The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 19, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1922
Page 2
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS girls basket ball team is to be FOR SAL1D Florence stove, size No. ..55. Price reasonable. Inquire of Dan Payne. T !l 6 Fft 1 1 III 0 1 1 n t leV ' : Published on Mondays and Thursdays , - ; dysthe time was Sent lmak! with music. Monthly meeting was held at the Radlev church Tuesdav. 'organized in the near future. M;ss ; Arnold will be coach. Several girls twho have played previous to this time have signed up for major sports, which includes basket ball, and a good team is expected to turn out. It has been announced that a reception will be held in the near future for the juniors and seniors. There has been a new plan made to take effect after this year, there being only one reception a year and that will be the junior-senior reception. Owing to the fact that this is a new preceedent the two classes have made a compromise by which each class will bear its share of the expense. Coach Wakers put the team through a hard grind Tuesday evening at 3:10, preparatory to the Warren game Wednesday evening. FOR SALE FOR SALE Good sewing machine; cheap. Phone 174. FOR SALE Eighty acres good land. J. P. Jones. Route 1, Summitville. BEST KENTUCKY Egg coal for ranges, free from soot. A. A. Ulery & Co. - 1 . , ir rang wi.h Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Howell . r A. S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher. Minnie McLucas Roberts, Associate. OSee: Main 265 Res., Black SS2-1 TELEPHONES SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year $1.50 Six months ?0 (Outside Indiana.) One rear $2.00 expiration oi subscription tame un- less rtr.e-ra! :s received rr-.or to ex- piraxion cate. Entered as second-class matter at the posteffice at Fairmeunt, Ind., under the Act of Congress of March S, 1879. POINT ISABEL Mis. CI: Phillips has been quite ill with the -flu." ; ix nioiiias ................... . , . vi- ATI snhrntions Tavable StriCtlV r . - m advance: racer a.scountmueU at . . . aTJa ianv,:v. ( .- XI . AUo, were , Academy visitors last week. Esther Mendenhall was an F. H. S. visitor Tuesday afternoon. i REV. MOON CONDUCTING j REVIVAL IN DETROIT. ; A letter received by The News from j W. G. Moon, who with his wife went to Detroit several weeks ago to visit relatives there, states that at present he is conducting a successful revival meeting in one of the Pentecostal Assemblies of that city. He further states that there are thousands of men in Detroit out of employment, walking the streets begging food for themselves and families, or resorting to looting and robbery. ' 1 Several F. H. S. students of Mr. ar.d Mrs. Roscoe Ferming, who daughter Jean, spent luesaay auer-ra 1 ?n eriouslv ill is somewhat im- nocn with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mills, proved " Charles Florea and sons Thur- S-veral from this vicinitv are at-' man, James and Lee, were guests at tending the revival meeting which is dinner Sunday of Mrs. Stella Thomp-in progress at the Rigdon M. E. son. church ' iIrs- George Sternberg and daugh- Miss Beulah Hamilton has been ters and Miss Louise Sternberg spent ;n .i.miHcm n excellent program was given Vv ,.he W. F. M. S. at the M. E. church in Point Isabel on Thursday afternoon of last week. Mrs. Ed. Mc- Gra". r-resident, in charge of the service. Devotions were conducted by Mrs. J. O. Campbell. Two playlets, featuring the work of the society and snow.r.g tr.e cr.aracter:siics ana re.i- i . . - i . T ' gion of the Oriental people were pre. rented hy the members. Other num- i bers on thi program of especial inter- est were a vocal solo by Miss Audrca j ones a nd a selection bv the ladies quartet. A Chri?.mas offering, was taVen and the response was very gratifying. At the close of the program a two-course luncheon was served. i COMMUNITY ITEMS 1! G eeeifa Mrs. Wilber Wimmer and daughter Mis Dorthv, were guests at dinner l?st Wedresdav of Mrs. Clarence Mel- holler, at Gas Citv. Mrs. Harlev Collins of Swavzee s-ier.t Saturday and Saturdav night with Ollie Collins and familv. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Jacob S:eirs spent Sur.d-iv afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Daa Steirs rear Bethel. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Leslie Sjnith and daughter, Madaline, of Ga City, spent Saturcav nisrht with the formers parcms." Mr. and Mrs. A. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Clasctv Hughes and dauji.hter, Wanda, of Jonesboro, and Mis RrthT Todd wer mests at din. ner Sur.iav of Mr. and Mrs. James FOR SALE Spotted Poland China gilts, bred or open. Will Beasley. WANTED WANTED Butchering, 75 cents per i hundred pounds. Phone Red 1711. i :-WHERE IS IT? J. N. Elliott says, "If the fellow who borrowed the glass (24x45 inches) out of my front door, will return the same, when he gets done with it, there will be no charge for rent." o 17 COUPON FOR FREE BOOKLET o o w o I t w 53 H O i i Q 2 O O v h S fl - i o a o t. i i OS - la a o xr i xr 1 ttm l : . .. ered to Lafontaine Tuesday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Muchmore. Mr. and Mrs. Branson Hungriford and children Irma and John and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Todd and children, Marie, Mildred and Xen, spent Sunday evening with Mr and Mrs. Chub Johns snd daughter Lola. James W immer, young son of Mr, and Mrs. Sherman Wimmer is recov ering from the chicken pox. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Jones and jj on Mr? j)an St?irS M Dave JoRes Tuesdar aftem and emoon. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burgan of Fairmount is spending a few days with Owen Kimbrough and daughter, Miss Maud. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones spent Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Chamness. Mrs. James Stewart and daughter, Miss Mary, spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. M. S. Friend at Fairmount. Park McCombs spent Saturday nit r.t and Sunday with Paul Todd. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Jones and tuncav attemoon wun .irs. ivay S.tmsrer and daughters, Mildred. ZZZZZZZZIZ n Connie and LITTLE RIDGE Rev. Hiram Harvev occupied the tii Iti 4- o , true n,- act Minhoth i .. . . Miss 1 auime Katlirt has accepted a position s teacher in the Marion high school. j Mrs. Russell Harvey, who has been' connnea io ner nome ior ine last iwo weeks with rheumatism, is slowly improving, j Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whiteley enter- : tained at a six o'clock dinner last "Wednesday evening, Rev. and Mrs, ! Hiram Harvey. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ratliff, Mr. and Mrs. Denny "Winslow, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Wright and daughter Edith, Mr. Arthur Winslow and Mr. Mahlon Wright of Rockford, O. ! Mr. and Mrs. Frank W right were guests last Sabbath evening of Mr. ; and Mrs. Rene Jones. i Miss Nellie Jay, teaacher of the Wells school, is quarantined ac her home for smallpox. Mrs. Frank w light has accepted the place as substitute teacher. The prog-am and social committees class No. 1. mrt at the home of Mr. and x1?. Denny Winslow Tuesday evening and made pHns for a social to be held next at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Harvey. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Whiteley enter- ta'ned Mr. and Mrs. John Dare last Friday for dinner. Mr. and Mrs. ulenn A. tlarrold vis- HIGH SCHOOL NOTES (By Margaret Taylor) Dewight Fowler and Rosa Coara are two new students who entered H S. Monday. Also Raymond Craw, a former H. S. student resumed his studies at the H. S. after an absenc? of several months. The seniors held a meeting Mondav morning at 9 o'clock, Mrs. Gilbreath had eharc-e. The juniors held a meeting Tuesday morning at 11:30 o'clock. How do we know, there must be a icvtrpLiun cumme in tne near iuture. this month to give some readings. Farther details will be announced later. Plans are being made by the public SDeakinir classes of the hiVh xchool to d re sent a nlav in the snrinir. entit- 1 .... .-.V 4 T i n vn4- Tn(rt Mv PREFERRED STOCK Shares can be had for Cash or Easy Payments If you want to know where to put your money so that it will be SAFE and pay you good returns that you can depend upon this stock is what you are looking for. We have never passed a dividend payment on our Preferred Stock. Dividends are paid every three months on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Tvcait and daughter Gladvs. ii1 lormer s sister, .Mr. and Mrs. "Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Michaels of Ed Crouse last Sunday, near Coles, were guests Sundav of Mr. A. E. Raitliff is visiting Muncie, Ralph Howell and familv. " New Castle and Siceland Friends Jar.ics Thompson and Charles meetings this week m the interest of ricra srent Sur.dav at Kokomo. the Budget System of Indiana Yearly Mrs. Ollie Coliins remains in very Meeting, poor health. Mrs. Etta Doher;v spent last week Mrs! Veinie Hilton and son Gar- end at Earlham college visiting her land and Frank spent Sundav with reice, Miss Lyra Haisley and on Sun-WalLcr Gibson ar.d family at Hackle- day attended Friends meeting at New msm. Castle-, where Mrs. Daisy D. Barr is Wilbur Wimmer and Ollie Collins raster. In the afternoon she visiced FtteT- ltd a sale near Fowlerton, Wed- Mr. ?nd Mrs. Marion Jefferies. nesdav. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Harrold and Jode Little of Muncie is spending a Mr. and Mrs. J. B Whiteley attended few d-ys with Garland Hilton. the S. S. conference in Marion, Wed- Paul'and John Dickey spent Sun- Tiesday. d?y with Georce Sernberg. Jr. Rev. Linilev Hiai:t of Phlox con- i'mmm'mmm''mmmm'mmmmmmm2 ducted services at the Radley church Svnday miming and evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ananias Smith had as their guest? at dinner Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Throckmorton and daugh t-r "T'3r-;t? -d Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith and children. Mr. and Mrs. Woody Clark spent Surday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Kirk. Herman Seely spent one day recently with Georg.3 and Eueene Collins. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones and son Howard visited Sundav with James Sewart and family. r o i i Pays 6 on your money From coast to coast the securities of electric light and power companies are known to be among the very finest investments. The banks and insurance companies have millions of their funds invested in companies such as ours. You can do no better than to follow the example of your bank and your insurance company, and invest YOUR savings in the electric light and power if you buy at present price We have been supplying electricity to this part of the covintry for many years. Our business is bound to grow and thrive. In fact it is only because the Company IS growing that we have more stock to sell. The funds necessary to make extensions and additions to our system must come from the sale of the Company's securities. s-hool on account of sickness. Social Economics is an entireV Owen Kimbrough is improving very rw subject being offered m the H S. t!owly from his recent illness. i year Mr Morphet teaches this Miss Dorothv Wimmer was a busi- fubject lch deals with labor prob- ness caller at Marion Monday after-! i!s'nme P0', e-- Several noo i students have enrolled for this course. Miss Gladvs McCombs of Sweetser, 1 JT. 11 e ,fe!? F??a Garland Hilton, Joe Little and Fi I ra,n,atT?:i. m. g- ?dl?: Wimmer called on Claud Thompson : !hfJ5e cordially invited and familv Sundav. : to attend Miss Arnold has charge of Mr. and Mrs. Milt Gibson and sons thnPJF ?F th-IS ?;cas.lon- t . niarle and Herman entertained at eCmcs class is planning a trip dinner Sundav for Mr. ad Mrs. Claud H,?' T from Monday to Julian and daughter, Mamha, and r"!"! SUwf It Mr. nd Mrs. Thomas Hastv. 5 SSLw1 ,Gllbreath: M-. and Mrs. Orjie Evans and f&lfSfi rvJl hfZf chaTge a.nd cbren. and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest ' h" ?wiw,COUf fS recitS" E?TIott and sons Robert, Merritt and i ?r tudent Pb Reverie spent Sunday with Mr. andi Bhalf ds,V' v- f Mrs. A. E. Prine. f8 are '?r,n5 rward Miss Gladvs Tygart is unable to SJlT6 VS U' me l?" drtend school on account of sickness. !ZnH t . .A1oub . ihere ,s Rev. Lindley Hiatt and family of "j t JZl the x' Phlox, were ests at dinner Sunday , f ? 1,', th1 are of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Chamness. I WalK aWHy Mrs. Alice Barrett has returned to 1 the sfore- , her home at Wilkerspn, Ind., after T1? student council met Wednesday sendine a few months with Mrs. morning at 9:45. Sarah Tygart. The balconies are nearly completed Mis Louise .Sternberg of Marion, . and it is hoped that they may be used spent Saturday night and Sunday with ' for the Pendleton game tomorrow her brother, George Sternberg and i evening. family. Mr. Marshall of Indianapoli3, will Ora Todd of Rigdon and Cleftie be at the H. S. hm'Mincr the 9At nf Free From Taxation This stock is free from Indiana Taxes and the money you receive as dividends is free from Normal Federal Income Tax. You can purchase the Stock through any of our employes they're our salesmen. NOW more than ever there is need to make every dollar count $5 is all you need to start with when subscribing for a share of our stock. Then pay the balance in easy installments of $5 a month. You can get your money back with 5 interest any time before your last payment. We will sell you as many as 25 shares on this plan. h interest allowed on all payments. Iinidliaea Geimeral Service Go. Hughes of Leisure, were guests at dinner Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. Will Todd. , Mrs. Lilly Wrights has returned to her home at Jonesboro after spend ing the past three weeks in helping ! to care for her mother, Mrs. Owen; led "Nothing but the Truth.' This Kimbrough, who passed away at her j play will probably be under the diree-home near Radley recently. i tion of Mr. Mullins, superintendent of Mrs. Era Todd and children enter-j Summitville schools. After the play tamed Thursday evening for Mrs. Us given in Fairmount, it pre-Liza Todd and daughter Bertha, and sented in Summitville. .

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