The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 16, 1922 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1922
Page 4
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THE FAIIIMOUNT NEWS 'WANT RURAL ROUTE Miss Elsie Traster spent Sunday in Elwood. SUNDAY SERVICES TAKE NOTICE During the remainder of February I will put on the best grade of Sah iron roofing for $7.75 per square. This is myi low price. Parker, the Tinner. Edwin Seal is confined to his home on North Vine street with sickness. One Thousand Yards EXTENDED FROM HERE Twelve residents of the extreme southwestern part of this county, living from five to seven miles south and west of this city, have filed a petition with Postmaster W. P. VanArsdall as'ing that the route traversed by Emery C Adams, carrier of rural Mrs. Lena Holliday continues seri ously ill at her home on South Main street. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Evening service, 7 p. m. S.ermon subject: "Men of Burning Hearts." Everybody welcome. MARTIN1 LEE GRANT, Pastor. route No. 2 from the local postoflice, j Mrs. James Howard has been taken to Kokomo where she will enter a hospital for treatment. be extended a distance of four miles, in order to better accommodate pat- j rons in that vicinity, some of whom ; are now served by Elwood and Sway-xoe routes. The petition was referred , CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Bible school, 9:30 a. m. Communion, 10:30 a. ni. Prayer service, Wednesday evening. Subjects: Morning The Mountain Side Multitude. Matt 14: 13-21. The condition of Atty. O. R. Scott is slightly improved and hopes are entertained for his ultimate recovers. Tbile Du Nord Dress Ginghams to sell for 25c per yard extra quality, latest styles and fast colors. to the department at Washington by i TWO DAYS at ROYAL Theatre Thursday and Friday A Mighty Milestone in Motion Pictures .nr. vanrtrwaii, wno nas no juiisuic- Evening Prepardness .Amos 4:12 tion in the matter. of of! Mr. and Mrs. William Karwin Marion were the Sunday guests H. CLAY BOYTS, Pastor. i Mr. and Mrs. Walter Downing Sunday. FOR RENT 40-aere farm, about 3H miles east of Fairmount. Phone 163 or 151. Ed M. Hollingsworth, Executor. Osia Hipes of Indianapolis, a form ' er Fairmounter, visited relatives and j FRIENDS CHURCH Bible school, 9:15 a. m. Preachinpv 10:30 a. m. Junior Mission Band. 3 p. m. Intermediate department, 4 p. Senior department, 6 p. m. Preaching service, 7 p. m. friends here Tuesday and ednes day. m. CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our neighbors and friends for their kindness and These perfect model, form fitting I" i corsets at Mrs. Patterson s Art More REV S. ADELBERT WOOD, Pastor help during the illness and death of are just what you have been want Hie Bee Hive Cash Store 1000 Pairs All Leather Shoes STAR BRAND inn. See them before buying. Cor sets fitted without extra charge. our little son and brother and also BAPTIST ANNOUNCEMENTS j for the comforting words, beautiful Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. floral offerings and Parrill & Lewis, Preaching service, 10:45 a. m., in ; hrt so kindJv mvp their free services The community sale advertised for next Saturday, has been postponed for and machine for the trip to Elwood. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Markle and family. j one week, and will be held on Satur- ! . day, Feb. 25. A large amount of j stock has already been assigned and charge of Rev. Roland of Anderson. B. Y. P. U., 0:30 p. m. Preachinp service at 7:30 in charge of Rev. Roland of Anderson. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening. W. I. McKINLEY, Chairman Pulpit committee. Thurman Lewi is is reeuperatine ; i Iirmv what vmi ' from an attack of the influenza. have and 5Ce Albert Morris or Lew PEOPLE i Mrs. D. M. Hedrick is able to be down stairs after a two-weeks siege i FloV Huston, a freshman in the 5'u- j Music school, has been invited to play WESLEYAN CHURCH. POLITICAL ANNOUNCEM ENTS FOR CONGRESS Samuel E. Cook, of Huntington County, Democratic candidate for Congressman in the eleventh district at the election two years ago, is a candidate for re-nomination, and asks your support at the primary May 2, 1922. ;a concerto witn trie Clarion oympnony r i r -i Lowe ... , . . urcnestra, at Clarion, on pru v. Wednesday calling ons. . ..... . This invitation comes as an honor to -ii-l i in Fairmount thv sick list. . , old friends. Sunday school: Fairmount, 9:30 a. m. Back Creek, 10 a. m. Preaching of the Word: Back Creek, 11 a. m. Fairmount, 7 p. m. ALLEN HOLUBAR'S n i Miss Huston, although her talent as John Fox of Hart for,! Citv was the a already been widely re S. T. Hoilir.gsworth of Marion was i?. Fairmount