The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 26, 1922 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Thursday, January 26, 1922
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FAIMMOUNT NEW H i I . : t: PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO HELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, THURSDAY, JANUARY 26, 1922 Number 16 . BLACK AND GOLD BACK IN FORM Three Fairmount Young Men Held For Robbery of Store And9 Now, Your Income Tax Bill Something About Who Has to Pay, How They Have to Pay, and What They Have to Pay Local Factory In On Big Job Drop Forge Secures Part of Huge Contract Awardedby the Polish Government According to Report FARMERS HOLD A BIG MEETING BIG ATTENDANCE AT MEETING HELD HERE IN INTEREST OF MEMBERSHIP DRIVE "BANDITS" WHO HELD UP POSTMASTER HOOVER IN HIS STORE AT WHEELING, JUST OVER THE' LINE IN DELAWARE COUNTY, ARRESTED HERE TUESDAY MORNING BY MARSHAL MALONE ND TURNED OVER TO THE DELAWARE AUTHORITIES MISSING LIGHT AND OLD LICENSE PLATE ON CAR PROVES TO BE CLEW LEADING TO THEIR ARREST. SAID TO HAVE CONFESSED TO MUNCIE OFFICERS According to announcement made in New York Tuesday the Drop Forge Company of Fairmount has been given a part of a huge contract received from the government of Poland for trucks, machinery, tires and other equipment. The Fairmount plant ! will supply the drop forging, called j for under the contract in the ten mil- lion dollar order. The Western Drop I Forge Company, of Marion, is report- J ed to also have been given a part of j the contract. The exact amount of the work sub-let to the Fairmount and Marion concerns is not stated in the anouncement, but is said to be , for a large sum. Four million dollars of the ten million dollar order goes to the Service Motor Truck Company of Wabash. OH! NO, IT'S NOT COLD IN ALASKA I Only 41 Below and Yet Bundy Tells Us He Runs Around in His Shirt Sleeves Sometimes . j Ray (Buck) McKinley. 32: Cecil Payne, 29, and Alva Lynch, 20, all well-known Fairmonnt young men, are now confined in the Delaware county jail at Muncie, being held under charges of robbery, they being said to be the three bandits who early Monday night held up Miles H. Hoover, postmaster and proprietor of a general store at Wheeling, a small town in Delaware county, just over the Grant county line, a short distance south of Matthews. It is said that the "bandit" party contained a fourth man, who has not yet been arrested. The arrests of McKinley and Lynch were made Tuesday morning in Tairmount by Marshal Isaac Malone, while Payne was arrested in Marion by Deputy Sheriff Charles Winchell as Payne was stepping off of an inter-urban car which he had boarded in Fairmount at noon. Payne was returned to Fairmount. Hoover. Eli Rigdon and Nigh Welsh, who were in the store with Hoover at the time of the robbery, were notified of the arrests and came to Fair-mount Tuesday noon and identified I the men as the robbers. Lynch wasjt0 have received only $20 apiece as indentif.ed as the man who held the J their part of the "swag." They stat-gun on the men in the store while the (.j that in Murion they purchased a other, McKinley, ransacked the cash "quart" of liquor and then returned drawer and "frisked" Hoover of his to Fairmount late in the evening. The INCO"ME TAX IN NUTSHELL WHO? Sing-le persons who had net income of $1,000 or more, or gross income of $5,000 or more. Married couples who had net income of $2,000 or more, or gross income of $5,000 or more. WHEN? .March 15, 1922, is final date for filing returns and making first payments. WHERE? Collector of internal revenue for the district in which the person lives, or has his principal place of business. HOW? Full directions on Form 1040 A and Form 1040; also the law and regulations. WHAT? Four per cent normal tax on taxable income up to $4,000 in excess of exemption. Eight per cent normal tax on balance of taxable income. Surtax from 1 per cent to 65 per cent- on net incomes over $5,000 for the year 1921. The following statement is issued bv M. Bert Thurman, Collector of i internal Kevenue, uistrict ot mciiana. The Revenue Act of 1921 contains two new and important provisions, which are the subject of frequent in- rnu c t . . , - . al exemptions allowed married per - sons, and the second nrovision reciuir- ; - - " l""- " comes of $5,000 or more. The act provides that a married per- son, living! with husband or wife, whose net income for 1921 was $5,000 or less shall be allowed a personal ex- emption of $2,500, If the net income of SUch Pcr?on was over 5'000 iho :" ' " : I j 1 ! j ! j j ' i , , ; , j I i u Mrs. Florence Bartholmew