The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 20, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 20, 1922
Page 3
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TUB FAIRMOUNT NtWS preventable for short periods during the thawing season. However, a few days of continuous dry weather will INCOME TAX FACTS Mr. tlinkle inspected stone and pra vel state roads in the counties of Shelby, Hancock, Rush, Franklin, Dearborn, Wayne and Marion. , remedy this unpleasant feature, and Roads of State In Good Shape Inspection Shot That Those Made of Stone and tJravel have Withstood the Winter Weather Well then the sunreme advantages of pro-1 Farmers, rancrprs. hurtWs. dairv- PUBLIC STOCK A II p Hogs, Cattle and OrulUIU Horses Academy Sales Pavilion Throughout the winter, Mr. Hinkle j maintenance is and should bo one men, truck gardeners, vineyard and says, his department caused these, 0f the strong features of Hoosier ! orchard owners, and other food pro-roads to be dragged and scraped re- j state road work is quite evident to ; dueers must compute their net and gularly. Roads heavily traveled werejtie motorist who, traveling a few gross income for 1921 and ascertain thus treated as often as three times mHes on a state road that has been ! whether an income tax return, or a each week. Less heavily traveled 'continuously dragged, routes over a j tax, or both are due. All gains, pro-roads were dragged at least once each j not indeed in the state system and income derived f rom the sale week. This treatment, he declares, and which has not been treated to the'or exchange of farm products, wheth-has the advantage of filling the por- rag, with regularity. Lr produced on the farm or purchased The general condition of state roads constiucted of such native materials as crushed stone and gravel is excellent throughout Indiana, standing in a very creditable manner the wear and tear incident to thaw and freeze of winter, says tawrence Lyons, director of the state highway commission. The statement was made following an inspection trip of 300 miles over these roads by A. H. Hin-kle, chief engineer of maintainance, !? Feb. ous places and causing the water to. There are 1,825 miles of gravetand oid, must bo included in gross drain off the surface to either side of tvas, S15 miles of stone roads and'jncomp. When a farmer exchanges; the roads. A light coating of stone mijes 0 earth roads under juris- his products for groceries, clothing, or ! and gravel often is spread by the diction of the maintenance depart- 'other merchandise, the fair market dragging crew when it is deemed ment at this time, and were it not for j vaue Gf such goods must be included. I necessary to keep the surface in pro- the patrol system and the constant i profit received from the sale of farm ; per condition, he says. attention given them with the drags, ! land, or rent received for the use Mr. Lyons explained that in a few many miles would be Impassable thereof, must be included. and under whose direction and sup ervison state roads were maintained ' instances some of the stone and gra- when the frost is coming out of the this vear. vcl roads are cut up, a condition un- ground, highway officials declare. In determining income, upon which ; the tax is assessed, the farmer may ' 'deduct from gross income all necessary expenses incurred in the opera-j tion of his farm during the year 1921. PUBLIC- c 4 HEAD OF HORSES Two good work mares, one seven and o::e nine years old; two 2-year-old colts. COWS One Holstine, giving good flow of milk, with calf by side; one registered Shorthorn cow, fresh soon; one registered Shorthorn male, seven months old; eight head of summer calves and five head of young calves. HOGS Forty-five head of sows; consisting of 35 head of pure bred Durocs from the best blood lines of the breed; si Spotted Polands pure bred; one Duroc male "Jack's Orion Fancy." A lot of feeding shoats. TERMS OF SALE Six months time with 7rr interest. A. E. RATLIFF & SON AUCTIONEERS Col. Furl Dean, Col. Frank Relfe, Col. R. A. Jones, Col. H. D. Wilson. Lunch Served Lin Wilson, Clerk STOCK. SAL FOR SALE These include cost of cultivation, harvestings