The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 12, 1937 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, January 12, 1937
Page 8
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Page 8 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indians' Tuciday, January 12, 1937 Capital Leaders Discuss Crisis CLAY ON CHILD'S BODY FURNISHES CLASSIFIED ADS Unemployment Compensation Law It Outlined iu Calendar Form To Guide Procedureof Employers (Continued from Page t) THE HDMETQWNER To Love and Live CLUE IN SEARCH KrHNlative Ham Ituj burn FOR RENT Rates for Classified Ads (Continued from P. e 1) and Paid Notices and Let Live Insurance The unemployment calendar follows; 650 K Friends Are fteudy Urilit h(MiBk i)jiig rooms, Koiirlh stret, First day of Insertion : 8c for each 1GU r:fL and head. He'll never get Into llitvn you all admired (Itu ue reading line (one column Hue, ilk court. Il doesn't deserve any con . one of these). street lights, wuter front, coliseum WANTED Next two day Insertion: the umt slderallon. Ho should lie removed highway, aud electric sign at (he Y fc charge (you get three day l(;t January I Federal unemployment pay roll tux of 1 on pay rolls of employers of eight or more persons becomes operative. (Tsi not quickly from this life." Nice, aren't ihey? Koine of these double the coat of (he flint duy) "You'd lie surprised al the men .miirovements ate positive pino Ironings. 715 Next thrive day insertion: the anie He. charge (you get a whole Hlg t&' who have called me and told me Washings and gins street. that (he "W. I'. A." Isn't a Weak week, six dsys, at three times the they are ready In go along with me ling's I'nJeit Association." Thcr coat of one Insertion), and string litis fellow up. The Jits :ire ttuiny mnru positive proofs I LOST Kach group of three days there lice of (he old west Is what Is need fler, 8c a line. ou will but look lor lli m. 1 suppose there are three cli Mack l'u (Ilk tula), 10c per ed In litis case for it will be proper punishment and will deinr any future would-be kidnapers In line. 42x6 (Ire and rim between Mecca and Roscdule and Carbon, phone lasses of people working ou these actually payable until January, 1937). April 1 Indiana unemployment compensation law becomes opera-live. Iteuires contributions from employers of eight or more persons amounting lo 12 of pay rolls for remainder of 1936. (These contributions later to be deducted from Federal pay roll lax which became rojects. First: The mat) who one 63 at Mecca. Reward. 167 , All rlaiuilfled ail Including nieino-rhuns anil notice of all kinds must lade good money at some good Jul nd who If given the opportunity to be paid to advance esrept those b) regular customer whose account el uuy kind of u Job will lump al Markets re jiuld monthly or those from or 'he I'hauce. Hecond: the man who JUDGES CHOOSE WINNERS TODAY AT GRAIN SHOW cajilzailoiie wlioae OHIO roust lie operative January 1, 1936 ) as always had a mediocre exislen lowed before bring paid. In Un May 1-20 First contributions Live- hut who, nevertheless, got along 12 INDIANAPOLIS, Jan littler cane (lie peraon asking tin due from employers under Indiana stock: publication of (be notice will be held Third: lllose dial had very lllll HOGS, 9.000; holdovers, 657; unemployment compensation law. iCnnllnued from Pc I) renooinillile f Ma payment. in weights above 160 lls., 20c lower; hanctt lo lake upward steps he ansa Ihey were handicapped by en covering April pay rolls. Contribu Business Services underweights, 26c lower; 160-180 lbs., $10.46; 180-200 His., $10.60; 'ironmeut, In (Ins Ihlrd group tions due under Indiana law by 201 li of each monlli thereafter, covering 2"0-226 His.. $10.65; . 