The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 11, 1937 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 11, 1937
Page 2
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PACE TWO The Daily Gintonian, Ginton, Indiana Monday, January 11, 1937 I - lai Heads IVevr Shovr fi-ADB MEWS IJIli M fci-,i:iv- 'i ia iia laaaaiaaaa uaa-aaali HaAaMaai 1 ':' ' . Marre are now a family affair tuor lau ifMauk'' iu addition lo Ibw iiiolhr and daifbi-r apii-ari'i- mm orchestras. mil de-lu piayiur: Honoring outstanding Hurut Heidi's Brlgadi vote an "lire prorram IVeeMy Fam Paper Review THE BEST IDEAS FROM THE BEST FARM PAFCS3 W WILLAJU) 1M.TI turnout by ' selections sde laud during beir i,ro.jc.. ' ItH evening J " ran ' ftofcgt and bands as-on- s' teir sacrefs- ' aled WINDOW GLASS Glass Cloth Cello-Class Putty, Paints, etc. STEVEIISOf! LUMBER CO. lien rln "Wmph "" "avy , ed... -"- ,Jj pat Again" 'rB ""). ' Got a Au A"""'" Keutr,i. -The ," iKsdy VsMeel. "od N''' Be-i-heart' sy Sobtt-i. The carnirat ,f Venice" fTlerWt rial. 'Sweet-tmti oa parade" 'Guy Uimbsi-loi. -T Tny Is fne' 'Psul niKWDf. and -MeeHey of Ks-Room umtre" Art Hickman . i i , -a in- wiorran. il- r!- of liorri'. a ifw nii"'r is tn-inr plM tor n l rr oll on. ;wrw lni -i-l, la- of I wwiili of ftnh--ia Califurat I.Tlti lluili- tin- fcjij'in i'b Hnti- tt '-r w;r nd Hi Mll i'i vroili imt. tjim lwi p'nyiitr ' IV- Hi (' tfM id I'fntfM ! t)T a rUKdmolMT '' 1ir!itV S" M lo p1r ImrK aiid (ny "jHoml i-Bip- linijl l,r!-hHi m rfco younr--M tt sUml'H lo in-Muef'San I'nl'O of CaHforniJ. fti-. lnin-d wlia Ms a H y-am. , , . J. w-lA RH. -dTiilotil diri"i of and 'WFAC. IWarao --'i-d In radio r-ra1 yar aro ,lijn ti- Tit-d a rfldj laii'ii I ln4ianjKJ'!i rii'ir nisia1 f"" a 'ioo! piay. . - ArlHur A1-'n and Pa1-:-r Pfinilr. ' 5iflp-niiair of rral !iira,'i-on N'PK. Ijolfc na ffm nin mm ?rnill. 'Afl-ii ts v lot" In CI wauda. K. Y. arid Pejin')ljr r"; iiain of Nortt,r Hrhor a ua)l i-iti.niiti im.m.H.inH XnMlli' ; - Hi. M-Kl Hn;ali-r. I'BS rIBl. H'JIAK. J IK Vol Of KIMKolM". SKC -W'alAQ. WLW. : mm fnnnlA frorraiav NBC WHAQ. TAM. I li Hugt-r Pryora rrh-iia. rBS- l!l)ll. W(C. TI'KMMT ; -! If-Iin and fomuanr "Walla lli Kan fo Hr " CBS-WBBH, WHAB. Pr-d Aalaif; rf' Or--hira. NBO M'MAQ. WLW. lfi ?.i- -fljr" Olca and Or-nlia CBS BBM. WH AS. 7 l Faiml Hri; Ard-n' Or-Hitra. KBf WI.S. KKKA. T JO Khd Barrmora. NBC W1A KUKA. Jasit-a fJra?on-ii-; ;ood-man'a Or-bMlra. - fBS M'BBM. WHAS. THI'RIMr Ban on White Giant Chicken Poultry aaik la toe mid-west ara docking WWu Glaet rUduoa aa Bra aa At ornu per pound, aorocdiauj ta a report frost loara Eipartaaant Statioa ia bYaijaea ' Farmer. Tba reaaoa for n ia ffrsaai abuki and a tendency to frertirth eoior in tb rata of errtaia parte af tba body, la rWw of (Jm aarfuiasaa of tbie bread for produrtiif laraw roastara, tba Iowa btaXM-a laeoaaaMud tbat H bit Giant braadiia bread oaijr Iroaa stuck that has atronf yeiiow akatika. , Planting Strawberries It Is both better and safer Is plant strawberries ia tba eprlc, according ta Anatriraa Fruit Grower. Fail planting does not rasuit in a better a aaruer crop and spring planting avoids all danger of wuilar toaaaa. Rat on the Poultry Farm New Jersey Experiment Station offers tba folkrwtng recommendations for getting rid of rata, according to American Poultry eoornaL Toa first step is to clean oat ail buildings and remove every bit of twbbiek on tbe farm. Tba second step ia to mix red aqaiii powder into a pasta, with water, and add to meat, bib or cereal