The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 14, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, January 14, 1937
Page 4
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Thursday, January 14, 1937 YESTERDAYS THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Foundd lll mngstdn THE HOME TOWNER To Love and Live and Let Live Hstuhllsncd as The Weakly Cllntoulan 1890 The Cllnluu Plaludealer absorbed In 18U8. litor and Publisher George L Carey. Now the old mas wss bewildered. The hand that held the cigar be nsed to go Into here. I went to have a little privste talk with you, Cooper, snd I " at 1Mb I'liHtufflce at Clinton, Indiana, at Second Claw Mailer fjntered Health I ai all-Important factor gan to sbaks. "You want ms to tall, the .truth?" he ssked Incredulnuily. ,IAV I.,' ma.,1. After the usual Inline routine Tuesday night the Moderu and itnyal Neighbors held a public Installation. The following officers Winn Installed: Venerable Counsel, ). A. Seward; Worthy Advisor, Edward Htanfli'ld; Bunker, T. A. Davidson; t'lerk, Thomas Campbell Kadirt. lleurgo funis; Manager. Hymn (iusncll; Watchman, Byron Anderson; Sentry,, Thud droves; Physician, lir. I. D. While; Insftil-llni; officer, Sain Smart. Member liullaiia Republican Editorial Association In happiness, " " i "Let go my srm. Csnt you lesvs men talkT I'm talkin' to Nettle Dust and dirt are a ' menace , to an' If you don't like U you csn lesvs. "Of course!" MeUtina snapped. "Of course I" Nettle echoed. "Either you're erasy, or I'm Now where wss IT ram so murn a society. It has been proved that a Ihlnihle-full of dirt from the rugs National Advertising Representative: csko. b. OAVin '. 1!IOO Wrlgley lildg., t'hlcngn. I HI General Mulms u.w.. Detroit 110 Kant 4 2nd St.. New Yrh man gets all bawled up Well, t'anyrste, I see Christie, and her which rover our own floors contains eraty. Too want ms ta Self me lumpln' geewhillkins. Nettie, can it be a fact that YOU don't know the as many as t. 000.000 germs. CHAPTER XXXV "Chrlatisl You've been to asrl" Nettie cried. "Oh, I see it all now. You'v been to her, and she's flst-. tared you Into thinklnf " rh faltered, held one plump band Jrtlnat her heaving bosom. ' "Now, dear Mrs. Coopsrl Control ?uraelf. Mr. Cooper wouldn't do a thing like that! As a man of honor as couldn't do such a thine, and I knew him to well and have too much confidence In his integrity to believe for one minute that hs would approach the other aide, or How them te approach him. No, dear Mrs. Cooper, we have a ' staunch ally In your brother-in-law and I know" "You don't knew all you'd like to know," Elbert Cooper guffawed. 4 fiia anvar SMincd ta nave Daased. and I get to Be puriy gooa i nanus. I don't tell her who I am, mind you. I tell her the name's Elbert Sam Elbert, snd I was a friend of ser AA'm Whnn aha e-ofia to ask me Phone 117 Phone 41 All dust and dirt contains bacterial many of which are pathogenic truth yourself?" Nobody knew. : AH these people thst ha d taken for knaves wars only fools. Just mean, csutions, creating fools. Afraid of the law, afraid of each ether, afraid of htm now. questions about him and this case of years I shut up like a clam, I don't know nothln' " and therefore dangerous. In the opinion of any person edu He ought to gloat ever them, but cated In sanitation the emptying of "There what did I tell you, Mrs. ha wss suddenly toe tired. Too tired, snd lonely. " Who remembered packing over Cooper! Of course I Absolutely nothing to tslk about. Now, my dear sir, we'll just leavs these lad tea snd settle down to a few drinks dirt and oust into receptacles, constitutes not only a serious nuisance, but a real danger to health. The most dangerous germs found The officers Installed by the Ituyal Neighbors were: Oracle, Mrs. ;or:e Surver; Vlee-oracle, Mrs. rlcusant Kelslielmer; Chancellor, Mrs. Rebecca Hamilton; Recorder, VI 1 rt in lliissard; Receiver, Mrs. Cora Hall. in; Marshal, .Mis. Byron ml.'i:i..ii; Inner Sentinel, Mrs, Aired Stall; Outer Sentinel, Mrs. .'harles Walters; Manager, Mrs. William Wood; Physician. l)r. I. I). While; lnstalliiiK officer, Mrs. lleorKe Curtis. Chilkoot pass? Who knew said and hunger and sickness and death in the winters of "88 and Vt He rubbed his red nose with the between oui selves, wnat do you say?" back of hi hand, and snickered araln. Who knew The Xsgina cafe, and in rugs and unrleanod upholsierlhgs are: the common cold, consumption. Ones more the old men shook off ths Victoria, and warmth and music and drink, with ths thermometer 60 