The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 9, 1922 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Thursday, February 9, 1922
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E EAIE,MOUN-T NEWS I t; ! 1 PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO H ELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday ml Thnradir. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST A LAV ATS. Forty-Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1922 ' Number 20 r 4 NAME APPRAISERS FOR FAIRMOUNT Basket Bail Squads Ready For County Honor Contest MOTHERS GUESTS OF THE DAUGHTERS YOUXG LADIES AND GIRLS OF FRIEXDS CHURCH EXTERTAIN TUESDAY EVEXIXG Pleasant Social Evening with Delightful Refreshments Enjoyed with Special Musical Program Feature of Occasion Address by Mrs. Gertrude Reineer. THE "DOPE" SHEET AS FANS MAKE IT j STAGE ALL SET FOR TOURXA-! MEXT TO OPEX IX HIGH ; SCHOOL GYM FRIDAY AFTER-XOOX INDICATIONS POINTING TO AN UNUSUALLY LARGE GATHERING OF FANS FROM James Howard Dies Suddenly Well Known Resident Stricken Soon After Rising Thursday Morning and Expires Before Physician Can be Called James Howard, a well-known resident of Fairmount died suddenly at his home on South Buckeye street Thursday morning, his death being wholly unexpected, although he had been suffering with a severe cold for the few days previous. He was able to be up and around, however. Mrs. Howard had also been suffering severely with a cold, and Thursday morning Mr. Howard rose from his bed at about 6:30 o'clock to wait on his wife. Almost immediately after rising he remarked that he felt dizzy, and sitting down in a chair expired immediately. A physician was called Fans from all over Grant county, very much interested in the coming tourney, have been trying, to "dope" it out and have come forth with many predictions regarding the probable winners. Here are the offerings, pure and adulterated, from one Fairmount fan: Friday Afternoon BLACK AND GOLD IN FINE FETTLE The Fairmount high school basket Vail team is in practically prime con- j dition at the present time and Fair- j mount fans feel quite confident that i the local squad should stand a good j show of carrying off the honors in the coming tournament on Friday and j Saturday. J During the past week the Black and . Gold squad has been hitting a mighty i fast stride. Last Friday night War ren was vanquished on the Warren . I 2:00, F. H. S. Reserves should win es to tneir niotners. r,ven caugnier-from the Sweetser reserves, although less mothers were supplied with a this game should be close and mighty daughter pro tern, who looked after but nothing could be done. Mr. and Mrs. Howard had been resi-1 lo le maae ims yar- A he appraise-dent of Fairmount during the gas , ment was made three years ago, but days, he beine for many years in the I the last legislature changed the time fast as the teams seem well matched. 3:00, Sweetser should win from Van Buren in an interesting game, although there's a chance that the dope might be upset right here. Friday Nigiht 7:30, Gas City should win from Swavzce. floor to the tune of 37 to 28. On Sat- ;nmg '-: 7"lf urdav nicht the locals returned home I DurinS Frida and Saturday of this and fought through a hard battle with !, the thoughts of hundreds of the strong Greentown squad, copping-, ! PPle not onlv of Grant but also of the bacon to the tune of 26 to 15. jothr nearbr counties, will be directed , , , , , , , Ion the probable outcome of the strug- Coach Walters held the only heavy, , f:rt. . , , : gles going on at the new Fairmount practice of the week on Monday night. ; T. , . w . , . u i :high school gym. service of the Indiana Gas and Oil . There were about one hundred present at the Friends church Tuesday evening to enjoy the hospitality and entertainment of the young ladies and girls of the church who were hostess- her, found her pleasant environment and served her with refreshments. Mothers were met in the reception room, where they were seated until after the program when they were escourted to the basement where light refreshments were served. The i young people were assisted at the tea ' . - . n i i n r ii , r T- t T, 11 I I was in charge of Miss Leora Bogue, Miss Luther introduced the speaker of the evening. Mrs. Reineer has a splendid pulpit presence and a voice 8:30, Fairmount should cop from tawe oy Jirs. Mgar uamui uuu Matthews although Matthews has a M. A. Hiatt, who poured, and at an-huskv squad and will undoubtedly put other table by Mrs. Clinton Winslow, d scrap. jMrs. Ed Hollingsworth, Miss Ella Saturday Afternon Winslow, Mrs. John Peacock and Mrs. 2:00, Gas Citv'vs. Sweetser. This Fred Haisley, who served the