The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 13, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, January 13, 1937
Page 5
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PAG$ FIVF . the Daily CHntonian, Clinton, Indiana Wednesday, January 13, 1937 PASTOR THINKS LOUIS WILL BE Grid Stars in S)uCH VMED roorrBALLEHS AS flONKSy I w HEice. AUO lI VtBAI HUfFHAH I SHIAJC JUCTAS si ' BASKET-BALL f k3 X .J .,!'-!.,. fit- "VtSX SPORTS NOTES FROM CAYUGA CAYl'OA. Jan. 13. independent basketball team sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary was defeated Monilav nlcht by Hie Veedersburg girls team. The game was pluyed at the local school. Monday night, .bin. IS. the Coyu-ga team will play nn IndinnapolU negro team here. Tli high school students met Friday to elect Mis Virginia Harper as yell loader to succeed Miss Clo-dene Williams, who was recently married. ' The Cayuga boys will meet the .Montezuma team Friday night here on the home floor. Tate, one of the members of the basketball squad, is ill at his home with the smallpox. kokomo coah cleans House KOKOMO. Ind..- Jan. 1.1. Having dismissfMl nine regular members of the Kokomo high school basketball fifiiud who miitiitirV!, Coach Alfred ( Pew-Dad . Campbell - drilled undorclassmen today. The nina iegulara, ive settlors and tour juniora, were .diamiaaed, tjora the aquad after they insisted rRinpheH cease using lower classmen as first string playerB, change practu-e sessions and revise the schedule. Kokomo hair ' Rames scheduled with Losansport Friday and Shelby, ville Saturday. . , Ohio's Progress During tle period from 1810 to 1820 Ohio moved from thirteenth place in population to fifth place among the states. " '"" WANTEH " Hides " Iron Elags !i Meial and Paper I Highest Price Paid A. Dumes Water Street " By E. C SECAR Table Tennis Reaches Clinton in Sweep, of Nation; Class Planned; At Columbia Recreation Center Table tennis, better known as ping pong, has been developing interest by surprising leaps and. bounds as a national indoor sport. A wholesome and Interesting sport, It is a game of skill for youug and old, a game that requires a keen eyeand a nimble brain. Of all the games In which a ball-Is used, table tennis is, by all odds, the "spinnest." In all sports, practically speaking, where a ball is used, there is some sor of "English," "stuff," or "hook" employed, whether it be billiards, baseball or tennis. The small white celluloid sphere, known in table tennis as a ping pong ball, weighing 07.., and scarcely the thickness of paper, can perform more wlerd, mysterious and rapid-fire revolutions than any other ball used- In 'sport.; Any' 'pers6n can make the ball spin in the course of its-flight, but it remains a matter of personal skill to outsmart an op One Opinion FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH By Davis J. Walsh NEW YORK, Jan. 13 (Although! Cincinnati Is away abend after two years and St. Louis Is about to meke a play for the same kind of money, night baseball, on a home-and-home basis, is five years away from the major leagues, Ford C. Frick, president oT the National League, estimated today. A few clubs, he added, may espouse the Idea In the next few years; others may follow more guardedly. "And," said he, "with ome of- the more conservative, It may be never. Well, maybe never, It times went tough again a man could change bis mind." The conservatives, which is something be didn't say, are the two New York clubs and the American League in general, barring the Browns, who are prepuring to install the lights, and the Philadelphia Athletics, who may do so. 'If Shlbe park Is lighted, .this season," , Frick went . on, . "1 believe Gerry Nugent will take the Phillies over there for bis allotment of seven . night games., Otherwise,, there will be no night hascbull in Philadelphia, as the Phillies' park is Impracticable for lighting. Charles F. Adams and Bob Quinn are for it up In Huston, but they have the climate and the short summer .Season to contend with. . The Cubs and fi: rates seem to be more or less neutral, mi the subject." In other words, It-'would seem thai, the best way to bring about night baHeball, on a generul program,' would, be positively, tiie worst way.. ; ,, We'd have to have another depression. Worms' Morns Protected In topsy-turvy China ti e silkworm workers are hedged about with rules for the care of the silkworms, one such rule baJng that no cursing or swearing is to be allowed within the hearing of the silkworms. Ciphers. Play Part "To say that a man amounts to nothing," said Hi Hq, the sage of Chinatown, "does not eliminate him from serious consideration. Ciphers figure most responsibly in somt ot our most profound mathematical calculations " Popeye UK VES, JUDGE, I'LL BE DIDNT WEfmwwm m niNuii.otw TO SO TO THb. New Settings VT7 ALL- AMCGicaH is A ' -my our ma ALSO TAHM A fU,r. AT Bis leAGitt 0AS-HAUI ponent. The only way this is accomplished is to sere in a. tricky manner. .There,, are various ways of serving, A side-spinning serve will get an opponent's "goat," very quickly. Then there's the faBt low-spinning serve, which is tricky too, as the ball scarcely clearH the net when the ball is properly served. In other words, try to get your opponent out of position. The results are surprising. This adds to the interest of the game. There are various ways of gripping your racquet (or' paddle) which will produce astonishing results. Some players prefer the pen-bolder grip, but most effective is the teiuils grip. There are many other interesting points to the game of table tennis. If you are interested in table ten riis, here is an opportunity to leu'rn the game. The recreation program will start a table tennis class on January 18 on Monday and Friday 5'POSE MR- DA.N bj it ie ho THAT AM ORPHKN T r. 1CS.C 1. HE'S IN I'LL i TENNIS OFFICIAL AGAINST BUDGE'S HEAVY SCHEDULE Perrv Jones Declares America's i Rankin!' Player Is Riding I to Fall in Winter , Competition LOS ANliBI.ES, -Ian: J3-Declar-Ing that Don Budge is muffing the great chance of his life to heroin" the world's amateur tennis champion. Perry T. -Jones, ' secretary of the Southern California Tennis association, today came out with a denunciation of the extensive southern off-season tournament schedule which Is keeping Budge busy In Florida, Bermuda and other resort spots. . "Budge is following In the Identical footsteps of Vines the yenr Ellsworth blew up, with such a hang." said Jones. ' Stnlcncss Feared "It's a great mistake, permitting Budge to rlay an extensive schedule In the dead of winter. He'll leave. Iil3 tennis' bit the. uuLmpoitant courts of Florida and other resort spots and when America needs. him. In the Davis cup campaign and at. Wjmble-don and Forest Hills, Budge will be i tired. Btale. boy. ' f . . "When he left here a couple of weeks ago, Budge was going to play In only the Miamt-Biltmore tournament to keep a promise made last year. That was all well .and good, but officials of other .tournaments evidently are talking him Into staying south and playing ithe resort tournaments. "Budge faces the great chance of a lifetime to become the world's premier tennis player and he's muffing It." Cholera Epidemic in St Louis The great cholera epidemic in St. Louis in 1849 raged to such an extent that it was fatal to one-tenth of the city's population. nights, from six to ten p. m., at the Columbia recreation center, under the direction of Frank Tindera. Classes will be open to everyone over fourteen years of nge. Seweral players are"Btlll needed to form teams to conduct 4 tourna ment and it Is hoped that a Clinton Paddle club will be formed among the local table tennis experts. Starring mo OKM SAe FOR ME OF COURSE I'LL HAVE TQ- TU' P.CST TU NG IU UU Kt TUf.T AAK WIM -1l THE NEKT ROOM 1J' DO IT NOW ' TO EASY FOI Brown Bomber's Next I pponent Doesn't Lack Conhl nee; Defies Joe, Chi Schmeling NHW YORK, Jan. 1 3-4 'an Hoi Pastor lick Joe Louis? The current 1U to 1 odlir. suy In can't. The fistic fraternity says lie can't. There Isn't much in his record to indicate he can. And yet--Boh Pastor himself said today he not only can lick Louis but tint he will surely knock him out in lesK than 10 rounds in Madison Square Garden January 2!l! All Figured Out 'Know how rt'll do it?" asked as be stepped from the gym ring after belting a couple of sparring partners. "With this." And be held up a left fist that resembled a small ham. "I'll sock Louis in the jaw with a left hook and he'll quit. You remember what I said He'll quit. I won't have to stiffen him, "He quit to Max Schlneling. didn't he? And Max was the only guy he ever fought who wasn't afraid of him. Believe me, I'm not afraid of him. Why should I be? He's got just two hands like anybody else. And he's got something I haven't got and that's a Jaw." I ., Bob Sneers His voice was full of contempt as he Bhot out that last remark. "Look at his face right now. It's all out of shape from Schmeling's uunches and It'll be more . out of sbape after I get through with him. And after I