The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 12, 1937 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1937
Page 3
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Tuesday, January 12, 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana PAGE THREE 239.58 CLINTON TOWNSHIP REPORT December 31, 1936 1832, December 31, 1936 1833, 2.00 the finest display of the complete line possible. Due to anticipated Increase in sales of Norge and General Electric refrglgerators In 19:17 Mr. Doughty Is featuring 5 differ. Total (1013.52 170.00 Air-Minded Celebration During a celebration in Voroshl-lov, Russia, two parachute jumpers landed, one with a complete portable cinema outfit and film of "Chnpyev" and the other with an accordion, the two men afterward giving a motion picture show and concert. Local Store Gets New Shipment of Florence Ranges A. J. Doughty announced today Initial receipt of new 1937 Florence Statement showing amount of all 177.00 Moneys Paid to the Various Funds Margaret Griffiths, same.., 117.60 Mlllicent Holt, same .... 110.00 Annabel Hunter, same .. 112.60 A. T. M. Hall, Bame 140.00 Tegwltb Hlse, same 112.50 Bertha Kennedy, same ... 110.00 Mary Handera, same .... 110.00 Talml Lahtl, same 120.00 Glenna Miller, same 110.00 El ma Naselroad, Bame ... 120.00 Mary Newport, some .... 110.00 Gladys Oard, same 110.00 William Payton, aome ... . 115.00 of Clinton Township, of Vermillion ent Florence stoves In white porcelain, f ? White Is the accepted colors f WANTED Hides Iron Rags Metal and Paper Highest Prices Paid A. Dumes Water Street County. Disbursement Therefrom and Bal 152.00 177.40 195.40 180.00 170.80 178.00 ances Remaining IThereln, for the oil ranges. The new line features the Improved Table Top model Year Ending December 31, 1936. Township I'll ml January 1, 1936 electric refrigerators and the bet lei oil ranges are desired in all wh to carry out a well balanced kitch en scheme. ranges wifh fully hinged covers over the cooking burners and new con 150.00 80.00 76.00 25.00 GUARANTEED TREATMENT FOR TENDER STOMACH Dr. Etnil's Adla Tablets bring quick relief from a sore stomach, puins bet wen meals due to acidity. Balance on Hand $ 2,508.53 Receipts during year . . 7,996.67 C. S. Plckard, same 110.00 Katherine Patch, same .. 102.50 Mellssabelle Ralston, aame 110.00 Sarah Shew, same 160.00 Mary E. Satterlee, same .. 102.50 cealed tanks with in-built capacity Indicators. Since 19.10 Doughiy's have car Total of balances and receipts $10,505.20 Disbursements during year 8,310.73 Elevated Sea Defense Helgoland, key to German North Sea defense, has a small tableland rising 200 feet above the sea. Hazel Taylor, same 130.00 Viola Vantura, aame .... 110.00 Minda Watts, same J17.50 28.85 90.00 76.00 iiiilliei ion and heartburn. If not' your money is refunded. Powells' Pharmacy. adv W-2 j ried a complete line of Florence products and have offered the trade READ THE ADS 100. 00 Hoiel Wable, same 112.60 12.83 66.44 6.00 Harry Newland, same . . . Milton Evans, same Herman Hedges, same . . . Fred -Carlin, lame Cecil Turchl, same Roscoe Call, same John Giacherlo, same . . . . Conrad Kite .' Franklin Cheek, aame . . . Norval Bynum, Janitor services Maynard Hedges, aame . . Mary Archer, clerk hire . Fox Bros., coal for Comp-ton Hill school Pearl Gill, janitor aerviceg Robert Stokes, same .... Sam Oottrell, coal for Fairvlew Paul Newland, coal for Centenary and Universal Otha Wright, Janitor service! November Schlangen Man. Co., repairing eraser cleaner Gillla pharmacy, Janitor, office supplies, repr., and bldg H. J. Schrader, rep. to hldg., Jacksonville .... W. H. Anderson Co., law book for J. P Tribune Pub. Co., printing bus notice O. F. Houston, part payment on Insurance on Universal ft Saudytown Sam Cottrell, coal for Fairvlew Clark D. McKenney, January 1, 1937, final balances $ 2,194.47 Special Hchnol Fund January 1, 1936 Balance on Hand $ 7,843.55 Receipts during year .. 