The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on January 8, 1937 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 8, 1937
Page 7
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Page 7 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Friday," January 8, 1937 War of Words and Wages Santa Clara Grid Mentor Retains Future's Secret Hunter1 Declares Perry's Victory Was Fair Enough WASHINGTON TO BRING GREW OF gOOD PUNCHERS --rrri FISH FRY at the DIANA TONIGHT Also FRIED CHICKEN Good Music SAN KKANCISCO. Jan. S t'nl-j versify of Sanla Clara a I inn ill were, wmulerintr today what iH roIiik on in tho mind of Hnck Shaw, whnae lli.d Loral WPA Boxera Meet Ba4 Bun-S ff Rut for 7 Fiirhts in Match Here Frday year ;ia head mentor or the unmni ( CLKVKLANI), Jan. 8. Fred Perry may begin to prove conclusively at Cleveland tonight that he Is tho world's greatest tennis player, when ho meets Ellsworth Vines, the professional champion, in the second match of their nationwide tour. Thi. ,aa the nninioh exnressed V.1 1ttf ' 'SiS. today by Francis T. Hunter, former j AN C E loot hall team wan highly HUreef H-ful. Shaw has not yet signed a new rontraet with Santa f'laia and IH l! he known that he will not linten tn offers from other colleges, lor In stance Iowa or Texas. Two other foothait eoaejirs on the Pacific coast still are dickering f v new contracts. They are I In ward Jones of the I'niver.iity of Southern California, and Jimmy pheian who has not put his signature to a new contract with the University of Washington. AT Dnvis cup ace, and promoter of the tour, who refused to accept tho Briton's upset victory at Madison Square Garden Thursday night as a fluke. Hunter's expert diagnosis for future reference: "Vines undoubtedly was oft form NNv tut MAGNATES PERONA'S HALL AT BLANFORD "v ' jum Csrc. I iiaio Ml fillao first match at the Garden, but the . ii' 4.r Fa "rut HoLD-oorsMEttM J5' A&i- sy fMernci syin I ' TUB ,Tk PLAVFBC l'V SI V Hon -no s -rjf T COACH VOICES OPTIMISM FOR GAME TONIGHT Wildcats Look Good in Practice ! Thursday Afternoon; Have Chance to Win Over Bainbridge ('Union hiKh m'uool'n liankctlnill rnni'h, IS. B Ktuti'villo, nurprittiMl I Ho Clliitmiiiin's representative (his afl-prunnn by looking down his noso and IhkuIiik an optimistic statement aH a prelude to tlio'HalnbrldKO name lieru tonlullt. Or perhaps It should rracl faintly optimistic" At least there was a tinge of optimism .somewhere In Iho remark. What he said was: "If the boys play as well as they havo in a r-ouple of previous Karnes and as .well as they .did in praetlre last night, and If Baln-hrlclRd has what I understand It has. wa have a good chanre to win." The Wildcats looked good In re-hearsalB yestorday afternoon after only-mediocre sessions earlier In the week. More speed and more fire In enterhiK their play and fire hi what Stutevillo wants and demands. The local capers haven't been moving around fast enough this year to Btand up against a. hrst-clans basketball team, but the acllon was re ally there Thursday evening. Dunn to Start George 'Dunn, diminutive senior, whn'nas a lot more brains t hi' n weight, Is slated to start with the first 'five tonight, Dunn's work of late has ben 'improving considerably and be has a chance to cinch a flrM-slrlng position In two or three more weeks If bo can keep up the pace. Ilehnolt,' Berrlsford, Berlo and Phillips will complete the combination that will take the floor aitalnsl Balnbrldgo, but the rest of the squad will undoubtedly he called upon before the evening la finished. The first game will begin, as usual, at 7 p. m. SOCK THa JT V fcii I latter still proved that he knows how to play. Vines exactly right. "Ho softballed Vines. Instead of feeding him pace. "AIbo, Perry Is in great shape and he iB tho kind of competitor- who utilizes personal domination to fine ndvantage." f : Sponsored by the Blanford Baseball Team ' Music by Fivo Piece Orchestra 9 m round bout at Madison Square Oar-den. However, the