The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 16, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1922
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS TRAPPERS CONFUSED BY NEW GAME LAW RIG DON FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Mrs. Minnie Crecraft, Reporter Semi-Solid Buttermilk Mr. Elmer Brattain entertained the following at a two-course luncheon Sunday: Misses Ellen Conner, Hazel and Annette Roach. Edna Manship, Lenna McClintock, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cox, Lloyd Jones and Charles Foster. Misses Lenna McClintock, Garnet Flcener. Lois Leachman. Messrs. Murel Comer, Glenn Sheedy, Russel Brown, Lowell Coahran took supper Saturday evening with Miss Edith Is just pure creamery Buttermilk with the water removed to the consistency of lard. Buttermilk is the BEST FEED ON THE MARKET FOR HOGS, to supplement with your grain rations for rapid and economical gains. It is also an IDEAL FEED FOR LAYING HENS AND BABY CHICKS. Cut out the Coupon below and Mail to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bannister were in Fairmount Saturday on business. Mrs. Earl Duling who has been ill for several weeks is better and able to sit up a part of the time. Mrs. Lillian Simons called on Mrs. Hazel Helms Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Vm. Jarvis who have lived in the northern part of the state Death of Mrs. Isaac Key Mrs. Isaac Key, a well known and former resident of this place passed away Sunday morning at the home of her daughter Mrs. Lucy Frazee at Marion. Mrs. Key had sutfert-d for several months with a cancer on her face. Funeral services were held in Marion and burial made in Back Creek cemetery north of Fairmount. j Fleener. this winter, have moved their house Danville Buttermilk Co., Danville, 111. Booklets Issued by State Department Fail to Make Clear Certain Parts of the Regulations Digest booklets issued by the fish and game division of the state conser- ; vation department giving comprehen- ; sive information on Indiana laws pro- j tecting fish, game, birds and furbear- i ing animals, contain a section printed regarding) the open and closed season ! on mink and muskrat which apparent- : ly confuses some trappers. The booklets set forth in one section that j the closed season on mink and musk-rat extends to March 31, whereas the closing date is February 10 along with that of all other fur-bearing animals in this state. This section of : law was included in the pamphlets ; because the former law related to the destruction of muskrat houses and ' other matters not taken care of in the new act passed by the 1921 legis- ; lature. , hold poods back to his property at Fowlerton. Mrs. Marv Kirkwood is ill this Special Appointment. By special appointment. Elder L. C. Racon of Ina.anapolis will conduct The Willing: Workers met Saturday night at the home of Miss Fern Titus. About twenty-five were present. The evening was spent in music and games. Two kinds of cake and fruit salad were served. Mr .and Mrs. Ira Spitnnesser are Jweek with a cold and lagrippe. Miss Francis Murray, student ot Pleas preaching services at the Fo Uer 01 n Fairmount hig:h school is out of Primitive Baptist church next fcatur- . ... i.tfc ftTl;ntis. 1 :30 o'clock and the proud parents of a baby daughter, Dallas Atkinson and son Oren at tended the basket ball tournament at , named Clara Carmen I am interested in Semi-Solid Buttermilk, mail sample and literature and prices. Name , Address Fairmount Saturday afternoon and Sunday mornings at 10:30. The public is cordially invited to attend these services. Birthday Anniversary Mrs. Clyde Caskey entertained recently in honor of the birthday anniversary of her sister, Mrs. Ra Langs- evening. The C. & O. bridsre building force set its car in last Friday and since that time the