The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 16, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1937
Page 4
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Sulurtlay, January 16, 1937 The Daily Clintonlan, Clinton, Indiana PACE FOUR YESTERDAYS Ri THE DAILY CLINTONIAN LUXURY MODEL'e Founawa PERSONAL NOTES FROM KLONDYKE Ktblli.hod ns The Weekly Cllntonlan 1890 The Clinton I'lalnaeaier im"'" .- pocket a morocco leather wallet I life would be to wake up in dif- wltn an envwinnu - --- it opened II ana oanueu - Cr,. L Carey Edi"" "rPubjj!!' nTTitTJte at CUnton, Indian., a. Second Cltn Matter. Member Indiana Republican Kdltorlal Association "Witn tne rigm compamuni : t. I iT rniiK ripr. card. . . -. veniaircu. to ably myself and one can get very JANUARY 16. 1918 Mis. Effle C. Leachman, who has for two and a half year, been teaching English In Clinton schools has resigned and will, early next month, be married to Allon Conn Kllnger. professor of history In Wisconsin university. Only close friends have been "In on this secret." Dr. and Mrs. Itgan gavo a dinner for Miss Leachinan. last Friday evening, and Miss Downing gavo a dinner for her, Sunday. Miss Axtell. Miss Habh, Miss Downing and Dr. and Mr., (lagan were present at both these events. lonesome, you mow. "Oh. shouldn't I should love SHB wis tensely aware ot his interest. .... A. the dark, good-looking man In the perfectly fitting .uit passed and repassed her chair in the train that wee earrytng KlUa-bata Harmon from college to i her home. It was a. though ba had deliberately radioed her a nMsaage. Whyhealtatot Why not give him hi. euet One wa. only young once, and he wu terribly attractive. She read: GERALD BRUT0N , BaoKra STOCKS 0NM INVXBTMINTS NTkan nti mitalt Im ana of the the freedom. And of course one National Advertising Representative: i CiBO. B. DAVID CO. innn WrlnlPT Illdg., Chlcami. t-lll General Motor. Rid... Ii'l'"1' UP But 42nd Bt.. New York Jamc. Massa Jr. Recover. From Illness, Return, to Indianapoli. KI.ONI1VKK. J""- lr'- -ln' Massa Jr., who was III for moiilhH. returned In III. work 111 ln-lln mi pot in Hunday. Eltmr tiuoni of Centenary spent Wednesday nlKht In Klimdvke visit-Inn friends. could pick and chose irom me people one met," aha said with youthful arrogance. Bruton family who have office. In Los Angeles?" .he inquired eagerly. "Naturally." . . , ITvarvnna should travel. It . to Phone 117 hroadtminir. 1 hate narrow-minded He noaoea. . i t . . mm. araalrnv and Phone 41 people. I Ju.t can't get on with h.lud Kltxabeth. The opportunity would oome. She could not force It them, .ne comesseo. ouo "j.iu i Li, triaA rhiplon. and. important people, and .he wa. Impressed. But .he had known from the beginning he wa. somebody. aa though it were a evmbol of fat It amo In the burly form of the eolored porter, musically bawling! "First call for lunch. Dining car Mr unci M I'H. Kl'llllk wiiMaee oi You could tell It from ma ppar-MBuru.t v.ttv iloea a bfoker dof smugness, on mm ik wim Smvl?H!S alikA1 a.til the man Chlcaao spent the weekend with Mr. and Mis. C.nvol Wallace and daugh THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM : , 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion ' 2 To ...Lt the revival of the Indian, coal ind"- 3. To Operate in .olving Vermillion County', unemploy- 4. TrDeYSrClinton and" make il the mo.t attractiv. .it, fine rose, heading for the restau Cleorgo Bailey of Terro Haute was the guest of fluy McTaggart Monday night. . I'm terribly ignorant" opposite her. A. a matter of fact, he was thinking with much greater rant. The fooa-iooiung m. v-lowed. He noted the long, lissom "You buy ana sen si.uij people. I'm the trader of the Arm. ter, Annalielle. Mr. and Mrs. Flunk Osclla spent Sunday at the home ot Mr. and Mi". ru mai iv tnan aua waa. un line, vi n utOTwv- i j .nltl ihaDsd ankle., end the of iti aiie in the state. ale cold coil of her hair on the Miss Beit Glllls of Terra Haute visited her sister, Mrs. E, J. McCor-mlck, Monday night and returned homo Tuesday, .loh n Seiondino and family of Universal. John Tubcrosii Jr. of l'arls, III.. nape oi mr ku, r 7 long time alnce he had touched woman', hair. While he had been Jt LI kl ahantlWi. NOW. spent Sunday with his parents. Mr. h wu inwMd t himself for im- Misses Cirace Bollng and Margar ftning how fdr. et Marshall attended the funoral of wnen www th rinnlinc easeade of It " iXSh '" : 1 7 " Mr.. DavidBon at Mecca, Tuesday. An attendant placed her et a table for two. The man seated him- . 