The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 15, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1937
Page 4
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Friday, January 15, 1937 Trie Daily Clintoman, Clinton, Indiana, PACE FOUR YESTERDAYS Hazel THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Foundud Mil LODGE SERVICE AT HILLSDALE mngston Bstublisbcd as The Weekly Cllnloulan 1890 TUe Oltnlou Plalndualer absorbed In mu. januarv in. iota Ralph Holllngswortb, telegraph operator at Clinton, and Miss Helen S. Stephens, of Newport, were married at the home of the bride's parents, ex-Sheriff and Mrs. J. S. Ste dining room, and a bedroom for Carey Editor and Publisher by the time I was through they was glad to see me go. Yea, sir, I saved Cieorge L. Donny. Ana wny nui a iuii rovm, ... i ht iim.U Klbert would have a 1'ostofflce at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Class Matter. ntered at the the casa lor you u lnl-B,l at Christie, basked In phens of Newport, Sunday. Only the comfortable place to stay whan ha came to town? her tremulous, admiring smile. Here Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association Aunt Nettle mignt even ami wie Immediate families and some girl friends of the bride were present. The groom Is a son also of an ex-Sheriff, Morton Holllngsworth. old place at Spanish Pans or msk. it over to her as part of ber sliai. of th. estate. in the dusk of the June nigni, wiin only the flickering candles on the table for light, she looked like her mother. She might have been Mimi herself. t . National Advertising Representative! OKI). B. DAVID CO. 191 Wrlgley Bldg., Chicago. I III Oenersl Motors Ul.lg.. Delrolt 110 Kast 42nd Bt They could fix It up in. way i New York uud to ba. Brim back th. old The same clear, tnicaiy-iasneu -4- bearskin rugs from Die attlo and soma of th. funny, comfortable old gray eyes. in. same iair, son u, CHAPTER XXXVI "Christie was a little over a year old then. Shs wasn't adopted. She was their girl. Dolph always fig- Sered he was married to Mimi. !iml flggered that way, too. The formality was just on account of the baby to make everything right for her . . . Not that tilings turned out that way " Ones mora ha reached for the suitcase. "You can't prove that," McOlinn said. But his voice had lost Its crisp assurance. 'Yes, I can prove It. 01' Glass Eye Bertha used to be th. baby's nursemaid ah. got that nam. up at Circle City knows th. whol. story. Huns a rooroln' house In Seattle now. Old 1-sdy Guineas l another one. Used to hav. an earln' house in Dawson. She lives down Phone 1 1 7 the same warm, naaning aniin. Phone 41 furniture. . , Long forgotten names cams oacs to him. Long forgotten peopl. and What a place for Donny to piayi And for Donald to rest, away Program Is Presented at P. T. A. Meeting; Next Session on February 9 H ILLS!) ALU, Jan. IB Mrs. Es-chol Bennett was Installed as noble grand of the Hillsdale lodge at a meeting Monday night, at which the Kockvlllo lodge members were gliosis, other officers Installed were: Mrs. Raymond Utile and Mrs. Claude Ogle, right und left supporters to noble grand; Mrs. Ollle Ponton, vice grand; Mrs. Harry Jones and Miss Murguret McCurty, right and left supporters to vice grand; Pearl Knight, secretary; Mrs. Orval IlulHon, treasurer; Mrs. Willie Fori ner, warden; Miss Klla Underwood, conductor;! Mrs. B. H. McCarty, chaplain; Mrs. I.inzle Fortner, In r .... . - LI 1- II . from his work xney nung on nia woru. , a Mrs. John Lee Dinwiddle, Indiana Slate Regiment N. S. D. A, R. of Frankfort hns sent two silk American flags to the First Italian Presbyterian church of Clinton and J. Trafford Allen of Red Banks. N. ., father of Mrs. C. 13. Pupa has given Ihe church a silk Italian flag-These are regarded highly by the lianlnr and congregation. uo and walked around the room. To be back there again, smell tna pines, feel the hot sun, and the little scented breese. . , . .tii,l.tin Clirialia laua.ted and There sh. was day areaming, orled. His good ay. never ten nr face. He knew that she was living it over with him. lie was excited. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM s 1 To further every interest of Parke and Verm.U.on , 2 To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemploy 4. TroeaSrCtinton and make it th. most .Hr.ctiv. cil, of its size in the state. and supper to get I Utarry-syed, pina wiui eiciie. Hut. aftar ha had told It an once, and had gone back to tell about ment, she slipped Into her best tur-quois embroidered batiste. Hh. wouldn't even put on an apron. If something spattered en it, she could send It to the cleaner. Mollie the Moos., who ran ner own dance hall at Nome, and acted as ha, nwn hminrer. too. and about a San Diego now races a few nags at Tia Juana. She knows, too. That's two I could mention, offhand. There are others." "Well, I guess I'll be goin'," he said, after a silence. Among those who attended Butterfly" at the Grand night were; Misses Louise Rabb, certain famous dog team that Dolph once owned, and a canoe trip that He felt more kindly towards them side guard; Mrs. J. T. York, outside Margaret Axtell, Lenora Mernman, now. He was a little loath to go he, Elbert, once mad. Irom bixty Mile river to White Horse, shooting Squaw Rapids on the way, Donald put a word in. "What should have done." he Ted Butler and Miss Verne James. BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, PASSETH UNDERSTANDING There are undoubtedly in Vermillion county individuals who find little pleasure in life, counting themselves as cogs in a machine lhat grinds them to pieces but, on the other hand, there are many who take a keen relish in existence, recognizing the great inheritance It would be lonely op in the shack at Angels Camp. But McGlinn said: "I'll call a cab for you. I suppose you'll want to said, "is call a stenographer to take JANUARY 15, 1120 Mrs. Mark Lyday of South Third all this down, ana nave neison Piprra hera to make ft all legal get out of town tonight. "Thankee," Elbert said. "Well, guard. After the business session a social time was enjoyed and refreshments were served. The Parent-Teacher Association met Tuesday night with Mrs. Carl Miller, president, In charge of the business session. A program was given with a song by the Glee club; a saxophone duet was played by Arveno Costa and Mary Bell Mor street is reported to be eonnneo io her home with the flu. Uncle Elbert yawned. "Wouldn't tomorrow do?" So they put him to bed, on the living-room aofa, and long after his from'the past and looking forwa.d hopefully to future growth and development. This latter class will probably be interested in the world as described by ihe late John Burroughs, who said: "A Um, world 1 have never wanted. 1 could not begin to goodbye, Nettie. Goodbye, everybody.'' Nettle didn't look up. Her hand had slumped forward on her breast. One of the girls was leaning over her, the other rubbing her hands. So he went down the stairs alone. "Your taxi is here, sir," Herman Mrs. Ed Holmes and Mrs. H. M. Caldwell 'entertained the members snores vibrated through tna nouse, they lay awake, too tired, too ex. nlterl to aleeo. of the Alpha Bridge Club, their hus bands, and a few guests last evening at the Holmes' home In Walnut street. ton; a solo was given by Imogene Davis; a talk on "Honesty" was presented by Leo Alkmanj Mildred Elbert got into the waiting car. "Where tot" the driver asked. Elbert looked at him. Where to, Indeed? They all went to Pierce's office in the morning. Even the baby. Christie wanted to leave him with Janet, but Elbert wouldn't hear of it. He carried him around most of the day in his arms. "Before night they'll be around here, offering a settlement," Pierce aaid. "But if thev don't, we can go The evening was spent in playing Pucket sang a solo and the program closed with Ihe glee club singing a After a moment he said: "Berke bridge and prizes were awarded to Mra.-f!. M. Zlnk. club. Miss Grace ley 0S Throckmartin road." song. The next meeting of the club Then he settled back comfort will be February 9. ahead confident of success. Now that O'Rourke," guest and W. B. Nichols, Earl Turner and Walter Tanke. ably. He had somewhere to go. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Rayfold and we've got this. Mrs. Latham, I can The Lathams were just sitting exhaust the knowledges and the delights of this one. I have found in it dee- beneath deep, worlds within a world an endless series of beautiful and wonderful forms forever flowing out of it-ftlf. From the highest heavens of the telescope to the minutest organisms of ttie microecope, all is beautiful and wonderful and passeth understand-i ing. As 1937 begins it would be well for those who cannot agree with the great philosopher and lover of nature to subject themselves to self-examination. Maybe, after all, the trouble with the world is to be discovered within the individual complaining. tell you frankly that I waa pretty Ouests of the club were: Mr. and Fred Russell and family of Yeddo down to dinner when fclbert Cooper trot, there. well scared. But now It's as good as won I" Mrs. Walter M. Leeds. Mr. and Mrs. visited friends and relatives foere Fni-rt Coolev. Mrs. Helen Acord of Sunday. "Don't be scared by my grip," he said. "I just stopped by on my way to the station." "Just in time," Donald said, getting another chair for the old man. "In that ease," Donald said, "I'll be getting on with my own business which is not yet settled." Of course Christie couldnt expect Utah, Miss Cora CJilbertsou, Miss Margaret Davis, Miss O Rcurke and him to soend the whole day with lohn Ollmour. He didn't share Christie's enthusiasm for anv friend of her father's ber. He'd given last night, and most Virgil White moved to Tern Haute Tuesday. Robert Hardesly and Dale Thomas were accepted In the C. C. C. cump last Tuesduy., when they went to Terre Haute to pass examinations. (Jeorge McFall, who accompanied them, failed to pass the test. but tile old boy looked ill and tired of today. But her eyes followed him wistfully as he disappeared down Millard Ray Marshall, who has tonight, and besides, what else could vou dot been confined to his home for the rust week with th? flu, was able lo removals and journeys with wise de "It's corn beef hash, is that all the corridor. After all this was her day of days he might have stayed "Well, wa may as well start liberation. The Illness or anxiely of return to school yesterday, They had avocadoes and porter, house steak and mushrooms an J French fried potatoes and tce-craaj for dinner. Everything that Donald loved. "I didn't know the butcher sold steaks any more," he ssid, grinning as ahe served it "I thought h. onl; sold hamburg and stew meat." "Well, now that we're rich' Christie beamed. "Oh, Christie says you might feel like grub-stakin' me, Elbert aaid "Cost you somethin', but there's no Juestion 'bout it in my mind; why, 've got the whole layout there Might take a littl. capital, but the rock is there. I know for s pos'tivt fact that it's where the Indians took out nigh onto forty thousand, and they hardly scratched th. aurfaca With a little capital" . "You won't have to worry about that, you'll get the capital all right," Donald said. His eyes sought Christie's acrosi the table. "Found Schumann waiting for mi when I got back to the lab," he said. "It's too soon to say anything, but I think he's going to go in with us. "It's the one thing that'll pull ut right out of the discard and get ui back into respectable society, you mlgbt aay. Why, a man with a reputation like Schumann going in with us just saves us. "I never for a minute doubted the ultimate outcom. I know we've got it we're headed for success, though it'll take time years maybe to know for sure. But with bis reputation, and the capital ha can put into it" The capital Schumann could put into it What about her capital? The capital she waa going to get from dad's estate, now that everything waa cleared! and she was really known to be dad'a and Mimi's daughter? "About this mine," Uncle Elbert said. "You'll be glad you went into it It'U make you rich." Christie's eyes, ready to brim with tears, sparkled. She broke into helpless, pealing laughter. "Never mindI love you bothl" she gasped. The two men looked at her, then at each other. "The excitement's been too much for her," Uncle Elbert said, "She ain't up to itl" Donald lifted her in his arms. "Poor llttie kid you HAVE been under a strain. I get so wrapped up in my own affairs, I forget that. WelL it's all over now, honey. You can forget it all, and take life easy you're going to be glad you married me yet!" "I am glad," aha cried, between