McGUnn's friendly hand. sore throat, and tubercular bacteria below outside? "I'm gonna stay right bars till I Who but he had kfcowa this mas Anlak talkin' and whan I flnilh I m whose money ther were nghtina gonna go. I'd a been gons long ago ovsr, In the days when he was mak Laiurli a Iter II tners wasn't so aurn mucn wiw innt4n'l ing It? Who but he knew the young MfenL in that flrst winter that she was ths tosst of Nome? The "cover charge" has had Its meaning somewhat change! in the "As I was saying I nevei told rtiiH.iu who I waa. or what I was "Yon dont know anything about anything. Specially me. Man ef honor phooeyf". It was Elbert Cooper's hour, and hi mad the most of It. All his luck had been bad. All his Kfe he'd been a failure. On ol the first to reach .the jtlendlke after news of the strike on Boruuum reached the 'states, he had also been one of the Arst to gJvs no, Bverythinc he . ' touched failed, and everything Adolphus toeched turned to gold. Tims after time the elder brother had straightened out his difficulties, found his a lob, or set him up in business. The Isst years had been Mis. Ayeis of liana Is visiting her daughter. Mrs. Charles Frailer. hers for. I never told her or tne Nobody not even her slater. He looked st ths sinter, this stout Doo nothln'. But they treat me paBt 8 years. The roofs over our heads are now our personal everyday "cover charge." stupid womsji who wanted all white. I can sit down to the Uble with them anv time. I csn take ears Uoipn a money lor nerssii. How could two sisters be so Un of the little shaver, snd fesl t' boms. alike? And now could Dolph, who had lost the one in death, 0nd solaes It don't tsks me long t' see how tne wind's blowln'. They got a nice HttU niece but it's mortgaged. in ths otneri Readers Comment I He began to mop his face with his Money's scarce. I don't know wny .' truly hard. Living from hand 4o handkerchief. Dolub, the durned old fool, didn't Miss Margaret Cooper entertained at dinner Sunday lor Miss Cecilia N'cwbv and Miss Julian. JANUARY 14, lli! Following is a list of the newly elected Christian Sunday school officers for the ensuing year: C. M. Poor, general superintend , mouth. Harrowing a IltUe here, and HttU there. Panning a little sold. 'It beats me," he mumbled, "it leave a will IP he didn't" bests me." Nattla clutched at her heart. wu. 11 11 ,. " T..K.11. . wl "ha'a They were an silent All waiting. Ha looked at thsm, at their getting beyond himself 1" frightened, expectant faces, Hs ' Buying a few groceries and a little tebaeoo. Getting old, getting a little ionelg and frightened. . , . ,, Small wonder that he Jumped at , the offer' the lawyer from the city fwflfi him. Dolpb was dead. Died without leaving his half brother a cent he did. I don't know nothln' about THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM: 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties 2 To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. i 3, To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemploy- i ment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the moit attractive city of Hi sixe in the atate. - - SMOKELESS CITIES PROFITABLE Sooner or later in the growth of every community there comes a time to consider the pollution of the air through the discharge of belching chimneys, the evidence of business activity, and from the discharge of gases and noisome fumes from automobiles and other agencies of modern progress. It will be easy to eliminate soot, dust and fumes when it becomes profitable for owners to do so and, from what chemical en gineers recently discussed at Columbia university a new process may make it a paying proposition to do so. Engineers have long worried qver loss of potential weallh along with the smoke that spouts out of chimneys and have studied ways to retrieve valuable ingredients, such as sulphur. The word is that a new process recovers sulphur, removes nitrous and hydrochloric acid fumes, the two other gases most responsible for air pollution. More important, the value of the recovered sulphur goes far toward making the "scrubbing of the air financially practicable. MEXICO'S COOD EXAMPLE With the United States anxious to prevent the shipment of war materials from this country to a nation engaged in war, the possibility of evading restrictions by shipping through a neutral nation has been evident. The rllexican government, however, has advised the slate department that it will not serve as an intermediary for such commerce without the consent of the United States. This