The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 9, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1922
Page 2
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS The Fairmount News cuit court against the Black Panther Oil company by Bennie Garrison, who term in this capacity and the name of W. D. Moss, who has been prominent- TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY says that he drilled and completed j ly identified in the ranks of the re- publican party, has been brought forth as a possible successor to Mr. Jones, in case the latter refuses to serve again. Published on Mondays and Thursdays A. S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts, Associate. EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS IN FAIRMOUNT A DECADE AGO AS TOLD BY THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS, AND GLEANED FROM THE FILES OF THE PAPER FOR PRESENT DAY REMINISCENT READERS. oil wells for the company for which he has never been paid. The Black Panther company is in the hands of receivers. Funeral services for Mrs. Sarah Mc-Cabe, a life-long resident of Franklin Office: Main 265 Res., Black 382-1 TELEPHONES Given his personal exemption of $2, 500, plus $400 for each dependenet, a married man with three children the average American family will pay this year on a net income of $4,000 a tax of $12. On the same income for 1921 he would have paid a tax of $56. Every citizen and resident of the United States must determine for himself whether his income for 1921 was sufficient to require that a return be filed. - Full instructions for making out a return are contained on the forms, a copy of which will be sent to taxpayers who filed a return last year. Failure to receive a return, however, does not relieve a taxpayer of his ob INCOME TAX FACTS '.township, who died Sunday at the Harry Miller and wife will soon At the Methodist parsonage Saturday evening at 8 o'clock, H. C. Smith united in marriage George A. Speice and Anna M. Conliffe. Mr. Speice is SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year $1.50 move into the Joseph Hardwick pro- j home o her daughter, Mrs.- Loren perty on South Mill street. Mart in Monroe township, were held I from the First Friends church in Ma- C. D. Overman has been reappoint-' "on Wednesday. SJie was the widow Six months SO I a glass blower in the Rau factory. j (Outside Indiana.) ed as postmaster at Fairmount for of William McCabe. Changes in the revenue law are of material benefit to the average family man. Under the revenue act of 1921 a married person, living with wife or husband, whose net income for 1921 was $5,000 or less, is allowed a per- One year $2.00 c Cowgill, tile manufacturer of another four year term. Albert Dancer and Charles Arm- Six months I Summitville, who has the most ex Mrs. L. E. Nolder returned from strong) have been appointed constables All subscriptions payable strictly , .j; A4- tensive factory in the United States, sonal exemption of $2,500. Under the ! Anderson where she has been visiting for Mill township by the board of ligation to file a return on time, on or 1" rVt EE V;rV w I if not in the world, finds a market for less renewal is received prior to ex- his product in nearly every civilized her parents j county commissioners, on petitions filed with them by citizens of the piration date. ; country. He has been doing business Mrs. J. W. Patterson entertained township with the royal family of Great Britain . revenue act of 1918 the exemption al- . before March 15 1Q22 Forms mgy lowed a married person was $2,000, re- be obtained from colectors of inter. g(ardless of the amount of net income. ' na, revenue and branch offices. The normal tax rate is the same, 4 per cent on the first $4,000 of net in- CANT BURY AN ADVER- come above the exemptions, and 8 per TlSEMENT IN THIS PAPER THR cent on the remaining net income, j NEWS IS READ THROUGH. " for some time.. He sold tile to Queen the Shakespeare club Saturday after- Entered as second-class matter at the postoffiee at Fairmount. Ind., under the Act of Congress of March 8, 187P. John A. Jones, who has served as j Republican county chairman, is said .'to be opposed to serving a second Victoria and since her death he has j noon at her nome on tast Washington continued to do business with his j street. ' mval nibs. Kins- Edward, the tile be-1 . . . .. . , , i Miss Jessie M. Jay was torn in ,ing put down in the royal parks j Fairmount Let our citizens show j the palace grounds. jthat thpy an? proud of hpr am, ner j MARION S "CAUTIOUS" FIVE WILL SEEK REPUTATION. The methods and antics of Coach talent. There is no more perfect j The selection of the following team - full Gilberts "cautious me m me . , ; violinist in Indiana. Uive her a rion high school would be amusing if : to represent fcarinam college in xne Thursdav n;ght. w Srt self-conceited. It i debate with Butler university, was Misses Rose and Mabel Jacobs and has been said, and said with all out- j announced yterday: W O. True ;;,,;.c wnr the as- blood of Salem. Albert Small of Fair "' Mivmu,,.,.c -r . , ... . J T3:j ertion. that loach iiHDert nas in ine t QI ilrs- Mm iiarris ior me past iwo past been exceedingly cautious in port, all of the class