The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 11, 1937 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, January 11, 1937
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PAGE THREE The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Monday, January 11, 1937 MDUTON-TtHlKY will hold a nieelilif at Ihe home of ATTHVn I.WTI'KK BIRTHS Ml. and Mrs. Ilewaril Nevins. of line kvillc, ale the panlils of a baby girl born at the local hospital CLINTON SOCIAL NOTES Miss Mauriiie Tohey and WilliaiD Morton, both of I'errysvllle. were married yesterday noon at the M. -K . Iiiireh In I'crrysville by the Iter. M Winters. Mis. Morion Is employed as a secretary nt the lor al WI'A office. Definite p Kims ot the couple were hot T.ienbd Mrs. Kverett A. lavihson of Kim hi reel and Mrs. Harold Wiaeliart of Hlarkman atre't attended a lecture Sunday at the Mayflower room at Ihe Terre Jlaute House, Terre Haute. This lecture was Klrn hy the Honorahle Klh n Wilklnnon. a inem-in r of the Hrillfh I'arllnic lit. .Mrs. St. t:. SI ll III. lila kmall st.'e.-l. 2 ::'.'t p. m. Wednesday Bridge club will mci-t at 111- home ot Mr. Larry Nation on Walnut street. 2 p. m I'aslillie Club -will llieet III III" borne of Mis. W.lliatn laiwso.i. ii.iiih i:itbih mr-it. 8 p in. A. I! C. Club will meet at the lion t Mis Charles Straw on Wal m l Mn el. 7 Jil p. Hi. SCIENCF. CLASS MHMBF.RS CUI5IS OF LOCAL CONCLRN Church Wedding Held at Universal Sunday Mr. and Mrs. J'li M' Ik mi Newport, are the pan-nln of a bab boy horn 111 Hie Vermillion fotlll! hovpital Saturday. s.lia Mary Vrmtm, .alias MIsh Mary Cabonay, of Indlana- I ailed la Marriage Kamlar An- Thursday To Make How al Hgla. III. SOCIAL CALENDAR hall Katie 'Wv to ill'et at III Mia Mary Kcsta. diuahter of Mr The Eighth lirade Science Clafs of Ihe f'romplon Hill School acre giK'sls n-cctilly of Hie Clinton Water Uiuks and the Imiiana It'll Telephone funiiwny. I'oe I'lafl. an -liiploye of the Water Wuik. ekilatii,1 the ilitrci--cnt pMitii of the mechanical wot k in that pellicular line. At the Indiana I1 It T I phone Coniiany Miss Ituth lliihnid gae an interesting es-planatl'Ui on the parts of tile switch-hoard and Karl Talbott, the nie-clianiial dt.'Vid-a, TONIGHT IS DAD S NIGHT Monday in South Main street at 7 i. in. I adn Bible Clan oi the I'lil ls-t an Chinch will meet at ihe home of .Mm. tiny Southard. South Seventh Mieet. 2::! II p. in. Hoslisses lor the occasion are Mis. John Foster. Mis. K. J. Iias and Mrs. I'oeu Two American Cardinals Seen at l.ik'lv Candidates forfligh Post Held by Pius as Hope Dwindles iContlnucd from Pace 1) Telf in the present liilernatl'inal crhis. and til- fart Ihe Cniled Stales yields more income for the Holy See ilK.ii Hie rest of Ihe Catholic world eoinli n. d are factors linked in the micN of those who believe the next t .'tit iff may be an American. i is no secret Hat because of .iM.tir ns applied against Italy Hie KHiiopian war the Vatican income u-jis preatly depleted, owing to restrictions placed upon money Wakofc Club will hold a ing at the II. k- I'. W '' i South Main str.