The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 13, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1937
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Wednesday, January 13, 1937 Hie Daily Clintomari, Clinton, Indiana" PAGE SIX CLASSIFIED APS Great Opposition Appears After President Roosevelt's Long List Of Governmental Ideas Is Heard Help Wanted Markets CHICAGO, Jan. 13. Livestock: HOGS, 25,000; 10c to 15c lower; holdovers. 6.000; top, $10.40; bulk. $10.0010.35; heavy, $10,000 10.40; medium, $10.00 10.40; light, $9.76 10.30; light lights, $9.25 9. 76; parking sows, $9.26 9.85; pigs, $7.50(09.60. CATTLE, 16.000; 15c to 25c lower. Calves, 1,600; steady. Heef steers: good and choice. $10.50 14.00; common and medium, $7.00 10.60; yearlings, $9,00 ff 14.00. Ilutclier cuttle: heifers. $6.00 i 12.00; cows, $4.75 Ji 8.00; bulls, $4.6(Ui)6.75; calves. $5,011 1 2,50; feeder stem s. $5.00 Sn 8.50 ; Blocker steers, $5.00if?8.26; stocker cows and heifers. $4.607.OO. SHEEP. 16,000; steady; medium and choice lambs, $10.50(fJ) 1 1.00; culls and common, $7.00(S) 10.00; yearlings, $8.0009.60; common and choice ewes, $3.00tfi)fi,IJ0; feeder lambs, $6.508.50. (Continued rrom Page I) from one quarter or another In congress, i ' The republicans quite generally are bostlle to the whole program. They are so In the minority, however, that their opposition could be discounted were it not for the coolness with which even vetorau democratic leaders feel toward it. "The upshot of it probably will be a long-drawn out battle, with congressional leaders giving lip-service to the president's program and knifing It wherever possible below the surface. In the end, he probably will have to be satisfied with half a lonf. HALF CENTURY CLUB, AUXILIARY HOLD CEREMONY (Continued from Pi ga 1) elected sage for the ensuing year. Thomas Kihbee, first head of the group is the only past sage. . Officers Installed Other officers were Installed as follows: "vice-sage, J, W. Foncan-non; second vice-sage, A. A. Hess; prophet, Daniel Roberts; scribe, O. P. Sears; exchequer, W. M. Leeds; conductor, F. E. Russell and Wllmot Connor, guard. Composing the five wise men, a group simjlar to trustees, are R. F. Staats, Guy H. Biiggs, E. J. Hays, David Reed and Charles M. Snow. Officers Installed for the Women's Auxiliary are: past lady sage, Mrs, John Payton; lady sage, Mrs. Charles Snow; lady vice-sage, Mrs. Maud McDonald; lady prophet, Mrs. R. E. Guinn; lady scribe, Mrs. Fred Morrison; lady exchequer, Mrs. T. I. Mrf.nnnnlfl: larlv conductor. Mrs.! Frank Micbell; guard, Mrs. Anna Dixon and five wise women, Mrs. Sarah Van Horn; Mrs. Agnes Bailey, Mrs. Pleas Kelsheimer, Mrs. Tom MacNalr and Mrs. F. E. Russell. Growth Traced Tracing the growth of the organization from Its founding on February 6, 1935 to a total membership of 366, Mr, McDonald pointed out that the group is founded on the principles of friendship and equality and has never solicited membership. It is entirely non-political, non-sectarian, tolerates no dissension in z TROOPS PATROL FLINT; MURPHY CALLS MEETING (Continued from Page 1) Four wounded men and two officers were still In the hospital. I.KWIN MAKES NKW ATTACK WASHINGTON. Jan. 13. The committee for Industrial organization today extended Its attack on General Motors to Include a broadside designed lo lay bare the big corporation's every secret through a sweeping congressional Investigation. Bwnrthy, powerful John L. Lewis, chairman of the CIO, announced the new offensive following an all day meeting with Homer S. Martin, president of the United Automobile Workers, who Is conducting the strike, "This Is a right to the finish againxt General Motors," said Lewis. "The strike activities will be expanded; already Its progress is satisfactory. Its results effective. Our objective is to stop production, and we are stopping production." HOSPITAL BEDS FOR 11 INJURED IN AIR TRAGEDY (Continued from page 1) While tile strange caravan negotiated the ' rude road, constructed by CCC workers for flre-fightlng purposes, a far-reaching Investigation was launched by federal, county and Western Air Express officials to determine why the big transport plane crashed within 10 miles of the end of its transcontinental Journey, DEDICATION RITE FOR LOCAL GYM THURSDAY NIGHT (Continued from Page 1) weeks of hard practice and the experience of competition has produced a Clinton combination that Is certain to put up a commendable fight for victory, and Babe Wheeler's Red Devils may get a Vermillion county surprise package. Oddest Shoe In World A flat block of wood with a large knob which slips between the first and second toes, is the oddest shoe in the world. It is commonly worn in India. Valuable Birthstone Nonius, a Roman senator of Julius Caesar's day, had an opal, the October birthstone, valued at $100,000. 