of Each ; weeks, returned to their home in Cin- for his basket ; receieu a icinnati Friday. framing up a schedule erted that .ward Dellority the tiwooa oanKer. t shooters. It has been ass The question for debate, Resolved: j The Ladies Shakespeare Club an-That Congress Should Legislate for j nounce themselves a.s patrons of the the Suppression of Anarchy." Jay-Tracy Musicle to be given at the i Friends church. Gilbert would schedule no game with any team that had made a reputation which might give cause for a suspicion v,ot MaHrm miVht suffer defeat. It ha been charge ! that for this reason j The contract for the big tabernacle j Gilbert refused to meet the Fairmount ' to be erected on the I. O. O. F. lot on j The Muncie Star contains a picture j Hr h School five on the Fairmount South Main street has been awarded j of Miss Edna Leach of Fairmount, j to Nathan Davidson and work will giving her high tribute as an amateur , Miss commence at once. The building will actress of gireeat promise. Leach is a daughter of Esom O. Leach. floor until he was forced to do so. and, it is a matter of regret to recall that on that occasion there were evidences that Marion came to Fairmount determined to take the game, by fair be used by Rev. William A. S.unday in his revival meetings which will commence March 20 and continue six Hollingsworth & Son announce a shoe sale. $3.50 and $4.00 ladies patent kid shoes for $2.95. $4.00 French Enamel, heavy sole, Douglas, mean? or by foul; no matter which, weeks. The money has been sub-but take the game. And even at that, scribed and all arrangements complet-Gilbert was given a real run for his ed. Nelson and other makes of Men's The News is readv to resume the shoes for $3.45. Misses and children's money. It nas oeen saia mai .uinun scheduled Logansport at a time when 75c and 98c. Other about taking shoes at 48c, values offered. the Logansport five was in a slump, old time arrangement and gave no signs of being able to put wood on subscription. up a fiime that Marion could not counter, espe-ciallv when the game was could undersell every country in the to be clayed on "Marion's own "five- township is not the whole thing, and:worM not excepting the rice-eating lot. But, to the chagrin of .iil- 111 iv - --- Orientals. Topeka Sjtate Journal. acre bert nd all of Marion, Coach Stone- pa"- j WHY THE CHANGE OF FRONT? OUR WARDS, THE FILIPINOS I 0 The Dmrats in the United States Senate stopped at nothing in their Since we have made ourselves res- eaj?erness to permit Europe to spend ponsible for the welfare of the Fill- j the resources of the United States. pinos we have done our best by them. -The Democratic President went to the ! We have started a school system, . extreme ienffth of offering the wealth J seught to teach them English that ; and er of the United States as a ! - r mey mipni in cue i-uuik "i RUarantee for an the vague promises quire one common language, given braker "put one over" on them and went back to the City of Bridges with his five carrying the long end of the score. Th;s was a bitter doze for Gilbert. Then Shelbyville came along and rubbed more salt into the sores of the so-called "Wonder Five." Now, it appears, that Gilbert has decided that it is up to him to regain the reputation of his squad, and he announces that hereafter he will schedule games only with teams of "known reputation" and. as he seems to think there are no teams outside of Marion with "known reputations" Grant county teams hereafter will not be permitted on Marion's schedule. Of course, Marion has a reputation, but, as all teams that have invaded the sacred confines of Civic Hall are undoubtedly acquainted by experience with that reputation, it is not neces- t H I - 'IHOTf : 'Tin' l-'XrtVfA U Nnffeyl!.! fWlt I 'l!;l;if1!;!!i!l- r if i? ! & 5 W ' I 1 -1 -! ' 1 1 ! ill.-' f i . " r 1 . ii. t- - ' :l ! I ill t Di HI ' . iit i r I - 1-- I ft ,-i,i'i : if included in the covenant of the lea- i gue of nations, and urged his fellow j countrymen to make a "supreme sacri- fice" for the benefit of Europe and ! the rest of the foreign world. And ' now the Democrats seek to amend the refunding bill so as to prevent the re- j funding commission from making such ! liberal terms with the debtor nations j as the financial and economic condi- tions in the various countries may j necessitate. They would have the i their products free access to the best market in the world, made the begin-ninc of a good road system and in all ways possible sought their well being. From the beginning the policy has been to give the comparatively small educated class a constantly increasing share of their government. The Wilson administration turned over pretty much the entire control of affairs to that class and they have P made an awful mess of it. Governor commission demand what may turn out General Wood is trying to straighten cirv nt thi time to enter into detail Tfewever, it would be interesting if , things out. rnnoh Gilbert, in nresentintr his ar- What the Filipino "intelligencia' to be the impossible, thereby not only denying reasonable consideration to the countries that owe us money, but also obstructing ultimate collection of the debts. Albany (N. Y.) Journal. gumcnts to