The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 20, 1922 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, February 20, 1922
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EMOUM 1 1 JLJELiCJ rRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO H KM FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty.Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1922 Number 23 rFrnrrr ttti FAT NEWS ACADEMY WINS Normandy Men FarfKrwanis. RfGDON WANTS A HIGH SCHOOL FINAL CONTEST OF THE SEASON H. S. Chorus In Musical Comedy "The Minister's Honeymoon to be Presented in Auditorium on Wednesday Night FAIRMOUNT HIGH WALLOPS MUNCIE TAKES FAST AND FURIOUS GAME DESPITE WORK OF "PERSONAL FOUL" REFEREE Black and Gold Nose Out a Victory in Overtime Period Muncie Having Forged Ahead in Final Minute of Regular Period Payne Shoots Winning Goal in the Pinch. AT SIIARPSVILLE "FIGHTING FIVir IVMES FROM BEHIND AND FITS OVER A WIN IN LAST HALF I . I Excellent St j I of Team Work Counts for the Quakers While the Indivi- dual Playing of the Team Gives Hopes for Big Things in District Tourney. The Fairmour.t Academy "Fighting nv? travel to Miarpsviue 1 1 -way Thursday night in the fourth number school patrons of four townships evening and defeated the fast Sharps- if tm? Eastern Star-Masonic course. ' gathered at Rigdon Wednesday eve-villo high school net five. 22 to IT. an invitation to be guests of the club, ning at a mass meeting at which plans The Academy quintet was able to put a,uj hence the ' regular meeting were mado and reports heard on the over a win by their excellent playing! anJ dinner 0f the club was postponed proposed combination of Green. Lib-in the second half when they came ; f lvm Monday night until Thursday. erty. Buck Creek and Boone townships from behind and staged a real rally.; AuJ lhon the xovmandv Singers in the establishment of a high school Everything was in favor of Sharps- fa;...l . i. (Iim- .nt at RiVdon. ville during the first half, they being tnoir cscuses that thev vverv excetxl-! Reports from committees appoint- j fwul on Bwnr. and Payne. Fair- ahlo to end the half loading 11 to 4.;incljr tirvvi frx,m travclinc, alul mod-ed to sound out the various trustees j mount forward, made his chance good In the first half the Academy played to rc?t vH,fv,vo their entertainment an I advisory boards were heard, and!""" U the score' , , . , . too much individual Kill and not en-latcr in tho CVl.nilur. 'although no definite assurances were! The rame was one of the rdest eugh team work. p after all thev were not missed' by these officials, it is thought j 'ouht f. the T ! ! In tho second half the Academy L . " . ! T Jli' l! nmKihlo that tior. Fairmount d.d the larger part Send Excuses and Do Not Appear at I IVnner Thursday Night Affair Most Enjoyable Without Them Haul Kiwanis known before the- din- nor what it learned during the dinner Kiwanis would have dir.ed Monday nijrn instead of Thursday nieht last! week Rut, you can never tell. Ki- ' wants had extended to the members of the Normandy Singers, who ap- j .,,,....,0 tK s. ho.l aii.lit.r...n. of the usual, in that it was a "not ." .... most ot me r.HHimmgs. wnue Kiwan-, is furnished the meats, and the ladies of the ConcrecationU church looked oi iiu vonvrt national cnurvn i.okihi after the tables, the serving and the cottee. It was a mighty fine dinner, and some fortv Kiwanians and their . " . . . Iad:es thoroughlv enjovovt it. No less dtd they en?oy the pro-ram. minus the .Normamty tellows. Charles r. JarK- er was chairman of the evening, and Kiwanian Edgar Morphet the speaker of the evening. Mr. Morphet talked about Alaska, and talked so well and so interestingly, having his facts and figures so well in hand that his auditors were loath to hr.vo him quit, and it is promised that ho will bo. heard again. . . A A ..i..., ..mi. ..- niT! TS ai me noxai n.eaire was ex- - . . 1 l. 1 A ... . i j The Fairmount high school basket ball team successfully invaded Muncie Friday evenings and defeated the Central high varsity. 32 to 29, in an overtime game in the Muncie high school gym. The Muncie team fought hard and held a one-point lead with twenty seconds left to play, when Referee Babb was forced to call a personal w,v . guaru. was removeu irum game alter aoout ten minutes w yiny on personal fouls. Williams, back- Jr uard- l tHi r?me. V T !v . tors in the first period, but in the ' ahea on m - " n sonal fouls. The Purple and White players were not models themselves, they having n.,1 whil.. jVIVUU 'V -v-i;i.