The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on January 16, 1922 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1922
Page 2
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The fairmount news fnitntv unrfav vyTa ir e w t -Ti? Hie l:airmount News pav the increased, cost of manufacture MOTHERS MF.KTING od' products. MOST IXTF.UKSTINt; ONK Kven if a fellow gets all that he t A mw interesting Mothers m cot - vuuu j cuiiuu W PiitlJud on Mondays am! Thursdays demands from congress he is sure to ig was held last Saturday afternoon school institute m use (joodyear I ires p co on a kicking spree because seme- at the homo or Mrs. Jessie iavo on . , . . ...... 1. . w . . fe ixsiy else is cvumg w:iat w vman wwn rwu . frontimied from P One) A , S. ROBERTS., I'd iter and Publisher, Mel was Roberts, Associate. at the expense of everybody else, j Mrs. Addie Coodal cave the scrip- - tn other words, this country is just turo lesson, also a short talk on will have some now tables made . , 1 1 ... . . , . . A. - . , . 1 t I - . 1 ;ono great arena m wnion twrj-wMj- "Spiritual t-oovi lorvnuurcn irom inc.ior inc uuun.c room aim ,ur. v ijui- Main Stf. wants somethinc special, bu doesn't Standpoint of a School Teacher." Lewis, Mrs. Tony Tayno and Mrs. rELF.rnoxES K p:Ck ss.-i 'want to fc-rar.t other people the jsm? Rev Sweeney .cave a short talk that ElVie Kimoa were appointed as a table sifsouiption rates. You should use Goodyear Tires because of what Goodyear Products will mean to ycu. M We can prove to you what Goodyear has prov- 4 ed to us and to the world. First That Goodyear is your Guarantee of Quality, Reliability and Dependable Worth. Second Goodyear is your Warranty of Hon privilege, 'appealed to the mothers. He sut vised committee to look after the worK. a Really, row, what can con cress do 'that mothers and V. O. T. l mem- social committee to look after an on-Wh&t could yvu do if you were un-' bers continue to pray and work Ascertainment to be (riven some time fortunate enough to bo a member of jn the past and to establish a more next month was appointed as follows: that august but much lambasted naturn) rclitvon in the homes. Mrs. Palnvor lee, Mrs, A. F. Proyer NhIv? I The followirc tnin; people jrave ihI Mrs. IVyte Uolliday. Refresh- t Within Indiana.) Or.e year Six months (Outside Indiana.) One year Si months 1 the hostess, the musical procram: strictly! Arply th0 rllen rule? monts were served by ! Mrs. Isaec Pay. All subscriptions payalne est Materials and Workmanship. Third Goodyear is your Assurance of Correct Design. any in; paper :.50va.H'.r.vui ai v .- ....... expiration of time un-;nore. less rcr.ow al is received prior to ex-, . H H H N Mary Haisley Reading. tJrcjrvry Pale Cornet solo. Alice Little riano solo. Mary Albertson Vocal solo. ! The Missionary Society of the Christian church met on last Thurs- riratien o.ate. 1 rt We try to give our customers 1CC Service t ------- Ehvood (iiven of Mrs. Little day afternoon at the home Juanita Tlmxkmorton. Alice and Protection. Try us cut. Enterwl as second -class matter at , the ivstot'.'oe at Fainwounh Ind.. un-j Walnut street. t vri.i,- Mo;., ir, Mrv rrawk Kay on Mum der the Act of Congress of March is- I'll he , The usual routine work and the missionary study occupied the attention j of the members the larcer part of the J There. Co. E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply U ?t lleoe. they say, never die peters oat. itvrtinuevl ftm Pnee One afternoon. Reports were piven con-eevninir the work done for the Orph- ! ENTERTAINS SOCIETY IN HONOR OE P M tJIITKR M' M M H M M 'an home at Valparaiso. Purinjr a Many a soft berth proves in the srlh have shown a world ef speed refreshments end to bo th. hard side of a Ivard. i;,na clever basket ball and with the J Mrs. .1. 