plates. company. When tne company closed, '" iaa- "J- me pre- its offices in Fairmount Mr. and Mrs. j sent assessors, who have had experi-Ilowell removed to Greentown, where J ence' and not be thrown into the hands Mr. Howard continued in the employ ! of new and inexperienced assessors, of the company until he was placed were the coming election might make on the retired list, several months ; changes. Mr. Relfe, in order that the ago and then he and his wife return- j Property owners might be represented to Fairmount to again make their ed- suggested recently to the Fair-home here. Mr. Howard is survived j mount township unit of the County by his widow only. j Agricultural association, that the unit 'Funeral arrangements have not yet name two competent men to make the been made. 'appraisement in the township, and . that the town board and the school should be one of the hardest fought . The main feature of the entertain-games of the entire tournament, ment was the talk given by Mrs. Ger-These teams seem practically equally trude Reineer, pastor of the Friends matched, Sweetser, having a more church at Noblesville. Miss Dorothy husky team, has a chance to vanquish Luther presided over this meeting and the speedy Gas City quintet, but the after the musical numbers, consisting score will undoutedly be close. of a song by the audience and a beau- 3:00, Fairmount should win from tiful piano duett by Miss Pearl Bul-Jonesboro, although Jonesboro will ler and Miss Syble Kramme, which to carry weigiht to the things she j u-u . t .v. 1 . , ,. I The fourth annual exhibit of the wishes to impress upon her audience. , . -n -c , . , , , , i ; Fairmount Rabbit Fanciers associa-Although she took for her text the. , . , ,. .. . . i tion opened to the public this morning hfth verse of the first chapter of sec- , R pn Main . ond Timothy, -When I call to rcmen.., The tQ arriye brance the unfeigned faith that is nr . , i J ; voted to perfecting some of the plays and increasing the speed of the offense as well as tightening up the defense. Various combinations have been used with almost equally good results, so that any change in the lineup at anytime during the tournament will not materially slow up the work of the team. Up to Wednesday night the eight men to be used had not been definitely announced but of course they must be chosen from the ten certified last week. LaRue is not yet recovered from a serious illness and will not be able to appear in uniform. Payne and Hollinpsworth will probably be used at forward most of the time. Craw will probably be seen at forward part of the time and pait of the time at floor guard. Olfather will be used at center most of the time according to present expectations but may be alternated with Williams, while J. Pickard will be ready at any time to replace Williams at back guard. It is expected that Flanagan will be the man started at floor guard, while H. Leer will probably be slated as eighth man. However should anything happen to either of the forwards, Bosley will probably be the eighth man run out. With this group in fighting trim Coach Waiters will have a hard fighting, sturdy group of athletes that should give any rivals a mighty hard scrap. The Black and Gold warriors seem confident of taking the number of Matthews in the contest booked for Friday evening. Matthews may put up a good scrap, as Jonesboro un doubtedly will on Saturday afternoon but it looks as if the local team should have little trouble in getting into the finals. There the Fairmount team Rabbits Are Now On Exhibition Annual Show of the Fairmount Rabbit Fanciers Association Opens With Unusually Fine Array of Exceptional Animals Qf the .. haye mad(? careful arranpe. w; nd mro of exhibUs and the en.ry list is thc , lar?est in the history of the as5:0Cia, t Uon Breeders from all over the ag ag from otW ptates l(M forward to the i,5v; .i C,Q cf : x uii tiivuiit e aim ui t uuv iviin. v - j k v. cellent specimens will be shown dur-I ing the remaining days of the week. nil .1 it , , , . iL - inis is tne wina-up snow oi me spasnn. nH pvhihitnrs arp brintrincr Fairmount the stock that has made j j i ! i j ; i 1 O. P. DULLER AND V. A. SELBY TO FIX LAND VALUATIONS FOR ASSESSMENT Town Board Orders Clerk to Advertise for Bids on Proposed Improvements to the Water Works Plant and Construction of Reservoir Auto Drivers Must Close Mufflers Action of especial interest to every land owner in Fairmount was taken Monday night at the regular meeting of the town board, when, with the members of the school board, in joint session, appraisers for real estate were named. This action was taken at the suggestion of J. W. Relfe, township assessor. Under the