The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 19, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1922
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS I John R. Little, salary, expens F'mt Fire Dept. Big Four fire W. 1 VanArsdall, clean sts. R, P. Lindsay, piovisions. . . Isaac Malone, salary. ...... Bige Alexander, salary TTHIS- FAIR? FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Mrs. Minnie Crecraft, Reporter John R. Little, salary expense John R. Little, emergency fd Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Atkinson and ' W. G. Wood, rep ditch. Owner of Fine Calf, S. B. Leach is the proud owner of ! family were Sunday dinner guests of Anarew urn, rep omce a three dav old male calf, the high i Mr. and Mrs. Oda Kierstead. ; - liolliday, uis prevent bred Shortnorn stock being so thor- Perrv Lees came home Saturday to TCity GSe "e tire tube.. brought out the vounir calf i snrr.t. ih w-oek-nd wi.-v. hi famiK- Isaac juatone, salary. . F'mt Hdw. Co. mdse 20.85 Art Robinson labor 2.00 Art Walser, labor 2.00 Ind. Gen. Ser Co., power Oct 131.28 Central Supply Co. pipe 325.09 Hogin-McKinney Co. pipe... 112.35 Frank Little, labor 5.75 Robert McCorkhill, labor 5.00 William Stover, labor 4.25 Chas. McCoy, labor 5.00 Verlie Mann, labor 2.00 J. C. Corbin, labor 2.00 John R. Little, salary 55.00 H. M. Parker, salary 75.00 Frank Planck, hauling pipe.. 5.00 John Marine, labor, mat'l . . . 47.30 Chauncey Parker wir. w'r wks 5.40 Dwiggins Fence Co., fence.. 4.48 David G. Lewis, trees 24.00 Charles Davis, labor 1.75 J. C. Long, stretching fence 2.50 Cen" Supply co. 12 ser boxes 25.80 J. TTT Dale," labor, mat'l 19.58 John Treon, frt., drayape 2.55 E. H. Parker, labor, mat!.. 118.25 Frank Ray. blacksmithing. . 1.00 hss th 6r.Mr!1Ti f Jui'(, a mnntli w ,,..w us. ' Ld. Overman, rent garbage pt - - II v ' - " ...... i ' ' l i, i .t uuauic LU 1CIU111 tu Ilia uia Dr. Clifton will treat ailments of the Stomach, Kidney, Liver, BowaL?, Blood and Rheumatism. He agjrees to treat you one month for f0 cents or three months for $1.00, under a positive guarantee to give satisfaction or refund your money. If he does you no good it will cost you nothing. Go at once to your druggist and get one month's treatment of BRAZILEEIN HERBS After you have given them a fair trial and are not satisfied, your druggist will promptly return your money. The following stores can supply you if your drugigist does not have them in stock: FAIRMOUNT PIONEER DRUG STORE. SUMMITVILLE STEIN DRUG STORE. JONESBORO ROTIIINGHAUS BROS. Harry Aldric-h, d;s prevent . . Monday oid instead of three days. The mother o a registered Shorthorn and took llrst prize ac the Gaston Street Fair last fall. Miss Gail Smith was in Marion Sat- jorn R Little salary urday, her sister Miss Madge, accom. a. S. Roberts' printing!!.! panied her home for the week-end. ; w. P. VanArsdall, clean sts.. . Bryan Duling was a Sunday dinner L. D. Holliday, dis. prevent guest of Robert Lees. Glenn Henley, dis. prevent. Mrs. Oren Kirkwood aeeomnanied A. S. Roberts, printing Have Birthday Dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Hol'and Nottingham entertained to a birthday dinner in Mr. and Mrs. Holland Nottingham to G. Wood, rep. ditch honor o their little four tlauc h-er Nondas, Mr. and Mrs. Frank ! Marion, Monday afternoon where they L- D Holliday, dis. prevent State Distributors C. B. Mann & Co., 1312 Main St. Anderson, Ind. Dr.vis. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Nottir.e- ! attended the funeral of their cousin nas. onieias, painx omce ham. who are crandDarents and Mr;. I enuec-e Sutten. tige Alexanuer, salary 62.34 23.00 111.04 14.98 56.00 50.00 58.94 200.00 12.00 7.98 3.80 2.15 80.00 60.00 9.40 50.00 55.00 30.18 107.20 1.20 18.00 3.75 6.75 36.70 20.10 50.00 80.00 55.00 17.47 3.20 14.35 18.25 12.85 65.79 85.90 1.25 34.08 10.00 97.10 91.50 S0.00 28.00 50.00 12.75 55.00 3.89 6.75 38.00 60.90 11.35 5.00 657.70 31.00 Robert Lees, Clayton Ford, Wayne sac 11b10??,' salary Pyle, spent Monday afternoon in oJ, .ohn ?- L;"le' slarT- - --tL .Lt.v, cV at Cent. City Chem. Co. fum tors "wv" crinrta i t V Q ton- n t- Mn i--wo x- Ind. Gen Ser Co. power Nov 135.91 Charles McCoy, labor 1.75 1 r John Marine, labor, mat'l 28.50 j F'mt Hdw. Co., Mdse 22.71 F mt Fire Dept., fires Elizacth Hol'is, who is great grandmother to the little Miss. Also Mr. and Mrs. Oren Kirkwood, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Davis and children . and ,r, tt r . , . , " Bert Briles, groceries Mason Rec Co. 6 dianh ms 2.43 -r. ana .urs. narry ngnt naa as Havyvood Pub Co election sup 21.00 12.00 287.68 202.08 Melvm Nottingham. Two binhday.J their diRner ffuests, Rev. and Mrs. cakes were baked for the little girl, Mever and Rev. Rhodes, Tuesday. V ? Treon, fit, drayaj,.. F'mt Fire Dept., fires. SUMMARY: Balance Jan. 1, 1921.. Receipts during year. Roberts, printing. II. M. Parker, salary 75.00 John R. Little, salary 55.00 SUMMARY: Balance Jon. 1, 1921 1.810.59 Receipts during the year.. 8,390.80 other being a big popcorn" cake baked ..Mrs :Lra,rLindJe lk Sunda-V L- D- Holliday, dis prevent l-v Mrs. Frank- navi mnrh an- d:nner wlth Mrs- S- B- Leach. P. VanArsdall, clean sts.. LETTER LIST Letters remaining in the postofftc for the week ending January 14, which if not called for in two we is will be sen, to the daad letter office: Autie Luttnill. Mrs. L. W. Eikenberry. Miss Eva Evans. Miss Mary Fowler. W. P. VAN ARSDALL, P. ML Total of balance and receipts 489.76 Disbursements during year. . 245.99 'prciated bv all the guests. Mr. and Mrs. Russel Kimes are Marvin Davis, rep jail lights ! visiting wf.h Mr. Kimes' parents near W. I. McKinley, groceries.. W. C. T. V Postponed j Fairmount ts is week. S. L. Stricler, legal service. The Fowlerton W. C. T. U. meeting j Mrs. Fern Wood of Peru, spent the vil5e A,"ells' eecon exp. which was announced for the third week-end with Mr. and Mrs. John Eugene Mullen, election exp Total of balance and receipts 10,201.39 Disbursements during year. 5,956.58 Thursday, for various reasons has j Leach. She returned home Tuesday Isaac Malone, salary... been postponed until the fourth ! afternoon. :Xfn H. Edwards, salary Balance December 31, 1921.. 