39,253.02 161.50 He Wanted the Clintonian to Sponsor a Trade-At-Home Campaign 3.88 Total of balances and receipts $47,096.67 Disbursements during year 34.001.30 Alda Marietta, same .... Thomas Daniels, transportation of children, 19 days Dan Rodlsh, same Harry Newland. same .... Milton Evans, same Herman Hedges Fred Carlin, same Cecil Turchi, same Roscoe Call, same John Giacherlo, same .... Franklin Cheek, same , . . Conrad Kite, same Fred Clark, adv. board salary Ishmael Burgess, same . . Homer Mitchell, same... 160.66 16;. 60 168.15 144.40 168.53 180.50 171.00 152.00 142.60 169.10 6.00 5.00 6.00 l 8.80 2.20 BUT: January 1. 1987. final balances $13,095.27 Tuition Fund 16.00 6.83 January 1, 1936 Balance on Hand $ 9,980.85 Receipts during year .. 40,677.21 49.75 . 36.00 20.06 Total of balance and receipts $50,658.06 Disbursements during year 40,307.19 24.60 27.00 7.062.84 39.76 151.00 The Letter Head Was Printed In PARIS!! January l. 1937 final balances $10,350.87 Dog Fund January 1, 1936 Balance on Hand $ 355.10 Receipts during year .. 694.00 23.90 768.77 Clear View Coal Co., coal for Jacksonville school. Daily Clintonian, school, J. P., sup. ft stationery Nor. Ind. Power Co., lights for school and office Wabash Valley Farm, bogs killed Paul Newland, coal for Fairvlew Herb Hedges, coal and hauling water for Universal school Central Supply Co., Jan., sec., sup. and rep. of bldg Gillis Pharmacy, insulin, office. Jan. and cch. supplies Fred Farris. trustee, transfers for '34 and '35 Geneva Poff, cleaning offices 10.00 16.65 69.00 Total of balances and receipts $ 1,049.10 Disbursements during year 1,000.95 27.70 45.00 75.00 133.96 48.15 Clinton City School, same. Central Supply Co., office, school. Janitor, sup. and equip, and repair of bldg Allene Brown, reference books Mary Archer, clerk hire . . Peter Heln. Sept. and Oct. Interest J. C. Coleman, office rent Dr. Odell Archer, salary and tr. expense Ind. Bell Tel. Co., office telephone rent and school telephone rent Nor. Ind. Power Co., lights for schools and offices' Herbert Hedges, coal for Universal school ...... Norval Bynum, Janitor services Maynard Hedges, same .. Robert Stokes, same .... Pearl Gill, same Otha Wright, same Thomas Daniels, transportation of children, 21 January 1, 1937, final balances ' Bond Fund January 1, 1936 Balance on Hand Receipts during year. . . 23.10 289.58 2.00 $ 3.070.37 7.282.86 Total of balances and RECEIPTS 58.8ft 22.50 receipts $10,353.23 January Disbursements during year 4.626.26 Citizen s State Bank, Dec. interest $ J. C. Hayslett, docket fees 16.62 7. 00 80.00 100.00 100.00 January l, 1937 final 90.00 75.00 February C. B. Cooper, common school revenue 1,003.02 C. B. Cooper, congt. school 68.51 balances $ 6,726.98 Totals of All Funds January 1, 1936 Balance on Hand $23,758.40 Receipts during year... 95,903.76 178.50 days 6.587.50 Dan Rodisb, same 17J.4S Harry Newland, same himself keep his business, by advertising. He is too much inclined to pine for the "good old days" and let enterprising competitors run off with the good things the present offers. There was only one thing wrong with the letter. IT WAS WRITTEN UPON STATIONERY PRINTED IN A NON-UNION PLANT AT PARIS, ILL. He had never even asked for a price at his home printers, but took his printing out of the state and then used a piece of the paper to appeal to the home printer to help him keep his own business, that seemed to be going to Terre Haute. Is there something wrong with the picture? It seems to us that there is! 12.84 "What Clinton needs more than any other one thing, is a concerted move to induce people to trade at home," wrote a local business man the other day. "Folks don't real-lize that they could nearly always buy things just as cheaply here as elsewhere? Instead, they just run off to Terre Haute or some similar place and do their shopping. . "If you want to do Clinton a real service, why don't you carry on such a campaign at your own expense. You get your own business from Clinton ; you ought to help us keep it here." There was sound sense in that letter, although the man who wrote it seldom helps 178.60 185.86 159.60 i Total of balances and receipts $119,662.16 Disbursements during year 88,246.42 Milton Evans, same Herman Hedges, aame . Fred Carlin, same Cecil Turchl, same Roscoe Call, same John Giacherlo, same . . . Conrad