The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 26, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1922
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS Another News Reader Remembers That "Cold New Year's Day" FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Mrs. Minnie Crecraft, Reporter 1 ScMosser Brotkc I Maintain t4 -. t i Li I Greenville, N. C, Jan 18, 1922. Editor The News: :-4 Local and Personal Mr. and Mrs. Ray Langsdon called on Mr. and Mrs. Perry Lees Monday. Mrs. Elizabeth Emsweller returned to her home in Laurel, Ind., after spending six weeks visiting -her sisters and other relatives. On account of sickness, Elder James Watson of Russiaville, was unable to conduct services at the Fowl-erton Baptist church Saturday and Sunday. Elder 'C. I. Goble of Sway- That their method of going to the farmers door for cream, in other words, their CREAM ROUTE SYSTEM is the most economical way of marketing the product of the dairy. WHY? 1st. Saves farmers the labor and annoyance of making delivery themselves. Yegpmen Enter C. O. Station The Fowlciton C & O, station was entered sometime duyn; Monday rikht and eonsidei-abli damage done h. th. lice rojm. The safe was h-oken into and a sT.all amount if locicy taken. Possibly being disappointed in their find and hardly being paid for .teir trout-? took le-i;t; o:i the proper fy, breaking open .ni J rurnaging ever drawer and small compartment of the safe. Finding the money drawer empty they smashed it and also broke the ticket date stamper and jimmied the ticket window. However, they were kind enough to leave by the way of the door and spared the window glass. 2nd. 3rd. A regular and constant outlet, regardless of quantity. Receipts at the creamery distributed evenly throughout the week (other systems overload the creamery on Monday, while during the remainder of the week it is working under capacity). MOST IMPORTANT! Route cream makes Better just back from the Civil war, was living with us and" going to school at Mississinewa. My sister, the late Mary R. Elliott, was one of the teach-eers. During the night preceeding this New Year's day our latitude seemed to have shifted away up into the regions of Greenland's icy mountains. On that happy (?) New Year's morn this boy housed and fed his flock, then proceeded to pass, unanimously, a "New Year's" resolution to remain at home from school, when his good mother gave the information that sister and cousin had left our dinner for me to take. Then a counter resolution was unanimously carried to recind the former action and this boy would answeij to roll call as usual. There was a pathway along the fences across the Overman farms to school. This boy prepared to brave the storm and snow. When about half way he got lodged into a snow drift. The pain inflicted by "Jack Frost' was gone, and, in its stead was R 4th. Meeting Closed. The series of meetings which have been in progiess for the past two weeks and a half, came to a close Thursday night with some thirty-five conversions. Rev. Rhoads. who assisted Rev. Meyer here went to Frankfort, to assist in another Kindly move forward the shadow on the News' dial of passing events, granting me the pleasure of a letter from the News family, semi-weekly, for another year, which I shall very much appreciate. The -writer's reminiscent mind was awakened by the mention of the "Cold New Year's," by Wm. S. Elliott, a while ago in The News. As a farmer boy living then on the hill on South Adams street, not in the city of Marion as it now is, but on the farm, just entering my 'teens," my experience as a shepard boy on this day was very impressive. I recall very distinctly the changing renditions of the airial elements the evening! preceeding the dawning of the New Year. It was warm and rainy, the evening twilight darkened into a dense fog. My detailed duty was to feed and care for the sheep and calves nigjit and morning. And as a closing activity for the day I was usually assigned the pleasurable (?) duty of "toting" in the wood. Now, what I am about to say, of course, does not apply to the boys of this present day. The evening being unusually mild and warm this boy philosophised that over much toting in of wood was not necessary. By the time he felt confident that he would pass on arithmetic and English credi-blv the next day, he was shaking zee occupied the pulpit in his place. Mrs. Fred Pearson of Fairmount and Walter Harvey of Upland, spent Tuesday with Harry Winan and family. John Browning of Schiedler, Ind., spent Monday afternoon and nif.iht with Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Nottingham. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Leach were afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bannister. Robert Lees took Sunday dinner with John Crecraft. Orville Wells was a Sunday afternoon caller in Fowlerton. Mir. and Mrs. Robert McCorhill of Fairmount, have been with their daughter, Mrs. Lennie Hayden, this week. They returned home Tuesday evening. Miss Elsie Lees and Miss Gail Smith were guests of Miss Madge Smith and Miss Lacy Leach in Marion Sa-urday evening. Elder" and Mrs. C. I. Goble. Lewis Pence of Swayzee, Elder and Mrs. W. O. Parker of Fairmount, Mrs. Quality Butter, and the markets are never over supplied with FINE BUTTER. We want to tell you more about the benefits of Schlcsser's Cream Routes. Call on our Route Collector, District Supervisor, or drop a postal to the office. SGHLOSSER BROTHEES Cream Buyers Since 18S4 Herts Office Frankfort, Ind. ( Sick List Grows Much sickness and some diphtheria P. S.- Sooner or later you "will use a Separator rro'"d rrer.rr! ? i:iai:e in ore .ir cows ? Ste yoov t:-r abo-it p De Tv ..Jil or. is becoming prevalent in town and vicinity. Two cases of diphtheria have developed since Sunday. George Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Allen, and Mildred, the little daughter of Mr. and Mis. Verlie Todd, have diphtheria. Mrs. Lora Hayden has been quite ill for several days, she is reported better though still confined to her bed. Floyd Kenzie, who has been very ill for several weeks remains in a serious condition. Perry Lees, who returned home sick last week, is still confined to his ed- , , u Mrs. Mary Dodd is ill with lumbago. Little Doris Winan. daughter of Harrv Winan, has been quite sick with "a deen cold and throat trouble. Jones and Bessie Whybrew were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Leach. Miss Ellen Hancock of Matthews, was a Saturday night and Sunday euest of her grandmother, Mrs. Jen- a very drowsy, tho' comfortable, feeling accompanied by a lack of energy. The incentive that urged him on, and on, was the thought of getting the dinner there; the writer had no thought thab he was freezing to death and was not alarmed about that, but the dinner must get there. Whenever the cold "New Year's day" is mentioned my thoughts naturally fly back to my experience on that "happy New Year's day." , , r J r 1 n'.e leacn. ana ir. ana wrs. ciianns t-. . x i 'with cold, as the north-west bleak Mrs. Eva Dulmn, trained nurse inj the Marion hosiptal, came to Fowler- winds and snow were pelting against the windows; it took no lurther ar- j . i .1 k. 1. : : ton Monday afternoon for a hort viit with her two little daughters ard her father and mother, Mr. and gument to convince cms ooy umi wuh preetinRS and best wishes for stock of fuel was entirely inadaquate thp whoe Newg family x beg to re r.iii i:iln Jaiin-hfcr rf Mr and Mrc T,. P. Simons. and an additional supply was iortn- i main Mrs. Clavton Dickerson, has recover- Mr. nnd Mrs. Ernest Couch and , 111 ! commgv nicelv from pneumonia. j baby ot tairmount. iur. anairs. up from pneumonia. ed Yours sincerely, C. R. SMALL Our cousin, Reuben Jones, who was i School Items land rsotnngnam ana cnuaren, weie ' K"rdav dinner cruests of Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Nottingham. 1 I ui7'ri- t i rnvTiviTirc ir?? WITH GROWING INTEREST Interest in the revival services at Eyes Tested, Glasses Fitted by Mtate Itegistered. OITOMETUISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS vrlusively Optical M'-s. Ida Ford and dau?rhfo'-? took j Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. L. : P. Simons. j Mr. and Mrs. Rav Lanesdon and son Tvhn and M . Clyde Caskev ' n"d children, tork Sunday dinner with John Smith and family. ; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stegmoller are !ih parents of a baby boy, named i Robert Edeaf. j Mrs. Lillv Ilannan, formerly Miss nome louni 1 TIMpsTli Dr. Brown vi.-itrvl the school Monday and took the throat culture of the children. Sirce diphtheria ha broken out in school every effort v-11 h.p made to prevent the spread of the disease. Many children are out of school this week on account of deep colds and throat trouble. Georee Alien m l Mildred Todd are out of school cn account of diphtheria. Thelma and Earl Retz are out of school on account of sickness. Frank Partridge returned to school Monday after being absent for move than n week. ft I. the Friends church is in no wise abat-ing as is manifested by the good attendance. Notwithstanding the sud- ' den severe change in the weather, the ! people are nocking to the church to hear Evangelist Lewis McFarland and to take part in the singing ser- ; vice under the direction of Earl Fol- j ger singing evangelist. Rev. McFar- i land can only remain for the week j and those who have missed hearing j him are the losers for he tells the old ! SAYS STICK TO HOME TOWN t-1 Lilly Tobin, has been very ill at her home near Gaston. Miss Lacy Leach is home for a few days visit with her parents, she will return to Marion in a week or ten DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY- Rooms over Postoffice Hours 8 to 11:20 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m Ruel Miable. Reba and Dorthea days, where she will accept a posi-rnmrP nut of school on account of ,tion s stenoerapher in the office of Successful Man Points Out Fact That Road to Success Lies in