bait aa tba basis of ana ewace of tba dry powder to a pound of bait Piece tba bait where tba rata can and it easily. And tba third step ia to keep pa cleaning p and bailing tba rata as iong aa any remeta on tba premisea. I wonder if tba atetaoo ever triad bananas for bait. Tbey work better tbaa anyurhig 1 e-rar triad ia cage traps. i Drying Hay After exhaustive teets of various met bods of drying bay by artificial means, PesuasylvBnia Ha pen merit Station recommends tba pas of erasb-ing tba steaas to bastes Uirsl dryine ratbar tbaa tba) aaa af bast. By tbe use of a crushing machine tbe station ha achieved spectacular results in speeding; ttp natural drying. Where soybean bay required 17 days te dry iwder ordinary baodiing in Septen2ber,-the crashed bay dried ia days Alfalfa tbat waa cat and crushed at VIM A. U. bad dried dowa to about 25 moisture by 6:34 tbat afternoon wbiU tba same mMwHm not crushed still contained 46 moisture at 6 : HM. r'enneyivaoas Fajnaav JACK OAKTB. aa president of tha nytnlcal Oakle-Doaki College of Ike Air. la war of a new radio saow kroadcaat orer lha ColamtMa (iciaM-looatt aecwork erery Taeadaf area Inc. Moaical barkxroand for the pro-(ram la faratened br Beaar Good-aua'a awisc baad, Georgie Stoll'a orebeatra and beat of real ander-(radnaia La Lent aeleeted from col-aad uureraUiea tbrougaoat tbe eounfrjr. Oakie-Ooakie Collere alao briao roa aeat alar aoted acreea and adlo eoowduiaa aetiaa; aa riiriUi 'ofeaaora and toctarera. turn I at 1 us, bidssMst . R A Ylt ES - FR AZIER ; Farm Hardware of All Kind 323 South Main Phone 33 inland off ti n of ' I. A dacade ago Fred Allen, billing binuseH the "world ' worst Juggler," contused vaudeville audience by- interspersing ti tbfnibterrigrhif silk wisecrack. Every I"": missed plate, dropped a ball. misplaced rabbit, be covered tu- error rltli a spontaneous gag. ''' hack la those days Portland orll-sald ber dumb-dors pmooallo sipaeedly tbe great lugrler's aid. Port laud InXead " " ''kt . away by pulling neeessary propr ; oM of Fred's poekeie. The sad-, eyed conaediau and his attractive wife atet each ottier in fbbnro through Ethel Bbutta's Introduction. ' Portland was ,n" 'e "I George Whit' "rVaiodsts'' ad Fred wa playing a leading vaudeville circuit. After they were married the lanky Yankee jester wrote bride hito the Portland MOVIES 7:o--KiidV,"all: VarMr Hour I HUUtt Til HAM P." AT PAIi' - hl'-aiior Powell as a small loan girl villi sets out to make good as a da tiier in ibe big .y bas many opportunities to demonstrate ber tal NBC H'K.WI. Wl-W. ! yaawell Show Bt. ffiCWMAQ. 'I,W. N Msreh of Time. I'fit WBBUf. ViHAS. FKIDAT t 7:3" Hal Keno s Orcbestra RfavthtB Finger. CBS B'BBM. WHAS. Hybrid Corn in Nebraska Each year since 1932, the Nebraska Experiment Station has been conducting field testa of hybrid corn, in comparison with the widely gsoara Krug yeiiow com, oa farms in various parte ef that stats.- Retails have varied somewhat, from vear to year aad in taaioua locations. But tba Tiit aiond in a ol autnHi- it: i.iila? adfiSitsr) of Mrda)' jeojii draina;"d and prdled fcy r"lo)d fj!M.' od war yia-jiosdm and '"iiid!3u atf'uipr." will be piw?nvj TSrtay from :) o "S;S j. EJ, o?r BS. Daring ttw-se adruturotis "re-iia,IBiata. 'f5iolona presents fwo dramard sfort- of dvja1r? wilb TV-al oais and V ANTED Country Mixed Iron $5.00 and up a TON Rags and Mattresses A. DUF.IEG : Water Street Phone 267 ents in "iorn to ixn;. wriy . u ... ...