men have been engaged with work at the C. & O. tower. Harry Winan rnd family spent last Mrs. Isaac Hollowell has been on the sick list this week. Every one is invited to attend the meeting Wednesday evening to discuss a high, school at this place. Misses Fern Titus, Lenna McClintock, Garnet Fleener, Alinda Town-send, Messrs Dale Dickey, Murel Comer, Glenn Sheedy and Merle Titus attended church at Point Isabel Sun- and don, those present were Air. J" j Sunday with Walter Harvey Airs. Kay .synitn , Jir. ana Mrs. oam . fjtmiW in Tjr-land. Tappan aau son Leonard of t air- j Ir and Mrs. Purn Brewer spent mount, Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith and gunjav wjth her father, Will Lamb in Fairmount. .. u"f""""f - According to George N. Mannfeld, T" chief of the division, mink and musk- j Alonzo Hipes and wife and daugji-rat may be trapped, killed and pos- j ter Pearl came over from Royal Cen-sessed only from and including Nov- j ter to be the guests of Mrs. Ellen ember 10 to and including February Hipes. While here Mrs. Hipes was k i taken ill and was unable to return to Miss Olive Rush has rented her her home with her husband. AT -o I t 5niitVi "JKorrv artA flail Tic Francis Murray was a Friday : Mrs. ill uye ana aaugnrer cua DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist -X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Honrs 8 to 11:30 a. rr. 1 1c 5 p. m Smith. Lee Drawhorn of Rigdcn, r- njeht guest of Miss Emma Davis. ! Mae visited relatives at Kokomo over and Mrs. Ray Langsdon and son John, : jj'j,.,. K(a Bee Winan called on ! the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Caskey and two , Mrs. Purn Brewer Monday afternoon.! frS. Gertrude Hill has been sewing children. Marjorie and Ruth Ann. -.r, o r t -troo nnite ill Mon- ' tWVTi-c v;tt? Snnl-pv this last week. w refreshments were served wnile -,,-vt w;t, arte indigestion. i Tr Fannie Rherwin is snendiner a ; studio home in hanta Fe, New Mexi- uiirnt - ' ! - .... - -aw w a I . .. . the men enjoyed the evening with old I Orville Wells, trustee, was in row-,few days visiting ner neice Jurs. ran i co, to some artist iriends, and has fashioned games. Icrton on business Tuesday afternoon. ' ray. crone to Lincoln, Neb., where she has j - - tf-V 1 TT 1. a h a J A n WW A V TT I m fc 1 V .M ss JP.. rc . ... i''";"" Mr. and Mrs. r. r. Bayiess can ; a po!i,ion a, ort criti. and Jtar XltiSft' ISS? M"y s,,? ay "iin ,h" u"i"rsi,y " NVbrasta- She ATr. tkirson. father of Mrs. Mat-1 ,r ,. ... , . writes Fairmount relatives that she Mothers Meeting. Cradle Roll mothers held their re-rular monthly business meeting Fri day afternoon at the home of Mrs. ' tje Caskey is auite poorly at . r-. a i t : ' - , i r i spending several weeks visiting her is veil pleased with her work and is -sister. Mrs. Judith McTuman. return- , enjoying the new experience. tienry uwens. .-iier me uumhsss shorn1 west ot rowierron. session. Mrs. Rene Brewer had charge ' Mi Ella Belle Winan called on ed to her home at Anderson Monday. of a very interesting program. The ; Mrs. Earl Duling Monday afternoon. 4 i FOR SALE "Ti i Vrt-ifltv moT i on. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL EST 1TE RY AnATIMSTR ATOR mothers present were Mrs. Eva Part Mr. Henrv Owens visited relatives! ine V;'":- r r " in Jorebo-o" Monday. ; Ties-day afternoon at the home of Mrs The undersigned, Administrator of We carrr a ful1 Iine of Clover Seeds AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense. Phone 2. on. 1 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON Rubber Stamps. When needing anything in the Rubber Stamp line see us. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. Mnrv friends and acquaintances oi . - Mrs. Pearl McCaskev is on the sick : the estate of James W. Marley, de- at reasonable prices. A. A. Ulery ridge. Susan Norton. Jennie Crawford, Iva Caskey. Addie Atkinson, Georg:e Owens, Mrs. Myers, Lena Dickerson. Rone Brewer, Elizabeth Thorn. 