present law a reappraisment of real pstatA ia 1 4. I 1 a 1 .. for this appraisement so that it would rnmo Inri'nf iVin Inf e a. i board name two such men to make the assessment in the town. The Farmers association recently made its appointments, and Monday night at the joint meeting of the town board and school board Oliver P. Culler and Vic tor A. Selbv were selected for the town of Fairmount. The selection is one most satisfactory to all, and as Mr. Buller is a republican and Ms-. Selby a democrat, politics cannot ba charged as entering into the selections in any way. The joint meeting of the two bodies was held immediately following the regular session of the town board. The town board, at its session, instructed Clerk Little to have published immediately the legal notices to contractors for them to submit bids on the proposed improvements to the water works plant. This consists in the installation at-the plant of three air-lift pumps, and the construction on the ground adjacent to the plant of a large reservoir reservoir, which will ; insure an ample supply of water at all times and in any emergency. The clerk was also instructed to 11 1. l H A tl 1 j the city limits. Both the marshal and his deputy were instructed to strictly enforce this ordinance. The allowance of claims finished the work of the evening. Drive Still On Among Farmers Active Solicitation for IM embers to the County Agricultural Association Being Pushed in Every Township This week is a busy one for the farmers of the county, as the drive for members to the Grant County Agricultural association, which began two weeks agio, is being continued. The active solicitation for members is being pushed by the committees of the different township units in charge of this part of the county-wide drive. The first week was devoted to an education campaign, James Covert, state organizer, speaking in every township on the benefits to be derived by the farmers through a thorough organization. Following the close of the educational campaign the real work of enlisting the farmers of each township in the organization began. Louis Needier, president of the county association, says that the workers are meeting with most encouraging success, and although it will be several days before definite reports on the work will be in hand, it is almost certain that Grant county will be pushed far towards the top of the counties of the state in the matter of organization. While it was expected that the drive Would be ended this week, it is now probable that it will continue over into next week in some of the townships. The epidemic of sickness which had prevailed in all parts of the county has interferred to some extent with the work. ALL OYER THE COUNTY EIGHT RIG GAMES OX THE SCHEDULE WITH GAME BETWEEN GAS CITY AND JONES-BORO GIRLS TEAMS AX ADDED ATTRACTION. On the eve of the Second Annual Grant County basket ball tournament, this subject is becoming more and more the chief topic of conversation i- r -e tk. Aeeordinjs to the tourney authorities, everything is "all set" for a big time and an interesting tournament successful from every point of view. The teams from each of the seven high schools entered are in prime condition for the fight. Each coach seems as confident as the other that his team will carry off the honors, and the hundreds of students from the various schools and fans from the various communities are eagerly awaiting the first toss up at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon. At present three teams seem to stand out as favorites among the fans as likely contenders for the trophies. Gas City, Sweetser and Fairmount high school are each re routed to have fast and strong: teams ner I Fairmount hisrh school and ei Sweetser or Gas City are expected to be - t .1 i-o in tlio finals bv manv of the fans. But the finals are ! wt-Vi f, S,tr.W tvV and before i thnt time quite a number of games are schodulcd. and those coming early m the series are now of immediate interest. The schedule for the tournament is to be carried out practically as pub- j lished originally. However, the fact j that there are seven teams entered ' instead of eight as first published will mean that Jonesboro draws a "by" and will not appear in action until Satur day afternoon. Consequently the i . i game netween tne speeay rairmount and the strong Sweetser Reserves is booked as the first on the docket and is attracting a lot of attention, es- pecially among the fans who have ; " these classy quintets in action, J Another special feature will be the game between the Jonesboro girls and j urday afternoon is expected to attract j a lot of fans, especially from those j two towns. The regular tournament : games of the afternoon are booked to begin at 2 o'clock. With the changes mentioned above the complete schedule for the tournament now stands as follows: Friday, Feb 10 2:00 p. m. F. H. S. Reserves vs. Sweetser Reserves. 