The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 11, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, January 11, 1937
Page 4
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Monday, January 11, 1937 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana" PACE FOUR THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Foundfd 1U Senate Veterans in Gay Mood Established as The Weekly Clintonian 1890 The Cllnlon Plalndealer absorbed In 1808. George L. Carey Editor and Publisher ntered at the Postofflce at Clinton, Indiana, aa Second Class Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association National Advertising Representatives i GEO. B. DAVID CO. l!n Wrlgley Bldg., Chicago, lit General Motors BlilK.. Detroit 110 Kant 42nd St.. New Tors. bring herself to do it He thnoght she was sentimental about Mimi anyway, and he told hsr, ever and over again, that the entire case was likely to take more courage thsn she'd hsve. .... "You don't know me," she'd Said hotly. "I may be sort of hy, but when I have to do things I can do them. Remember the time I went to St. John's hospital and talked to the superintendent of nones when I wanted a job there? My knees were positively knocking together, but I made myself do it ; " - -- ' . ..y Phone 1 1 7 Phone 41 "And it certainly took courage to 7 i to Aunt Nettie the way I am. hv. I'd rather face a dosen cotirU W. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. I 4. To beautify Clinton and make H tha most attractive city of its siie in the state. ,.uJl Senators Glass and McAdoo 'Lml,MmmmnummM, Their age belled by their characteristic energy and high spirits, Senator Carter Glass of Virginia, left, 79, and Senator William G. McAdoo. 73, right, of California, two veterans of the upper house, chuckle over a confidential Joke as they go to attend a senate session. urer; and MrB. Delia Luwson. YESTERDAYS . JANUARY 11, 1012 ' Miss Mamie Martin lett Friday! nieht for two weeks visit with ' GAINS 1889 PER CENT. One sign of better times is the great improvement shown in the net income of the Class I railroads of the United States. In 1934 these carriers had a net loss of $16,887,073. In I93r) a net income of $7,539,127 and, in 1936, a net income of about $50,000,000. This is a gain of about 1890 per cent over the preceding year, which is what even an economist would consider "some gain. MAKING HIGHWAYS SAFER. The year 1936 probably established a new high in the number of persons killed in accidents on the highways of the nation, although final figures for the slaughter have not yet appeared. There was a day when the speed of automobile was considered the main cause of the fatalities and the factor to be regulated for safety. Speed is probably the chief cause of death on the roads but little prospect of reducing highway speed is visible to the naked eye nt this time. :, Recognizing this fact, attention is being centcied upon other measures, with considerable emphasis being placed upon the observation that our highways, built for 45 miles an hour, are not suitable for the sixty and seventy mile gaits of modern travel. Consequently, one of the safety factors is the possible adaption and improvement of our highways for the traffic that they carry. Last year more than $600,000,000 was spent for highway construction, according to the American Roadbuilders Association. Sorrte of this moner was used to eliminate dangerous grade crossings and a part was used to provide three, four, six and eight-lane highways. Experience has demonstraled that safety lies in such roads where the traffic is heavy. It may be that the death rate will be greatly reduced through such provisions. Mrs. James Youmans, 802 South Sixth street returned yesterday from Marietta, Ohio, where she went to spend Christmas with her Sim. Harry Wltsman arid Mr. Witsman. friends in Alma, Wis., where she formerly was a school teacher. She will stop at Chicago and be Joined by a girl friend of hers, who will accompany her. they finally closed) up and came back here to the states. Yes, he made a lot of money, Mrs. Latham," "I can see him as a miner he always liked mines and he always had aome prospecting going on somewhere. But I cant think of Dad running a a gambling P'"Well, Alaska wai a pretty rough place at one time " "I know. But Dad was so different So quiet. And Mimi was so gentle and sweet "Of eonrse, I do know that sh sang ballads Dad told ma about that once and I know it was true, but I can't see how a young girl like that ever happened to go to a place like Nome. "I told you that Aunt Nettie would never talk about it And heaven knows their fsmfly the Geddes were respectable enough! I waant much more than a baby when Dad took me back thereafter Mimi died, you know but I can still remember the stiff, early Victorian house and the afternoon coffee parties and Grandma Geddes in black silk." . , "But they're atl dead, Mrs. Latham. The only one who could throw any light on It is this alleged aunt of yours, Nettie Geddes Cooper, and depend en It, she won'tl Of course, if I can get a little more positive information such as she won't care to have aired in a courtroom" "What do yon mean?" she asked, uneasily. "Well old family history each He hesitated. Latham's wife was inclined to be difficult at times. And he was having difficulties enough without adding to them. "Such as what?" "Well why Mimi left heme and went to Alaska, for one thing. You will admit that doesn't Sound Very well, and if as I think there was a good reason for it Nettie Cooper, with her social aspirations isn't going to like1 that very much 1" "I won't have my mother dragged into It I I don't ears what she did. I dont even want to hear about it And if you're going to try to win the case that way you can stop right now, because I Oh, ex-case ins that's the doorbell " Just her luck. A collector. But one of the pleasanter ones. "How about a little check for Gorman's Wood and Coal company?" "Ohl Well, not today, but I think next week " ."Monday?" 