4.244.81 SPECIAL STREET FUND RECEIPTS Taxes 1,013.48 Commutation money 46.00 ! Bige Alexander, salary Thursday in January. i JWi a,ni1, M5S" Ho"and Nottingham A Ulerv & Co., coal.... attended the funeral service of seven John R Litte srIavy Military honors and decorations are held by more men in France than in any other country in the world. Crad'e Roll c.i v. .-wuuii, L. Goodacre, groceries The Cradle Roll and Mothers meet-.j 1,059.48 Balance Dec. 31, 1921 243.77 j SEWER REPAIR FUND ' RECEIPTS 'Taxes 198.99 ! DISBURSEMENTS Leslie Smith, cleaning sewer 9.50 i C. C. Lamb, cleaning sewer. . 6.00 Mart Felton, rep. sewer 3.00 National Drain Tile Co., tile 37.50 ! Nathan Pierce, rep sewer... 8.75 Uel Sellers, rep sewer 12.00 Eugene Mullen, rep sewer.. 14.35 Jlarold Keller, rep sewer .75 John Askren, rep sewer 13.00 Arley Addison, sewer tops.. 16.75 Frank Planck, hauling tile.. 6.00 Arlev Addison, labor, mat'l.. 22.85 Ch-.s". McCoy, labor on sewer 2.00 SUMMARY: Balance Jan. 1, 1921 450.30 Receipts during year 198.99 Total receipts for the year. . ' DISBURSEMENTS Ben Clifford, plow snow Ben Hueston, hauling cinders National Drain Tile Co., tile Perry Gipson, labor OthoT Compton. draying GMropractors McAtee and McAfee Fairmount Office Hours: SummitvLIc 2 to 5 ard TuoIay, Thur- 7 to 8 p. m. day and Saturdr-y inn which was held at the M. P. j I' j, V. , . , , ; Cent. Rubber & Sup Co. bulbs church Friday afternoon was 'lare'y ' Mr. and Mrs. Earl Allen had as their L. D. Holliday, dis prevent, artended and" an enjoyable service : 'Vnday dinner guests, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. VanArsdall, clean sts., held. Mrs. Raber gave' the principal; 'ohn II:r"tiick and children and Mr. A S. Roberts, printing address after which her subject, I i Mrs- D- C- DinpV C. C. Davis, painting jail "Your Child and Mine" was promptlvj Rev. Rhodes and son, of Fairmount, F'mt Water Woii:s, rental taken up by the Revs. Rhoads and ' Mrs. Elizabeth Thorn, Mr. and Mrs. L- D. Holliday, dis prevent., Meyer and an interesting discussion ' Willard Dickerson, Mr. John Duling, John R. Little, salary followed. j were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Glenn Henley, dis prevent,, ' Mrs. Virgil Duling. Bige Alexander, salary The series of meetings which are! Mrs. Rena Himelick called on Mrs. Isaac Malone, salary in prress at ty,e Fowlerton M. P., Wm. Craw Wednesday afternoon. i SUMMARY: church are well attended and much -m,.,. r-.- rv. ",i ;n Balance J?.n. 1, 1P21 interest is being manifested. How- KoZl Total receipts for year. .. 55.00 William Alexander, labor. 44.00 , Warren Haisley, labor. . . 50.00 S0.00 Phone 280 8 to 11 a. rr 1,309.15 6,517.24 Total of balance and receipts 649.29 Disbursements during year. 152.45 T7tpl nf halance nnd receints 7.S26.39 ea i or one aav in advance. Rev. and Mrs. Meyers and Rev. Disbursements during vear. 6,558.18 DR. C. L. FENTOM Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Posioffice Honrs 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. n Balance Dec. 31, 1921 496.84 WATER WORKS DEPRECIATION FUND SUMMARY: Balance Jan. 1, 1921 500.00 Temporary loan - 500.00 Next Saturday and Sunday will be K.n?? f Tuesday dinner guests ; the regular ere aching day services of of -lr- ard Mr?