The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 13, 1922 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 13, 1922
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS BARNEY SMITH HAS Will Jones of West .Milton, O., is visiting relatives here this week. REAL TOUGH LUCK 1 .tr ijiftMrM'Mr' V- li One Thousand Yards II Worked and Roott-d for Black ant? Mrs. Marion Curless of Swayzee is visiting her son O. E. Curless and family. Gold all the Season and then Missed the Tourney .1 The Ladies Aid society of the Baptist church will meet this week with Mrs. Henry Barber. Royal TBieafore Feb.sdia4th Bryant Washburn In "It Pays to Advertise" Also 'Snub' Polard Comedy and Pathe Review Talk about "fate" and "hard luck," if ever a fellow met up against both of 'em at the same time, and both were dead set ferninst him, Barney ! Those oranges and grape fruit at the Mayflower Market are just right ; for the sick room. Sjnith, the well-known contractor, Toile Du Nord Dress Ginghams to sell for 25c can tell you all about it. Barney didn't get to see a single one of the games in the county basket ball j Lee Roberts, Albert Kimes, O. P. ; Buller and Clint Winslow spent Thursday in Indianapolis. per yard extra quality, tourney at the high school gym., and thereon hanes this tale of woe. And it's all of that. No one worked harder for the se Thursday and Friday, Feb. 16-17 Dorothy Phillips j John Kimbrough, living southeast of Fairmount, well known farmer, is ' reported seriously ill. colors. curing of the balconies in the new evm. and there is no more ardent and Fine oranges and delicious grape fruit are ideal for the invalid. The Mavfiowsr Market has them. 44 In Allen Holubar's Drama Eternal ManWomanMarriage " Charles Hutchins and family of Marion spent Sunday with Mrs. chins mother, Mrs. Ella Patterson. enthusiastic basket ball fan and rooter for the Black and Gold than Barney. When the question of the balconies came up Barney went to work, and he traveled all over the township securing subscriptions from the fans to the fund raised for the construction of the balconies. Not only that, when the work of construction began Barney pulled otT his coat and went to work, staying on the job early and late until the balcones were completed and never charged a cent 1 Fhe Bee Hive Cash Store 1000 Pairs All Leather Shoes srrc BRAND ; The W. C. T. U. meeting has been ' postponed until Friday. Feb. 2 i, when it will be held at the home of Mrs. (Will Jones. Feb. i8tV nanes iay In "The Egg Crate Wallop" Also Mack Sennett Comedy, "Love's False Faces." i Beharrel Curless and Miss Martha"; for his time, either. And then he sat back and not only never missed a game during the season, but counted i!tJ3A9JL IX J Ail OEOPLE on what fun he would have seeing the ! o) Ratliff left Sunday for Ann Arbor, j Mrs. Anne Horine who has been Mich., where they are attending the j quite poorly all winter, is reported university. very ill. i Miss Adeline Woollen will gio to Miss Margaret an. who was Indianapolis soon where she will enter here to attend the County Basket a hospital to take a special training ' Ball meet, has returned to Marion, course of nursing. tu. mum im, -m i ji 4-.ajj.L i-mr-r 'if isHai.wmi . jj. 11 games in the tourney. Then fate took a hand and Barney y I l n. ti l I i ow took the "flu" or "grip" or whatever j it is that is pestering folk hereabout j H these days, with the result that he j M ::s s. Ruth Kcr.r.edv and daughter ; where she is attending high school. was connnea to nis nome aa uiroui. 4L ss E;hel Ellis have beer: visiting 5 0 ? is I Pi 1 I I the tourney ar.d never got to see the j in Amboy. Mrs. Orla Harris and daughter Julia Anne of Muncie have been the quests of Mrs. Harris' parents, Mr. . and Mrs. Jabe Winslow. inside of the gym en Friday and Sa Don't forcv?t the Community Sale next Saturday. If you have anything you want to sell see either Albert Morris or Lew Caskev at once. has been Chrls Hu h. wh of to n.