and marketing of his crops, cost of feed and fertilixer used, amount spent in repairs to farm buildings (other than the dwelling) and to fences and machinery. Wages paid to farm hands are deductible, but not wages to a domestic servant, which is a personal expense. As an aid to farmers, the Bureau of Internal Revenue has prepared a I special form, 1040F. for recording j sales of live stock, produce, and a 5-passenger car. FOR SALE One M. W. Hunt. We, the undersigned, will sell at public auction, on the Newt Allen farm, better known as the John George farm, 2H miles east, 2i miles south, of Fairmount; 2H miles north, miles FOR SALE Rhode Island Red eggs for hatching. G. Kendall. Phone Black 17?-2. CLOVER SEED Our clover seeds are miles south of Fowlerton; 5 miles west east of Summitville; 24 of Matthews, on summary which must im auacnea 10 tested seeds. A. A. Ulrey & J all Co. the individual return of income and Alonday, February 27th the following property, sale to begin at 10 o'clock a. m. ! expenses. j An unmarried or widowed farmer 'or one living apart from his wife must FOR SALE Marion fence right. Oscar Loy A Sons. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE No. 3797. Notice is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees of William Individual hog troughs, M M n individual return for 1921 if FOR SALE DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Honrs 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m nis net income lor kui was i,oov T.V each at Parker's Tin Shop. I ... v, v . r bcii, oeceasea, to appear in tne wife . $5,000 or more. If married and liv- j r.rnnt CWt Cnnrt h at Marion. Don't you love to see your smile? If you don't want a racket you buy her some Blue Jacket coal. C. C, Brown. ing wun nis wue on uecemnor Ji,; Indiana, on the 10th day of March 1921. a return must, be filed if his net j ,,v2, and show couse, if any, why the income was $2,000 or more, or if his , pijfAL SETLLEMENT ACCOUNTS gross income was $5,000 or more. j wi, h lhl, . statp of saiti decedent should WANTED To buy 1.000 bushels of oats. A. A. Ulrey Co. ! not be approved; and said heirs are )p aaa tAPO' IM VHDl notified to then and there make proof guw i rvj in lib. i i umi LOST of heirship and receive their distri- Very Fw Fermr Service Men Are u "le "hares. Among Miflratory Army of the WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court, S H omelet. ;this 15th day of February 1922. j i S. A. CONELLY, LOST Since Sunday, Feb. 12, small black and white spotted dog with long tail. Answers to name Fido. Reward. Fhone 727 Black. AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense. Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON Rubber Stamps. When needing anything in the Rubber Stamp line see us. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. Clerk of Grant Circuit Court. S HORSES One bay mare, S -years -old, weight 1600, sound and good worker. One roan iware, S-years-old, weight 1600 pounds, sound and a good worker. One roan mare colt, coming 2-years-old, a good one. One driving mare with plenty of speed. One span cf coming 3-year-old mare mules, two 2-year-old colts, good c-nc-s. One driving horse, 4 -years-old. broke. 1 11 4 HEAD OF CATTLE One Jersey cow, 5-yoars-old, be fresh in a few days, extra good one. One 3-year-old cow, will be fresh about March 1!. One 5-year-old cow, giving) 3 gallons of milk per day. One 2-year-old cow giving 2 gallons of milk per day. 120 HEAD OF HOt;S 60 choice Durec and Big Type Foland China, tried sows and gilts, most of them thoroughbred; a few sows with p gs by their side. 60 head choice feeding shoats, weighing to S. pounds. All the above hogts are double immuned. These sows will farrow in March and April. HARNESS One set of brass mounted harness. TERMS Terms made Vnown on day of sale. Ladies of Gi ant church will serve lunch. Newton Allen Dwight Osborn AUCTION EERS Col Furl Dean, Frank Rette and Albert Morris. CI . ER K Robert A. Morris, t New York.