- John Corn. Balance December 31, 1921. 1,268.21 the Primitive Eantist church. Elder' MaA--,?rie Caskey, Frank Partridge,. WATER WORKS FUND James Watson of Rasiaville. having ! arid NeWie Ford aie out of school on RECEIPTS charge of the;int both days, j account of sickness. Water Rental, flat rate 4.883.46 Saturday's service is announced for' ChaIts, Anna, and Rhodes Owens, Water Rental, metered 1,254.64 1:30 p. m.. and Sunday morning ser- children of Charlie Owens, who re- Taxes 2,213.63 vice at 10:30 a. m. cently moved here, 'started to school Rental on c.rounds 24.66 0 Dec. 31, 1921 Balance 14.41 Connections Monday morning. I New Schedule and Time at Fowlerton, Louise leach was out of srhr.r.1 LIBRARY FUND SUMMARY: Receipts during year 1921. Balance Dec. 31. 1921 E. B. COUCH 198.59 198.59 Total receipts for the year 8,390.80 DISBURSEMENTS J. W. Dale, material 19.16 Ind. Gen Ser Co. power Dec 156.65 C. & O. Railro?J Monday and Tuesday. No. 2-6:0? a m east bound , IIerhert Leac) p;u, Mjtch d V Tr -Vi'l ; Merle Hen were ou; of school x-N 'V S77 -; 1 ' east bound. Monday. DENTIST ALL FUNDS SUMMARY. Balance Jan. 1, 1921 Total receipts during year. 18,0o9.14 II. M. barker, salary To.00 Pern. Lines Loca'l and Mixed" Train J The domestic science girls will John Little, salary... Rooms over Hahne Drug Stoi -i ."P ra.: l to r om 5.25 1.00 . 14.00 1.80 ' 2.00 4.60 16.00 3.75 12.50 4.6o 2.80 5.75 4.60 1.00 5.25 j 7.50 1 10.50 5.00 12.60 11.40 7.00 8.00 3.15 4.90 5.60 12.00 1.25 5.00 5.00 3.75 2.50 53.70 2.50 42.56 1.00 6.50 105.79 2.50 83.84 7.50 6.50 7.50 3.75 10.25 1.25 1.25 2.50 2.50 1.00 2.50 60.56 1.75 5.00 ' 5.00 2.50 5.00 2.50 48.00 1.50 10.00 4.50 17.50 2.00 7.50 2.88 Eat bound 9:30 a.m. f make candy for their study work Hogin-McKinnev Co.. mat'l. . West bound 3:10 p. m. I Tu;.da" afternoon. Ind. Gen. Ser. Co. power Jan i u ii. ard Dickerson. Elsre Richards. I "T R.v.iort atpr rpfnnd '"otl of balance and receipts 24,203.43 ; Disbursements during year 16,300.-8 ; nnd Joe Tobin, were Marion visitors H. Mueller Mfg. Co. 6 valves Tuesday. H. M. Parker, salary Local ard Personal Miss Lacy Leach has accepted a poskion as stenographer in the Word has been received from Mark John R- Little, salary. iane ar.a iamny, wno are spending c. C. Brown, coal. I Bloomenthall store 7,903.15 4,546.15 3,359.43 Balance Dec. 31, 1921 Bilance in Fairmount State Bank as shown by certificate Balance in Citizens State Bank as shown by certificate t-, , , . , , -.T , 1 " -'iiti . i'iua, nun, .ur. ra.vne John Z. .Marine, laDor, mti.. Elder Ford returned home Monday , has had yellow fever, but has recov- ind. Gen. Ser Co., power Feb afternoon from Milford, Ind., where ered nicely and Miss Faye is thought Lee Halpren, pipe, fittings. . he had charge of Baptist church ser- to be improving slowly. Ilarrv M Parker salary ices at the Island church near there. : Mrs. Sarah Miilsnaue-h. who fpll t.v, w" t ;tti Um spaugh, who fell John R. Little, salary. John Treon, draying Ben Clifford, grading sts.,.. H. S. Craw, grading sts., Leslie Smith, labor Charles Bright, grading sts., Everett McCormack, grad. sts John Treon. drayingi William Goble, labor Otho S. Compton. grading