The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 16, 1922 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Thursday, February 16, 1922
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FAIJRMOUNT NEW H PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO H ELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1922 Number 22 ,DYno!H- S- Auditorium BUT ENGINE GREASE j x n o LIVELY TIMES ARE JUST AHEAD MUNCIE'S SCALP NEXT IN SIGHT Junior-Senior H. S. Banquet Joint Affair- of Two Classes Most Successful and Social Event of The Week oiage -u jei New Scenery and Curtain in Place to be Seen When H. S. Chorus Appears Next Thursday Night Substance Found in Cinders Being Placed on Streets Found to be Harmless BLACK AND GOLD PREPARED TO j INVADE CAPITAL OF DELA ASPIRANTS FOR COUNTY AND TOWNSHIP OFFICE BEGINNING TO SHOW ACTIVITY Residents along Penn street, and WARE FRIDAY NIGHT i other streets on which repair work is I When the members of the high FATHER AND SON MEETING BIG ONE BOYS OF FIVECLASSES IN THE FRIENDS CHURCH HOSTS TO THEIR DADS Banquet Served to Sixty Eight Guests After Which Rev. Aaron Napier of Anderson Gives Heart to Heart Talk on the Relationship of Father and Son. Quite as interesting and enjoyable as the mother and daughter meeting held in the Friends church a week Fairmount Already has One Candid- t- v- II-..- a Ti.t ; heing done bv the street commission- school chorus on next Thursday night Team Now H'tfng a I hat is . easier since they have ; appear in their presentation of the "Em Sit date Out in the Open and Another j Expected to Make Best of that the , opera play, "The Minister's Honey- received official assurance I'm mil Tal .ti' Cnuntv Tour- ?" in the cinders moon," the audience will for the first in dvnamite On Tuesday evening at the high school building was held the annual Junior-Senior banquet. This affair was different in one respect from the previous banquets given by the upper classmen in that it was given by both classes, whereas formerly receptions were given by one class to the other. The reception room was beautifully i,;k,;, crr Mar- supposed Ready to "Jump In Speculation as to the Delay in Appointment of a New Postmaster. ' .- 1 a 1 . . . ion's "Wonder Five" Lucky. , being used on the streets is not "dyna- "me nave me opportunity to see tne mite after all, but merely harmless completed new stage settings on the Although at present there is but little outward activity in the open- 'decorated in red and white, with 1 Tl (T rf"l T t ha fnminff nrimirw lonmninrn , ,, .. 7. - , . i hearts and cupids to carry out the aside of the activities of the senaton-1 , . - .. TT ., i aa u a- valentine suggestion. Here the guests i ago, was the father and son meeting i held on last Tuesdav even in p-. The On Fridav night of this week the hard grease used by engine men. ; high school auditorium stage. These Fairmount "high school basket ball i A scare went up Sunday morning consist of new outdoor and indoor team' is booked to make the trip to when it was averted that dynamite , scenery with al drops and accessories Muncie to stack up against the strong had been found in the cinders being to make complete stage equipment. Central high team from that city, dumped on the streets, and much Also the new drop curtain ,in royal Everv man on the local squad is in speculation was indulged in as to purple, is m place. This scenery was pood condition and prospects seem wat damage might be done should all painted and installed by W alter quite bright for the Black and Gold one of the "sticks" be set to going, or Reed, scenic artist for the Circle L ke a srle-ndid showing, against had not the "dynamite" been found ; theatre, Indianapolis, and with their -i v iiuiuan , nine - i v 1 1 1 1 j 1 1. lliuil-ct- 1 1 tions that the days will not be many rp, , . . e , . . '.' I bo (hosts on this orrnsinn- Pi ! hosts on this occasion: before the political waters in Grant). Fred Hais- ing and peanut hunting, the winners j ley.g clasg Leonard LittIe , . class, county will be splashing with many of . i t: i ,.K u.. ....K j Thurmas Markle's class. Edna Greg's ' aspirants ior puoiie omce wno are in addition to the auditorium stage Fair T . I'll r jl t,i ,..