The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 12, 1937 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, January 12, 1937
Page 6
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Tuesday, January 12, 1937 The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana PACE SIX THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Dehind the Seen Found.d 1911 -ml. Fc i in HOLLYWOOD E?fabiiihl aa The Weekly Clintonian 1890 Th- Clinton Plalndealer absorbed in 1SI08. George L. Carey ..Editor and Publiaher Bnterwa at tho 1'ostoffle at Clinton. Indiana, aa Second Claa Matter M.inhir Indiana Republican Editorial Association Bom", Fredric March and Director William Wellman, two of Hollywood', quicker wits, often croased By HARK1SON CARROLL KIb. rnlm b4irte, lac HOLLYWOOD You can't blame Hollywood for wondering what are the fans' real .word.. OKO. B. DAVID CO. 1S00 Wrlrte- Bldg., Chlraro. ,., General Mof.ra IV. .. D-trolt 110 East 2nd fit.. New Tora Phone 1 1 7 Phone 41 e .ft-, - - - wuihes concerning marriage fur stars. Began', revelation that he has a wife and four children brought him more than 600 letter, and telegram, of con. g r a t u I atlons. Yet Un rumor that Tom Brown might eet married One day, to pester March, weu-man made him bold a alas for almost a minute. Before the next take. Freddia surreptitiously tok a deep drag from a cigaret A. h bent over to deposit the ktaa. he let the moke puff out from the aide, of hi. mouth. "Hey." yelled Wellman. "what's going on here?" Nothing." aaid March. "I thought you wanted ma buminc with passion." Here and There In Hollywood. . . . We Inadvertently divorced Ginger Roger, and Lew Ay res the other day. Actually, of course, they are only separated. . . . Marsha Bal THE DAILY CUNTON1AN S PLATFORM 1. To further every intrrr-t of Parke and VerroiUton coontie-2 To auut the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County' unemplo ment problem. . 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the moat attractive eit of its aize in the state. Tom Browa CHAPTER XXXIII "Well!" tomtbody taid. - tha ft a fntriy ld tonal" An old man, a IKtU wizened old man with a squint in on eye, w.s leaning over Uw fencs, .milinr at her. Sh smiled back, warmly. "Yes. if. an old-timer, ail rhrht. My Pad used la .ing it. Nie day, isat Ht "Yea, '. a party day. Forty posies yon got there. "A rent they? I'm to proud of them because I raised them from seed. WHL III bav. to be going Into put them ia water. Goodbye I" The old man opened ths gat. "Hold oa a minute," b tmii. Hold on a minute . . . That was something els Dad used a say. And ther was something about him . . . He didnt kwk lik Adolpbo. really. Ha u tittle and Adolphus ws. big. His fac was pinched and Adolphus' was broad. Besides this old man was eross-eyed. Still, there was a something about him ... a certain look about him -Is this No. 403?" -Why, yea it is!" Sh took another look at him. Could he be a collector? H is clothe, hi. hat, hi. tie everytrdng was brand new. "Weill That', what I thought Howdyl You wouldn't know so, but I come into town aa a kmd af business deal, or you might aay, on visit. Yes, sir; on a visit. So I thought I might drop around, that is If you was agreeable to it." ' Why, of course I Won't you come in?" ' "Thankee don't mind if I do. Excuse me " be beamed upon ber agaia. "Had to get rid of my chewin' tobaccy. Folk, don't chew aroused 126 letters of protest. And that was In one week alone. if P I I aton, wife of Phil Harris, tha maestro, get. k term contract at Warners for her good work In "Call It a Evidently. Connie Bennett I being gracious to her New York admirer., because she has just wired for a shipment of fan photo, to be rushed to her. Thank, to "Ladies tn Love", the autograph seekers are surrounding the star every time .he make, an appearance in the east. r Day". ... It look, strange to see Herbert Marshall around the late spots without Gloria Swanaon. . . . biuger Hog-era Here's one