The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 12, 1937 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1937
Page 7
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1 Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Tuesday, January 12, 1937 'IVY LEAGUE' IS TIME UNCHARGED Do Officials Rule Sport? CLINTON CLOSES REHEARSALS FOR AZTEC CONTEST FOR FIRST BOUT HERE ON FRIDAY NOT ORGANIZED DESPITFTRUST' FaMern School Decide Agint Round-Robin Schedule for Football Games; 6 Are Involved r 2 0 0 II There will be a meeting of the "C" flub Wednesday at 7:::o P- m. at the Clinton hotel. Final arrangements for the new club room will be made. Also membership cards are cauericd to be given out at thin meeting. Every "C" nian is urged to attend for plans will be made to ansiKt at the formal dedication of il.e new gym on Thursday. Local Courtmtn fai Good Shape a-""- W 11 Basketball Game Won't Conflict With Amateur Fighti Booked t Coliseum; Names Are Announced o 2 rr.r o o Da re- X for tiaroa lentgm. orazu Clash l Scheduled for Thursday ' Hi 2 o 3 3 1 2 Hi 0 1 1 .... 0 1 II II umpire Kiicrcil iii'Hit ts: J. McUihh. f. II Lyons. I. J. I! no. c. ... T. Mcl.eish. g. F. Olrtynskig. g-Marietta, f. . . . McihiHliHlK f7) Gllfoy. f Lawson. f Hall, c .loiMS. g Ti emote, j;. . . . Alt'lernfMi, p. . . YoMiiiau, g- - -Urf.rce. N'-f vence. Afier no linl'i maneuvering aud Final workout 'ere held by Methodist Scout riinton 'hlltll achoori basketball liaiiKiug of plans, the originally scheduled time has Im-ii rc-estah-lishi-d. and the Clinton-Washington Monday afternooti for the Montezuma clash here tonight, and Troop 64 Drops Contest Monday boxing matches will start as advertised, at 8 p. m. Friday nisht. Dale By K.tVIH . WALKH NKW YOHK. Jan. 12. Although eipreshing the "trwst and confl-d'lice which Ihcwe iflstltutions have in each other." the athletic authorities of Vale. Harvard. Princeton, Cornell. Columbia. Pennsylvania and Hart mouth announced today rhat plars for the formation of what t!- y i iimgly call the "ivy league" of h vi pniacliable athletics a4inot b Conlinucfl on Page tt) , in i everything: eemj to be In good or rf,.r Dana Una Balnbridge acalp Purcell. r'-reation supervisor, announced today. carnered b a ! to 13 acore In their last atart, the local ragera plan to tntiw down the Altera and mow It had la-en pianneq in bih Mij first bout at 9 o'clock to enable local In a 'hard-fought game at the Methodist gym laet night the Hacred Heart scout troop No. 77 basketball team trounced the Methodi-t Additional Sporta on Page 8 rieht on to eut off Braiil Thursday The llneuo utet to open the Bain bridge game Bennett, (Serrisford. HKirt fans to see both the fights and the Brazil-Clinton basketball game.j hut the date of the hardwood tilt has been changed to Thurdny, so the coliseum ling battles can begin at eiKlit o'clock after all. Card Announced Names and weights of the W PA 7W AUf tTTAAt ar Berto.' PWIIlpa and Dunn appeared to be the moat happy combination struck upon thia aeaaon. but Coach E. 8. Stutesille was atill nod-committal today upon the subject of a PCg3 TH pSUi.TM W MAAY CAST' Km -2? I ijMATit w Tja Ira r. I M oto