-. t. 7 : IS p. m. Ben Harrison Observes 8 1st Anniversary Sun. A surprise birthday limber wai held yesterday for lien llarrixm ( Koulh Main atreet. (he oxasion l-Ing his list snnlvcisaty. by s-vi-ial relallvea. At noon a bask-t dinner wri cived cafeteria aiyle. Guesta ailendlng wre Mr llaril-wn'i only sinter. Mrs. AnnalK-llc Hopkins of west of the rlly. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Harrison. Mr. and Mrs. Shell Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. W llllsm Farrincton and children. Wilms. Billy. Rosemary. Kir hard md Wayne. Mr. and Mrs. Oilbrt ''luder and daughter. Phyllis Mae, Mr. and Mia. Merrill Jeiikliu. Mrs. 'ilenn Karls and dauphtcr, KII?Ji-elh. Mr. and Mrs. Collelt Harrison. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Porter and ehil-Iren. Robert. Mary Catherine and lean, and Miss Margaret. Miss Ittith nd Miss Msdaline Harrison. Mr. Harrison was presented with cveral bouijuets of flowers. BARBOUR-CRIST ho ib vmititm r'laiivi-n und fridids li'ie. waa Ihe K'-1'' of M'H Myrtle Irene Payne of fclm street. Mrs. W. fl. KuiKht of .V In ker hUf i, is confined to tier home with influenza. HOSPITAL NEWS Miss Itulli Davb, of North Main street, underwent an ap"-iul- lotny at the Vermillion county lio.-iiial yesteruay. .she is getting along sat-isfactorily. ' Dr. Paul II. Casebeer. of .Soiilli Fourth street is a patient at the I'n-ioti hospital in Terre Haute. He Ib a little Improved. of the Hour i litiich - u il! AT P. T. A. MEETING ihoijst i '.Ju iinrUi i U ty H-'iiinr-rsi' y i!, 7 p. Hi- Tii i i il i.iimli.'i f the i.f :u ! Hi" i lor ; Helen Newport will be bust) "... Hi-Tri Circle - will hold a iioci- im at the home of Mirs Myrtle Irene Payne, Kim street, a p. m H Kvelyn Payne will hi- the assi.-lalll il08t'HM. An executive meeting will be h"H al 7:30 p. m Drcainland Pbaure Club t.. hold a m-ellng tnllight at the cItiIi-rooms at 7:30 p. m. Al thai lini' plans will lie discussed In reaard t" T.iiiifilitill Ik? ohi?rv'iJ a iiu'Ik Hi I Ik I'art'iU-T -a hi At-Mia(iin iii'fiii, wliih will f h' M at the rromjitim Hill B' bwl. Trie in'Uns vftl ti-Kin al 7 p. m. nt lln. Kino ron i "!'"' iu4 Julius lata-luat. ana of Mr. an-Mrs. Aniteio lsial of ('hliaK (ere an lied ta BMrrlag ISgiida: fternoon. Janaary I". l " ' J.eph ihtnt. H' I'lion off! paling, using the allude rl cere iony. I Attendants arete Miss Mmnl am Hiss Hlea Keeta. sisters of I hi (ride, and Miss Lillian La-n. loi.i. ister of (be f room. Best men a en i electa Tulwroaa and iw Kesta oi ary. brother of the grooiu. Tbe bride was attractively dreasci' i a while brocaded velvet drw ilose-Bltlng arilb a tailored oeekliu. nd long tleeyes. which were pulte a (be elbow, and a veil Khe won boulder corsage. Miss l-en ion (nd Miss Helen Kea were autre'' fen peach colored aalln dresses im' Ifim Minnie Keeta. a blue sal r Ireaa. N'.,itli ;:!. ji ,,i i lie Furin. hint ( (i it iv if th" M'-ihodisi hun h j -i : 1 h-i'd f I o'H.M k over' d ditsh : 'ihcIm-mi ;it Ihe home uf Mr-- F. T emeriuK and I. avniK IlHiy. The .hiiic.i also has taken a tre-ui. n.loiis f.nancial loss in Spain, where ihe reds devaated of churches. monasteries, schools and hospitals supported by tile church. and will hi in cliarKi of tli tn'ii of the aHOf iatfon. for the tiarty. which is sciiidubd next Sunday. "ll. Blackmail Ktrer-t. AsiMant 