has re- Hollingsworth and either Payne or ceived another letter from her nephew, Craw will probably line up as for-Leo Bundy, who is in Alaska m wards. LaRue has been sick this ehartre of one of the government's ! week and wil1 probably be unable to radio stations. Leo, while a former Fairmount bov seems to like it up in AiasKa, especially me .una climate f- tVio Tmt. fr,. civc- "Voatb cr is iut"fine un here Hasn't been " ,s Jul e 1 en. cold for a week now. The coldest it has been so far was 41 below, and, truly, it didn't seem cold then. Why, I run around in shirt sleeves and my shirt collar open, with light summer clothing on when it is 10 below, so you see a person does not feel the cold at all like you do." lie savs he is weJ satished there watch. Some $200 was taken from the cash drawer, it is said. Payne was indentified as the man who was driving the automobile in which the men escaped after the robbery. Sheriff Hoffman, of Delaware county, was notified of the arrests, and, accompanied by Deputy Sheriff Bryan, came to Fairmount about 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon and took the men to Muncie. where they were placed in jail. All of the men are ex-service men. Lynch is married and has two children. He told the Muncie officials that his family was in destitute circumstances, end that he had taken part in the robbery in order to get money with which to feed his children. After reaching Muncie the men are said to have made a oemr-lete confession. Airivincr in Muncie the men ar.d is doing well. He likes the place Everyone is familiar with the speedy i exemption is $2,000. Under the Re-: much interest was shown in the and the people so well that he seems stvle of plav put up bv this little , venue Act of 1918 the Personal ex- . membership drive now on. Mr. Colo fear that he mav turn into a Si- ouintet and the second team games emption allowed a married person was ( vert remaincd in Fairmount until . . ... . ... ..... i $? onn rucrnrHlpRs nf the amount of n !.. , U .,.t Mnt- r with the speedy exemption is $2,000. Under the Re- net income, xiie iiuimii iulc ic-, thews where he will attend tne jej-! mains unchanged, 4 per cent on the ferson township meeting to be held wasn. ties irettr.?. he savs. "that wild." "I'd be a sweet looking ani- mal," he writes, "to stroll down Main street in Fairmount now, with moc - cassins on my feet and my hair about completed and ready for use in ac-down to my shoulders and crowned by comodating the unusually large crowd were first taken to the police station ' seal sale for 1921 than for any other where in the presence of Detectives year, MIss Lila R. Powell, executive Puckett and Recce, Chief of Police secretary for the county tuberculosis Benbow, Captain Coons, Sheriff Hoff- . association announces. The county out-man and Deputy Sheriff Bryan they ide of Marion made a splendid show-are said to have made their confes- j ing in sale of seals, and everywhere sions. Prosecutor Benadum, of Dela- , there is shown much interest in the ware county, was then called and . work, the hope being that the county vt-o-cc rnVW were filed acainst may be able to take care of all the LINE UP TO BE STRENGTHENED BY APPEARANCE OF WILLIAMS AND PAYNE High School Quintet Ready to Meet Summitville Tomorrow Night on the Local Gym Floor Two Big Games on the Program Balconies Now Ready for Use. Two of the big home games of the season on the Fairmonnt high school schedule are booked for Friday night, ' ,th- tho Summitville first .ind scrond ams wiil appear on tn local floor that evening to stack up against the Fairmount first and second teams, The first game is booked to begin at 7:30, while the big game will folLwH at the close of the second team game. The Summitville team has been going quite good recently and according to all reports, the lohals will be in for a hard battle from start to finish. Just now the Black and Gold team is hitting a mighty fast stride and mny Fairmount fans are predicting n JmiMi 'IrttllT U,1iOV " 1 Cr T" f Walters nas not yet announced now the local team will be lined up to start the fray and several promising ! combinations have been tried out. ! Pet in the Pame Friday. Conse- quently either Williams or Flanagan v -- .v, .v....