ey starting lineup at the C. H. 8. gym nasium tonight. Enterinr their last week ot cum biusieur team were offh billy announced by Purcell tooay. They petition before the play begins In ( the Wabash Valley tournament, net . J follows: "Kid"- Boilnar. Hill: Jimniie Hu" "Kid'1 lllaiilou. W Ml. aw taaaisw I, tas- aai w I 111. Cronnit'in I'll. fllnion; 12i. .Newport: . (run)tt(n Hill: squads of Clinton and nearby towns are bedouins, to display their full strength. and two melting contestr, are on Un for fan Tuesday and "Art" Jobik. 1.15 Hale Heed. 14.1. Newport: "K. ) ' Riilivan. 154. lilauford; John Bar today's Thursday. A preponderance ' home games features the Wildcat j schedule this year, which coincides j well with the advent of a new. bad- PARADE... w a -w as fi- cub. li;. Clinton. filaiiion and Heed, both from Newport, have been working hard i;nd, according to Coach George, they are in very pood shape for the liKlit This will be a good time for the townspeople of Newport to se" two of their local hoys In an effort to punch their way to victory over ly-needed gymnasium. Of the sli tilts booked following the Valley tourney., three are away and tbrv here. A new gym doesn't mean that Clinton gets a regional tourne) though, as A. L. Trester announced this morning that the Clinton sectional winner will compete at Attl fa. Trester Is due here Thursday night for the dedication eeremonleK following the Braiil game. the Washington Panthers. yards farther than the prewent ball Russell, Itunyan. aud Barcus arc three amateurs from last year' MIAMI. Kla.. Jan. 12. Putting the sports shot here and there: Bine Fred Perry turned prof-ss-sioua! an even ZJXHt proi.neti have. The old fashioned way team. AH three men have hud con siderable experience, not only in amateur fights, but In the Goldei Gloves and A. A. V. tournaments gone on reeord as saymg nai me t!T Davis cuo compel ition Is a aud they arc expectlug to show sow i Cook's way. Only natur. al materials. Only good old Nature's ageing processes. Above all, no forcing, no adding of sugar. That's why the old time natural beer flavor is familiar in Cook's. any day they wai.t to? . . . but tnty aren't likely to. for the reason that s :u h a hall would revolutionize golf . . . It would play havoc with the courses, making par fives par fours, par fours par tbieea. el .... and .'t would require an entire new se: of weapons. .Steve Owens, coach of the pro tJiaiitK. rat Kammy Baugh, the Texas Christian ace, as the best foJtlall player he ever saw ... yet I'll bet If Bteve could hare his 1 choice between Baugh and Keq ; Strong. wbiU Ken was In his prime. flashy fighting. While Koduar a:ic' Art Jones have only sis or sever, mat-lies to their credit, they arc known to have a large amount of Bowling Results j i ' Arm jr m iLm AW cinch for the United Slates I wonder If the prophets would like to rik something other than their rep-utationa on America's cbances? Money aays Germany will win it. and the Australians, not the Americana, will be the chief nail hurdle ... of course, Germany may not get a chance to win it. now that anti-swastika leagues are carrying their dislikea of Hitler into the realm