Herkimer hun-icone can lose only prestige. No title will be at stake. Betting was about even on the match. A jf EPIDEMIC MILL SOON BE cowsmy.. Jfirl f SWEEPING THE - -WWW- LARRY. KELLEY MAY TURN PRO A hardy crew of out-of-town lealher-pushers will be seen In action here next Friday when the Wanhlngtnn Panthers collide with the Clinton WPA amateur boving team at the Coliseum, according lo Dale Purccll, Vermillion county rec-reat'on supervisor. Bnbo Burris, 147 pounds, heads the list of seven fighters whom the visitors will bring. Washington's outstanding amateur. Burris is well-known particularly in the southern portion of the state. He has had srvcral successful bouts In Evans-ville. Dunbar on Till I Local fans will also get the chance to watch the technique of George Dunbar, who held the C. M. T. C. middleweight title at Fort Renjamin Harrison for two years, ind still retains the C. M. T. C. championship in the- district. Another experienced pug on the Sill is Jimmie rooper, whose popu-'ar ring style has caused him to be 'ailed for matches aR far away as Nashville. Tenn. The two 118--.nunders who will appear Dola Colbert and Mose Mattingley are reen hands, but the former has won both of his two starts by decisions and Mattingley is reported to be a clever little puncher. Included also on Friday's menu will be Bob Schooley and Nelson Tutts. who have bad a decent share of experience and are expected to slack up favorably with the local sluggers. Ptirrell claims the opponents are very good. In fact, he says the Clinton lads are in for a general lacing. Well. It's about time. DANCE SATURDAY NIGHT TODAY'S PARADE. Dreamland Ballroom Music by Chas. Scholte Orchestra Dancing 8:30 to 12:00 Ladies 10c Men 25c NEW ORLEANS. La.. Jan. 8. Larry Kelley Yale's all-American, has changed his mind. During H stop-over here on hi3 way east from California where ho participated In the oast-west game New Year's day. Kelley declared: "I didn't think I'd play pro football, but I've just about changed my mind. "I've a proposition that will net me about $8,000 a year an advertising tie-up in addition to playing with the Detroit Lions. And that's too good to turn down." am not particularly unxious to have tho years lifted off and rolled away from my shoulders. But my foes and ah my friends, If it works I want to bring here, to drink their HII, those athletes whoso passing a beakcrfull and drain It dry. Be loft American sport without verve Floor Show TONIGHT cause boxing hasn't been the same without the color, that makes the games we play worth while. since he quit. Let's have Bill Tllden, too, be I want Babe Ftuth to lay down his cause William Tatoni the twice was Ily HKMIY M'l-KMOKK HT. Al'GUSTINK. Fill., Jan. S I am In this clly, the oldest in the United KlateB, on a mission; a mission which. If it succeeds, will restore lo American sport those glamorous gcnlb'mnn who made the l!ll!il-l IKK! decade t lie most glamorous In alhlellc htBlory. There Is a fountain in HI. Augustine, and It flows by day ami by night. Legend has it that this fountain la the one discovered by Juan Ponce dn Leon lu his search for eternal youth. Dri,nk of its waters, says the legend, and you will gain and rotuln elenral youth youth with Its strength, and drive, its hopes, and fires. I am here lo teat those waters. Not for myself, for In my business 1 golf clubs and hurry here. I want him to plop his big fat belly down on the fountain's edge and gulp and one of the glamor boys. And the furum round the fouir AMBERS MEETS EUROPEAN ACE SHOWS gulp. Because I want to see Babe, the big Jellow, the. one and only. Beer Lunches tain wouldn't he complete unless Tommy Hitchcock: and Earl gande rode in. Tommy on an Argentine pony and Sande p'ri a 2 to 1 shot, to ANTI-NAZI TALK MAY KEEP MAX FflOMBRADDOCK Non-Sectarian League Vhreatcha to Boycott German Fighter After Looking Over Hii Record FOUR PIECE BAND ' I want Bobby Jones to brush aside bis, legal papers, and catch the Dixie Flyer to St. Augustine, and