The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 9, 1937 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1937
Page 5
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PAGE FIVE - TL n.!l Pi:nnnSon Plintnn. Indiana. I I1C lailj .HI,I.V.l..f , . . Saturday, January 9, 1937 MONTEZUMA IN In Winter Sport Spotlight TONIGHT MAX'S CHANCES ivy . " inq CLINTON BOOSTS STOCK Iffllt.Vlll OVER BAIHBRIDGE FOR BOOT WITH BRADDOCK SUM Results FISH AM) TURTLE BEER WINE Betty's Cafe NORTH NINTH ST. Non-Sectarian Anti-Nl Lmk" Demands Fight B Given Upt Newspaper Hasten Protest Move Wildcat1 Cager Take VuilOM, 22 to 13 Local Rewrvet Cop Curlain-Raiaer, 11 to 10 NEW YOflK, Jan. 9. With I'm till,, luonlw mid Ihe f-lluni- I (i VVI IONW. l-KAW K U, C. Murphy Co. Moure 126 152 161 Tasso 141 1D0 Ml Roll K)H 141 1!7 C. HcholHky 14(1 MM IH B. While Ids 136 Totals 729 1bi 795 C(Mieratlve Htoitis P. .Icuclsky 13H 119 i;8 Knott 131 138 14 fjulnn 142 114 157 Fenoglio 115 154 132 l.anzono 126 135 143 Handicap 33 33 33 Totals 685 691 749 Clinton's bttukonwrs lirouithl llmlr si-utnn's record up lo 10 Victoria mid tlircn di'fmla ut lli n-prime of HulnbrliUo her Isst night when (lis visiting athlelna lost, it2 to 13. After a ralhrr rlose and low-mor- 9ALU It CLOSE VICTORY Aztecs Win in Double Overtime! Rusedale Five Wallops Greene Township MONTKZI'MA. Jan. 9 Two overtime periods were needed here last night to settle Ihe Monteiunia-Brldgelon hardwood dispute, which the Aztecs finally won. 45 to 38. The scoreboard showed a 37-37 tie at the close of the regular game, and the, flrBt overtime period ended 38-38. The local B team whipped the Bridgeton scrubs. 29 to 23. Summary: Moiid-niuna (15) F1 FT PF Fields, f 7 1 2 Kennedy, f 3 2 Morgan, c 3 2 3 Barker, c 2 1 4 Reel, g 1 0' 3 Woodurd, B 0 3 3 Total 16 13 17 Bridgeton :W) FO FT I'F Norman, f 3 1 2 Riddle, f 1 4 2 Ames, c .' 1 0 3 Jones, e 3 3 3 Lear, g 1 0 1 Woolverton, g 4 4 4 TotalB 13 12 15 Continued on Page 6 teoMlAIC " rug wcT fQH. FISH FRY STEVE'S TAVERN Jacksonville SATURDAY BEER 5c and 10c Sandwiches of All Kindt. Steve Giordano, Prop. plon's manager. Joe Could, spiritually turning tall and running awny from the Brnddock-Schmcllng heavy-eight championship prize fight, scheduled for June, It remained today for the Non-sectarian Antl-Naal league lo confirm the International News Service announcement that the league meant to boycott Ihe fight out of existence. The confirmation came so swiftly that developments airly tumbled, one upon another, somewhat as follows: Telegrams from Ihe league to the state athletic commission and to the promoters, demanding abandonment of the fight or else; a threat by the league to buy newspaper space apd time on the radio to prosecute Its objection lo Schmeling; a threat itp picket all box offices: the state i Kxcliange Cfuli Fletcher 128 169 126 Stilt 136 182 107 Lemstra 200 158 137 Hegarty 13B 198 175 Cheek 130 149 156 Handicap 59 69 59 Totals 789 915 769 InUianaiiollg News Ricauda 119 150 142 Hornoy 147 124 154 C. Schelsky 180 160 165 JY 7 t il'J on j FISH FEY Tonight mtrs UHY mi TH CASS SPORT IS ctaaiwr ur Tinimermaii 152 171 147 Combs 181 189 170 Totals 779 794 768 ment that the league had represen DANCING i r,TTODAY'S liiK llint half ill wlil'li c"h tuam held down Hie ullior's attack hy litiht (disrdlni!, llBlnlirlduo Id up sumewhat, and tho local ragfrii l)c-gan to pull away. Clinton led 8 10 4 at Hie half and 14 lo H HI the close of the third period. The rata' score was bolstered considerably by the fruits of nine