- - Fairmount committed twenty, accord- ing to the dictum of the referee. Beck-. nor was the only Muncie man forced to leave the g.nmo by the personal , . ):. i i,. the overtime period. Ulery and Mace MOVEMENT STARTED FOR FOUR TOWNSHIPS TO COMBINE IN ESTABLISHING ONE Green and Liberty in Grant and Duck Creek and Boone in Madison Pro- pose to Join Forces Committees Named to Confer With the Four Trustees. A crowd of taxpayers and among the townships can be secured situation1 ).x Th 'nre nvd present Wednesday z oning indicateil the interest being - dplyed by school patrons of R:gdon d vicnity in the movement. A very unusual condition exists, which prob- : : " u-uiimu the tat- Children in and around ! .-. ...vv.. .v. v...... ... ca?ts twelve miles to reach tho near est high school. It is this situation that the combine movement aims to correct. corners Rig, ion is situated at the of Green and Liberty townships in Grant cour.'y. and also at the corners of Duck Creek and noone townships of Madison county. It is these four townships that are to co- .A. - A . ... A-- ..Al . 1 - l :ie rrrvip'Il .'i illO OUlHllllg, No dcnito steps were tak there was no authority for acti iV . taken as on. 1 xit the situation was reviewed and pos siblo approaches discussed. County lpermtcndent A. R. Hall was among those who talked at tho meeting, Accoiding to tho statements that night, a school of between loO and 200 pupils could be organized nt Rigdon drawing patrots from all four townships. A continuation of the movement was assured by the fact that Benja- min Burris. state superintendent of , : ; ; upor.had ; On Thursday night, Feb. 23, the musical comedy "The Minister's Honeymoon" is to be presented in the Fairmount high school auditorium. "The Minister's Honeymoon" has a wealth of good comedy parts that are very much worth while. The speaking parts are quite clever, while the songs and choruses are lively, snappy and catchy. In every way it is an unusual production; just the Kind oi a production that will appeal to Fairmount people. It is not an operetta, although there are several solo and chorus parts. A musical comedy would classify the produc- tion better than anything else. The cast of characters has been selected from the high school chorus- es as follows, while Miss Marv Sam ple, head of the music and art department, is directing the production: Rev. Homer Brown, our new minister, Jack Bonar. ! Daisy Lovejoy Brown, his bride Marpiaret Taylor. Teddie Spangles, his best man Reginald Parrill. ftetn l erKins. norarian ol Sunday school Kenneth John. Mrs. Jones, president of Mite Socio- ty Maude Corbin. Evangeline, maid of honor Suzan- ne Barruett. .Annebelle. one of minister's Sunday school class Anna Bosley. John Wesley Simpkins, station agent, telegraph operator, postmaster and mayor Victor Love. Miranda Austin, a good cook Fay Pcirce. Ann Hazel Smith. Sarah Jane Phyllis Cooper. Unele Alec, the old sexton Roy John. Bridesmaids Llora Brown, Treva Parker, Lois Fankboner, Bertha Ilay-worth. Sunday School Class Anna Bosley, Lois Fankboner, Llora Brown, Treva Parker, Bertha Hay worth, Mildred Lyons, Vada Downing, Deloras Schlag-enhaft, Lavena Smiley, Helen Leach, Ruth Weaver, .Alice Ramsey, Murtha Bevington, Orpha Kirkwood. Mite Society Maude Corbin, Ruth Comer, Bertha Comer, Edith Davis, Lillian Blair, Ethel Simons, Mabel Brown. Frances Murray-, Opal Powers, Gladys Miller. Donald Buller and Fredrick Edwards are in the choruses. With this well chosen cast a good production is assured and the comedy will undoubtedly prove quite popular from every point of view. Mr. Reid. scenic artist for the Cir- three apiece when final time was . Al 1 1 A came back on the fior determined to win and by playing a good passing game was able to swamp their opponents. The team work of the Quakers in this half was tho best that they have exhibited for some time and if they can use this kind of play during the ret of the season they are bound to g high up in the coming tourney. Comparing the way the Academy team played in the first half and the way they played in tho second half shows that a passing game is far better tvian so much in-d:.vidual playing. MeComhs was tho bright star for Fairmount. scoring cght field goals for his team. wh:!e Lewis, his team mate, showed up good by playing a pvl passing game. For Sharpsville. Rorkly p'ayed a gxHl t'oor game, he remg the ma .y ivo toav... v e- tear.' Ce- Vtllllil!"iil..V..V-.,,..v... .:. ..r ...-, .. . .1 f.