Wool (2)E! (fTTh Suits $22.50 and OAI $50.00 Pure Worsted ( Ofh Suits $34.00 and 3jCDOAJU These prices are below wholesale in order to close out short ends, and are all year around Woolens; are made strictly to your measure and carry our guarantee to fit and to be pure wool and perfect in every way. Ribble Bros., of course home is in Pennsylvania, and who was stricken about two weeks ago with pneumonia while visiting her mother, Mrs. Ann Payne, living southeast of town, died Saturday morning Plans for the new international at 2 oVlock Mrs. Eppihimer was 35 ' suspension bridge to connect Detroit I years of age and was the wife of W. ; in the United States, with Windsor, S. Eppihimer who survives her. Fun- J across the river in Canada, call for eral services will be held this after-' the longest single span in the world, noon with Rev. Mrs. Emma Payne in charge and burial will be made in measuring 1,802 feet, or twenty-four inches longer than the great cantilever at Quebec ' j Park cemetery.

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