'inSt'syfH w'l! In- Mda niv: Tom Kihhv. f W. Ashley. Martha Sinl- licrt Ijimliert of Siiuth Third Ktreet, wlio is a patient at the Vermillion County hospital. Is getting along fairly well. Tuesdav Smith. ; Walk" ft. V r. Th 'Oi. f'ark nd fhiic Night Coughs. Middletoti m'--it dih cfuiiniitict'. hold ri-c'i-Soiith Main furnish'-d IV Hi ' f)aiiL-htTS -w-il! ctin tr at th hall. 7:30 p. m. .Inh' lar . ' ' " U- t . A M m aaaas m M aaa Mrs. In'iiiul attended Ibe ril Pif , VapoRus ion high school. Pol lowing (he ceremony a r-c" Friday (ion waa blI in (heir honor a( (he lome of the bride'a parents . -will hold if .Mis. Jame l. 2 p. til. Happy llo'ir tin.- at 'lie r. South fifth st re Free Show The young couple will make t'ei' tome at ElKin. III., where the groom i employed. At Jean Burgess was removed from the Vermillion County hospital lo her home on M. M. 3 yesterday. Mrs. Ollavio flamhaialii. of North Klcvenih street, who underwent a malor operation at the, I'nlon hospital In Terre Haute Thursday, is clttnis along satisfactorily. I, Vie Vernon Marshall of Detroit, formerly of Clinton. Is reported to he a little improved at a hospital there following an emergency operation for a nipt tired appendix last week. Although he is on the road lo recovery he will have to remain in the hospital there for a month. His mother. Mrs. Mallie H. Marshall, and brother Harold C, are -. ill with him at this time. Saturday Mr. and Mra. Dallas Montgomery Norval Hyiiuni snoral rhair-man of Ihe affair. Other com mi 1-i oen ar? rom Ktund of H u he rt fall. hairmaii. Iarl I,oy, f'lifford Ut lp and VVIIUam Morrin; honpitalily rominitt'p. John Dunkley. Jbbo TltninaM. J'lni I.tjal, Frank Cwnt. Milfoil f'utta stud 1'iarl NVwkfrk and -'frtitbwnt Jnhn I'ko, Tony Ken ox - , Mrs, M. I'- -Hater.-n of So:illi rhhd ntfui haK r-'tnrnd to her .'.in af'-r spnduiK the wiffUt-inl in tndianapoliB a Hip pupkI of her son, , and family. Mr. and Mi h- Itay I -jiinn?rlfy of joiiIj of i lit' i-iiy w-i biinday dm-i't jeu'M of Mr. and Mrs.. fi-rl (owaid of Tt'iiiH'K-'e Valley, i M. ;i'yd Karl of South Kler-i,t li HiK-'-t. who has bwn con fin ''d ' h'T home with illww for the a t vecliM. is a MW. Improved. Mr. and Mm. Iwis K'"d of nor' ir (he city ij'ti Saturday at l-afay-M' viciitins their daughter, Mfs Mary KnUrittv H'-d, a nurse t he ,t. Kfizahoth hoBpital there. She 'ftriii-d to the hospital with th' t ai' J'iulail :v ; i" ml In' mi;- v. as relumed borne In Detroit after Fairvicw City Hall WEDNESDAY January 13 ty their lax -;. er.e i. .;?-. L-l l..e Oliil Kei e I'uillls. Terre v.;il he served ; jieiTing bU parenta. Mr. and Mra. reen Montgomery of South Sli'b Mother's rluli will hold a met-in at the hom of Mrs. Don Tto-rtl' ty, BiHrknun nri. 'J p. m. Mooe lodre -to meet at Hi" hull in Blaekman street at 7 p. m. Delia Tlu ta Tau sorority-- wh! hold a nieeifiut at the B- & P- W. rluhronms. South Main etreet, 7:45 p. m. IMphianK- will hold a meeting at the home of Mrs. .. F. Adams. Blaekman atreet. 8 p. in. W. C. T. I. w-ll ntfel at Hi" home of Mrs. Clarence Wiijht, Blackmail street. 