The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 30, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1922
Page 2
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THE PAIRMOUNT NEWS My v Ttie Fairmount News TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY Have Prices Dropped? their team and held a practice game Wednesday evening. The Juniors r.nd Freshmen played the Seniors and Sophomores. Mildred Lyons and Cleo Robinson, former stars, have come out for basket ball and a fine team is expected to turn out under the able instruction of Marv Louise Arnold. M M Publish, d im Mondays and Thursdays A . S. ROBERTS, Fd-'tor and Publisher. Minnie Mc Lucas Roberts, Associate. H M ;N EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS IN FAIRMOUNT A DECADE AGO AS TOLD BY THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS, AND GLEANED FROM THE FILES OF THE PAPER FOR PRESENT DAY REMINISCENT READERS. N About a year ago you paid $23.50 for a Gcodyear Speaker and Lord Chancellor. Office: Main 265 Res., Black 3S2-1 TELEPHONES K4 All-Weather Tred Tire. Now $23.50 will buy the M Lewis and Parrill will build a. two ,.no .nam nv i, l - E Baker of Marion and Miss tides: M story brick block on their lot where same high-grade Tire, plus the following ar M ! their furniture store stands, in the j M A ItPavv hiurid tnh arliitfitnMo Ktnw.nui nirh . . j , j i ... ,, , , ; Frances W ilson left Fairmount Sun- the lord chancellor, who occupies a . . similar position in the house of lords, y morning for Chicago with the is that while the speaker cannot take understanding that they were to be part in debates and can vote only when ! married, but the fact leaked out that ihore i a tie. the lord chancellor is the young couple had been married SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year ?L5-1 Six months SO (Out-side Indiana.) One year S2.00 Ford fait belt; tire putty outfit, tire plaster, metal fl spring. Mrs. Bowman Pickard and Mrs. L. KA wl can of mica, tube renair kit. mil of fane, air aanap entitled to sp ak and vote on all oc- since June 2 of last year, when they E. Nolder spent Tuesday as the guests : M - . r 11 i- of Miss Nelia McCombs near Hackle- : H b VaIve co'es, five gallon gasoline, one quart Oil, Six months j oasions. man. one grease gun. We are doing all we can to save you money-give us a chance. N N N H went tor Louisville, Ky., and were married. The bride is the daughter of John H. Wilson, one of Fairmount's most substantial citizen. The groom is the pharmacist at the Anderson Drug store in Hartford City. The young people have taken rooms in the McCready home in Hartford City All subscriptions payable strictly in advance; paper discountinued at expiration of subscription time unless renewal is received prior to expiration date. Entered as second-class matter at the p stv iT.ce at Fairmount, Ind., under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1879. Cracks in Floor. Make a paste of half a pound of flour, three quarts of water ami a half-ptmid of alum; mix thoroughly and boil ; soak newspapers in this paste until the mixture is about as thick as pnttv ar.d foroe it into the cracks with Rembcr the joint meeting of the two Prayer Bands, Sunday afternoon, Feb. 2, at 3 o'clock in the Friends church. Double Quartette will furnish music. Prof. L. L, Tyler and Miss Etha Childs, leaders. M The fact that will harden like pa- ; where they will reside. cse knife.. It pier ir.ache. thev have been married tor more than to Letters to the Editor a half year was quite a surprise their friends. Rev. J. C. Valentine of Hunting- N ton will deliver a lecture in the Wes-lcyan church Saturday evening. Sub-ject, 'Good Citizenship and the Perils of our Country." Admission free, a everybody invited. T j E. 0. Eilis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W.;V. Fowler, Mgr. Fhone 226 A petition is being circulated for Says Uncle Eben. "A man sometimes makes hi host sour.d'r:' speech." tald Fnolo Ebon, when he ain't sure of what he's talkin about because he feels do ne-ofsity of sb.owin' all de emotion ; the sale of 100 shares at $5 each for : the purpose of creating a guarantee j fund for the erection of a tabernacle More About Taxes Editor, The News: We are glad to see that the farmers, a well as others are taking up the overtaxation issue in Grant cour.ty. We