sts Clarence Green, labor Grant Barkdoll, grading sts Leslie Smith, labor Barney Smith, labor Grant Barkdull, grading sts. Service Oil Co., road oil 'Andrew Weyler, rep bridge . . William Goble, labor Birch Miller, labor Grant Barkdull, haul, gravel Chas. Malone, labor st Wm. Vetor, hauling stone.. Miies Christopher, haul stone Birch Miller, shovelling stone Wm. Smith, shovelling stone Penn. Ry Co. frt on car stone Osborn Rush, shovelling stone Casparis Stone Co., car stone John Treon, draying - Osborn Rush, labor Penn. Ry Co. frt. 2 cars stone Leslie Smith, labor Casparis Stone Co., stone... Wm. Vetor, hauling stone.. John Winslow, haul, stone.. Miles Christopher, haul stone Wm. Smith, shovelling stone Wilber Bare, labor Chas. Burgan, labor. James Roth, labor Wm. Smith, labor Tolbert Mitchell, labor John T. Howell, haul sand.. Oscar Powers, rep sidewalk. . Penn. Ry Co., frt. car stone. H. C. Brown, labor street. . Wm. Vetor, hauling stone. . . Chas. Christopher, haul, stone Arthur Robinson, shovel stone Chas. Bright, haul stone Curt Gardner, shovel stone. . Casparis Stone Co. car stone Henry Roberts, labor on st. . . Fred Dean, labor on st Grant Barkdull, labor on st. . John Winslow, labor on st.. Chas. Bright, labor on st. Chns. Christopher, lbr on st Russell Havens, labor on st. Fred Walser, labor on st. . . Chas. Buryian. labor on st. . Citizens Tel. Co., gravel John T. Howell, use horse Wm. A. Vetor. hauling gravel Robert C. Smith, sand Grant Barkdull, gravel Penn. Ry Co. frt. 2 car stone Casparis Stone Co 2 car stone C. C. Davis, labor on st James Draper, labor on st.. Total amount in Public Depositories Outstanding warrant, No. 2798, to Mason Reg Co. for 7,905.58 2.43 Word has been received here ot the nine ciays ar and broke her hip and c. C Brown, coal death of Mr. Cy Wilson, on the Jones- : shoulder, has been getting along nice- Hogin-McKinney Co. mat'l. . boro and Muncie pike. On account of ly until Monday night and Tuesday, indl Gen. Serv Co power Mar. one daughter living in North Dakota, and - her suffering became intense, Wni. Alexander, labor no funeral arrangemets have been her- cdMon is very serious. jr. M. Parker, salary made. 1 F.0 Benzie, night operator at the John R, Little', salary Clinton Dulirg accomnanied John p & tower, has been very ill at Eri Rich, additional ground. Dome and family to Collinsville, O., j1'5 hnne for several days. He is F'mt Lumber Co. mat'l Tnesdav thought to be better at this writintr. Eyes Tested, Glasses Fit-ted by State Registered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS EvHusively Optical mother. afternoon of Mrs. Dome's oo.OO 34.35 180.11 8.13 11.S7 75.00 55.00 11.00 18.70 177.39 1.87 75.00 55.00 7.00 6.60 167.91 7.20 75.00 55.00 550.00 11.45 3.85 11.90 5.00 4.40 75.00 55.00 178.33 9.05 13.72 18.48 16.59 8.86 8.75 11.20 10.00 4.20 2.10 38.00 6.65 58.15 4.00 7.09 166.62 4.95 54.07 tvaaiieen, nttie daughter of Mr. ar.l j(!hn C. Marine, mat'l labor. Mrs. Clayton Dickerson, is ill with Chas. T. Parker, attv fees.. Prermonja in the left lung, LeFlie Smith, labor.! They will return Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Payne of near Net amount in Depositories? 