on NEW YORK. Jan. 8. Lou Ambers, world lipht weight champion, today was conceded an excellent chance of running Into defeat tonight, when he meettj Enrico Ven-turi, European champion, in a 10- Dormant Tavern his way pick up Walter Hagcn. Join It. There are others, but would you need any others if these could come come back? llempsey must come, too. and with that Iron left hand of his lift Starring Popeye By E. C SECAR THIMBLE THEATRE I j y poppa, ujwir'. " CvjtAV DIDN'T VAVJWCHl V-iUY-OFS YJUST fiOIN&TELL HOLD MP. '. DON'T - fTOM GET TOO Hin: Mf POPPA J VOO, HE 60ME - S00N05 W LISTEN TO LIKE A XHER'. SHE'S UJITCH'.J Mf0 BECAUSE s-syft GRABBED ' LET AE GO VCrTa') EXCITED- OH. jo HER'- SUftME ON ME: I ijJV 0H.P0OEV TO 7SY FROM 7 WW- By RUSS WESTOVER liLLIE THE TOILER I " -M- I , , By DAVIS .1. WALSH fcfEW YORK, Jan. 8 The Blad-dock-Schmeling world's championship meeting, the "Flnnegan" of the fight busfness, was very close to being "off again" this morning with the disclosure from two sources, equally Jinimpeachable, that conditions were taking .shape whereby Braddock will find It untenable to remain a party to the contract. Briefly, the non-sectarian anti-Naifl league, of whirh Samuel Unter-myer, the corporation attorney, In president. Is on the point of introducing a boycott against Rchmellup thaft will make all others seem pale and pointless, by contrast. And my information is that, when the bov-cott officially goes in, iBraddock goes out. He will declare, with a certain degree of logic, that there's no. equity in a contract that callu up6n him to fight fifteen rounds for 42' percent of a deficit. Complications - - The fight, 8b signed for before the boxing commission here last month, was supposed to have been definitely set for June 3 next in New York, wlrere the anti-Nazi feeling Is si 111 keen enough to have brought about pronounced activity by Influential members .of the non-sectarian leagu since- the Schmeling-Brad-dock tight first was suggested lasl summer. Scfimellng's status In Germany lias been looked Into, with the result that he 1b said to rate exhibit A in the gallery of Germa-: ny'a show-window display. Braddock Is most reasonable about. . Ho has $5,000 up there as a forfeit. But het would rather lose that than take a chanre on losinc hia title and his purse at one and the same time. OFFICER, A tbHEEP DO5. ViUZ IT 7 I WAS esuT maC.hw'BE mot a Polar. eeAii you'LL ppp-zg ouT hePE AS LONG AS HETZBEE-TtS HE12f2 I'LL &B DID VOL) 1 ' 1 -iOvVMOMDEB.IM' WHAT W f W (OH. Mac . I n y r . ) IT WA'b ISAVJ OKA Tiune m A, 1 I ' ' - - vrv l l uin m MAN VMITTI f Kl j n i t,i tvir -n.r i i n 'fin n ' lit ti V ' V rV l ' s '4 I I J, V Mf 1 HtfcE AlHIV.E (I SUU 1 I i a t WI'U'' r Hiyr tw.7. kit rVKurrs Svuliutr. Inc . World rfKu Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN Liptv M.MirrrC IATFH IN JUDGE LEVELS COURT TTTiJ 1 THE STATE DOESNT .WANT ANY YOU'LL FIGHT, EH ? . MR. SECRET OPERATIVE, WELL, JUST LET ME TELL THE COURT WILL HEAR VOUR HONOR- THE DEFENDANTS, iwmm YOU SOMETHING MR. ATTORNt A.-5 ATTORNEV FOR THESE UNFORTUNATE A.ND MI5UN0ER5TOO0 BOYS II X ."" ' ' THE ATTORNEY . rriMDAMlOMS. WISH TO PLEAD ti r 1 " .-..,- rrr,:.r MORE EXPENSE . IN THEIR CONNECTION" THEY'RE GUILTY WE HAVE PLENTY OF EVIDENCE- THEY CAN TAKE A SENTENCE ON COUNTERFEITING UT IF- THEY FI6HT I'LL ADD MURDER lh YUU WANT TU r-lt)HI I'LL SEE THAT . YOUR 1 UK IMC ucrtiiJty GUILTY TO THE CHARGE OF I'M NOT GOING - TO ALLOW YOU TO RULROA.D 'EM TO WHOLE GANG QOES TO COUNTERFEITING! A.NU ihkuw THE BIG HOUSE FOR THEMSELVES UPON YUUK TO THE COUNTERFEITING CHARGE- LIFE 6 JAIL ON A LOT OF TRUMPED-UP CHARS ES- WE WILL FIGHT TO, MERCY C rTDU NOW WHAT OO YOU WANT v 'A TO DO THE LAST DITCH' mti w " ii i t r. s .y..r k ii i i i . r i ii. iii SPECIAL! - .DANCING .TONIGHT Music lijr the Provence String Band FISH FRY AND CHICKEN DINNERS Every Fr'day and Saturday Ice Cold Beer Honeymoon Cafe IS 40 . Tin St. Clinton.

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