The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 16, 1922 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1922
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT ! In Petrograd, when a worker wishes ! SSSSS OF ESTATE a meal in a restaurant or a pair of 3 li NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS ! boots, he merely visits one of tl ' government stores and has so many j i j hours checked off his list. j attending the J. L. Buckley Missionary school. . Mr. Zimiri O shorn is in receipt of a 1 !l COUNTY LINE ! ll No. SS46. Notice is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees of James O. Hinds, Deceased, to appear in tle Grant Circuit Court, held at Marion, Indiana, on the 2?th day of January 1922, and show cause, if any, why the Final Settlement Accounts with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirs are notified letter from Mrs. Esther Osborn, wife of Har.lcy Osborn, which states that W V lvr.i .mi t'l.i iVk J;t E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms oyer Hahne Drug Store Offi- Ar.r H c ni.t 1 to Mrs. I.var.dor Millspaugh, who has Hanley Osborn is in very poor neami. been ill for the last few years, fell Mr. and Mrs. Hanley Osborn live m Satuidav a 'id broke her shoulder blade Witchata, Kan. Vi-ii sv. ; i .Mi.Mti.iTi- Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Payne ani RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building MARION, INDIANA Cec .1 Couch is ill with typhoid daughter entertained Monday evening: to then and there make proof of heir-fever. , Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Winn and daugh- ship and receive their distributive I James Ho . veil and familv of North jter tfarbaroa acu oi ltarnora vuy. Prtwl. vi.Mi sr.-t Fridav with Vinril ! Geoige Payne's machine which was stolen during the basket ball came at Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment harmony and wife. i.K-c Pama a-id Mu Rr-ba the aeadomv r indav night was tound Holmes wet o in Fail mount Fridav. Saturday roar the John Teacock Miss Ruba Harrold of Upland is farm, east of town. sun snares. , WITNESS, the Clerk of said Court, this 5th day of January 1922. S. A. CONNELLY, ' Clerk of Grant Circuit Court. Jan. 9-16-23. ! i I There are 4,700 miles of streets in : New York city. In other words a ' stroll to Petrograd would be no long- i er than a walk through all the city j streets. i visiting her sister, Mrs. trar.K iajnei and :ir. Orvilie OtV.cld, and her brother. Mr. Ed Harrold and family, j Bon Couch and wife sner. Saturday ' with their son Cecil Conch and family. Eyes Tested,1 ( lasses Fitted by State Keiistered OPTOMKTlilSTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS elusively Optical Only One Drawback. A woman writer declares that a good husbai.d may love two women at the amo time. Wo r.iUo agree with l or. By all the laws of die Medes and Persians it is rot only possible, but altogether the thin? to d in this day and age when, more than ever, variety lias become the spice of life. We can even go a slop further than the woman writer, and declare it mH only possible to love two women, but a dozen at tl e same time. The only trouble experienced so far Is that the wife will have none of this new doctrine. Grit. We Do Custom Butchering Get Our Prices. They Are Right. Fresh Meats and Pure Lard. Community Meat Market AUCTIONEE F STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense, Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. V. DICKERSON II II M.s. Bossie Couch and son Carl, spent last week with her sisters, Mrs. ; Zelta Hazelbaker. Mrs. Fay Craw and sons, called on Mrs. Earl Weaver Thursday afternoon. W. W. Payne and wife were in Summitville Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Nolder Underwood and son Harry of Little Ridge, and Miss Gladys Payr.e spent Wednesday with Frank Payne and family. Russe! Kinies and wife, spent Sunday with his parents, Ben Kimcs and family of Carter. Virgil Carmory nnd wife were the Sunday guest of his parents. Lea Caim.viv ar.d familv of No. S crossing. W. W. Payre and family had as their guests Sunday. Frank Payne, wife and son, Paul; Dannie Richards, wife ar.d son Earl Elmer, and Miss Rubv Han-old of Upland. Fl.vyd Hayden and wife of Fair-mount were tne guests of parents, Harlev Homes, Sunday night. Mr. Sarah Howell and daughter Deloias. Mrs. Ftlie Carmor.y and Mrs. Carrie Richards, shopped in Fairmount Fridav afternoon. A large crowd attended Harry Greenley's sale, held Tuesday. The Baptist sir. 