- - ; the guards selected from J. fickard, Williams, Craw and Flanagan, de- ... , . JV . pending on tne organization ior me, remainder of the lineup. With this organization goingi at top speed, Summitville should stand a good show of taking the short end of the score. Probably Bosley and C. Pickard will play forward on the second team j j with Briles or Comer, center, and Wil- Johnson, guards. hern. Usborn or Osbo bid fair to prove unusuanv interest - , ing frays. Hale, of Anderson, referee both games. ; The balconies are now entirely expected Fridav night. The doors i wjjj Gpen at 6:15. j KIWANIANS TO HEAR DR. TAYLOR TALK President of Tajlor University to be Speaker at Kiwanis Meeting Monday Night Ladies Night j "Slim" has issued invitations for the regular Kiwanis meeting to be held next Monday night, the dinner being served in the Congregational : church by the ladies of .the church. "Slim's" invitations this time, how- ever, are issued to the ladies, and each lady is requested to provide her husband or her gentleman friend with an aprorrand see to it that he brings her as his guest to the dinner. In ! other words, next Monday night will DR. NEWTON WTRAY TO LECTURE AT UPLAND On January 27th, at 7:30 p. m., in the Methodist Episcopal church, Up- Jackson Dalton. the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Dalton living on ulllsiui auu vi& ma gctuii along fine. , , s i wjH ' j j ; first $4,000 of net income above the 'exemptions and 8 per cent on the re- maining net income. In order that an income slightly in excess of $5,000 shall not be subject-jed to an inordinately disproportionate tax because of the reduction of the exemption to $2,000 thereon, the law "provides that such reduction shall not operate to increase the tax, which would be payable if the exemption State Organizer James Covert and County President Louis Needier Give Talks on the Benefits of Organization Practically all Present Sign Up as Members. One of the largest and most successful meetings ever held by the Fairmount township unit of the coun- ty agricultural association was that held Wednesday afternoon in the basement of the Fairmount State bank. The attendance was so large that the seating capacity of the large hall had to be materially increased to accomodate those present to hear the speakers and participate in the busi- ness of the afternoon. In addition to the farmers from Fairmount town ship many farmers from Liberty and adjoining townships were in attendance, and practically every man signed up for membership in the association, and following this meeting it was ar- ranged that James G. Covert, state j organizer, and committees would visit each school district in the township to secure memberships. Mr. Covert gave a strong talk on the advantages of organization, show- j injr the farmerS just what each one gains by being a member of the i township organization. Mr. Covert showed at ha was thorougly famili ar with the history of farm orgnniza- t tions and gave his information in a thaJ. it couM be n understood . . . , &y his hearers. Following, M r. covert, Louis .Need ier, president of the Grant County Agricultural association, gave a short taJk on organization. The meeting : was presije( OYCr ,y joe Holloway, who was reccntiy rc,.elccted president f th Fairmount township unit. The meeting was most entusiastic and i li;uifU"i ... ...... tere in the t0vn hall. DUROC BREEDERS MEET IN MUNCIE Second Annual .Meeting of the District Association to be Held Saturday of Next Week ) The second annual meetimr of the ,, . . . . r, RrPpHprs' - er, of Fairmount, vice-president, and Urba Carter, of Gaston, secretary-treasurer. The address of welcome j at the Muncie meeting will be given at the morning session by J. E. Green, of Muncie, and the response by Bent Wilson, of Cambridge City. This will be followed by an address by R. J. Evans, of Chicago. Luncheon will be served at noon, and the afternoon program will be as follows: Afterdinner Mints Willis Tappan, Alexandria. Address 'Durocs or Dummies, Which" Chas. M. Trowbridge, Mlays, Ind. Monologue Miss Opal Wilhelm. Address "Duroc Type" Chas F. Sprague, Lima, Ohio. Music Chas M. Trowbridge and Daughter. Address "Scientific Principles of Breeding" Wm. Graves, Daleville, Ind. FUNERAL WM. P. SEALE HELD MONDAY AFTERNOON. The funeral of the late William P. Seale was conducted from the Fri"nd church Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mr. Seale, who was a pioneer resideit of Fairmount township until ab.r;t twelve years ago when he went- to Whittier, Cal., passed away a little over a week ago in his western horai. According to a promise made when he left here, his widow Mrs. Ethel Seale. had the body brought back here for burial. Rev. Enos Harvey of Nobb . ville, a former pastor of the Friends church here, had charge of the funer- service which was largely attended by his many friends and neighbors, I burial being made in Park cemetery. each of the prisoners. Shortly after the robbery Monday , J a fur