The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 13, 1922 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, February 13, 1922
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i E EAIEMOTOJT NEW PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO H ELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1922 Number 21 - HIGH SCHOOLS RECLASSIFIED Fairmount Net Defeating Five Wins Championship Sweetser In One Sided Scrap it 1809 ABRAHAM LINCOLN 1865 fir s s v ... Ci ' IJh ' & " - fev 1 TOURNAMENT HELD IX HIGH SCHOOL GYM FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ATTENDED BY LARGE CROWDS OF ENTHUSIASTIC FANS FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTY THE SEVEN PARTICIPATING TEAMS PUTTING UP AN EXCELLENT BRAND OF BASKET BALL THROUGHOUT GAS CITY HIGH SCHOOL TAKES THE CONSOLATION TROPHY WHILE GAS CITY GIRLS TEAM DEFEATS THE JONESBORO GIRLS TEAM. ule of the county meet was between Van Buren and Sweetser. Sweetser was the favorite to win the contest. Owings scored for Sweetser almost as soon as the panie opened. Ballard, Van Buren captain, put the ball in from in front of the basket, and snipped Sweetser's lead in two. The half ended: Sweetser, 8; Van Buren, 6. A personal was called on Owings and Nelson of Van Buren, turned it into two points, as the holding was under the basket. The score was tied, but Owings of Sweetser put his team point ahead, 9 to 8, when Losure VISITING TEAMS PRAISE Fairmount high school on the basket ball championship of the county Saturday night before a crowd that filled the new high school gym, lower floor and balconies, to capacity, when th Black and Gold team swamped the Sweetser five beneath an avalanche of field goals, coming out victorious in the final game of the tourney with a score of 51 to 19. Preceeding the final game Gas City and Jonesboro contended for the consolation honors, the Gas City lads coming off victors with a score of ?6 to 11. Following the end of the final game L. X. Lasher, principal of the Gas City high school and president of the Grant County Inter -scholastic association, presented the trophies of the tournament to the winners, the Bla'ck and Gold championship pennant being received by Hollingsworth, captain of the Fairmount high school team, and the smaller pennant, the A& B& .... .1 W II consolation prize, being given to Xc-Cormiek. captain of the Gas City tear.-.. Prof. Lasher also took occasion to thank the Fairmour.t high sehol and the Fairmour.t patrons for the rr.f n ":n: :-.t accorded the- visit -in- loams du-i-r-r the tourr. anient. With its matmifcient r.ew crm. and the spirit shown by both school and natrons Fairmount er.or.stratcd to the county that this place is equipped and amply able to care for the county tournaments. and also couM well care of the district tournament hereafter. The tournament in every was was a most Ratifying success and all of the visiting teams were enthusiastic in their praise of Fairmour.t. Larg-e crowds witnessed the games at each session. Fairmount, M; Sweetser, 19. Sweetser was no ratch for Fair-mount hich school. The Pipe Creek team foucht hard, however, and amassed nineteen points. Fairmount scored sixteen points htf oi e Sweetser made a f.eld goal, and the half ended 24 to S in favor of the winners. Pavne missed a free throw on two occasions and Olfather then scored field goal under the baske fath; scored a pretty long tlCm making the exact center of the f.oo; Fairmour.t's end 4. Holhncrsworth scored near the basket on a long pass : M aking lwanis Oln ICiiS-ti V ) at the Royal1 Arrange for Benefit Theatre Will Entertain Normandy Singers Thursday Evening The next regular meeting of the Kiwanis club will be held on Thurs- day night in the Congregational church where supper will be served. This will be ladies night and the f ea- j ture of the evening will be the pros- , ence f the members of the Normandy Ki I ! ! ' ! ' ' DELAWARE COUNTY TRUSTEES RECEIVE COPIES NEW STATE DEPARTMENT RULES Three Classes of Commissioned High Schools Provided Under the New Classification, Those of the First Class Being Designated "Honor High Schools." The state department of public instruction of Indiana has sent to trustees and principals of schools copies of the newly adopted rules and regulations anent the high school classifications in the state. The school authorities are asked to study them closely and be guided accordingly. The classification which is given for 1921-1922 is a basis for a later classification to begin September 1, next, and the state board insists that the 1921-1922 classification should encourage many local communities to give their best efforts to the support of their schools to raise them to higher standards of efficiency. Called "Honor High Schools." Commissioned high schools, of the ! first class, are those commissioned : high schools that have a school term of nine months and meet the roquire-! ments of the state board of education in the training of teachers an 1 course of Ftudy, where the school Unn for ' the grades in connec tion is nine 'months in length. They shall h; ; known as "Honor High Schools." Second class high schools arc those commissioned in which the tvachcis meet the minimum require raciit s in training, for which the commissions are issued on a continuous basis, where the school term for the high school and for the elementary grades in connection is eight months in length. Third class commissioned hifh schools include all cornmi.