--,-- ,.,,n-. before anv lartre nuantitv of it had Queen of Hearts " . j class and Ozr. Wilsnn'a r. , lilt ialC "-""'"J 1 " I . . 4- 1 114. J a clmed to take a chance regardless of : I -.-.-;.l ri-w tko .iniicr tvinm nwuiii nun i au auuiiuuum . hufiui nrinr rno (-inner I M I r I v ' L ' ' ' ' " ' - v ' ' ' ' " . . , i i ' Ihis weeK nas t-m .- u"" t-u-i "" " . .. Ijl . n. -i ;i. .'the teTnrteratiire of the linnirl in t h o teen a cusy onv m .v.-xw t Mage nut exceiieu in anv town 01 its i - ir; mn Witb enthu- The cinders had been shipped from the this followed the grand march to the - v,,4. : i 4- , . tfie oanquet a social time was enjoy- gym where partners were chosen for j ; tVl loi,- ' . r , ea in tne ladies rest room in the an- supper, then on to the dining room. ' nf t. nr- The auditorium has political pona. Ana, aiso, tnere are ;oc rn,w hitrh as a result of the Pennsylvania railroad shops at Log- .size m the state ..wm.say 1 H11IVU Lildjr , ,. r , a - wr, oncnort alarp-e ouantitv of them heen redecorated throughout, the , wmpwaiuie i splendid showing made m the recent ansport, a large quantity oi mem, & . , somewhat above normal u v-r. r(1PT,t!r been secured bv the lower part m buff and the ceiling in . nox on'J De somew nat aooxe normal, tournament, every man has been hamg reeent! Peen securea d vne v . . but more than likelv to reach the . , , . . . .u 1 ir- fr- trto T-ennir work Immedi- cream color with borders of brown DUt more tnan UKeiy to reacn tne rutting forth his very best, and Coach city tor street repair totk. immeui , .... boil in e- noint before the da v of the u,u - r M5 '.lr fnliowin the renort Pennsvlva- stencilinpv while the stage front is m i ooiimg point oelore the day or the Here also, St. Valentine was remembered in the decorations and in the splendid three-course dinner which was served to about fifty guests. The waiters wore white caps trimmed repaired to the dining room in the basement of the church where sixty-eight puests were seated at tables very attractive in all their appointments of silver, china, cut glass, etc., and brightened by flowers. Harry laiiu uriirnie j primary election on May 2. alters nas ntit-i a mtucj vi yiavi.v- - - -- ' j . . , that from every point of view have 'ma railroad detectives got busy mak- red and appropriate co ors. , , !;. an investigation, and at once it: The presentation of The Minister s At this time Fairmount has but with red hearts while the dainty - t ...mi i . i ... . i: i j j:j-4- ... . , i- i . i. j. u nonevmoon wm De unoer tne airec- ; une itiiinju;i.-ei ranuiuaie ior luumy ;4 ... ...u:4 i 1 rvorr fan in Knirmouit row ieeiS was iounu iimi intr upfvr.. vj nc- ; - waiiicsscs uic nuuc icijjs anu acinus rAJ ,,tj ,.u . p , Ler tan in Jr airmount r.o utl . , ., . .. rion of Miss Samnle. The action of office. Frank White havine- nlaced -. .v. j r,. ood acted as chairman of the eve- .u- .v w.i or- iio to make a mite was nerieciiy iiaiiiuo?. " , ' wiin me same uesiir"- vaieiiunes j f nintr and after a word of wpli-nmo . i a : . l . " hard e P'a5 takes place in a small coun- j himself in the race for the Republican ...i : .1. , tVrt imcr nrm-fti to w mere v ui were given as favors. called upon Rev. S. Adelbert Wood Prof. T. B. Krouskup acted as toast- ; for invocation . C . L : TT : --ease used in the railroad shops oy . vi.!i.-i.-..u. v.i inc ..,.... .anv,.. .w. vu.j, encinemcn. The erease is put P in forty vokes an1 such characters as j Fairmount may also have another niaiti iui uie c.cmnn ue ui ; Following thl a cnlon;,! two- stacks drnanile, thus pjv- a nde, a groom, who is a minister, candidate ior county omce in Late the advancement and spirit of F. II. S. - . i . !a verv curious and amiable small Ribnle. who has stated that should an j ij .u. i course supper was served and im- of the season and there's no doubt but that a quintet has been developed that will make many a team in this part of the state sit up and take notice before the final echoes of the season have died away. In fact Coach Walters now has an organiza mg rise to tne scare. - , anu tuimiieiiueu ine iwo iiacs ul ",l . mediatelv after ! -zzr tnun ti-lro aornnl in,l an of pcntnV 1 annnintniMit of noctmastor for Fair- i . 