the laughter that shook her, and the tears that would get into her throat "I am glad I've always been glad. I always will be. Don't mind my laughing. Maybe we don't always understand each other, but we love each other and that's all that matters all that will ever really matter to mat" THalNB home." aha told Uncle Elbert. an elder may be at the root of im petuous moves. Charles Doughty of South Third street and Donald Doughty, student Those whose birthday it is may encounter a year of sudden nnd pur at Illinois university in Champaign, He hoisted young Donny on his shoulder. Home. He knew it waant his home, but he might stay for a few days more, until Pierce was through with him. It would be something to think about after he got back to the cabin. He might even do-some prospecting, late as it was. Looked like THE STARS SAY f-KXEVlEVK KKMRI.E t For Hulurilny, January 1" According to the lunar and mutual aspects of the major planets, this may prove to be a day of sur-nHR!i developments, with affairs moving under high pressure and ex-cittnient. Sudden circumstances may be preclpilated, calling for culmness and control. Make changes. prising developments, resulting In right, Uncle Elbert?" Christie called from the kitchen. "Sure, it's all right. What's better than corn beef hash?" Donald answered for him, for Uncle Elbert, as Christie called him, seemed rather dazed. His good eye roamed around the ileasant, slightly shabby room. He ooked at the big bowl of yellow roses on the library table, at the little grey cat with the two half-grown kittens playing in the corner by the window. The screen door waa ooen. From 111., plan to leave tomorrow morning for Newton, Iowa, where they are to hastily, devised plans and decisions These might prove regrettable un attend a Maytag convention. ly person may inspire such sudden activities. A child born on this day may be kindly and gentle as well as gracious, but he may be Inclined to melancholy or erratic conduct at times, unless given a buoyant and optimistic outlook on life. It may shun Ihe multitude, loving solitude, introspection and unusual studies. less managed with calmness and this was his lucky year. self-control. Benefits should follow Miss Sara Downing of Elm street The telephone waa ringing aa entertained with a delightful they came in the door. Christie dropped her paper bags, wisely-managed situations. . A bereavement or the Illness of an elder- the garden came the fragrance of iasmine and freshly sprinkled earth, from the kitchen the aroma of cof o'clock luncheon today fur Mrs. Ara McLaln and Mrs. Gertrude Turner of Springfield,' Mo. The guests ore: Mrs. J. i..-Wiltermood, Mrs. fee and brownine- biscuits. J. L. Horney. Mrs. M. M. Scott, Mrs. R. M. Pentreath. and MisB Belle At the first SNIFFLE.. Campbell. Mrs, Sue Scott of Shel bvville. Ind.. was an out-of-town guest. Quick! the unique aid for preventing colds. Especially designed for nose and upper throat, where most colds start. and ran to answer it Grapefruit rolled out of one bag, and carrots out of another, but Uncle Elbert made a game for Donny, picking them np. Christie's face glowed as she listened to Pierce on the other end of the wire. "Of course IH settle but of coarse I want to talk it over with Donald first. Heavens, do yon really think I could get seventy-five thousand? What would I do with it?" "What did I tell you?" Elbert demanded. "But don't yon take lessn a hundred thousand. You can get it easy as roll in' off a log I" He scolded her, because she didn't call Pierce back and tell him to demand the hundred thousand. "I'm tellin' you, you can get itl" But she was too happy, too excited really to listen. She wandered around the house, thinking of the things she'd buy for it. Some good oriental rugs for the living room. A wing chair. That set of dishes she'd wanted for a year. Why, they could even build on the two extra rooms they'd dreamed about A real Christie brought his plate. , "There you are, Uncle Elbert ' To his enormous disgust, Elbert Cooper waa unable to answer. He covered his poor crossed eyes with his hands and wept. e . After dinner Uncle Elbert was a new man. , He told the story all over again. But this time It waa different He forgot