31 rs. Will Smith. Mrs. Fay Mr ri?jM Wallace. Sr.. will recrret ceaseit r.ereoy pfives nonce tnat Dy : & ("o. v.-. ""! 1 iews of her death which oc- list 1 " j r , f 1 1 j-. Mrs ' lr'ue oi an oraer oi ine Viranr wun- i Dale, small son of Mr. and curred at her son's home. Marvin I 1 I I XT . ; ry circuit tourx, oi jrant county, : t UR SALE Individual hog troughs. Abner Smalley. who has been seriou Craw and children, Nina Morgan and . r-aiiace in Fairmount, Tuesday morn- Indiana it will at the hour of 10 .Mrs. n.r.ry u -vtns. inr at s o'clock. iy hi uipnw..-, - .... oVWk a m Saturday the 18th day proving. j of March, 1922. at the Citizens State - i Ban- corner Main and Washington fj " " streets, Fairmount, Grant County, i .-lr. ana .irs1- o. l. rv- nv. 'the funeral services of Oliver Fray- 75c each at Parker's Tin Shop. Don't you love to see your wife smile? If you don't want a racket you buy her some Blue Jacket coal. C. C. Brown. zee which was conducted m Marion at the residence of Ed Sisk Tuesday LITTLE RIDGE t Indiana, and from day to day there- after until nffpr frr a1o sit nri. Local and Personal Miss Madge Smith who is employed as bookkeeper for a Marion firm, spent Saturday and Sunday at the home of her parents here. Mrs. Will Ballard of near was the guest of her mother Sur.dav night and Monday. afternoon. Mrs. Marcaret Corn and Mrs. Ethel Xewbv called on Mrs. John Leach Mondal afternoon, i a c , CmJtVi nrn nvnte ill Tues- Mr. r.d Mrs. John F. Jones and , ; f tV ,fTrt; of havir.c three vatc sale, all the interest of said decedent in and to the following ds-cribed real estate, in Grant County, Ffate of Indiana, to-wit: " I ots No. Five (5 and Six (fi in William C. Win slow 's First addition of out lots to the town of Fairmount, in Giant Connv. S'ate of Indiana. Said sale will b made subject to Rev. Hiram Harvey occupied the pulnit at this place last Sabbath. Prayer mcetine will be held Thursday evening at the hme of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Vancannon with Mrs. A. E. Ratliff as leader. St. John. Sth chanter will be the subject of the evening,. A Lincoln program was riven at the close of S. S. last Sunday by class Mrs. Marie Richards spent Friday . rncted Monday evening. FOR SALE For Rent. For Sale. No Hunting cards for sale at The News office. HIRAM, Hitch the gray hosses up; just got to have some Blue Jacket 1 coal. Brown sells it. FOR SALF One black and one bay mare. Mrs. Charles Price. with Mr. and Mrs. John Leach. t Tr T.nlii Lautrhlin has been on th? sick list the past week with the grippe. Mrs. Vivian Wright of Fairmount is Mrs. Hazel Helms the past two weeks. I The three weeks old nary ox -ur. . . -,i cknrf -n? approval or saia lour, ior no- No. 2. Songs, a quartet and short vv a ispd value of said Mr. ar.d Mrs. Clyde Helms are the : parents oi a new racy boy, named ' -fh' nf toW71 Funeral talks were given. ; reai estate, and upon the following Goorge Wiihert. A 1 Tere hcYd at the home Tues- The Little Ridge W. C. T U will terms, and conditions: One-half (H LOST LOST Since Sunday Feb. 12, small 3ir. ara .Mrs. Lauas. aimumj.i -- ft n ;nferment wa made meet next luesaay m an an uay mv,ca?n in nana, rne oaiance in six io 1 son Oren and Miss La onne Steel- j . ' cemetery nT at the home of Mrs. Rene Jones, months secured by first mortgage up- man were Sunday guests of Mr. andjat tne jener.i. - . - vave The ubiect of health will be discuss- i on said real estate, with ner cent Mrs. Cha-les Smith in Marion. Mr. and .rs. tlde Kica-J n J- d d a verv interesting meeting is ,jT,erest. with the privilege of paving; . .i.. ... . ... , Eyes Tested, (ilasses Fitted by State