1 "Yes I'll try to have it on Monday", ALL right. Monday it is. About how much were you thinking of paving?" "Well I dont know exactly. I might" "The full payment? Let me see Sea $18.66. That's the amount, Irs. Latham." "Well I couldn't promise it all. But I'll try. Come back Monday" . "VERY well. GOOD day." That was ths worst of a front door that opened right into the living room. No privacy. Though when they built the house they had not counted on collectors. She closed the door, returned to Pierce with an apologetic little smile. "Now you leave everything to me, and don't worry," he said brightly. He rose to go. "But I mean that about my mother!" - i "She wasn't your mother. That much is clear. I still hope to prove that Adolphus Cooper was your fattier, but we know definitely that Mimi Geddes Cooper wasn't your mother. Didn't I make that clear before?" "Oh, yes, t understand that It's the way I feel about her. I won't have anything against her come out hi court ot If I never get a nickel!" H was a patient kindly man, but he had spent time and money on this case. What's more, he had given up an' afternoon of golf at the WildWood club to come out here to talk to her. "I'm afraid it's s little late to assume such an attitude. Please believe I am working in your best Interests and leave it all to me!" He left brurue!y, leaving her alone ' with her pew, disturbing fears. . Chri'tie f e'-4 tn i1c things over with r-H 'tuldn't . CHAPTER XXXTl In the sprlnr, when the acacia trees were sweet with their feathery yellow, bloom, and flowering fruit trees all over Berkeley burst Into pink arid white and coral glory, Christie's attorney. Nelson Pierce, drove np to Spanish Paas to talk to him of the people who had known Adolphus Cooper. ' "Want to comer he had asked her. , . Want to come? Her whole being ached with homesickness for the mnhntalns. To smell the pinea. To feel the slippery pine needle thick under her feet. To ae the first wild flowers. Buttercups, Indian paint brash, Jennie Jump tips, and the little wild violet, purple and white. Above all, to see the old house again. Just to look at it from the outside. Even that would be heaven. But she couldn't ask Janet Woods to keep Dc-nny for a whole day, and she couldn't take him on such a Ions; drive. ' "N no I don't believe I do." he told him. So he went aloha, and just to keep her mind off of it she spent the day washing woodwork and windows, and waxing floors, pausing only long enough to rescue Donny from the corners he get into with his "walker," loaned by Janet whose "Sister" didn't need it any more, and to answer htm as lie recited his vocabulary over and over "Mmrnnt Dada Mumnram bada " "Yes, darling! Mummum is listening Daddy will come bye and bye." But her mind was miles away, Next day Nelson Pierce caate out to sea her. "Net much lack," fee 'said. "I was afraid not Dad never talked much, you know." ' . "Evidently hot. I found plenty whe "knew yen as. Ms daughter, though. Let's see, Hector Bloomer is one remember him?" "Remember him I My goodness, he kept store there, ever since I can remember. Gladys Flatt and I used to boy all day suckers and potato chips there I Bat I never liked his wife because she was one of the church ladles who told Dad h oughtn't to let me run wild that was before he married Aunt Nettie, of course" "I dare say. About your Aunt ftettis. She's prepared to pot a lot of money into this thing. In fact she's already spent a lot. Medina and Stanley have had a man in Alaska and they've got everything cold. Of course we have traced your your father's activities, but most of those old timers are dead now. "I haven't get the records of his marriage, but it must have been a ood ten years before you were grn maybe longer. You didn't tell me that Mini was 86 when she died." "Why, she couldn't have been I She was awfully young. I can still remember how she looked. Very slender, and with sort of transparent white skin, and pals gold hair ever so much lighter than mine. She was just a girl everybody ' spoke of her as Dad's young wife - "That's true enough she was 2S years younger than he was. But he was 86 when she died I have thee records all right." Before Christie eyes floated the picture of Mitnt, a slender wraith of a girl making daisy chains for her on a green hillside that last spring-Could she have been that old? ' But Nelson Pierce seemed to know. He went on speaking: "She was just a Idd a mere child, when she first showed ap in Nome but don't forget that that was mora than 80 years ago, and old Adolphus was ia his prime then somewhere in the forties, but fall of fight still, and strong as a horse. "He'd already made two fortunes see in geld on the Yukon and