about being lonely and a failure and well I not exactly a man of honor. As he told the story it seemed to him that he'd planned this all along. "They made their offers," he said, "but I laid low. I held my hosses. Did I say a word to yon, Christie? No, sir, I kept quiet. I waited. Waited until the time was ripe. This afternoon Nettie showed her hand. Bein' a woman I wouldn't go into it with her. I made her send for McGlinn, the lawyer. Well air, I laid down the law to him. I tell you, Roman tiate Used in England The only Roman town gate In use in England Is the Newport Arch at Lincoln. Archeologisls believe that it was built between 50 B. C. and SO A. D. YlCKS VATRO NOL 30t double quantity 50c PORTRAIT iVh . PRESIDENT WHAT OSES IT KEAN TO YCU? Thii imignia i the guarantee of Quality and Savinsi to ovar 6,000.000 people. Daily to aach Ha it mean a better, bappiar lit for each bav of the year. You, too, ca affect lower living cols by setting .a AibP habit-Coma in lo A4P today. ??a fFTi BTI firm 1 TO t6op storIsH and fraternal organizations will do Inviled to participate. ,UijLiI The industrial sections ot the Film to be Made Here Will Picture Clinton Activities film will be devoted to interesting business activities about the city. 12-Oz. One of the most interesting will be Armour's Can LIFE SIZE IN NATURAL COLORS SUITABLE FOR FRAMING have been obtained by Mr. Sherer and a location expert of the producers is now in the city to start preliminary arrangements. One of the movable studio units of the producers will arrive here January E5 with cameramen, a director and big studio arc lights, and the actual work of "shooting" the scenes will begin. Scenes of streets, schools, historical sites and public buildings will be introduced in the production, and city officials, city departments, civic the making of a newspaper, the scenes to be taken in The Daily Armour's Cans Bars Clintonian plant,, showing the many steps necessary to convert a bit of Soap ccr.r.ED BEEF CKILS CON LUX or LIFEBUOY mm BQXAR MFFEE Through Ihe efforts of Bob Sherer, munager of the Palnce th3-uler, a motion picture of civic and industrial activities of Clinton will be shown in Ihe neur future. The services of a producing unit uews Into the paper you read. When completed, the film Will bo 3 4 3 6 3 shown at the Palace theater as a speciul feature and after this dis Vigorous and VVinsy Assorted 15c 25c 25c 25c 23c 25c 19c 21c 17c 5c . . . . . SPARKLE . play will remain in Clinton as a permanent historical record of the com munity in 1937. ANN PAGE BEANS RITZ CRANTFRS GREEN GIANT PEAS READ THE ADS SEE THE NEW 1937 Crosley Radio TODAY THE WORLD'S OUTSTANDING RADIO! WITH THIS SUNDAY'S CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE Commemorstinf. the iccond ineufuration of Franklin D. Rootcvelt a. President ol the United Swim, new, natural color of him, recently posed .t the Whit. Hou.e lor the Chicago Tribune, will b. given r. with tin. Sunday's Chicago Sunday Tribune. A louvemr portrait LIFE-SIZE, in full colon, taken by the Tribune! exoluive color camera. A valuable token tuitable lor training. GET THIS SUNDAY'S Sra. Pkgs. Lb. Tin Pkgs. Cans Pkg. Can Lb. Tall Cans 1 4-0. But 18-01. Jar M.b. Pkg. I Lb. J Cans 25c Vegetable or 'iuuialo BULK PRUNFS TALL BOY SOUP TOMATO CATSUP 3 2 FRIST 19c 10c I rui icnnb . - rnn.1. $19.99 TO A Home APPLE BUTTER CRACKFRS P-KUT BUTTER 15c 25c 19c N. B. C. Ecill Balled Hods Sultana Pally quick or Regular A4P's New Whit Sliced $167.50 DOG FOOD QUAKER OATS TWIST BREAD T 'Ill ' J, 'Mil p (,"S i 1 mm 9c 8c Sm. Pag. 20-Os. Loaf FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ' Sold On Easy 'Payment No Finance Company. Sold on a Money-Back Guarantee 1 V OR rtlGHT GRAPEFRUIT, Texas 3c LEAF LETTUCE . , c NEW CABBAGE 3 " c MIKHRAOMS froah box 15c THE WORLD'S GREATEST NEWSPAPER On Gale at All Newsstand 19c ORANGES, California Navels doien Sold In Clinton Only by Tay lorV Fiadio Service CLINTON'S OLDEST RADIO DEALER 456 North Ninth Street Phone 792 , W Renair AU Makes of Radios , Bta CITY EDITION Sam Delivered In Chicago SOLD HIRE White's Pharmacy Distributor Chicago Tribune 355 S. Main Phone A & P Food Stores 1. 16

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