225-235 His., here are a few, hut a very few ItKAU THKSH ADS EVKKY DAY previous month's pay rolls. Iteport who are glad of this chance, slid tor lale buying and selling iufor Breeders association, and Edwatd E. lloss, for university trustees, ('oiliest Marts Entertainment highlight of (he program was preliminaries in the annual rural amusement contest, with 14 rural adult groups, three $10.60; 236-250 His., $10.50; 250-260 lbs., $10.40; 260-275 lbs., $10.30; 275-285 lbs., $10.20; 286- sud contributions to be nialled (o who thus far hays done little t" mation, Indiana Unemployment Compensa raise (he standard of (heir llveli I Senator farter fihiiss 300 His., $10.10; 300325 His., $10; 1)0 PKOI'LK KNOW WHEKK TO lind you and your particular type hood. Hnl I Ihink this opportunity lion Division, Stale Office Hiilliilnst 141 South Meridian, Indianapolis, rural schools and 23 special curtain of service? Tell them! A want-ad 325-350 His., t'..(IO; 350-400 lbs., $9.80; 150-160 His.. $10; 140-160 Mis., $9.75; 130-140 lbs., $60; 120-130 His., $.25; 110-120 lbs., has awakened many of these few mnu lo what Ihey are and have been .costs very little. Ind. Km acts competing. Finals are sched uled tonight. missing, $9; 100-110 His., $8.75; sows, 16c OI-tliS-AND-KNUS MERCHANDISE On of the first matter of business before th new congress wn the question of neutrality legislation regulating shipment of arm, went equipment to Spain. Representative Bam Rayburn of Texas, left, majority floor leader of the house, and Senator Carter Class of Virginia, right, veteran leader In the upper house, figure importantly in U question which was brought to a head when an American firm hipped s consignment of airplane to Spanish loyalist. lower, bulk $9.109.60, top $9.76 will quickly fiud sale througl i.orn, principal Indiana crop, was January I (a) Employers com Hence, Inking this as a fact, we can readily see that those of the CATTLE, 2.800; calves, 600; this department. Tell the puhllc honored last night at the annual puts wages paid for employment up steers and yearlings fully steady what you have. to aud including December 31 banquet of the Indiana Corn Grow ei's association. eurly steer top, $12. most steer sales firt class are merely temporary government employes. Those of the second will wait for a job similar 1936, and make final contribution i'LATE GLASS REPLACEMENT $9.0011.00; heifers, cows and We tan give you prompt and effi bulls fully steady; belfera mostly report for 1936 (by January tH) to Indiana L'uemuloynu'nt Compensa $6.00J8.00; cows generally $4.76 if not (he same as their former po Hippicratie Oath Respected The Hippocralic oath has been re cleut service In replacing broken windows. Mareball & Son, 1311 Elm MEETING HELD TO TALK OVER 6.50; cutter grades, $3.6O4.60; sitions. And those of the Ihlrd class tion Division.. street, phone HZ, 165 top sausage bulls, $6.25. I'll Word "AJveriiser" The word "advertiser" wa at first an alternative form of "advent," from the J,utin word "to direct, to turn to." lb) From employes' wages for spected equally throughout the ages by Arab, Jew and Christian, and remains the watchword of the medi SHEEP, 5.000; lambs and rear are willing 'o "stay put" indefinitely, so Ui speak. IS YOUR GENERATOR "STARV STADIUM PLAN employment on and after January ings strong to 25c Dinner; good 1NO the battery? Drive In for cal profession. In the future years, although now and choice native lambs grading I, employer deducts .9 of I per cent tent and adjustment. 1. L. Homey- choice at $10.90, fed yearlings, we consider (his (hfrd class a hind for 1937 contributions to elate un (Continued -rem rg I) Roberts Battery Co.. 22S-228 Mul $9.50; theep steady, bulk slaughter berry street, phone 66. toS employment fund. These employe Quiet Advice Advice should be like a gentle full rance to the outcome of W. P. A,, 1 am sure we will be glad (hat (hey ewes $3.504.50, top $5. would be -constructed In front of the contributions, along with employers' ULAiCK HETTY NO. 5 VEIN COAL of snow, and not iike a driving storm of hail. It Simula descend were not left lo their own means of contributions amounting to 18 per seats on either side, to keep spectators off the field, and a brick walk CHICAGO, Jan. 12. Livestock: HOGS, 80,000; lc lower; hold gives you the moet H. I', D. (Heat Per Day I. Burns evenly and there -xistence. cent for 1937. sre sent to (he Indl softly and not be uttered hastily. would circle (he playing grid. Be overs. 