Kite, same Floyd I. McMurray, state tuition support ...... Citizen's State Bank, Interest for Jan March Citizen's State Bank, February Interest . . . C. B. Cooper John Paine, dog taxes... John Paine, dog taxes. . John Paine, dog taxes... April C. B. Cooper, Intangible tax Citizen's State Bank, March interest C. B. Cooper Co. distribu 10.32 738.49 113.00 142.00 110.00 186.27 199.60 189.00 168.00 186.90 167.60 115.00 102.60 100.00 125.00 126.00 January 1, 1937, final balances $31,415.74 Total balances as shown ' by this report $31,415.74 Warrant-checks outstanding December 31, 1936 $ 1,013.62 Total balances and TTanKiin uneeit, same . . Rachel Bozartb, teaching Ellen Beaty, same Barbara Carrera, same . Pauline Chandler, same . Josiah Davis, same . . . . 206.08 6.75 : r It 11 outstanding warrants, December 81, 1936 ..$31,416.74 Cash in depository. Virginia Easter, same 105.00 Alma Foltz, same 180,00 tion first advance 2.650.00 December 31, 1986 ..$31,402.62 120.00 C. B. Cooper, same 600.00 110.00 Floyd I. McMurray, state I, Dr. Odell Archer, the Trustse of Bertna Foltz, same Minnie Foltz, same Wilhelmlne Gosnell, same. Margaret Griffiths, same . Millicent Holt, same .... 102.60' aid 10,669.79 Clinton Township, Vermillion Coun 107.S8. C. B. Cooper, sen. bldg. 1 1 A A A ' Li. -1 100.00 bond fund 800.00 ty, Indiana, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that the preceding report of 102.60 Receipts, Disbursements and Bal 102.60 ances is true and correct, as I ver 12.60 May Ind. Bell Tel. Co., refund on school telephones . Citizen's State Bank, Interest for April June ily believe: and I further declare that the Isum with which I am charged in this report are all of the 6.28 J sums received by me, and that the C. B. Cooper, county distribution Citizen's State Bank, 22,647.56 Watch for This Union 5 Label 9.18 186.18 THIS is the ONLY Union Printing Establishment 110.00 100.00 100.00 110.00 120.00 100.00 100.00 105.00 100.00 92.50 100.00 160.00 92.50 130.00 loo.oo 107.60 0.00 102.60 130.00 190.00 7.80 It Will Cost-No More to Have Your Printing Bear the UNION LABEL 6.687.60 Circulars Statements Cards Stationery Weight Tickets Handbills, Etc. It is your guarantee that the printing was done at home, in a union establishment, doing its share to build your home county. in 716.01 204 04 various items of expenditures credited have been fully paid in the sums stated, and without express of Implied agreement that any portion thereof shall be retained by or repaid to me or any other person. And I further declare, and swear (or affirm) that I have received no money, nor article of value. In consideration of any contract by me as Trustee of this Township. DR. ODELL ARCHER, Trustee of Clinton Township. Subscribed and sworn to before me, the. Chairman of the Advisory Board of this Township, this 6th day of January, 1937. FRED CLARK. Chairman of Advisory Board of Clinton Township. This report was received, accepted and approved by the Advisory Board of this Township at flTelr annual meeting, this the 6th day of January, 1937. FRED CLARK. ISHMAEL BURGESS, R. B. MEDLOCK, interest for May C. B. Cooper, excise tax.. John Paine, dog taxes Citizen's State Bank, Interest for June July Floyd I. McMurray, tuition support C. B. Cooper, common scb. revenue C. B. Cooper, congressional sch. fund Interest August Citizen's ST ate Bank, interest for July September Citizen's State Bank, Interest for August .... O. F. Houston, refund and Insurance inc October C. B. Cooper, First Advance Co. Dlst C. B. Cooper, intangible tax ; St. Dept. of education, Vermillion & Parke Counties 24.29 26.76 3.24 75.00 41.85 46.11 .84 1.26 2.50 2.00 S.72 Annabel Hunter, same , . . Tegwlth Hise, same Bertha Kennedy, same , . Mary Kandera, same .... Taiml Lahtl, same Glenna Miller, same Elma Naselroad, same . , . Mary Newport, same .... Gladys Oard, same William Payton, same . . . C. S. Plckard, same Katherine Patch, same . . . Mellssabelle Ralston, same Sarah Shew, same Mary E. Satterlee, same. . Hazel Taylor, same Viola Vantura. same .... Minda Watts, same Hazel 'Wable, same Alda Marietta, same .... A. T. M. Hall, same .... December