1 11 ' u ' while the guests - .v..... v... .... i i 2 tneir splendid co-operation, liesnons- aiso about tne soienuiu uas uncle. Alec; a citv chap unused to , mount not he announced beiore the well equipped and highly emcient de- country ways, two very suspicious old time for candidates to get in on the junjor an(j Senior classes and by the hifted T-artments. maids, bridesmaids and pretty girls. ; primary he will announce himself as facuity after which the class prophe- tion of ten men that can be i inrougnout tne piay runs ciever a canaiuate ior tne R,epuoncan nomin- were read. Following the din i were seated at the table, a male quar-i tet composed of Wessie Payne, Oren i Kclsey, Emory Adams and Albert Barkdull charmed their audience with ; several numbers. Mr. Wood then introduced the speaker of the evening, Rev. Aaron Napier, pastor of the i Friends church at Anderson, who gave a very apt address on "Decision time ( i ni j - . speeches, chc-ruses, solos and duets ation for county clerk. However, in ner several musical selections were ser game fcattsruay anemoon, : with catchv tunes and words ! doing so he will not relinquish any ; ovpri ;n the recention room. that both of these teams are good. T - . 1 - 1 ... j j me p.ay opens witn a scene just claim ne may nave on tne postmaster-i Every one present reported a most after the wedding. The various re- ; ship. The postmaster question ap-:H i ht'f , eveniner showing- that the co-operation of the two classes was ' successful. marks dropped by the guests are in- pears to be "hanging fire" for some deed amusing. The minister is pres- j reason or other. Postmaster Van-ented with a check from the members . Arsdall's time expired some weeks in the life of father and son and their relation one to the other," which was listened to with close attention and keen interest. It developed eluring the meeting that J. II. Wilson and son, Oz, were of the congregation. He intends us- ago, and for a time it was thought UTAD MOTHERS HOLD .1 r , . ..! ji ing tne money ior a noneymoon to tnat announcement oi tne appointment SUCCESSFUL MEETING either Niac.ara Falls or Palm Beach, 1 of a rostmator for Fairmount would They put up a clever brand of basket ball. It was not due to the weakness of the F.veetscr team that the F. H. S. team was able to pile up such a margin on Saturday night, but to the fact that the Black and Gold quintet played real basket ball every minute Sweetser fought hard but the F. It. S. athletes were fast as lightning and simply put up a game that was be-wilderinn- Many fans hrve classed this as far supeiior to any brand of basket ball put up by any team on the local floor this year. Such speed, team work ar.d determination, begin? to sound to Fairmount fans like a coming clef oat for Marion. but can't decide just which. A man be made from Washington soon after is sent to New York to cash the check Mr. VanArsdaU's commission expired, More Than Fifty Present at County but fails to come back when due. The but as yet no word has come from the ; Session Held in Gas City bridegroom awaits anxiously his re- natitonal capital, with the result that ' Wednesday j the oldest father and son present and I Dr. Woollen and son Timothy were j the youngest. Mr. Wilson of Ilart- and changed to meet any condition without appreciably weakening the offensive or defensive strength of the team. Quite early in the season, when the Muncie team was hitting its fastest stride, the Faivmour.t team lost an oxceedirrly fast and hard fought contest on the local foor. The Muncie lads won th-t came tnly l y the narrow margin of four points in the last few minutes of play. With Payre an 1 HolKr.gsworth as forwards. Olfa4.hor for the pivot and Leer, Flar.acan or Craw playing the Moor guard position and WiTaw or Pkl:a-d at back guard, the loo?l now