8.000; top. $10.65; bulk is very little ash. Hurley Huffman 7 bus. in BcrvliiK an Imedlate use ana Unemployment Compensation $10.20 I. 60; heavy, $10 20 tween the wall and the field itself phone 10. t&5 the government employment proj Division with the employer's Jan 0.55: medium. $10. 25 10.66 : Imperial V'a'lcy (Uimal, The Imperial valley has an an- would be a cinder track for field ect will In future years serve a dou Free Show At Fairview City Hall WEDNESDAY January 13 7 P. M, uary contribudon report between light. $10.0010.60; light lights, meets, and the underneath portion 9.40 10.20; packing sows, $9.60 ble lusurance against poverty and February 1 sud 20. nual rainfall of a little over i inches, so that it is a desert country. It is FOR SALE of the stadium would be fiored to 9.90: pigs, $7.609.75. crime. January (-31 the Indiana Unem irrigated from the Colorado river. house showers, dressingrooms, ex Therefore, we are all Interested ployment Compensation Division CATTLE, 10,000; eteaay. Calves, 600; steady. Beef steers: good r'our lots. Sandy Eaulds, Lyford 167 hibits and other purposes. proposes certificates for the Federal nd choice. $10.50 13.90; com Bureau of Internal Revenue show Unbelievable! Tibetan women smear their I iu ways aud nu-ans of demolishing the slums. With their former means of livelihood abolished. Ihey will seek employment, and having mon and medium. $7.00 10.60 : yearlings. $9.00 14 00. Butcher ARMED TRUCE IN ing the smount contributed by each Lunch room. Good location. Priced right for quick sale. 227 Mul berry street. - t56 attle: heifers, $5.012.00; cows. with black grease to keep theoi-elves from being attractive to m $4.768.00; bulls, $4.607.OO; employer to the Indiana unemployment fund, based ob wages paid for waives. $5.00 12.50; feeder steers. FLINT FOLLOWS STRIKE BATTLES (Continued from Page 1) burn. t6S no trade and very little experience at working, they will become ''proteges" of the government. This is Baled timothy hay, $16 at Hi y Heher, pnoue 26-2. 1936 employment. 5.00 8.60; mocker steers, $5.00 wmwnwi fcumu ii(h,h (6 8.25: stacker cows and heifers. January 81 Last day for Jliug $4.607.00. not a crime! Neither is it charity! returns for payment of federal un SHEEP. 11.000; steady; medium It is, our first step to civilization by employment pay roll tax of 1 per pita), tslxt&en were admitted, three later released, while the condition 40 acres, well-improved, 4 miles east of Clinton. Immediate possession. Also 6 acres, well improved, H miles northwest of Rosedale. F. M. Brown, 76 Elm street. UStf nd choice lambs, fl 0.40 10.90: cent on wages paid for 1936 employ ulls and common, $7.00 10.00; NOTICE! ommon aud choice ewes. $3.00 of t-wo today was reported as serious. Tea city MJld county officers 50; feeder lambs, $7.O08.60. caring for our less fortunate brothers until such a time (hat (hey will be fitted to care for themselves and families. This short discussion on the W. P. A. is aimed at no one. It Is were among the injured. 1500.00 Grand piano, only $172.60. Beautiful apartment grand piano tlike new) can be had for balance CHICAGO. Jan. 12 Weukness In At daybreak, An armed truce ex Liverpool prompted good liquidation in gruin futures and prices ment. From the amount shown to be due the federal government, the employer deducts the mount which he has paid lo the state unemployment fund. This deduction, howev-i er, may not exceed nine tenths of the federal tax due. fNote that the state rate of 1.2 for the nine months of 1936 after April 1 will . j on the average, equal niue-tentus isted. Authorities reduced the squad due of $172.60. Terms only $8.00 per mouth. Reference