- . !l ... ... hear she" Tn4 torn . v,.. r .h. ' hybrid com to sne haa always beaten Krug and the average yiead of tba five near, 4 hybrids, for a period of three years, was exactly baencis mors per Nebraska Farmer. S TO-Twin fi'srs; Buddy Bogerr tap and sin ber way through aer than Krug;. way through , than Krug. aiosi of tbe pb-ture with Buddy Eb- and vir- More About Cross-Bred Pig tn sharing dancing honors rs aad br dful a Fr-d' Kn j ir-uni8lanH6 t,f lite poflo jo- Waterbarj'. Coimj.. and los-tii-r Tovj Bd r(.Ja) jo Cauioua giuia Bruce, James Btewart and I Bog raisers who bar used tbe so-called Minnesota plan of trnal ,,fM aKsistinr witb tbe "reeding bogs and tried it properly ar entausiasuc aver reaaita. " ' " i according to a resume in tappers Farmer. Apparently it makes no ou- iluef arenl to Broadaajr alardoiB Wbea Fred etar'ed liaiukin aWui radio. Portland thouaW br sb ataccala. Suet talfciujr style tLe Ibird Irue-life wloiy of liie eenSn. Gibbous ir eupportfrd by a we!! known Orrbe?tra. NB'.WKNH. KOKA. H:T -Ban(et of "FreJ Pmitbr " NBC WENR. UW. KATIHOAy 7 :J0 - Columbia Workshop. WBBM. WHAB. :9 'tlotd Gibbons; Vincent Lo-pej orrhestra. luasic. Tie beautnui aets ana frence how many croisei there are represented in the sows bettbeboar of radio perfrjera. Flod twetneaa r were tt. u r i"j . ra liad a toeMer id-a. Today. Portlaad'f j l;i eaat j r;ibbona bat been a eolortul B?re must always be a purebred and of a different breed from the boar tbat aired the sow. Farmers bow raising; purebred bogs will be interested in the report of one of the farmers interviewed at his herd of purebred Poland China sows bad declined to an average of but t pigs to the litter, and crossing them witb a Hampshire boar produced gilts that had aa average of better than 8 pig to tba litter when bred back to a Poland boar. t MUheJy "Svoken -Tally-o" and fc" . I) 1ilt, ar froo, fjofl( fc. uff-aatd bortlinit are rtlal fails In j 6tyr visu Pan' Vitla and tiic aranyj 1e Towa M TiiiM liroaDiins . (roriw-d (be fnited (e border CPSWBBM. WHAS. ?b Irvin 'f. ' Cobb; Padueab tractive cost times contribute to tiie movie's appeal, t'oa Meriel, Bid Bilvers and Raymond Wallurn pro-ride tumorous touches; Alan Dine-bart is convincing aa a producer and little Juauita Quirfey is cute as t."-ebild. It's highly entertaining. A general Xess Review of l?t and a eluirmiog Merry Melody la color about Kan Cnpid Valea-tioe- ray conclude tbe program. at fJ ereiy Wedueaday NBC. line. Mnoe 15 be bas eorered er- j ery major dirturbsbfe. frottt ' Ibe ' World war lo fhe present Spanish HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW Oldcmobilc For 1837 Special Prices oa Used Cars SOAQD 1 MOTOR SALES 137 East Elm Street rtifome from Vegetables In 191s tha average income, per acre, from vegetables, was 1139 and In 1935 it was only (77 per acre, according to.AJBierieaa Agriculturist. Part of this shrinkage was due to lower prices and reduced yields. Tba reduced yields were something that could Dot be helped, in many cases, but the lower prices were very largely due to the fact that the acreage had jumped from WWM acres in 1919 to werbVUbvuOCI ia 16. As with all other farm crops, it takes but a very small over-supply of vegetables is any one market, at any givea time, to knock prices for a loop. Plantation. NBC WHKH. WLW. :fl Joe Penrwer-; Cene Auf4in: Greek's Orfbeetra. CBSWBBM. WHAS. 