The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 13, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, January 13, 1937
Page 4
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Wednedav; January 13, t93? The Daily CHntonian, Clinton, Indiana ... i .laaan-IT 1 PACE FOUR n i i ilk . i mwtFFf'ssr' I H - a. 1 I a' ' " il in -J..iiHil lHl l' 'TiTTTM THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Behind the Seen round a ivi VLivingston EsUbliihed as The Weekly CHntonian 1890 . i . tA kaAVhAli In 1 Q II Jl The Clinton I'lainueajer iim.u y-. 'HOLLYUJOb make a little tri back to tho oun tt.w Arm tha hall he met tains. Mr. iwppr. At -"No. I'm goin' hack. Oonj . i 1 T-kat fa if 1 can Nettie Cooper coming np. She was In street clothes, and her face was - v get .omebody to grub.Uk. me. You've taken a big interest in me. England. Because of thii, his Aunt Mtlllcnt Is having the backyard of the family home at Weatwood con-into diinlicate of the Omort L. Carey Editor TndPubliaher altered t the ro.totflce at Clinton, Indiana, a. Second CUM Matter. ' Member Indiana, Republican Editorial Association National Advertising Representative: GEO. B. DAVID CO. linn Wrtgley Bldg., Chicago. 1.111 General Motor. BU1R.. P-troIt 110 East 42nd St.. New TorK flushed and moist. "What ARE you doing now?" she asked in a voice that quivered with Irritation. In suite of its gentle pa garden they used to have In War tience. ... Mebbe you a iixe w. ..,' "Certainly I Certainly! Nothing I'd like betler. W.Ill Now that, settled. Drop over at th. office next 1, .1 jnwaAarM and Well minster, ungianu. "Coin' home," he saia snoruj. "But you CAN'T go homel" CHAITOB XXXIV "CHRISTIE I Think how much fua it would ba to have all that money I" Janet exclaimed. "Oh, I know. Wa need It badly enough. Bnt It's se hard to prove anything. We've found ever so many people who knew Dad, and knew me as fits daughter, but that', all, and what good h that In court? The same-with thiaold Uncle Elbert" "Unci. Elbert?" Why I thought you said "Oh, he fsn't my uncle, of course. Bat he wanted me to call him that, so I do. Yon ought to hear Donny 1 A. 1 TlAnn la atmnlv mmd , mr.A ma-a In Hollywood: draw th. paper. I'd Bto to have .tiiii.ii, J,tk a about some LI yuu 11 ir m - r-" - these clothes, I gues. you Just made Starting downstair, for a midnight Phone 1 1 7 a mistake, iNeiue. 1 "" - 1 k, i. f. . all rlcrht. but Phone 41 raid on the Icenox, amcn-iii ururn be in a very fino position to grub- . . 1 . ..j . . nf vniir you had no business burnin' up my did a brody and broke hi. little toe. . . . Bob Burn, has bought a second ranch In San Fernando ...ii.. ri'a a 1R.nnra nroneftV. own ffooa suii. 101a yuu w -v "Hf: .1.. -1..1...1 WV,.r Ho I care about the clothes I But you just take yournou, r friend" before the .ummer'. over. You realize that, don't you, sir? "Oh, yes. That wa. the id I wasn't dowa here for my health. "Certainly not certainly NOT! Well, If that', all settled, I'll be get-ting back to the office. And if yon which- makes his holdings 28 acres' about Jilm. Of course he spoils htm By HARRISON CARROLL Copyright, 1W7. . Kin. FaalurM gyadlrata, !. HOLLYWOO D The year's boldest snatch of a Hollywood ouvenlr was accomplished the other night at the Troeadero and afforded much amusement to the tew who realized what wan going on. Joan Crawford wan the victim. Toward the end of an evening of dancing, the star wanted to cool her tootsies, so she ead oft her slippers. It was perhaps 30 minutes later when she reached out her toes to find them. They were gone. The embarrassed actress searched frantically, but no luck. An unidentified fan had thefted the slippers and Joan had to leave the swank night spot In her stocking feet Remember the taxlcab, "Elolse", In "Seventh Heaven"? Well, Twentieth Century-Fox has dragged It out of storage and is using It again for the closeupa in the new Simone Simon-James Stewart version. The vehicle la so i-i.t a ntiiMll v was used bv can t a:o, iioerL you can u i ju . ... I Klna nn there. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM. - 1. To further every interert of Parke and Vermillion counties 2. To Mtitt th revival of the Indian, coal mining indurtry. ! 3! To cooperate in .olving Vermillion County', unemploy r 4. TroSrCli"tn -nd make il the moat attractive city In all. He will Buna nis now on the new location. . . Jean Arthur, orrui uny. du, i uv - --( the case Is concerned. I think that he' a Httle childish. He doesn't 11a . k any ,c -r why I'll have somebody drive you poor gal, has to wear an evening want to taa. a nm r" " - remember a ining uiai coura tow ... ..j u . u.. rlnA nt fnmnlex gown in "History ia "" - n . . 1 1 . AIM AM why you should think you have to mounUins, Mr. toopeT, 1 ii Night mar oomaina'v beads (they figured It out from the of Hi tue m the Mate. about lawyers. He pretty near lumped out the window when I told young Stanley drive you up. i" know Stanley fine boyhe'll e: go back . . , "Nettie," the old man said, "ain t anybody ever told you you're a durn bosBy woman? But I bet you was soft as butter when Dolph was number of cartons used). The dress weighs 60 pounds, but la II.. - ..,.nn.. wa aaw It. . . . him m wantea nim h mcoi, Bl " "Well, you have more patience The fans out Griffith park way joy the trip tool" d "The young feller that found nW up at Angels? Yea, he' aH right Puts up a good argument. . "Ye., Indeed. Well, you lust let u. know what day you want to start. around. Dolph didn't take anyooay s back talk. Not him!" H chuckled as he picked up the Chan I have. I ll nave 10 in. vanilla and go. Walt will have the must not Be so snarp. uiivi. no T, in.. Bnrf har Hj.tnr are there THANKS, MR. MELLON! Andrew W. Mellon, former secretary of the treasury now being sued by the government for alleged failure to pay proper income ff.r. ike United States government his great collection of paint suitcase again. "Well, I ain't aorry almost every Sunday, and they are house ournt aown oeiore 1 Bofc He's Ukett to playing with matches. nr. Ik 4U TlMim, tr Ma Mm MO-P !" I come, at that, uui now i m aum . Goodbye, Nettie." never recognizee.. . . nairai , tn rail for the country life Is and ne 11 oe reaay i bu -. Uncle Elbert Cooper rtood up. Hi cigar had gone out, but he kept it in the comer of hi. mouth. , Old Mr. Elbert came out to the Eugene Pallette. He' buying a ih. famous taxicab army that He actually roi nan way uuw.. the stairs. 1 Then Nettie Cooper caught up :iu i.:.- CU. fB.triJ hur nlumD ing,, estimated to be worth $19,000,000 and the money to erect a building to accommodate hi. gift, of art and any other, that may be "No use beatin around the ousn. MMr?l;n " i.a aall "Vmi finrlerstano kitchen, little Donny on his back. "You better take this young un Vr got to be gettln' on. I'm fixin f ret back to Angals tonight," lit !!. ranch In Oregon ana win iou . with cattle. Also In hla plan, la ..... .Miimn nf a huntlrur todae. saved Paris Uiat the studio has rigged up a double for the action shot. me, all right. So doe. Nettie there. wiin 111,11. wiic ........... r---- arms rightaround hi. spindly body. The portly comedian even plans to "Stella 1 Lntnnan 1 neiiwmiii she cried. 1 "Yes, I'd a gone afore this, but I 1.1 1. 