required in lirsl letter. For particulars write II coiuilifiuut to (he pew deal admin istrutiou. of police .to sirmeu, arniod with Thompson sub-machine guns and were easier at the opening here today. WHEAT was to Ic lower, corn to q down and outs to 14 e Credit Manager, 812 Main Street Andersou, Indiana. t56 stationed in front of the plant. Single Specie at ftedeat Truck Mine near Cliuton. Good During the lull in hostilities after Paca is a rodent represented by off. WHEAT: May, 132-t33; July, ilt'k-K ; Sept.. 111. locution. Equipped to go scales- daybreak, strikers inside and out only a single species in Bouth and of the federal 1 tax for the full hoist cars spike team. Equipment side the plant busied themselves by Central America. CORN: (iiew) May. J09Si-: tor sale cheap. Thirty acres coal piling up tuouuds of scrap tuetal year 1936.) February 1-20 contribution re long lease. Make yourself a ten to July. 105-106; Sept., 102-102 (old) May. 107. OATS: May, 62; July, 46- and other material that could be J 6 year Job. Write T, Box 44 2. ports covering both employers' aud Volcanoes In Alaska Alaska contains a number of volcanoes that have been acWve m tlM last century. used for ''ammunition" should trou ble start up again. Clinton. t69' Trinity coal mine west of Shepardf vilie. Ready to operate. Curl Tuesday and Wednesday Will Be The LAST NIGHTS For The Buttcr-Krust Sh OW5 Due To A Ruling By The INDIANA THEATRE OWNERS ASSOCIATION g - -rr Miller. West Terre Haute, K. R. 2 t57' employe's payments ou wages payable in January, must be filed with the State iTnemploymut Compensation division. Contributions due under Indians law by 20th of each month thereafter covering previoui month's payrolls. 'IVY LEAGUE' IS NOT OGANIZED DESPITE TRUST' (foiitiiiufd from Page 7) Half of Tree Weight M ood When a tree is felled, only half of its weight is wood. The other half is sap and moisture which, under adequate seasoning, dries out completely. Collier Weekly. Broke mine mules. 46, 47. 50, 65. 6 inches. Priced to sell. Williams. &-mile south of Dcming Park on Eruil ridge Ave. Terre Haute 167 No Home Is Complete.. For Sale Coal HITLER WILLING TO STOP AIDING SPANISH REBEL5 Without An A Safeguard Discipline is the only safeguard in the battle of life. Every time an industrial insubordination or en irregular act is avoided, there is a big benefit derived. l"Ot RTH VKINUOM I'KIVKKML. MIAMI NO. 4. AM KI.AOIt BKJTV M. 6. HARLEY Hl'r'K- (5! jfCotitinued from page I ) MAN, FHOMJ 10. 04 if put trough at this time. What time I could and would, wasu't made "leaf. But the millennium ought to tie soon enough. If they're talking about upward f half of the proposed members, he "trust" would go as far as the learest corner aud their only "con-'ideiice" reposes In the belief thai 'he other party means them no 'ood. And if they're talking about thics in connection with football, ome of the established conferences n other sections of the country can 'ical theiu soundly at both. Viewpoints One of the proposed members is They Get What successful loyalist counter-attack all along the sector. Kebel Gen. Quelpo de Llano, broadcast ing from Seville, denied loyalist gains aud made fresh I'lrTM AMI MX TH VEIN 4JOAI.. AI.I, ME FOR 1'Rll l. ji. yVEKKI. HMD' JOMASON, TE1, l.l'HONE tJ5-J2. t5 Help Wanted WASHER They Co After ! charges that 12.000 French volun Kiie experienced mechauics. niHit Auto font pa ny. Cole t6t Olj THAT PAIN j teers had joined Madrid's defenders. Evacuation of the capital mean while continued speedily, sti-euros or nou-comliatunts pouring eastward 'lankly out for all the football play towards the coast. TODAYS is II can shunt in through the 'nit's office and the shunting has 'wn excellent for a number of S PORT PARADE Strange Disaster ears. Two others were all for ster One of the strangest disasters in ng virtue, but now seem willing to naval history occurred in the Med terranean on the afternoon of June "'M-get