The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 6, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, February 6, 1922
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS HELFFITL WORDS NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE ROAD BUILDING E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms orer Itahne Drug Store Ofr r.r! H a :i.?p . m.; 1 to 6 DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Honrs 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m , vot.vr.s OF THE NORTH AT THE ROYAL THURSDAY I Supose -ou were a beautiful pill J alone in a desolate camp in the Artie. ; Imagine yourself in a cabin with eternal snows Ir-ar.kod hipjt around your windows and only the howl of wolves and the emc&ling: of the Aurora Borealis to break the tense silence of the ntjrht. lecture yourself as the morsel of humanity over which two wolf-men J w ere fighting1. Which of them would you want to win Wiki Jack, the boarded brute whose caresses were like the blows of a sledgehammer, or David, the xveak-licr? To protect yourself, assume that vou had promised your heart to F&vid; From a Fairmount Citieen Is your back lame and painful? Does it ache especially after exertion? Is there a soreness in the kidney region ? These sytuptons suggest weak kid- tteys. If so there is danger in delay. Weak kidneys get weaker fast. Give your trouble prompt attention. Doans Kidney Fills are for weak kidneys. Your neighbors use and recommend them. Ask your neighbor! Read this Fairmount testimony. Chas Cochran, says: "I had pains 1 in mv hack and across mv . loins and DEVICE FCR TREATING SAND Engineers cf California Bureau cf Public Roads Use Blower to (Obtain Material. trrerxre.t Vy Ve frite.t States iVr-art- n-.t-r.t of A sericulture. A now method of treating a local sard to mako it conform to the speei-f.tiov. for : ron rete road has Kvn adopted hv the enchieors of Ho bu reau of pnhhle works It cf California fed era! -a M vo!e t No. tie 41 Near IV south emt of t ,10 local sand could No. SSI 9. Notice is hereby piven to the creditors, heirs and legatees of Melissa J. Leach, Deceased, to appear in the Grant Circuit Court, held at Marion, Iridiana, on the 13th day of February n22, and show cause, if any, why the Final Settlement Accounts with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirs are notified to then and there nvako proof of heirship and receive their distributive shares. WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court, this 2lst day of January 1922. S. Al CONNELLY, Clerk of Grant Circuit Court r rt , ' The Orange Prine farm of 45 acres 11 lcn The home of L. B. Campbell on ley avenue has been unusually stricken with influenza, Mr. Campbell, his mother and Lorla being confined Ito their beds with the epidemic. comes 10 you max ne is mmS at a the action of mv ku1ncvs vas too fro-pr.V mow northern camp with the Rose of ,uont t5pcctany at night. Poan's Kidney Fills, which I got at O'Mara's lying about three miles west of town druf store, relieved me." jhas been purchased by Orestes Ball- ,v;c1 ftl !oalor?i rWt!enper. s,'mrK- ask for a kidney remedy get i AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense. Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON Rubber Stamps. When needing anything in theU Rubber Stamp line see us. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. 7 Dean's Kidney Fills the same that Mr. Cochran had. Foster-Milburn Co., Mns., Buffalo, N. Y Advertisement. Edison produced the first practical electrical lamp in 18T9. j SPECIE 1(E OFFER For Rural Roiate Sisbscribers We have completed an arrangement with The Muncie Star whereby we can offer that paper to our rural route subscribers in connection with our own at a very advantageous rate. We do not need to tell you about The Star. Most of you are familiar with it It contains all of the general news that anyone needs, as well as news of local interest. Its market and financial page is surpassed by few papers. Changing conditions have made it possible for The Star to reduce its price to $4.00. 1 Kyes Tested, (i lasses Kitted by State Registered OlTOMKTRLS'lS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS 'Crrlusively Optical Chiropractors McAtee and McAtee Fairmount Office Hours: Summitvill to s ard Tucsdav, Thum- to 8 p. m. Phone 280 day and Saturday 8 to 11 a. m. 3 . 322X2: then lie had pone away, Later xvord Spain. What would you do? That is what playgoers will wor.d-r when they see Eva Novak as the girl in "Wolves of the North," the daring Universal photodrama of the Alaskan wilds which comes to this theatre on Thursdav Feb. 9th. LOTS OF TROUBLE IN 1926 Mars and Mercury Will Be to B!ane tor Great Shakeup, Astrolcgers Forecast. t.oiuh n. The year Is destined to shake the world to its foundation, both physically and politically. It Is to he a succession of plagues, famine, floats, shlpxvrecks. rtotlng and revotu-tln. So says the Briiih Journal of Astiogy. which has drawn the horoscope for that "ear, xxhen the planets M;irs and Mercury will he In conjunction. Six xears laler the grxat Armageddon is to take pace. it xvlll be a final cviuut hetxveen Mchammedantsm and BoMtevtm against the united An-glo S:..n worM. tt xxlll end tn a "iniversal peace" In hut "there I he so fevx- of us left and xxe shall nil he so tired that peace shonld happen anyhow," the horoscope says. Ten-Dol!ar Bi ! Is Delivered by Mail A few short xxeeks ago reports of mail robberies xxere so frequent that losses of under five figures thrvHiteoed to he crowded out of the dally papers. Booent-ly. hoxxever, a crisp new ten-dollar bill, attached only by a very frail string to an ordinary tag, arrixed in Washington by mail from Spartansburg. S. C and was delivered to the addressee, xxtth his dally quota of seed catalogues, mall order pamphlets and more in-sooal misslxTes. 