1.. th hahit nf droonin Your young man come up w nmfvi" and give me a cock-an'-bull story about all I could do for Dolph'fl widow. An' all Dolph'. widow could donated to the government by others. There should be no lack of appreciation of the offer and no hea. ;,,; i i.. accent.nce. Mr. Mellon may. or may not, be regarded live tnere mon m un w.,.. he wants out of Hollywood is three pictures a year. . . . The Archie Tou Asked Me and I'm Telling You! Maxlne Sweetzer, New York rs,. r iVn't know how many Afterwards he apologized to Net Klllun Kl . ' in- playia' with the young man here. Well, you been mighty kind, Christie. Sav awdbye to the doctor for do for me. f tle- ti . ,q. n half hour later when Mayo, nave imrcea mw um. ... - 1- ... And Connie .. tl. r,.,t secretary of the treasury that the nation has had in a long Christmas cards the average star In Hollywood sends out, but I do wen, 1 uwii i iiibm ,,v ..Uv.... about Dolph'. widow bein' anything . 1 1 , I .. ....tin' ka he had calmed down, and he and Bennett believes In keeping up ap W h-, ha. dene a fine thing in a big way. For year, he has "Oh, but why don't you wait till ne gets home? Aren't you leaving know that tnng wrosoy nau nu tag list this year of 1,200. Nettie and the girn sat in ixenjoa favorite upstairs sitting room, wait- Mr MOlinn. her l&wver. to pearances, for ane wirru um -o-vanta to decorate tha house In It. full Christmas regalia. Connie, of awfully sudden V been collecting - great art collection, placing "emphasis on quality ikr fhan. auar.titv. to me, ono ane o ;ud, , breath when she tries to make out, I'm anything to her. If It wasn t I was in a position to save her abeul a hundred thousand dollars she'd wish she'd gone on the rest of her life not knowin' Dolph had a half come and talk things over. In case you are Interested In what the stars gave each other for "Fust time 1 ever torgoi mymn 110, 1 vv w Well, I'll be seem' you again some time. Mebbe next spring. You re a good girl, Christie. I didn't know they made 'em like you. any more. anri used laniruaee in jrom ui Mr. Mellon, gift will begin a great national collection that all Christmas', uienaa j-nrrai pre Mtrf TWu, PTharann with a tvne- lady," he said ruefully. brother , ulfM an1 a roriin. Tom Brown Wettie pursca ner ups. rtucc ki 1 mr. .0 the national capital will be able to enjoy. His otter ape McGlinn looked pained, ne neia course, is spending me nuiiuaja ' New Tor. Flashl Blasting another pa ration rumor. Dorothy Lamour flew to St. Paul New Year', morning to visit her husband, Herb- Kay, who la working there with hli orchestra. She took a earat-and- 11 a 1 .U )..,." faakplla a thin nala hand. iNOW. .my gave his mother a 200-plece set of silver fiat service. His ma gave -ifir-llv -ovides that hi. name i. not to be attached to the gift. Ana sum 1 " 1 ' a p. ; , drawled, looking up from her book dear Mr. Cooper " forget your Uncle Elbert now, Doa-nyl Bye-byel" "Bye-bye," the baby waved, gig-irling happHy. "Bye-bye!" Tom a grand plana Uncle CLCriltl 1 rtueio tneui IU.1J ah I I'm tallfin' nnw. I'm which is wise, if modest, because the art institute of a great natiore to winK at aeie. Tka nIH man rtared. He snat into m.M.A-h h lili-M HolVvwnod verv not a man to talk much, but once I the empty fireplace. ahmJrf not hear the name of an individual. a-half diamond ring for Herbi rtnu men bwjhh w.v . ' was roing. he puckered up his face much, Freddie Bartholomew has Christmas present hi. moments of homesickness ior again. Isabelle shook her head and and bean to cry. ,.-. U.ftav AnrM hflf . " jhTlS- went back to her book. ;l laughed, picking up the crying get .tartea 1 m nara w mup. 1 mm 1 been fooled any. ,1 wasn't kep' here -because I wa. w.nted round the place. It wa. just .0'. I'd be handy, and outa mischief. "Now, I'm talldn'l Dolph and I never had much use for each other "But you had no call to lay hand chjla, "for yoirve cenminiy on me,Nettie. S' a good tnmg you - . 