have not only a huky team that will stand the strain of battle well, but alo a con-.biration tl at has as much speed as any ou'ntet in this rart of the 4ate. LaUue, who has been quite ill for the pat several weeks, is also back in line once more and is showing up miehty well cither at the pivot position or at forward. With this group to draw from the i ford City, father of Mrs. Hal Dale. There were more than fifty pres- was an out-of-town g,ue-st. ent of the Grant County War Mothers j The meeting was dismissed by Rev. when the representatives of five chap- i B- T. Purviance. Great credit is due ters met Wednesday for an all day to the following committee who pre-session in Gas City. The meeting , pared and served the food and who re- turn, changing his mind as to the some seven aspirants are still hang- J place for a proper honeymoon several ing hopefully to their expectations. times during the day, yet he knows he j Some are of the opinion that the can not go to either place unless the j Fairmount postoffice problem may be-money arrives before time for his : come something, like that at Gas City, train. , so far as delay in the making of an In the meantime Old Uncle Alec ! appointment is concerned. The Gas I was held in the Christian church and ceived many compliments: t fn-.o --i i- ciiT-l- . nTxrratn- he I City vacancy occurred last July, but delegates were present from Fair-( ' Uoliingsworth, chairman. knows ". . x. .. " .i,-.,,i. has something which he Win ,n. mount. Jonesboro. Marion. Gas Citv . assisteu oy .virs. u-w .uiiiantv, .urs. '"' l' ' - ... c.ioiil.l Viav-o tolrl but fails to romem- I no annointmrnts has vet Five" and its honorable coach had j - . 1Tnli As is llsnai a fin not John Peacock, Mrs. Layton E. Nolder, "sense" enough not to have entered u i t tv,. lurk dinner was served at. the noon Mrs. Albert Morris, Mrs. Rose Scale, several times to sit under his favorite v:- the county tournament. With the F. H. S. team going as it did Satur- tree, endeavoring to recollect the message. Just a few minutes before the i i. ,1 . v. . n:nt.f . - enro to ji : ..l. ..-.-- ti- coot tossrs which was . . i . . ... . . u arrival of the tram opinion that postoffice appointments hour, following a social hour or two Miss Dorothy Luther and Miss Ella in Grant county may be held up un- after assembling. The afternoon's Wmslow. Mrs. M. A. Hiatt poured til after the election program beginning at 1:30 was pre- the coffee. Ladies of the church m Locally it is believed that the inter- ed over by Mrs. E. E. Friedline of ' general furnished the creamed thickest in the campaign will center large- Jonesboro, the newly elected president .en and other eatables. ly around the contest for the nornm- th After singing Ameri- -.-,- up a michty roo ?crap ana manv would certainly nave naa one iwuku V-v -. r k Vv (- Vi nl m n w4- ra -it n Ur J - X ' i.l4 iU A A -- - T? . . w w C-ITMnlV " -1 T . - 7 .rerwiYMl u," Vv m IO T v, T 7 7 u Alec remembers What? XT:A IvVif. -nr-Ml!i r.o pnttlinor St .,li.f .Via V.rn. of nasket v, x..,.- ...w. .... T- v j Tickets wm be placed on sale ext all out of the wav. ba'l Saturday nient ana Clarion -..- j 4J ...... t r v.. v... -.. . . .mT Saturday at the Pioneer druj stire. atiton for township trustee, and that,""1' F.o.v, - - m a JT V ! ! . rTlnCipal rtljai j. .'iu .hi-ti. im , nave loi-ivfu ui. fain- f ""j t tv.r. -rill Iw n interesting sr-ran in ne nnstian cnurcn, gave tne aaaress BY KIWANIS CLUB .. .. . 1 ... nr., . . . , . J- - JI J cently sent m tne certmcation oi icn otner quintet, inat is tne unu,v , QyJ)?MY LOSES both Democratic and Republican of the afternoon. This was followed camps. Up to the present time there th? a short Program, Mrs. Cora Drap- r r.r 1 1 .' . 1 . men irom rairmounv .m.