1. u fe!tauenness enter- nt social session STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Cils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 t ... .... s.v. i ts.., ''ta'ttrsl the V. R. A. t. T. M. last i 1.,- K.. V.,e., Eewrv man U sharp in one way. He should rcmcdv some of the de- w in honor of her dauchter, Mrs. j l .. s . v ,.-v.r f,.pu,w oucht to ..,. .v.t eut. last -eek.1 P- f. Andean, ef Chicaw. who was The Korean Class of the Friends !the cnesi of her narent.s durinc the 'rhnri-h. which is taucht by James aio do it. S me chances in the lineup are ptvbaV.e so that the quintet that will j holiday. Mrs. Anderson was pres.. Roll, held its rocular quarterly moot-, ''T f-M Warivn wi'l irvbablv rot bolttxl w'h a set ef silver lemonade inc at the home of Mr. and Mrs.; r,.-v.-r;- of the faot that 0 spoor. ry mt? t v u mr $ ciirr iiimv uiuimmj j Chiropractors McAtee and McAfee Fairmount Office Hours: Summitvill 2 to 5 aid Tuesday, Thurs- cxr.tir.uo tv ca t n most 01 . selected vmt-l the last minute. It is it is handUNl now in broad daylicht. f probable that Craw, of last year's re- ' sr.'-'.ars will appear in the line, either All the world loves a lover except SJ5 vH,r puard or as forwarvl. Flana-the lever xvho loves only himself. jean, also a new man. has been showing ..-.. ;ur, vrj either at floor cuard or at The conference havinc outlawovl center, so that Coach Walters will poison s.-ss. t wi'l row bewme roe- haw quite a promisinc crvmp from DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Hours 8 to 11:20 a. m. 1 to S p. ro eveninc was most enjoyably spent in'ef last week. An into or tin-.t talk n jtames and a jt-luek supper was j the history of the iite ot Pavid was served. Those present were Mrs. S. aven by M. A., aft-r which a I Priles, Miss Mavid Priles, Mrs, j pVar.t social ti n wa. enjoyeo at Chas. Hibby. Mrs. C. Lewis. Mrs. ! i vsic and came?. Refreshments itn-James Albertson. Mrs. Roy Mann. Mrs. (sistinc of oyster?, f ui", pur.'h and Albert Morris. Miss Rena Frits, Mrs. ; wafers wrre served. Ralph Parker. Miss Lunia Parrill, Mrs ' R. M. Eraus. Mrs. J. P. O'Shauch- 5 The Ladies Aid Society of the Rap-ressv. Mis Belle Flanacan and Mrs.Uist church met on last Thursday af-P. M. Anderson. ' jtcrnoon at the home of Mrs. John Ackerman. Tliere was a pood at- CWXTRACTORS PREDICT tendance and the afternoon was spent day and Saturday 8 to 11 a. m. 7 to 8 p. m. Dione 280 essary to cvvn another wvrd for it. ; which to pick Wevlr.esday nicht's quintet. For forwards are C. Pickarvl If we h:vd to pay a hich price for the H.lin-.rsworth. Posley, Flanacan, Craw, Loach or La Rue, while La Rue, Flanacan, or Comer may start center. Flanacan. Craw, Osborn or Wilbern mav hold down th. ;OOD Ul'U.PlNt; ROOM. in sewinc and the discussion of future Local contractors and dealers in plans for the church work. he fivvr cxiarvl ivsi- j ckard nndibly wi'l , fvco ;5.:,e we j:vt most ef us wcuM ' suddenly discover an clement ef value in it. .. - A'.tr.ovtjrh sv.V marines were not scrarpcl, there is some comfort in the kr. w'o.'.ce that they will be confined to the deep. Few of us will ever pet too close. Commissioner's Sale of Real Estate tion. while J. P . .... . ., . . A, .., . (OU' materials staie mat tne pros- K the or.e to start at back jruard for ipects are srtHxl for their line ef buis- : Two cames are on the canl Welnesv?ay nifht, consequently first jrame will becin at the ri-s durinc the cominc sprinc and 1 summer in Fairmount anil vicinity. ! Contracts for a number of dwell inc, A series of revival meotincs will becin a the Friends church tomer row- eveninc, under the direction of Rev. L. W. McFarland, evancelist, who is counted one of the leading evanrelists in the church and comes to Fairmourt from a successful met-inc jusi closevl in the east. Karl Foi- jhave alreavly leen awarvlovl, with .others to be let in the near future. I In addition to this there will bo a World's Largest ONE OE THK MANY. Ore ef the many reasons for the sluccish eenditivn of business in this country is the fact that there is little foreicn demand for our agricultural rce amount of remodolinc done. . the sinpinc School Bov Here!! harles Leer has annou; neevl that he r w mrchr1of1 use and barn A" prcml effort will 1 :e ma? to I will evMistruct a new hovi reach all non-church poors, and a an.vl raasiufactaixxl ptxnluet. This slump in demand is son his Crcen townsep farm, to replace i A school Ky six feet two. inches ! the result of chaotic financial condi-;.. , ... ',. v i w dwellnc, one of the most modern ' .! . , . . :htch. with an old fashion school slate . . k for. fions p.V'xWvl. lnev can auow u , . , , t .