for Fred Perry, who ought to know, cava the 12 best tennis player. IB Hollywood (only men being eon-.HKrred) are Clark Gable, Robert Tsyior, Ralph Bellamy. Charles Chaplin. Theodore Von Eltz, Gilbert Roland, Errol Flynn. Ronald Colman. Warner Baxter. Ben Lyon, Charte. Karrell and Kreuric March. The tennis ace diplomatically decline, to select the No. 1 player from the lot, but says that Gable COULD be. if he would concentrate on the sport. the book. Edmund Lowe Is said to be writing a novel called "Men Must Love". . . . Two of Alice Brady", dog. are ill and a third is expecting a family. All of which keeps Alice from getting any sleep tnese nights. . . . Talk about odd roommates. Jack Oakie and Cecil H cam up the steep rocky walk Ki easily aa sbs did. A spry eld K ne Vilte are sharuur the same fellow. " "You must be from up Jackson way, but I just cant plac youl" "Jackson? Well. I been there, a . 1 ft an4 l deeming room at the radio theater "Then you'v just got to stay to . dinner. Think how you can help m. . You tak care of Doony while I make a pie. Will yon?" His fac lit up. "Well, now that would be fine," h said. Then the good eye dropped again. Ha rubbed his red nose with th back ef his hsnd. "No, ms'am, I can't do it tonight. I got to b gettin' along. But with your kind permission 111 be around again tomorrow, and I might stay longer, if I was asked." "Of cours you're asked." He put th bby dowa oa tb rug. "Shake on that!" - Sb watched him walk down th path, and close th gat behind him. Waved at him from th window. Sh waa still smiling te herself when Donald came heme, oa tim for once, for dinner. ' "Schumann came Into the lab today. Didnt say much, but he wsi very interested. What', that I smell?" "Braised beef. With onion. Didnt he aay you were en th right track? Oh, that's Doaayl He won't go to sleep. He got se excited playing with Mr. Elbert." Donald laughed, because it had been a good day, aad h really thought that Schumann believed in him. "Who's Mr. Elbert? Entertaining mors men while I'm out?" And she laughed, too, because she waa happy. "Ye. He's from up the mountains. A a old friend ef dad's." He whistle-. "That's lucky. Talk te him at all?" "About the ease you mean? No I suppose I should have, but he waa so sort of pathetic, all dressed up in uncomfortable new clothes, snd sort of lonely, that 1 didnt ban tha heart to be businesslike. I think he's coming agaia tomorrow, though. Hs drank most of your Scotch." "Tb deuce b did!" "Oh, well! The poor old fellow. He wss at our wedding, imagine that! And there's something about htm reminds me terribly of dad. He little, and ha is sort of crosseyed." "Sounds just like th lata Adolphus!" "Don't laugh, I'm serious. I know it doesn't sound that way, but he really does look like dad. It kind of scares me!" "You've got tb most vivid imagination!" He threw back bis bead and laughed. e Janet Wood came in the back way to borrow some vsnilla. "Here I was, in the middle of the cake, and no vanilla. And f had a bottle Wednesday. Do you know what happened to it? Little Walt take it!" - "Drinks tt? Oh isnt that bad for him?" "I suppose as, but he doetnt drink it. He put it on his haulaea for PEEFUME! Can you imagine that? I slapped bis hands for getting into my perfume bettlaw, so be took to the vanilla. I bad to laugh. Now I know where tftose awful browu stains earn from, at! over his hankies. IH bring it rixht back, Christie. I wouldn't aarc trust Walt to run over with it." A bud's voice rumbled through the door from the living room. - "Company?" Janet whispered. "No I mean, yes. That old ssan I told you about- He's been beiw every day for a week." Janet wrinkled her nose. "Cast you do anything about it?" "Oh, I don't mind. He's sweet, really. He positively takes full ear ef Donny, and yesterday b fixed tiba squeak in the screen door, and sharpened all my knives. I told you he used te know my father, didn't I?" "Yes. Did you find out whether be could help you in your