on business Friday. Drama-Eternal, Starring II Dorothy Phillips Harshbarger anJ j cognized. The Depauw. ', pttc-st oi Charles Special evangelistic meetings will j For Sheriff Frank C. Tukey, who has served Elwood I family Saturday. John Pare was in Mrs. ! The funeral of Charles, the one and wJth the Sunday evening meet- J several years as deputy sheriff, and cf last week, called there by a balf vr old infant of Mr. and Mrs. P at Fairmount. Mrs. R P. Lindsev artd lAiirhtor tc ::"r.css cf her mother. The public will bo cordially wel-,,,vno 'ias peen active service in the U. i S. Army, as well as law enforcement Emma, who have had attacks of the C1de Markle. living west of town, comet! to all the meetings. vegetable and i? nu. are improving. ! " '"' " wvi. purely iC IS rieui eanesaav irom tne resiaence frcm the most her.eficia! roots. The greatest love story of the Ages told in the tears of a slave-girl in pagan courts; in the cry of a gprgeous Amazon; in the smiles of a mediaeval bride; and in the heart-throbs of the women of today, nrhtinjr for Mother-Right in a world of Man-pillage. Thousands of Player Horses Wild Animals srl barks known to science. W. Hafcr.e. 11 For the common everyday ills of and burial was made at Elwood. The mankind there is nothing to eual death of the little one was caused by iTar.lac. H. W. Ilahne. pneumonia. i Lavena Smiley is able to resume William McCormick and Leo Moon ncr studies at the high school after are in Lafayette this week attending a several days illness, a creamery short ec-urse. j , ..... J. J. COLEMAN, Pastor, work for both the state and federal - . . . 'government, authorises the announce- FLOY HUSTON PLAYS jment of his name as a candidate for AT LADOGA PARTY. i nomination for sheriff of Grant coun- According to the Ladoga Leader J1 subject to the decision of the Re-Miss Floy Huston, together with two publican primary election to be held other young lady students of Depauw. cn a5 - 1922. furnished the entertainment for the j annual New Year's party and guest J You can be perfectly fitted in a day of The Woman's Literary Circle corset of best make and latest de- Oi.l Ei'iue cf North Main street, is s-v.T-i !r.r with a serious attack of ; Wonderful Scenes BIG REELS Phin Ratlitf will return today from rsair v- m: .i-sM tno.i.napo'is where he has In-cn spend- """"""n ' 'If ltj t ' --- .---.!-.' ire the past several days on business. I whieh was held in 9 9 ar. I Mrs. Jo.n Dare attended Sunday at the Little RMee r.'.; i nero the p-ic-sts s-; . ic? ? the spacious and , sSjrn. at Mrs. Patterson's Art Store, and Mrs. Eugene 3u will be more than pleased at pretty homo of Mr. A First N. Tonal Attract 1 "1 10 comfort given you by corset and Mr. Der.-v W low. The article "The enter C. Ashby in Iadoga. says in part as follows: by the price, also. tr'JJ J'.'IBLl FOR SATURDAY FEBRUARY 18th of th eveningi. of th evenmgi. tainers three j'oung Guy Gieen and family are moving j frcni Xoith Vine street into property : v.hkh they recently puixhased on; Ptukeye street. ' he Charlc-s Paiker r vi r g C:1 So u.ii W;i.;.tt stivet. ther.r new honte north r-v-; r r.- td to Mr. and Mrs. John Carson atx1 in o u We place cn sale 100 cans "3L 1 fl- I Indianapolis this week. Mi Mr. t arson s "TV w:: is there in the interest Force con-panv. ladies from Depauw university, Miss Christian Yickory. Bculah Yeager and Floy Huston were introduced anel g".vo the following program: V;oin Solos "Adoration" and "Waters of Minnetonka" and vocal 'solo, "Me and My Little Panjo Miss Vickorv. t : Reading "Fortune Hunter" and ."Trials of a Shoe Clerk", Miss Yeager. Piano So! os "Sextette from Lu the Divp ( choice ellow reaches!, put iup in heavy syrup, S.1 i Bozc'tl and tMvthy Ma?. 41 iiarrv.-t r.r.a Sitndav Siir-.r'.itv's'.e, sv-rt O' . A- .1 i Mr. r on 25c Per Can Bozell's mother. Mrs. Elva Mrs O" err; an. . Charles Jr.. accompanied Mr. and j rs. Fi-e,A Patterson on a motor trip to Indianapolis this week. Limit two cans to customer Word ha? been received by Mr. and cia" and "butterfly," Miss Huston. STORE Violin Solos "Liourance" and . Slti: i (u-imbih "v:h invii uanisn that awiul insomnia BEE HIVE CASH that your Tan-i ---!. er .v.r. .Hscle Luviworth who worries you ewy nicl t. Let - visiting her sister in Indianapolis, sleep be restful and refreshing. lar s sc-Hously ill of the! lac does it. It. W. Ilahne. Vocal So'os "Heart's Ease and ! Paul Winslow, son of Mr. and Mrs. j "Jus her way." Miss Huston. j Readings "Ry Courier" from O. j Henry and "Little Peter's Parley," j Miss Yeager. PREVENTS DEATH L F AGED WOMAN M-s. Lo'a J. Thcmnson and chil- It. K. Winslow, who was taken ill h-tn, Pvvd Francis and Rachel Alice, , while attending school in Summitville f Wes'.boro. O., who