-r r.cme on urday when the basket shooters of the county were battling for the county honors. Touh luck, we'll say It is. Tough luck. to be out a-rair.. Mrs. J. R. Busing returned home huisday evening from Detroit, Mich., Mrs. Lola Thompson will return to her home in Ohio today after a visit where she was called bv the death of ". A. Tavlor has recvive jYOX GOODYKOONTZ HOST with her mother, Mrs. E'va Over- her sister, Mrs. Roush man ar.d her sister. Miss Eve'vn Over- .is father, who was stricken with ;.-.-is a. sr.oit time ago, continues y . . ar.d it is or.'.y a question :c ir-i'u! he will be in his normal man. You Can Secure Rogers' TO FARM CULTURE CLUB Xothiner better r.or mr-re relished j 7ie Farm Culture Club met Friday by one confined to his room by sick- ; at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Yon ; ness than a rich, juicy orance or As is customary with . erape fruit. The Mayflower has tj-;s dub, they arrived in the morn- ; them. ;ine and spent the day, the host and . .1 . . i i Mrs. Luu Kimes and daughter Bon-nienie hod as Sunday dinner g lests, Mr. and Mrs. Frad Kimes and daughters. Mary ar.d Martha, and Mrs. Ad-die Winslow. Covalt. who has delight-t a---:: ic:.c-es with her zs. pave a series of read- hostess entertaining at a spiemau noon dav dinner. The afternoon was Mrs. Jr.mes O'Donr.ell has returned ilverwar r.-er.t of the Xusie to her home in Dayton. O., after be- 'dovoted "to the rer-,ular club work and ! inp at the bedside of her father, O. i-,toretinr program eiven. Oren Sale Si Feb. IS. held f Summitviile which was C::s:;an church at that R. Scott, who is seriously ill. jKelsey, president, called the meeting place when a large offering of horses, cattle, sheen and hoes will be sold at auction. See either Albert Morris or Lew Caskev at once. V.-Ci.. lev. Ecn Kendall of Lograr, sport, mc-r rastor of the M. E. church of f, Mr. and Mrs. Reed Bark of Crawfords-ville have a new baby boy. Mr. and Mrs. Burke are former Fairmounters, Mrs. Burke being1 Miss Lucy Anderson prior to he marriage. ti : cr-aree Without charge by trading v 2th u?. Tell Your Friends About this Exceptional Offer John Winslow Dealer in Coal. Orders Promptly Delivered Brick Barn, East Washington Street Phone No. 7 Fairmount, Indiana Mr. and Ml s. S. J. Wright have returned to their home in Spiceland a visit with their daughter. Miss ;f the late James E. Howard I ict : .V . re held Saturday afternoon '.t.: tro-v- Vio-v fa to order and during- the readme 01 the minutes by the secretary, Walter ; Rush, it developed that the club had been organized 14 years, and Mr. Rush also stated ''had boarded oft of ' John Scott 14 times." This was also true of Mr. Goodykoontz. All the ; members were present except three. M. C. Towr.send, Mr. Little ar.d Hude Dyson. interesting numbers on the program, M'-s. Ilude Dyson eave two readings, Zdrs. W alter Rush j read an excellent paper on ' Good Lit- j erature," and Mrs. Tovmsend g-ave a i review on Hiawatha. j icik fi rn the home on South ftrect. Burial was made in culty, who has been very ill. Miss Wright is able to resume her work in the school. Mr. and Mrs. Will Jones attended a Democratic meeting at Peru Thursday at which time B. F. Shviely received the endorsement of the chair-nan and committeemen as the democratic candidate for U. S. senator before the coming May Primary. iJu:tcr er.ter- Donna babv of : Jean, the rJr.e months old Ir. and Mis. Roy Heck, who 6 o'o.k dir.ner Sunday, Feb. Ferris of Alexandria. Rev. iiCV V has been very ill with pneumonia, was taken to Indianapolis last week where an operation was performed on her '.. Mr. Tutt!e. Delbert Harris, e Gordon. Louise Odell and Vera " FOR CONGRESS Samuel E. Cook, of Huntington County, Democratic ' candidate for Congressman in the eleventh district Miss Hazel Smith who was out of school last week on account of a severe attack of the grip, is able to resume her studies this week. C. H. Stephens, leasing- a.eent of C, -c rf.