means that Mexico, while selling war material of. its own manufacture to the Spanish government, will not be a party to the violation of the policy of a neighboring nation. I President Cardenas, it is said, acted against the advice of some snoutd nave enjoyea tuning mem, but somehow be didn't. ' "Nettie. I euess I didn't Quite that All I know Is no man would want to aae his daughter workin' ent: Miss Mary Blair, secretary- treasurer; Robert Shattuck, libra her fingers t' the bone, hsngin' out OPTIMISTS VKRSl8 PBtMIflT8 Editor Cllntonlan: It has been said by a distinguished cltlien of Clinton that the city is divided Into two classes, optimists and pessimists. ... I am a natural born optlmlBt, but my optimism has received a severe shock ever since some of the city streets have been hard-surfaced. In rian; ('. R. Clingernmn, adult super DolDh's widow and Dolph's daugh big washes sna everytning eise, while her stepmother and her girls ireta all his douch. It ain't natural. ter were strangers. What did he care for them I If one wanted to understand you. I thought beln her sister, you'd know, t guess I didn't quite' understand Miml either, t thought she waa the kind thst didn't care what anybody thought "But I guess a girl kinds goes on earin' 'bout her family pullin the nay him ta cheat the other what did 'Specially Dolph. He thought too much of Mimi and that little intendent; Miss Mary Charles, primary superintendent; Miss Viola Vantura, kindergarten superintendent; and Mrs. tieorge Nagel, pianist. ahavar " . he ears, hadnt hs been cheated, too? . "If 1 was a man of honor," he - told McGlinn, with a chuckle, "I "I did everything in reason for her, because I knew my sister ana wouldn't he here. Now would I?" crossing soma of those Intersections wool ever their eyes t guess mi mi did fool her folks with thefdoption story yon told me, hut s'help me, 1 didn't think you believed ht S'help me, Nettie, I didn't I" my husband would have wished it. "Certainlyl" Nettie cried. "It's Local mail carriers, members of But there were circumstances yon mur dutvl the National Association of Letter lennw nothlno about, and which I "Absolutely," McGlinn cut in. "It IS vour duty, and I dont believe I Nettie sobbed, hut sne oian t need remind you. Cooper, that you ' can be subpensed. You're a witness in this case, and as such you'll have the pedestrian has to walk through a veritable sea of pebbles. Now this condition is dangerous on a hard surface, no need to explain why. I have been vainly waiting .for this condition to be remedied, but my optimism has been slowly ebbing. The' situation seems to be like speak. So he went on. ' ' "I remember when she corns to the Victoria. Dolph was runjiin' It then, and I was a weigher weithe. gold for the house. It was the sprin of 1900. She waa ey young, an. Carriers, held their annual election of officers last night at the postof-fiee. Officers elected for the new year are: C. E. Goodhue, president; R. li. Falls,1 vice-president; H. D. Wullman, secretary-treasurer; and I). T. Mitchell, Bergeant-at-arms. need not explain to you, cioen. in not for you to judge! My conscience is clear!" "Conscience. Nettie, you ain't got a conscience. I ain't got much of a one either, but I'll see myself and all of you in blankety blank blank before I go on with this. You paid me to keep my mouth shut and I'm man enough of my word for that but not one word will I say for you. . to testify " , gut Nettie wouldn't be silenced. "I can't forarive you for going to very a-as. She run away from home. account of some kid scrape she go. in she never told us what " -'Christine. Of course, you don't ' know all I did for her, but she does. .'To Jthinlt that she could bribe you that of the twb Httle boys and the apple; the possessor of the apple mm hive been an optimist lor lie -r . . . . , So with your kind permission, ladies Old Eroert uoopers amused smirs and eente " - wm wvama an nia xace. had hi mind set on enveloping' the Arthur Winkler of South Third street, who has been III with the flu, Is uble to resume hlB work now. The Winkler children, Wllma and tie looked around 'or cne suit -.. "Now you listen to ms. Nettie. case, "That blasted flunky moved whole apple, for when 'the otben 'Listen good I .If you'd treated ms ' -i . I Htrlo hnv ivhn was also an optir it again I Make him get it for me, Nettie!" ngni, muwn me in iiinw, helDSd me And a couple o cronies mist) sensing there was no charge "Now see here, my good man. You weren't paid for anything. Your i to get a bite started to plead