t. If everybody else will. II smMiis to me. therefore, that 11 hums s lot of gall to siinouiii that. ( f ;onl iuu d trout F$t;e 7) n spite of the flawless faith they lave one for another, they feel that w Z ut.ttiH from lJiz.y lJtaii'fc liuinf in rad-iitutvnt has naiind a Ctihupaii VA' aftr tb' ('ai'dtiials guift j-cmtv- !rzjJ) ZJ, 1W3, says Collier's Weekly, when Vice Admiral Sir George Tyron, aboard Britain's then greatest battleship H. M. S. Victoria, ordered and reordered a mysterious maneuver to the consternation of the Beet behind him, that made another giant battleship ram and sink lus vessel, in thirteen minutes, with a loss of 358 men including himself Why Suffer Lonor Than Necessary? lie limitations of a round-robin hedule would nut bting about the jd pilrbf;r . . . the Chimpaii2 Ua Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills Relieve Quickly ot.k:d lor JliMi.'MMi in salary, but ht DR. M1U! AIM 'I I - FAIN put you back on your feet won't K;t it, cither . . . both Dizzy again rarin to go and the Chinipanzee are said to bi considering ilbil aulie. desired ends" at this time. In fac1. d say it was a little hard on anybody with cold sore In the corner f his mouth. Some comedian a few years ago .ot them kidded into state of oma by talking eloquently about Ivy." But he didn't say what kind. LOUIS KNOCKOUT IS NO SURPRISE PILLS were made tor just one purpose to relieve pain. User write that tiiey "work like magic". They contain an effective, quick-acting, analgesic -pain reliever. Try Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills before you lose a day's work and pay or break a social engagement because of HEADACHE. MUSCULAR. PERIODIC. OR NEURALGIC PAINS. They may be just what you need to relieve your pain end DR. MILES ANTI - PAIN PILLS act quickly. You don't have to wait forty minutes to an hour for them to take effect as is the case with many analgesics. You'll get action in from ten to twenty minutes. DR MILES ANTI - PAIN PILLS are pleasant to take, handy to carry, prompt and effective in action, and do not upset the stomach. Their cost is small. One. or at most, two, is usually sufficient to relieve. They're a typical family of Want-Ad readers. They know what they want . . . and the know just where to look tor itt They're a happy family, for The Clintonian Want-Ad always serve them well! Get the habit . , . let Want-Ads .Serve and Save for you! PHONE 41 or 117 DAILY CLINTONIAN WANT ADS Spelling Profit Noah Webster was born in Hartford, Conn., son of a farmer. A failure as a lawyer, he turned to teaching and text-book writing. He was twenty - ix when he published "Grammatical Insitute of the English Language." which made him famous. This consisted of a spelling book, reader and grammar, end so successful was his speller that the income from it alone was sufficient to support him and his family during the 20 years he was at work on ROOSEVELT ASKS VAST POWER IN REORGANIZATION (Continued from Page 1) Oversize rolls . . . Automatic wringer . . . Sealed in Oil . , . Full-size tub . . . and aold as you wish , , . on your term FREE DEMONSTRATION AT Osmon Bros. "Radio's Home" At year Drag Store. 25 for 2ic. 125 fur fl.M. BI EEALO. N. y.. Jan. 12 ! cro-wd of 10.000 local boxing fam to'day hud come away from the But fr.Io debut ol Joe Louis after huv iiiif seen the exiiected a knockou' vl.-tory by the lietroit Brown Bomber. Louis stopped Stanley Kelchell. Bioomfield. N. J., fighter, in 31 seconds of the second round of a sched-l-d four-round exhibition bout. boards, administrations, authorities, corporations, iiommittee. etc., under one or more of the twelve cabinet his dictionary. More than 65.Ou0.000 copies weie aold. He mastered 23 languages in order to compile ins dictionary eight of them he taught 224 BUckniaa Phone 169 W officers so the president may always be of their aetivities. llllll.S4lf Mill tlnu five years!

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