3:00 p. m. Sweetser vs. Van Buren. 7:30 p. m. Gas City vs. Swayiee. 8:30 p. m. Fairmount H. S. vs. Matthews. Saturday, Feb. 11 1:00 p. m. Girls Games, Gas City vs. Jonesboro. 2:00 p. m. Winner 3 p. m. Friday vs. Winner 7:30 p. m. Friday. 3:00p. m. Loser 8:30 p. m. Friday vs. Jonesboro. 7:30 p. m. Loser 2 p.m. Saturday vs. Winner 3 p. m. Saturday. 8:30 p. m. Winner 2 p. m. Saturday vs Winner 3 p. m. Saturday. Dick Hale from Daleville, well-known to all Grant county fans, will handle the Friday afternoon and Saturday night games. John Miller of Anderson, one of the officials in last years tourney, will handle the games Friday nigiht and those Saturday afternon, except the girls game at 1 o'clock. Fairmount high school has provided two trophies in the form of handsome Black and Gold felt banners. One of these is about 24 by 36 in size, with the wording "Winners, Grant County i I j come on the floor fresh and in prime condition, having drawn a "by." Saturday Nisht 7:30, Gas City should have a good opportunity for a victory over her strong rival Jonesboro, thus winning the consolation game. 8: 30. Final. This game will pro- lie ie a na but the Fairmount high schol team, unless too much worn games, should stand a by previous show to good cop the championship. Many other Fairmount fans predict that Gas City will be able to eliminate Sweetser Saturday afternon, thus winning the right to play in the finals that night. But there are always a lrf rf iincvnivtoil Vi a rTirmirnrs in a nA o .ib Wo iviui name uc aiiu c v i v . w may crop up at any angle. Basket Ball Tournament; Feb. 10-11, 1922." The background is black felt, the letters are gold, while the trophy is adorned by a border of gold fringe. Following the final game of the tournament Saturday evening, this trophy will be presented to the winning; team bv L. N. Lasher, superintendent of schools of Gas City, who is president of the Grant County Inter-Scholastic association. The second trophy, with the wording "Consolation Game, G. C. B. B. Tournament, Feb. 10-11, 1922" is to be awarded to the winners of the . ( r , to be on display at down town stores on the days of the tournament. The Fairmount high school orchestra will provide music for both the Friday and Saturday evening sessions. An orchestra stand is one of the recently added features of the Fair- mount high school gym and the o ren ! f ' .y winings at other shows, so that the Puonsn notice to an aucomoone ariv-exhibition here will be of proven prs that after Feb. 20 mufflers on all stock, and the winners here will nec- ! machines must be kept closed within may have quite a bit of trouble. Both the Gas City girls to be played as an Gas City and Sweetser have develop- ; "extra" at 1 o'clock Saturday after-ed mighty speedy teams this season noon. These two gfrls teams have aland according to all reports now seem i ways been great rivals and the fact to be going in top notch form. Ear- that they are going to fight it out on lier in the season tS.weetser held Ma- the neutral Fairmount floor on Sat- thee, which dwelt first in thy grand - nwther Lois, and thy mother Eumce. and I am persuaded is in thee also, she really did not deliver a sermon, but a heart to heart talk, as mother to another as a mother to a daughter, and prefaced her remarks by saying that she was not an enter- tainer and had not come to entertain; , that when she thought ot the proo-'lems facing the womanhood of the present and future, the need of the times was so vital she felt she had no time for any thing but the message' she had to give. Beginning with a vivid word picture of the ideal home where "The hand that rocked the cradle moved the world," she dwelt on the power of womanhood, of the purpose of God in creating man in his own image, that they in turn might be creators and of the holiness of His purpose; then talked of the things the girlhood and womanhood of the nation faces today, She said it was apalling when men '-j u a o entertained for womanhood was fast disappearing, appalling the liberties men took they would not have dared in the days of our f oremothers and cited some of the reasons : the fashions and their effects; the rouged faces; short, tight skirts; extremely low necked dresses worn by both a plain talk right at the heart of things and an urgent appeal for the girls and women to set a standard for men, to stand by it, so that men would be compelled to live up to it just as ' they did in the time of our