'i- flo Toa 'ant to Be An At- tor? VBC WMAQ. WLW. 11 P'miling Bb1bm Rerue. WENH. WLW. Jeaaica Dragonelte. mdio'a -le-brctd Kufmno. will inaufurale a iew" weekly werieg f. balf-toour lra-maHiatiOiia of iamuu wperettaa BS WdiiBday from p. an. to be known e Ibe Beanty Bon ltt('iJle laanjiera. Ilie gulden -roleod-young JC Singer. bas reaxbed he top of her radio ambition. Stoe haa eigoed a Jong-term KTOWAVVAV' , I AT TUB tV.tH.tvH Irrepressible Shirley Temple addr j another talent to ber already amsir-j ing lift in "Stowaway" She sinrs, ud talks Chinese. Cast In Ibe rule Tbeater. ' Al 5o0ma wiJI Uri Storing Potatoes For at least two weeks, stored potatoes should be held at a tempers' ture of about o9 degrees just low enough to prevent so Footle- to enable the potatoes to heal cuts in the skin. After this perwd, seed po- tiitoe. ca he keld mt a temneratjm of we ever 30( ib irrcr hilt mil Mines lib 1j 1 contract to benome the permanent the ortbeatra fxir lliia seriea ' alar of tbe Cities 8errie Conwrts ' one of fbe oldest and best ' estat f the Utile daughter of Amerli-sn ( for ating stiouid be held between 40 and 60 degrees, at lower tempera COURT NEWS tures will make them sweet to the taste. Humidity ebouid be controlled so that there is neither too great a loss of wesgbt or a deposit of asoistara a the poUstoea-WaJiace's r anoer. lislied programs on tCBC. M!sf Wiuiuera suis Jessica Diag'iin-etie as tbe featured eyloist. TUeii option to tbe Cities Kerriee ConKpa- Je Miaa WntaonettP'a firs! :oaai-u-ouaat Coluwibla proyrsai, and Te-planea 1ne earreal "Cone, On. W jHims" broadcast beinr timri at tbe above sieutioned tme. Mine fra onefte. will be eupponod by a differed male aincer ai"b prof ram of tbe rerlea. NEWPORT. J'in. 11. Jess Lung Tbin Concrete Poultry Floors v for "tbe past two years, during er of Dana has been naaied defend- rt n ' VertHilllon circuit court by aiissiouarSea ia China,, she s left an jrpbaa after a bandit raid. She meets Robert Voung in a shop in Shanghai and .rapt urea his interest with her story. Juite some time 'ater he diswrers that she is a ''Stowaway" on pijard his boat. The iny lady helps; Mr. Vouuir wiu tbe heart and hand of Ahe Faye. Oh tr iniportant chara-ters are A'.itrid aliicb time -6 be filled two sre-wee enKageineuls as a guest aoloisf. Miss Bernice Huffman . fieekicg damage? CLINTONIAN 4 Job Printing Bears The Union Label Manner bas now- bon seleted foi Newa and 'otes: Myrt and in the sum of 3.50O for alleged injuries sustained rn an auto accident Missouri Experiment Station bas developed a tain concrete floor for poultry houses, according to a report; m Poultry Tribune. The specifications require that the poultry bouse must have the floor level built up at least b inches higher than the surrounding ground level by means of a crushed stone or dirt nil, very brtniy tamped to prevent settling. If the (Ui is of dirt, it is edi-isable to lay cheap tar paper oa too of the dirt after tamping. The concrete slab is ls to 2 inches thick. Use only 6 to afe gaikms of water to the sack of cement. The mixture should be one put of -uttfleftt to 44s or 6 parts of eneek gravel containing sand or one part cement to & parts sand and 3 parts gravel Trowel the floor as smooth as 'possible. Total cost of a ZOx-ioot floor, excluding cost of graeei. as about $e0. Test ftoois have shown no crmckijig or u-i seepage in over .a year' use. 5S on Sept. 1 1. !S. near Eugene. In-dia. The complarnt alleges that at fhe tioe of the accident tbe de 0 r t3 W fendant vts travelling at a danger jf - cat Ja-'Sa Rllwyn. Kut'.ene Paiietie, jium A'estl' y. Arthur Trearber and J. Kdward Brouiberf. Betty. Hoop in "Making Friends." Ft-lt Movietone