The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 11, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, January 11, 1937
Page 5
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PAGE F1VF The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana YANKS PREPARE Poo-Pooing Influenza Forces AZTEC TEAM IS FOR BATTLE ON NEW CONTRACTS Four New Yorkers Ready to Begin Arguments for Kaite; ' Gomel Slated for Cut After Bad Season NKW YORK, Jan.. U --rliijuylng the urtllleiice that goes Willi the world baseball vliuiiiulouHlun inn lu'miiiilliili the brewery millions ul tJul, Jacob Kuppei't the New York Yankees business iittlcu today begun digging in for a protracted holdout war. , Contracts are to he mailed within the next few days telling die athletes what they are expected to labor for through the long, b"t summer, and in several cuses the athletes will send them hack unsigned, according to the buzzing in baseball circles. Reputedly all set for strenuous arguments are Larruping Lou Geh at fmmmx '"" Ml. It K- ttUM ' " today's the P.G.A. year Is chosen, or rather made up. from the results of the tournaments between January and June, if, dur ing the' period from New Year's to the middle of June, A beats B often uud badly, B doesn't get invited to Philadelphia to practice for the International competition, and A does. , That is, unless A Is Bryan M. Grant, Jr., of the Atlanta of Jones and Mitchell. It has been pretty well proved In the past few years that the United States Lawn Tennis Association wants nq part of Bryan Grunt. . Grant, who was ranked back of Frankle Parker this year for a rea-suii.that, .only, heaven k,nows probably won't make the Davis enp team tliis year. , (Continued on Page. 6) rig, probubly the best lirBt baseman In the gume right now, besides being one of the great slugger of all time; Joe Dlmagglo, the ! Rookie outltelder, who actually lived up to most flattering, advance notices; Catcher mil TMckey; basking In the afterglow of one of his greatest seasons; 1'ltchnr Ited Ruffing Slid I'lfhir l.eilv Vernon Gomel, the latter the man who shouldn't have but did full. (omrx Hue for Cut While Gehrig led hotk leuglie in home in n with 4' und batted ..1X4 lo lluixh among tlm American I.esKiie regular to earn a raise, Go-mix had Ins second straight bad i:mm and probably will have to tunc a very serious cut In tha wallet us a result. .: Me was the outstanding pitcher in the Iwo years ago. Last season he won 1.1 against seven defeats, but he was among the least depend-abe of the Yankee fllngers and really did not get going until the last two weeks. . . - READ THE ADS ipij''Iri'-'ii3 i CLINTONIAN By E. C SEGAR 1 . -' r Vines toTPut Off Match in Detroit CHICAGO, Jan. 11 Although greatly Improved and out of all danger. K.llswftrlh Vines will no' lie able to play bis whmluled nmtch with Fred Perry In Detroit tomorrow night, it was sillied here today. 'Vines who was tuketi to the hospital Saturday night suffering from liifliienau. must remain in bed another three or four days, his physl-ciun unnotinced. With a- fever of ion. 2 and In a weakened condition Vines lost to .Perry In straight sets Saturday and was taken to the hospital immediately afterward. His doctor said today that the Cuhfornlan . had responded quickly to treatment and rested easily last night. It Is possible, he said, that Vines might be able to resume his series , against the British star at Pittsburgh on Friday. TENNIS PLAYERS MOVE TO TAMPA TAMPA, Fin., Jan. 11. With practically the same field that competed in the Miaml-Blltmore tourna ment at Coral Gables last week expected to be on hand, the annual Dixie tennis tourney will get underway here tomorrow at the Davis Island tennis club. Donald Budge, America's No. 1 netman. and Bryan Grant, tnira ranking player of the nation, who defeated Budge for the Miami title last week, head the field that in cludes five of the first 10 ranking racquet handlers In the nation. Grant Is defending champion, and Is favored to enter the finals again with Budge, who will he seeking a revenge victory for his straight-set defeat by the diminutive Atlantan last week. fnrd said that most were "foolish." "The best," he