personal fouls committed by the visitors. ' lk-nnt-41 Toi- Ncswr. Hob Bennett paced I hi' (!. II. H. snipers, while Borrlnford, who- ordinarily gather a Urge share of points, bad few cham-es at the bucket and connected not at all. playing an aggressiveness hitherto lacking, Tony Herto piayed the best' basketball of his career in the quarter Friday'" night, ileorge Dunn, starting a; game for the first. lime this seasons also did a commends'ili1 job. although. He rotildn't find (lie basket from: the oulAi'ld. The-Wildcats' hardwood offensive Is still nothing like clockwork, lint It Is getting better results with cull game. A' noticeable - weakimsH In the Bainbrldge tilt was fhe failure of the hoys on the forward wall lo break swiftly and frequently. ' ' South put up the best game for (he visitors 'us well as scoring t lie most points:. ''. '"' " - ' ; The Kittens eked but an 11 lo 10 vlctory in the H game, Summary: . .Clinton (82) FO. FT PF tation In 22 countries, that It had the support of the American Fedorr ation of Labor and that 1,200 women's clubs throughout America were in sympathy Willi Its stand; the. statement that Mayor Florella l.a srtr-irri'cl C3 ,SP6KT,PARADE Texaco fMlers T. Griffith 126 Stone 163 Klnim 108 Oilfoy 178 Mills 144 at the- -f . - IDLE HOUR CAFE ! 461 North Seventh Street i J GOOD MUSIC ' - - Everybody Welcome 142 197 172 132 140 139 130 130 150 163 VWI iiiuii m Tavern Ruai'dia was one of Its vlcepresi- dents. , o Totals 719 712 783 Clinton Ice Co. Duberneck 107 113 118 Good Orchestra Your Favorite Beer On Tap Wine Liquors Mixed Drinks 111 HUXUV M'l.KMOBK Shannon 129 126 112 W. Beveridge 127 164 102 Mackle 109 112 107 Knott 164 158 164 Handicap 43 43 43 And, finally, a mild protest that the writer's story had forced the league out in the open before It was quite ready. "We had been waiting," said M B. Zerwick, its publicity director, "for a ruling by our president, Samuel Unterrnyer, as to just how we were to prosecute the boycott. But now the cat's out of the bag." not one of my favorite drinks. It looks too much like nothing to suit me. And unless you pay six dollars for your single room, it Isn't even cold. Root beer is much "prettier Totals 679 716 646 TONIGHT than water. So is sasparilla, toma to juice, milk, and scotch. But early this morning I journeyed to the fountain of youth and ankod the attendant in charge for a Trlbune-Htar Leeds 110 Asbury 132 McClung 134 Catfish and Fried Chicken Berrisford.,- t I 126 121 147 120 130 99 Bennett f ,, Bosstick,. Bonacorsl. f 124 135 108 125 162 99 753 Ouerri 134 , James 152 dippeiful. I gave him twenty-five cents and had a deep draught of the 'ST. AUGUSTINE, FlaV Jan'. ! Ori yesterday, which was January the eighth' unless my memorandum' pad was up to soiuo skullduggery, I promised my U7 ' million readers that f would drink from the fountain of youth, and onw for all determine If Us waters possessed the magic qualities accredited to it. I came here, as I told you earlier, to test the water for one purpose. I wanted to know IT it would be possible to restore' Babe Huth, Bob Jones, Walter Hagen, Tilden, Hitch-,cbck and Sande 'io the positions of -eminence they once held. You know as well as I do that their successors Imvo bcSn- rank falliires. The drinking of water constituted a sacrifice on miv part, for water is at Handicap as Phillijis,: c,. water. Berto, g . , . . . 