'i. Q vArfai-rlw f ITYIPrt JANUARY (0, ll I OPPOSJLO. OW BTOaw j - fu thii that almost it seemed an accident. The annual election of the offi UecmUBD mm wo . . voice wae curt as she ordered her cer, of the Mothers' club was held ancheon. vesterdar afternoon at the club . J H BUM! Wjrpwo'" r , r a ireflnu. Elisabeth made a quick regular session which wa, held at and Mrs John Ttiberosa Sr. The Misses Elinor Rnffaltola and Christina Airola spent Sunday In Clinton with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Merloni of Clinton spent Tuesday afternoon wilh Mr. and Mrs. John Mattloda. The Misses Alice and Rose Mary Mattioda and Christina Airola spent Saturday with friends In Clinton. Julia Kandera of Sandytown spent Tuesday with her sister. Mrs. Pete Nora. Miss Lucille Malas of St. Anthony hospital at Terre Haute .pent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Malag. Mr.. Joe Godzen and daughter and Mrs. Helen Valk of Blanford spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ma lag. iarvey of him. 1 , . the home of Mrs. William Dick m South Fifth street. BUSINESS ACTIVITY NEARS PEAK just exactly where business activity stands, in comparison with 1929 i. a matter of debate. There are many indices and many argument, a. to their meaning but the reader of The Daily Clintonian may be interested in figure, kept by the New York Times. The year 1936 ended with its index of business activity hovering around 110. after a steady surge upward from the low of about 90 which occurred in March. The figure is considerably above the depression low of approximately 64 in March. 1933, just above the estimated normal of 100 and bear, comparison with the peak for the prosperity year of 1929, when the index .tood at I 14.7. Reader, should understand that thi, figure i. based on business activity and that it does not pretend to be an index showing the condition of the nation. Other factors enter into any picture of the eco-nomic conditions but it is encouraging to observe the reported improvement of business activity. HERE'S ONE WAY TO GIVE Every year, between Christmas and the New Year, the newspapers are filled with stories of gifts and benefactions and so it was lie naa a vmmu . , , straiffht black hair "as black as a The new officer, chosen to serve t'cnlly. Little feathery tofU of . .. , l. . iAmf him dia- dnrln the ensuing year are: Mrs. Charles Vogol, president; Mr.. Wil tinction. There were linea abont hi. eye. that made him eeera older Chan wnen awn 1 ""V"., '; They gave him a faint air of dissipation, or world wearinesa, which liam Dick, vice-president; sirs. .Marshall Fri.t, .ecretary; Mr,. James Donald treasurer; and Mr.. Don Stltt. reporter. in contests were awarded to Mrs. Walter Jones and Mrs. Pete Voto. i.' brdy added to hi. attraction, r.ii-ih'th thought u. The waiter moved away. E'J"-twth .tared out of the window, bne knew that the man opposite her wa. awaiting hi. opening. An !r-rused shyness seired her. Why isdn't .he .Uyed In the pnllmanl . . iwmmi vio- Founder of Realist School The founder of the Realist school was Gustave Courbet, French painter of landscapes, figures and portraits who died in 187.. Announcements have been re ...ivort here of the birth of a daugh ter to Mr. and Mrs, Morton Hollings-worth of Oak Park. 111. The infant t... i. nampri Rettv Anne. The l-ntly on curve, and her b' tkidded off the table into the pae- ?h. man atooped to pick it o Zi landed it back with a little bow i- Vr "thank you." ly handled, without impetuosity, this will prove an asset. UBS " " Hollingsworth. family lived here. to, SuaMng. he waa lovely girt, wi's a .aiall, .lender face illumined . . j l.l Una eta arnfloW Tho Poets and Writer, of Indi She wa. ten.ely aware of hi, Intereev. ana" was the topic discussed yes- U UKI rvi w - tn Uit .kin that had the texture 4 tf! d,"?h. For Monday, January Monday's astrological forecast is a dubious one, especially in the handling of funds. Speculation, gambling and personal extravagances or indulgence, may prove i.rria. afternoon by Mrs. Cecil Har A trader I. only a man who f outck- . i .u nna vhn pan out during the recent holiday season. We are intrigued by the benefaction of a paint manufacturer in Philadelphia, who paid off eve.y bill owed by hi, 100 employes. The debt, ranged from market bills to mortgages on homes and totalled $100,000. I Much more equitable, it seems to us, is the plan to give bonuses to all employe., based upon length of service and yearly