the bin state teams which want is to exploit the masses of their he apcars eo anxious to meet, would i countrymen. They want to handle the explain the manner in which hia f revenues, in the evident belief that "Wonder Five" won the last district they can use them in ways more pro-toumev. That would be enough for ; fitable to themselves than in building one chapter, without entering into school houses, good roads and port other interestino- details. (improvement. They have no sense of However, it is believed that the ! Plic finance and if left alone the: other thirteen townships in Grant ouia soon Pe emorouea witn power ful neighbors. countv outside of Marion are begin So far as we think of the Filipinos ning to become pretty thoroughly im Center ; our thought is to educate and help the pressed with the idea that RECONCILED The Courier-Gazette confesses to a feeling of perfect resignation on receiving notice this week from Washington that certain government publications are no longer to be sent to this and other newspaper offices of the country. During the enormous multiplication of bureaus and departments in the Wilson administration the list of such periodicals was swelled to an extent that could be understood only by the newspaper editors upon whose desks the mails discharged these costly publications, which for the chief part found a quick way to the wastebasket. The Harding administration is doing a wholesome work in their reduction. Rockland (Me.) Courier-Gazette. masses. Our duty is to them and not to the "intelligencia. And as respects even the ruling class, if they have any political and financial sense whatever they will never let go of If you have trouble in putting aside as much money as you would like to, or as much as you think you ought to lay by for a nest egg, the rainy day or ease in your old age; if your capital doesn't steadily increase from month to month, but sometimes is less than the month before; if you can't seem to get ahead of the game; if, whenever you do get a little saved up, you always ''blow it in" and have to begin all over again, then We have a surprise in store for you! It's an idea that's a winner. It's been tried and tested, weighed and not found wanting. Hundreds of folks, men and women, right here in this town swear by it. It's putting other dollars in their pockets over and above just what they save. It is piling up a sure and very handsome competence for each one of them. It fills the needs of the man or woman who has to hustle for every dollar they earn who a-e earnestly looking for better things; a broader, brighter future. Ten to one YOU have been waiting, and hoping and wishing for an opportunity like this. Step in and see us about it today or clip out the coupon and mail it. But do not wait. Don't put it off. "One Today is worth two Tomorrows.' ROYAL Theatre Uncle Sam's coattaits. Francis co Chronicle. I PRICES IN GERMANY. An American visiting Germany has written to the home folks a letter cov ering several features of living costs Grant County News In Brief Saturday, February 11 Maurice Tourncur Presents "The Life in that country. Here are a few samples: A ride from Hanover to Hamburg, six hours, first class, 25 cents. Lunch for two on the dining car, consisting of asparagus soup, a good drink of schnapps, a good portion of nsh, roast veal, vegetables, cocee. pudding, bottle of good red Two Upland young men, Carl Miller, 21, and Byron Williams, 30, Were surprised Sunday night by Marshal Robert Waterman, while they were in the act of robbing the Dayton Clark pool room. The officer covered the men with his gun and captured them. They were taken to the county jail at Marion to await court action. After believing his soldier son to be dead for more than four years, Samuel K. Barker, of Marion, met his 99 Lime , wine, two liquers, at a total cost for two of about 70 cents in American currency. A taxi for two hours cost in American currency 40 cents. Dinner for three, including poultry everything from soup to nuts and a bottle of wine, at a total cost of 60 cents. Laundry bill for ten handkerchiefs, seven collars, five pairs of socks, one suit of underwear, one pajamas, 10 cents. Until recently a handsome suit of clothes could be bought at about $10. Derby hats, 50 .to 75 cents, and so on, all along; the line, he writes. We hear so much in this country about the American standard of living, but if tha American work Founded on the World-Famous melodrama of the Seas "THE ROMANY Also Mack Sennette Comedy son in Indianapolis Monday, where a meeting had been arranged. Prom there they went to the home of a sis INFORMATION COUPON (WITHOUT OBLIGATION) INDIANA GENERAL SERVICE CO. Please send me illustrated booklet, containing ( 1 ) More Information about Preferred Stock, (2) Details of Easy Payment Plan, (3) How to Judge an Investment. NAME Indiana General Service Goiiiany ter at Quincy, HI., where a great family reunion was held. Matinee, 29 p. at. Ereninr, 7 and 89. A. suit for foreclosure of a mech-; anion linn mnA Wirmanf tnr man could obtain the things enuraer O A DDPESS 17 j " -. AWl A O ated above at the prices quoted we asked in a suit filed in the Grant cir-

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