- n mst ran pi me covnny, wmvn I, the undorsicned Commissioner cf the real estate of the late Ores Iliatt. now deceased, of Grant County, Indiana, will offer at Private Sale, on Saturday, January 21, 1922 At one (1) o'clock, p. m., at the law office of Chas. T. Tarker, in the Citizen.. State Bank block, in the Town of Fairmount, Ind., for not less than its appraised value, the followinc described real estate, located two (2) miles south, of Fairmount, Indiana, on the Fairmount and Summitville pike, to-wit: t Eijrhty acres, more or less, in coed state of cultivation, good drain-ace, about four acres of timber pasture, with pood nine (9) room brick house, with brick well and milk room attached, pood drilled, rock well, with wind mill; pood barn 40 x GO; other out building; one-half mile of public school. bv fire some eichtcon buv our rroduots at the present depre- ! ' , , . , ..." . 1 , v , 'destroyed EAIRMOCNT GIRL IS MARRIED IN THE EAST Miss Rosa Reals, a well known - - . i to neip taKe evcrj-vir.e oacK to scnooi. ; ciatevl va'xte ef currency. !.,.. ... - months If Exnvpe sxvceols in its effort fro! , Thl5 P'nt K, ar . . .,...... the most, contagious smile vou ever i ercttr.'.ze a dCantic international ..t . , MtCIIAFI. MONOH AN saw an.i ne never quits smutne. Ana , Fairmount younc lady, who has been . ........... ... c.M, A V. 1 ci'Ml s lar to evtr fcleral' wserxe system-it this chal haf mlerful jPIES OF OLD AR 'employed for more than two years as -ni .... -. v i e, siv mautvu. .Micnaei .nocoiiaii, o.. cuimnj a mu prnmfnt. cierK in asnir.cion. a covernmcnt clerk in restore nditior.s to'c! It s no use. cls, he s married somethirc apprachir.c normalcy and j He hasn't a wife, but he is married jat the county farm, death beinc due p Cx. was married on New Year's day . r i . o ,;trt his ?ob. He is a salesman and tlie . to the infirmities of old ace. The n-t-,r,linf to won! received by her t it:i '.i i.v n ui.;i i.... i.x.i.- .v- . i - surplus prorlucts. clearest salesman you ever saw. j body was broucht to Fairmount Sun- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Newton Reals. E. O. Ellis Auto cupply Company; day afternoon and the funeral was of Xorth Main street. The marriace There is a slow but cradual tm provement in this country, but we can ! where he is employed are fortunate held this morninc at 9 o'clock from tk place at Alexandria. Va., but the harl'v exroct anvthinc ef a radical he able to retain such a clever fel-;the Catholic church. Burial was made happy bride failed to mention the Park cemetery. Michael Monohan of her husband low and are to be congratulated r stare until adequate market facili to this country from Ireland . t: re rrstt-sl for our nrovlucts. ! A reporter of this naner interview- t TERMS OF SALE One half cash and thej balance in two equal in-s'.aHmenis of six a;vl twelve months each, purchaser giving notes, secured by first mortcace on said real estate, with six per cent interest from dnte until paid. T .t:v. w-e should eenslder tsl the bic fellow and starte,! off bv w na is l,H last f hi? Miss Ruth Rrady, of Balboa, Pan a contest with am a canal xone, in relatives He has curse' ves fortunate that cxmditions ' askinc him what he thoucht of mod- ! the nearest surviving -;m"Pe awM-. lorn dances. The K-v renlio,L "Well . beinc neices and nephews. 