Small Community. "Shall I stay In my own community or trv mv luck in the big city?" is a the Metropolitan Company. sickness. ' old story of salvation in a manner Chiropractors McAtee and McAtee Fairmount Office Hours: Summitville 2 to 5 ard Tuesday, Thurs- 7 to 8 p. m. day and Saturday Phone 280 8 to 11 a. m. peculiarly is own that is at once convincing and appealingt. Services will continue this week both afternoon and evening. NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS question that most young people sooner or later ask themselves. Of late , years the tendency has been toward j the city, which holds out the lure of fame and fortune. Comes Edward W. Bok with an answer out of his own experience. The New York state national guard . . A 1 . now nas an aggregate strengin 01 IIACKLEMAN II 1L He cries down the big city, and while ' 773 officers and 15,408 enlisted men. Mrs. Joe Hannon of Summitville, mother of Frances Hannon of this ! place was operated on at the Anderson hospital Saturday morning and j was sretting along nicely when last : heard from. I Miss Bessie Whvbrew returned ; , ; j ; AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense, Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON Rubber Stamps. When needing anything in the Rubber Stamp line see us. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. admitting Its necessity, warns youtns to consider its greater opportunities only In connection with the greater strusrcle and the unnatural and even Only one President (Grant) was a Mr. and Mrs. Ed FcHon of Marion, and Mr. and Mrs. Ol Bannister, were truests Sundav of Mr. and Mrs. Will DilL -.i Mrs. J. N. Gibson is suffering with E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store Ofl5i "t-r: H Jy "1;,0 ra.; 1 to E PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS. Tresdav from a visit at Swayzee. ; graduate of West Point Military ; Academy, and none of Annapolis. The friends of Ben Brewer will be ; sordid conditions that surround such the bad 'sprained wrist, the effects of a pleased to know the report in fall nn the ice last Saturdav paper last week was not true aoout losinn his eyesight. One of his eyes j had been injured but not as serious as was reported. Academy Fives S3 n IRuitolio Sale endeavor. Mr. Bok does not hold that the young man should dodge the hard knocks by which character Is molded, but that it Is f.olish deliberately to seek them, since they will come fast enough misuilit. The shortest road o success In the big city Is by way of the country or the small community. Very few of the leaders of the great financial Institutions in New York got their training In New York. They were called to those duties after they had made a success In smaller comnvinltles. As a rule their training ground has been the producing agricultural districts of the Middle West. 1 hey have Go To Windfall Mr. and Mrs. Lee Collins and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kimes. Mrs. Alice Fiber and Mrs. Kate Ed-dington called on Mrs, Nettie Edding-ton Mondav afternoon. Milton Wavmire who is attending college at Muncie, spent Saturday and Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mr. Erwin Waymire. The members of the Gleaner lodtre were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Davis Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Elliott of Muncie, spent last Thursday at the home of Rnb Moon and family. Lova Moon FOR SALE FOR SALE A splendid five-acre farm, well located north of Sum- mitville. Suitable for garden, fine First and Second Squads to Meet Basket Ball Quintets in Tipton County Town Friday Night The Academy first and second teams fruit; good six room house, other The undersigned will sell at the E. L. Kimes residence, 4 miles southwest of Fairmount, 7 miles northwest of Summitville, on Wednesday, February 1st Commencing at 10 o'clock a. m., the following described property: buildings. Address Box 75, Sum mitville, Ind. returned home after spending several ! will go to Windfall tomorrow night, ; grown up In the small communities weeks at the Elliott home. I where they will meet the first and where quality counts. Mr. r.ok concludes that It Is better FAIRMOUNT FLOUR wholesale at second teams of that city. This game 1 is expected to prove a hard one for j to be a large toad In a pond than to be 1 the mill door. Fairmount Flour a small toad In a river. Work In the Mills. small community gives one a better j opportunity to concentrate nnd to 1 We carry a full line of clover seeds learn the principles of life under, the j at resonable prices. . A. A. Ulery Mr. and Mrs. Dee Bannister called on Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Comer Monday evening. Any one enjoying good music, come to Center next Sunday night and hear the high school orchestra of Fair-mount. There will also be preachingv Mr. and Mrs. Fred Albert, Mrs. Vernie Hilton and son Garland and the Academy, as the Winfall school has an exceptionally strong five this 'season. The Academy team is in fairly good ' most natural conditions.