have leen spend- ,aNut a month ago, shows marked im-c the past few weeks with Mis. 5 provement. Thempson's mother and sister, Mrs. - KVr and Xtr-cr F.rlvn tlxonn.n Henry Strodtman of A number of musical monologues were given by Miss Huston one in The fountain of health for whieh every sick person longs is found WITHIN YOURSELF and is easily reached and always accessible. Just as all happiness, comfort, peace and contentment are conditions of the mind, so the FOUNTAIN OF HEALTH is to be found inside of your own skull. If yem do not have health it is because something has obstructc-d one of the many streams of vitali'y which flowt from the brain along the nerve pathways. These obstructions are usually found at the spine. The Chiropractor can locate and remove them and -health is the result. Come to the vffice and be convinced. McATEE & McATEE Chiropractors Mr. Deborah George of Summitville ; particular, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" made New York have moved into property lamed to their home Isst Monday. on Factory street. Mr. Strodtman is 5 a fermer Fairmount man and is a Nearly Loses Life From - very decided hit. These entertain- Asphyxtation I1 talented and pretty made j a decidenl impression on all present When Joseph Weaver, on North j bv thcir rcad and wiliino response to Min street, Summitnlle, broke down ami bv lheir attractive per- the door of the home of his neighbor. J All who heard them ex- world war xneteran. .t the present time he is in the government employ. Mr. Clara Wallace, T3, passed I Mrs. Deborah Geonre, TO, who lives ; rwl trie wisn to near them again away at the home of her son Marvin 1 alone, he found the aged woman atSon om occosion. Depauw on 5-Yulh alnut street Tuesday the point of death from asphyxiation ""- ... -m tives. VV A IN 1 U Tomato Planter Name price and kindl in first letter Addrets, BOX 642, ALEXANDRIA, IND. 210 N. Main St Phone 280 Fairmount rooming after an iKnrss of several weeks. rs. Wallace ; hi rrther of Marvin and Otto W.-Tace of this city, wivh whom she has made her home for some time. The funeral 4 services were held this mormng tn the Full line of corsets of latest designs in stock at Mrs. Patterson's Art Store. See them before buying. by gas which had escaped from a hard coal burner. Mrs. George had been at the home of her brother, Stephen Evans, near Gaston, and came home Friday. She was not seen about the house all day Sunday but it was thought that she ; M. E. church in Jonesboro at 10:S0 o'clock ami bimal was made at the ' might have been away for the day Gas City Riverside cemetery. let us DEMONSTRATE The Excellence iwith some of her relatives, but when she did not appear Monday morning , an entrance to the house was forced, j She vras in bed when found, but a bruise on her face indicated that she j had been up and had fallen. Her con-'dition is extremely prave, but unless j pneumonia develops it is believed she iwill revive. OF ARMOUR'S DELICIOUS PRODUCTS SPECIAL SALE! A demonstrator will be at THE MAYFLOWER MARKET Saturday and you are cordially invited to con e in and examine and sample these unexcelled products. $40.00 Pure Worsted Suits $30.00 ! COURT CALENDAR j FOR FOURTH WEEK. i The court ealendar for the fourth We also offer for Friday and Saturday these Special Prices week of the circuit court February' term, which opens Monday, February , $35.00 All Pure Wool fO)E' Tfh Suite $22.50 and O.U 38 .00 $50.00 Pure Worsted Suits $34.00 and 12 cans Armour's Pork and Deans and 25 lbs Sugar. .$3.00 12 cans Armour's Pork and Beans and an Alumniam piece $255 1 can Apple Butter, 25 cents or $2.00 a do-ten. 3 boxes Macaroni ,25c 3 boxes Spaghetti 25c Armour's Large Oats 25c Armour's Small Oats 10c Armour's Can Cream .5 for 50c Armour's Hard Water Soap ...2 for 15c Armour's Corn Flakes 2 for 20c Armour's Cleanser 5 cans 25c Armour's White Naptha Soap 5 for 30c Armour's Brown Soap 5 for 30c Graham Crackers 15c Apples, per tt 7c; per basket, $3.00 Grape Fruit, 10c and 12c Bananas .....7y2c Oranges, . . . .35c, 40c, and 60c 1 27, is announced as follows: Monday, February 27 State vs. Price (Judge Henry). Tuesday, February 28 Borrey vs. Ayres. ; Mclntire vs. Mclntire. Wednesday, March 1 State vs. Hughes. I Miller vs. Miller. Thursday, March 2 , State vs. Topp. f Simpson vs. Simpson. Friday, March 8 State vs. Wood, s State vs. Hall. Will vs. Bradfield, admr. These prices are below wholesale in order to close out short ends, and are all year around Woolens; are made strictly to your measure and carry our guarantee to fit and to be pure wool and perfect in every way. Ribble Bros., of course BOB LINDSAY, Prop. Phono 11 The Mayflower .4.

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