The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 9, 1937 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Saturday, January 9, 1937
Page 4
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Saturday, January 9, 1937 PACE FOUR Columbia Sunday and Monday Hazel THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Pound' 1(11 ston Established as Tb Weekly Cllntonlan US Tho Cllnlou Plaindealer absorbed la 1U. .Editor and Publiaher H.r tanirled hair fell in childish George L. Carey I seem to hav fallen, I have not yet reached that stage T" curia from hsr bent, white neck. ulered .1 the I'ostofflce at Clinton. Indiana. a. Second Clsss Manor Loving ber, wanting tammy w And when she stared at mm, nun and not understanding, he shouted: 1. 1 ' ..... . b I I'.m n. t .1 v irt I u - Member In.llHna Republican Editorial ABaoclallon comfort her, Donald stood helplessly bvu ....... u, ing a fake caneer enrol Can't a man now COUia a leu nvr mm Mimwm, when shs was already bogged in trouble t work on an nonesi uieory wiuivut being accused of that?" National Advertising: Representative: (.P.O. H. DAVID CO. 1900 Wrlgley Bldg.. Chicago. 1-1 II General nida.. Detroit IIP East 4ind St.. New Tort "Hut, uonaia t uiant mewa -"Sorry. I didn't mean to shout at e Indian summer was cone, and - f vou. lt'a iuat that I how can I ex Phone 1 1 7 plain t You don't understand what inquiries Ilk that mean. They meen that my reputation ia smcalied ti... i. ....... winter waa upon them. Frost nipped the flowers, a chill wind blew through the trees. At night ths little bouse creaked dismally and Christie, who had never been afraid. Phone 41 CHAPTER XXXI Christ!, was looking Into ths living room at Donald and ths baby, aa aha poured the coffes. Fourad it over Um safe U tbs cup, ever bar Uft hand. The cup crashsd to the floor, ths esffas pot clatterad to the stove, and lay ea tu aid, spattering the scalding liquid ea her arses, bar ankles, ber shoes. "What happened?" "Nothing only I burnt myself. Peuredcorfeaavs any band. It's beginning to hurt aiuu a lot" Hs laid ths still screaming shUa en the sofa, ran te help her. If s Bothlng. It's just that I'm so satrrous. DUNN Y I Yon slop that noissi and my hand hurts so It fauru so!" tlMM ths Aery pain a gone sAM be bad arsaaed It, but she sank into a disconsolate bsap ea a kitfhMi hir. and saot was afraid now. gone xorever. ne uwi of course'' ' He started to leavs the room, but she ran after him. "Donald, yo'l '. I . - . 1 1 L. ,L., 1 1. ..' uui Sha didn't know what an was L afraid of. Everything and noth ing. Sometimes, sitting boll uprigni know that I care T Don't you know THE DAILY CLINTONI AN'S PLATFORM 1. To further every interest of Park, and Vermillion counties 2 To easist the revival of ihe Indiana coal mining induatry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. ... 4. To beautify Clinton ami make H the most attractive cttt of hs site in the state. could hear a window being raiaed mat u t eeem i isn iw. Iumum I'm stupid aaL-aus iff. lite hit mint of Twentieth Century I t hai turned out a sWrr W ofmtlody, mirth and romance in "Sing, Baby, Sing." Shown abot (left to iiM) art fi oflht brilliant (ait of Hart featurta" in At production, ADOLPl IE MENJOU, PATSY KELLY, TED HEALY. ALICE just me, and I really don't untie" etandr He cam back, ales aer gentiv. if I f L.. l'm v..A Si l V.vm ( a ( - - stealthily or a doorknob turning. Once she wol screaming, dreaming that Gene Dubeia bad om back, that h stood over her, threatening her, laughing at her. This fear, too, shs kept from Donald. She didn't want him to know that shs still thought of Gene. "Now forget him. He's rone and he's gone forever!" he bad said on W bea ha kneis basida her, trying to eosafert bsr. sb sobbed, "Ge Wabash Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with. You're much too good for me. that's what!" "Nobody's good enough for you-: tot you and Donny. i try, but k m. .fona PLEASE!" "Poor Cbrtstia poor, hurt little kid. Everything want wrong, didn't Her voice nrose. Th. rlunr te sack other, ferule- ItT Dent