- Minneapolis i & Co. . condition for the contest and is deter-; Journal. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Peterson, spent . mjned to brine home the bacon. To FOR SALE For Rent, For Sale, No Hunting cards for sale at The News TO PRESERVE PUBLIC HEALTH ,-! 4 1 - 1 1 office. FOR SALE Bell City Incubator, 140 egg. Graham, 309 East 6th. GibsSony d this they knW they WiU HaVe t0 EHddington and Dan Kemmer basket every second of the called on Owen Kimbrough . Sunday fray. afternoon ' t Windfall as already defeated many Mir. and Mrs. Walter Gibson swent strong teams in this section' of the Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. j gtate anJ recent, heM the Marion ae. J. N. Gibson. . . A. W. Rich is having his share cf ' nion to a four point wm on the ua kovinn thr rows down Marion floor. LOST HORSES AND MULES One pair 12-year-old mules, good ones, weighing about 240O pounds; one bay team of mares 5 years old, weighing about 1350; one black gelding 9 years old, weighing about 1350, all sound. CATTLE One Jersey cow coming) 7 years old, a 6-gallon cow when fresh; two milch cows, one fresh, and the other fresh about the last of February. HOGS Consisting of one brood sow, 2f years old, one gilt, Vrwv shoats, weighing about 75 pounds; one brood sow and four s4laats. GRAIN AND HAY Between 300 and 400 bushels of Corn; About 150 bushels of corn and about one ton clover hay. FARMING IMPLEMENTS One John Deere wagon, good as new; hay ladder and hog rack combined; one John Deere: disc, good as new; one John Deere stag plow, one Deere cultivator, one 60-tooth harrow, one sausage grinder and lard press, some steel drums, with 5 or 6 gallons hog oil; one steel King wagon and box, heavy set breeching harness, one brooder house, one hog fountain, one Dowagiac wheat drill, one Little Dutch sulky plow, one spike tooth harrow, chicken coops, hog troughs, and other articles too numerous to mention. Movement irv Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Is Given Warm Praise by Cleveland Newspaper. Cleveland, long recognized as among the healthiest of large cities, bids for an even higher distinction in that field by the organization of the Cuyahoga County Public Health association. According to Doctor Bishop, superintendent of the Lakaslde hospital, wa are to have here a situation not du- LOST Tire and demountable rim; on Madison-Grant county line, near Delaware line. Call Fairmount, Red 1622. from poison on the corn stalks. WANTED The members of the first squad leaving tomorrow afternoon with Coach Marshall, will probably be-Cecil, Edwards, McCombs, Rich, Scott, Brewer, Woods, Lewis and Harsh- GRANT WANTED Unfurnished rooms for 11 Tuesday night Joe Leach spent light housekeeping. Inquire at The News office. barger. The second squad will pro- plicated anywhere else In the country bably be made up of Ratliff, Wright,, all of the privately operated health In- Garner, Cobert, Woods, Hook, Brook- agencies of a county brought together WANTED To buy gas heater, quire at The News office. shire and Smith. under one head for the purpose of for Terms Made Known on Day of Sale. with Joe Payne. School started at Grant Tuesday, rfter being closed several days on account of Mr. Lloyd's daughter being sick. n Delbcrt Leach spent S.unday with Arthur Pavne. George Fowler spent Monday night with his niece Mrs.s Fred Golliday. John Payne is back in school after severe attack of tonsilitis. Mr. Rert Little and family took Lunch Served on Grounds W ANTED Butchering, 75 cents per hundred pounds. Phone Red 1711. The great Lahontan dam, built by the federal government, irrigates 206,000 acres of land. warding the health work of the community and giving the right sort of support and co-operation to tha public health agencies. It Is an achievement of note. The people ot Cleveland are Its chief beneficiaries. WANTED To buy property, close in. Mrs. Sallie Hollingsworth. E. L. HOMES The little town xf Lobejun, near After all, community health Is large- Halle, is the first town in Germany !ly an optional matter with the com Sunday dinner with Lenis Brewer and fsmilv of Summitville. WANTED TO HEAR All the latest news. Apply The News office or 'phone 265. I that has gone bankrupt, according munity Itself. Even a Dig city can reduce Infant mortality, decrease the James Payne has been on the sick tn Tho TTmrufi Kiotrv HnnrantL Tha ... t n&nAml Hoafh info nA ftirnlh nron. IwlT MISCELLANEOUS A. B. CQRWM David Lewis called on Bert Little municipality a deficit of 200,000 TV,; ZZuho n tor It neonle. If WANTED Will pay above market price for milling wheat. Call phone A.A.UlreyftCo. . PURL DEAN, Auctioneer TONY PAYNE, Clerk Ty venine - and the .Communistic jotyJ take the troQble to , kTJntd of aldermen refused to cover it by u a matter of iCWe education. ..mttK ii been on the nVX Pid to , rOevend Pl.m Denier, sick list. anybody in the employof the town. i " .

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