agree with the demand for at 1mc so rer cent reduction in our H Sunday morning at the home of his son C. C. Lyons, after an illness of twenty-four hours, during) which time jwith a seating) capacity of 1200 for Primitive Traveling in China. the union revival services to be held The common method of transport a- ; at Fairmount beginning March 20 tivi in China is : "Two legs for short ' and continuing four weeks, conducted distances and four legs for lore ones." y gjily S.unday. Although railways and steamships are j he was unconscious, Charles Lvons passed away. The funeral service and civil wars. The transportation to then and there make proof of heir-was held at the home of his son Tues- problems and the pioneer merchants ship and receive their distributive day afternoon, conducted by Oscar are the subject of a chapter, the his- shares. Lowry, pastor of the Congregational tory of the newspapers and banks is WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court, church. His remains were interred riven, as is also that of the Academy this 21st day of January 1022. ooming irto service-, camels and doi;key train are still frequently used. Miss Jessie Leach who has been quite sick is able to resume her position with Miller and Haas. No Precf cf Race of Giants. BnfTon nnd ol er naturalist of his timo ho'ievtil that human heinc-s from in park cemetery. He leaves a wife, eight children, ten grand children and manv friends to mourn his loss. The Grant county oil field continues and of the Wesleyan Theological j S. A. CONNELLY, seminary. Histories of all the old Clerk of Grant Circuit Court, families are included in the book, and Jan 23-30, Feb. 6. the work is so accurate that the book i . taxes. We noticed a short time a boast in the county papers of the splendid collection of taxes in this county; at the same time the delinquent tax list is lor.g. This teaches us two things: First, that too much tax is assessed; second, that in the present stress, many are not able to pay their taxes. We notice, too, that our authorities instead of introducing economy, begin at to spend cur hard earned, extorted, with a lavish hand. Many new projects are under con- to to ir. feet in b.eicht had once in- to lead all others in this state, ac- ; cording to the monthly report. habited the earth, hut this idea Is now ' J. H. Wilson was in Indianapolis ent ; rol v d t s oix 1 i t e d. ' on business Tuesday. Mrs. J. Hardwick and daughter Miss ; Vernie, will leave in a short time for ; Al W. Kelsay has sold his marble Colorado. , shop to William Dye. is valuable to the genealogist. ! j A few chapters of miscellany which ; j form most interesting) reading end the j book personal recollections, descrip-I tions of such topics as "the big snow," I "the big tives," "fever and ague," Unfortunate Human Trait. . Pe 1 now loo go of do human race." said Fne'e E'hmi, "is handicapped by do fact dat so many of u would rather j id a j Jep Wilson was in Indianapolis to- ' Attorney Charles T. Parker was at hoar a passable V.anjo player dan t:ot, possibly some allowed, to d ou hard earned, and illy exrc f.rst-class looturer." dav. "bear hunting in 1840," "the Wayne trail" and many others. This book Indianapolis Thursday on business. j spared cash. We have too many offices and o5o BACKACHE IS DISCOURAGING. But Not So Bad if You Know How to Reach the Cause Nothing more discouraging than a constant backache. Lame when you awaken, pains pierce you when you bend or lift. It's hard to work or t rest. Backache often indicates bad kidneys. Fairmount people recommend Doan's Kidney Piils,. Ask your neighbor. Read this ease: Mrs. S. Cox. '1.1 E. 1st St., says: "When my kidneys get out of order and I have backaches and the action of my kidneys is irrepular, Doan's Kidney Pills never fail to relieve me." Mrs. Cox gave the above statement Did Ycu? Ever notice lvv political berths differ from sleeping berths? So far as we have boon able to discover nobody objects to an upier bertll in politics. Arthur U. Folwell in Leslie's. ers, r.e-arly all at war time salaries, J and th? etTort all alor.g, the lire is to rai?e salaries, r.otwithstandir.g the crop in prices on other lines, especi- j ally in farm products. j The Light Company wants more rr.or.y. the Telephone Company wants' more mercy, the Water Works wants t ' represents ten years of