another in a dance hall and gambling place he had in Dawson. Then he sold out and moved to Nome when the rosh came there, and he pfctad np SBother fortune. "Mimi didnt work long as an entertainer. They moved around a lot after the rash was ever, and made a ample ef trips te Seattle before Max Wallworth, who is confined to his home with the flu, Is reported to be feeling better today but he Is not yet able to resume his work. than go through thai arem. resides I'm like bad I'm a fighter I" He lad smiled, a little sadly. "Perhaps we're all brave In onr own way. It' when we're tailed upon to be brave in a way we were Hot expecting, that we mah!" She knew that he was thinking of himself. He had been brave enough to give up time and money and strength to work on that theory of his. He hadn't minded having tee-pie tell him he was craay, or being poor, or risking his health. He'd have died for the cause, if necessary. It was this ether thing the notoriety, the unfair criticism, that was proving too much for him. Her arms had gons aronnd him, comfortably. "I know I know "she hsd murmured. But she hadn't known at all. She was just finding out now. She had thought that it would take courage and patience to work with Mr. Pierce on his documents and plans. Catching the bus, going down to his office day after day, with Donny in her arms wasn't easy. She had been prepared to face Annt Nettie and all the world, in court. To stand up before them, and te'l her story, bravely. But this this was different. Hot could she let them drag the ghos , of the fragile, lovely Mimi into a crowded, sordid courtroom? Have her labeled dance hall girl good-time girl perhaps worse? And how could she give it up now without offering to pay for the work that Pierce had already put into it? And where would she get the money to pay7 . She got out the silver set that had been Mimi's, cried a little over the photograph of her in the , Merry Widow hat, and even tried to get Pierce on the telephone to tell him that no matter what happened, he wasn't to drag Mimi into it and that Was final. But he was out of town, the office said, and besides, the case had been postponed again. She worried still, whenever she thonght of it But Donny cut his third tooth, learned to say "bye-bye' and "Donny" plain aa plain: he had his first birthday party, with one pink candle in the cake and Ice cream for Walt and Sister Woods and even a taste for Donny himself. Somebody gave Donald tickets for the symphony; the Whitelys had a dinner party and the guest of honor, a certain f-unous Dr. Schumann, simply monopolised Donald, he was so interested in the latest experiment. For the second time she made over the summer things from her trousseau. For the second time she transplanted spring seedlings, into the rammer garden. Only part of her brain worried. Another part was filled with Bubbling happiness because Donny had not caught the Lewis girl's measles, and the little gray cat's kittens turned out to be all torns, so much easier to give away. She sang aa she cut yellow snapdragons, and thick stalked white stock for the brass bowl she kept on the living room table, thinking how lucky she'd been with her flowerf this spring. She sang aa old song that Dad used to sing: "Oh, I danced with a girl "With a hoU fci her sfoefoV "Hole b her tteekin' hole in kr etoekin' "OK I danced with s girl "With a hole in her atocfcin' "The prettieet girl mt the " Only Dad, bless his heart always said "purtiest," instead of prettiest. She smiled to herself, thinking of the way he used to look, sitting cut on the porch of the old house, all by himself, singing the rollicking rowdy tune for si! he was worth. The annual election of the First National Bank of Clinton was held Tuesday, ull the old officers being reelected and Forest Alkman, who has been a clerk, being made assistant cashier. The officers are: J, W. Strain, president; Edward Shlrkle. vice-president; O. F. Houston cashier and Directors, Messrs. Strain. Shirkie, Harmon K. Morgan, Frank L. Swinehait, Hal It. McClellan. B. H. Morgan and John R. Newton. Margaret Glsolo, plucky 15-year-old second baseman, who led a sand-lot baseball nine from the little mining town of Stanford to the state championship, will watch the 192? tournament of American Legion Junior baseball from the bleachers. The added expense of chaperons for the many girls who have expressed a desire to emulate Margaret's experiences has led to the ruling that the Dr. and Mrs. Oeorge A. Jackson are parents of a son, born Thursday morning. tournament will be limited to boys methods. Employment Is under. Miss Anita Lyons Is visiting her good promise for advancement and cousin . Frank Ryan of Danville, favor. THE HOMETOWNER To Love and Live and Let Live .r.iMAKY it, na The annual Installation of the newly elected officers of the Amerl A child born on this day should be responsible and dependable, attaining its success or diplomatic or political associations, and ft should attain position through secret can Legion Auxiliary was held last The Spanish civil war can now be THE STARS SAY By GBNEVIEVK HUMBLE For Tuesday, January 12 According to the planetary configurations, this should prove to be a day for intrigue, diplomacy, political agreements and secret workings of every nature. Subtle or private agreements or tacit understandings with mergers, combines