7.90.j.lo I, John R. Little, Clerk and Treasurer of the Town of Fairmount, Indiana, certify the "above and foregoing to be a true and complete account of all receipts, disbursements and "balances for the year of 1921, as shown by the record in the Treasurer's office. JOHN R. LITTLE, Clerk-Trefmrer of the Town of Fair-nioiint, Indiana- The written report was examined and approved by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Fairmount. Indiana, at a regular meeting held on the 16th dav tf January. 1922. "W. HORTON RIBBLE, -..-j.ji.ijv iasivt?; , uuusrnuT oi jir. ii. jl. I'aiker. saiary. - Fairmount, were Saturday evening , o ,.1 AT-. 1 , - ,1 i l -x . - .... Cr.-l, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oren Kirk-' m " " r,3l ' T V r Jo n LiUle' ary a . w-h a p-athenng m her head, she Tl Gen fer Co. wnrer Apr " , , , 's pori.ed better now. ci-P; cipi i t -ir'tinir Charlie Owen and family, who have ; Mrs. Eva Partridge and son Frank : rV Hdw. Co." ma! ! ! ! ! ! been residents of Gas City for the Vm- lvn n;t o,v.i- a 5. nit. 1 . A ', I ..... 8 m- vft "" "rcjj cuius. (frviee kja i ii.uni on.. past few years, have moved back to , They a- much better now. . r r wy-.n- mat.'l Miss Rhoda Helms and Miss Martha John" Treon, -'.ravine Couch been absent from school Mart Felton. !ab-r. rowiertcn m the Anne t urnish property in the east part of town. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith of Tair-mount were .Sunday evening guests of mis week on account of illness. f M Pprnod labor AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY!. Call at my expense. Phone 2. on. tt Fowlerton. C W. DICKERSON? Miss Naomi Deeren, who suffered . m". J. Shea, labor relapse last week is better again. i Wm. Gobie, labor Mr. and Mrs. John Smith i a J. W. Mann, labor 2 88' rresmeni oi tne uuaiu ui nusiccii. 3!75 i Attest: John R. Little, clerk. 19.50 ' 4.00 ' AVere you out-of-town yesterday? 1.00 j Call Main 2B3 and tell them about it. 2.00 I MHMVMM 12.06 i Ben Hueston, labor. 14.27 R. R. Miley, labor. TREASURER'S REPORT OF THE n't L-er C.. mat'l TOWN OF FAIRMOUNT INDIA- Niagara Stamp. Cor. dog tags NA, FOR THE YEAR OF 1921 arry Aidrich. salaiy-, expen. i Chas. N. Brown dis. prevent GENERAL FUND Robt P. Lindsay, groc. quar. Schlosser Brother P 5.61 E. H. Parker, labor, mat'l... 5.77 Oscar Loy. hauling 37.00 F'mt Lumber Co., mat'l 14.5S Ind. Gen Ser. Co. power May 4.45 Roscoe W. Kircher, plants.. 50.00 Hotrin-McKinney Co., pipe.. 80.00 ;".ohn Marine, labor, mat'l... 55.00 Mart Felton, labor 50.00 Chas. Hipes, labor 10.50 John Treon. draying 2-57 John R. Little, salary 67.40 H. M. Parker, salary i Big A'exsnder. salary ,$5,005.SS ' A. M. SeHsrht, salary f , T. .... . RECEIPTS June and Dec. Taxes Interest on Deposits.... 36.35 Chas. McCoy, labor on st. 106.64 s EJ 84.52 ! M 9.25 jj 7.25 f? 3.50 m 3.75 a 2.50 a 45.00 m 183.42 ; a 3.50 H o.o jonn it. liLt-ie, salary. 