'ring class was held SLIIIillliniltH Green C'cud Over Coral Island. It would be difficult for sailors to locate tbe low-lying coral islands, or atolls, of the Pacific but for tbe fact tnnt over each of them there generally ban its a eloul of a characteristic greon hue. After one of these preen "atoll clouds" has been seen, the phenomenon Is always easily recognized. The cloud is due to moisture evaporated from the warm water of the shallow lagiv-.n. The smooth surface of the lagoon acts as a mirror and throws a greenish reflection oy the cloud. OFFER NG PECIE GLONfl For Rural Route Subscribers Miner's Cradle. The erai'le is a simplo appl'anee for treat inc: 'p:iy dirt" earth and gravel oomain'ng gold-dust. Tt ccmsists esse! tially of a hex. mounted on ro. kers. rnd provided with a perforated bottom of sheet iron in winch the "pay d"rt" is pla-vd. Water is poured on the d:rt. and the rooking motion Im-pnrted to the cradle causes the finer particles to pass thronch the perforated hottom on to a canvas screen, and them-e to the ha so of the cradle, where the goM-d:ist accumulates vm transverse hars of wood called 'Tiffies.'" Wedr.eday r.icht, at the home of i.l Johnson and family. Miss Ada Richards, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Richards and Mr. Russej Kimcs. on cf Mr. ar.d Mrs. Ben Kinies of r.enr Center, were united in marriage J-n 31 at the home cf her parents. Rev. Willy Richards pronounced the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Kinies were given a miscellaneous shower Saturday at the home cf her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Richards, and many pretty and uefnl pres. , eras, wei-e received by the young cou- j pie. Refreshments consisting of home made candy, crackerjack and cigars were served to the following guests: Loath Smith and family, Dannie Rich- ards cri family, Willie Craw and . faniib", James Howell and family, Cleo ' Hcl'.awav and family. Virgil Carmor.y ; and wife. S. B. Lo?ch and wife. Mrs. i B. F. Kime and son, Mrs. Leroy Collir. and babv, L. E. Richards and wife. B. W. Couch, Misses Ruby Har- ; rold. Gladys Payne. Gertrude Holla- . vvav, Mav Brewer, Emma Davis, Fran- ; ces Murrav, Mary Deeren. Corelia Slain, Martha Couch, Maude Reeves, : Anna Smith, Messrs Wayne Pyle, Alex ; Deeren. Lee Williams, Frank Brewer, : Tony Spence. j Vvre have completed an arrangement with The Muncie Star whereby we can offer that paper to our rural route subscribers in connection with our own at a very advantageous rat ?. We do not need to tell you about The Star. Most of you are familiar with it. It contains all of the general news that anyone needs, as well as news of local interest. Its market and financial page is surpassed by few papers. Changing conditions have made it possible for The Star to reduce its price to 4.00. The Life of a Pearl. "The pearl resemhles man in that It is horn to die. Care for it as you will, its life can no more he prolonged indefinitely than ours can, because it has an organic constitution. If you tell me that specimens have been fonnd in the tombs of the ancient Kgvptians. I ask. what became of them? Those relics of a bygone civilization cnm.l'le into dust on exposure to the air." Exchange. ! Git A NT ii Island ef Ceylon. Ceylon is an island in the Indian rwn-an off the southern end of Hindustan, constituting a British colony. The raising of coconuts Is the principal pursuit, nice and tea also are grown. The chief mineral for export Is plumbago. Some gold Is mined. The manufactures chiefly consist in the workh'g of Rjrrf cultural products, as he maklnc of coconut oil. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lewis and familv entertained Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis F. Brewer and son Harrold and Mrs. Nancy Woods and children. Iva. Yula and Everett, of near Summitville. and Mr. and Mrs. Lon Hildeth and son Donald and Mr. David Lewis and son Hit? of Fair-mount. .Toe Payne spent Saturday night witli James Payne and family. Art Pivr.e srent Sunday afternoon uncie Star ) One year The M AND $450 Fairmount News with Willie and family. I Mr. and Mrs. Loath Smith and daughter IVris. ard Mrs. Carrie Kimes and daughters, Georgia, Mar- j caret ar.d Lucile, spent Sunday with J Mr. ar.d Mrs. Fred Gollnday and j Former price oE the two $7.00 You Save $2.50 children. Mrs. Wick Leach and daughter FOR SALE Hazel sner.t Monday afternoon m i FOR SALE Eighty acres good land. tviarion. t - . . . -I, J. P. Jones, Route 1, Summitville. FOR SALE Good rubber tire buggy; almost good as new. Price reasonable. Arthur Daily, S. Penn street. CAR OF COKE due to arrive. Better and cheaper than hard coal. C. C. Brown. I While Dwight Usrom was sick last: week. Worth Moon stayed there to hel- with the work. Mr. and Mrs. Wick Leach and family sper.f S.nnday with Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts and family near Gaston. Joe Faucett, formerly of this neigh, bcrhood, was back visitinp last week. Carniella Dickerson is or. the sick list and not able to attend school this week. Mr. and Mrs. Rosooe Rich entertained at Sunday dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCoy and Mrs. Mart, the latter being Mrs, Rich's grandmother. Miss Gladys Leach spent Wednes-xlav nicht of last week with Zola This special rate applies only to rural route subscribers. The regular rate of The Star on rural routes is now 4.00, a reduction of 1.00, so that you can secure both papers for less than the former price of The Star alone. Really, you cannot afford to do without a good daily newspaper in your home, in addition to your local weekly. BEST KENTUCKY Egg coal for ranges, free from soot. A. A. Ulery & Co. FOR SALE Florence stove, size No. ..55. Price reasonable. Inquire of Dan Payne. Poland China Will Beaslev. FOR SALE Spotted gilts, bred or open. WANTED Little and attended the academy and Summitville game. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Wood called on Mr. and Mrs. Albert Little Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Osborn ani family spent Sunday evening with Dave Whybrew ar.d family. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hannon and son Phillip, entertained at Sunday dinner, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Payne and dauorh. t-e. Mr. and -Mrs, Ed Ribelin and ch:l-dren, Mrs. Lueile Winn and daughter buy bicycle. L. E. WANTED To Nolder. boys at City Meat WANTED 25 Market. Send $4.50 at once for a year's subscription for The Muncie Star And WANTED Butchering, 75 cents per hundred pounds. Phone Red 1711. WANTED TO HEAR All the latest news. Apply The News office or 'phone 265 TV TT WANTED Td rent three or four unfurnished rooms suitable for light housekeeping. Address X care The Kewts. Barbarba Nell and Miss Eva Hurst. Mr. and Mrs. Georee Robertson and family entertained Gnrge Robertson Jr., and family. Mis Irene Edwards took six oclock dinner with Miss Madeline Payne last Friday evening. Miss Gladys Leach 5s on the sick list and has been tnissingi school. Miss Ruth Oovalt is also on the sick list. James Payne and Burr Leach attended the M. P. meeting at Fowlerton Tuesday night. John Payne snent Friday night f last week in Rokomo. , Mrs. James Payne spent Tuesday with her mother, Mrs, Henry Roberts. The women ef this neighborhood t at the hem bf Mrs. SMattie Os F S I airmoniBt News AGENTS WANTED AGENTS WANTED Live agents wanted to handle city trade for the genuine Watking Products. A real opportunity. Write today for free -Ample and paftteutatft. 1. R. Wat-kins Company, Dept. 72, Winona, ttir.n I : i s born and made a comfort which they sc.. to Miss Dale Lrdtt.rtod, who is .till I 1 1 i I ....... ....... ......WW... .. w. ....... n.n.anm

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