The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 12, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1937
Page 5
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f PAGE FIVF The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Tuesday, January 12, 1937 Labor Problem Main Issue New Congress Faces COURT NEWS XKWI'ORT, Jan. 12 The raxes were dicmisHed in circuit court Monday: -Klson human treatment anil Intoxication. The couple was married June 11. 1S26. and separated October 11. 19:16. They have one child. Carol, as" 1. The plaintiff was represented by AtMvnets Aikman, Miller & Causey of Terre Haule and defendant by Attorney K. J. Dudley, Newport. l.illie Radcr of Clinton has filed Famous for Glassware In Roman times the Near Fast, particularly Syria and F.fiypt. was famous for its glassware.' In the Seventh century A. D. the Arab invasion of the Eastern Roman empire broufiht tl.e eastern techniques with it. The greatest era of Mohammedan glass had its rise in the Twelfth century, when glass with enameled and gilded decoration began to be manufactured tor the use of the court and for mosques. There are numerous examples of these pieces in the Metropolitan exhibition, di-playing most extraordinary perfection of color, gildirg and (.. Rims vs. Frank Ford et al. suit in ejectment: Louise McCulloch vs. Mike Mi-raer. suit In ejectment: F.l-wood II. nnett vs. I.entlia II. Bennett, divorce: Mary K. Turbeyville vs. Warner Turbevilln. divorce; Vir-riniii K. I!yt vs. Paul A. Hovt. divorce; t'anie Hush vs. William IVish. divone: Francis l!nldr vs. H'-minn Holder, suit to set aide Ji-demcnt: Floyd W. Heed, receiver v. Hubert Hartsnok et al. complaint on liability; Andrew Poletlo v. Frank Kamm complaint in eject-m nt - Mate vs. Joseph F. Keaein. failure to provide itwo cases i; 'l.-'le vs. Hoy Clenn Cliileo'e, Inr- suit in Vi million ir. nit conn seek-j 'n-; a divorce from Thomas Radcr.' The coriinlaitii iille'.'.- cruel and In-; ht-maii tie;ilnierit and that defend-i apt i an bah'Mlal dl'llikard. The plaintiff asks for the cistodv of, iheir run, Wavne Karl. eihl. toirM'-er with reasonable rupporf. rppli' ' t !on for ''lit mo'iev and ma:nte"a'i e cm fVn" 'he d'vor been filed with hearinc set for tannt'iv IV al ' a re The nul-'ntil ' i r'ii''c--fp t ' '1 hv 'oiirii'-v lloii- rt r " ,' v.!'. y 1 . .. . .. A f :'fc ft 'h jE At- Present Hoosevell hT VvJn . ; I J.,hn 1.. IjOWIS COLUMBIA Tuesday and Wednesday K. tln'nfi of Clinton. Sam f'n'.i of f'Tnton hns lieen appointed administrator if the estate of Maarizion f'onca deceased liond was lurniLl,ed in the sum of S 200. "TUGBOAT PRINCESS" with WALTER KELLY VALERIE HOBSON EDITH FELLOWS Cartoon "Shanghaied Shipmates" Travel Tour 'Wonder Spot of America' 10c and 15c Hearini taf had on the application for !oii! money and maintenance pending the divorce case of Kath- er ne Seebren vs. Charles F.uler See-hren of St. Rem ice. The defendant wes ordered to pnv the sum of ?",n attoriu-y fees for use of the plaintiffs a'torney within sixty days 'rem date, and the sum of f3a per month maintenance, payable $17. .VI on the 1th and 2 ' ' li of each f'laiiitifr is seeking a divorce on trrotinds of cr'iel and in Chief issue facing the seventy-fifth congress is the When Los Anec'es Was Small When the Church of Nufstra Se-nora la Reii.a de lo-i Angeles was dedicate'! i.i Vc'Sl, ail l-o Angeles co.ild gel into the building. to say. In the field of foreign affairs, suci questions as the neutrality bill. Canadian treaty linked with the St. Lawrence waterways project and the Pan-American treaty drawn up at Buenos Aires are paramount. On all these matters it will be Use recommendation of President Roosevelt which will be the determining factor because of the overwhelming Democratic balance of power and the landslide which returned him to the presidency. problem of regulating me wages ana noon i labor. The urgency and Importance of this question