yoa want ta van mar' Um nlta nmtiantlv. that alternoon tnat uen nau come for the last time. "I will," sha had promised. But it didn't prove ao easy. Ing. begging forgiveness. But the momenta of understand ing paaaed ao soon. " In the other room the baby's shrisks wars turning into sobs. ''Well, what's money!" he said Kha wondered if Donald was slswier, and farther apart. . . "Don't toi want to tall I haunted hv him. too. For there were Pierce's ho'ps of getting her case honey? Who was this fellow that beat It when I came? What did be nights when he, too. lay sieepuw aad tossing through the long hours. Hs had grown ao thin and gaunt that she knew he was perilously mar a breakdown. But sh dared dot What slid yea say hia na mmV uiur cuui i ujr i,ms, -"i- settlement before then. Yet it waa ha who minded ths lack of it most Shs took ths handkerchief h of Shs was so happy planning ror 1 r'l.riBimaa. tint, f.f f ft ' . not aek him, for in the weeks sine she had told him of Gena and bar de fered her, struggled to a sitting position. "Gena." shs said. "Gene Dubois. "QUOTING JEFFERSON" SO WHAT? During the recent presidential campaign orator on both aide quoted copioualy from Thomas Jefferson and other revered leader, of the United State in years that are past. It might not be out of place to remark, now that the dual of battle ha. blown away, that there is little to be Rained from trying to apply ancient sayings to new condition.. U hat is valuable in the lives of patriots is the spirit that dominated them and the ends which they sought. It would be highly profitable for us to catch the ideals of the former leader, of America, to match their prehistoric courage in facing our problems and to stiive to make real the freedom that they admired. It is not the methods but the end that counts. I Just as one would not attempt to understand the Bible by an isolated quotation but by a study of the great book, so must one understand the life of ancient leaders by study of their entire careers rather than by swallowing quotations misapplied by careless political orators. &uiu,y .1. - lemon leaves from the old tree '.a the garden shs fashioned wreath r and garlands, to which she fastened fruits and waxy orang berries in termination to fight for her share or Dolpb Cooper's estate they had grown so far apart. Hs had taken her downtown and lntroduMi her to a vounr attorney. H was ths boy that I told you about long ago." - And then, slowly, incoherently sometimes, she told bun tbs whole atory, going on aorgedly, though he saw the light draining slowly the Lleua scooia manner., xvra caudles for ths candiebra. A Chf..t- . k... h.1 ri Ik Un. a former schoolmate of his, Nelson Pierce, and stayed with them while ' I mm in,, . " - ing room table. Tinsels and erua from hie lace. 'If von'd onhr told me " i he told her story, ana wnue rierce mnA Vil. AAoociateB. Fredericks and Connell. deliberated - on- their meats from the nve ana ten. - Ail the present that shs bough: for Donny cams from tho five an J ten, also. A rubber dog with a squeak. A woolly lamb. A celluloid . L i v.. .V..u anw. u-ivM Shs picked up one of his whits, clenched hands, held it against her wet, hot cheek. "That's ust it. I didnt want yon t know. You had your own And when they decided te go into it with her he seemed to lose all interest. Sometimes sh felt that be i , , . c ' . ... i , KUietFY TFMPIF. swan ior uie v... eoiored wooden beans for Ms pen. troublaa. Thia waa mine " didn't want her to win. "Bat to go to your aunt to humiliate yourself that way. Christie, A rag doll. A monaey en a ainu. Donald sighed when he aaw them. MTU! t: .,,. What Ihe cntej jorce m urmgi" ' ujo", holdt-ALlCEFAYE and ROBERT YOUNG. tha way. in 4 scene from Twentieth Century-Fox's' "Stowaway" in vkUhShirley.tvmjmgs and 'talks Chinese1 in her most remarkable starring picture. ' Yet never bad they needed money ao badly. Ha had given up hia job at the university. Hs gave it up, hs said, to save the department the embarrassment of kickinr him out He was how could you 7 ' "I know. I 118104 to. But