1,IHH others, was picked as the most beautiful cirl. a Even as they are, America today is the future ef the shimmy is shaky." .'' in aTui Fairmount for - i . the favored land cf the exxis. "Some love to dance but many dance numwp ot y". to love." I . , . THAT BAD BACK. Our reporter tried to kid him WH AT CAN CONG RESS IMi? George A. Hildreth, Commissioner Chas. T. Parker, Attorney A surprisincly number of women of hich school standing? in Great Britain have recently applied for positions. don't con cress do some- i about his rosy checks, and remark.' nav? a au"' paa acn m "Why thir.ct" That s able complexion, but you couldn't cot ! the smaU ef the bilck harp stabbJn- is the question w-e hear day j. - .x- n,.. r;r,f lvok- with twir.ces when steopinc or liftinc lis- that ' - ...... . . i ... itiessinc urinary disorvlers? For bad after dav. indieatinc a Wief concress is do inc. nothir.c toward ;..;,,. ' , back and weakened kidneys Fairmount this; " .'residents recommend Poan's Kidney The majority of the women enci-, neerinc students in the Kansas Uni- j versity are takin.n the course in architectural encineerinc. i re-storinc normal conditions in country. Bu what ai encress do? ,, ,. , , . . , , Pills. Ask your neighbor. Read this as n smells. "Kind words beat cold . . , . 1 . ., -) . ; Fairmount statement: cream for wrinkles. A thine of; 1 thing W" V. . 1. . - , tii , c vrV vr ' Even the ! . , . , .... , ... j, beauty mav jaw forever. Mrs. Emma Ecdorf, 3rd and ine Jts., says: "My kidneys troubled me prettiest peaches are canned. . . . ... . and I felt dull and slujyjish most of what he thought of the auto- A. , , , . , , , , . . the time. I had severe headehes and .lustry the boy said, "If every , , . , , , i , - imy back was weak and lame ami of- er would lubricate his car : , , , , v . mobile inc manufacturer wants anether, ot I. interests want otner tnmcs, ana so iti ohe,l I had rheumatic pains in ccsciear on iowti tne list. V-V. T" . . , my limbs ami suffered so I couldn't 12 o tajzjnow LUDEWS menthol cough drops repair oiii, nis motor wouiu , . . , If the special legislation desired by j have more power and his car would mi m 7 " ) IS THUS FAIR? Pr. Clifton will treat Ailments of the Stomach, Kidney, Liver, Bowels, Blood and Rheumatism. He agrees to treat you one month for 50 cents or three months for $1.00, under a positive guarantee to give satisfaction or refund your money. If he does you no good it will cost you nothing. Go at once to your druggist and get one month's treatment of BRAZILEEN HERBS After you have given them a fair trial and are not satisfied, your druggist will promptly return your money. The following stores can supply you if your druggist does not have them in stock: FAIRMOUNT PIONEER DRUG STORE. SUMMITVILLE STEIN DRUG STORE. JONESBORO ROTHINGHAUS BROS. State Distributors C. B. Mann & Co., 1312 Main St., Anderson, Ind. ia?i lonper er.u run wiier. acted too frequently. I used Doan's ene class is enactevl into law it interferes wth the ambitions and desires of ether classes. If the farmer is riven what he Kidnev Pills from II. W. Hahnes druc i "You see. I am here to help the Ellis Auto Supply Co., educate motoi- - Tl .- f , i. I aches and the rheumatic pains left and I felt fine." rv: tfu . .11 j..i. rv,.- mJs straight wants he is sure cf better prices for , ts to use En-ar-co, the Scientific Re-his products, but that increase is paid j fined Motor Oil and to pive ever-y by the manufacturer and every other motorist more power with Whit. class of people. Ros? Gasoline. If the manufacturer is granted ; Get acquainted wHi the boy. Whut protective legislation, the farmer, as he says you'll appr? ::at. Advertise-well as the rest us dig down and ment. simply ask for a kidnejr remedy get j Doan's Kidney Pills the same that GIVE QUICK RELIEF jMxs. Ecdorf had. Foster-Milburn Co. ... Alfrs, Buffalo, N. Y. Advertisera tnt. ' - . - v By Qm At Sughroe oAnd He Had Too SMuch (Already SUCKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL ii (

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