mothers. She conclnded her talk with a beauti- Mr. and Mrs. Leo Moon entertained at six o'clock dinner Sunday the fol- lowing guests: Mr. and Mrs. William McCormick and family, Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Lewis and familv, Russell Dale, and Mr. and 4, Mrs. Woodward Knipple and Miss Mable Knipple of Marion. ; ; j - ' ; I estra music will undoubtedly add a lot mother and daughter; the dance hall of pep and enjoyment to these ses- and joy rides; practically no home sions. I life with society's demand at parties, Basket ball fans will have ample . clubs, movies. She spoke of the war opportunity for refreshments on Fri- f and its influence, of the fundamentals day and Saturday evenings for the ' or religion the soldier boy was to have girls of the high school vocational absorbed and of the new religion pro-home economics class are planning to mised after the war, while instead, be on hands with a plentiful supply of we face the most apallmg crime wave various kinds of sandwiches and in the history of the nation. It was essarily have to be real winners to carry away any of the honors. JUver cups are to be awarded in all of the classes, and these especially handsome ones, are now on display in the windows of the Fairmount Hardware Company's store. ALLEGED TO HAVE TAKEN COAT FROM DANCE HALL Elmer Clifford, a young man residing near Fairmount, was arrested Monday afternoon at his home and taken to the county jail, where he is being held on a chargie of larceny. It is alleged Clifford took a- Hudson seal coat, valued at $250, from a cloak room in the Spencer block, Marion, where a dance was being held, which was the property of Mrs. Edith Heath of Marion. The theft is alleged to have occurred on October 15. Chief of Police Frank Brandon, Captain Charles Rosencranee and Deputy Sheriff Fred Tibbets of Marion, went to Clifford's home Monday afternoon, where he was placed under arrest. FAMILY LOSES ALL IN MIDNIGHT FIRE The property located at the corner of 9th street and the Jonesboro pike, Jonesboro, belonging to J. Keever, was burned to 4he ground Wednesday about midnight. A family by the name of Jones was living in the property and all the household goods and contents were entirely destroyed, being an entire loss as there was no insurance on either the house or contents. Miss Elsie Lees of Fowlerton was the over night guest of Miss Ruth Lloyd Tuesday and attended the mother-daughter meeting in .the Friends church. Both Miss Lees and Miss Lloyd are teachers in the Fowlerton schools. non to a bare three point victory -while Gas City is reported to nave won from Sweetser by a narrow mar- gjin. No matter which" of these teams Fairmount meets a battle to the finish will be on the program. The Black and Gold quintet is determined to defend the pennant of black and gold offered as a trophy for the tourney champs, and is making rigorous preparations for at least one mighty hard battle in the process. Fairmount fans are quite interested In the coming tourney and large crowds are being expected at every session, especially wtien the fact that quite a large number from out of town will be present, is considered. "But with the new balconies entirely complete and ready for use, it is expected that everyone desiring to attend can readily be accommodated. FUNERAL SERVICES FOR MRS. VON COLLINS - The funeral services of Mrs. Von Collins, who died iri the Grant county hosiptal Monday were held at Marion today and burial was made at Knox Chapel cemetery. She is survived by her husband. Mr. and Mrs. Collins resided on a farm a few miles west of Fairmount and the loss of his wife is only part of the sorrow coming to Mr. Collins at this time. His father is lying! very low with an attack of small pox at his home. Mr. and Mrs. Ora Couch entertained a small company Sunday evening. coffee. EASTERN STAR LADIES ORGANIZE AUXILIARY About sixteen ladies, members of the O. E. S., met with Mrs. Doight Holliday, Tuesday afternoon at her i home on South Main street and or-! ful legend demonstrating girlhood ganized an auxiliary to the Eastern the sweetest thingj on earth, woman-Star. All members of the Eastern ! hood the most beautiful and mother-Star who so desire are eligible to the hood the most precious, the crowning new organization and meetings will be glory of all. held on the first Tuesday of each month. The following officers were elected: President, Mrs. Doight Hoi- liday; Vice-president, Mrs. Robert Morris, Secretary, Mrs. Ted Parker and Treasurer, Mrs. Charles Adams. The March meeting will be held with Mrs. Samuel Leer, Worthy Matron, at her home on Henley avenue. A' -: .-X ' ,

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