of sport . . . VERMILLION BEVERAGE CO. 707 N. NUth SL Phone 680 fistic talent. For the past four weeks, the entire team has been narking ou: three times a week and the boys are in the best of physical condition in addition to the seven bouts, there will also lie preliminary, bouts In the 100-pound class These boys are all from Clinton. AMERICAN LKAfH'E COOK'S BEER IS 100! UNION MADE rualM tare MHK ' lie d take the big New York University star. The J'.ingling Brothers circus, which winters in Barajwta. Via.., ut u.11 iuui-4 on l'ae Did you know that sereral of the golf ball companies can produce a hall which will travel 75 to i" HuftattOU 1 11 l7 Kranchetto 1!1 ) Tuberosa 179 HZ 11 Mattioda 11 ! 's Varda 15 18 lt') Totals 7 72 s By E. C SECAR Starring Popeye THIMBLE THEATRE r'rAW3nwriON,i SOSPOSE. BliT IT ' JUS UHE10IT SURE LOOKEU r-i i r v f . i ARMS ftN' 't-sC (01lSTUMPX HEfSRO THPVT (0-- MVCJFOV 3fi7 J-i RF.FN OF A ve - s . i I f -I 1' mm 4 t ( NO LffE VtSk T. QiJ. Mk' Auto Body Ni i J. Rendd 147 Weir 6 Nardl 1S M. Rendaci ' Welker HI 1? 15 comba 213 1" Han (Heap IS 1 25 Totaia 781 88 7J The LWily Climuoiaa Smith 15 ' A. Van Hon 112 1 IS Hone 1 17 l drey M " " K. Van Horn 18 183 1S Totals 7tPJ 38 Bater Kraa Bread Kirkmad Mt 148 147 V. Mever 104 12 122 BartleU 12 1 1" Horney 124 1)6 15 Cooper "8 174 136 Haadicai. 1 J ,JI Totals 2 81 9 FX T f s 2h UisjLk By RUSS WESTOVER TILLIE THE TOILER . . . . 1 1 I puiT CiOCTOE. 1 . . . ' . i- . t T Daniels Prodawe Walker .. 186 I&S UlUV IS MC'Sl HI'S HEAD r& -STU.L RiCZJ, I -,r7 -rue -n-lAiiBsj3-OtJT tHflfFLS TSiS BOSS AND AU WE HA-i-tb DOtSLlTEW JOS BEST MODE1 SOPPOS'M' J"y7 C. I rfTJTMtX COMBS IAJ' i I AT IT- J HEAD IM THAT ' iakp nw ICG: 123 133 t'U- DO THE TAX-K-Wj Fowl 131 Daniels 1J Duberneck . --- l'l lasso 157 Handicap 1 Ml 9! 113 m 142 1U 1 i THE BI-OOD 1-U3K1 icuonir3 -7- v TO THE TVUSf'S V" ID y I V MEAD TOO vVAST MK ..tMP- Totals Ill VOL C? rV. f Beamll (Mure 18(1 Kit VdSjS KM CAWT 6VEM If all 103 Its 142 lit 1VZ Hain . . . Htevenson M. While Hovd ... Griffiths 133 124 123 136 r why " izgNymm 132 lfct ksotW te rn-m nos- Totals 1 7tw Aaverhata Ieeio IHe WFEDS Jit, Hi 13k lui n Ijuudie 133 hcntlev Ik 12k 144 Rler lt 13 Msnslliu 130 123 11 iematra 144 Secret Operative 48 Totals 7 DANN DUNN r- a in . i iutr imuca f .-r orm ,7C tuct VOU WftVE 1 I THEREFORE SENTENCE. 7 ,' ' yju ry.i I' II ciru OP VOU UPON ."-'.' , Colli on I2 Asbury Uitrruues 121 761 144 Ids ill ISC Hi 34 WILL THE OEPENDWJTS PLEASE RISE 133 131 124 iu; NQ I KNOW MATI LUaI i.Mni rai it Tur I HE CH&.3ES TO WHICH M urtiiO liOtFCMMsriMT aVtsiD If T TE f fiTtfUL MOMENT Winters THESE tNVW'Ntt VOU SUCCEEDED im per'ria Ill 161 ;MO0TlMEaJN6ATCt-"U. LITTU . . V'' "P. fSV H TO TVTY-F.VE YEARS Stewart FURTHER fcWV Of 34 A3lvCS WWEN Handiti 4 IWHAJ IF Kl l-M 1-3 UU'iWJ tl VOU WISH TO ISHE DID T cr i dAt, r r vtmjk 1 tj ww .w tv. v --.a &ErORE I P ,01- CM m Totals ....... COURT ROOM TO PAS SEtJTEMCE ON kC BtRT DAMCIHC o crxwTERFErrEaer' Dormon's Tavern Good Orchestra Yow Forite Beer On Tap Wine Lioor Muud Drtnks (WilJ TWC CAN'S AVlCt ? z o X H aiiir''' imfwi r , ii 1

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