Is made more acute by the militant stand of the C. I. O. headed by John I. Lewis, president of United Mine Workers. Another paramount issue with which the new congress must deal involves agricultural relief, a program In which Henry Wallace, secretary of agriculture, will have much 3uv a Sunoly Before Sit-Dovvn Strikers Feed Mascot basketball game at i'ur.lue l.iy. There v.ill be a iiriiicipals rr at Hie Hillsdale ie -tinj' lliilise IN DANA LODGE Installation Services Are Held; Stitch and Chatter Club i in Session Friday liana. Jan. 12. The followiiii; nfficer at the Rulli Reliekah Iodise No. 6ii were Instiilled at the 1. ). O. K. hall on Friday night: Noble grand. Mrs. George Smith; past noble grand. Mrs. Omer llanim: right supporter to nolile grand, Mrs. Mae I.aurenre; left supporter to noble grand. 'Mrs. Sophia Rice; vire grand, Misa Rmh Cooke; right supporter to viee grand. Mrs. Lark; left supporter to vire grand. MiH' Ida Weaver; warden. Mrs. Myrtle Heard; conductor, Mrs. Roy Conk-lin; chaplain, Mrs. Sam OMtnnn: outside guardian, j! Mrs.' Oscar Church; inside guardian, Mrs. Albert Rronks; Installing, officer. Mrs. Sam O-mrai, and installing marshal, Mrs. Oscar Chureb." - Mrs lUchel Chestnut of Clirif-man was a guest. Following the business sandwiches, cookies, fruit and coffee were served. 1 Olio Meets Mrs. R. A. Kersey, assisted by Mrs. Ramon"nnf8t, entertained 1 1 members-and one guest. Miss Effie Pearman, of the Stitch and Chatter club on, Friday afternoon. Following the business. Miss Pearman gave a reading on the life of Livingston, noted mUsBionary. Refreshments were served. Word was received here recently by relatives that Mrs. Luta Andrews, formerly of Dana, was critically ill at tlie home of her daughter in Newcastle. Mrs. Mollie Anderson of Bloom-ingdale is visiting her daughter. Mrs. Frank Fall, indefinitely. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Davis and children of Crawfordsville spent Sunday with the- former's mother. Mrs. Forrest Rawls. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Malone and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Malone. all o.' Terre Haute, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Marry Malone Sr. Mr, and Mrs. Pain Mack and Fred Church of Hillsdale spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Church, celebrating the birthdays of Mr. .Cfcurcb and Mrs. Mack. Mr.'and Mrs. Walter Llnne spent Sunday afternoon with the latter- mother, Mrs. Corda Bailey. Miss Ruth Cooke is confined to her home with illness. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kuhns and family spent Sunday evening with the former's mother. Mrs. Cora Kuhns. Mrs. John MeConl Is visiting her daughter at Columbus for a few-days. Mr. and Mrs. John Travel and Mrs. James Saxton spent Thnrm'sv in Indianapolis. They -visited Miss Mildred Miller, a student nurse in the Methodist hospital. FT nd family of 1'liii-l.illie 'Mi-Fall K rj ii- Weiinesdav. Clifford Help Ion vi.-ited Mrs day afternoon. M:s. Hurry s and daughter. 031 Prices Go HIGHER! Cotton is going up! Buy now and save! Penney's has scouted the country, rrathcred for you these ampzmp values! Our laboratory has tested them for quality yet we sell them for less. What savings! Ycur money's well spent. 1 if " '" T' Virginia, went to Kvansvilb- Friday to spend the weekend wiih Hrrv Jot, os. who is employed In Kvans-ville. Mr. mid Mrs. Carl Russell made a business trip to Clinton Friday. REMEMBER PRICES WILL BE HIGHER! Virtue Is Health Virtue is like- l.cji:!i, harmony of the wliuie i.;un. King of Vzr'.z Oluiivin lha lie, .1 f . . , I "- ' " j and elves and the lia..uod oi 'ii- lama. VCJ.1 IIS. Practice trinjn Facility Facility conies .ith n,flu-e and strength iind fortitude wilJi repealed eilorl. pw Avenue While their union leaders battle for terms with heads of the automobile industry, members of the United Automobile Workers of America, on strike at