rrujr, r - more eould anyone possibly want for a six-months-old child! she de- m.nJl nrmctieallv. fNo need to thought I bad to, and so I did. I didni think you'd aver have to know Palace Starting 11 P.M. mention the long, foolish hours she'd that either. Only when she re bitterly aenaitive about it She knew fused" She heffn to erv aeain. spent looking at expensive toys m windows.) And Donne loved them. H loved that from the way na snea ro maae light of it . Rut he hadn't anven un his experi 7 M ..... B H - . - r w f ' it I ments in the laboratory where he worked with Whitely. He waa working harder than aver, because he THE STARS SAY ' liy K.KV1EVK KKMItLK Kor Sunday, January ' Suaday's horoacojie is a rath r dilficult one to forei-ast, with !"-plexiiig and confusing londiiions in the personal life. It would be w-ll to be very discreet in private affairs, and to be on guard against trickery. everything. He really seemed to know it was Christmas. . Even Donald was happy playing with biie. showing him the wonders of the "Christie, I don't understand you I awsar I don't understand youl" "I know look at awl I wanted to do everything so smartly and look at met Everything spoiled." "If I joet bad my hands on him once. I wouldn't mind so much. If had to hav reports ana papers, ana long, detailed records to explain his work, and there waeni any money for sn saaiatant now. 0 i i prepress and new nppoit unities, Ps-peeially in coliiR'c (ion wilii large interests. This may cause important cha:ise, with new environs and associations. The finances are well fortified, with the prospect of launching fresh projects. It is a favorable time for pushing Willi energy and initiative. Those whose birthday it la stand at the threshold of a year of prog-tfsi and pio."peri!y. New openings, probably in strange places and with new rouiucta of Importance, are .oleseen. These benefits have strong reactions on the private affiliations. A child born on Ihis d;iy inav be enterprising, ambitious and capable, and m: y be able lo put over large project with distinction. The little they had came from work he did at one of the hospitals, and from hia practice, moat of which was new. The eld patients, ths "fashionable" ones, left him, and the new ones dioVt seem to have any money to pay rhelr bills. The newspapers had carried the story of his resignation, and the telephone rang incessantly for days. Neighbors, people Christie knew, asked her about it Soma of them I could have kicked him downstairs just once!" A faint hysterical giggle escaped her. "I wish you could hare seen Aunt Nettie when I told her what I was going to do aha looked ao funny " "Probably won't sleep for a week. That is, if she took any of it seriously." "Took it seriously of course sha did. Donald, don't you KNOW I'm fraud and subtlety, lie careful wttii private correspondence. Employment Is under favorable rule. Writings, publishing and khidred matters should flourish. Those whose birthday It Is are confronted by a year of problems and perplexities. The private life Is under a rather critical rulershlp, calling for the exercise of much discretion and tact. Secret enmities, subtlety and cohfuBion prevail. Employment Is fairly well aspe-lert. as are writings, publishing and svidlv. euanectlnr a hidden scandal. serious r' "I dont know. I don't know any thine. Are vouT" Some hopefully, because they had friends who were suffering from the dread disease, and thought perhaps that Dr. Latham's new methods tree, and mating in monxey rus up sad down ths string. Bat his eyes filled when shs gav, htm her present, a sweater that an had knit for hint, and that almost but not quite, fitted him. "And I haven't anything foi you." "Darling I You already gav me my present I Ths chocolate 1" "Oh that " He thought of last year. Of A pearl evening bag he hid bought In an exclusive ahop. Of a great pot. of lilies of the valley he had ordered the florist to send home. Of the chocolates ha had not bothered ' to mention at alL And now this little pound box ia a flimsy holiday covering. Hia heart ached