ease? By the way, isn't it eemirur BP soowr" "I hope so. The eighth of August is the date, but theyti probably postpone it agaia. I wish I'd sever started it." To BeContinnsdl of the Col urn but Broadcasting "Yea, sir, there aint nothin' I like better'n a good drink of milk unless it's a drink of somethin stronger." "Donald has som whisky, would you rather hav that?" sb asked uncertainly, for his nose wss decidedly red, though of course that might b .unburn. "Well, now. That WOULD be nice!" So sh brought th bottle, a bowl of Ice, and a wphon of sods wRh th glsss on a tray. "Thankee," b said. He Ignored th soda and ice. While b sat ther smoking a "-gr" which hs took from aa imposing array from his vest poek-t, getting better acquainted with Donald's Scotch every minute, she nut the flowers in water, and then brought Donny ia from his pea on th back lawn. "Thia is my son I HU look hsnd-somer tn a minute when I wash his face and put en dean rompers." Th baby reached willing arms to th stranger. "Bye-by?" b aakad hopefully, "Bye-bye? "No, darling Mr. Elbert doesn't want to bold you." "Why, sure! I'm bandy with Idda. I'm a bachelor mgaelf. Never married. But every young un' in Angela knows aid errrumph! Drat that cough! Knows eld Elbert yes, sir that's what I said-Well, ma'aas, you surprise me, that's a fact, Raisin' young un's, and workio' around th piece that way quite a surprise." "Why? No, Donny, dont play with Mr. Elbert's cigars. Mr. Elbert, aell bleak then I Donny no, no!" ' "Oh, that's all right. More where they eome from! Go ahead young man, have your fun I A. I waa say-in', you surprise me. Lat time I see you, you waa wearin a train, leokiu' like any society girt." Sb Laughed, looked down at ber pink sad white cheeked gingham. "Then you WEBE at my wedding! It was a lovely dress, wasn't tt? Is, I mean, because I still wear it without th train and tb veil, Be said: "I thought Dolph 's daughter would be situn' In tb lap o Luxury footmen, bowin' and sera pin', takin' your plates away before von're cabbed end all that kind of thing." - "Where aid you get that idea? You dont mind tf I peel Che pete-toe, while we're talking, do yoa? YouU stay to dinner, of course." "No, ma'am, I couldn't do that I'm afraid not.'' "But, Donald that's aoy husband, yea knew wiM want te aseet yen! Coaldnt you possibly stay?" "No, my friends would worry." He chuckled again, aeundlessiy. The good eye was fixed en her, Impishly. "Couldn't I telephone them or something?" "J ampin' geewhlUikin. No; No, they're Und of funny tbstaway. They dont like ase te go around uracil. Too hospitabl yea aright ssy. But I teB 'em I'm Bet gain f be in town without serin' the movies, ae f got eat that -way. I'm a great maa for the ssovm' pitchers. They don't change Che show, often enough." "Dont they change them one. a week?" "Is enee a week enough?" he asked irritably. "Do you think a maa wants te go to th same show every day? Well, ef coarse, if I was busy I wouldn't care, but here with eethin' to do, and no friends " "But you aaid yoa wane staying with friends." "Oh, them! Yes, air, I did. But they aint as you would say, any kind. New, I bad more fsa this afternoon. I hope your husband went mind if I lower bis supply some? I've bad more fun'n I've had since I got hers. A aaaa can feel t' home here." She thought ef Dolph, and his pint-size cup that be liked to drink his coffee out ef, and tiie fried potatoes and breed and bacon be liked te eat in the kitchen. Dear dad ... he would have uw n 7 yw . -- - u.J hangoat. I'm most alway. GERMANY DEMANDS HER COLONIES The colonial question is again in the forefront, ivith Germany demandirrth' return of the colonic taken from her at the conclu .ion of the World war. The conte ntion i made that President Wilson's fifth point, accepted along with I 3 other, as the famous Four teen Points preliminary to a trealy of peace, guaranteed "a free open minded and absolutely impartial adjustment of all colonia' claims. ' When the war began Germany possessed a colonial empire o' 1.137.894 wuare mile., with a population of 13.051.900 persons Located in the tropic and unsuited for European settlement. th colonies had only 24,400 white inhabitants, including Germans and aliens. Her imperialists, not aatisf.ed with it, demanded a "place in the ran" but at the end of the f.