-sior.ed schools which do not meet the quali- fieatiors for either of the first and second classes, Extra Work for Diploma. njch schools which do not meet the 'requirements for commissioned classi- fixation may be accredited for one. two, three or four years of hk,h school work, if in the opinion of the inspector the schools are meeting the require- ments which have been established f or accredited high schools, provided: That hereafter all certified high i schools shall be known as high schools ; credits in one semester in a commis- Certified High School Disappears. If special effort to meet the requirements is made, many high schools of ; the third class should go into the sec- ond class next year, the state board holds. Under the rules now in ;!,.t. the certified high school has disappeared, according to this classification and will be known hereafter as a high school accredited for four years work. Township trustees and school boards whose high schools are housed in buildings, which have been condemned by the state board of health, are warned that the state board of education will not reissue a commission to these schools until the necessary steps have been taken to provide a building approved by the state health board as being sanitary and by the state board of education as being adequate to accommodate the commissioned high school. High school pupils who study high school subjects in normal schools during the summer, or who are taught by private teachers, shall be required to take the state examination for high school credit to establish credits which may be counted toward graduation from the high school. Rules Following Failure For making credit in subjects in which he has previously failed, a student shall be required to spend at least twenty hours in recitation and twenty hours in study. For advance credit, the student shall be required to spend at least forty hours in recitation and an equal amount in study. In both cases the student shall pursue study under direction of a tutor who has had at least seventy-two weeks approved training or has had successful experience in the teaching! of the (Continued on Pag Two) frem Williams the entire length 0l,, , .u. .v.. TREATMENT RECEIVED and made one. Pavne scored a short one from the sid?. Score: Fairmount ; 39; Sweetser 17, with six minutes to ' go. With two Fairmount guards press- : ing him close. MrCraw scored a field ?oal - Olfather scored a free throw. Olfather scored a short one. Craw dribbled and shot from the side. Hclrirgsworth foil r wed up and scored . under the goal. Craw made a fairly Ion? one. The crowd begred for fifty points, as Faimttunfs count was 49. ' H oil ings worth did it with half a min-"ute to ro. The game ended 31 to 13 for Fairmount. - Nummary Fairmount. ol Sweetser. 1? Payne McGraw Forwards Hollincsworth Anderson Forwards Olfather Lake Centers Flanasran Owings Guards .,. W n. amson Williams Guards Substitutions Fairmount: Craw for . r iar.ssrar.; Pickard for Williams. " " - ... i. 1 ' ........ drinker for Lake; Mallott for Brink- 1 ,f r- Field goals Fairmount: Olfther, 9; . r. O. TT -M; .1. a. - .. ', i. cxttHstr:, o; J Owtrr-. S; McGraw. 1. Foul g-oals Fairmount: Flanagan, j i j -r-.g- 4 out or o; Anderson, 1 u 1 ,x -"i-"", , Sweetser, 9. Technical: Fairmount, 1- Consolation Match. boro s guarding was as good as that of Gas City, but Jonesboro couldn't le-et toe-ether. The srore at half time n to 6 Apparently exhausted after its gme with Fairaiount in the Ufternoon jonesboro'S defense weak- ened in the last half. Summary ..Gas City, 26 Jonesboro, 11 Berry Barton Forwards Gould McKeever Forwards McCormiek Bly Centers Malay Iiams Guards Ludlow Houck Guards Substitutions Gas City: Lewis for McCormiek; McCormiek for Gould; Richards for Ludlow. Jonesboro: Burns for Bly; Jay for Barton. Field goals Gas City: Berry 2; McCormiek 5; Malay 1; Lewis 3. Jones boro: Bly 2; McKeever 1. Foul goals Gas City: Berry, 4 out of 14. Jonesboro: Barton, made 3; Barton, 2 out of 5. Fouls Personal: Gas City, 7; Jonesboro, 11. Technical: Gas City 1; Jonesboro 2. FRIDAY In the curtain-raiser to the Friday afternoon session, the Fairmount high school reserves defeated the Sweetser reserves, 13 to 4. Sweetser gaveFair-mount a hard fight in the first half, which ended 6 to 4, but the Fairmount team held the Pleasant township lads scoreless in the last period. Bosley made three field goals for Fairmount. Sweetser, 18; Tarn Bwen, 12 The first game of the actual sched- a ; : t , j ; i j S I j u ) i Singers, who will be the guests of the : accredited for four years of work and club. The Normandy Singers appear that a graduate from any school ac-that evening- in the high school audi- credited for four years of high school torium as the fourth number in the 'work who desires to graduate from a series of entertainments being giv- j commissioned high school shall be re-en under the auspices of the Order ! quired to earn at least four additional s - 1 . 