8-05 j 4 Felton, labor on st Licenses 159.50! John R. Little, emereencv fd Maintain 1.75 2.52 55.00 75.00 ; Chas. Stone, labor on st.... lOzz. Relfe, hauling stone .F'mt Lumber Co., mat'l rep ' Arlev Addison, blacksmithing ! SUMMARY: Dog Tax 25.00 . Harry Aidrich, dis. prevent Refund on street repair 724.60 Service Oil Co.. gasoline Rental cn office 5.00 ; W. P. Van Arsdall, clea sts., Rental on pasture 1.50 , Bitre Alexander, salarv 50.00 Birch Miller, labor i 685.26 Tlmt their method of going to the farmer & door for cream, in other words, their CREAM ROUTE SYSTEM is the most eco 7 - i B "Balance Jan. 1, 1921 Temporary loan 500.00 A. M., salary 80.00 Mart Felton, labor . r"TT7 R- R- Yates, office supplies . . 9.90 , Ind. Gen. Ser. Co. p power June Received during year 1,059.48 !, g Total Receipts 6,517.24 John R. Little, salary 55.00 Birch Miller, labor DISBURSEMENTS ! Edward Overman, rent, earb 25.00 Central Supply Co., valves.. Total balance and receipts. . 1,744.74 j g Disbursements during year. . 1,205.59 ; g nomical way of marketing the product of Vtr E3 the dairy. WHY? 1st. Saves farmers the labor and annoyance of making: delivery themselves. 2nd. Ard. Balance Dec. 31, 1921 539.15 ELECTRIC LIGHT FUND RECEIPTS Taxes 1,392.96 Big Four Ry Co. lights cross 99.00 Total receints for the vear. . 1,491.96 DISBURSEMENTS Tnd. Gen. Ser. Co. st. lights. . 140.12 Ind. Gen. Ser. Co. st. lir.hts. . 140.12 Cen. Ser. Co. st. lights. . 140.13 Ind. Gen. Ser. Co. st. ligthts.. 140.12 A regular and constant outlet, regardless of quantity. Bcceipts at the creamery distributed evenly throughout the week (other systems overload the creamery on Monday, while during the remainder of. the week it is working under capacity) . MOST IMPORTANT! Route cream makes Better 4th. 3.15 2.10 193.21 7.53 24.22 33.38 1.75 75.00 55.00 15.12 9.85 253.26 15.40 10.00 31.90 16.58 75.00 55.00 2.25 176.99 134.76 1.90 55.00 75.00 15.77 1.33 172.44 75.00 55.00 32.28 2.83 8.13 3.63 13.25 5.63 19.88 5.63 8.39 10.13 Quality Butter, and the markets are never over supplied with FINE BUTTER. We want to tell you more about the benefits of Schlosser's. Cre&m Routes. Call on our Route Collector, District Su-i pervisor, or drop a postal to the office. John Treon, draying Elbert Kimes, rep fire truck Charles C. Thomas, salary. . Oz. B. Wilson, salary Albert C. Kelly, salary Xen II. Edwards, salary Otto T. Wells, salary C C. Brown, coal during quar. Barnaba P. Bogue, plow snow JamesCoIlins, rep on office. . Central City Ch.em Co., fumi Harry Aidrich, salary, expen Wesley Watt, plowing snow Charles Shields, paint garage John Treon, drayingi Charles Bright, labor Cecil Avers, labor A, S. Roberts, printing Bowman W Pickard, blsmith. Chas. N. Brown, disease prev. R, R. Miley, labor Bige Alexander, salary A. M. Seright, salary L. D. Holliday, dis. prevention Alonzo McCombs, labor John R, Little, salary Nat. Underwriter Co. fire rec F'mt Fire Dept, C Jones fire Bernard Allred, labor, matl. Howe Fire Ap. Co., chemicals John Treon, -draying- City Garage, rep fire truck.. Otho Compton, Fght, dray.. . Bige Alexander, salary A. M. SerirjSt. salary Thn R. Littl" salary. ..... Albert Barkdull, labor Clyde Smithson, - labor 1.00 John Treon, drayage 3.75 Irp!is Paint & Color Co paint 48.00 Chas. Shields, paint garage 55.00 Ralnh Moon, meals for pris 48.00 A. S. Roberts", printing 52.00 v. p. VanArsdall, clean sts., 48.00 oto Pettiford, rep sewer 5.65 John R. Little, salary 2.25 Big Alexander, salary 3.50 A. M., salary 16.36 v. P. VanArsdall, clean sts., 54.89 A. S. Roberts, printing 150 John T. Howell, Mat1 labor 5-95 A. M., -salary 1.00 r;ry A le ande-. salary 7.50 ,W. P. VanArsdall. clean sts., 4.50' John R. little. s?larv 45.10 R. P. Lindsav. gocerie . . . . 