hard work on ' the part of the author, and it goes i w ithout saying that it was a labor of love. Every Hoosier who reads it j will be thrilled by the story of the founders of his state and will better understand their labors. Incidental-' ly, he will bo impressed by the num-1 her of men and women who have gone 'from that one small township to make names for themselves in the Hoosier History In The Making Indianapolis Star Makes Extended Editorial Mention of Edgar M. Baldwin's Work, "The Making of a Township" But Mankind! Ants and men ate the th'ngs that fsrht by moans of armies. We can they have never one another. Ex- more mer cy, and we notice the water j excuse the ants-works treasurer has over f 5.000 or ' t -n tol 1 to love Id of science and in educational pur- -hance. tinhlished st.-o-o of devol.onment i illn;tr;ito.l liv ' ,lc edited and The volume, on reoruarv u, i:m ana on ovemoer - . - , i-ut: ? j i . 22, 1020. she added: "I keep Doan's . . - su:rs, ana win ne inspired io ue.vrin hi 1 Baldwin, former owner a "human document. Survivors of . u.- c bv Edcar M the time .once l in fsnnip me iiimuij ui m , r:ii . i.j o t u v,... : .i . .. .. . .. Kidneys Pills on hand all tums to and editor half the year's collections on hand: yet like the horse leach they ward mre mre. A good place to begin to retrench is at home. How many days work do cur touncilmen give for their Our Becks. When all that is worldly dre around us. our bek- vi ic liivtiiii. uir (j.i.uci! riivm, tumc ui uirm Mai- 0,v COnimunitV tO leant HOW it COni- 1 , , , ... to onlv re . TV,o rt-;v..T .,f T-cV,i" K ' ... . . ... ann n.oe- neei mumi anjuiii.B ...... t-. ..... torea over manv states, nave neon nares witn mis. Washington : k, u i! i t:im their steady value Irving. asked to write their recollections of ; various evem5 ni.inrsors nrui nistnms ' NOTICE OI" FINAL SETTLEMENT est, and Mr. Baldwin has been receiv- equal them for relieving kidney com-j plaint." I 60c, at all dealers. Foster-Milburn Co., Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Advertise-j ment. ing requests for the book from many OF ESTATE etc. Their lan- sources recently. Saturday the In- public characters, Buys Million Squirrel Skins. One mere-bant hi Siberia has been Another case cf execsive valuation j is that of the hous.? and let of Mrs. I Alor.zo Th.omas: Csh value. -1.6T5; Valued at Ji.tfM for taxation. j More anon. ; A. TAXPAYER. i Vnown to purchase as manv as a million enanapons Jtar gave tne worn extena- f-"-.- ... v.,v.t, w vouiml k;i!s in a vin.e svason. tee! editorial mention referring, to the Rive the book a more original signi- work as being a "treasure hemse of fioance. Pictures of old buildings. No. 3810. I Notice is hereby given to the cred- i iters, heirs and legatees of Melissa J. ' Leach. Deceased, to appear in the Grant Circuit Court, held at Marion, j Chiropractors Pioneer lore." The unusual merit of localities and people have been collect- ida Weeds, if Florida contain of VVHOI. F:c: Tho forests 1 diTerent kh -l McAtee and McAfee Indiana, on the 13th day of February cd for illustration, and the charming sketch of McCormick's tavern on the old State road, used as a frontispiece, is from the hand of Miss Olive Rush HIGH SCHOOL NOTES the work has brought to it such attention that a large Cincinnati concern has just made Mr. Baldwin an ofTer to take over the entire edition, he giving that concern exclusive control of the sale of the book. The In- 1922. and show eause, if any, why the ! Final Set Jement Accounts with the i 2 to 5 atd Tuesday, Thurs- estate of said decedent should not be 7 to 8 p. m. day and Saturday approved; and said heirs are notified , Phone 280 8 to 11 a. m. -El Dorado." El Dorado means in Spanish 'the gohloiC and was the name bestowed .... T.