-r-There lire, accr0hiK to ! a conservative estimate, Jto.00i) home- Feb. 20-27-March-6 FOR RENT less men In this city today. Since FOR RENT Farm, 40 acres, about j uu the averaiw age of these men E. B. COUCH ii-s miles east of rairmount on Washington street. Fhone 163 or 151. Ed M. Hollingsworth. Exec. h:is dropped from forty-seven to thirty-two, and many of them are mere youths. Boy l tates, member of the ' national committee on vagrancy, j stamped as Incorrect a report pi t- llshcd In a San Francisco newspntr 1 under a New York date line, that New DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Office hours: 8 to 11:30 a. m.. 1 to 5 WANTED It always pays to advertise in The Fairmount News. York's homeless are drifting to the Faclnc coast because they hae hoen ortlerott by the police to find Johs or WANTED Boys and Young men to learn instruments for service in Fairmount Band, openings in all sections. For particulars call at band room over City Clerk's office on Thursday evenings. Orvillo Wells, Mgr. Band. FARM WANTED Wanted to hear . ..... M . I m frex out ni n'wii. If there hns ben an influx of home- less men and panhandlers to the cit- J les of the west coast It Is a sign only of a condition which Is general, says from owner of a farm for sale, give 1 Mr. tates. ex-sorvtce men are among the lowest pi ice. and full particulars. Few e L. Jones. Box 551, Olney, 111. migratory army of the homeless. Mr. ates said that the lowest type of destitute man ts the one who begs I 4$ "MISC I LANEOFS lPUBLIC SALE! aim on the street, and that the prac- J J tire of jdvlnc him money Is a bad one. RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building MARION, INDIANA Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment Rod Ash. White Ash, They all stand the tet. But Fm telling you straight "Blue Jacket' is best. For Sale by C. C. BROWN. since It encourages him. The better plan is to direct him to some reputable charitable agency which can help him. Bank Robbed Ofttn. Shlpshewana, Ind. The Farmers' State bank here was robbed of $t.VtW0 In currency and Liberty bonds early the other day. The safe had been Sale opened with the aid of an acetylene ! torch. Officials said the loss was cov- I ered by Insurance. Local authorities i !dleve three men who came here late In the day in an automobile committed j the rottery. It was the ninth time the bank had been robbed in 20 years and the third time this year. Shtpshewana j is located ten miles west of Lagrange. ! ALL WRONG The Mistake is Made by Many Fair-mount Citizens Look for the cause of backache. To be cured you must know the cause. If it's weak kidneys you must set the kidneys working right. A Fairmount resident tells you how. Mrs, Kiah Winslow, 503 E. Washington St., says; wMy kidneys acted irregularly and I had pains through my back and soreness through my kidneys. My ankles and feet were swollen, too, Doans Kidney Fills, purchased at H. W. Hahne's Drug Store relieved the trouble. I gladly recommend them. (Statement given i February 2, 1916.) ? On November 22, 1920, Mrs. Wins-low added: "My former recommen- 'dation holds good. Doans have put : my kidneys in a healthy condition." i Price 60c. at all dealers. Don't I, the undersigned, will offer at public sale at my residence, three miles southeast of Fairmount, three miles southwest of Fowlerton, on Thursday, February 23 The following property, sale to begin at 106 a. m. 4 HEAD OF HORSES AND MULES One span of mules coming 4-years-old, well broke and good workers, weight, 2.300 pounds; one roan horse, 7 years old, coming 84 weight 1600 pounds; one bay hors, C years old, weight 1600. COWS One red Shorthorn cow, one Jersey cow, three Jersey cows, fresh day of sale. SHEEP 16 head of sheep consisting of 15 ewes and one buck. These ewes are all bred to bring lambs this month; some have lambs by their side now. James Fenimore Cooper wrote books in thirty years. i L the undersigned, will sell at public auction at my farm located one mile north of Fowlerton and four miles east of Fairmount on Eighth street road, en Saturday, February 25th Commencing at 19 'clock, the following described property: ITO USES--One gray mane coming T years old, wvightl400lbs. slunvl and good worker; one team black mares, coming 6 years old, sound ar.d gvvsl workers, wcicht Kut lbs., these