2.75 'F'mt Water Works, rental.. 26.00! Chas. C. Thomas, salarv 3.00 jOz B. Wilson, salary 50.00 Albert C. Kellv. salary..... 80.00 Xen H. Edwards,, salary. .. . 2.06 Otto T. Wells, salary 7.50 F'mt Lumber Co. one tile.. 55.00 TTsrry Aidrich dis. prevent, i 3.50 John R. Little, emergency fd 57.75 Austin-Western Rd. Mac Co. 10.75 broom core .... 26.00 O. R. Scott, ins. premium.. 1.30:Jhn Treon, drayage 18.60 Rufus Green, roofing! office. . 2.85'TTrve Darnell, labor 50.00 Bige Alexander, salary 80.00 i.Tmes Norris, labor 55.00 tT. t VanArsdall. groceries 8.00 f. A. J! B"VH!. prinrtne...,. 3.00 . A. M. Ser&it, alT- -77 John Marine, labor, mat!.. 12.25 John T. Howell, use of horse 19.25 : H. M. Parker, salary -65 ! John R. Little, salary 3.25 J. w. Dale, material 42.70 Cen. Rubber & Supply Co sup. 4.80 Ind. Gen. Ser Co. power July 55.00 John Marine, labor, matl 50.00 Service Oil Co., gasoline 80.00 c. C. Hacknev, labor, mat'l. 44.80 Birch Miller, labor 14.70.H. M. Parker, salary 2.70 John R. Little, salary 80.00 , Frank Planck, hauling, 50.00 Ind. Gen. Ser Co. power Aug. 91.00 i Thompson Meter Co. meters 55.001 John Treon, frt, drayage 18.91 jj0hn R. Little, salary 674.00 iH. M. Parker, salary 52.00 I J. W. Dale, labor, mat'l 52.00 -L. L. Foleer, water refund.. 52.00 Ind. Gen Ser. Co. power Sept 52.00 H. M. Parker, salary 44.00 tJohn R, Little, salary .68 H Mueller Mfg. Co. valves.. 34.00 I Gardner Gov'or Co. valve caps 50.00 Robert Lock, labor James Templeton, labor 35.00 Russell Havens, labor 82.89 Williim Stover, labor 4.52 Chas. McCoy, labor 70.80 J. C Corbin, labor 4.55 Robert McCorkhill, labor. . 50.00 Art Walser, labor 2,10 Art Robinson, labor 25.iVr'ir T;tUe, labor 12.35JCr arlie Burgan, labor 82.67 Verlie Mann, labor......'.'.'.' Ind. Gen. Ser. Co. st. lights.. 14U.ij Ind. Gen. Ser. Co. st. lights.. 140.12 Ind. Gen. Ser. Co. st. lights. . 140.13 Ind. GenSer. Co. st. ligihts. . 140.12 Tnd. Gen. Ser. Co. st. lights. . 140.13 Ind. Gen. Ser. Co. st. ligihts. . 140.12 Ind. Gen. Ser. Co. st. lights. . 140.13 Ind Gen.. Ser. Co. st. ligihts. . 140.12 SUMMARY: Balance Jan. 1, 1921 1,101.31 Receipts during the year 1,491.96 SCMILOSSIER BROTHERS Cream Bayers Since 1884 Home Office Franfcf ort, IwL Total of balance and receipts 2,593.27 Disbursements during year. 1,681.49 P.S.- Sooner or later you "Will use a c n a IDelLaval Separator Have you any idea how a good cream separator laelp make more money f rem '-our cows ? Sec your local De Laval Agent or our Route Collector tbout a De T-jsvI aarctor . , SCHLOSSER BT50TU2ESL Balance Dec. 31. 1921 911.78 FIRE PROTECTION FUND RECEIPTS Taxes 202.08 DISBURSEMENTS F'mt Fire Dept, fires 30.94 Fnt Fire Dept., fires 55.80 Dept., F 54.00 Frni Five Dept., fire . . . 72.25 10.25 7.27 12.6 3.25

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