flatten him, I'll do the same both for Schmeling and Brad-dock it they get into the ring with me." The writer took a second look to make sure he wasn't being kidded but the young man was deadly in earnest. He really seems to believe he can lick anybody. DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 249. South. Main Stret , ClLnfon, Indiana NOW NOW, DON T WvJKKt GLA.D, BUT LITTLE HEA.D Secret gats overcome early Lead to DEFEAT AZTECS Local Cager Cop 19-13 Victory After Trailing Montezuma Basketeer During First Half CLINTON LOSES RESERVE GAME Clinton's RVIliJcBits Bliowed ttyelr teeth last night. ! On the short end of the score throughput the first halt, they slowly forged ahead, and displaying great gobs 'of the spirit which brought out the old appellation "Fighting Wildcats," they fought off a bowling pack of Aztecs for a 19 to I victory oyer Montezuma at the local gymnasium. Pans who were 'fortunate enough to be present at the,; sports palace yesterday evening Witnessed the most exciting struggle that has taken place this year on local hardwood. The Montezuma team and their -supporters never gave up, and Clinton partisans' never felt safe. When Berrlsford knotted the score at 9-all three minutes after the intermission with an tinder-basket flip, everyone was on the edge of his or her seat, and the crowd arose to its feet as the Cats assumed the lead for the first time by means of a long, looping field goal by Dunn. Sunn Plashes Form It was George Dunn, the little fellow with the slick, hair and the. chewing gum, who played the number one role In Clinton's victory. After warmiriE the bench during the early portion of the season he start-' ed with the first ftve tor the first time in the Bainbrldge game Friday, and' last night - be clearly demonstrated hlB ability to hold down a varsity berth in the, roughest kind of weather. From the initial tip-off until he left the game with blood streaming from1 his nose and the fans' ovation ringing In his ears, Dunn was in the thick of it. Working front a guard position, be started play after play and slashed through after them despite his great handicap, lack of height, On the defensive side, he guarded so closely and. effectively that bis committing only one personal foul in the course of the tilt was something to marvel at Ha also did bis bit for the scoreboard with two long field goals and one point from the foul line. ... . - , "Moose" Phillips played a bang- up game at center in bis usual rig orous style and grabbed individual scoring honors with seven points The Aztecs using a great number of up-ln-the-air alnd ' one-band shots from- the first, missed frequently. Morgan, ace pivot man, left the game In the second halt on personal fouis. ft: : The. Bard Way Clinton scored only two points in the first quarter and trailed sin to nine at the intermission. - la the third stanza Barker's foul toss was the visitor's only score, and the Cats pulled up to an 11-10 lead. In the final period Bonacorsi entered the fray and netted one from the out field in short .order to make local supporters more comfortable. But it was Phillips who put the game on Ice with five points in tho last quarter. . . . , Montezuma's reserves whipped the Clinton B team IE to 9. Sum mary: Clinton (10) FG FT PF Berrlsford, f . v 1 Bennett, t 1 Bosstlck, t 0 Sollars, f . . . Phillips, c . . Schuman, c . Dunn, g Berto, g . . . . Guglielroettl. g Bonarorsi, g 1 Totals 7 6 7 Montnauma (18). FQ FT PF Fields, t .. 0 1 R. Kennedy, f 2 1 D. Kennedy, f 0 0 1 Morgan, c 1 0 4 Woodard, g' 1 0 1 Barker, g-c 0 2 . 2 Reel, g 1 0 0 Totals 11 Officials: Crawley and Kerr. . Mountain Beaver Moves Slowly The American mountain beaver moves so slowly that a child can catch it. . DANCING O Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Yow Favorite Beer -' On, Tap Wine Liquors Mixed Drinks o THIMBLE THEATRE 71 VT S00NDE.D UV "m&T 1 - , ift X NOPE- WO ... ... - , Ji,:; ' . . - , - --i oc post vxm Fft(Z- J - - - tylfe1 . m J w Jm $ w " s ;! TiuTlEfflE TOILER ' 'V1 : By RUSS WESTOVER 3fiHr " ....... w..,,' ' . - -- . . , t A Operative 48 . ' . . . i v m WM DANN DUNN fMOLF, WHAT DO YOU t uKinw T'M BIVB'S, MY DWLiKIG,! TVJUK kkci i i rwr iwu,, DEPEND OM TmA7 BOUT THM-VME'LL DO WHATEVER l DftNuti UNO MUSTN'T EXPECT TOO MUCH - ;now I WOULD LIKE TO KNJOW. D VOU C&N NR.DA.N' BUT I HONfoi LV -Ain I MAKE A SPEECH NEVER MA.DE ONE , 'o -rr, TU' HOME. , u i , I. f I- . IN MV LIFE I 7 ' Tr 'I UV i J-V4 i-L 1 , - "p M U

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