'A a o mil havft If. meaning that poople should learn .0 nnnoeiate with the act Itself. It The editor of The Daily Clinlonian i. no great authority on art but he can recogniie name, of the great that are represented in Mr. Mellon', collection, which includes painting, by Raphael, Jan Van Eyck, Botticelli. Titian. Holbein, Rembrandt, Coya, Greco and other notable. v "" him for mer ...r r ill " tk. AM man aald I sure would. Still got a good right arm for an old feller ' He took her hand and squeezed it Is: Of or pertaining to person, as in his. His gooo eye gjmreinsu. but we never pretenaeo we oia. Mimi liked me, but she liked everybody. That was her weakness, poor sociated lu friendly intercourse. THE HOMETOWNER To Love and Live and Let Live "We agreed to rorgei an uiai, Nettie put in soothingly. "We just won't mention it again. Adele, dear. Now, to put the two together girl. The same .mile for me or Mollle the Moose, or th Queen of tell Herman to send up tnat Dranuy Social Security What a coin of words! 1 II VII IIS HllllEU) , , , ihe tep, and down the path with lever a baekwtrd look. Spryly, for one of hi. age, he hailed a bus a. it rounded the curve, transferred to a street car, and then . , a nut black but distinctly piebald, you Real security means: Something will enlnv Irvine to unravel this Security Is a dream cherished by that Uncle EIDert lines, ana you might bring me one of those white pellets on my dresser and a glass of water. My headaches just a little "Oh, there's Stella f You do It, Stella. What? Oh send Mr. Me- given or pledged to make certain England, if .he d happened to crop In at the Victoria house. After h passed on I only see Dolph one. " 'I come to borry om money,' t .aid. And he said, 'I ain't givin' you no more, you pulled my leg long enough,' he Bald. "The hell with T --:.l anJ Va aama Vnil ' mi 1 ,V.. hn walked MOVIES TUGBOAT I'RINCKKH' AT THE COLUMBIA This satisfying story rniircrn. 11 vnune lowers. Dy miaaie su ym- warn nm in. w , ----three lona block, to a big white the fulfillment of an obligation, nle. by the aged. Security is a vuai Lima do we younger people know house on a knoll. Hi. feet lagged a Httla new. but he plodded along necessity to men and women wish Glinn up. It s so much more cozy here than downstairs in the living just what Social Security mean, to i n ho ancinllv indenendeut in ,a aid. We was alwavs men of few room." the older people of our Uultod words " their waning years. Uncle Elbert said sometning hi. breath. "I think," Nettle cut in, gntiy, that vmi'm iWiFafctino? tha 0-irla. States. These older people unaor former circumstance, would be left Social: The word itself has Elbert. Adele, dear" "I beg your pardon, Eioertr "I .aid I'd light a seegar." "Ohl" nmu .nbwil finimri he drew to the charity of their certain iato. In "The Accusing Finger." A com exoneration: Cooperation 111 uinni cikI Includes Paul Kelly a. a Porry Mason yarn. Ricardo Cortez play, this suave character from Action and does his detecting in the exported smooth manner. June Travis is Ills exceedingly lovely secretary. In the exvitement the dia-moiidH lire stolen, the million dollars In canh I. nilHHliiK, a nurse and caretaker lire nrtirdored and grandfather either or Is killed. H1b money-mad heirs luu Immediately placed under suspicion and It's up to Detective Cortex to clear bis young charges, r An "Our llnng" Comedy, Travel-talk and Radio Act 1110 Hie short subjects. little waterfront waif, Edith Fellows, who 1b taken aboard an old tug by a gruff but lovable sea sap-tain known a. Walter C. Kelly to movie fans. The two become Inseparable pals until some welfare workers decide the girl .hould be placed in ail orphanage. From Hum on It is a battle for the captain against the social workers as woll as the raging sea, Valerie Hobson "On, motner aonx ne quamw, dear!" "Don't interrupt him, for heaven's sake!" Isabella .aid. "This i. priceless " friendship, public welfare, marriage, I one from hi. vest pocket, then