2:30 p m. American K-nu. Aux:i.aiy Inn' parly-wiJI h h' td at l;i- 1 ; n,i heme. South Third atrt. 7 : p. m. Tuesday Bridge Clnh will hold a meetini: at th hone of Mrs. J. W lt-dcr. South Fourth siri. s; p. m. Tuesday hun'hf'on Brid-'" ("luh -will hold a luncheon at tin- hniu-- of Mrs. II. M. Ferguson on South Fifth tre't, 1 p. m. Group B of th' V'Minr; Worn'ii':' Sodality of th Sacred ll'-ari f'li'iic'i - will njfet at thf home of Ad -line Vnlnline of orth Ninth street, 7:30 p. m. Tu sday Bridge rlnh w ill iu. 't - t'., i.rrne of Mrs. fharls Walker aii.i. . r- .u I all, Twel A supp-r ..a. n il.llll street and oiner relatives. i f a h r.-; fii i asked I' Miss Maliel Crist, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Ornrer Crist of N' W llosli-i'tl. Ieame the bride of Morris Harbour, son of E. T. BarlKinr i'l Vermillion. III.. Wednewlay. January S. at 14:30 a. m Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. l-ester Crist of New fWishen. brother nd s'sier-in-law of ilie bride. Mrs. Barbour wore a blue crep dress with red velvet and white lace trimmings. She bad black accessor-es. Mr. and Mrs. Barbour have gone 10 housekeeping in flielr newly furnished home, which is located ea.-;t of Vermillion. ITTEM MKKTIVJ .along the members of the Clinton Township Home Economics '"luh who attended the Presidents -ind Directors meeting at Newport it tba courthouse Friday w'-i e Mrrf. John Dunkley, Mrs. Harry Van tuyn and Mrs. i. T. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Butcher nd rfr-.ughter. Marie, of Terre laut" visited relatives in Clinton aturday afternoon. Friends of Mrs. Dora Smith, a ormer resident of Clinton, now of trtjesia. New Mexico, have received lord that sbo baa arrived there safely. 7 P. M. III. 1 I1 a Mr. and Mra. Harry Cunningham i ov.n tnlil'- :ervi(f. A procra-'i and dance will be f Fairview were Sunday dinner I :-n . . etch ell ;o'. invila- j nests of Mr. and Mra. Kd Cunning-lam. Sooth Seventh atreet. I. This is, to he affnir. m Mr. and Mra. Tom Mae.Nair c .la-ie i I I dall-hlef. of H' ltth Main Mreel Mr; 1'oe M ss Thelnu WANTED " Hides Miss Louise Reed, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William He d of Kair-view. iiiMh-rwenl a major operation at the Vermillion county hospital recently. She is getting along as well as can lie expected. eflenlay of II'. and McCoy of Kosedale. South fourth atreet received won, from their aou, George, who 'ua been stationed at Albrook field i (he Panama Canal Zone, that be au kia family bare arrived lu Nea lork. They are en route to Can" ley field. Virginia, where Mr. Mae-Kair will be stationed. Iron nags Velnia Hell of Clay Cjty. formerly of Ka'rview. underwent an operation aia hospital there on D"c. 27. Metal and Paper Highest Price Paid A. Dumes Water Street S". B. H. SELLERS DENTIST ? IC S S'h Main Straet f lirlon. Indiana Ray Craig of a C. C. .". camp a Valtfild tFH-rh OfrriKh. on rf !i'd Mri. Wakefield Cerrinh of 'ekrrnn (-Ifet, who hK l"n coil-' H hone with the flu. i now aide to he up. ou Blaekman street, 2 p. i- , Wednesday Wednesday Kmhroidery club READ THE ADS Fort Wayne apent a few days at th-Lome of bia parents. Mr. and Mr Oscar Craig of South Kit III h strei Mra. Paul Thompson of west o Ibe city left yesterday for rbicag" an a business trip. Mra. E. J Hayea of South Fourth "CAMELS ARE CRAN0 at