declared, "Is that we limit the distance of the fade-back by the passer to ten yards behind the scrimmage line. Since the paaser. must now be at least five yards behind the sorinimage line, that will give him five yards in which to fade. That means he will have to get off the paas quicker. This will eliminate most of the interference, which usually occurs on long passes." IPopeye 3"ust a MiMirre, Ticue KORTON SL1ITH LEADS FIELD IN TOURNEY TODAY Jcplin Profeional SliooU 64 Sunday to Move in Front) CuMahl, Cooper in Tie for Second I.OH ANGKI.EH. Jan. 11 Morton Smith, the "Jnplln ghost" of five years al.o, today haunted the field aa play went Into the final round of I.n Allgllea 8,'J0O open gqlf tournament, for not a player In the 90 hut had the thought Smith might ugulu today blister tl " Wilson course in 64 strokes, the miraculous score he registered yesterday to take a two-stroke lead on the field. Today Smith was paired with Jules Huot of Quebec, the former Tanadiun professional tltleholder, who was well wilbln striking distance of first money,, and Arthur Bell of Mldwlrk. who was hut three strokes hack of Smith as the final round got under way. fliildahl In Running Ralph Guldnhl had a 66, only two strokes behind Smith for the IS holes and very much in the running for first place. Today Gnldahl was J paired with Al Krueger of Beloit, and Bruce MiCorinlck, Los Angeles public links amateur, who was far In the lead of other slmonpures. "Smith had a 54-hole score of 71-71-64 206; Ralph Guldahl, with 20S. was tied for second place with Hurry Cooper, of Chicago, and Arthur Bell of Medlck was a stroke back with 209. Next were Jules Huot with 211; Mark Fry. Oakland, 212. and Al Krueger with 213 as had Henry Picard or Hershey, Pa. Paul nnnvan. White Plains. N. Y.; Sam Snead, White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.; Frank Studler, New YorK ; Buron Nelson of Ridgewood. N. J., and Neal Christian of Yakima, Wash., were a stroke back. LANGFORD HAS PLAN FOR PASS NRW YORK, Jan. 11. Football circles In the east were today discussing what William S. Langford, secretary of the football rules committee, described at an unofficial gathering at Rumson, N. J., as the only -"concrete and conetruoUve. sug gestion" to settle thej problem . ot rorwara pass inierieri-e. , Of many suggestions made. Lang Starring Tiinr-c LFffl IF THERE EVER uc ki ei'mu c unill D , I - ... . , ID I IT AT ClMPKIMS: V I t " fl r3 L I am m M.. -THE Double the usual quantity i,i f Yes, definitely. ( . .'here's -something worth "looking into" ... the annual January Sale of Rytex Deckle Edge Vellum Stationery . . . double the usual quantity . . . printed with your name and address or monogram for Just $1. ' Of course you'll want a box of each size . . . Double Sheets for short, chatty correspondence . . . and Plat Sheets for yourself, Dad and the rest of the family. Uv HKKRV M'LBMORt MIAMI, Fla., Jan. W-M)n last Saturday, under the hot sun ot Mi' ami, Bryan M, Grant, Jr., of the Atlanta immortalized by Bobby Jones and Margaret (Cone with the wind) Mitchell, defeated Donald Budge of California, 6-2, 7-6, 6-0. In the final round of the Biltmore tennis championship. Unless I am mistaken this victory by Grant will form the keystone of the largest, most robust sports argument of the year 1937. I expect It to form the basis of a disagreement which will reach the proportions of the battle between Eleanor Hotm(,"pop the c6,i1is, boys"), Jur-rett and Avery ("I done my duty") Brundage in 1936. - Because the Davis cup team each THE DAILY FIRST ON COURT SKED THIS WEEK Montezuma Due Here on Tue-day Night Date of Game With Brazil U Changed to Thurday . The flrnt of two game rliediiled fur Clliiton'a hankt-tball team thU wii-k will lie ilaycd here Tuesday nif.lil aKainit Montezuma, a town where they take the same aerlmmly and piny o win. Volnpy Ward' ohargca have been glvlliB their opponents a lot of trouble this season, and If past perform-once means anything the Aatets and Wildcats will be pretty evenly matched for their pending get-to at the local gym. Both schools gained victories last Friday night, Monte-mma beating Brldgeton, 45 to 38, in a double- overtime and Clinton trouncing Balnbridge, 22 to 13. Dale Changed The game scheduled here for Friday night against Brajil has been changed to Thursday, Jan. 14, the evening on which dedication ceremonies are . to be held for the new C. H. 8. gumnasltim. The tilt la booked fo begin at 7 p. m., to be followed by a abort program, Including the appearance of A. L Truster. I. H. S. A. A. chief. Clinton's reserve squad is competing In a B team tournament at St.Bernlce. The local scrubs will square oft aeainst the Hillsdale second stringers at 9 p. m. Thursday. , : l: League Bowling AMERICAN' UEAGUfe Htundlnga Teams Won Lost American Legion . . . 