cap, and a moose skin coat all trimmed up with Indian bead work and fringe in regular Indian fashion." He has been out hunting! several times, he says, and has killed one dandy big brown bear. He has his skin and expects to have a rug made whenever he gets "outside" again. MRS. CURLESS HOSTESS TO THE W. F. M. SOCIETY. The W. F. Mi S. of the M. E. church was entertained Tuesday afternoon in the beautiful new home of Mrs. O. E. Curless, Mesdames Langsdon, Moon, Morris and Gunn assisting hostesses. There was a large per cent of the membership out and consequently the meeting was full of interest and en thusiasm throughout. Two chapters of the "ABECEDARY under the subject "What" were given by Mrs. Doight Holliday, in a manner show - were $2,500, by more than the amount , sociation wjll be held in Munde in the of the net income ir excess of $o,000. j banquct room of the IIotel Roberts, For example, on a net income of on Saturday of next week, Feb. 4, $5,010 the tax, without this saving witH morning and afternoon sessions, clause would be $120.40, which is 4 j Tn5s association is composed of the per cent on $3,010, the amount of net j Duroc breeders in the six counties of income less an exemption of $2,000. j Grant, Delaware, Wayne, Madison, The actual tax is $110:40, computed ! Randolph and Jay, with Orville Rus-as follows: from the net income of j 0f Eaton, president; A. B. Brew- night the Delaware county sheriff , since last May. called surrounding towns over the 1 Miss Powell says that the only telephor.e. notifying the local oncers j solution for the problem is ,in the to be on the lookout. When Marshal establishment of a county tuberculos-M alone was called he told the sheriff,; is hospital, and this step is now be-that he was satisfied that he knew j ing most seriously considered. In the men who had committed the rob- j fact, a site in the northern part of bery He said that four men, driving a ! the county has already been offered Dodge touring car, with the left head- j to the society free, this being a tract light out of commission and bearing j of ten acres of land. However, many an old license plate, had driven into j things have to be considered in mak-Fairmount during the late evening, j ing a start in this work, the location, and that the occupants appeared to the lay of the land, accessibility to have been greatly excited. Malone traction and railroad lines, and ocher was told to place the men under ar- things. rest as early the next morning as pos- J Fort wyne, Miss Powell believes, sible. When arrested all three of offers an excellent oxumnlo fnllnw in a RED SEAL SALE TOTALS UP WELL AMOUNT SECURED FOR TUBERCULOSIS SOCIETY EXCEEDS THAT SECURED YEAR AGO Need for County Tuberculosis Hospital Made More Apparent Than Ever as Result of Clinics Held During the Summer and Late FalW-Steps for Hospital Being Taken. Grant county, as a county, shows better report in the tuberculosis conditions and cases found to exist through the clinics held in the county witn. spienam Duuaings which care for 160 patients, the Fort Wayne institution is the largest of its kind in the middle west, and surrounding counties contract by the year for a certain number of beds for their patients. The institution is also at the present time caring for a number of soldiers under observation, for the government, until they can be taken care of in government institutions. Miss Powell reports that Grant county sold the following seals during the last campaign. Gas City leading outside of Marion, with $147.50, and besides this amount has put over $60 into the work through memberships, clinics, etc., since October. Other reports were as follows: Fairmount, $122.00; Swayzee, $61.-61; Upland, $62.39; Pt. Isabelle, $6.50; Sweetser, $9.32; Sims, $10.60; Herbst, $3.85; Van Buren, $32.40; Liberty tp., $32.30; Jonesboro, $35.31, making at total of $514.73. School organizations of Marion sold $201.49; Marion merchants, $140.04; manufacturers, $166.00; .Marion banks, $246.81; churches, $136.90; Women's clubs, $86.50; Scouts, $35.00; Y. W. C A., Loyalty League, $28.90; Kiwanis, $25; Rotary, $29.50; doctors and lawyers, $16.70. Total sales to date amount to $1,-612.37. Last year the sales amounted to $1,435.00. automobile was found Tuesday Faii-mount garage. v ing complete preparation. Mrs. Lea be ladies' night with the Kiwanis McTurnan, accompanied by Mrs. ciub, and in addition to announcing! Charles Brown gave a beautiful solo, j that Dr. J. M. Taylor, president of Enough pledgied were taken to cover. Taylor university at Upland, will be three shares in the field work of ths the speaker of the evening "Slim" society and a new extension member, promises that there will be "plenty Mrs. O. V. L. Harber, of Laketon, was ' doing." Just what the "husbands" or reported, Mrs. Haiber being the wif e j "gentlemen friends" may be expected of a former passer. At the conclu-jto do with the aprons is not fully set sion of the program the hostesses ; forth in the invitations. The dinner served delicious refreshments. The will be served promptly at 6:30 February mecUng will be held at the 1 o'clock. $5,010 is deducted $2,500, leaving $2,. 