-.wi 1 the ime after alnntt ten mirvites of play by committing four personal teii.. - Most of the game was fast and well "laycd so"surlr?g tho referee who keenly showed tho lack of experience l y his poor kr.owUdgo of tho gamo. Fairmount may bo prn:d of this victory, as defeating tharpsvi'lo on their long and narrow g.vm is r.o little foat. Sharpsville has an exceptionally strove team this year, hiving defeated many strong team? of this section of tho state. Sharpsville is con idorod along with Tint on and Koko- mo r champion honor? in the . .... coming district tournament to bo played at Kokomo. Sport experts are giving Sharpsville a good chance of copping the honors. This contest shouV put the "Fight- inrs Five" in good shape for the com- ing Windfall contest to bo staged at the Academy gym next Friday night, If the Academy team can play a pass- ing game compared with like they played in the last half of the Sharps- ville contest they should take the long end of the count, but if they play too much for themselves like they have in some games this season, they may have a hard time winning. BLACK AND GOLD QUINTET TO MEET JONESBORO ON H. S. GYM FLOOR WEDNESDAY Fairmount Now Going at a Pace That is Liable to Take the "Wonder" Out of Gilbert's "Wonder Five" When They Clash in the District Tournament Next Week. On Wednesday night of this week Fairmount fans will have the last opportunity of the year to see the Black and Gold teams in action on the home j floor. That evening the Jonesboro : fu st and second teams will come to ! Fairmount for games with the high I sch0ol first and second teams. The first Karae ia booked to begin at 7:30. All Fairmount fans will be anxious ; to see this last game of the season, j Everyone is anxious to see just howY fast a stride the Black and Gold is hitting at this time. Everyone has heard of the wondeful game put up in winning from Muncie. There is no doubt, the Black and Gold is now playing, far the best ball of the sea- son and staging as classy a brand of I that sport as can be seen in this sec tion of the state. Jonesboro has a scrappy team as . v. .i,.. Vi v,;o-v. -ui jonesvoro game at the tournament !will ajrree. Fairmount will have to f1Kht for the honors but should win by a comfortable margin. ; The second team is the one that will ' have the hard fight. Everyone has ! soon tliese speedy little athletes in action and feels that a victory over the Jonesboro seconds is to be assured although a fast contest is expected, j Parker of Fairmount will referee both j contests. j The Fairmount team is the one that is expected to take the "Wonder" out of the "Wonder Five" in the coming tourney. Local fans say the Black jjind Gold tan nr.d will do this. The Black and Gold athletes are determined that it shall be done and are out I for iust that purpose. 1 Fairmount fans feel sure of one 'thing. The Black and Gold team is .fust now hittirifl its fastest stride. The local quintet is just now getting in the pink of condition where it might still be possible for six men to snatch a doubtful victory but it is quite sure that the customary five 'would have a mighty hard time accomplishing any such thing, j Moreover, the Marion "Wonder I Five" seems to have passed its prime and to be hitting the down grade. Many teams recently have taken the , touted brand of "Wonder" out of Gilbert's crew until the Marion fans are beginning to wonder about the rousing, peppy convocation held last Friday and Fairmount fans will want another glimpse of the athletes in this attire before they journey to Marion for the district tourney. - FRANKLYN FERGUSON . BECOMES A BENEDICT Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ferguson have issued announcements of the marriage of their son, Franklyn A. Ferguson, to Miss Jeanette L. Wagner, the marriage having) taken place on last Wednesday in Marion at the residence of the pastor of the Luthern church in that city. The young couple were accompanied only by the parents of the groom. Mr. Ferguson is associated with his father in the management of the Royal theatre in Fairmount and the. motion picture house in Upland, both of which places of amusement they have recently purchased. Mr. Ferguson recently removed to Fairmount from Valparia-so. It was while a resident of Val-pariaso that Mr. Ferguson and Miss Wagner became acquainted, she having come to Valpariaso from her home in Wisconsin to attend the normal school. Mr. Ferguson and his bride are most estimable young people and will be a welcome addition to the social life of Fairmount. There will be a called meeting of the Eastern Star in their hall Friday evening, Feb. 24, for initiation, at which time five new members will be taken in. The initiatory services will be followed by a pot luck. supper in public instruction has been secured to man worked and worked hard. Sup-take part in the next meeting of those jerior team work and speed was what interested in the project. This meeting will probably take place at Rigdon within the next two weeks. AMOMA GIRLS TO GIVE A "SOX" SOCIAL. Invitations to a "Sox"-social have r!