News and some -Wev.tcru Kket.thes" are Added tipe- cials. ous rtte of epeed. The plaintiff al-U-ires that her head, ebcrtilders and cbe( ire re 'bruised and lacerated, sttd rtie was tinder care of a phrai-iiu foi- niany weeks, and a great ainouiit of ftiouey bas bnen paid for B' r doctor bill, f laintrff s eepre-senled ia court by Attorney J5. J fjcdley. Jiiewport. THE PEOPLES' COURT MiOTalG SN;. eabv kio-' AT THK KA:llt A ta-uly brilliant cast of stellar Are Your NEEDS All performers is iwisenihlet! ror hing Baby King." a sarry combination 4 a-;i .-! fS of Music, iauguopr and ronssnce READ The Daily CLINTONIAN It's Your HOME NEWSPAPER blbie Faye Mi(ael Whalen. Patsy Kelly. Ted Healy. Adolpb tflenyou. Thr Cet What They Co After! Covered By ADEQUATE INSURANCE? Gregory Ratoff and the hits Brothers do their beet. Bong bite feu TW bait jiutiyr of mtahen are tbe rtMKs wixt mt cicm. The faial e-ff mm k the home. 'More 1wam Hayu trtmn way other n. iTHhecboioeJf ht-mujrny. hyvk tfvm td) -the clrttvc quil Hmmutairw iunh tratmeiit atrd eare-Icm luodiiiis. mm mmm) m$ imk. M Atiurd wotkw kint by -ft roomy. tured include "ITou Turned the Tables on Me." "When Did You Leave Heaven"? and "Ping. Baby Sing " 1 Short subjects are the "Two Lars Crows," a cartoon in color i.d Fw Mof.etone News. V OafMitftrunum tub. iytn.- r . wkf tKtiuci, aod Koiicr Vi siter A core of vthcr fcattuni gic Miiyi preference. ! Owd Mnytatf ornwr eivtudbt jJlAfi. Any lVUytawiidhcr aiviiil-tthie uvilh jliuc Mulo-Muior. IIIOURANCE anal Surety Bonds Old Lane Stock Csmpanar R0DB dcCILUCUH Dependable Insurance Since 1890 141 S. Main St. Phone IS r. ' hi MO Of I Ml, No one type of insurance: can cover ALL of the needs of any family or business. Robb & Gilmour represent dependable companies writing each of the policies you need. Let U9 consult with you. " Stf Wh tint MayUig Irumr. NrwT-TH KW rnn nrrrrn crntnrc this I ITOTD TTPMt ' PAR .6 Now Only 50c a Jar Par 16 Balanced Minerals Is a very lul-lily eoiKient rated PRtTJilN-V1TAMJN - LACTtJtilS - MIMiKAL Health Food, made according to a scientific formula, to supplement other foods and balance the diet It at toe only food that contains In collodial lorni AUL the MINKKALB needed by the body every .day eacli in its proper proportion and io addition VJTAMIK6 B an G. LAO-TOSK. - and ALL the PK'TEINS needed by the body. Without a full supply of these IMPORTANT FOOO KLiSbTKNTS, perfect hearth is impossible. A moutb s supply of Par 16 costs only f,uc. This is real HEALTH 1N-SIKANCJC Jor leas than Zc a day So biglily concentrated is Par 1C that every Stic jar eontains more minerals thas quarts of milk No otber food s;ives you no enucb FjMj HU E lor only Sbc. For sale wherever Par Is KlMieraJised Btead is sold. Be sure to get a jar of Par 3 6 isalanced btiri-rals todav kilJ- IP lu PAH VillH PAJt Bay Your I1AYTAG t FKM A. J. DOUGHTY - - - MAYTAG WOALF.R HfMf: tVHt PHOKE 861 l t4-m KLM HI KIIKT C. COLUilDUS COOPERATIVE STORES They're a typical fanuly of ant-Adl readers. They know what they want . . . and they know just where to look for it! They're a happy family, for The Clintonian Want-Ads always serve them wH1 Get the habit . . . let Want-Ad Serve and Save for you? PHONE 41 or 117 DAILY CLINTONIAN WANT ADS Phone 18 Robb & Gilmour fa i . TERiMS TO' SUIT YOU CUNTON 2 4 4 s 141 S. MAIN I tlaytag Washers OSMON BROS. J - Service With a Smile a Phone lOy-W 4 524 Blackman itrt " ' READ THE CLLMTONLAN CLASSIF1ADS

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