took . , 11 1 : I. fiiRtH-t attorney who is convtctea of murder on circumstantial evi government and many other forms of private or public life needs per dffMi'yCooper in?" he asked the maid who admitted him. "No, sir. But I expect her .hortly." ... ... He mumbled wmething. "I beg your pardon. ir? "What's that? Oh don't mind me, le.' talkhV to myself .You might 1 tell her I'm going home though. "Going home, sir?" "Sav, are you a little deaf? Stay around this place another week and I'd think I couldn't talk English any more. That', what I .aid I m goin ""Grumbling and coughing he made nil way up stairs, went to a room at the end of the hall. . It was a pleasant room, even a luxurious one. Walnut furniture. .1 Wl tm armchair UD- "But 1 really tninit " "Yes," McGlinn came to Nettie'. .... mi?.' .11 .. Mttina nrt. a large norn-nanuieo from hi. coat pocket and neatly cut off the end. McGlinn came in just in time to offer him a match. He wa. a tall, cadaverous looking man in the middle sixties. His thin fecting in all Its ways. Everything deuce alone, Marsha Hunt, Kent Taylor, Robert Cummines and Har- has come to an .Impasse where co rcKuc 11,10 iwij a-.""a where. You come on down to my office. Cooper, and well talk man to rv Carer. After years spent in turn operation is of vital necessity. ine a deaf ear to the pleas of men. and Lester Mathews supply the. ro white hair was neatly parxea in ine M.Ua hta Innv whfta hands were man." . Old Elbert Cooper took the dead to-ar Ant. nt hla mouth and threw it ifoiiv'a fnelines when he himself Is "on the spot." The long perfectly manicured. Everything about him was brightly reassuring. Ethical cooperation 1. not a dream. We each have In our power the possibility of making our own cooperation a living, vital thing. into the fireplace. mantic Interest. , "Shanghaied ShIpmateB" I. the cartoon with a Travel Tour takln you to ' some' "Wonder Spots of and hnrrowliiE shadows of the grim Weii, ini 19 line 1 iitj ooiu, t M1ia1tv MTwin fhom nil. prison walls are lightened by the ro onut up. m taiKin to hbhio, he said. "I'm explainin' somethin' she's gotta know. I didift come to Dolph's funeral because I didn't know about it 'till It wa. over. But Kllvi aiwuv aw wi an Timam Vu Ilia yOU gv urn iiKiibf on mantic Interest between Kent Tay America". i'tlfcHZI THE AIVIKI.MJ KINfiKH' AT THE WABASH Science of moral nnei nranay, aiu vb Cooper? Er yes, If Mr. Cooper 1 - :il ti ma T will Ethical means: duty. Y aKiif hla trirVm woMirtcr Itnii hol.urrd In the durt, pink, and mauve, of the curtains. And adjoining it. It. own bath In gleaming '"b'uI thera was no approval in the lor and Miss Hunt. A color cartoon ot "All Baha Mr. Elbert Cooper raised his Those of you who like to discuss llio pros and cons of capital punish Parnmount News and "Music Every 'CASE OF THE BLACK CAT' At THE PALACE In spite of the -fact that the cat Is where" are other treclB. I come down and went to v 1 thought I might get acquainted, but nobody even .poke to me, Just a lot of society folks. I thought Christie was the same" (To Be Continued) ' ment should lie osuci'lally Interested YESTERDAYS JANUARY 1. tOtU Mr. McGlinn bowed to him and drained his. "And now." ho said, genially. M-Xt- L Afvmwrmn htinnML Mm. e'fVom the clo-t. and put 1; It tat raM SjallaMfc lat. Cooper tolls mo that yov want to miiple of magasln. .nd paper. Thn he made for th. doe. "Mftw It I could find some way to keep It there" THE STARS SAY Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Pentreath will have reason to remember the tenth anniversary of their wedding, bolh by reason of the additions to their stock of tinware and by virtue ot the laet that music and echoes of a hllarloasly enjoyable evening . will long linger around the Pentreath household on Blackman street. There