The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on February 2, 1922 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1922
Page 4
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THE FAIRRIOUNT NEWS ' Ed Olfather is in Indianapolis today on business. j Miss Ethel Coahran is very ill her home on West Eighth street. at r b n ifr. and Mrs. O. E. Curless spent Wednesday at Point Isabel. Mrs.ElIa Patterson her home with illness. is tonfined to Sale For the Next 60 Days MS Miss Addie Leach and Mrs. Harley Friti made a business trip to Marion. M. A. Rich returned Monday from Adrian where he went to visit his j son Doyte Rich who is taking-, a col-! i G Miss Dorothy Dyson, who attends . leee course at Adrian college. Mr. school in Marion, is home on account j Rich aiso visited his nephew Fred Me The Greatest Event of the New Year! of illness. . Hatton at Detroit. You will perhaps be more in need of rubber footwear than you have any time during the winter. We have a complete assortment for Mrs. Ella 'Patterson has been con-1 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goodall enter- l Ladie, Men's, Boys', Girl's and Children. ?n Gum ! fined to her home with illness for the ! taineil the mcmDers of,the Christian; ipast few days. j cnurcb choir and a few other guests ' , , TTTI . , i Wednesday eveninn at their home on! i John Smyth of W arren is the jruest 0 . , ' . ' , , , c South Sycamore street. The evening! of his sons Walker and Clyde Smyth' , .. . . , , . . t i , , - i was delightfully social and refresh-. !of the Club Cafe. I . , , Starts Saturday, January 28th, and Continues Ten Days It's a mOIlster Sale nf n W VtMroraine at tVt A nlrl fask. Bocts, Arctics, Alaskas and Sandals, All first quality merchandise. Tanlac now has the largest sale of 'Jack and cand' were Those! anv medicine in the world. There is iPsent were Mr. and Mrs. Buck j ioned price of 19c. You will find a lot of "corkine' . Mann, Mrs. J. C. Albertsn, Aliss a reason. H. W. Hahne. values that you will surely want. Each purchase is an investment. You save money on every article. Come early for the widest selection. Beharrel Curl ess will come home i from Ann Arbor University Sunday to The Bee Hive Cash Store Mary Albertson, Miss Gretchen Al-bertson, Mr. and Mrs. Noah Ilenegar, Dora Allred, Mrs. William Kendall, .Miss Anna May Darnell, Rev. II. Clay Boyts, Miss Mable Riggs, and Mr. and Mrs. John Dare. pend a week's Vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Love of Rigdon spent yesterday and today with Mr. You will probably need some AH Leather Shoes and Mrs. Carl McCombs. Here are a few Things 19c will Buy during this sale. 10 Quart Galvanized Pails i9c 1 Gallon Galvanized Oil Cans " 19C Huck Towels, 17 1-2 x 35 inches, each 11. " "l9c 9 Ounce Glass Tumblers, 4 for .19c 5 Quart Enameled Preserving: Kettles " "I l9c Steel Frying Pans, 8 3-4 inches diam, 19c 18 x 34 inch Unbleached Turkish Towels 19c STAR BRAND SUNDAY SERVICES "Battle of Ages," Marion C. c.s vs. j I Fairmount Independents Friday night Feb. 3, F. II. S. gym. "Beat Marion." j The Junior Leagjue of the M. E. M ; church will entertain their parents in Ric-fest came of sssrtn- Salyer's Variety Store Fairmount Indiana Friday Chamber of Commerce vs. Fairmount j the bsemcnt of the church Ir.dopcndents. Friday right Feb. S,!mmnf' esse high school gym. Ronald Zike has been promoted Only & few of the many bargains can be mentioned above. Come in and see others. 'OU KNOW WESLEYAN CHURCH Snndav school. 9:30 a. m. Preaching by the pastor, 10:30 a. m. Social Praise f;ervice, 7:00 p. m. Mid-week prayer meetingh Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. J. J. COLEMAN, Pastor. BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Preaching by Rev. Roland of Anderson, 10:45 a. m. B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Stewartship meeting. 7:30 p. m. under the direction of the Northern Baptist convention and will be represented here by a team from Anderson. Mrs. Mattie Pavne, living south of j frwm first class Private m the Marion town, was the Saturdav and Sundav Company of National Guards to the guest of her dauchter, Mrs. Charles rank pf srpeant- Arr.o'd Rsrrick still remains verv ill at his home on Bvkkeye street. Brush in Jonesboro. Mss, Thomas Kelley and daughtetr Mrs. James OPennell of Dayton, J n.orence' sPent Monday and Tuesday Bas;I Street spent Wednesday and av with Tom Keller ar.d 0 has been called here by the serious " ly. " illness of her father, O. R. Scott of StPtet of R10"- i V - - ! " far Pocketbook Savers MORE I 1,iwu. j Miss jessie Wriphtt domestic sconce I I . 1 - l u : - -U 1 1 Melvirs Miller of Marion was the r"ar.-.i"y. basket ball team vs. Fairmount Inde- VNVr 'peVdent basket ball team at high,latives in New Cast1?- ir Chsricy Urc of KoWo. ; R-m Friday night Feb, 3., Miss Lee Lew of Kokomo spent the Sunday with her Amission 2oc. i week-end with her aunt. Mrs. Mollie Tr.o:r,as Kel.ey and family. , . , . , ' , SUGAR 5 Cents CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. Evening service, 7:00 p. m. At this time the pastor will give the third of a series of sermons on Christianity, taking for his theme, "What Christianity has done for the individual." Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. You are welcomed to these services. MARTIN LEE GRANT, Pastor. tsrown ana ner pranamoiner, .irs. Ord Bogue of North Main street. The primary department of the Mrs. George Street and Elmer M. E. Sunday school precipotateil a Sirtvt of Riirdcru called on Tom Kel- , r?t card shower upon Mrs. Paul La-Icy ard far.rlly Satunlay evening. - Rue Tusday in honor of her birthday : ar.r.iversarv. Mrs. laRue is the first j Will A. Taylor, foreman at the Fair-j mount News, received word that his 'father had been suddenly stricken with ; paralysis and left this noon for La-! fayette to be at his bedside. assistant superintendent of the pri left rrcdr.y for West Union, W. Va., mary department. We will continue for a few days to sell sugar, five pounds for 25 cents with each purchase of $1.00, or 25 pounds with a $5 grocery order. No more than 25 pounds to one customer. AND THEN, WE OFFER OTHERS LIKE THESE ltr Mr. 0"Shaughnc-ssy has employ - Word has been received that Will The Home Missionary Society of ; the Friends church is holding an all ! M. E. CHURCH Revival meetings begin next Sunday. Everybody is cordially invited to each service. The program for next Sunday will be given at the regular hours. Sunday school at 9:30. Morning sermon at 10:30. Junior League at 2:30. Epworth League at 6:00. Evening sermon at 7:00. Sub- rcy Fowler of Indianapolis and, who submitter! to an operation a short time ago at St. Vincent hospit !ay meeting today at their church. M:s M ;-.-. Tie Fowler of Marion were All ladies of the church have been in av jruests ol Mr. ana Mrs. al in Indianapolis, is able to be out of the hospital and at his office. Wivr.c Fowler vited to this meeting and are asked ; to bring baskets from which dinner will be served at the noon hour. The need of good rental houses or a jects for the day will be "Some twen- Kasket Balll Co r. m rv -e "s. Marion lkamlvr of Fairmount Indoper.d - few small, up-to-date flats or rr.ents in Fairmount is beoominc more "Tanlac made me feel gym. Feb. 3. season. F. H. S. Come. Friday game of en: Re; Ituekweat Flour 5 lbs, :.c " 5 SaltFish 25c Pancake Flour, 2 pkffs for 25c , Can Cream 10c Best Rice, 3Ihs, 25c Bed Beans, 3 cans for 25c Gold Bond Flour 80c Box Apples $3.00 Peaberry Coffee 25c Bananas 7 l-2c Rookwood Coffee ..: 35c Lettuce 30c Sunbeam Coffee 45c Cabbasce 5c Potatoes, per peck.. 35c to 50c Rolled Oats, 5 lbs 25c Tea, per lb 28c Cheese, per lb 28c "It put me back on the payroll." "I -'and more apparent every day. People no loncer suffer from indigestion." ; hunting such are on the hunt every I gained weight rapidly." These and :av or many more expressions are now heard ! Tar.lac has nsJe life worth living for r.v.!!:or.s el people who had al-tot givt-n :p hope. It will dv the v-oe for you. H. W. Hahne. oaiiy as peop'e te.I of their expert with Teniae. H. W. Hahne. Mrs. Ben Couch and daughter Miss Martha Couch and Miss Mary Duling tieth century reasons for conversion" and "Life's powers spent and misspent." The ministers and laymen of other churches are cordially invited to come and help. We ae for every- thing that is good; against everything that is bad; and will help to correct every bad use of the good where we can. The great questions of life and destiny are as interesting and as vital today as they were at any time in history. Come and let us work together for the good of our follows, our town, and the king lorn of good. I who drove over to the Grant county dausrhter hosnital to visit with Cecil Couch who Vanessa, the 9-year-old Fr-.ory C. Adams and wife have lcrvhr.sed the George Hill property of Mrs. Darl Payne, living south of recently submitted to an operation. The Mayflower ?V exrect to take ui their Phone 11. Bob Lindsay, Prop. town, was taken to the Grant county : report his condition as very satisfac-hospital and an operation for ap- tory. pendicitis was performed Tuesday j morning at 9 clock. Word from the , Mrs. Esther Seale, who accompanied hospia! sta'c that she is getting the body of her late husband here for along as well as can be expected. burial, returned Wednesday to her : home in Whittier, Cal. She was ac- Ciint Lewis, formerly of Fair- companied as far as Chicago by John mount, is at the head of the Clint : Peacock. C. B. SWEENEY, Pastor. Or'?."". I-.1 Gossctt was a victim of the icy pavements of a few days ago. tavir.