with lo aa gratitude to hsr, because she didn care. . , Sitting up, admiring the baby tree, after the dishes were done and Donny asleep, theys popped com over the coals In ths fireplace, ann' talked about next year, wkea things would be different "When I'm out of this ateaa, and have proper recognition," he thought "When the estate is settled, and I com into my own," sh thought And each thought ths other was thinking his thought St fn a littls while thev dreamed night help. Ths first alms Christie ran eager MOVIES ly to Donald with the story I 'Ns. v ...... Kleaiinrlowell i" "Born lo Dalice' A child born on this day may be ..-INT., u.HV, SlXii1 Inclined to be secretive and subtle, ,T TK , (IA Jllll.l and there may be anxieties in its do- mestlc or private relations. 1 - I-au'hter. music, singing and dan- cine on: blue to make "Sing. Ilaby. ' For Monday. January II ! "-" "f n'"st talnlng "Donald, Mr. Kramer that's the butcher, you know, has an aunt who baa something' he thinks it's a cancer. She's awfully peculiar, and ah hates most doctors and doesn't believe in operations, so they haven't been able to get her to g to their family physician- S ha thought maybe you'd be just the one to help her. He says he's sure she'd be willing to give anything new a trial v "Oh, yes! Terribly. Ifa the one bright spot in the day. It's the right thing, Donald. I should have seen it before. I've been very stupid. I'va been too busy being happybut I saa it now. IT1 do this, and I'll win. I'va been just the awfullest kind of a wife, but I'm going to change now I'm going to be different make up to you for everything." Bravaworda. But her voice broke on them. It had been just talk until now. Now ah aaw what it would be like. Leaving the baby with Janet, or anyone who would keep him. Trudging down town, hunting up lawyers, talking, talking. Going to court. Having to face people Sb hid bar faos with her ban- lebritles. Kour hit tunes, including "You Turned the Tables on Me," "When Adolphe Menjou, Ted Healy, Gregory Ratoff and the Kitz Brothers head the imposing cast of screen ce- astrological forecast Is musicals or me season. r,c. Monday's with much Miciiaet wjiaien, l-aisy ieny. Did You Leave Heaven?" Love Will a very fortunate one. And instead of being pleased, aa hs had innocently expected, he had said in a voice that terrified her: "Will von inform Tour friend. Mr. Tell" and ths title number are tea t-ured in the production. together, happily. "Woodman, spare my tree! (is Bm uonanueej The plot skips merrily along with Kramer, ths butcher, that, low as iaged hand. Alice trying ilo get a job, Menjou Irving to get out of the hospital and all of them trying to win fame and fore returning to Clinton in about two months. The trip is to be made on the train. Short Interviews fortune. "Two J.zy Crows" Is the cartoon in color. Wu comprise the cast, Shirley eings and Alice swing, to the tunes of "Goodnight My Love." "One Never Knows, Does One"?, "ThaCS What I Want for Christmas" and "A Dreamland Choo-Choo to Lullaby Town." Some "Western Sketches," a Betty Boop cartoon about "Making Friends" and Fox Movietone News round out the program. rtlA" . K, .77 N BURS TO WASPK AT THK PA LACK '.i IK V 7 The lavish Beta. Kleanor Powell's giand tap dancing and the Cole Por Mrs. J, A. Wright, who lives west of the city.eutertalned the members of the Idle Wile club yesterday afternoon at her home. Mrs. Byron Anderson, Mrs. J. L. Hayek, and lira. Everett Helms were guests of the club. Five hundred was played and prizes were awarded to Mrs. Tom enrriths, high, and Mrs. Helms, guent. The uext meeting of the club Is to be at the home of Mrs. Cecil Hurrfson. ter t u lies are only part of the at MADISON Wis. Dr. A. J. Carlson of the University of Chicago, president of the American Associa-fion of University Professors, comments on the ouster of Dr. Glenn Frank as president of the University of Wisconsin: "This Is the moat extraordinary and farcial proceeding 1 have aeen In 40 years of American education." YESTERDAYS aTANTARY 0, 1913 A son waa horn to Mr. and