-hting the entire empire was d.s tributed to various administrations. The intrinsic value of the colonies to Germany was very small. Their total trade, in 1913. the year before the war amounted to $86,000.00. or about cne-fifth cf I per cent of the world total of $41,838,000,000. Only sfohtly more than a third of the colonies trade was with Germany and it amounted to only six -tenth, of 1 per cent of the total trade of Germany. Notwithstanding these facts ihe Germany of today wants its colonies returned, more as a matter of prestige than anything else Recently, Dr. Hialmer Schacht, minister of economics, declared tha' "the future of European peace" depends upon satisfying the demanc for the return of the overseas porsessions. The report from Parr was that, under certain circumstarces, France might consider hand ing back the h?re of Togoland and Cameroon, approximating one fourth of the lost empire. While Dr. Schacht insists that Germany's economic existence depend, upon colonies there i. nothing in the past to indicate am such importance attache, to the issue. However, it work, to create discontent in Germany where privation, are explained by the lack of the former colonia empire. company. . . . BiU Powell is going for another house this time a winter residence either at Lake Arrowhead or in the mountains of lHshn And Donald Woods is You Asked Me and I'm Telling You! Jt-tste English, Glendale: Don't get excited. Tailulah Bank-bead isn't chosen yet to play Scarlett in "Gone With the Wind". She tuok onlv a silent test on tier flying trip to the coast. I'll lay you odds nothing come, of it. around mers in toe wimer. n-mers I most generally prospect. Yes, sir; eome spring I start out " "You Bust hava known aay Dad" ' i'U tlu. f-rmt iwnh going Into the poultry and dairy business, we mean aa m. naeiure. of course. now, and she was holding the door opes lor aim w raw wm dv-b. He turned t her, his good eye -.- h inv- the ather. Beside, having her best year as an actress, Anita Louise won substantial recognition in musical cir-riurinfr 1S36. She is very Flash! Aroused by the number of influenza cases on the lot, War--. Rntfrwr- have ordered stand- as be shook wit soundless laugh by oars at every sound stage to ter. "Know him? Know old 'Dolph weR I guess I did. Him and I was .. 1 J t uua ni4 w I M transport players to ana u-w their dressing rooms. Illness erf celebrities is now costing Hollywood studios thousands of dollars proud of an invitation to be harp soloist with the Woman's Symphony orchestra here in February. Furthermore, she has accepted. During the filming of "A Star Is U M . ,j " . J before ycor tima, youag lady. But :a day. I vas at your weooiu . i - v-11 know that, did yen? WeD, I was .1 ll-4l. HhJhi Jheh I " 1 r -- hi was aumost overcome with the ceugkn-g fit that I onowes m. gun oi v ing laug-tter. Tbea ft esased aa suddenly a. it began and be walked f t-te tV ' hem. and "One Xever Knoa'B, Does One?" The emire family should enjoy it. Some musical "Western Sketches." "Making Friends" with Betty iioop and Fox Morietoue News are worthy of attention. artiKOAT I'KIWESS" AT THi; iVUXWOA Edith Fellows is a little orp'uau girl adopted by a soft-hearteid old She put him in the most oosof eruv-Me chair, with a pillow behind Bin, and a footstool for bis feet. Maybe he hadn't been a very good friend of dad's, and snayb be . t-Mi lr -raddinsr as he said, but anyway be was eld, and MOVIES T THE vYABAKH Fliile Temjjle talks and sinRs Jiiines. takes charae o a romanre wtweeu Robert Young and Alice ''aye. faces daueer in Shanghai, per-.orms in a Chinese theater and in Bhort. jilays ber