Dr. Odell Archer, salary and tr. expense . Mary Archer, clerk hire Clyde Mitchell, school tests Munson and Hester. Janitor supplies C. F. Balmer, sanding water tank Riverside Mills, load of cobs , Olmsteads, cleaning 6 flags H. S. Call, insurance .... Gillis Pharmacy, office, Bchool and Janitor supplies G. C. Murphy, Janitor supplies Peter Hien, November Interest J. C. Coleman, office rent for December Marshall and Son, repair and redecorating Jack Kite, eoal Dr. Odell Archer, salary and tr. expense Pearl Gill, Janitor service Herbert Hedges, hauling water for Universal school Maynard Hedges, Janitor service Wm. McMillan, coal for Fairvlew Robert Stokes, Janitor ! : : x : : 600.00 329.30 THE CLINTONIAN DOES NOT ASK FOR 'HOT HOUSE' TREATMENT! It does not believe any local business enterprise is justified in demanding that local people pay a premium for the privilege of patronizing home business. It asks only that it be given the first chance that it be allowed to submit an esti Advisory Board of Clinton Township, .17.813.43 1849 23.92 1.22 state aid Citizen's State Bank, September Interest . . . November Citizen's State Bank, October Interest .... December Citizen's State Bank, November Interest . . . St. Auditor, excise tax . . C. B. Cooper, county dis t 21 Cabinet Expected To Remain Intact When Term Opens 12.71 16.00 12 71 891.10 30.00 22.94 WASHINGTON, Jan. 12 Roosevelt Is expected to go into tribution 12,127.12 John Paine, dog taxes . . . 63.00 Dr. Odell Archer, dog taxes collected during year . . 76.00 his second administration with his mate. Then, if its price is out of line if a lower price can be secured at a plant employing union labor, paying a similar living scale of wages and furnishing the same quality of paper and workmanship take your printing there. We will have had our chance and failed. We do not deserve to succeed, for no business can successfully buck the law of supply and demand. YES, MY FRIEND, THE WRITER OF THAT LETTER, WE AGREE WITH YOU: CLJNTONIANS SHOULD PATRONIZE CLINTON BUSINESSES THAT DESERVE THEIR BUSINESS. WE WILL BE GLAD TO FIGURE ON YOUR NEXT LETTER HEADS. 80.00 90.00 present cabinet in tact. The white 14.50 house predicted today the same official family will be functioning after Inauguration day. This includes Harry Woodring. who was given a "temporary" ap Regiater of Township Indebtedness Date of Issue. 6-1-31, Bonds and Interest, rate of Interest 4 fper rent, date due 1-1-62, fund school township, beginning of year $66,- 100.00 13.15 services 100 00 Otha Wright, same 80.00 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN S 798.75. indebtedness paid during year $4.(26.26. Indebtedness, outstanding $62,172.50. Date of issue 4-1-14, Bonds and Interest Judgment funding, rate of Interest 5 per cent, fund, poor, "beginning of year $56,625.00, Indebtedness paid during year 13,875.-00, Indebtedness outstanding $52.-660.00. List o f outstanding warrant-checks at close of year even December 31, 1936. pointment as secretary of war after Oeorge H. Dern died. Postmaster General James A. Farley may retire at a later date If he receives a sufficiently attractive offer from private business but friends says his feet will be shoved under the cabinet table for at least several more months. Rather than debating a cabinet shake-up. the president today completed a message to congress proposing a comprehensive overhauling and reorganisation of existing administrative machinery. Norval Bynum, same Joe Clover, coal for Jacksonville Ind. Bell Tel. Co... tel. rent, tolls, and sen. tel.. Rachel Bozarth, teaching Ellen Beaty, same Barbara Carrera, same Pauline Chandler, same .. Josiab Davis, same Virginia Easter, same.... Alma Foltz, same Minnie Foltz, same Bertha Foltx, same Wilhelmlne Gosnell, same 80.00 17.00 24.76 115.00 112.50 110.00 135.00 136.00 115.00 130.00 110.00 120.00 112.60 Your Home Newspaper Your Home Job Printers Your Home Institution Date December 10. 1935 December 23, 1936 December M. 193 Amt. $410.73 102.50 49.76 J76.00 133 96 No. 1070. 1803. 1823, 1829. 1830, December 31. 1936 December 31, 1936

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