for ftlf rood aiater-in-law made vou a aen. core the monopolist informed mm Clyde, are also reported to be feeling bnter alter being very ill with (he flu. , , j Mrs. Olive Wood, who is III at her home in Wulnut street, is reported to be feeling better today. of his aides in making this decision, which is called a practical dem erous present because she found you in want and she's prepared to keep you in comfort the rest of your life if vou prove a good friend te - ,io pass the time, I wouldn't never ' have seen Dolph's girl. "dr if you had more movie houses "ifai" this town. Sams dum' pitcher sAowin' a week what a a man gonna do with his timet Well, I went to sea the girl. I didn't know as I'd even go In. but there she was out front workin' in her yard. Spoke to ma civil, too." "She would I" Isabelle ssld under Iim hrAth. but he heard. onstration of his appreciation of the good neighbor policy of President Roosevelt. If the United StatrB wishes to prevent such ship her. But, she hasn't paid you to ments of its goods, the Mexican president takes the view that, as a say anything, or not say anything. Understand that. Did you thing you wera being bribed?" McGlinn netted the Irate old man Miss Agnes McCIinty, of South "It was because papa wanted he to be engaged to the Rev. Dr. Dit man," Nettle said. "And she wouldn't, because he had a beard." Then she jumpeoV surprised st her own voice.- "Well, Dolpn only had a moiu tache," Elbert said dryly. "She wan his girl, from the first He'd a married her any time, but It was a rough place, snd he was a busy man. Everybody called her Mia' Cooper Mr. McGlinn cleared his throat "Anne Geddes or Muni, as you call her, and Adolphus Cooper, were married in Seattle, in June, 1914 June ftfth." "We have proof of it!" Nettie said thickly. ,fAnd I have her letter about adopting the child " Shs looked at Elbert, beseech- were sll looking at him. Hs felt sorry for them, it meant so much to them. "Yee, thaf s right," he Ssld. "It wss the year Dolph eold ths Gold Seal mine to the Kelmscotts, Hs sold a couple other interests he had, too. Mimi wanted to get to the states. After the rush was over she never liked Alaska, though they traveled all over it.' They got married soon as they corrie to the states. (To Be Continued). Cwrrlet.L, aim IWiiTf fl,,,c.nt t" on the shoulder, laughed boisterously. ' "Certainly. Elbert" Nettle Sixth street, was able to resume bur teaching duties, at Central school yesterday after being confined te .ter home with the flu. echoed. Old Elbert Cooper shifted uneas "More'n you ever did. None of your Aunt Miml in YOU, young lady or yon either, miss. Young Christie'! never be the woman her : ma was, but she's got thst kinds warm way about her that makes you fee good. She" "Her ma" Isabelle said. "Did good neighbor, Mexico should not do anything to nullify the course adopted. . While there may be some doubt as to the wisdom of the policy of this country, there should be none in regard to the attitude of the Mexican president. The peace of the world would be on a solid basis if all countries showed as much respect for the regulations of other nations. .. . . . n. ; " there wouldn't be any core. So it seems there wont be any remedy for the evil I have described. And Incldently (here my optimism soars again:) When the Stadium Is being built, It would be a good idea to have a committee go and interview the builder and have him donate a few barrowsful of ready mixed concrete for the purpose of putting down a few auxill-. ary steps at the ends of sidewalks in the buslnesB district notably at Main and Blackman street ' arid Third and Blackman. , Now 'It would be very selnBb on nry part If I was making this remonstrance solely for myself. I have In mind the hundreds of pedestrians who dally cross and 'recross those bard-surfaced thoroughfares. Thanking the editor for his courtesy I nallowlng the spate and the reader for he patience in following ui hr that Mr. McGlinn 7" Our Friends We who 'have' friends know how much of ail earth's worth to us lies in certain ayes and laces, and certain hands nod voioes.. .... "Never mind," Nettie whispered. "Let him talk. Let's hear what he lly. His good eye moved suspiciously from one to the other. "Well, that's one on me," he munblid sheepishly. "I sure thought It was a bribe. Well, I said right along I wasn't a man of honor. Thanks for what yon give me, Netr tie. I'll be gettin' along." "But you can't go I" Nettie was losing all patience. Her voice was high and petulant. "Or if you do you'll have to