510, the 4 per cent tax on which amounts to $100.40. To this is add ed $10, "the amount of net income excess of $5,000. The personal exemptions allowed married persons, apply also to the head of a family, a person who supports in one household one or more relatives by blood, marriage or adoption. Heretofore, a person whose net income was less than his exemption ($l,000Sf single, or $2,000 if married) was not required to file a return. .Under the Revenue Act of 1921, if the gross income of an individual equalled or exceeded $5,000, or if the combined gross income of a married couple and that of dependent minor children equalled or exceeded $5,000, a return must be filed, regardless of the amount of net income. "Net income" is gjross income, less certain deductions. The fact that allowable deductions from gross income, for business expenses, losses, bad debts, etc. may reduce the net income to an amount below the personal exemption of $1,000 or $2,000, does not alter the requirement to file a return of gross income, if such gross income equalled or exceeded $5,000. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Patterson arrived from Columbus, Ohio, having motored the entire distance . in seven hours. Although they encountered zero weather after leaving home, they were, quite comfortable and enjoyed te trip very much. They found the home of Mrs. Will Parrill on Hen.ey avenue. UNEXPECTED GUESTS AT A SURPRISE PARTY. the men were at first obstinane, re fusing to make any statement further than that they "knew nothing about it," The men are said by the police to have driven into Wheeling about 7 o'clock. Two of the men remained with the automobile while the other two entered the store and, under the pretense that they were cold, stepped beside the stove. While Mr. Hoover was stirring the fire for them, Lynch pulled his revolver and held the persons in the store at bay while his companion gathered the loot. In the meantime Eli Rigdon, who was on his way to the store, had become suspicious of the automobile and, accompanied by another man, nad walked pass the store, while the robbery was being committed, Mr. Rigy-don asked the driver of the automobile if he was having trouble, to which the occupant replied "No, and drove down the road about' a quarter of a mile. As Mr. Rigdon and his companion started to enter the store, the bandits were dashing out. Lynch held his revolver on the two men entering while his companion made his escape and then he dashed for the automobile. The men then drove to Fairmount where Lynch disposed of his gun in a pool room. The party then continued on its way to Marion. The men under arrest each claimed Mrs. Maria Neal and Mrs. Jennie land, Dr. Newton Wray, D. D. of Tay-Trader visited during a part of last lor university will deliver a lecture week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. j on "Creation or Evolution" under the Garry Brown and while there were auspices of the Pilalathean Literary the unexpected guests at a surprise j Society of Taylor university. The party which had been planned and public is cordially invited to hear this carried out by the "friends and neigh-! lecture of momentous interest in the bors of Mr. and Mrs. Brown. The ! educational world. This lecture will occasion was the anniversary of Mrs. prove an eye-opener to many. Ad-Brown's birth and the guests brought mission free. oysters and other good, eats and made some delicious ice cream. The orchestra from the Summitville church was present and furnished de- . outh Walnut street, who was run lightful music througout the evening. 'over by a iar?e truck last summer ' 'and injured so badly that he had to Mr. and Mrs. Wallace McClintic, sent to a hospital, has returned Indianapolis, arrived Wednesday to home. The skin-grafting which it spend the remainder of the week with was found necessary to make, proved roads to be in fine condition for tra-Jal veling, Ohio, having snow than Indiana. slightly less . .. . ... ft., 0, ..v. . . miu I Mrs. G. W. Zike on North Mill street, "

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