4 t FOR SALE A povl two wheel auto trailer. See E. II. Parker. We have a full line of home proxvn Clover seed. A. A. Flrcy & Co. OIL LISTEN! Dojrjroned jtxhhI coal. ICs Blue Jacket. C C Brown. FOR SVLE One.wool sawing outlit; complete, tng-;r& and saw, M. v, Woihis. , , We have a car load of Swift's t0" tankage on track. A. A. Clrey & Co. ' 5T"T P (farr fu l line ot Clovcr S,HH,!5 at reascnaine prices, a. a. L-iery & Co. FOR SALE For Rent, For Sale. No j Hunting cards for sate at The News ' office. ! Fresh car load medium salt in bar- j rels, hundred pound bag and 50 pound blocks. A. A. Ulrey & Co. FOR RENT FOR RENT Rooms for light housekeeping-. Call News office. WANTED WANTED to buy a large sized in cubator. Phone Red. WANTED Your.c vnomen and men to learn stenography or salesmanship at home. Big demand. Typewriter furnished. Free employment service. Write for free literature on course you prefer. FEDERAL EXTENSION UNIVERSITY. Cham-paljm, Illinois, WANTED TO HEAR All the latest news. Apply The News office or phone MISCELLANEOUS TAKEN UP Stray ho. Call San-ford little Matthews, Ji4 fc3. TOW CANT CURT AN ADVKt TtSEMENT IN THIS PAPH3. Tub FOB SALE ; to fov.rxt w! wimiI,! onfovm to the tvxpr"remer.t of the specitVat en ap-proxvd hy tVe hr.ivan of roads of tV.o Vulted States tVpartmont of A crU nature. Thee p:v.rihed that the sand should contain no more than o per writ of material xvlr'oh xxenM pass i lv-mesh siow. The local saint analyzed ahor.t 15 t- J per wit. wh:h was enlhv'y too lirh to permit its Use. Instead of falling hack upon the importation of sn'tahte sand front another local :?y, the eiisineevs dev:od a plant for blowing the fine patt e'es from the sand. This district is extremely arid, and tn summer the some! Sines mounts to d-gie in the shade, so that the sand I verr c;rc wr.en worketl. The device used cw'sts ot an orxt'nary oMixx-or. wli-h l-ft te srnd to a ivxolving scivn. Maierta! which xxt'l pass a oi'se-fourth-ineh mesli 5s i'.i,-h:ircvsl Into a hopper under the screen and then l V.i. .V, a nsrwv C'pcirn into a st.Mnge Vsn holoxx-. tn falli: c from the h. pper to the bin. the sheet of sand paes dJ-svctly in riNnt of a r.oyv.V. xxh-.ii dirxxts acainst tt a current of 5'.!r f:-o--, n air bloxx-er. By roar- of a prxsn'tv veer- Xv.. V An Irrpneved Hlghxy In Calitomia. r.lator at the blower, the velocity of the air at the no??.le can he so controlled as to bloxv fro-.n th.e railing pand atiy desired pcrwniapf of the f ncr material. Th.e blow or 5s operated by a e;t frxxm the save sris enctne which operates tho cxinvextXH- and revolving crxHHi. The whole devbv Is cxm-.pact fcnd trcx-.s5xe. The result Is a satisfactory s n '. ohtaine-il at less exist than by ;.; other method. The snc-xxss of the p;n depends xxf course, on their drros of the sand, tf It xxotv r.csvs-ry to dry it, the Increased xs-t vf t:vntn-ent n-t'cht make the importation of s-.-.italle material prefera- Me. TOURIST TRAFFIC FAYS BIG Increase ef Americans Into Canada Expected to Pay for OnUrio't Hihxay Syttem, It Is antlcliatexl that American tour 1st trafiie w K pay for the Installs- and upkexp of tntartos highways Hon system. Tills traffic has tnereaexl remarkably since the Torxxnto-Hamllton highway xx s bnllt. and already annual revenue from this sxxuroe runs Into millions of dollars. During l?2tl approximately T.N American motor ears crossed he bxxrxler Into Ontario, remaining frxro one hour to alt month. BETTER HIGHWAYS IN SOUTH Over $278,rxO,O0O Vetd tor improved Roads tn Dixie Tea Lead With $S?,?T2,00Ck t Bad rwads must po! This Is the ul-! ttmatum of people Uvtr.g In Dixie. That they are alert txv their urgent need of gxxod roads ts attested by the tremendous sums voted In recent state and exxunty bond Issues, Over $2TS. WXVtXW Is now available for pxxod ivxads xpenditure tn the South. Texas leads wtth $T,TT2,x.VO and VIrgtnt Is wc-r-:id with 1c0cXWxX Hour ef Ltatt TratWe. As the result of a survey made by the bureau ef public roads, Ctdted States deixartment of agriculture, on the most traveled roads tn the eountry, the hour when there Is least traffic Is between 2 and 3 Mock In the mom-tag. Tuesday Is the day tn the week wtsen trade reaches the lowest ebbC Boom In Sewtfc Carolina. A stste hoed lse of fotWXmo tor Improved hljx ays t the ohjm eurtt by a rvi red asHaton Just , I j ' ! The Muncie S4ar ) one year I. AND FairaoiBBt News J H Former price oE the two $7.00 You Save $2.50 This special rate applies only to rural route subscribers. The regular rate of The Star on rural routes is now $4.00, a reduction of $1.00, so that you can secure both papers for less than the former price of The Star alone. Really, you cannot afford to do without a good daily newspaper in your home, in addition to your local weekly. once Eor a year's The TJuncie Star Send $4.50 at subscription Eor - And - New F I -'mm"- rMM"Mf?Mtift"Mm!fmm"""" .ml!!.-.

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