come back and tell liaa tn aavl" But Mr, McGlinn didn't want to hear. Ha came bustling forward with a fresh cigar, "Now I know that this meeting with the young lady was merely casual, and there's NOTHING we "Whew! I've gotta get my barn painted1 tne crura, xou u ue suopenaeoi afore my paint givesout!" himself in the position so many men before him had been. Harry Carey's performance as the crusading legislator Is commendable and Robert Helen HJ-odecfi k" Eric Blore, Jane add to the movies attractions, with and Frlk Bhoades to help the prln- some excitiug horse races thrown In clpals along their stormy path. Gene; for good measure. Some good char-Rivmmiri hua nn onDoi tunilv to sing! acter players such as Halllwell through! I an still an OPTIMIST. Holibes, Richard Carle and George Cununings showB Just cause io oe-Barbier have supporting roles. I lieve that he's a young man with a Popeye'llie Sailor has a dreadfnl cinematic future. The gloomier side time of it in "Want! No Spinach!", of life inside theae prison walla la "Will You?" as he pursues the object of his affections. A cartoon, newsreel and a Pictorial Revue are added short nubjci-ls. brightened capably enough by Mar- THK AfYI'MINO KfVGER' AT THE WABAHH Paul Kelly Is fine as the district sha Hunt and Kent Taylor aa the love Interest. "All Baba" In, a color cartoon, "Music Everywhere" and Paramount News are special shorts." "Hit'ENHTHlUJ'T" AT THE COI.I'MIIIA You'll have an evening of fun seeing Henry Fonda as the "Spendthrift", In reality a penniless millionaire aportsman, who marries conniving Mary Brian, He soon discovers bis mistake and pretty Pat Patterson at the same time. Beautiful clothes and luxurious settings uttorney III this story who gets "The Accusing Finger" pointed at him and theu has to try to wiggle out of his predicament. Kelly is convicted of murder on circumstantial evidence for a crime he did not commit. For the first time he finds Glycerins Used in McsUotoM Next to water, glycerine is tha most exteusiyely used ot all liquids in medicines. It stands far ahead of alcohol Soientinc American. THE STARS SAY j l lly GKMCVISVK KKMB1.K ' For Friday, January 1.1 A particularly active 'and enterprising day 'Is read' from the predominant plauetary operations. Things will move at a lively pace and have Important Issues, especially In the launching of new projects. There may he major changes in plans and environs. It is a time for pushing for betterment In all directions. Employment is under auspicious conditions. If This Is Your Birthday Those whose birthday It la may look for 'an active and progressive year, with new iuteresla and undertakings. It la a time for pushing along practical lines to launch Important projects. Employment Is under excellent rule, too. A child born on this day may be active, talented, practical and creative, and should make a success on Its own or in employment. Mr. Business Man V Inventory Time is "Printing Time!" CHECK THIS LIST For Your Printing Needs At this time, when you review the old and get set for the new, give a thought to your Printing Needs . . . Perhaps your supply of statements, billheads, stationery, checks or order forms is running low . . . Whatever you need in the printing line for 1936, let VermUlion County's only union printing establishment serve you! Our Service Department will be more than happy to design and submit for your approval a new letterhead, blotter, office form or whatever you need that new type, and a new design, might improve. There's no obligation or no charge for this layout service. Hut don't wait until you need a "rush job"; check your printing needs NOW and start the New Year with a fresh supply of modern printed formal i I M W Order Blanks Shipping Tags Business Cards Filing Cards Circulars Bank Checks Tickets Handbills Circular Letters Office Forms Letterheads Envelopes Statements Billheads Blotters Skipping Labels Booklets Window Cards Post Cards Posters MOVIES tNLAKTFT GttJL IN TOWN" ; AT THE PALACE ' Ann Sothern Is the lovely blond photographer'a model known as "The Smartest Girl In Town" and she is determined to marry a matt wilb money lota of it. Gene Ray; mond ia the seemingly penniless, young man who almost makes her change her mind. Although he really is s millionaire In disguise, he pretends to be an advertising model too. It's a gay modern comedy with THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Only Union Printing Establishment in Vermillion and Parke Counties : .

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