a Fisher Bouy unn of toe General Motors at Flint, Mich., while away the time at various diversions, among them feeding their feline mascot- Dress Prints Earliest Kins Hid l V.alk The exilic:! !: "ts b-i to walk, recalls a wi iter in the V.'nLhinglon Post. Later thev roJe bors-s. mules, donkeys, camels a: d ci:".iia'd -i- The first to use tl.e chariot were the Pharaohs of anci-tt K:;vi t. Felomon had mariy magnificent chariots, most of which were inir-ortcJ from Eaypt. On Alexao k r th;- On al's return from InHia. I rode in n chariot SHEETS 101 36" wide! Fast Colon nil NATIONWIDE BRAND Sire 81x99 CoKO Sire CLUB CONVENES AT HILLSDALE 63x99 drawn by ci?,!it l,ws?s. When Nero j travele:'. he took v. ith him no lt-;s 1 than l.DJ curriai;ci. Emceror Haile S-.'inssie had a piivate railroad liaitl r-aintci ivljte ee.l foH 81x108 Full standard quality! Jurt a little time a very little money and you'll have a gay, cheery house dnjss! Smart new designs that'll take lots of tubbing and come out crisp and savl. at this low price! $1.00 84c ll.lIM ASKS 23 c . I JO ll 4'Jx.1 Die home of Mrs. Koss Hollon. Mrs. Ira Kicliard entertained Rev. ltoy Laswell and family Sunday. Charles McCarty who is atiendiiiK school at Terre Haute, spent Saturday niKht and Sunday at home. A son was born to .Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hi ow n Thursday ni;-hl. He has hi en nanied Joe. .Mrs. itirhard -Morton was bronchi home Saturday from t'ne I'liion ii-pital at Terre Haute wlo-re she mi-(l -rwcnt un operation. Mrs. Ira 1'eer is 1a'.,ilif (are of In r at honi". I Mr. and Mrs. Kschol Bennett and I Mhw l-.riiest ine Aikman attended a CRAFT CLASSES Rayon Taffeta s ii Mrs. Jones Entertains; U. B. Aid to Have All-Day Meeting on Wednesday HILLKDALK, Jan. 12- Mrs. Harry Jones entertained the Eucnre .club Thursday afternoon, prizes were awarded to' Mrs. Vireil Whiti and Mrs. H. H. Mr-Carty. The U. H. Aid Society will bave an all-day meelluc Wednesday al L I P Bias Cut! PCKO THBPCTURES 1 Oc Monday-Tuesday 25c GREAT SUCCESS . Craft classes of metal beating and ell-bine supervised by Cloyd Smith. which were held Wednesday night . at Columbia center met with Brest I success. The attendance was far greater than was expected and con-siKted entirely of adults. Several attractive p'.aques which can be used in the home were made at t his first moetine. BEDSPREADS CHEESE CLOTH fi..-'f Mi.. G They're tmwtional at thw low price! Fine fitting nd cast to Uunder. Lc trim-ed er tailored. Sizes 12-4. G9 This Bur! 5 Yd. Pkg. January Priced! 2f $ Jtpfca- Crinkled cotton in m 10c 25c stririrfc- w allou finish! Seam PALACE earn- ' u. 17c Soft and white and very ab sorbent! For dust clotlw, foi polishing, for bandages le. too! 8t In 105 in. will .. . -ui,li .ie heft! The metal etching class will meet every Tuesday and the metal pouring class Friday at 7 p. m. silk cnrrrcN I MIL Come and Get the Thrill of Yur Life! V i " TOO' HOSIERY Perf! I ' M King!! P- Urtter fcnrr tbeyTl ro iaati Full iaahioiied lour thread cbiffon intii picet top. Lovely ad claarl New colon. In airei UK, to 10- WHITE SAVINGS LOMCCLCTH Vd.lOc 1- I A II ,1" ,l!i , 411-in. idlli Ycf.ISc BATISTE ''" Yd. 19c PIQUE rwh Yd. 19c DOTTED SWISS -o- Yd. 23c CHECKED DIMITY "T Yd. 15c NAINSOOK Yd.lgc 10c ler. While Hiimlkerehiefh for f 11 l V J BOYS' Dress Shirts Exceptionally Low Prirrd s Karanovich FUNERAL if HOME I I II I NO. IfM 24-Hour "5rw FREE Ambulance I I Service m j j 11 I Phone I 165 13 532 S. 4th St Pillow Cases Flour Sacks . . J . . . -a I n "lb-He Isle" tllV.Hi (..h.I Vitality I0, 39 Ea. Ea. MUSLIN Wash Cloths Of fine fast color percale. With pocket! Fully cut to uand tfte strain of active 8 '.I leil '(-iii. W iillli s'tniiliinl Itraful 3(10 play! Bur several and save! e-w W-"- 1- rr 1uih ' (rt. f-"ull Sivr Ji Extra OUR GANG COMEDY J t,.'' y.Z-k. '"v-jJ CARTOON ACT Comedy News Cartoon

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