mijltimcs," says this New York matron, ,Mrj. Vintint jp Murray. "I smoke them dur- ing meals and afterwards." g& if - ' atreet. who has been confined to ne ome for some time. Is Improving Iicely. Mr. and Mra. Kverett Bamixon nd baby daughter of North Eighth itreet have moved to their newly lurchaaed home at 4 South Seventh atreet, Henry Wellmao of Mulberrr treet. who baa been confined to his lome with illness for the past, two reeks, la Improving at hi home. Mr. and Mra. Ed Doyle of Falr-'iew have as their guest this week lira. Doyle'a uncle. George Fuller of Rockville. , Meeting Postponed The meeting of the Letter Carriers Auxiliary, which waa to bare een held Thursday evening at the bowe of Mra. Roseoe Walker 01 Hlackmaa street, baa bea post-oaed antil January Jl Mra. Clauda VMIi. of Souta third atreet. la confined to her ooie with illueas Aw ! f', ' V aL. ( N "Smoking Camels helps to keep my digestion in trim," says Patton, oil-well fire-fighter CLAD in an .bc-to uit (), "Pat" Patton tackles a blazing oil-well. "Afttr that I can cuclc away a hearty meal provided I have Camels handy," say, Patton.t njoying a hasty bite right). "Smoking Camels helps keep my digestion in proper trim. And Camels don't get on my nerves." Camels increase the Bow of fluids alkaline digestive fluids so vital lo a sense of well-being after eating. Camels are mild! Constipation tf eu tipsns swats r at ta 1SMu. H . fetAa. P1R-tr Kla. H qui'S rur irfS AVLK- p ' v A. Tsrvua is aua yt sa- tifi 1 so4 ef. r ' ' :v i ,.,un. a ALL-AMERICAS! Hockey . r Slar phU l Bane says: - i, j ' Good digestion and healthy oencs are 'musts' in this , t , t game. So I smoke Camels." ? as, V X "JACK OAKIE'S X f'-m " ' COLLEGE" Kf J i" ffadio's New Smssh Hitl :i'a 1 BeooT Gofwlmjn'l "Swim ' Band 1 - ' 1 i.eorRtr Sii n err OfihfMri I -iB, 1 HrsMifonwtiiihiiflti iift(iDMin I m ipesjavl t.AUge ulcne f fe. Ertry Toa-vW ') t pb m .jiiui c -M "'pwt si.. b fl riai Sizes oa aale at Powell s While they but SPECIAL Hk Adv. N7 a i 16 'w'" i a? -A BR0NC BUSTER ukrf a terrible jouncing." AlUl Crttmnufh iltft), es-plains. "But Camels help me enjoy my food. Smoking Camels with my meals smooths things out for my digestion. I like Camel's mild, delicate flavor." Beware Coughs from commoa colds That Hang On Wo matter hoar many medicines ysj hare tried for your oovnth, chest ooM SPORTS REPORTER AGREES 100 ' with "Tat" Patton that Camels help digestion along. Jamil Could (right), speaking: "My job's a strain on nerves and digestion too. And my smoke is tbe same as 'Pat' Pattern's. Camels set me rigbt give me a cheery 'lift.'" or broncnjal irraauon. you can ret rr hel now antil Creomiuaton. benou trouble may be brewing and you cannot aflord to taae a aasatx with any-tiiirig hem Uian Creomuihion, wtiicb tut rud-it to tbe aeat at tfie trouble to aid nature to aooUie and beaJ Uv uiftamad aaembrarjea a? Uie aerm-uatf phlegm la loosened aad ezpeUtsd. Even If ouun remedies bae failed. dot) t be discourafed. your drugeux la autrioniea to Tarante creorauiswo and to remand s-jcr mooer tf you are not sttiicned anrh remits froo the very first SMM Swi. SenuM kSMMMMS ooUJe.GetCreomuisrtnow. laUJrJ

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