-. thkcts psace i m ino hands of the Kiwanians to be dispos-!. ,hI of. GtHrge I Ferguson, owner of ... tho Roval theatre, and tho latest ad- dition to tho ranks of Kiwanis. was introduced, as was also Mrs. Fergu- son. and each given the Kiwanian welcome. t . Getting Ready For Big Work Tn Hoard Taking S'ens to Begin Improvpents at the Water Works Plant at an Earlv Date Preparations for tho starting of work on the proposed improvements at the water works plant, are being made, and Otto Wells and Alonro Cline have been awarded the contract by the town board for the removal of the old fire Kirn from the west end 0f the waterworks lot to the tract of ground purchased last year by the .city from Eri Rich, and located im- mediately north of the pumping plant, Their bid for this work was $225. It is understood that the building, which is a frame structure, will be wrecked the contract to be let earlv nextl heon issued by the Amoma Girls ofjiIuncie was nl? sent from tne Pame the Baptist church for Wednesday i ana Ulery and Mace also had three cle theatre of Indianapolis, has just i "Wonder" of the "Wonder Five." finished installing the two complete j Fairmount fans are anxious to see sets of new scenery, drops, curtain J the local squad in action again and and other fixtures for the stagie. The ' for that reason will not want to miss stage is also being rewired so that ' the g,ame Wednesday night, the best possible lighting effects may j Moreover the local quintet is now be obtained at all times. Interior j respiendent in Gold and Black sweat-decorators have been busy in the i er coats that were presented at a ailed. Referee Babb came near handing the Mmcie squad the game on free i K. n ..1.1 th,. lo- cals fought like tigers, clearly out- playing, their speedy rivals at almost every stage of the game. Proceeding the game Friday night the Muncie fans had got out their "victory" bell and formed a monster parade, inviting everyone to see tho slaughter of Fairmount. But despite all these preparations, Fairmount wasn't slaughtered, but instead was unappreiiative enough to cop the bacon, and upset these sumptuous plans. The Fairmount team played a whirl- wind game every minute. Every did it, even though Leer was removed for personals during the first ten minutes, Williams during the second half, while Olfather and Payne had three each, Flanagan and Pickard two each. Referee Babb seemed to 1 specialize in personals as Beckner of each. But even this could not spoil an excellent game and Fairmount led most of the time. Ulery was the best Muncie player on the floor when it came to counting field goals and scored seven, but from the foul line he failed to shine so brilliantly. He scored twenty-five of Muncie's points. The Muncie team as a whole showed some claspy fighting spirit in the middle of the second half when it came, from behind and worked the score to a four-point lead. Then, after the Fairmount team had come from behind and tied the score, Muncie called time out with but two minutes and a few seconds to play, and, it being the fourth time out, a technical foul was called. Payne made his chance good and Fairmount jumped into a one point lead. Ulery came through with but forty seconds to play and dropped in a sensational side shot. In the overtime period, the loss of Beckner was the fatal wrench in the Purple and White machine and the Fairmount team took advantage of the momentary slowing up of Muncie and !put aeross a win. The work of Payne the best for the visitors. He counted two field goals, and eigjht fouls in twelve chances. His work from the foul line was fine. He came through with the points when his team needed them most and his last two foul shots tied the score. Lineup and summary: Muncie Mace Beckner Ulery Shroyer Raisor Fairmount Payne Hollingsworth Olfather Leer Williams Forwards Centers Guards The Windfall game is the last of . and rebuilt on its new location, it be- are enclosed in a minature pink and the season and this will be the best iing the intention of the contractors to w-hite sock, pink and white represent-game local basket ball fans will pet j begin this work within a few days, j ing the colors of the class. The so-a chance to witness. The Academy! This change is being made in order ,c'a is to be a George Washington team should be in good condition for j to make room for the 200.000 gallon ffr nd a pleasant time is promised this contest, with the exception of j reservoir which is to be constructed U wno attend. Edwards, forward, who has