1 h "f : ! I 1 tV.e fl.v.T With Fj;TTvioKnt 6 r.oir.ts and none on their end, Sweetser call- ed time out. Flanagan of Fairmount scored two," free throws when Anderson of Sweet- ser held under the basket, Owmgrs scored Sweetser's first point on a f ree ; throw, and made another one on a , foul a second later. Owings ni:ssed his third foul groal. Payne score! r committed a personal. Nelson of Van Buren sent his quintet into the lead iwith a basket. Sweetser put its start ing r.neup Dae-K ana an isuren eaiiea ; time out. Anderson made a neat shot from the side and put Sweetser into the j lead one point, 11 to 10. Van Buren 1 was giving Sweetser more of a battle than had been expected by net fans, j Anderson gave his body a twist near the sidelines and swung! his arms over j his head, sending the ball into the ! basket. Lake made a quick try at the basket and put the ball in, making i Sweetser 15 to Van Buren's 10. A j technical foul was called on Anderson, i but Ballard of Van Buren missed. Lo- : sure caught the ball as it came down and scored for Van Buren. A tech nical was called on Ballard. Owings 1 of Sweetser made the free throw. Andersen of Sweetser tallied with a basket. A technical was called on Nelson, and Owings of Sweetser missed. Gas City, 32; Swayzee, 16. j The game was fast and the referee ; kept it going at a rapid pace. The ihalf ended: Gas City, 13; Swayzee, 10. j In the second half Berry of Gas j City followed up a shot by McCor- j miek and scored under the bask?t. : Berry pulled a reverse turned as he) dribbled down the floor and scored : almost from under the basket. Gas Citv arain took the ball down the floor and McCormiek sent the score up j ito Gag City J9. Swayzee 10; Gas City macie its end oi tne score wnen Malay, the fast little floor guard, scored. Berry missed the free throw and the ' game ended 32 to 16 on Gas City. . ( Fairmount. 56; Matthews, 14. i Fairmount high school was a big : over Matthews in the " last ; fame f the first round. Cheers sounded from the large crowd of root- ers as the teams lined up for the toss. Matthews grot the jump and took the d d h basket f the initial trv, but missed. The teams; foucht hard without scoring for the 'first few minutes, then Leer tossed in . lor.p one for Fairmount. Lineup and summary: Fairmount Matthews Payne F Fuhrman Hollingsworth .. F Lawvere Oldfather C Oxley Leer G Gadbury Williams G Beuoy Substitutions: Fairmount Craw for Payne, Flanagan for Hollingrsworth, Pickard for Williams, Williams for Oldfather. Field goals: Fairmount Payne, 7; Hollingsworth, 5; Craw, 4; Williams, 3; Flanagan, 3; Leer, 3; Olfather, 1. Matthews Fuhrman, 2; Lawvere, 1; Oxley, 1. Foul goals: Fairmount Payne, 2 out of 3; Flanagan, made 2. Matthews: Fuhrman, 5 out of 10. SATURDAY Sweetser, 15; Gas City, 14. Sweetser took the lead against Gas City. A field goal by Anderson and a foul by Owings gave the Pipe Creek lads three points. Gas City missed two free throws. Sweetser was breaking up Gas City plays almost before they got started, while Sweetser had gone through the Twin City defense several times, Gas City missed a third free throw. Berry scored Gas City's first field goal from in front of the basket near the center of the floor. Score: Sweetsser 3; Gas City 2. Owings scored a free throw for Sweetser. The teams penetrated each other's defense for many shots, but could not swish the hangings. Gas City had missed five three throws without making a one. Berry scored a free throw for Gas City. Thrice Owings of Sweetser fooled the Gas City giuards by throwing the ball up in the air ahead of them and over them and then recovering it for good (Continued on Page Three) of Eastern Star and the Masons, and followingi the supper, which will be : sioned high school to receive a eliplo-served promptly at 6:30 o'clock the ma from a commissioned hiirh FQ,hool. under the basket. Pavne followed up ! s superior teamwor ana a long- trv and tipped the ball in.;Pas?inS ve il a win ov?r Jonesboro Score: Fairmount, 12; Sweetser, 2. !in the consolation contest- Jones Wedding Follows College Romance Miss Vera Peirce Becomes the Bride of Mr. Franklin D. Pearce With Ceremony Preformed by Her Father Sweet in its simplicity and solemnity was the marriage of Miss Vera Peirce, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. T. J. Peirce, and Franklin