or secret bodies are encouraged. Those whose birthday it is may look for a successful and progressive year through secret or undercover agreements rather than direct night in the Legion Home in South termed as Europe's "small" Spanish Third street., Mrs. A, V. Stringfel low was the installing officer. revolution. Small world, isn't it? The fact that the American nou intorvoniinn law of neutrality is The new officers are: Mrs. C. C. ManshiD. nresident; Mrs. Ellen awaiting the president's' and vice- First Use of Tear Gal Tear gas was first used in 1921 when a riot broke out among the prisoners at the Western State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania. president's signatures can give some much worried mothers a reason to Patch, vice-president; Mrs. Jamep Bianco, secretary; Mrs. Sam Howell, chaplain; Miss Luella Clauter, treas- sleep well tonight: I hope by the time you read this that this particular thing lias a! ready been done. "He shows promise-but you never can "tell" A Common Problem Often, more often than we real ize the problem of early marriage presents itself. Personally. I am lu favor of early (To Be Continued) Grid Hero ses , Readers Comment several weeks, many thousands of W, P. A. workers have been and till are being laid off, and it becomes Increasingly harder for those on direct relief to secure from the various relief agencies sufficient food for bare existence, to say nothing of the multiplied needs to sustain V1 Clinton, Indiana, January 8, 1D37 The Daily Clintonian Clinton, Indiana '' Dear Sirs: Please find enclosed copy of let ter addressed to Virginia E 4 J Jenckes. member of congress, 6th district of Indiana, in behalf of the unemployed and W. P, A. workers life. This Is due to the fact, according to our information, that present relief appropriations are rapidly being exhausted. On November 3, 1&3G, the electorate of this nation volud in up-port of the present administration la no uncertain terms and especially in this, your distrirt returned you to marriage, especially for girls. I take this stand for several reasons. First, and most Important: Marriage Is a realist's game; not a game of fate. Life ItBelf Is a daring reality. Second: Happiness, love, and contentment are an Invention of our mind. We are as happy as we llifnk we are. Quite often we discover a spark of consciousness of another being. , Just as often it is misinterpreted for the "real thing." Third, second In importance, the younger wife makes the best equipped mother. because she knows the generation and Its problem with which her off-spring Is to cope. Tltls. of course is an age-old problem, and probably will never be properly solved to suit the masses. I should like to hear from you readers as lo your point of view. I know, too. there are many more straight forward reasons for my attitude to this problem, therefore T should like to bear your pros and cons on It. Also, last evening I Introduced another Idea for you Home Towri-ers. H"w did you like It Would you like to have a special side line for your Home Towner? If so please write suggestions for future reference. ' We invite you to make this your column for personal use. TSaok you.' V We believe that It Is of vital Importance that sufficient funds be appropriated to keep the unemployed at the present standard and Increase it as much as possible and this is office with a substantial majority especially true of this community, and In the interest of this cause, tor but one reason, of this faith lu your qualification and knowledge of the needs of the millions of people we are asking you to publish the enclosed letter, gratis. Thanking you throughout' the nation and particu larly at home. Therefore we urge in advance. Yours truly ' ' CLINTON LOCAL No. t ' Workers Alliance of America P. 8. Also enclosed demands of the Workers Alliance 'so that you you to work and vote for the legislation as recommended by the Workers Alliance of America. ' Respectfully, Workers Alllauce of America. Clinton Local No. 4. ' ,Wm. Boyce, Chairman. Thos. Turley. Vice Chairman. John Pangrasio. Secretary. Dave Rockett, Recording, Secty. may see what they are. Win. Boyce. President. Tom Turley. Vice President. John Pangrazlo. Secretary-David Hockett. Recording Secy. ft t Mrs. Bobert Levensoa Although Marshall Goldberg, sensational sophomore football star at University of Pittsburgh, made history on the gridiron this past season, his "romantic efforts" were less successful as his "girl friend", the former Helen Einoff, 18, eloped to Wells burg. W. Vs., with a high school sweetheart Robert Levenson, 21, of the Uni varsity of Pennsylvania Clinton, Indiana, January 6. 1937 IJrerpoeJ, Great Pari One of the chief reasons for Liv Virginia E. Jenckes erpool becotunf a great port is that i it MCUH0I tn nnlv Hn vitr : Calra, Pile ef Sacks A cairn ia a pile of rocks or a rocky place. Brae means a hillside or brow of a hill. The rocky brow of a hill is implic I in the name Cairn Brae. Member of Congress 6th District Washington. D. C. Crept lugs: At this time and for the pasl haven on (he west coast of tnglana. There are Similes of docks on the city's side of the Mercer and Jii miles -on the Birkenhead side. Win Hoiiaess . Neither days nor lives can be made holy by doing nothing in them. fW w Into. - -

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