2 Dunn, B '. Guglielmettl, g- ' tap in your family sink labelled "cold." So I guess we might as well resign ourselves to. having such geu-tlemen as Luke Apling as our leading hitter, Henry Picard as our foremost golfer, Perry as our outstanding tennis player, and others just as drab as the bell-wethers in our other sports. i My chief regret Is that I drank water in this town. But 1 was disappointed. Nothing happened. I look another dipperful, atill nothing happened. I remained GENEVA TAVEREJ ,1 mile west of Fairview MUSIC BEER DANCING- TotalB 761 742 Diana Hweet Hliop Colombo 157 189 Murdock 164 213 Brazukas 165 191 Ave 224 171 Benetti ....... 186 159 202 167 ; 161 182 149 tho same thirty-year-old soml-dopo tvoe that I have been for thirty 8 FO FT 0 0 1 0 0- 0 1 1 0 0 Totals ... , .' .:'::;,. , BainliHdKo (19) Lewman. f ' . . , Whitak'er; f .', . . Hostetter,- f- Proctor, c Comer, g years. So, It is with regret, that I Totals 885 923 851 tell that the magic fountain yields up no more effective water than the 1 1 , Michael, g ............ 1 South, g .... . 2 By E. C SECAR Starring . Popeye THIMBLE THEATRE Tqlals 5 .1 S Officials: Stout and Schomer. U6TEN'.T0rR, 1 SrJ THPiT VJITCH MV I YftM S fl'LV. SUP V- , AROUND ' I BEWUD J . 60IN' rXFTER HER.V0WCH ME POPP(V DON'T Ltl HltA 6ET OUT OF OOHT MISS THE KEXT" POPEYE S; 60IK6 TO TftKE A 506K. AT THIS TERRIBUE 0U) VJITCH'.'. UW.L-HAPPEN? VOU'LC BE SURPRISE0 -o THIS H006E - IAS? HO-K(V- ' I HOLD HM ) QOODj- -ei e' - 1 &:M rlc e SUNDAY '"" AT PERONAS HALL AT BLANFORD Sponsored by the Blanford Baseball Team Music by Five Piece Orchestra C2 9 - - By RUSS WESTOVER T1LL1E THE TOILER uo . M A.crOUSAL.L. TOLD fmjt i ?.a.v nvtis tS A kylD- MTTT 1 WAW UlM P.1PF iWS-VOU GO OVEE ANCS 6ET 1 FOt ikr MVC AMD THE' L, THAT CX3S ET DCtaSTtc -HEV1. VaoT.' AMD THE &OCJ Jr UkfTtUj Q.UITE RIC3HT; -tuvt nAS mn OP TViF Z-OO AMU HAS TOKWED VaIORD EloH IM ins iii-oira- TAICB HIM HOME "CD MBS. Clt3TKO . MAC'S MeAO BEARS HOUSE AT THE -00 AN' I AIN'T dlSTUBIM' .1 ft. 1 1 1 I 1 1 I I 111 -J MAC fW STAV "THECe ALJL MIQHT COM PLETELV MAC SAIOflR EM FHt NCJBOP WANTS TO h&o hard A 3DB Z. J 77iM J V MA j '. ' JC' I - INJ I rW 'J- ' fl l" II lAjl JJf ll 3eTTlMtJ IN TO ETHSEI S I TONIGHT AT Rob'crta's Tavern I Beer 5c and 10c BLANFORD, HID. m i-r J V I 1 Secret Operative 48 T DANN DUNN fMR. BILK. I HAVE LISTENED TO NOUR ' ". . .. r,, i-.c r- I was T &nn A FEW WOR05 BAJ5T DEAR WIVES. SWEETHEARTS, MOTHERS AND HIS 1 "kJ 'OF MV CUEMTS BSTORi VOU: DGTMINE THE UnTEWCE? VOU MUST REALIZE THAT 7"BBOV6' IP St? ,r-i . Mruro' uAnLruiMfC IN LIFE"' AND 1HI-.IK LW ILC .miuuke.'-i, u. MOPING AND PRAVINQ TEARFUU.V FOR PLEA AMD VOU MW BE URE. I SHALL CONSIDER THE CATSE FROM EVERY ANGLE. MV DECISION SHALL BE HANDED DOWN AT TEN O'CLOCK TOMORROW. MR. DUNN. WILL YOU KiNDi PLEAD - SUIUV T-r TUP YOUR MEhCt-TMAJ VOU WILL CONSIDER ALL-THESE THINGS AND CAREFULLV BALANCE THE FUTURE THEIR MOKitoT, WUK huwuk, inty rx& av ms x er. KkiCT i iDOAl VOi I fi.1 tlNlfc UtHt.NJUT3 COUNTERFEITING AGAINST THtlK FOOLISH KKftlMS r r- LSTEP INTO MV CHAMBERS ? .J --v III THEIR FUTURE-SHOULD VOU SHOW THEM MERC - II 1 I THEV CAN BE SHOWN TH6. fcNKUK VJl- rnum l l " I " I " II V WAVS AND MADE INTO USEFUL tlllttNS" vm I rtM RLIGHT THEIR UVU) WlIM lunu i I ' ft Ml T Jk.. l IE " -. s- I I SP ECIAL! DANCING TONIGHT i - Music by the Provence String Band FISH FRY AND I CHICKEN DINNERS Every Friday and Saturday f IceCotd Beefj t f Honeymoon Cafe PRISON SENTENCE QHAKtlt AND THROW THEM5EUE3 UPOM THE MERCV Of THE COURT. ATTORNEY BILK PLEADS FOR MERCV FOR HIS CLIENTS Clinton, 00 X. Tib M. -IF ,.SirTII -f-a:-- 'i , lii-iJ U!U " J'l'-a

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