roost unusual role as a lovsble little "stowaway" on Robert young's boat. Shirley is left an orphan when some handits kill her parents, who are missionaries from here to China. She happens lo meet TUr. Young in a simp and captivates his heart. Her life beronie ne bao a sewn Aoapn-L u a- i 1; iup n4 1 . -rerent thers to look after him, she'd like to ttims ttun someou w - him, petted and paaaperad bum a L.l "How would you lice some coffee sea captain "Walter C. Kelly better known as "The Virginia Judge"; and brought to live on hif hardy old tugboat. He has to battle -.imerty and harsh welfare workers I lo keeji her with kim. Matters reach : a crisis when the child is hurt and bome-maoe oougnmnsi . 1 L. L.-. -.I "No, thank you. I never eat be First Spoon and Forks The spoon is as old as man himself, or at least, as a wit remarked, as old as soup, while the knife dales back equally far. Even the iork. though only a few hundred years old in its present form, developed from skewers or broiling sticks, which were stuck in the ashes with fish "spitted" on them for cooking. The first forks had only a single prong. Prophecy I am not tite first Buddha who came upon earth, nor shall I the laBt. In due time another Bud-dim wHl arise in the world, a Holy One, endowed with Avisdom in conduct, knowing the universe, an incomparable leader oi men. a master of angels and mortals. He will reveal to you the same Eternal Truth which I have tauglit you. The I-ast "Words of Buddha. tween meala. augnty awa vi yau. happier an lime goes on and she get Uiougn, saa am. "Then a glass of milk. Mr. You haven X told aas your . to sing and dan to sueh melodies as "That's What I Want for C'brist-nias." "I Wanna Go to the Zim" ing a storm. Valerie nooson, ies-ter Matthews and Clyde Cook then enter the picture. You'll also gel to take a Travel Tuur to some "Wonder Spots ol Ameriea" and see a comedy of some Shanghaied Shipmates." The bad ey stared oa nndia-turned, but the good eye wavered. "Ia that a fact? Well, Elbert is th name. Elbert. Dolph always used te call me Bam when we was boys just a little joka name. Yea, Broadening Its Scope sir just a joke." "IH aat the milk." , j . ----Vs ; j , ' - , 4? aud guided, lest it jeopardise ita heat interests .by impulse and rapli lecinionK. it may tie practical and constructive, despite a rather subtle or emotional disposition. HE1VP0RT CLUB HOLDS KEETiUG UiKt. dlra. XeltrOti Keeder and IIrs. Arttiur Ferguson were'iu tbe receiving line with Mrs. Frank I. Bwiue-iiait liofcteeB at large. Those ase! sting in the diuing room were: Mrs. r. Tvl Zink. Mrs. Kd Miu-hell, Mrs. f-n Kliull and Mrs. Roy F. Btaate, i1rn. Wiilihin Kerr. Mrs. Harry Moore, Mrs. J. A. Wright and Mrs, Jehu M or r n. M rs. Fra n k E vert and Mrs. Criffiu poured. IkC V9 U IIUU 1 JZ K'AKE THi: BLACK CAT AT THK I'ALACK Kicardo f'orrez steps into the role Ierry Manon. aoe detective so lorif euacied by debonair Warren William. The part of Mason's per-nniu! secretary is taken over by lune Travis, a very, very comely vnmig lady, Kieardo's aetivities Involve three cousins who need only 'lie d"aili of their millionaire grand-' at her to put them on easy street. P'or excitement there are some diamonds miilmi and a million dollars n eaKh. a nurse and a caretakei MMirilered. The granrimo' her dief in! a rai (not hla k at all I addn to In nivsiery. It's a Clue Club hivh-rv hit nf ihe month. Craig Key-olds, f'arlyle More. Jr.. Jane Bry-i mid ''.in dun Elliott are tangled In he Hlnrv. A .c,ine "Our ;nr" Comedy rrBvelialk and Radio Comedy are itef'tal shorts. YESTERDAYS JAM AKV Ili. SWI. The Kuppa LX'Ita Taiis had a. their gueste, at the club meeting at the faume of Miwt Gtla Jameti, lunt Th iirnday evening, V ihb Km h-r Mo rey . M itB K lit h .rad fin Id a ltd M is; Yiutiel Hujikiiiti. Mr. and Mra. Klroer Mi-Carty of 7 ' Hon t h tie viit b at reet are t he pa rent n of a ba by son born last lUrtit. The infant In the ftrm child and lias t-n named Elmer Jr. i . Minn