-i!i,!. vine lv&?i.vt.l to V i vf from a drawing "made after a careful study of the building and its form- !,"....." .tiananoli Star P.i:toriallv sneaks of er environments, and conversation II! l l .r 1 1 1 1 1 t I l OL ."11 . II .liiruid. . ( ... , , i 'with the oldest settlers of that neigh-, weTisaaaaxiir ,:ih Many fruitless expeditions set evut in j the work as follows: searvh of it. The enthusiast on local history will ' find a treasure house of pioneer lore in IS Jud Tunkirs. "The Making of a Township." by Ed-srar M. Baldwin of Fairmount. As the lTh Jud Tunkins says !w doosn't see eatre h.w yoti are going to cot rid of class borhood." j The narrative progresses easily throuch the blaring of the way by the first white man and the battle of the Mississinewa'to the story of the efforts of the first settlers to get clothing, food and shelter. Here the process of sowing, cultivating, rotting the flax find making cloth, log rolling, house oya . f- . . ; i iL. ; v,w ... o.l ar story oi one iowumu m me i"""' tBy Margaret Taylor.) , Cc.r.voeation ws held Tl'.ursday noon at 11.10 in the gym. A lively pep meeting preparatory to the Summit-ville game and general announcement by Mr. Morphct were the main features cf the meeting. Mr. Hcckett was at the building Thursday mornir.g taking pictures for the annual of the different classes. The Junior H. S. ar.d Senior H. S. physical training classes held their clas -together Thursday afternoon. Ordinarily the Senior H. meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the Junior H. S. on Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays. i land'onls and so many others are ten- : days of Indiana, and indeed as the his-ants. , tory of all the st?te formeil from the j Northwest Territory is not unlike. Show Every Tuesday, Thursday arid Saluiday Saturday Matinee 2:30. Every Night 7:00 and 8:30 ovorv oitirert of these states wi-1 find So Did Lets cf Others! ! Voting was a new thing to one North side matron, who, when asked wheth-. er her husband had voted, replied: "Yes. he was away from the citv. so ! he used the 'absent-minded -ote." this "storv of man's struggle with the tailJinrv corn planting, hog killing, wilderness of the greatest interest, making ap of pioneer To one with little or no knowledge of amusements are described by pioneers ; the manner in which the foundations themselves. The of the of our state were laid this well-told the Flank road- the Brvel road' : TUESDAY, JANUARY 31 in "WHAT EVERY Enid Bennett WOMAN LEARNS" A Different Gamble narrative will prove of absorbing, in- Jonesboro and Fairmount turn-, Dinerent am'e" ' pike, and ater the first railroad is all j Few people seem to be bothering ; terest. s ' r bo.-,, os nrpr wbether there is or i -m.: ,, .knr i described at length. The balconies and all the iron posts i in the gym were painted Wednesday in order that they could be -xised for j the Summitville-Fairmourt game. j Also Pathe Review .... , - - rn.ii.ia . V7 llCllll', ri O V 1 1 v ve:ivi v , , . , . . is n,t a future life. The reason prob- .... . ; - . .u .:u One chapter is devoted to the period - The boys of the physical training j ine oojs oi ene pnysicai training j - , - , ; inerauy nen oue en me nnns, ... io-o j loro. u.. v , . . . . . . , . . ablv Is that there s no dianee to cash ...... , .v 'between 18o2 and 1863; another to the classes had their pictures taken last f . V i . and m his story he has shown the sue-, , ,..u:i, ; in en bets that might be made on It. uii. v, nr;moMi underground railroad, which, since I ! 1 tharo trard m5t' Jllakor !pttlers in Cecil Brown resumed her school ! i forest has given place to productive Juvenile Edition Wanted. i the township, was in active operation. ... A . 1 . n n . ! fnv l,nM.AO 1 omimnn4 work Wednesdsay after an absence of j several days becauses of illness. ! -Mamma, sam mue r .... ..v,..., ..... 1 " ' Still other most interesting chapters catechism Is awfully hard. Cant you with modern conveniences, and has c i, WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, FEB. 1 and 2 "Male and Female" With All Star Cast. Also Century Comedy. Y ine i eacners 01 win norm ana i. z a tviii wnu . ..v. , vomuiiieu mi itic mvij vi nna uc.c- , S. buildings had a feed at the H. S. j UlHs. lopment the state and national move- .. . . . . , ... .with the temperance agitation, the ments as they have affected this little - , . . , . V ... . . , . . . eary schools and teachers, and the community. The method adopted by . . , . . First Match Made in 1829. building, Friday evening before the Summitville-F. H. S, pame. The pirls basket b-c!! class divided . TT first SU'rhUr matCh WS mad the authoV is an excellent one; each in 1 S23. ary war, the war of 1812, the Mexican By Charles Sughroe That Familiar Feeling MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL t 4 L - j 0 j i I ? X

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