'its. Better Better to lose a minute and save a life than to save a minute and lose a life. READ THE ADS SMARTEST SHOW 1 In CHICAGO, Jan. 13. Wheat continued In demand today with opening prices to MsC higher. Corn gained M to e and oats ruled unchanged to c up. WHEAT: May. 134-; July. 11C-117; Sept., 112. CORN: (new) May, 112-112H; July, 107-; Sept., 103-103; (old) May, 108-109; July, 104. OATS: May, 63-; July, 47; Sept., 44-. MAYOR PREDICTS PLAN'S SUCCESS By economizing in every possible wily and utilizing all of the salvaged construction materials on band, it appears certain that the city of Clinton, working with the schools, will be able to hold up Its end of the agreement and thus obtain approximately $45,000 aproved by the gov ernment for building a stadium here. This was the opinion voiced today by Mayor Clyde M. Zlnk, who proposed the project to federal authorities and haB since then led the drive for its completion. Daily meetings have been held by city and school officials and interested citizens, and another session will be conducted at the superintendent's office at 8 p. m. today. SEEGER NAMED ON COMMITTEES Ura Seeger, Joint senator for Vermillion. Fountain and Warren counties, has been selected to serve on the following committees for the present session of legislature: Agriculture, claims and expenditures, ranking member; Congressional Apportionment, federal relationship, chairman; Mileage and Accounts, chairman; Mines and Mining, interstate and legislative apportionment. Old Independent Country Next to the United States, the oldest independent country in the western hemisphere is Haiti. It has kept its independence since 1804. Thick Fog Causes Delay in Conflict; Nationals Warned MADRID, Jan. 13 Infantry op eratlnns were frozen and war planes grounded today by thick fog. Artll lory slabbing blindly through the mist and machine guns firing haphazardly were the only Bounds of wnr, i iMeaiiwhlle American officials strove to nrrnnge evacuation of Americans from Madrid, "A warning'' from the temporary Ulnted States embassy at Valencia threatened closing of the embassy build ing here, where 33 Americans, some of them penniless, have been hanging on. , Most of the remainder of 100 Americans in Madrid have remained In the beleaguered city because of business and family reasons. Valencia, Beat of the loyalist government, nfwrted a len-minute bombardment by rebel warships which were driven off by coast artillery. I i .4i At least 300 persons, foreign sources said, were killed In the raid on Malaga by insurgent airplanes and warships, The German admiral aboard the cruiser Koenigsberg radioed the governor of Santander today that the captain and crew of the seized ship Maria Junquera .would be dis-em'bnrked on loyalist soil at Port Lastres, near Gijon. TOWNSENDASKS COOPERATION OF STATE CONGRESS (Continued from Page 1) general opinion that, his Tollcy would be to stage what has been called a "sit down" session of the legislature, a theory termed sound by most persons, but which may promote kicking over the traces of the comparatively Idle lawmakers. Summarizing his address, the governor said frankly: "Doiibtless you will come to the conclusion that Governor Townsend has had very little to recommenj In the way of new legislation to be enacted. If you have reached such a conclusion, you are correct. "I come to you with no ambitious program of governmental reform. We have been through that period the modernization of Indiana's machinery of government. It Is now timely and proper for us to consider that which we have done here tofore, and to consider what Improvements we might make upon the general program." , Further advocating a breathing spell administration, the governor told the legislators that their sole task should be "trimming off the corners" of the far-sweeping legis lative acts of the McNutt regime. f . 