D. Pearce, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Y. Pearce of Oak Park, 111., which took place i Thursday evening in the Wesleyan church, Rev. T. J. Peirce, father of the bride, reading the marriage service. The alter of the Wesleyan church had been made bright and attractive by a bank of potted plants and blossoms and just prior to the ceremony, Miss Carrie Coleman played the Nevin Love Song, after which Miss Athaleen Zike sang beautifully "The Message of the Violets," from The Prince of Pilson. Promptly at 8 o'clock the bride, carrying a large arm boquet of roses, entered on the groom's arm to the strains of Mendelssohn's Wedding March. They were unattended, but were met at the alter by Rev. T. J. Peirce and Rev. J. J. Coleman where the wedding vows were plighted. After the benediction by Rev. J. J. Coleman the bridal party repaired to the home of the bride where a reception was tfiven them. Misses Merle Carter and Lucille Lewis assisted in receiving and serving the refreshments which consisted of ice cream, cake and fruit punch. The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Pearce was the culmination of a college romance when they attended the University of Chicago, both being members of the class in chemestry. Mrs. Pearce is the talented daughter of Rev. and Mrs. T. J. Ptirce ad i? very popular among a large circle of friends. The young coupie left Sunday for Kenton, O-, where they will make their future home. Mr. Pearce being engaged in the mercanle business. H. S. DOMESTIC SCIENCE GIRLS BUY NEW RANGE. The girls of the domestic science department of the Fairmount high school have purchased a $200 gas range of the latest and most complete type, which is now on display in the show window of Parril & Lewis. The stove has six burners, two ovens and a broiling oven, together with a number of other special features. R. A. Morris spent Saturday and Sunday in Pendleton at the bedside of his brother, Will Morris. i j Kiwanis members and their ladies will attend the entertainment in a body. The Kiwanis club has made ar- rangements with Manager Ferguson of the Royal theatre, whereby the club will take over the house on the nights of March 1 and 2, and arrangements are being made to show on those two nights one of the best pictures to be secured. The proceeds from these benefit nights will be placed in a fund to be used in furthering the work of the Kiwanis club in the interests of the community. Further announcement of the plans of the club will be made later, as this is but the first step of the club along this line. Plans are also beginning! to take shape for a big minstrel show to be put on at some date in the near future. MORE ENTRIES WANTED FOR MATTHEWS EVENT. A call for additional entries in the tournament to be held at Matthews March 11 under the direction of the Jefferson Farm Club, has been issued by officials of the club. Several entries have already been received and the club is hoping to make the tournament one of the fastest in these parts. Entries from such teams as Van Buren, Wabash Basket of Marion, Swayzee, Fairmount, La-fontaine and Young America, are desired by the Jefferson club. Entries must be in by February 15. They may be made by calling) or writing Lloyd Duling, R. R. 3, Fairmount. The Amoma Girls of the Baptist church will, meet tonight with Miss Mable Ackerman to discuss plans for a George Washington social to be given in the church Feb. 22. Owings Gets First. Pavne followed with another shot. Hollingrsworth counted from under the basket. Sweeter caTled time again w,tn xne score 10 xo against a i f : cv. c 4. them. Owings scored Sweetser's first field sroal on a pass from Anderson. Payne and Olfather each scored for Fairmount, then Rhonemus made a field goal for Sweetser right after he went in. Olfather scored under the basket and Owings made a short one for Sweetser, followed by a close one "by Payne. Score: Fairmount, 24; Sweetser 8, at end of half. Second Half. Owings scored a free toss for Sweetser to open the half and scored a second one right afterward. Payne dribbled down the floor and scored on a short shot. Olfather scored on the run from in front of the goal. Rhonemus made a shot from an angle a second later. Score: Fairmount, 28; Sweetser, 12. Flanagan swished the hangings from the center of the court. Owings made a long one from the side of the hardwood. Rhonemus made a long one-handed shot that catapulted into the goal. Olfather tickled the draperies from the center of the floor with a shot that did not touch the rim of the hoop. Sweetser called time out. Score: Fairmount, 32; Sweetser, 16. Payne disturbed the curtains with a pretty long shot from a point to one side of the center of the floor. Flanagan made a free throw and Fairmount then carried the ball down the floor -through the Sweetser defense, Olfather scoring. Anderson got two throws on holding under the basket I i i

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