- received a fall which confined kim to his home on East First st.reeU fwr several v'.avs. FRIENDS CHURCH Bible school, 9:15 a. m. Preachinsr, 10:30 a. m. Subject: "The Gift of the Holy Spirit." Junior Mission Band, 3 p. m. Intermediate and Senior departments, 6 p. m. Preaching service, 7 p. m. Lewis Candy Company, which articles of incorporation with state authorities a short time filed the Oeo. Cleveland has taken the agency ago. j T a new novelty that will prove to Mr. Dora CVannll has returned to fcfr home in Rockford, O.. after spend-mut a ftw days here looking after her father's estate. Mrs. Cranfill reid-e4 in Fairmount some eight or nine yr a tro. BASKET BALL! Marion Chamber of Commerce vs. Fairmount Independents Friday Night, February 3, 8-00 p. m! Fairmount High School Gym. The company, which is capitalized at j a fussing to the tenow who can S14.S00. will engage in the manufac- rever find the electric light button ture of candy and confections at J or switch in the dark. It is an illumin-Union City which has been the home ; ou? button, or pendant which can be of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis for some time. easil.v een in the dark. Pes. H. W- McCowell. of Milton- j Marion Chamber of Commerce f team has such stars as Netts, Bell, ! Hinkle, and Ray Mittank. Fairmount j Independents has such stars as Hais- The News fs in receipt f a com -mnication from Foster E. Williams. Itr. Williams lives in New Philadel-iriiia which is located in southern Ir-4iana and he writes that they are en-iying real spring weather; that he ws sitting on the porch writing and ;vale, Kan.. Wesleynn co'le-together with Mr. and Mrs. WiViams, of Marion, visited Rev. J. J. Coleman, ; Tuesday. Prof. McDowell was an as THANK YOU. Wm. S. Elliott wishes to express to the numerous members of the Fair-mount News family, who remembered him on his 78th birthday, (Jan. 28), his heartfelt appreciation for the warm sympathetic greetings he received by card. Which he says was more than a shower, a regular downpour, which he feels to be a great soothing balm to his distracted affections for the loss by death of his life's companion. ley. Smith, Jones, Fowler, Weyler and Mittank. At F. H. S. gym Friday night Feb. 3. Admission 25c sociate student with Mr. Coleman at ws quite comrortawe ana mat trie i etest weather recistered there by!VNhtt on college and an associate The Women's Home and Foreign teacher in Houghton seminary in Houghton, N. Y. ike thermometer this winter was 6 kove lero. I Missionary Society of the Wesleyan THE BATTLE OF AGES. This will be the biggest game the season and should be the "battle of ages" when these two teams meet. Both teams have strong lineups for this game. Marion has Nects, captain and star forward of Princeton University 1921 five; Bell, of last year's "Wonder Five," and many former high school and college stars. .The Fairmount aggregation will consist of Weyler, Fowler, Smith, Haisley and Mittank, former high school and academy stars. Don't Miss This Game. Admission 25 Cents. church will meet with Mrs. C S. Smith Friday afternoon. Papers will be read by various members of the society touching upon the foundations of Christianity in Korea, and upon Japan's problems and their f J SPECIAL SALE! $40.00 Pure Worsted Suits Mrs. Ida Lewis very pleasantly entertained at her home on Tuesday evening, MJrs. Or B. Wilsfn, Mrs. Blanch Horine and Misses Lillian Dunbar, Addie Leach and Bobbie Weyler. A most delicious three course luncheon was served. Fancy work and general conversation formed the entertainment and all report an exceptionally good time. Lady Victoria Murray, 'sister of the earl of Dunmore, has entered business as a dairy farmer. One reason why milk is so excellent a food is that it contains much calcium, which is the principal miner, al of the human body, contributing to the makeup of the bones and teeth. A grown person carries in his skeleton about four pounds of it, says an evchange. The body contain about three ounces of sodium, combined with chlorine to form common salt. Thers are also about two ounces' of magnesium, which is a silvery-white metal. Another highly inflammable metal contained in the body is potassium about two and one-half ounces of it. The body contains about fifty-five ounces of phosphorus. Seven-eighths of the phosphorus is in the bones (going to form phosphate of lime); half an ounce is in the brain tissues; the rest is in the red cor Fine Grade Chestnut Anthracite Coal Plenty of it :14J Per Tom 35.00 All Pure Wool C1)E! Jfh Suits $22.50 and $i3.-W $50.00 Pure Worsled TpTh Suits $34.00 and 2O.WU These prices are tetow wholesale in order to close out short ends, and are all year around Woolens; are made strictly to your measure and carry our guarantee to fit and to he pure wool and perfect in erery s7J West Virgipia or Kentucky Lump Coal at Complimentary to Miss Stella Jen-jkens, who leaves soon for California, I her friends and Neighbors to the number of twenty gathered at her home 1 Wednesday evening and surprised her. I They brought with them baskets filled jfull of every good thins that goes to make up a Fairmount pot-luck supper. way. puscles of the blood. Of sulphur FAIRMOUNT LUMBER CO. Phone 55 Fairmount, Indiana : which is the last word in good eats, there are about four ounces in the Ribble Bros, of course ; and spent a happy social evening with bones and teeth. The body is three- rr ' fifths water and one-fifth carbon.

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