pay, of other factors. To haphazardly pay up all debts of employe, might easily be the mean, of penalizing thrifty and responsible worker, in favor of careless and incompetent laborers. However, no man can complain. Everybody, at least, gets something that he did not expect and the fact that another got a larger share is beside the point. er uwu id wa, " ; , , wit the other fellow. That', really rison at the regular meeting of the Kffie J. Harrison Circle of the East man remembered grimly that most looked Into hi, mind she would have been considerably startled. "You know Los Angeles well?" he inquired casually. She nodded. "My home', a few mile, out of Hollywood. I've been of th. K-C all there l. to it. -- "But fair dealing, of coursST I hate trickery." . ' " ' K.,,.JrH,, Also be alert to not siven to oiumu. "-.7" . i f i . . . mouldennflr ern Star Lodge. The circle met at the home of Mr.. Guy Southard in He sain, witn a umcn ' " schemes, treachery and shun anything that mieht cause scandal, i South Seventh .treet with Mr.. D n Ruriran a. the assistant hostess away at college. A woman cuiic near San Francisco. I've just finished with it" gance: "Of course one piay. aquare." . change of advantage is probable and rlem in ' r fiW shiver, all along her nerves. and her body tensed with ewate- "'It'. really urpriing that the trains tay on the track, at all, with the new Increase in speed, was . ... kl k.n.llv "And sorry! orgiaai hoantifnl eves widened as private engagements may prove live . A ... U: U7A.,1,4 :rn, Hff Mrs. J, J. Wilkerson was a guest. The next meeting of the organ iia-tion will be at fhe home of Mrs. E A. Lewin. sne swrea ai. aim. " ,-- sorry if you'd been shut up behind bhe aignea. now mkihbub . wish could be trader too. I aup-pose yon deal in million, i" He nodded. "But money doesn't mean much," he deprecated. "Good heaven.! Are yon crazy T" Her blue eye. were pool, of aston- eioomy wans, ana wen "Isn't It?" she smiled. She had a isn ", v tk.t at Ilia dimple in ner irn : monent made her lo rtrwrdi- THE STARS SAY By CENEVIKVE KEMBLE for Kunday, January 17 irox your irewiw,,,, - - With a clatter, the fork with which the man had been proddme hi. aalad fell to hi. plate and i .L- a Tirkn Uai harl ly and pleasant. Those whose birthday It ts are on the verge of a year in which much depends upon individual sagacity, good judement and personal self control. Avoid speculation, gambling and extravagance. Be on guard against eause for scandal and re lahmenc . wH man nf erne', entinaetlon lie. in Bucceeding. That', what 1 een year.' difference in their ger; legy of Sycamore street and Laurence Sweet ot South Seventh street. Terre Haute, left yesterday morning for Hollywood. Calif. recovered it and apologized, he meant, yon Know 10 accompn.i, .. ... aAMmatVitna said: "Why, no! tfui pernap j . . . , a :ts I... ;n .anion. hough tne pasi v-o j- had Been an eternity of hell, .hould progressive year, with new business and contracts under favorable aspect. Employment is also undr rather fortunate auspices for advancement or favors. But he wise In indulging in reckless, tempestuous, or impetuous conduct of any kind. A child born on this day may be lively, versatile and energetic, with squaring oneself with oneself, ae t snouia i eei kuw uiiiiutvjr ... bering how to Ulk to a beautiful Naturally. I underatand." Bhe added, on a little bunt of enthusi , . u.J I i. n. lib. be aiscounwo. . "But I love speed. I wanted to down. But Dad wouldn't let me. .he pouted. M "Is that not 1 .oppose tt 0ld ane wuicneu. t .- a freshet of delight Like nppling Mrs. Reginato ot Universal had her tonsils removed yesterday at her asm: I do so wont a career oi my water wi dpi-uik " own, and all the trimmings. I want .Mnil,m ti rha avnrld. he Sunday's Horoscope is a fairly auspicious one, with active condition, in connection with writings, publishing or promotional program.. Employment is under good influence for recognition or preferment from .uperiors. Be careful, however, not to make any rash or impetuous moves or indulRe in any forma of excesses or recklessness. Those whose birthday it is may nrenare for an active, lively and home. Her condition is good. IS Mai ao irapuiwun " TU flama fvlintMl frain from schemes and plots, a pleasant personal adventure and possibly a change arc foreseen. A child born on this day may be clever, shrewd and have talents of an unusual or original order. But it may have tendencies to impulsive and indulgent moods, wilh poor judgment in