been ill j on the waterworks ground during the1 for the past few days. While the coming spring. Advertising for bids FAIRMOUNT YOUTH IS Windfall scrap is last on the schedule j for this week is now being published, RELEASED FROM JAIL eveninn Feb. 22. The invitation is a clever little rhyme asking each guest to bring a penny for every inch of the length of the stocking she wears, by way of a free will offering for the piano fund. These invitations Cecil Payne, one of three Fair- The employes of the Citizen's Tele- phone company met Friday evening ;at the home of Miss Hah Peacoc)c on .East 8th street and enjoyed a ham- month, j mount youths indicted by the Dela- The plans of the town Nrd for the ware "MI jury for the alleged hold-improvements have been fully matur- iuP of Lfe Hoover, proprietor of a ed. and will b carried out as quickly general store at Wheeling, has been as possible when weather conditions released from the Delaware county will permit the beginning of the job. at Muncie, relatives providing The installation of three deep well j $1,500 bond and he was allowed to re-pumps, in addition to the construction . turn to his home, of the reservoir, will provide a plenti- ( ful supply of water at all seasons of .TELEPHONE EMPLOYES the year, as well as give ample re- . HAVE HAMBURGER FRY. auditorium for the past several days, so that the auditorium and stage are now entirely finished and in splendid condition. With these improvements Fairmount now has one of the best auditoriums of any town this size in the state. Tickets for "The Minister's Honeymoon are already on sale at the Pioneer drug store. Three hundred and twenty of the seats have been reserved at the usual price of thirty-five cents, while the remainder are unreserved and these general admission tickets will be sold at the door for twenty-five cents. The proceeds from this comedy will go toward the recent improvements in the auditorium. The production will begin at 8 o'clock. Music will be furnished by the H. second orchestra. Field goals Hollingsworth 4, Olfather 3, Flanagan 2, Leer 1, Payne 2, Uley 7, Beckner 2. Foul goals Payne 8, missed 4; Ulery 11, Missed 8. Personal' fouls Leer 4, Williams 4, Payne 3, Hollingsworth 1, Olfather 3, Pickard 3, Beckner 4, Mace 3, Ulery 3, Raisor 1. Substitutions Thorn-burg for Beckner, Beckner for Shroyer, Shroyer for Beckner, Pickard for Leer, Flanagan for Pickard, Pickard for Williams. Referee Babb. The condition of Arnold Barrick, World War veteran who has been seriously ill for some time at his home on North Buckeye street, showed some improvement this morning) over last week, although his condition is ye.t very serious. it will not be the least one as this is j considered one of the big games of the year. Lineup and summary: Fairmount Sharpsville McCombs Cecil Rich Wesfell Cunningham Burkheld Forwards Centers Woods Borkley Brewer Faulkins Guards Field goals McCombs 8, Rich 1, Burkheld 3, Cunningham 2, Wesfell t. Foul goals Cecil 2 out of 3, Rich 2 out of 2, Wesfell 5 out of 8. Substitutions Lewis for Cecil, Vorus for Burkheld. The Academy freshman team met defeat at the hands of the fast S,um-mtville high school second team by the score of 12 to 8 Friday night at Summitville. Though outweighed and playing against practically the same team that played the Academy seconds last Wednesday here, the showing made by the freshmen was exceptionally good. The score at half time was 9 to 6 in favor of serve supply at all times for emergency. r.y MISS ALICE RATLIFF EXPECTED HOME SOON. j"Let joy be unconfined. the fry. In addition to the bergers there were buns, pickles. fatted calf, although Pm hoping it coffee and cake. Games and music will be a chicken, writes Miss Alice j were the order of the evening and Ratliff to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. ; the guests presented Miss Peacock A. E. Ratliff, f or I am coming home. , with a beautiful present before de-Miss Ratliff, who has been stationed parting. Those present were M. and at Hamburg, Germany, for the past Mrs. Troy Eaton of Alexandria, Mrs. two years, where she supervised the Gertrude Price, daughter Lois and feeding of undernourished children is son John. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Morris enroute to Italy and after she has and son Wade, Misses Blanche Harsh-visited a number of places mapped , barger, , Mary Hollingsworth, Grace out on her homeward itinerary, she J Carter, Lillian Dunbar, Irene Brook-will sail for the United States, reach- shire, Anna May Darnell and Ilah ,ing here in the near future. Peacock. the banqueting hall. 1

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