marcs are half- sisters; one driving, horse, this is a real family horse; one light colored dapple grey mane, T years old, weight 1C50, god worker; one pr mane mules, coming 2 years old. COWS One Jersey cow, 6 years old. frosh Xov. 2, giving good flow milk; one Jersey cow, $ jrears old, fresh Oct, 19, giving good flow of milk; one Jersey cow, 11 'years old, fre-sh Dec. 6, calf by side, this is a No, I milk cow; one dark Jersey, 6 years old, fresh Nov. 23, a good rich milker. HOGS Consisting of 6 brood sows, three 4-year-old full blooded Duroc sows and three 4-year-old grade sows. One sow bred to farrow tn April. The rest of these sows are open. One full blooded Foland China boar, 3 years old. These hogs are all immuned. S2 pigs weighing from 50 to 60 lbs, HAY Between 4 and 5 tons of good mixed hay. 2 tons of oats straw. 100 bushels or more of oats. Some insillage. RFGCIES AND WAGONS One storm buggy, fair shape; one Turn-bull wagon with good bed, side boards and spring seat; one scoop board, one low down wagon with rack and side boards, on set new hay ladders with side boards, IMPLEMENTS -One International manure spreader in good shape, one P. A O. corn planter with bean attachment in good (shape; one McCormick binder, one 2-row cultivator, one l-row John Deere cultivator, , one Osborn mower, 6-foot; one John Deere disc, one 14-inch John Deo re stag breaking plow, one P. & O. 14-inch walking breaking plow, one double shovel, one wood frame harrow. HARNESS One set heavy brass mounted harness, one set medium weight harness in good shape, one set buggy harness. MISCELLANEOUS One DeLavat cream separator, No. 12 with power attachment in No, 1 shape; one Royal Ruby base burner, on? SO-csallon iron kettle with jacket, ISO feet 2-inch cable, one hay carrier for cable, ISO feet 4-inch hay rope, 65 feet i-inch check rope, one hay fork, pullies, forks, shovels, one hog fountain, one Star storm front for buggy, one set good log bolsters, chains, halters, collars and other articles not mentioned. TERMS OF SALE Liberal terms will be made known on day of sale. Lunch served by Gleaner's class Fowlerton M. P. church. FRED M. MAHONEY DICKERSON a4 RELFE, Auctioneers EARL ALLEN, Clerk. Chiropractors McAfee and McAfee Fairmount Office Hours: Summitvill 2 to 5 arl Tuesday, Thurs- 7 to 8 p. m. day and Saturdas Phone 280 8 to 11 a. m. simply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan's Kidney Pills the same that i Mrs. Winslow had Foster-Milburn Co., CORN AND OATS 500 bushels of good yellow com; 150 bushcis of good seed oats. HAY AND STRAW Four tons of mixed hay, timothy and clover; two tons of Alfalfa hay; two tons of oats straw, baled. iAlfrs., Buffalo, N. . Advertisem f nt, j r NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE No. 3S21. Notice is hereby given to the credi I t tors, heirs and legatees of Algernon j R. Long, deceased, to appear in the FARMING IMPLEMENTS One John Deere pang breaking plow, one Keystone hay loader, one Deering mower, 6 foot cut; one three hoise John Deere cultivator, 2 rows; one six horse power Fairbanks-Morse gas engine, good as new; one DeLaval cream separator, good as new. HARNESS One set heavy breaching work harness, one set hitch-strap chain harness, also some horse collars, diffeicnt ties. TERMS All sums of $5 and under cash in hand; all sums of $5 ai over aix months time, purchaser giving note with approved security, bearing 8 per cent, interest from date. Lunch served on the grounds, by the Pleasant Grove church. Molk O. Leach PURL DEAN, Auctioneer FAIRMOUNT STATE BANK. Clerk Grant Circuit Court, held at Marion, Indiana, on the 6th day of March, 1922. and show cause, if any, why the FINAL SETTLEMENT ACCOUNTS with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heirship and receive their distributive shares. WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court, Eyes Tested, Glasses Fitted by State Registered OrrOMKTUISTS Dr. C C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical SMtk Sqaare Marion ithis 11th day of February 1922, S. A. CONNELLY, Clerk of Grant Circuit Court. Feb, 13-20-27. mr ....

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