Registered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. PARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS Exclusively Optical South Side Square Marion black and white spotted dog with r j i t r c; . ;n Tvnw-twi tupir nousenoici iruvu oxrtpoted. ail casn. long tail. Answers to name Fido. Phone 727 Black. Fairmount on business Tuesday morn- west part of town to the MU car- .penter property. The small son of Mr. and Mrs. CITIZENS STATE BANK. Clyde Markle. who have recently Administrator moved into the tenant house on Wm. CH AS. T. PARKER. Attorney. Jones farm, died early Monday mom-1 Feb. 16-23 March 2-9-16. FOR RENT I I NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS FOR RENT Farm, 40 acres, about : 32 miles east of Fairmount on ', Washington street. Phone 163 or ', 151. Ed ML Hollingsworth, Exec, j mg. runerai luesuay mumm . the residence, with Rev. Hiram Harvey officiating! Burial in Elwood , cemetery. Miss Lyra Haisley of Earlham college has been a recent visitor at the NOTICE TO BIDDERS Air Lift Pumping Equipment and Concrete Reservoir for the Town of Fairmount, Indiana Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received for furnishing WANTED home of her aunt. Mrs. Etta Doherty. T m.A Tltirirw- Vinlnv en- . . Will Baldwin, who passed away after v .more than two years of illness. Mr. !, Baldwin was a cousin of Mrs. Payne. i Mr. Leath Smith, Mr. and Mrs. NEW MULBERRY f. o. b. cars Fairmount. Indiana. in- Chiropractors McAtee and McAtee Fairmount Office Hours: Summitville Bring your eggs. Am ready to run ' a hatch. Sallie Hollinpjsworth. j rtained for last Sunday dinner Mrs. ! eluding the services of a skilled Erect-Hav Carter of Marion, MV. and Mrs. ! in? Engineer, for the following pump-John Dare and daughter Miss Cecil , ing equipment and reservoir: Miss Cora Kibbev was hnme over James Payne, butchered for Mr. and Sunday from Muncie Normal. 1 2 to 5 aid Tedrick and son Howard Tednck of A - T t. ... ! Fairmount. ! Three Air-Lift Pumps with Well j E. B. COUCH Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 8 to 11 a. m. ' and Mr. Ed Kimes, who have ; a ops ana wen lop riuinp. Mrs. Ed Steelman Wednesday, mt. Steelman has been unable to work most of the winter. Victor Payne is teaching again after beingi sick a few days. Mr. George Roberts is sick with 7 to 8 p. m. Phone 280 Mr. and Mrs. Limon Carter were Sunday paests of Liberty Hamilton and family. Miscs Opal Waymire is seriously ill at her home south of Matthews. Air Receiver and Accessories. ' i .-,; ci. t- f m- tVp loot two wpeks ' One One Air Compressor and Electric I are convalcscinT. . ! Mss 'l'e -Tiy teacher of N ells Motor. Discharge and Air Line Piping for DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug? Stare Oflfc 4ir-r; H tt;?P c m.; 1 to YOU CANT BUR AN ADVER-TISEMENT IN THIS PAPER. THE NEWS IS READ THROUGH. Wells. ITEM NO. II. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Com from Muncie .the gripp rnd Mr. and Mrs, Artie Miller were j Sunday dinner guests of Doxey Mil- ' ler End family. j ! school had to cl" on account of be-S ing ill at her home with the flu. ; Mr. Frank Wright, who has been ill is able to b oxit again. Mr. J. B. WhitFley. who has been HACKLEMAN One Concrete Reservoir. i According to plans and specifics- j Willie Mittar.k was in Marion Sat v tions now on tile m tne town Lierk s J . - I ill ViJc V rm fnr thp In it TWO . silo o S r wn'arr Clara Oram and ! and Mrs- R R Moo,n an? ,aLmi- j weeks is slowly imnroving. j Office for the improvement of the CaMillU SSV the of lv entertained for dinner last Sunday, Mrs, Russel" Harvey who ha.s been ! present Water Works System of the i Je" " Mr ard Mrs Bert Dimmick near Ma- . ... . - i Town of Fairmount, Indiana, as here Opal M.ller Sunday. Mr and Gur Love and suffering wnth rheumatism for several . be received b the Miss Coro Marine