--i. i verdict oi rairrawuni aus. Eight of these men are to be chosen after all, the "Wonder Five" is pretty TO SUMMITVILLE to represent the school in the district , wjse J tournament. The ten men certified! i Pat Up a Hard Fight But Unable to have been no announcements for . er ana rs- -co" 01 in,s Piace township trustee, but it is said that giving readings. there is a good deal of quiet groom- Durin business session reports Overcome the Long Shots of Baker's Quintet at the recommendation of Coach Walters are as follows: John Payne, Playing in four half games in the tourney, Payne dropped in 16 field ing going on, and that there will be irom "e nve cnapters were react oy Mrs. B. H. Sanders, past president plenty doing" in a short time. Robert Hollingsworth, Garold Olfath-j naiS; Hollingsworth, 15; Olfather, of the organization, and a flower com- nif4 mr a b a vvvn-r1 00 "-11tv- In the congressional race but one Fairmount Academy's old rival, er, Adin Flanagan, Harry Williams, io and Flanagan 6. Williams made Hubert Leer, Raymond Craw, Joe ! 3, Leer 6 and Craw 7. Payne had Summitville H. S., nosed out a victory candidate has stirred the political T , T . . . . i, , Mrs. W. P. Jones, and Mrs. Lewis Pickard. Harold LaRue and Stewart j touch luck on fouls, making only 3 over the "Fighting Five on the Ac waters so iar, JUdpe amuei r. wok, . , , ,r . .. . , . . . . Rudolph of Marion; Mrs. Milo Bur- of Huntington, having got in early . Bosley. out of 12 attempts; Flanagan dropped ademy gym floor Friday night by a in 7 out of 11. The Fairmount team score of 26 to 20. Playing a long Tournament Echoes. with the announced attention of , , TT . . . , , , , . , , Mrs. Ruth and iMjrs. Cress, of Upland; "staying late." Judge Cook has had Addie Wins, of Fairrnount, not a little experience ,n the political- nd R Bn)wn of Jonesboro made 140 points to but 48 by its op- ; shot style of gjame with success, From every point of view the Grant j pgnts. j Summitville had the better of point making all the way, although the Ac- SWimminir nooi. ana ueueves 111 uie 1 t-v m nL was -n. nf "trfino- n train if at first ! OTrs- r'a uy. 01 County basket ball tournament neia in the new high school gym last Friday and Saturday was a decided success. Everyone was well pleased, a splendid spirit was shown throughout, and every team fought hard in every game no matter what the odds. Proceeds From Showing of Big Picture to be Used as Starter of Fund for Community Projects The Kiwanis club Wednesday completed the details of an arrangement with Manager Ferguson of the Royal Theatre, whereby the club takes over the house for the nights of Wednesday and Thursday, March 1 and 2, and will put on one of the latest pictures and one of the big ones, which has not yet been seen ih either Mhrion or any near-by city, these nights being benefit nights for the club. The proceeds from these two nights the club will put into a fund which it will create, for use solely for community interests. It has been suggested, and is being favorably considered by the club that this fund be set aside toward a fund to be used at the proper time toward securingi for Fairmount either a public park, suited for a public recreation place, as well as a gathering place for family reunions, out-door gatherings of any kind, as well as ultimately having the park equipped with a base- ball diamond where the boys of the town may have a place to play at any time, and also with the long talked of municipal swimming pool. A community house Monday morning the students of ademy put up a strong defense, with Fairmount high school held a short ( an excellent offense. The feature of celebration festival that was simply j the game was the field goal shooting bubbling over with pep and enthu- j of McCombs who scored half the siasm. Speeches were made by j points for the Academy. Nummary Supt. Hamilton, Coach Walters and ; and line-up: you don't shake down the persim- i lTOted recording secretary, to fill the mons." On the Republican side there t vacancy caused by the death of Mrs. is considerable talk that Mr. Kraus . Cora Devander, who was recording will have opposition, but this has not . secretary at the time of her death. as yet taken any definite form. Those attending from Fairmount . . .. . were as follows: Mrs. Addie Wins- At any rate, there are plenty or- sigs that a campaign is approach- W'Jar 5 M P" ing, and that