-c of Anderson, and Misses ear by Tr. Carl McCaskey, specialist. the National Gas and Oil Co., of Co- -V ar. .a L-orbin and Lilian , Latest reports are to the effect that lumbus, was here Saturday to attend D-ir.b.r. The out-of-town guests were ' Donna Jean was eettine along: nicely, the funeral of the late James E. here to assist in the Stewardship but that she would not be able to be Howard. About twentv years apo A MOM A GIRLS PLAN TO HOLD "SOX" SOCIAL The Amoma Girls of the Baptist church m?t in rernOar session Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Jrdrrt Ackerman. After a lengthy business session the class discussed having: a "sox" social which they are planning i.iec-tir.f, Yi'.d in the Baptist church. brought home for several days. i Mr. S.tevens took a prominent part : in the development of the old Indiana ' gas belt. : at tne election two years ago, is a , .T . . . , candidate for re-nomination, and asks lhe News is in receipt of a postal ,. . . , ... , . T . , . your support at the primary May 2, card from Rev. J. Frank Harbison ( qo? who was enroute to Cowden, 111., j where he and Mrs. Harbison were I scheduled to engage in a series of ICR RENT meetings. Rev. Harbison state ' tin O-acrc farm, about 3 miles east they had just closed a splendid m?ei- : - airmount. Phone 163 or 151. - ... . . I T-4 -t trn: TT i. FECIAL SALE! me at Uellsvnle. Uhio. there being u iaccuiui, i for Feb. 22, Washington's birthday. ! About 100 are expected to be pres-! FoW1ti(, tbe ciosinir of the business ent at the banquet in the Friends . TOuti hey then enjoyed the social church Tuesday evening when the j diversions p"repared for their enter- ; junior and intermediate departments , tai7.ment, There were o-.imes, muic of the Sunday school will be hosts toj contet? M5sss Lillian Dunbar be- C. E. Lewis and children of 179 accessions to the church. Rev. and Mrs. Harbison had charge of the singmg, wmle Lr. S. Ivi. Martin of s. latter tneir latners. mey win oe assisted , . -ze winner in the Mur.c e are week end guests of Mrs. Lewis' parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Van Arsdall. I Seattle, Wash., had charge of the I preaching. m the preparation of the banquet by ; . r 1 amusement. luncheon $40.00 Pure W orsted Suits $35.00 All Pure Wool Suits $22.50 and $30.00 $25.00 a committee of ladies. Kev. Albert was s?rved after wWch candv makin !J. Brown the new pastor of Jejand taffy pulling engaged their at- r rienas cnurcn at .Marion, win oe ine ,, . . , . . . tention during a merry half hour or ? speaKer oi tne evening. J so. The affair was in the nature of a valentine party and valentines, hearts and Cupid darts were used in the decorations. ' : i i tit $50.00 Pure Worsted 0(? iHh Messrs. George W. Rauch and Turner W. Overman of Marion, who bid in the buildincr in Fairmount owned Suits $34.00 and i?JC3f.1H by the Telbax Corporation at receiv- Miss Velma Briles who was home i Bert I ers sale, in order to protect a claim with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. which they held against the company, j Briles over Sunday, returned to her school work at Muncie Normal, this morning. RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building MARION, INDIANA These prices are below wholesale in order to clcje out short ends, and are all year aiouni Woolens; are made strictly to ycur measure and carry our guarantee to fit and to be pure wool and perfect in every way. Ribble Bros., of course . have paid off all prior claims and . liens against the property and are now in undisputed and complete pos-i session. They are negotiating with ! a number of outside parties relative ; to selling or leasing the building, pos-. sibly for manufacturing purposes, j and expect to have it occupied within a short time. Isaiah Jay, the veteran furniture man, who has been ill of the influenza, suffered a relapse and is still confined to his bed, but hopes to be able to resume his business about the middle of this week. g Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment By Charles Sughroe , MlCKJEy THE PRINTER'S DEVIL Our Gtwly -wedded Cartoonist Is oAll Business cWpty m Won r r7 ttz - i j Lor ieilse WMAT?i VtX VUiOVUU MX OVER. OUSTED C ViX iOlOWM KU. OVEC tU WUrTT.D jiUR "COVMC &XKX? MOO GVMXt PJ fX 1 OR ELSE fU. M SrAsTE?, Burr VAH UjMS? SSitu LgfT VAQRE. UOU.OR. r fl - , fX (J ff Nnork fo Hi -v , v y ij x tvomm! tm f J " '

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