Mrs .i W a a- JV . ' ' f" ft A 7 w James Stanley of South Fourth street, Friday night. tractive specialties of "Born to Dance." which sets a new high In dancing and beauty for musicals. A a small town girl. Kleanor comes lo New York lo seek wealth and renown aa a dancer. She la befriended by I'na Merkel and meets James Stew art who . falls In love with her and helps her climb lo success Virginia Bruce as a testy-tempered stage alar Is lovely to look ai as well aa to hear. Buddy Kb-sen and Frances Langford put over several novelty arrangements. It wilt set your loea to lapping. A Merry Melody In color and a pewsreel are included. ll rs Joseph Atherton of South Seventh street entertained the members of the Jolly club last night at her home. Bunco was played and prizes were awarded to Mrs. Joe Dudley, high; MImi Audrey Vale, bunco and Mrs. Rom Brazil, low. The next meeting of the club Is to he at the home of Mra. George HHI. CHICAGO Criminal Court Judg Robert C. O'Connell strikes at ths "myth that all criminals csa bf transformed Into decent, law-abiding citizens:" "No parole system, however humanitarian, can make Ihe world over or change a subnormal and twisted human Into an Intelligent, right-thinking and right-acting rill zen." Wlllluiu Christy of Dayton, O.. a relative of Frank Christy, has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. M. H Scott aud wife, and Mr. and Mrs Frank Chrlxty for the past week, returning home Friday. Marshall V. Kobb of Indianapolis spent yesterday in Clinton. Th Women's Relief corps held Ihelr Installation of officers In their hall last Wednesday night. Mrs Rose Taylor, the new prealdent was lustalled at the meeting. Afler the Installation ceremonies had been completed a supper wa. served to the corps, the guests and the members of the G. A. R. HOLLYWOOD Death Valley Scotty grows philosophical when Informed his "mystery" wife Is suing him for separate maintenance: "Cold ia the Cause of most of the world's troubles." Dr. I. M. Caaebeer. Dr. Paul B Casebeer and Dr. W. D. Oerrish at-tunded the 8.1rd annual dinner of the Vigo coanty -Medical association which was held last evening in the Hotel Deming. LOS ANGELES Dr. John L. Pomeroy. eouatv health officer, tells how to avoid cold and influenza: "Stop klsaing. stay "away from crowds, drink plenty of water from a clean glass or paper cup." Miss Esther Morey returned Monday morning tq resume her school work at I.a Salle Seminary in Mas... after an extended visit with home folks. KTOUAWAV AT THK WABAHH That amazing young lady. Shirley Temple, continues to pack them In with her latest and perhap. best story, "Stowaway." Shirley I. s lovable little orphan girl away olt in China;, bandita have killed her parents. She unwittingly become, a stowaway on a cruise liner on which Robert Young, a bored millionaire, Aliee Kaye and Helen Westley are traveling. After landing at Hong Kong. Shirley gets out to we the town wilh Young and Miss Faye: she wins a prize in a theatre there for singing in Chinese. Allan Laae as a rival Fuitor. Eugene Pallette. Arthur Treacher. Astrid Allwyn. J. Edward Brnmberg and Honorable Claw and BaU Foot Furniture Claw and ball foot furniture originated from the Oriental design of a dragon's claw holding a ball or pearl which was frequently found on early Chinese bronzes. It succeeded the club foot as a terminal in English furniture, its greatest decorative use being in what was called the Transition period of the early Georgian era, which continued through the early work of Chippendale to the beginning of the reign of George III. 5V JA.VCAKY 0. 102 Mr. and Mrs. G. Roy Stultz and daughter Lucille, and son. Raman, are to leave Saturday for Phoenix. Arizona. They plan to visit with Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Stulta and son. fiV.W YORK Rev, Gerald L. K. Smith of I,oulslana. surveys the national scene: Roosevelt doesn't count anymore. As soon aa a man la re-elected ta the presidency, ha I on hi way out." . , 1 Howsrd. in Los Aagelea, Cat., be

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