Liicv I'fter of J'uirviw vut- MUTUAL ACTOM FOJl ' PRDTeCTlOrsJ OF THE AMERICAS N CA?e OF FOREIGN AGGfceSSlDrl pAM-AMfRlCAW pteaaatitly HiirpriaHS Tueaday eve ni UK Jan. 9. by a num. Mr of 1im Irinnda. in honor of iir birthday The Kuema wre: Mituveh Marie Cot iii!!. Kyivia HotlinKPwowh Ttorte V ' i i i v a Joe Yietti and son pete of Fair-vie Park plan to leave her tomorrow niorniut or Monday tor Val-Verde. Texas, on the border of Mexico at the Kio Crande Valley. Mr. Viejtti plains to sign a contract for the THiitiildinj. of a swimming pool and the installation of his system for purification. The Viettis also ultin to stop in Kansas, Oklahoma, f a 1 las . Ft . Wort h , ft a liner. Austin. San Antonio and Corpus Christ i. Texas. M-tUaneotts Sbower WAd tor Mrs. Forrest Barker oa Friday Afternoon NK WPORT. Jan. 3 Mrs. William Heeler was hostess for the ref-utur meetinc of the fw-iphiai. dialler TlmrHduy evening at her home. Mrs. H. V. Nixon presided tn the abMsii of Mi 6. Grace C. Darla. Responses pe-tainfni- o Italian artists were riven by the menrtoers. Tb Uw."ii. "Italy, the Huttleground of Nat ioii h and Jut Acbwemen1s of t'rioi,,' was presented by Mra. Nis-ot- and "Italian Arts and Literature' by Miss Ctrace Kbeuby. A short business meeting was held. Delicious refreiilmient were erel. Eleven memlM-rsand one gueat, Mrs. Laura Keid, were present. Mrs. .leu nie D. Scott of LaGraage, III., m the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jr Potts, south of Newport. She will also visit Mr. and Mrs. William Hegarty fn Newport. Hiiower tre A niiacellaneous shower was bel Friday afterntMn in honor of Mrs. For-ttt iSartier. a Tnt bride, at the home of Mrc. Bertie Barker. Each gust was auk'?! to write her favorite recipe aiKt advice la s young hustiand. A social afternoon was .'i-oyHl and refresh m-uts of ic crf-jin. an gel ftjod eake and eoffoe W'Te wrvd. Mrs. Barker reireived Bianv IrvWy efts. There were 3iV rnesis piesent. Kkidnuure, Carrie Peer, Marcare' tioitHbrake, Maude Eller. Kmniar-t Writuu. hno Kkldr ure. und Luc Peer; Mesars. Harry Morgan, Autoi Kranz, Charlen Ftil wider Clyd Khew. Kdwin f'lark Vernon Kkid more Wur Wyera, Earl Heiple. Arthur WriRht and M'ayne Peer. Thome McGuire of Frankfor! nephem- of Thomas White, was th' pueat of Mr. White and family, Hun day. rKE STARS SAY i ;i.KtJjKVfr; Kiii.K Fur tt HlHMii.v. alnur 13 Judging by the lunar traniiitH. this day should develop peculiar and perplex, nc probleme. Thtre ma tf tempest and contimoiiB. Hidden at W! as open enmiU(i may he hi-Kd by careless or impetuous con-'iul. Bi:n all vriiiuh with care and puard against fraud or duplicity. Private affiliations may offn -onjjrensatione. If Thi I Your Btrtltl- Thot ii one birthday ft may an' iripit a year of strauee and tf-iiiiar dev!opmnt- rfuirii)p cir--unittpeft and well-povprned on-turt. B- wiee with BtranprF and :;tfid propositions. BiKn paper--vh'Hv and pvard acaitifrt fraud. A child born on this day may lav- TTiih talent and fn.arprW wtiKli mum ie carefully cult rat d Mist Alice Rtevely. who is eni-iloyed in Indianapolis, if spendinr '.he wekend with her parent h. Mi . and Mrs. John Btvely of South Third street. Mr. RtoroW plans tn rrompany hi daughter h:cK to In-lianapolis in ordr to take care of inme buins matters aa Monday. Phil Murphy James Fitzrera! and Dr F. H. He-lr are the moTitic spirit? in a dancinp club named th-Apollo dub. 7"! " s 'Si r 1 JAM AKV IS 12 A beautifully appointed tea wa home of Mrs. H. M. Ferguson lv South Fifth street. The women o' the central section of the Method if' FumiHhin; societr entertained about "it rnets. Mrs D. C. Shaff Mrs. Benjamin MagiciaiiS and wizards specialize in wavage countries; oa tne lower Congo tnere are many classes erf spec.ahstE. Sonic specialize id causing rain and drought, otners in anv- j r I Conhdenee awl Cowrags Conhdcuce is (e parent tif fend hope trie tieraid of sucuewL nig a ay comeia, nc.

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