handling its fund.. everywhere, do everything." She i again in hi. dark eyea a. they met tendency for salesmanship, promo .he might take this ami.., he added quickly: "In another year or two V" ,1'. S-JLZSJZ Th leaned I o r w a r o aonnuenuanj . "D'yon know, it seem, to me a. if her. meaningly, ui h. hortnir her he added, watching tion or advertising, and he may FAIRVIEW PARK nan vne wwiiwii i v,,c ww..w - - -suicides? Dead before they're prop his eifect "But .och are not my in want to he constantly doing some- principal DWam a v- Atlantic croased in a few hon. Around the world in few days .... r wiwmit Her erly ajrvcu ur nan wuw."" . , i. 1 U. HnJ Rltn ia ihii, and making chances. Proper ineir nraua m ma -"", " everything lovely and exciting. '"HOW perit:t-v,j aw. - .horn. She drew a deep CORRESPONDENCE leoumi. . . A wave of excitement caught Elizabeth. Thia waa fun. She felt daring, and unconscionably thrilled that romance wa. here before her , l Am r4 frunn, "That sort la to be pitied,- ne .hi h;1v. Ha waa atudvine br!?lh-. -w... for Another Sit-Down Strike! her carefully, much intrigued by on ner very ui , She had been restless and unhappy excitement, for adventure. Fresh from school, and just rarin to go. He understood women. From tne . i j i,M Aam acm. thev her beauty and yooin. ner envnu-siasm too. He thought it very en- ner last year at bcdoou wjhkuh A cn. i n Bnd main the Dona van Cox Enter. CCC; Mr nd Mrs. Howard Shannon Entertain Tuesday Kin- ........ world. Matins' restrictions Avid V 1: for living. cnn..n,lnni an atunid. Ox He auggeewa B liqueur, dot nr.- tated. She had never tasted a liqueur before. But after all her talk, if she refused, he would prob- . ' .L., M,n Tf hhi generacioB i uni - .' time ne naa y ---y had a faaeinatioa for him. Lovely Woman and Money-makmgl But money-making. f course. The waiter brought their ordera. When they were alone aeam, the man picked op the thread of ' FAIRVIEW, Jan. 15 Donovan wantea a uimg, in - year of 1934, yon went right after 1. j ui A I mwA nrm nnvar Co. of Fairview entered the C. C. C. emy mm. ane nan vnn . that she waa afraid of him. Bo aba accepted. It anO fTmtUWV .v, mtMiM - W yon. (To Be Continued) elf. please T" He took from his vest -TOO llBe vra-":,, . -t, a .hnt it. Ht Ideal Of last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shannon entertained some friends Tuesday evening including Mr. and Mrs. Archie Cox, Mr, and Mr.. Wayne I' 1 1 .1 - f V L;4.-r Labor Crisis Centers Around Two Veterans Ammerman. Mi. Hazel Walraven and Sam Beech. Bunco was played during the evening, Mrs. George Hinkle spent Friday with her brother. W. J. Curry and family of Clinton. Mrs. Gertie Sllkwood and family. Mildred Bohannou and Leoua Kaulds spent Buoday with Mrs. Russell Neidllnger and family of Clin ton. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cox of Sullivan visited with Mr. and Mrs. Archie weekend. Mr. and r '' .' f - ', ' I John L- lewi. , . - - J r Vv V J . 7 IssjpJ Mrs. Wayne tJibson of Fontanel pent Sunday with Mr. and Mr.. Archie Cox. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Joue. of Rosed.le also speul Sunday with Mr and Mr.. Archie Cox. Mrs. Russell Neidllnger ana wn ( and Leoua Faulds of Clinton were Monday guests of Mrs. Gertie Silk-wood and family. .Mrs. Martin Faitak and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kaitak of Universal spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Whiiwortn. John and Donovan Cox spent the weekend with friends at Cynthian.. Ind. Clee J. Sprague is confined to his home with illness. Mr. nd Mr., Robert Wright spent Monday In Braiil with friends. Mrs. George Allerdyce of Terre Haute was the Wednesday guest of Mr.. Ida Eller. Mr.. Or. Weaver and Mrs. Ethel Meildaiw spent Wednesday in Terre Haute. 43 a 2 s a.. . t "Labor monHireV,&' 1 in i1irfflir-J H,.ed a. "middteman" If the C. I. a U feud come, to a ahowdown. JJ-rresident of the United Mine Worker, and head oftte C I O.. I. the "man of the hour- whoo. influence on the fate of tabor In u, the field is incalculable. First "akirmish In the lahor wruggle la being waged In the auto kaduatry. Two veteran leader. In th. field of umon actniuee IWfocalpotnU hi the impending atruggle by or-tTmieUto for a greateTahare in the profiu of SSSSy . eorre B-ry! president of the Interna-SSbiOoo of Printing Pressmen, tiaa held that ra-ationTw year. He contWenUat adviser JTthe preaident on labor matter, and may be en- V

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