28 4 The Daily Clintonian 17 10 Rexall Store 18 11 Clinton Pure Milk ..14 13 Winters Drugs 11.-16 Mike Auto Body Shop 11 16 Butter Krust 18 Daniels ,. 7 20 Pet. .852 .626, .693! .619 I .407 .407, .333 .259 Individual Averages Legion Lemstra, 148; Lundie, 140; Manship, .136; Rader, 130; Bentley, 127; M. James, 125. Clintonian F. Van J$rn, 141: Carey, 137; Smith. 135; Tate, 135; Hope, 134; A. Van Horn, 130. Hexall--Tv .Griffith,. 15E; Boyd. 146; Rtevenson, 138; Cane beer, 131; M. White. 18; Haln, 118. Pure Milk Tuberosa, 149; Varda 145; Mattioda, 141: Ruffattola. 140; Nora, 133; Franchetto, 117. Winters Stewart, 161; Collins, 136; Montgomery, 127; S. Anbury, 126: Wintejs. 114; Burroughs, 93. Mike's .Coniba, 169; Weir, 187; Nardi, 127; J. Renduci, 120; H. Welker, 119; M. Rendacl, 109. Butter Krust Cooper, 142: .Kirkman, 133; Horney, 132; F. Meyer, 131; Bartlett, 124; C. Meyer, 110. Daniels Tasso, 164; Duberneck. 139; Berrlsford, 136; Daniels, 130; Fowl, 116; Archer, 92. it High Individual Tasso, Daniels. 221. High Team Pure Milk, 836. Tonight's Schedule 7:00 P. M Mike's vs. Pure Milk. Clintonian vs. Butterkrust. 9:00 P. M., Daniels vs. Rexall. Legion vs. Winters. ' The Sinuses The ainuaea are air space in the bones of the head which connect with the Inside of the nose by mean of email opening. DANCING H O a x Dormon's IP1 1 ( f Tavern Good Orchestra . Your Favorite Beer On Tap Wine Liajuori V Mixed Drink FRIST FUNERAL HOME DAY OR NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE IOd "IIHH n 1 THIMBLE THEATRE if pi lit Sit ..,....., - ii 11 ii i.i... I ..I .. . II .",,.. W.Ty fel'si" '':l" " ' 'Itl'li trr: T ) i l r '-i'-v"'- . en ' : ,,, ,,,,. w .- : : r- i I By RUSS WESTOVER TILLIE THE TOILER MAC IS FROZEM- THEY'VE TAK-EM HIM TQ do mxi ta Hes. 7na0CKS?tw BUTLEV OT THAT SHEET D06 POUAJ BEAK'S CAflE THI FMOZEM, EH 7 THAVsJ HM OUT the ETMETFteeTcy THAN To iWTEftBUPT. ME HOSPITAL- VMHEM fM TAi-KIMS OKI TfcUEFHONEj CS- w r Al IV l AlUCLl I'M wr m ri - v HCAAJ tawt r wti-w, in. ITS R.E6fiETTA.BI-E THAT MAC HIM TO THE COLO THAT BUT t'K GLAD Trie DOQ'S RieHT THAKIIs TOU tDCJI ICOt. tM AMD SOMB- SCOO Kt2!i " M 11 'fyw M OOTR-OOCS TAUWW6 TO A Fl-OS- pECTNE CUilOfltK lk-'V , VaIMaT VNAft At tJ ts IT" "BAM OF COURSE Wai JSp&: nght rri ' . . H Secret Operative 48 OH MR. N "Tl A.t-1- I MU5. ) IDR.OP SEE L TIME " V Cuay ittT, JiTf "refk DANN DUNN THE FERVID PLEA try ATTORNEV BILK FOR MERCV FOR ACE BART AND Hro Of COUNTERFEITERS, JUOGE LEVEL CALLS CAN OUNN INTO HIS CHAMBER .. TO Talk over the &ENT ' I COD me7 1 VOUR A. MONOR OH, How) SAV VOUE I OUT OF THE MOKMIMei. I SFIME V POSED ' WAV, US )muUu fcx , W.tU HERE'S A MAN FOR YOU-" THE FAMILIES OF TLTSF CDOCafa WILL SUFFER THOUGHT FOR HONEST I'M SORRY. BUT one: thing you NEVER A WIMELF I RE MADE AND FOR THAT tut of x, riLV CAN DO PUT YES DAN, VOL) HEARD THE . DEFENSE ATTORNEY PLEAD MERCV FOR THAT 6AN6 HEADED BV ACE BART- WIHAT DO VOU THINK ABOU i LENIENCY FOk THEM FEARLESS , NO WONDER EVEN MY OWN THE CHILDREN C' THIS J THESE SCOUNDRELS IT . SHOULD BE NOW EVERYONE OF THOSE MEN A COLD BLOODED KILLER AND IF YOU DON'T CRACK. DOvJn OKI THEM, GIVE THEM THE ,i,t -mt Tur I ksM FrOV fVTV ANC COUNTRY REGARD HIM A'j xr 1 T : .S- WHERE THEY WILL f- BE A MENACE TO SOCIETY-SORRV. YOUR HONOR. I MUST An KM-uu-rM UTC FOR AN THEIR HERO - AT THE j r- r ft r I M1LL FEEL THAT Mturts APPOINTMENT rrkarf . . I rnn ii. i tuc rni imtRV BREAKING TV-It LAW IHt LATHING TO DO v -r. ,r- Atncr I- I I -C I iT OFFICE. n , i u a .. um. i ii , r ill' , i r-.

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