it will be an interesting ' r8 Edith Bevington, Mrs. Maria Summitville Price Woodruff Forwards Principal Morphet- congratulating and complimenting the team on the splendid brand of basket ball being played, as well as the splendid spirit shown, and complimenting the student body and everyone who had assisted in making the tournament such a Fairmount McCombs Cecil Rich Woods i o.ukli itrs. wi uiayKif mio. I . , mrt m -r nr The receipts at the door totaled $506.95. After all expenses are paid and other deductions made according to the contract, something over $225 will remain to be divided among the schools participating. The largest attendance was Saturday night Kan, airs, mrner, mrs. race, lairs. Nellie Buck and Mrs. Charles Parker. The next county meeting will be Centers MRS. STOCKDALE ENTERTAINS CLUB Latshaw McMahon Hoppes decided success. Short talks were , Brewer S Mrs. H. D. Stockdale entertained ( held at Marion, on May 11, the place the Birthday club at her home last ; of holding the meeting to be decided 1 given by various members of the 1 Guards team. Then the newly acquired1 Substitutions Fairmount: Lewis week on Wednesday, the day being later. banner was brought out and a "snake , for Rich, Rich for Lewis. spent with general conversation and I marchw was organized leading through j Field goals Fairmount: McCombs, MRS. JAMES DIES AT HOME OF DAUGHTER games. A delicious dinner was served at the noon hour to the following: Mrs. Arthur Weimer, Mrs. Daniel passed Mrs. Margaret James, 83, Haynes, Mrs. Frank Haynes, Mrs. away this morning at 6:45 o'clock at! when the receipts were nearly $200. The Fairmount high school student and officials received many pleasant compliments from the visiting teams and coaches on the splendid spirit, attitude and sportsmanship in evidence throughout the tournament. Every visitor seemed well pleased with the splendid treatment received. The visiting, athletes reciprocated nicely and displayed a splendid sportsmanlike attitude at all times. Many highly complimentary remarks were heard from the visitors- is also another project suggested. It is the purpose of the club to use the proceeds from the two nights benefit at the Royal Theatre as a neucleus for such a fund. Further announcement 'of the picture to be shown and program will be made the first of the week. the various rooms of the building and 5; Cecil, 3; Rich, 1. Summitville: eventually to the gym where the ( Price, 2; Woodruff, 2; Latshaw, 3; paraders, 300 strong, serpentined H0pieSj 3. around the balconies, across the floor! Foul goals Fairmount: Cecil 2 out and finally winding up Into a "coil" of 4. Summitville: Price 6 out of 7. beneath the spot chosen for the loca- J The open date on the Academy tion of the new banner. After this J schedule for Friday night has been was put up, the Stat Spangled Banner filed with the Sharpsville high school was sunpv followed by the school j five on the floor of the new Sharps songs and then everyone followed Yell ville higjh school gym. This will be Leader Kimes through a series of the j the renewal of athletic activities be-most lusty yells and cheers ever(tween the two schools which were Jap Hoskins, Mrs. John DeLong and . the home of her daughter, Mrs. Glenn daughter Helen, Mrs. Charley Pres- j Henley, on South Main street. About nail, Mrs. Leslie Andrews and children four years ago Mrs. James fell and Gladys, Donald and Richard, Mrs. broke her hip, since which time she Thomas Hewitt and daughters Gladys has been an invalid, her condition and Pauline, Mrs. Clyde Woods, Mrs. gradually growing worse until death. Thomas Hosier, Mrs. Gerald Cox and The body will be taken to Louisville daughter SMfery Catherine, Mrs. H. D. tomorrow where the funeral will be Stockdale and daughter Dorothy and held and burial will be made in Louis-Mother. Stockdale of Tipton. ville. Claude Huston was in Greencastle to visit his daughter Miss Floy, who broken in 1919. not only about the excellent gym, but , heard in the new gym. Is attending Depauw university. i

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