1 ; , J.r" Vltaphone is ranks and follows a cr"eed of true Americanism, he declared, predicting that the1 order will continue to grow and expand with the punning years. :'jQf Similar sentiments were expressed by Mrs. Snow, who traced the organization of the women's auxiliary, which grew very slowly at first, but now numbers 137 paid up members. Largo bouquets of flowers were presented to the two principal officers hy the ini'inbershlp, a Bhort presentation speech being mude by Rev. II. II. Wagner, a member of the order. FARM PROGRAM FOR 1937 WILL BE PRESENTED (Continued Trom Tige 1) bases the production system on the farm and sound farm practice for the area in which the farm Is located will be taken Into consideration. The soil-depleting huso will be established by the county committee on the basis of Information obtained from the farmer and from other sources. The acreage in the soil-conserving base will be the difference between the total of acres of cropland and the sunn of the number of acres in the soil-depleting base, and any acreage In orchards and vineyards. ' In general, the soil-conserving crops, although because of loss of seedings In 19311 due to the drought, actual acreage ot soil conserving crops in many areas is expected to be less than the acreage in the still conserving base. COLUMBIA Tuesday and Wednesday "TUGBOAT PRINCESS" with WALTER KELLY VALERIE HOBSON EDITH FELLOWS Cartoon "Shanghaied Shipmates" Travel Tour "Wonder Spots of America" 10c and 15c Country dozen ifjC V Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 8c tor each reading line (one column line, like one ot these). Next two days insertion: the same Ic charge (you get three days at double the cost ot the first day). Neit three days Insertion: the some 8c charge (you gut a whole wi-fk, six duys, at three times the font of one Insertion), Knrh group of three days there after. 8c a line. Muck Kmc (Ilka this), lOo per line. . All rlMwIflKl ads Including niemo-rlotna and notice of all kinds must be paid In advance exrt-t those by regular customers whose accounts re ild monthly or those from 01- KHiihuttlnns whoso bins must ne ni-low. mI before being Mid. In the IhIIit oaxe the pot-son anklng the )uliliration of the notice will be held rcHpoliNlDto tor lis payment. Business Services UK AD THESE ADS EVERY DAY lor late buying and selling information. ' 1 1)0 PEOPLE KNOW WHEKE TO lind you and your particular type of service? Tell them! A want-ad costs very little. ODDS-AND-KNDS MERCHANDISE will quickly find sale tbrougn this departmenU Tell the public what you have. NEEDING NEW PARTS FOR THE automobile? Wc have anything vnit'm neeritnp in new and used parts. Clinton Auto Wrecking Parts Co.. "Ernie's." Dhone 640. t56 iWE SPECIALIZE IN IGNITION work. Repairs, adjustments, complete inspection. J. L. Homey-Roberts Battery Co., 226-228 Mulberry street, phone 56. t56 FOR SALE Lunch room. Good location. Priced right for quick sale. 227 Mulberry street. t58 Four lots. Sandy Faulds, Lyford. t57 40 acres, well-Improved, 4 miles eaBt of Clinton. Immediate possession. AlBO 6 acres, well Improved, 21 miles northwest of Rosedale. P. M. Brown, 759 Elm street. t48tf $500.00 Grand Piano, only $172.50. Beautiful apartment grand piano (like new) can be had for balance due of $172.60. Terms only $8.00 per month. Reference required In first letter. For particulars write Credit Manager, 812 . Main Street, Anderson, Indiana. t56 Truck Mine near Clinton. Good location. Equipped to go scales hoist cars spike team. Equipment for sale cheap. Thirty acres coal, long lease. Make yourself a ten to 15 year job. Write T, Box 442, Clinton. t&9' Trinity coal mine west of Shepards-vllle. Ready to operate. Carl Miller, West Terre' Haute, R. R. 2. t57 Broke mine mules, 46, 47, 60, 66. 58 inches. Priced to sell. Williams, i-mlle south of Deming Park on Frultridge Ave. Terre Haute t57 For Sale Coal FOURTH VEIN COAL, UNIVERSAL, MIAMI NO. 4, AND BLACK BETTY NO. 5. HAIILEY HUFFMAN, PHONE 10. 