was in Marion ( Car Ricdon and Marv Haislev. wTks halcht Jft 9n(1 .on Board of Trustees until the hour of Sa4ird?r; r xr J Mrs Sarah Tvgart spent last Fri- i J'J and son 7:30 p m March , aoth. 1922. at which The infant daughter of Mr. and dav wUh her daUgrhter, Mrs. Ed Ed- ! arMJUa ' Mr"s. George Hastv and , P,the bds Tf1" r1 u- pu rs. Llovd Lvnch died Sunday. -5ir- a, ir . . ' lically read, after which the bids will . uiiiKiuu. i sons faimer ana w u?on n Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Davis visited ! -r vr ill frtr ti nnslf two WPpks ineir aaugnier, .rs. -nus ivepung- Tedecker Monday afternoon. a :m-vinn er Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rybolt and: Miss 'ida Wright who is taking a Mrs, Earl Duhng is slowly lmprov- j famijv TOOVed this week to a farm ! business course in Marion Business ing. north" of Pt. Isabel. George Fear ! college was a week end guest at the be considered and the award made as early as practicable. Bidders may submit bids on either item I. or on item II. separately, or bn both items and each separate bid will be considered within itself whether embracing one or both items. Board of Trustees of the Town of Fairmount. Ind.. bv W. HORTON RIBBLE. Pres. Attest: JOHN R. LnTLE, Clerk. Feb. 9-16-23 March 2-9-16 Wiley Robins visited his brother at and family will move soon to the ; nome oi ner parent, .ur. m Van Buren Sunday. farm vacatea Dy Kyooir, - u miss rauiine rwiimt. t ir m:i m The Fairmount Academy orchestra I the Junior high school of Marion, . r I, the undersigned, will offer at public sale at my residence, three miles southeast of Fairmount, three miles southwest of Fowlerton, on Thursday, February 23 The following property, sale to begin at 10:30 a. m. 4 HEAD OF HORSES AND MULES One span of mules coming 4-years-old, well broke and good workers, weight, 2,300 pounds; one roan horse, 7 years old, coming 8, weight 1600 pounds; one bay horse, 6 years old, weight 1600. COWS One red Shorthorn cow, one Jersey cow, three Jersey cows, fresh day of sale. SHEEP 16 head of sheep consisting of 15 ewes and one buck. These ewes re all bred to bring lambs this month; some have lambs by their side now. xnished some good music fi ... , r tumisnea some gooa music ior wn- . u a of nr ,or ter church last Sunday night. noonte Mr sinrl M A. V. Rjttliff. GRANT MV. and Mrs. Ott Eaton of Pt- Isa- j Mr and Mrs Charles Wood have bel spent Tuesday with Bob Moon and ; b- nnmbered with the sick. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Payne and family. Mr. and Mrs. Oren E. Broyles of daughter entertained at Sunday din-1 Miss Jessie Brookshire is in school ; Gaston, spent Monday night at the ner Mr. and Mrs. Charley Leach of I this week after a week's illness with ; home of the latter's sister, Mr. and Fowlerton and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rib-j the flu. , j Mrs. J. B. WTiiteley. Iin and children of near Summitville. w;inn Nenl and Mrs. Paul Mr. and MVs. Amos Ball, Messrs Friday eve- j McCombs took supper Saturday eve- I Clarence and Merril Bagwell of Green- Mildred Scott spent rinr witH 7ll Turi ning with Mrs. Mariah Neal of Fair-Kown and Robert Thurston of Alex- NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF RECEIVER State of Indiana, County of Grant In the Gran Circuit Court, February Term 1922. Universal Portland Cement Company. A Corporation vs. William P. VanArsdall. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the ";--uit Court of Grant county, state -f Indiana, in the above entitled action, receiver for said defendant Wil M rs. Elsie Little and daughter j mount.' j &ndria .w-!Tf ca"ersJon Mr- and Mrs 7U crvant Snnffjtv nftPTTfrnn with fr- J r VA FJTint of Mnnri . . nueie iuesuav. I Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Wright, who Mrs. Nancy Wood and children of j Mrs. Isaac Moon and Mrs. Addie near Summitville. j winslow of Fairmount, called on Bob CORN AND OATS 500 bushels of good yellow corn; 150 bushe;s of good seed oats. HAY AND STRAW Four tns of mixed hay, timothy and clover; two torn of Alfalfa hay; two tons of oats straw, baled. Mrs. H. E. Payne spent several , Moon and family last Thursday. MV. and Mrs. James Sheedy were have been living near Rockford, O., for the past three years, have removed here acnin and the first of March will move to the Mrs. John Harvey farni, north of Center church. Mr. "and Mrs. W. R. Harvey and Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Harvey attended the Farm Culture club meeting last Fri davs with her daughter, Mrs. Virgil Winn of Hartford City. Mr. Howe the president of the ruests of thtr son. Alonzo Sheedy liam P. VanArsdall. and of all the; snd family of Manilla, Saturday and nroDertv. credits, rights and effects state conference, spent Saturday Sunday. of said William P. VanArsdall; and nieht with Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Payne Mr. and Mrs. Rose" Hickman spent Sunday with James Blair and family. day a the home of Mr. and Mrs. v on Mrs. Lee Collins and children snmt i Goodykoontz. OF OF APPOINTMENT NOTICE that I have duly qualified as such receiver. All persons interested must govern themselves accordingly. Dated this 14th. day of February, 1922. OTTT WTLBERN, Receiver. CHAS. T. PARKER. Attorney. Feb. 16-23 March 2-9. FARMING IMPLEMENTS One John Deere giang breaking plow, one Keystone hay loader, one Deering mower, 6 foot cut; one three hoise John Deere cultivator, 2 rows; one six horse power Fairbanks-Morse gas engine, good as new; one DeLaval cream separator, good as new. HARNESS One set heavy breaching work harness, one set nitch-strap chain harness, also some horse collars, difTeier.t tie?. TERMS All sums of $5 and under cash in hand; all sums of $5 and over six months time, purchaser giving note with approved security, bearing 8 per cent, interest from date. Lunch served on the grounds, by the Pleasant Grove church. Miolk O. Leach PURL DEAN, Auctioneer FAIRMOUNT STATE BANK, Clerk Tuesday with her mother, Mrs. Ben Kimes. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Elliott and daughter Vergie and Mrs. Mary Hollingsworth of Kokomo. were entertained at the home of Mrs. Mary Hilton last Sunday. Bertha Comer spent Sunday with Louise and Lucille Davis. Mrs. Emma Harrold received word of the death of a neiee at Willow EXECUTOR No. 4013. Notice is hereby given. That the Hp-:;rTiAd has been avnointed Executor of the estate of Marthp T,eer, deceased, late of Fairmount Town-sh'n. Ornt County, Indiana. Said Estate is supposed to be sol- and helped in the Quarterly meeting at" Pleasant Grove last Saturday and Sunday. Misses Iva and Tula Wood spent Wednesday nipfit with Zola Little, and attended the Summitville-Academy basket ball game. Miss Georgia Kimes was unable to attend school Monday. Gladys Leach spent Wednesday night in town. Rev. Rhoads is going to help with the meetings at Oak Ridge, which are going to commence ?ocn Mrs. William A. Lewis spent Tuesday with MVs. Dssie Roberts. ' Tent. HOMER T,. LEER, Executor. Bneh Monday. J "NOTICE TO AUTOMOBILE DRIVERS Notice is hereby given to all automobile drivers to keen the mnfTlers on tbtr cn clooo" while driving on anv of the public highways in the Town of Fait-mount after February 20th. 1922. Attests JOHN R. LrTTLE, Clck vt a xw r rc.-fttn f r. rHAR T. hkk K. Attorney. verse, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gibson of j Feb. 16-23 March 2. Rime, were callers at the home of Mr. ' Mr. and Mrs. Jam Pame were at and Mrs, Walter Gibson and family . "f advertise In Th t!w heme in Marion Tuesday of Mr. Sjnday afternoon. FarTnnnt News.

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