were sivtoeen present. fined to the h u of hi. cliiuiililcr. Mr., (luy Koutharil In Houlh Heveulh Kti.vl, fur the past wm-H with I he grippe, I. repinled lo liu foelhiK pected benefits or token of recognition from thoee in power and high standing. This friendly intervention may find happy reactions ou the private life. ' , A child born on this day may be versatile, clever, progressive and may find great aids to Its career by recognition or benefits from those in prestige and power. It is apt to gracious, kindly and popular. Uy WKNKVIKVE KEMBLfc For Thursday. January 14 The Lunar and mutual aspects promise a progressive day, with unexpected benelita from elders or superior.. Those In authority will be friendly. Such friendships may prove enduring and haVe .ubstau-11.1 Influence on private affairB. Gen- Mr. and Mr.. William Hue of South Fifth all-net eiileiliilmul yesterday with a dinner lu honor nf inn d.n.litor, birthday of llmlr Utile rfaira ahonld Drove lively M. J. WaBson. who was called to Bluffton Wednesday, to attend the funeral of Mrs. Wasson'B mother, returned home Friday night. Mrs. Wasson will remain at Bluffton. several days longer. nitiiiy and gratltylug. If Tlitn vour Wrthtlay Jean. The guests weru: Mr. and Mr.. Robert tlrler, Mr.. Helen Acord, of Utah, Mis. Verlu Nuglu, Mr. and Mr.. Walter Mmnsliln and Buckingham Palace Site The site of Buckingham palace-belonged to the abbots of Westminster before the dissolution of the monasteries. The crown sold all but four acres. Those whose birthday It is may prepare for a lively, progressive and prosperous year, with some unex . . , . - daughter.. Joanelle and Jean, Helen Miss Lou Ot e is sewing lu Terre " ...... - I Rue. the honor guest, und lh host Haute this week. A sou was born to Mr. and Mrs. few Krank Reed of Jacksonville 1 days ago. Mr. Business Man Inventory Time is "Printing Time!" JANUARY lit. 1IW9 Mrs. Carl Ulrlch of Clinton sang a Gese Bambino", last Sunday Bolo, in the Hyde Park Methodist church At thi. lime, when you review the old and get at Tampa, Fla., where she and Mr. Ulrlch drove recently. Mr. and Mrs. Ulrich and Mr. and Mrs. A. Thompson, former Clinton residenta now living in Tampa, drove to St. Peter- burg a few days ago and cauea ou Mrs. J. W. Pierce, who is spending the winter there. CHECK THIS LIST For Your Printing Needs Letterhead. Order Blank. Envelope. Shipping Tag. Statement. Buine. Card. Billhead. Filing Card. Blotter. Circular. Shipping Label. Bank Check. Booklet. Ticket. Window Card. Handbill. Port Card. Circular Letter. Porter Office Form. set for the new, give a moirgm ,w ins Need. . . . Perhap. your .upply of statements, billhead., rtationery, check, or order form. i. running low . Whatever you need in the printing line for 1936, let Vermulion County only union printing establishment ; erve you! Our Service Department will be more than happy to design and submit for your approval a new letterhead, blotter, office form cr whatever you need that now type, and a new design, might improve. There' no obligation or no charge for thi. layout wrvice. Bnt don't wait until you need a "rush job"; check your printing need. NOW and start the New Year with a fresh .upply of modern printed form.! and Mrs. Oliver Russell of Mr, North Seventh street are the parents of a baby boy born on Friday. The Infant Is the second child and has been named James. George Nichols son of Mr. and W. B. Nichols of Blackman Mrs left today to return to the street Culver Military Academy, where he THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Only Union Printing Establishment m Vermillion and Parke Counties cadet, after spending the past is a 4 ..; . , , iiiUiiW several weeks with hi. parents. F. Akers, who has been? con-

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