64tf FIFTH AND SIXTH VEIN COAL. CALL ME FOR PRICES. DELIVERED. ANDY JOHNSON, TELEPHONE 815-12. t65 PAID NOTICES NOTICE, MOSE! Pay your dues before January 15 and stay beneficiary. J. C. Hays-lett. sch NOTK'E, EAUI.ESI Pay your dues before January 15 and slay beneficiary. J. C. Hays-lett. " ch IN MEM OKI AM In memory of John A. Houser, who passed away one year ago today. Jan. 13. Oh. how we miss you, dad, words ' cannot tel), Your bright happy face we loved so well, God took you home; It was His will. Hut In our hearts you are with us still. Kadly missed by. his wife, Mrs. Glcnna M. Houser, and daughters. t56 i IN MKMOKMM ' in itvlng remembrance of our deur husband and father, son and brother. James Longo. who passed aay four years ago toduy. Every day brings back sweet memories. Every memory brings a trar; Deep within our hearts we cherish Thoughts of one we loved so dear. Sadly missed by wife and daughter, mother and father, brother and sister, Mrs. Annie Longo Kather-ine and Mr. and Mrs. John Longo and family. t56 CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank Father George Zeimer. and those who sent flowers, donated cars, the lodges. S. S. P. Z. No. 28 and S. N. P. J. No. 60. during the death of our baby daughter and sister. Margaret Ann. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shaubi and family. t56 READ THE ADS Five experienced mechanics. Cole man Auto Company. too FOUND Taken In stray hound. Owner may have same hy describing and pay ing for this advertisement. Inquire at Ernie's, 4211 Houlh Main. fill WANTED WaKhltiKi timl Ironings. Kins Hfreet. 715 HiK-t5ti LOST 32x6 tire and rliu between Mecca and Hosedule and Carbon. Phone 63 at Mecca. Heward. tB7 Salesmen Wanted J30.II0 PER WEEK . . Job Open. TWO MEN needed with National Protective Service. Earn $30 up to $60 weekly full time work. Car needed, complete training given. Reliable men over 25 only. LIMITED. WRITE TODAY. H. B. Pig-man. Dept. P20, Capper's Farmer, Topeka, Kansas. scb Male Help Wanted MAN to become contact man and Investigator for national organization. Experience unnecessary. Good appearance essential. No selling. Write 750-770 Mudinon Bldg.. Milwaukee, Wis. t56 LEGAL NOTICES NOTIC'K! Notice is hereby given that there will be a meeting of the Vermillion County Fair Association at the courthouse at 8:00 o'clock P. M. January 29. 1937, for the election of one director from each township to serve for a period of two years. The by-laws of the association provide that a candidate for the office of a director must be a citizen from the township in which he is elected and must be nominated by a written petition signed by at least three citizens of the township In which he is elected. Said petition to be filed with the Secretary of the fair association at least ten days before the day of election. D. Earl Clingan, President. V. N. Asbury, Secretary-Treasurer. 11387 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court of Vermillion County, State of Indiana, Administrator of the estate of Maurizion Conca, late of Vermillion County, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. SAM CONCA. Administrator. January 11, 1937. R. E. Guinn, Attorney. 113-20-2737 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court of Vermillion County, State of Indiana, Administratrix de bonis non of the estate of Ann Edwards, late of Vermillion County, deceased. Said estate Is supposed to be solvent. ELIZABETH TAYLOR, Administratrix de bonis non. January 11, 1937. R. E. Guinn, Attorney. 113-20-2737 Cllntonlan Advertising Command! Attention 7VCKV THE PfCTURfA 10c WED. & THURS. 25c Condemned lo ihora nS (at of man h'd doomed ! Mnks Host, total Cmmmp Pssl Klllf. dial favUf Paramount News Color Cartoon Musical Romance FRI. ( Zane Grey's and J "KING OF THE SAT ( ROYAL MOUNTED" Cartoon Serial Comedy Jm .1 XT) OLUMBUS OOPERATIVE -STOHES Another Hilarious Mile-a-M inute Romance! 959 N.9th St. and Corner Main and Vine St. Tel. 745 We Deliver Tel. 746 Thursday Specials THE IN TOWN! J The mad, tempestuous romance of a tich playboy who couldn't Fresh ififfifS oer resist this beauty! ANN SOTHERN GENE RAYMOND u ' win HELEN BRODERICK coir ri ode fir ERIK HARRY An RKO . Apple Little Sport Butter 32oz.jar ilL Crackers2Ttp15c CHOCOLATE 2 lbs. DROPS for Regal Oats Phakraege 16c FEEDS Steel Cut Cracked Corn, 100 Lb. Bag $2.45 Poultry Egg Mash, 100 Lb. Bag $2.49 Corn-Oats Chops, Dairy Feed, 100 Lb. Bag $1.8$ Starting Thursday Matinee RHODES? a-. C JANS ( ? R.dio P.ctu-! hi FINAL TONITE alace in t-t im nirrtl - l 1 HL DLAAIV 1 UUf uang vuiucuy Act X "

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